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1 - 12 Enhanced NIR photocatalytic of Ag-RGO@{010}BiVO4/RGO@{110} BiVO4 photocatalysts induced by resonance effect of transverse electric of RGO and transverse magnetic of Ag
Wang Y, Tan GQ, Li B, Dang MY, Lv L, Wang M, Zhang D, Ren HJ, Xia A
13 - 24 Hollow core-shell nanostructured MnO2/Fe2O3 embedded within amorphous carbon nanocomposite as sensitive bioplatform for detecting protein tyrosine kinase-7
Hu MY, Li ZZ, Guo CP, Wang MH, He LH, Zhang ZH
25 - 33 A novel superhydrophobic Ni/Nip coating fabricated by magnetic field induced selective scanning electrodeposition
Shen LD, Xu MY, Jiang W, Qiu MB, Fan MZ, Ji GB, Tian ZJ
34 - 43 Analysis of the morphology, structure and optical properties of 1D SiO2 nanostructures obtained with sol-gel and electrospinning methods
Matysiak W, Tanski T
44 - 54 Tannic acid-Fe coordination derived Fe/N-doped carbon hybrids for catalytic oxidation processes
Yao YJ, Yu MJ, Yin HY, Wei FY, Zhang J, Hu HH, Wang SB
55 - 65 Plasma-assisted growth of polyethylene fractal nano-islands on polyethylene oxide films: Impact of film confinement and glassy dynamics on fractal morphologies
Choukourov A, Pleskunov P, Nikitin D, Tafiichuk R, Shelemin A, Hanus J, Majek J, Unger M, Roy A, Ryabov A
66 - 72 Investigation on the effect of shot peening coverage on the surface integrity
Lin QJ, Liu HJ, Zhu CC, Parker RG
73 - 79 Metal concentration dependent mechanical properties of electrodeposited nickel incorporated diamond like carbon (Ni-DLC) thin films studied by nanoindentation
Sahay S, Pandey MK, Kar AK
80 - 91 Combustion synthesized A(0.5)Sr(0.5)MnO(3-delta) perovskites (where, A = La, Nd, Sm, Gd, Tb, Pr, Dy, and Y) as redox materials for thermochemical splitting of CO2
Takalkar G, Bhosale R, AlMomani F
92 - 100 The influences of post-annealing temperatures on fabrication graphitic carbon nitride, (g-C3N4) thin film
Mohamed NA, Safaei J, Ismail AF, Jailani MFAM, Khalid MN, Noh MFM, Aadenan A, Nash SNS, Sagu JS, Teridi MAM
101 - 109 Influence of growth temperature on the characteristics of beta-Ga2O3 epitaxial films and related solar-blind photodetectors
Wang QL, Chen J, Huang P, Li MK, Lu YM, Homewood KP, Chang G, Chen H, He YB
110 - 122 Ultrasound-assisted heterogeneous degradation of tetracycline over flower-like rGO/CdWO4 hierarchical structures as robust solar-light-responsive photocatalysts: Optimization, kinetics, and mechanism
Ghoreishian SM, Raju GSR, Pavitra E, Kwak CH, Han YK, Huh YS
123 - 134 Natures of (001) and (101) surfaces of original and MnO2-loaded anatase: A comparative study
Li X, Li Q, Zhong L, Ma L, Yu SH, Zhang C, Fang QY, Chen G
135 - 141 Effects of UV irradiation on the electrical and optical properties of solution-processed transparent ZnO films
Lin HE, Hong JS, Nitta R, Kubota Y, Katayanagi Y, Wagata H, Kishi T, Yano T, Matsushita N
142 - 148 Grafting organic antenna onto rare earth hydroxynitrate nanosheets for excitation-dependent and greatly enhanced photoluminescence by multi-modal energy transfer
Zhu Q, Liu JJ, Li XD, Sun XD, Li JG
149 - 153 Effect of alkali cations on Pt based catalyst towards methanol oxidation reaction in acidic medium
Silambarasan K, Joseph J, Mayavan S
154 - 164 Turning biomass waste to a valuable nitrogen and boron dual-doped carbon aerogel for high performance lithium-sulfur batteries
Zhu L, Jiang HT, Ran WX, You LJ, Yao SS, Shen XQ, Tu FY
165 - 174 Corrosion, wear, and friction behavior of a number of multilayer two-, three- and multicomponent nitride coatings on different substrates, depending on the phase and elemental composition gradient
Kameneva A, Kichigin V
175 - 186 Laser surface texturing of beta-Ti alloy for orthopaedics: Effect of different wavelengths and pulse durations
Menci G, Demir AG, Waugh DG, Lawrence J, Previtali B
187 - 197 The effect of pre-oxidation on microstructure, mechanical properties and high-temperature tribological behaviors of HVOF-sprayed NiCoCrAlYTa coating
Hao EK, Zhao XQ, An YL, Deng W, Zhou HD, Chen JM
198 - 209 Carbon nanotubes encapsulating fullerene as water nano-channels with distinctive selectivity: Molecular dynamics simulation
Foroutan M, Naeini VF, Ebrahimi M
210 - 219 Vis-NIR responsive Bi24O31Br10 and corresponding composite with up-conversion phosphor towards efficient photocatalytic oxidation
Xiao B, Zhao WH, Xiang YB, Wu XY, Zhang GK
220 - 225 Magnetic phase composition of ZnO film heavily implanted with Fe ions
Zinnatullin AL, Gumarov AI, Gilmutdinov IF, Kiiamov AG, Vagizov FG, Nuzhdin VI, Valeev VF, Khaibullin RI
226 - 238 Internal and external surface features of newly developed porous ceramics with random interconnected 3D channels by a fibrous sacrificial porogen method
Mocanu AC, Miculescu M, Machedon-Pisu T, Maidaniuc A, Ciocoiu RC, Ionita M, Pasuk J, Stan GE, Miculescu F
239 - 246 Titanium dioxide-coated nanoporous anodic alumina optical properties
Aguilar-Sierra SM, Ferre-Borrull J, Echeverria FE, Marsal LF
247 - 254 The influence of crystal structure and the enhancement of mechanical and frictional properties of titanium nitride film by addition of ruthenium
Ju HB, Ding N, Xu JH, Yu LH, Geng YX, Ahmed F, Zuo B, Shao L
255 - 261 Synthesis of oxygen-deficient blue titanium oxide by discharge plasma generated in aqueous ammonia solution
Mizukoshi Y, Ohwada M, Seino S, Horibed H, Nishimura Y, Terashima C
262 - 268 Effect of morphology on the formation of CdO nanostructures for Antibacterial and Hemolytic studies
Anandhan K, Harish S, Kumar RT
269 - 277 Luminescence properties of ZnO-M heterostructures fabricated by galvanic-submerged photosynthesis of crystallites
Hiraiwa K, Takahashi Y, Mizuno J, Jeem M, Watanabe S
278 - 286 Tuning adsorption properties of GaxIn2-xO3 catalysts for enhancement of methanol synthesis activity from CO2 hydrogenation at high reaction temperature
Akkharaphatthawon N, Chanlek N, Cheng CK, Chareonpanich M, Limtrakul J, Witoon T
287 - 296 DFT study of Ni segregation at the B2-NiTi(110)/rutile-TiO2(110) interface
Juan J, Orazi V, Sandoval M, Bechthold P, Hernandez-Laguna A, Sainz-Diaz CI, Gonzalez EA, Jenko M, Jasen PV
297 - 312 pH-Dependent release system of isoniazid carried on nanoparticles of silica obtained from expanded perlite
de Almeida JMF, Damasceno E, Verrissimo LM, Fernandes NS
313 - 320 Galvanic-submerged photosynthesis of crystallites: Fabrication of ZnO nanorods@ Cu-surface
Takahashi Y, Hiraiwa K, Jeem M, Zhang LH, Watanabe S
321 - 329 Self-supported Cu nanosheets derived from CuCl-CuO for highly efficient electrochemical degradation of NO3-
Wu TY, Kong XG, Tong SY, Chen Y, Liu J, Tang Y, Yang XJ, Chen YM, Wan PY
330 - 335 Passivation improvement of nitric acid oxide by ozone post-treatment for tunnel oxide passivated contacts silicon solar cells
Baek JH, Jeong MJ, Hu WG, Chang HS
336 - 345 Alleviating the initial coulombic efficiency loss and enhancing the electrochemical performance of Li1.2Mn0.54Ni0.13Co0.13O2 using beta-MnO2
Vivekanantha M, Partheeban T, Kesavan T, Senthil C, Sasidharan M
346 - 350 Raman investigation on the surface carrier concentration of single GaN microrod grown by MOCVD
Liao H, Wei TT, Zong H, Jiang SX, Li JC, Yang Y, Yu G, Wen PJ, Lang R, Wang WJ, Hu XD
351 - 357 Investigation of flexible polymer-Tl2O3 nanocomposites for x-ray detector applications
Al-Sulaiti LA, Salah B, Ayesh AI
358 - 371 Impact of phosphorous and sulphur substitution on Dirac cone modification and optical behaviors of monolayer graphene for nano-electronic devices
Laref A, Alsagri M, Alay-e-Abbas SM, Barakat F, Laref S, Huang HM, Xiong YC, Yang JT, Wu XZ
372 - 383 Interaction of plasma functionalized TiO2 nanoparticles and ZDDP on friction and wear under boundary lubrication
Sharma V, Timmons RB, Erdemir A, Aswath PB
384 - 391 The ethanol-sensitive property of hierarchical MoO3-mixed SnO2 aerogels via facile ambient pressure drying
Li HK, Zhu DC, Yang ZY, Lu WR, Pu Y
392 - 402 Influence of surface microstructure on bonding strength of modified polypropylene/aluminum alloy direct adhesion
Chen J, Du KP, Chen XM, Li YB, Huang J, Wu YT, Yang CL, Xia XC
403 - 408 Effect of a metallic surfactant on the electrical percolation of gold films
Henriquez R, Roco R, Bravo S, Del Campo V, Gonzalez-Fuentes C, Donoso S, Haberle P
409 - 419 One pot milling route to fabricate step-scheme AgI/I-BiOAc photocatalyst: Energy band structure optimized by the formation of solid solution
Jia XM, Han QF, Zheng MY, Bi HP
420 - 426 Preparation of Zn0.5Cd0.5S/nickel acetate hydroxide composite for ameliorated water splitting performance under visible light
She HD, Ma X, Zhao ZW, Wang L, Huang JW, Li CL, Wang QZ
427 - 434 Combination of experimental and theoretical investigation on Ti-doped g-C3N4 with improved photo-catalytic activity
Zhang RY, Niu SY, Zhang XC, Jiang ZY, Zheng JM, Guo CF
435 - 445 In situ construction of Ni enriched porous NiAl as long-lived electrode for hydrogen evolution at high current densities
Zhang JT, Zhang Z, Yao YJ, Ma XZ, Yang YB, Chen Y, Cheng ZD
446 - 461 Unravelling ultrafast deformation mechanisms in surface deposition of titanium nanoparticles
Jami H, Jabbarzadeh A
462 - 469 A novel ternary sulfur/carbon@tin dioxide composite with polysulfides-adsorptive shell and conductive core as high-performance lithium-sulfur battery cathodes
Wu Y, Zhang W, Han TL, Shen ZH, Cheng D, Zhang HK, Li JJ, Zhang HG, Liu JY
470 - 476 Prediction of contact length, contact pressure and indentation depth of Au/carbon nanotube composite micro electrical contact using finite element modeling
Robert F
477 - 484 Pd-Fe dual-metal nanoparticles confined in the interface of carbon nanotubes/N-doped carbon for excellent catalytic performance
Wang D, Liu J, Xi JB, Jiang JZ, Bai ZW
485 - 493 Impact of growth factors on wound healing in polysaccharide blend thin films
Maver U, Gradisnik L, Smrke DM, Kleinschek KS, Maver T
494 - 503 Fluorination-generated uninterrupted gradient-refractive index on commercial flexible substrates for high broadband and omnidirectional transmittance
He TJ, Wang YX, Jiang Y, Liu Y, Wang X, Luo LB, Liu XY
504 - 509 On the sensitivity of convergent beam low energy electron diffraction patterns to small atomic displacements
Constantinou PC, Jesson DE
510 - 518 Fluorination promoted photoinduced modulation of Pt clusters on oxygen vacancy enriched TiO2/Pt photocatalyst for superior photocatalytic performance
Wu JN, Ma XJ, Xu LM, Zhao B, Chen F
519 - 527 Amorphous quaternary alloy phosphide hierarchical nanoarrays with pagoda-like structure grown on Ni foam as pH-universal electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction
Yan G, Tan HQ, Wang YH, Li YG
528 - 537 Co9S8 confined in bifunctional N/S co-doped carbon/carbon with high electrochemical performance for lithium-ion batteries
Wu YL, Zhu C, Shu L, Duan JF, Wei DH, Xu JX, Zhu ZY, Li LJ, Peng ZY, Chen ZY
538 - 551 Highly efficient hydrogen production by hydrolysis of NaBH4 using eminently competent recyclable Fe2O3 decorated oxidized MWCNTs robust catalyst
Prasad D, Patil KN, Sandhya N, Chaitra CR, Bhanushali JT, Samal AK, Keri RS, Jadhav AH, Nagaraja BM
552 - 559 Electrochemical behavior of boron-doped mesoporous graphene depending on its boron configuration
Nankya R, Lee J, Opar DO, Jung H
560 - 575 Influence of stability and particle shape effects for an entropy generation based optimized selection of magnesia nanofluid for convective heat flow applications
Krishnan SSJ, Nagarajan PK
576 - 583 Tailoring of TiO2 film crystal texture for higher photocatalysis efficiency
Tuckute S, Varnagiris S, Urbonavicius M, Lelis M, Sakalauskaite S
584 - 594 Pulsed laser deposition of CoFe2O4/CoO hierarchical-type nanostructured heterojuction forming a Z-scheme for efficient spatial separation of photoinduced electron-hole pairs and highly active surface area
Popat Y, Orlandi M, Patel N, Edla R, Bazzanella N, Gupta S, Yadav M, Pillai S, Patel MK, Miotello A
595 - 607 Enhanced fatigue performance of modified plasma electrolytic oxidation coated Ti-6Al-4V alloy: Effect of residual stress and gradient nanostructure
Ao N, Liu DX, Zhang XH, Liu CS
608 - 613 Interfacial graphene modulated energetic behavior of the point-defect at the Au/HfO2 interface
Zhu LG, Zhang XY, Zhou J, Sun ZM
614 - 623 Fractal analysis of hillocks: A case of RF sputtered aluminum thin films
Mwema FM, Akinlabi ET, Oladijo OP
624 - 630 Investigation of various cobalt concentrations on LiV2O5 as cathode materials with tunable high rate capability and operating voltage in Li-ion batteries
Priyadarshini M, Kirubakaran KP, Senthil C, Chandrabose RS, Lee CW, Vediappan K
631 - 638 High yield synthesis of homogeneous boron doping C3N4 nanocrystals with enhanced photocatalytic property
Zhang ML, Yang L, Wang YJ, Li LF, Chen SF
639 - 647 Initial stages of the epitaxial growth of MnN on the GaAs (001)-(2 x 2) surface: First-principle study
Ponce-Perez R, de la Cruz MTR, Gutierrez-Ojeda SJ, Guerrero-Sanchez J, Varalda J, Cocoletzi GH
648 - 657 Characterization of fused silica surface topography in capacitively coupled atmospheric pressure plasma processing
Li D, Li N, Su X, Liu K, Ji P, Wang B
658 - 667 Introduction of in-plane pi-conjugated heterojunction via rGO modulation: A promising approach to enhance photoexcited charge separation and transfer of g-C3N4
Yuan DS, Huang W, Chen XR, Li ZY, Ding J, Wang L, Wan H, Dai WL, Guan GF
668 - 676 Growth kinetics and isothermal oxidation behavior of a Si pack cementation-coated Mo-Si-B alloy
Choi K, Yang W, Baik KH, Kim Y, Lee S, Lee S, Park JS
677 - 683 First-principles explorations of Li2S@V2CTx hybrid structure as cathode material for lithium-sulfur battery
Liang P, Zhang L, Wang D, Man XL, Shu HB, Wang L, Wan HZ, Du XQ, Wang H
684 - 692 N-2 reduction using single transition-metal atom supported on defective WS2 monolayer as promising catalysts: A DFT study
Ma XG, Hu JS, Zheng MK, Li D, Lv H, He H, Huang CY
693 - 700 Sol-gel synthesized NixFe3-xO4 for thermochemical conversion of CO2
Takalkar G, Bhosale RR, AlMomani F
701 - 707 Optimization of nanostructures based on Au, Ag, Au-Ag nanoparticles formed by thermal evaporation in vacuum for SERS applications
Gromov DG, Dubkov SV, Savitskiy AI, Shaman YP, Polokhin AA, Belogorokhov IA, Trifonov AY
708 - 716 High-density graphene/single-walled carbon nanohorn composite supercapacitor electrode with high volumetric capacitance
Hwang H, Kim CH, Wee JH, Han JH, Yang CM
717 - 724 Self-assembly of positively charged SiO2/Y2O3 composite nanofiber membranes with plum-flower-like structures for the removal of water contaminants
Liu ZW, Tang YF, Zhao K, Chen WH
725 - 733 Nitrogen-self doped activated carbon nanosheets derived from peanut shells for enhanced hydrogen evolution reaction
Saravanan KRA, Prabu N, Sasidharan M, Maduraiveeran G
734 - 740 3D phosphorus-carbon electrode with aligned nanochannels promise high-areal-capacity and cyclability in lithium-ion battery
Yan YH, Xu HY, Peng CX, Zhang PC, Yang JH, Zheng SY
741 - 754 Synthesis of Fe2O3/Pt/Au nanocomposite immobilized on g-C3N4 for localized plasmon photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Hassanzadeh-Tabrizi SA, Nguyen CC, Do TO
755 - 765 Highly stable In@SiO2 core-shell nanostructures for ultraviolet surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Das R, Soni RK
766 - 775 Nuclear magnetic resonance and theoretical simulation study on Cs ion co-adsorbed with other alkali cations on illite
Baek W, Avramov PV, Kim Y
776 - 785 Morphology control of c-Si via facile copper-assisted chemical etching: Managements on etch end-points
Zhao S, Yuan GD, Wang Q, Liu WQ, Zhang S, Liu ZQ, Wang JX, Li JM
786 - 795 Construction the Ni@Carbon nanostructure with dual-reaction surfaces for the selective hydrogenation reaction
Li S, Chen XL, Wang J, Yao N, Wang JG, Cen J, Li XN
796 - 801 Monodispersed and well-dispersed RhxP nanoparticles decorated on phosphorus-doped nitride carbon for efficient alkaline and acidic hydrogen evolution
Xu CL, Wang Q, Ding R, Wang Y, Zhang Y, Fan GY
802 - 814 Research on ground surface characteristics of prism-plane sapphire under the orthogonal grinding direction
Zhao WX, Wang YH, Liang ZQ, Zhou TF, Wang XB, Lin H, Zhong J, Luan XS
815 - 823 Vanadium doping over Ni3S2 nanosheet array for improved overall water splitting
Ma LZ, Zhang K, Wang S, Gao LN, Sun YF, Liu QY, Guo JX, Zhang X
824 - 830 An evaluation of fluorinated titanium oxide nanocrystals with UV exposure treatment for oxygen vacancy control
Han W, Kim J, Park HH
831 - 840 The impact of thickness on the optical, electrical and dielectric properties of nanocrystalline 0.9 MTO-0.1BNO composite thin films
Rabha S, Dobbidi P
841 - 848 A first-principles study of Cl-2, PH3, AsH3, BBr3 and SF4 gas adsorption on MoS2 monolayer with S and Mo vacancy
Jasmine JM, Aadhityan A, Kala CP, Thiruvadigal DJ
849 - 855 Large-area, liftoff nanoporous GaN distributed Bragg reflectors: Fabrication and application
Yang XK, Chen Z, Cao DZ, Zhao CC, Shen LY, Luan CN, Pang ZY, Liu JQ, Ma J, Xiao HD
856 - 866 Surface modification for carbon/carbon composites with Mg-CaP coating reinforced by SiC nanowire-carbon nanotube hybrid for biological application
Guan KJ, Zhang LL, Zhu FY, Sheng HC, Li HJ
867 - 874 Mild acidic mixed electrolyte for high-performance electrical double layer capacitor
Ramavath JN, Raja M, Kumar S, Kothandaraman R
875 - 882 The advanced photocatalytic degradation of atrazine by direct Z-scheme Cu doped ZnO/g-C3N4
Truc NTT, Duc DS, Thuan DV, Al Tahtamouni T, Pham TD, Hanh NT, Tran DT, Nguyen MV, Dang NM, Chi NTPL, Nguyen VN
883 - 892 Investigation of Gd-doped mesoporous TiO2 spheres for environmental remediation and energy applications
Singh K, Harish S, Archana J, Navaneethan M, Shimomura M, Hayakawa Y
893 - 904 Surface chemistry and composition-induced variation of laser interference-based surface treatment of Al alloys
Meyer HM, Sabau AS, Daniel C
905 - 912 The distinct effects of substitution and deposition of Ag in perovskite LaCoO3 on the thermally catalytic oxidation of toluene
Chen HL, Wei GL, Liang XL, Liu P, He HP, Xi YF, Zhu JX
913 - 921 Surface coating with Li-Ti-O to improve the electrochemical performance of Ni-rich cathode material
Huang YP, Yao X, Hu XC, Han QY, Wang SQ, Ding LX, Wang HH
922 - 929 Ultralight, robustly compressible and super-hydrophobic biomass-decorated carbonaceous melamine sponge for oil/water separation with high oil retention
Lei ZW, Zheng PT, Niu LY, Yang Y, Shen JL, Zhang WD, Wang CY
930 - 942 Synergistic effect of dual electron-cocatalyst modified photocatalyst and methodical strategy for better charge separation
Maarisetty D, Baral SS
943 - 951 Photoswitching and photocatalytic functions of SnxCu1-xS nanostructures
Ilanchezhiyan P, Kumar GM, Siva C, Venkatasubbu GD, Kang TW, Kim DY
952 - 961 Study of the green synthesis of silver nanoparticles using a natural extract of dark or white Salvia hispanica L. seeds and their antibacterial application
Hernandez-Morales L, Espinoza-Gomez H, Flores-Lopez LZ, Sotelo-Barrera EL, Nunez-Rivera A, Cadena-Nava RD, Alonso-Nunez G, Espinoza KA
962 - 975 Spraying synthesis and ion permeation in polyvinyl chloride/graphene oxide membranes
Godinez-Garcia A, Vallejo-Arenas DD, Salinas-Rodriguez E, Gomez-Torres SA, Ruiz JC
976 - 982 Electrochemical hydrogen evolution and CO2 reduction over hierarchical MoSxSe2-x hybrid nanostructures
Lee HI, Yu H, Rhee CK, Sohn Y
983 - 988 Fabrication of silicon nanostripe structures by laser-interference-induced backward transfer technique
Jiang XK, Weng ZK, Cao L, Zhang QH, Liu R, Li L, Chu XY, Xu HM, Song ZX, Li JH, Wang ZB
989 - 1001 High performance coin-cell and pouch-cell supercapacitors based on nitrogen-doped reduced graphene oxide electrodes with phenylenediamine-mediated organic electrolyte
Poochai C, Sriprachuabwong C, Srisamrarn N, Chuminjak Y, Lomas T, Wisitsoraat A, Tuantranont A
1002 - 1009 Two-step synthesis of hierarchical Ag/Cu2O/ITO substrate for ultrasensitive and recyclable surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy applications
Ji SD, Kou S, Wang MQ, Qiu HW, Sun XQ, Dou JJ, Yang Z
1010 - 1018 Self-cleaning SERS membrane for reusable and ultrasensitive molecular detection via integrating graphitic-carbon-nitride nanosheets and Ag nanospheres into hierarchical graphene layers that covered with graphitic-carbon-nitride quantum-dots
Qiu HW, Wang MQ, Cao MH, Zhang L, Ji SD, Dou JJ, Ji YQ, Kou S, Guo J, Yang Z
1019 - 1029 Understanding the effects of metal particle size on the NO2 reduction from a DFT study
Pascucci BM, Otero GS, Belelli PG, Branda MM
1030 - 1041 Ultra-fine BiOCl nanoparticles: Unprecedented synthesis and rich surface-dependent properties
Sun X, Wang M, Qian NX, Sun XY, Liu C, Zhang X, Rao R, Ma YQ