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Applied Surface Science, Vol.491 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Tailored fabrication of interface-rich hierarchical Bi24O31Br10 with enhanced photocatalytic performance
Chen X, Zhang J, Liu L, Hu BR, Zhao YL, Zhao S, Zhao WT, Li S, Hai X
9 - 15 Nanostructured Pd/Sb2O3: A new and promising fuel cell electrocatalyst and non-enzymatic amperometric sensor for ethanol
Goncalves RA, Baldan MR, Ciapina EG, Berengue OM
16 - 23 Non-destructive depth profile reconstruction of single-layer graphene using angle-resolved X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Zemek J, Houdkova J, Jiricek P, Izak T, Kalbac M
24 - 31 Controlling oxygen vacancies through gas-assisted hydrothermal method and improving the capacitive properties of MnO2 nanowires
Zhao LM, Wang WJ, Zhao H, Wang M, Ge B, Shao X, Li WZ
32 - 42 Surface modification of polyvinylidene fluoride membrane for enhanced wetting resistance
Lee HK, Kim W, Kim YM, Kwon YN
43 - 52 Structure and phase composition of tungsten alloys modified by compression plasma flows and high-intense pulsed ion beam impacts
Shymanski VI, Uglov VV, Cherenda NN, Pigasova VS, Astashynski VM, Kuzmitski AM, Zhong HW, Zhang SJ, Le XY, Remnev GE
53 - 59 Direct-epitaxial growth of SrAl2O4:Eu,Dy thin films on Al2O3 substrate by pulsed laser deposition
Ma H, Gagnidze T, Walfort B, Rossell MD, Cancellieri C, Shorubalko I, La Mattina F
60 - 66 An efficient one-pot N doped TiO2-SiO2 synthesis and its application for photocatalytic concrete
Koli VB, Mavengere S, Kim JS
67 - 74 Tuning the linear and nonlinear optical properties of ordered plasmonic nanoarrays by morphological control with thermal annealing
Cesca T, Manca M, Michieli N, Mattei G
75 - 82 Growth mechanism of novel scaly CNFs@ZnO nanofibers structure and its photoluminescence property
Chen C, He GQ, Zhang ZY, Yan JF, Kou L, Hauffman T, Pletincx S, Zhao W, Yun JN, De Tandt C, Stiens J
83 - 87 Dependence of electrical properties on sulfur distribution in atomic-layer-deposited HfO2 thin film on an InP substrate
Jin HS, Seok TJ, Cho DY, Park TJ
88 - 94 Fabrication of p-n CuBi2O4/MoS2 heterojunction with nanosheets-on-microrods structure for enhanced photocatalytic activity towards tetracycline degradation
Guo F, Li MY, Renb HJ, Huang XL, Hou WX, Wang C, Shi WL, Lu CY
95 - 104 Sn-C bonding anchored SnSe nanoparticles grown on carbon nanotubes for high-performance lithium-ion battery anodes
Luo XM, Huang JF, Li JY, Cao LY, Cheng YY, Guo L, Wang Y, Qi H
105 - 115 Amine-terminated ionic liquid modified graphene oxide/copper nanocomposite toward efficient lubrication
Gan CL, Liang T, Li W, Fan XQ, Zhu MH
116 - 122 TEM analysis of photocatalytic TiO2 thin films deposited on polymer substrates by low-temperature ICP-PECVD
Li D, Gautier N, Dey B, Bulou S, Richard-Plouet M, Ravisy W, Goullet A, Choquet P, Granier A
123 - 127 Etching and microhardness studies of pure and doped nonlinear optical crystals of Hippuric acid
Mohan MK, Navaneethan M, Ponnusamy S, Muthamizhchelvan C
128 - 137 External electric field and strains facilitated nitrogen dioxide gas sensing properties on 2D monolayer and bilayer SnS2 nanosheets
Zhao RM, Wang TX, Zhao MY, Xia CX, An YP, Wei SY, Dai XQ
138 - 146 Interfacial engineering regulating the peroxidase-like property of ternary composite nanofibers and their sensing applications
Zhu WD, Li MX, Chen SH, Wang C, Lu XF
147 - 153 Manganese-germanium nanostructure formation on the GaAs (111)-(1 x 1) A surface: Stability and magnetic properties
Gutierrez-Ojeda SJ, Guerrero-Sanchez J, Ponce-Perez R, Varalda J, Mosca DH, de la Garza LM, Gregorio HC
154 - 159 Half metallic ferromagnetism of Na-doped boron nitride microbelts
Lu Q, Tong Y, Zhang KW, Chen X, Zhao Q, Zhang MZ
160 - 170 Droplet impingement on nano-textured superhydrophobic surface: Experimental and numerical study
Qu J, Yang YL, Yang SS, Hu DH, Qiu HH
171 - 179 Mn3O4-polyaniline-graphene as distinctive composite for use in high-performance supercapacitors
Haldar P, Biswas S, Sharma V, Chowdhury A, Chandra A
180 - 186 Metallic 1T MoS2 overlapped nitrogen-doped carbon superstructures for enhanced sodium-ion storage
Senthil C, Amutha S, Gnanamuthu R, Vediappan K, Lee CW
187 - 194 Influence of Ca adsorption on the heterogeneous nucleation of alpha-Mg on Al4C3 particles: First-principles calculation and experiment
Yang SQ, Li CB, Du J, Zhao YJ
195 - 205 Synthesis and characterization of hetero-metal oxide nano-hybrid composite on pectin scaffold
Yazhini K, Suja SK
206 - 215 Solvent-dependent ultrasonic surface treatment on morphological reconstruction of CuO particles for copper electrodeposition
Chen YM, Yan D, Jin XF, Zeng Y, Zhang DM, Liu Z, He W, Wang SX, Wang Z, Liu YQ, Zhang WH, Huang YZ
216 - 224 Enhanced broad spectrum (vis-NIR) responsive photocatalytic performance of Ag2O/rectorite nanoarchitectures
Naing HH, Wang K, Tun PP, Zhang GK
225 - 235 Magnetoelectric composite films of La0.67Sr0.33MnO3 and Fe-substituted Bi4Ti3O12 fabricated by chemical solution deposition
Duan ZF, Fu X, Yang Z, Mei Y, Cui J, Jia JQ, Ma L, You CY, Zhao GY
236 - 244 Revealing important role of graphitic carbon nitride surface catalytic activity in photocatalytic hydrogen evolution by using different carbon cocatalysts
Si YJ, Lv ZZ, Lu LH, Liu MY, Wen Y, Chen Y, Jin HY, Liu JH, Song WG
245 - 255 Efficient etching of oxygen-incorporated molybdenum disulfide nanosheet arrays for excellent electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Yang XY, Li XY, Wang YL, Ye CF, Du ZK, Yu HG, Liu JP, Chen LH, Su BL
256 - 266 Influence of Mg doping on ZnO NPs for enhanced adsorption activity of Congo Red dye
Rath PP, Behera SS, Priyadarshini B, Panda SR, Mandal D, Sahoo T, Mishra S, Sahoo TR, Parhi PK
267 - 275 Perylene diimide derivative regulate the antimony sulfide morphology and electrochemical sensing for hydrazine
Gao YS, Zhang S, Hou WL, Guo HY, Li QZ, Dong DY, Wu SY, Zhao SY, Zhang HQ
276 - 285 Strain-induced band modulation of surface F-functionalized two-dimensional Sc2C
Li XH, Su XY, Zhang RZ
286 - 293 Ag nanoparticle-modified double-layer composite film based on P25/NaLuF4:Yb3+/Er3+ and flower TiO2 for highly efficient dye-sensitized solar cells
Hu Z, Zhao L, Li WL, Wang SM, Dong BH
294 - 300 In-situ growth of carbon nanotubes on Ni/NiO nanofibers as efficient hydrogen evolution reaction catalysts in alkaline media
Yang LJ, Zhao XC, Yang RZ, Zhao PX, Li YT, Yang P, Wang JC, Astruc D
301 - 312 A novel and feasible approach for polymer amine modified graphene oxide to improve water resistance, thermal, and mechanical ability of waterborne polyurethane
Zhang FY, Liu WQ, Wang S, Jiang C, Xie YK, Yang MP, Shi HY
313 - 318 Uncompensated surface states in antiferromagnetic FeF2 nanoparticles induced by mechanical milling
Panda NR, Pati SP, Das D
319 - 327 Pre- or post-TiCl4 treated TiO2 nano-array photoanode for QDSSC: Ti3+ self-doping, flat-band level and electron diffusion length
Li DQ, Jiang ZH, Xia QX, Yao ZP
328 - 334 Multifunctional molybdenum oxide for solar-driven water evaporation and charged dyes adsorption
Huang SL, Long YJ, Yi H, Yang ZY, Pang LJ, Jin ZY, Liao QF, Zhang LJ, Zhang YY, Chen YZ, Cui HZ, Lu JG, Peng XS, Liang HW, Ruan SC, Zeng YJ
335 - 349 Simplified local density model for gas adsorption in cylindrical carbon pores
Wu XJ, Ning ZF, Cheng ZL, Wang Q, Qi RR, Huang L, Zhang WT
350 - 359 In-situ derived hierarchical ZnO/Zn-C nanofiber with high photocatalytic activity and recyclability under solar light
Gadisa BT, Appiah-Ntiamoah R, Kim H
360 - 373 The wear induced crystallographic texture transition in Ti-29Nb-14Ta-4.5Zr alloy
Haftlang F, Zarei-Hanzaki A, Abedi H
374 - 382 A gamma to alpha type transition of CuO species over CeO2-SiO2 composites supported CuO catalysts
Hossain ST, Zell ET, Balaz S, Wang RG
383 - 394 The antibacterial stability of poly(dopamine) in-situ reduction and chelation nano-Ag based on bacterial cellulose network template
Xie YJ, Yue LN, Zheng YD, Zhao L, Liang CY, He W, Liu ZW, Sun Y, Yang YY
395 - 404 Fabrication of hierarchical BiOCl-CoP heterojunction on magnetic mesoporous silica microspheres with double-cavity structure for effective photocatalysis
Li W, He SA, Ma Q, Wang X, Zhao CH
405 - 410 Carbon nanotube plasma functionalization: The role of carbon nanotube/maleic anhydride solid premix
Steffen TT, Fontana LC, Hammer P, Becker D
411 - 419 Atomic structure of an amorphous Ti-Ta-based surface alloy synthesized on a TiNi substrate by an electron-beam method
Semin VO, Meisner LL
420 - 431 The effect of the number of passes in friction stir processing of aluminum alloy (AA6082) and its failure analysis
Senthilkumar R, Prakash M, Arun N, Jeyakumar AA
432 - 442 One-step impregnation method to prepare direct Z-scheme LaCoO3/g-C3N4 heterojunction photocatalysts for phenol degradation under visible light
Jin ZH, Hu RS, Wang HY, Hu JN, Ren T
443 - 450 Surface stress-based biosensor with stable conductive AuNPs network for biomolecules detection
Zhao D, Liu Y, Zhang Q, Zhang YX, Zhang WD, Duan QQ, Yuan ZY, Zhang RG, Sang SB
451 - 459 Theoretical investigating of graphene/antimonene heterostructure as a promising high cycle capability anodes for fast-charging lithium ion batteries
Wang XX, Tang CM, Zhou XF, Zhu WH, Cheng C
460 - 468 Optimized corrosion performance of a carbon steel in dilute sulfuric acid through heat treatment
Sarvghad M, Del Aguila D, Will G
469 - 477 Bonding and electronics of the silicene/MoTe2 interface under strain
Szary MJ
478 - 487 An efficient hydrothermal transformation approach for construction of controllable carbon coating on carbon fiber from renewable carbohydrate
Fang C, Hu P, Dong S, Song JT, Zhang XH
488 - 496 Facile fabrication of perovskite-incorporated hierarchically mesoporous/macroporous silica for efficient photoassisted-Fenton degradation of dye
Phan TTN, Nikoloski AN, Bahri PA, Li D
497 - 504 MOF-derived Co3O4 thin film decorated BiVO4 for enhancement of photoelectrochemical water splitting
Xu DB, Xia T, Fan WQ, Bai HY, Ding JR, Mao BD, Shi WD
505 - 516 Sub-kilogram-scale synthesis of highly dispersible zirconia nanoparticles for hybrid optical resins
He XL, Wang Z, Wang D, Yang F, Tang RJ, Wang JX, Pu Y, Chen JF
517 - 525 Defect induced magnetism in monolayer HfSe2: An ab initio study
Yadav A, Kumar S, Muruganathan M, Kumar R
526 - 534 Growth of plasma electrolytic oxidation coatings on Nb and corresponding corrosion resistance
Ge YL, Wang YM, Cui Y, Zou YC, Guo LX, Ouyang JH, Jia DC, Zhou Y
535 - 543 Characteristics of atomic layer deposition-grown zinc oxide thin film with and without aluminum
Tseng MC, Wuu DS, Chen CL, Lee HY, Chien CY, Liu PL, Horng RH
544 - 552 Ultra dispersed cobalt anchored on nitrogen-doping ordered porous carbon as an efficient transfer hydrogenation catalyst
Zhang LK, Wang JM, Shang NZ, Gao ST, Gao YJ, Wang C
553 - 559 Heterogeneous electron transfer kinetics of defective graphene investigated by scanning electrochemical microscopy
Zhang J, Guo JY, Chen D, Zhong JH, Liu JY, Zhan DP
560 - 569 Performance evaluation of B-doped graphene prepared via two different methods in symmetric supercapacitor using various electrolytes
Balaji SS, Karnan M, Anandhaganesh P, Tauquir SM, Sathish M
570 - 578 Morphological and electronic modification of 3D porous nickel microsphere arrays by cobalt and sulfur dual synergistic modulation for overall water splitting electrolysis and supercapacitors
Zeng JR, Liu JW, Siwal SS, Yang WQ, Fu XZ, Zhang QB
579 - 589 Manganese oxide catalysts supported on zinc oxide nanorod arrays: A new composite for selective catalytic reduction of NOx with NH3 at low temperature
Yan Z, Yang JY, Ge XL, Yu JY, Wei LH, Yang TH, He BN, Wang XD, Liu LL
590 - 594 Influence of the S:Ni ratio in raw materials on the NixSy electrocatalysts
Wang Y, Fang ZQ, Dong QS, Chu YY, Shi XY, Song MX, Hao ZM
595 - 606 New insight into the mechanism of LiPO2F2 on the interface of high-voltage cathode LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 with truncated octahedral structure
Zhao DN, Song SN, Ye XS, Wang P, Wang J, Wei Y, Li CL, Mao LP, Zhang HM, Li SY
607 - 615 Nitrogen-doped asphaltene-based porous carbon nanosheet for carbon dioxide capture
Qin FF, Guo ZY, Wang JS, Qu SJ, Zuo PP, Shen WZ
616 - 623 Ultralight and flexible graphene foam coated with Bacillus subtilis as a highly efficient electromagnetic interference shielding film
Xing CT, Zhu SP, Ullah ZK, Pan XC, Wu F, Zuo XB, Liu JF, Chen ML, Li WW, Li Q, Liu LW
624 - 632 Tetrazinan-thione collectors for copper oxide mineral: Synthesis and flotation mechanism
Liu J, Liu GY, Huang YG, Zhang ZY
633 - 639 Tuning the CO2 adsorption by the selection of suitable ionic liquids at ZIF-8 confinement: A DFT study
Thomas A, Prakash M
640 - 649 Magnetic metal-organic frameworks/carbon dots as a multifunctional platform for detection and removal of uranium
Guo XJ, Liu Q, Liu JY, Zhang HS, Yu J, Chen RR, Song DL, Li RM, Wang J
650 - 658 LIPSS on thin metallic films: New insights from multiplicity of laser-excited electromagnetic modes and efficiency of metal oxidation
Dostovalov AV, Derrien TJY, Lizunov SA, Preucil F, Okotrub KA, Mocek T, Korolkov VP, Babin SA, Bulgakova NM
659 - 669 Reduced graphene oxide foam supported CoNi nanosheets as an efficient anode catalyst for direct borohydride hydrogen peroxide fuel cell
Li BP, Yan Q, Song CY, Yan P, Ye K, Cheng K, Zhu K, Yan J, Cao DX, Wang GL
670 - 674 Sol-gel synthesized plasmonic nanoparticles and their integration into dye sensitized solar cells
Kumar KVA, Balu A, Ramachandran A, Unnikrishnan NV, Selvaraj NB
675 - 681 Laser-induced structural disordering and optical phase change in semimetal bismuth observed by Raman microscopy
Handegard OS, Kitajima M, Nagao T
682 - 689 Biosynthesis of Ag/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites using Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 and their antibacterial and catalytic applications
Song XJ, Shi XY
690 - 697 Excellent carrier mobility and opto/electronics performance material prediction: Focusing on single layer X2Te3 (X = Sb, Bi)
Sun X, Zheng K, Cai M, Bao JD, Chen XP
698 - 706 Electronic and optical properties of C-doped BN nanotubes by adsorption of typical decomposition products of C3F7CN gas
Xiao M, Li XY, Du BX, Han T, Li ZL, Li J, Xing YQ
707 - 722 Computational simulation and statistical analysis on the relationship between corrosion inhibition efficiency and molecular structure of some hydrazine derivatives in phosphoric acid on mild steel surface
Belghiti ME, Echihi S, Dafali A, Karzazi Y, Bakasse M, Elalaoui-Elabdallaoui H, Olasunkanmi LO, Ebenso EE, Tabyaoui M
723 - 734 Controllable preparation of nitrogen-doped graphitized carbon from molecular precursor as non-metal oxygen evolution reaction electrocatalyst
Li ZS, Li BL, Yang CX, Lin SW, Pang Q, Shen PK
735 - 741 Graphene supported palladium-phosphorus nanoparticles as a promising catalyst for ethylene glycol oxidation
Su WW, Sun R, Ren FF, Yao YF, Fei ZH, Wang HW, Liu ZT, Xing R, Du YK
742 - 749 Tweaking the properties of aluminum oxide shielded graphene-based transistors
Iqbal MZ, Khan S, Siddique S
750 - 756 Transition metal-doped janus monolayer SMoSe with excellent thermal spin filter and spin Seebeck effect
Ding GQ, Wei M, Surucu G, Liang ZY, Wang XT
757 - 764 Electrochemical performance of porous CaFe2O4 as a promising anode material for lithium-ion batteries
Shaji N, Santhoshkumar P, Nanthagopal M, Senthil C, Lee CW
765 - 778 TiO2-nanoflowers as flexible electrode for high performance supercapacitor
Ahirrao DJ, Wilson HM, Jha N
779 - 783 Magnetocaloric effect of Gd2O3 nanorods with 5% Eu-substitution
Hazarika S, Behera PS, Mohanta D, Nirmala R
784 - 791 Enhancement performance of carbon electrode for supercapacitors by quinone derivatives loading via solvent-free method
Tisawat N, Samart C, Jaiyong P, Bryce RA, Nueangnoraj K, Chanlek N, Kongparakul S
792 - 798 Elucidating the role of extended surface defects at Fe surfaces on CO adsorption and dissociation
Chakrabarty A, Bentria E, Omotayo SA, Bouhali O, Mousseau N, Becquart CS, El Mellouhi F
799 - 806 Mn-Cd-S@amorphous-Ni3S2 hybrid catalyst with enhanced photocatalytic property for hydrogen production and electrocatalytic OER
Li ZJ, Wang XM, Wang XH, Lin YS, Meng AL, Yang LN, Li QD
807 - 813 Study of dye sensitized solar cells photoelectrodes consisting of nanostructures
Tanski T, Jarka P, Szindler M, Drygala A, Matysiak W, Libera M
814 - 822 Adjusting surface morphology of substrate to improve the capacitive performance for the formed boron-doped diamond electrode
Zhang J, Yu X, Zhao ZY, Zhang ZQ, Pei JX, Zhang Z, Cui GY