Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.490 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 6 Introduction of Ti3+ ions into heterostructured TiO2 nanotree arrays for enhanced photoelectrochemical performance
Fang LL, Chen JJ, Zhang M, Jiang XS, Sun ZQ
7 - 17 A carboxyl potassium salt polysulfone (PSF-COOK)-embedded mixed matrix membrane with high permeability and anti-fouling properties for the effective separation of dyes and salts
Liu ZX, Wang L, Mi ZM, Jin SZ, Wang DM, Zhao XG, Zhou HW, Chen CH
18 - 29 CdIn2S4 chalcogenide/TiO2 nanorod heterostructured photoanode: An advanced material for photoelectrochemical applications
Dhandole LK, Mahadik MA, Chung HS, Chae WS, Cho M, Jang JS
30 - 37 Polyamide 6.6 thin films with distinct ratios of the main chemical groups: Influence in the primary neuronal cell culture
Piedade AP, Veneza C, Duarte CB
38 - 46 Titania nanoparticle-loaded mesoporous silica synthesized through layer-by-layer assembly for the photodegradation of sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate
Kim B, Yang I, Jung JC, Lee TS, Yeom B
47 - 55 N, P, S tri-doped hollow carbon nanosphere as a high-efficient bifunctional oxygen electrocatalyst for rechargeable Zn-air batteries
Tao XS, Zhang Q, Li Y, Lv XL, Ma DL, Wang HG
56 - 60 Superoleophobic surfaces via functionalization of electrophoretic deposited SiO2 spheres on smart aluminum substrates
Abele L, Jager AK, Schulz W, Ruck S, Riegel H, Sorgel T, Albrecht J
61 - 69 A facile enzymatic approach for selective detection of gamma-aminobutyric acid using corn-derived fluorescent carbon dots
Sangubotla R, Kim J
70 - 80 Drosophila melanogaster as an in vivo model to study the potential toxicity of cerium oxide nanoparticles
Sundararajan V, Dan P, Kumar A, Venkatasubbu GD, Ichihara S, Ichihara G, Mohideen SS
81 - 88 Formation of active zero-valent iron by simple co-grinding with CaCO3 to protect fresh active surface for efficient removal of hexavalent chromium
Gu WJ, Zhang QW, Qu J, Li Z, Hu HM, Liu YC, Li YJ, Ai ZQ
89 - 101 An atomistic insight into interfacial properties of brine nanofilm confined between calcite substrate and hydrocarbon layer
Koleini MM, Badizad MH, Ayatollahi S
102 - 108 Bi2MoO6/g-C3N4 of 0D/2D heterostructure as efficient photocatalyst for selective oxidation of aromatic alkanes
Ding F, Chen P, Liu F, Chen L, Guo JK, Shen S, Zhang Q, Meng LH, Au CT, Yin SF
109 - 116 The fabrication of a high-sensitivity surface-enhanced Raman spectra substrate using texturization and electroplating technology
Liu SP, Wang XT, Zhang SP, Lu XF, Li TH, Pang FF, Chen ZY, Chen N
117 - 123 Cryo-mediated liquid-phase exfoliated 2D BP coupled with 2D C3N4 to photodegradate organic pollutants and simultaneously generate hydrogen
Zhang XN, Deng JJ, Yan J, Song YH, Mo Z, Qian JC, Wu XY, Yuan SQ, Li HM, Xu H
124 - 136 Gas sensing performances and mechanism at atomic level of Au-MoS2 microspheres
Wang JX, Zhou Q, Lu ZR, Wei ZJ, Zeng W
137 - 144 Advanced battery-supercapacitor hybrid device based on Co/Ni-ZIFsderived NiCo2S4 ultrathin nanosheets electrode with high performance
Zheng KT, Li GN, Xu CJ
145 - 156 Ni-Al layered double hydroxides (LDHs) coated superhydrophobic mesh with flower-like hierarchical structure for oil/water separation
Zhang LH, Gong ZQ, Jiang B, Sun YL, Chen ZX, Gao X, Yang N
157 - 164 Study on the physical-morphological and chemical properties of silk fabric surface modified with multiple ambient gas plasma for inkjet printing
Zhang CM, Guo FS, Li HY, Wang Y, Zhang ZC
165 - 171 Plasmonic improvement photoresponse of vertical-MoS2 nanostructure photodetector by Au nanoparticles
Rahmati B, Hajzadeh I, Taheri M, Karimzadeh R, Mohajerzadeh S, Mohseni SM
172 - 177 Transition-metal doping/adsorption induced valley polarization in Janus WSSe: First-principles calculations
Zhao XW, Qiu B, Hu GC, Yue WW, Ren JF, Yuan XB
178 - 187 Enhanced gas-sensitivity and ferromagnetism performances by the Ni-doping induced oxygen vacancies in (Mn, Ni) codoped ZnO nanorods
Gao QQ, Dai YQ, Han BQ, Zhu WL, Li XC, Li CB
188 - 203 Oxidation and recrystallization of platinum group metals (Pt, Pd, Rh) in oxygen. Surface and subsurface reconstruction of polycrystalline platinum during annealing in the O-2 atmosphere over the temperature range of 600-1400 K
Salanov AN, Kochurova NM, Serkova AN, Kalinkin AV, Isupova LA, Parmon VN
204 - 219 Defect engineered MoSSe Janus monolayer as a promising two dimensional material for NO2 and NO gas sensing
Chaurasiya R, Dixit A
220 - 230 Surface chemistry and morphology transition induced by critical heat flux incipience on laser-textured copper surfaces
Moze M, Zupancic M, Hacvar M, Golobic I, Gregorcic P
231 - 241 Advanced titanium dioxide-polytetrafluorethylene (TiO2-PTFE) nanocomposite coatings on stainless steel surfaces with antibacterial and anti-corrosion properties
Zhang S, Liang XJ, Gadd GM, Zhao Q
242 - 250 First-principles study of nanotubes of carbon, boron and nitrogen
Chaudhuri P, Lima CN, Frota HO, Ghosh A
251 - 259 Controlled immobilization of IgG1 on carboxymethyl and amino-dextran SPR chips under external vertical electric fields
Tabasi O, Falamaki C
260 - 265 Structural and non-linear optical response of Er3+ doped SrMoO4 nanostructures
Sujatha RA, Flower NAL, Vinitha G, Sharath RA, Rahulan KM
266 - 277 Facile surface modification of immobilized rutile nanoparticles by non-thermal glow discharge plasma: Effect of treatment gases on photocatalytic process
Zolfaghari P, Khaledian HR, Aliasgharlou N, Khorram S, Karimi A, Khataee A
278 - 282 Antiglare and antireflective coating of layer-by-layer SiO2 and TiZrO2 on surface-modified glass
Hudaya C, Jeon BJ, Verdianto A, Lee JK, Sung YE
283 - 292 Significant improvement in photocatalytic activity by forming homojunction between anatase TiO2 nanosheets and anatase TiO2 nanoparticles
Ren L, Li YZ, Mao MY, Lan L, Lao XB, Zhao XJ
293 - 301 Preparation of hollow silver-polymer microspheres with a hierarchical structure for SERS
Hu T, Wang HW, Zhang LJ, Tao SY
302 - 308 Fabrication of Ni2+ incorporated ZnO photoanode for efficient overall water splitting
Khan HR, Akram B, Aamir M, Malik MA, Tahir AA, Choudhary MA, Akhtar J
309 - 317 Surface molecular kinetics on the outermost layer characterized by nucleation of Mg-vapor atoms
Tsujioka T, Matsumoto S, Yamamoto K, Dohi M, Lin Y, Nakamura S, Yokojima S, Uchida K
318 - 330 Highly sensitive and selective label-free detection of dopamine in human serum based on nitrogen-doped graphene quantum dots decorated on Au nanoparticles: Mechanistic insights through microscopic and spectroscopic studies
Das R, Paul KK, Giri PK
331 - 342 Hydrophobic treatment of woven cotton fabrics with polyurethane modified aminosilicone emulsions
Mazzon G, Zahid M, Heredia-Guerrero JA, Balliana E, Zendri E, Athanassiou A, Bayer IS
343 - 351 Theoretical study of the role of the interface of Ag-4 nanoclusters deposited on TiO2(110) and TiO2(101)
Schvval AB, Juan A, Cabeza GF
352 - 364 Magnetostatic dipolar energy of large periodic Ni fcc nanowires, slabs and spheres
Cabria I
365 - 371 Effect of Fe promotion on the performance of V2O5/MgF2 catalysts for gas-phase dehydrofluorination of 1,1,1,3,3-pentafluoropropane
Fang XX, Liao WM, Song JD, Jia WZ, Wang Y, Lu JQ, Luo MF
372 - 382 Rational design of mesoporous MnO2 microwave absorber with tunable microwave frequency response
He GH, Duan YP, Pang HF, Zhang XF
383 - 394 3D graphene nanoedges as efficient dye adsorbents with ultra-high thermal regeneration performance
Labiadh L, Kamali AR
395 - 402 Plasmonic MoO3-x, nanosheets with tunable oxygen vacancies as efficient visible light responsive photocatalyst
Liu QW, We YW, Zhang JW, Chen KJ, Huang CJ, Chen H, Qiu XQ
403 - 410 An explanation of sintered silver bonding formation on bare copper substrate in air
Du CJ, Li X, Mei YH, Lu GQ
411 - 419 Amorphous TiO2 coated hierarchical WO3 Nanosheet/CdS Nanorod arrays for improved photoelectrochemical performance
Wang ZW, Yang G, Tan CK, Nguyen TD, Tok AIY
420 - 429 Influence of additives and their molecular structure on the static and dynamic wetting of oil on steel at room temperature
Kus M, Kalin M
430 - 435 CO desorption from nickel-decorated muscovite mica
Hunvik KWB, Stovneng A, Pacakova B, Raaen S
436 - 450 Surface characterization of an organosilane-grafted moisture-crosslinked polyethylene compound treated by air atmospheric pressure non-equilibrium gliding arc plasma
Sarkari NM, Darvish F, Mohseni M, Ebrahimi M, Khani M, Eslami E, Shokri B, Alizadeh M, Dee CF
451 - 459 Enhanced energy storage density in Sc3+ substituted Pb(Zr0.53Ti0.47)O-3 nanoscale films by pulse laser deposition technique
Bhattarai MK, Mishra KK, Instan AA, Bastakoti BP, Katiyar RS
460 - 468 Controllable construction of ZnWO4 nanostructure with enhanced performance for photosensitized Cr(VI) reduction
He HB, Luo ZZ, Tang ZY, Yu CL
469 - 480 The effect of the pH adjustment upon the WO3-WO3 center dot 0.33H(2)O-TiO2 ternary composite systems' photocatalytic activity
Szekely I, Baia M, Magyari K, Boga B, Pap Z
481 - 491 Boosting visible-light photocatalytic degradation of indomethacin by an efficient and photostable Ag3PO4/NG/WO3 composites
Li H, Zhang YL, Zhang Q, Wang YF, Fan YP, Gao X, Niu J
492 - 501 Annealing provoked modification of ZnPc photoactive nanolayer via self-assembling at SnO2 hybrid interface and its effect on layer electric properties towards application in hybrid photovoltaic devices
Roy D, Chakraborty M, Gupta PS
502 - 509 Improved antibody loading on self-assembled graphene oxide films for using in surface plasmon resonance immunosensors
Miyazaki CM, Camilo DE, Shimizu FM, Ferreira M
510 - 515 A hollow Co2SiO4 nanosheet Li-ion battery anode with high electrochemical performance and its dynamic lithiation/delithiation using in situ transmission electron microscopy technology
Ding YY, Han TL, Zhang HG, Cheng MY, Wu Y, Chen X, Chi MF, Niu JJ, Liu JY
516 - 521 Improving catalytic activity of metal telluride by hybridization: An efficient Ni3Te2-CoTe composite electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reaction
Xu J, Yin YQ, Xiong HQ, Du XD, Jiang YJ, Guo W, Wang Z, Xie ZZ, Qu DY, Tang HL, Deng QB, Li JS
522 - 534 Comparison of carbon-based reinforcement on laser aided additive manufacturing Inconel 625 composites
Zhang BC, Bi GJ, Chew YX, Wang P, Ma GY, Liu YF, Moon SK
535 - 545 Electrochemical, TOF-SIMS and XPS studies on the corrosion behavior of Q-phase in NaCl solutions as a function of pH
Ikeuba AI, Zhang B, Wang JQ, Han EH, Ke W
546 - 555 Hybrids of TiO2 nanobelts modified by graphene: Preparation, characterization, and photocatalytic performance
Tao Q, Wang BW, Yan XL, Chen LG
556 - 567 Pitting corrosion of SLM Inconel 718 sample under surface and heat treatments
Zhang BC, Xiu MZ, Tan YT, Wei J, Wang P
568 - 579 Assessment of synergistic effects of LP-MOCVD TiO2 and Ti surface finish for dental implant purposes
Visentin F, Galenda A, Fabrizio M, Battiston S, Brianese N, Gerbasi R, Zin V, El Habra N
580 - 591 Core/shell rGO/BiOBr particles with visible photocatalytic activity towards water pollutants
Allagui L, Chouchene B, Gries T, Medjandi G, Girot E, Framboisier X, Amara AB, Balan L, Schneider R
592 - 597 Facile synthesis of porous nitrogen doped carbon dots (NCDs)@g-C3N4 for highly efficient photocatalytic and anti-counterfeiting applications
Yang XC, Yang YL, Zhang SL, Liu YF, Fu SJ, Zhu M, Hu JF, Zhang ZJ, Zhao JT
598 - 603 Electrically induced spreading of EGaIn on Cu substrate in an alkali solution under wetting and non-wetting conditions
Zhang N, Shen P, Cao Y, Guo RF, Jiang QC
604 - 610 One step synthesis of ultrathin 2D carbon nanosheets for high-performance supercapacitors
Li XY, Zhou JQ, Xu LR, Wang M, Li X
611 - 621 Fabrication of highly dispersed Pt-based catalysts on gamma-Al2O3 supported perovskite Nano islands: High durability and tolerance to coke deposition in propane dehydrogenation
Chen XY, Ge M, Li YY, Liu YT, Wang JM, Zhang LH