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Applied Surface Science, Vol.487 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 8 CoNi-layered double hydroxide array on graphene-based fiber as a new electrode material for microsupercapacitor
Yin Q, Li DP, Zhang J, Zhao YJ, Wang C, Han JB
9 - 16 A novel depressant for selective flotation separation of pyrite and pyrophyllite
Zhao KL, Wang XH, Wang Z, Yan W, Zhou X, Xu LH, Wang CQ
17 - 21 XPS on Nd0.6-xBixSr0.4MnO3 nano powders
Dudric R, Bortnic R, Souca G, Ciceo-Lucacel R, Stiufiuc R, Tetean R
22 - 31 Strengthening mechanisms of graphene coatings on Cu film under nanoindentation: A molecular dynamics simulation
Peng WX, Sun K, Abdullah R, Zhang M, Chen J, Shi JQ
32 - 40 Enhanced efficiency of perovskite solar cells by PbS quantum dot modification
Zhu XY, Cheng B, Li XH, Zhang JJ, Zhang LY
41 - 51 La2O2S:Eu3+ stability as temperature sensor
Erasmus LJB, Swart HC, Terblans JJ
52 - 58 Electrochemical modification of carbon fiber yarns in cementitious pore solution for an enhanced interaction towards concrete matrices
Li HY, Liebscher M, Ranjbarian M, Hempel S, Tzounis L, Schrofl C, Mechtcherine V
59 - 67 Self-assembled g-C3N4 nanoarchitectures with boosted photocatalytic solar-to-hydrogen efficiency
Jiang Y, Qu FQ, Tian L, Yang XF, Zou ZY, Lin ZX
68 - 76 High performance asymmetric supercapacitor based on hierarchical flower-like NiCo2S4@polyaniline
Huang XL, Gou L
77 - 81 Core-shell structured CaCO3@CNF for enhanced dielectric properties of polymer nanocomposites
Zhang QP, Zhu WF, Liang DM, Wu XL, Chen RC, Sun N, Li YT, Zhou YL
82 - 90 Ag1.69Sb2.27O6.25 coupled carbon nitride photocatalyst with high redox potential for efficient multifunctional environmental applications
Zheng ZH, Zhang N, Wang T, Chen G, Qiu XQ, Ouyang SX, Mei ZW, Liu XH, Ma RZ
91 - 100 In situ synthesis of TiO2 nanosheets@CdSe nanocomposites and the improved photocatalytic performance on removal of methylene blue
Xu DW, Liu B, Zou W, Wang H, Zhang C
101 - 108 Enhancement corrosion resistance of Mg-Al layered double hydroxides films by anion-exchange mechanism on magnesium alloys
Hou LF, Li YL, Sun JL, Zhang SH, Wei H, Wei YH
109 - 115 Multifunctional nanohybrid material from discarded razor blades as cost-effective supercapacitor electrodes and oil-spill cleaners
Kavil J, Anjana PM, Roshni CP, Periyat P, Raj KG, Rakhi RB
116 - 126 Observation of significant electron loss in grazing scattering of negative ions off a LiF(100) surface
Shi YQ, Zhang X, Li Y, Liu PY, Ding B, Yin LY, Zhang Z, Zhu YC, Chen XM, Guo YL, Chen L
127 - 137 Osseointegration evaluation of ZrTi alloys with hydroxyapatite-zirconia-silver layer in pig's tibiae
Trinca LC, Mareci D, Souto RM, Lozano-Gorrin AD, Izquierdo J, Burtan L, Motrescu I, Vulpe V, Pavel G, Strungaru S, Stoleriu I, Strat AL, Solcan C
138 - 145 Tuning the electrical and optical properties of ZrxOy/VO2 thin films by controlling the stoichiometry of ZrxOy buffer layer
Zong HT, Geng CC, Zhang C, Liu HH, Wu JB, Yu ZB, Cao GH, Kang CY, Li M
146 - 150 Surface passivation of crystalline silicon by intrinsic a-Si:H films deposited in remote low frequency inductively coupled plasma
Guo YN, Ong TMB, Xu SY
151 - 158 Mechanism of the charge separation improvement in carbon-nanodot sensitized g-C3N4
Ullah N, Chen SW, Zhang RQ
159 - 170 Utilization of waste tea leaves as bio-surfactant in CdS quantum dots synthesis and their cytotoxicity effect in breast cancer cells
Shivaji K, Balasubramanian MG, Devadoss A, Asokan V, De Castro CS, Davies ML, Ponmurugan P, Pitchaimuthu S
171 - 179 Study of the adsorption of NH3 and NOx on the nano-gamma Fe2O3 (001) surface with density functional theory
Ren DD, Gui KT
180 - 188 Fabrication of MnO2-carbonized cotton yarn derived hierarchical porous active carbon flexible supercapacitor electrodes for potential applications in cable-type devices
Ullah S, Yu JL, Liu HC, Iqbal W, Yang B, Li CH, Zhu CZ, Xu J
189 - 197 Tea waste derived microporous active carbon with enhanced double-layer supercapacitor behaviors
Song XY, Ma XL, Li Y, Ding L, Jiang RY
198 - 205 Hierarchical copper cobalt sulfides nanowire arrays for high-performance asymmetric supercapacitors
Du JL, Yan Q, Li YJ, Cheng K, Ye K, Zhu K, Yan J, Cao DX, Zhang XF, Wang GL
206 - 210 Visible light-driven g-C3N4@ZnO heterojunction photocatalyst synthesized via atomic layer deposition with a specially designed rotary reactor
Jang E, Kim DW, Hong SH, Park YM, Park TJ
211 - 217 Quercetin loaded PLGA microspheres induce apoptosis in breast cancer cells
Karthick V, Panda S, Kumar VG, Kumar D, Shrestha LK, Ariga K, Vasanth K, Chinnathambi S, Dhas TS, Suganya KSU
218 - 227 Release of helium-related clusters through a nickel-graphene interface: An atomistic study
Huang H, Tang XB, Gao F, Chen FD, Ge GJ, Yan YY, Peng Q
228 - 235 Effect of synthesis conditions on CO2 capture of ethylenediamine-modified graphene aerogels
Pruna A, Carcel AC, Benedito A, Gimenez E
236 - 243 Modified silicon nanowires@polypyrrole core-shell nanostructures by poly (3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) for high performance on-chip micro-supercapacitors
Zhou QY, Zhou YL, Bao M, Ni XY
244 - 252 Water adsorption and dissociation on gold catalysts supported on anatase-TiO2(101)
Valdes H, Molina LM, Alonso JA
253 - 259 Local photocatalytic H-2 generation on individual microscale two-dimensional CdSe nanosheets
Wang YX, Tongying P
260 - 271 Co-doped MgAl-LDHs nanosheets supported Au nanoparticles for complete catalytic oxidation of HCHO at room temperature
Li SP, Ezugwu CI, Zhang SP, Xiong Y, Liu SW
272 - 277 Facile fabrication of WO3/MWCNT hybrid materials for gas sensing application
Monchayapisut S, Ratchahat S, Sriyudthsak M, Sekiguchi H, Charinpanitkul T
278 - 284 Surface-to-core structure evolution of gradient BaTiO3-Ba1-xSrxTiO3 core-shell nanoparticles
Wang JE, Baek C, Jung YH, Kim DK
285 - 294 Vertically aligned nanosheets with MoS2/N-doped-carbon interfaces enhance lithium-ion storage
Zhen MM, Wang J, Guo SQ, Shen BX
295 - 303 Facile strategy for mass production of polymer-supported film electrodes for high performance flexible symmetric solid-state supercapacitors
Wang Q, Du PC, Liu JL, Liu D, Niu JY, Liu P
304 - 314 Size-dependent superwettability adjustment strategy for preparing superhydrophilic and superhydrophobic solid particles
Jiang W, Fu HY, Yang LL, Tian W, Lu HF, Liang B
315 - 321 CoP decorated with Co3O4 as a cocatalyst for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolution via dye sensitization
Peng SQ, Cao Y, Zhou FX, Xu ZD, Li YX
322 - 334 In situ synthesis of g-C3N4/TiO2 with {001} and {101} facets coexposed for water remediation
Liang D, Huang YL, Wu F, Luo JJ, Yi XY, Wang JX, Qiu XQ
335 - 342 Localized pi-conjugated structure and EPR investigation of g-C3N4 photocatalyst
Xia PF, Cheng B, Jiang JZ, Tang H
343 - 348 Fabrication of an all-solid-state Zn-air battery using electroplated Zn on carbon paper and KOH-ZrO2 solid electrolyte
Tan WK, Wada Y, Hayashi K, Kawamura G, Muto H, Matsuda A
349 - 355 Wear failure mechanism of TiSiN coating at elevated temperatures
Zhu YB, Dong MP, Li JL, Wang LP
356 - 361 Curvature radius measurement by optical profiler and determination of the residual stress in thin films
Besnard A, Ardigo MR, Imhoff L, Jacquet P
362 - 368 Role of oxygen species towards chemical sensing by semiconducting oxides
Murthy AR, Prabhu E, Clinsha PC, Nair AR, Gnanasekar KI, Jayaraman V
369 - 378 Effect of WO3 doping on the mechanism of mercury oxidation by HCl over V2O5/TiO2 (001) surface: Periodic density functional theory study
Wu YW, Ali Z, Lu Q, Liu J, Xu MX, Zhao L, Yang YP
379 - 388 Improved interfacial properties for largely enhanced thermal conductivity of poly(vinylidene fluoride)-based nanocomposites via functionalized multi-wall carbon nanotubes
Guo H, Wang Q, Liu J, Du CY, Li BA
389 - 397 Tri(Fe/N/F)-doped mesoporous carbons as efficient electrocatalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction
Lee YG, Ahn HJ
398 - 408 Novel high-capacity and reusable carbonaceous sponges for efficient absorption and recovery of oil from water
Yuan J, Zhang MK, Xia M, Cao W, Du MY, Dou JF, Zhao DY
409 - 415 Enhancing the optical properties using hemisphere TiO2 photonic crystal as the electron acceptor for perovskite solar cell
Kim DI, Lee JW, Jeong RH, Yu JH, Yang JW, Nam SH, Boo JH
416 - 425 Core-shell structured Pd catalyst layer encapsulated by polydopamine for a gas-liquid-solid microreactor
Zhu X, Feng H, Chen R, Lian Q, Ye DD, Zhang B
426 - 432 Gradient plastic strain accommodation and nanotwinning in multi-pass laser shock peened 321 steel
Karthik D, Yazar KU, Bisht A, Swaroop S, Srivastava C, Suwas S
433 - 441 Nanoalumina supported palladium(0) nanoparticle catalyst for releasing H-2 from dimethylamine borane
Karaboga S, Ozkar S
442 - 451 Facile synthesis of interconnected carbon network decorated with Co3O4 nanoparticles for potential supercapacitor applications
Zhao YR, Liu Y, Du JW, Zhang XD, Zhou JY, Li XP, Wu CX, Zhu ZR, Xie EQ, Pan XJ
452 - 463 Sulfur-deficient MoS2-x promoted lithium polysulfides conversion in lithium-sulfur battery: A first-principles study
Zhang Q, Zhang XF, Li M, Liu JQ, Wu YC
464 - 472 Adherent and smooth diamond film deposited on stainless steel by using AlSiN interlayers
Li X, Li CX, Chen CK, Liu C, Lyu F, Jiang MY, Hu XJ
473 - 479 Self-assembly induced hydrogelation approach as novel means of selective and visual sensing toward picric acid
Yu XD, Guo JB, Peng P, Shen FJ, Li YJ, Geng LJ, Wang T
480 - 487 A study on distinctive transition mechanism of sulfuric acid treatment on performance enhancement of poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene): Polystyrene based electrodes depending on multiwall carbon nanotube dose
Yun DJ, Ra H, Kim JM, Lee JH, Park SH, Hwang J, Chung J, Kim SH, Kim YS, Jeong YJ, Lee S
488 - 495 C2N monolayer as NH3 and NO sensors: A DFT study
Yong YL, Cui HL, Zhou QX, Su XY, Kuang YM, Li XH
496 - 502 An ingenious approach for ZIFs derived N-doped hierarchical porous carbon hybrids with FeCo alloy nanoparticles as efficient bifunctional oxygen electrocatalysts
Li GN, Zheng KT, Xu CJ
503 - 509 Surface modification with special morphology for the metallization of polyimide film
Chen JJ, An Q, Rodriguez RD, Sheremet E, Wang Y, Sowade E, Baumann RR, Feng ZS
510 - 518 The effect of oxygen coverages on hydrogenation of Mg (0001) surface
Chen XW, Zou WD, Lin QB, Li RQ, Xia GL, Yu XB
519 - 525 Tunable magnetic spin ordering in MoN2 monolayer by structural deformation
Li WX, Guo CS, Xin XJ, Shi XQ, Zhao Y
526 - 538 Effects of HiPIMS pulse-length on plasma discharge and on the properties of WC-DLC coatings
Wang L, Jin J, Zhu CK, Li GD, Kuang XC, Huang K
539 - 549 Zinc oxide incorporated carbon nanotubes or graphene oxide nanohybrids for enhanced sonophotocatalytic degradation of methylene blue dye
Mohamed MM, Ghanem MA, Khairy M, Naguib E, Alotaibi NH
550 - 557 New physical insight in structural and electronic properties of InSb nano-sheet being rolled up into single-wall nanotubes
Jalil A, Agathopoulos S, Khan NZ, Khan SA, Kiani M, Khan K, Zhu L
558 - 568 Fabrication and characterization of an actively protective Mg-Al LDHs/Al2O3 composite coating on magnesium alloy AZ31
Wu L, Ding X, Zheng ZC, Ma YL, Atrens A, Chen XB, Xie ZH, Sun DE, Pan FS
569 - 580 Corrosion resistance of fatty acid and fluoroalkylsilane-modified hydrophobic Mg-Al LDH films on anodized magnesium alloy
Wu L, Wu JH, Zhang ZY, Zhang C, Zhang YX, Tang AT, Li LJ, Zhang G, Zheng ZC, Atrens A, Pan FS
581 - 592 Investigation of corrosion resistance and formation mechanism of calcium-containing coatings on AZ31B magnesium alloy
Zhu YY, Gao WD, Huang HD, Chang WH, Zhang SF, Zhang RF, Zhao RF, Zhang YJ
593 - 600 Impact of molecular conformation on transport and transport-related properties at the nanoscale
Baldea I
601 - 609 Magnetic nanoparticles bearing metallocarbonyl moiety as antibacterial and antifungal agents
Wilczewska AZ, Kosinska A, Misztalewska-Turkowicz I, Kubicka A, Niemirowicz-Laskowska K, Markiewicz KH, Bucki R, Celichowski G, Kalska-Szostko B, Rudolf B
610 - 615 High efficiency ultra-thin doping-free WOLED based on blue thermally activated delayed fluorescence inter-layer switch
Liao XQ, An KG, Cheng J, Li Y, Meng X, Yang X, Li L
616 - 624 P/N co-doped carbon derived from cellulose: A metal-free photothermal catalyst for transfer hydrogenation of nitroarenes
Zhang H, Zhang CF, Zhang YR, Cul PL, Zhang YF, Wang L, Wang HJ, Gao YJ
625 - 633 Gold nanoparticles supported on MgOx-Al2O3 composite oxide: An efficient catalyst for selective hydrogenation of acetylene
Sun X, Li FF, Shi JJ, Zheng YH, Su HJ, Sun LB, Peng S, Qi CX
634 - 646 Effect of SnS2 concentrations on electrochemical properties of SnS2/RGO nanocomposites synthesized by a one-pot hydrothermal method
Duangchuen T, Karaphun A, Wannasen L, Kotutha I, Swatsitang E
647 - 654 Tribocorrosion performance of nano-layered coating in artificial seawater
Dong MP, Zhu YB, Xu LF, Ren XR, Ma FL, Mao FX, Li JL, Wang LP
655 - 663 An effective and durable interface structure design for oxygen reduction and methanol oxidation electrocatalyst
Yang ZY, Chen M, Xia M, Wang M, Wang XD
664 - 673 Shape-controlled synthesis of AgBiS2 nano-/microstructures using PEG-assisted facile solvothermal method and their functional properties
Manimozhi T, Archana J, Navaneethan M, Ramamurthi K
674 - 677 Iridium size effects in localized surface plasmon-enhanced diamond UV photodetectors
Chang XH, Wang YF, Zhang XF, Wang RZ, Liu ZC, Fu J, Zhao D, Li FN, Wang J, Wang W, Wang KY, Wang HX
678 - 691 Model for UV induced growth of semiconductor nanoparticles in polymer films
Bityurin N, Smirnov AA
692 - 702 Customization of direct laser lithography-based 3D scaffolds for optimized in vivo outcome
Maciulaitis J, Rekstyte S, Bratchikov M, Gudas R, Malinauskas M, Pockevicius A, Usas A, Rimkunas A, Jankauskaite V, Grigaliunas V, Maciulaitis R
703 - 707 Enhanced dielectric and magnetoelectric properties in multiferroic BCZT/LCMO epitaxial heterostructure
Li SB, Wang CB, Xu ZG, Shen Q, Zhang LM
708 - 718 Rapidly formation of the highly bioactive surface with hydroxyapatite crystals on the titania micro arc oxidation coating by microwave hydrothermal treatment
Du Q, Wei DQ, Wang SD, Cheng S, Wang YM, Li BQ, Jia DC, Zhou Y
719 - 725 Growth controlling behavior of vertically aligned MoSe2 film
Mao X, Li ZQ, Zou JP, Zhao GY, Li DN, Song ZQ
726 - 733 Buffer-layer-assisted morphological manipulation of metal nanoparticle arrays by laser irradiation
Sanchez-Ake C, Cesca T, Kolokoltsev O, Balasa IG, Reyes-Esqueda JA, Mattei G
734 - 742 Surface partially oxidized MoS2 nanosheets as a higher efficient cocatalyst for photocatalytic hydrogen production
Zhang FJ, Li X, Sun XY, Kong C, Xie WJ, Li Z, Liu J
743 - 754 In situ synthesis of Au-decorated BiOCl/BiVO4 hybrid ternary system with enhanced visible-light photocatalytic behavior
de la Garza-Galvan M, Zambrano-Robledo P, Vazquez-Arenas J, Romero-Ibarra I, Ostos C, Peral J, Garcia-Perez UM
755 - 765 Black silicon with nanostructured surface formed by low energy helium plasma irradiation
Takamura S, Aota T, Iwata H, Maenaka S, Fujita K, Kikuchi Y, Uesugi Y
766 - 772 Facile synthesis of oxidized multi-walled carbon nanotubes functionalized with 5-sulfosalicylic acid/MoS2 nanosheets nanocomposites for electrochemical detection of copper ions
Wang SX, Li J, Qiu Y, Zhuang XM, Wu XR, Jiang J
773 - 783 Optimal machine learning models for robust materials classification using ToF-SIMS data
Madiona RMT, Winkler DA, Muir BW, Pigram PJ
784 - 792 Optimized sulfur-loading in nitrogen-doped porous carbon for high-capacity cathode of lithium-sulfur batteries
Leng SM, Chen C, Liu JH, Wang SZ, Yang J, Shan S, Gong F, Guo YP, Wu MQ
793 - 800 Synthesis and characterization of Sm2O3 nanorods for application as a novel CO gas sensor
Jamnani SR, Moghaddam HM, Leonardi SG, Donato N, Neri G
801 - 806 Tunable charge and spin beams in RuS4 monolayer
Kanjouri F, Pishekloo SP, Khani H
807 - 818 Zinc oxide nanoparticles induce oxidative and proteotoxic stress in ovarian cancer cells and trigger apoptosis independent of p53-mutation status
Padmanabhan A, Kaushik M, Niranjan R, Richardsa JS, Ebright B, Venkatasubbu GD
819 - 824 Antireflective coating based on TiO2 nanoparticles modified with coupling agents via acid-catalyzed sol-gel method
Purcar V, Raditoiu V, Dumitru A, Nicolae CA, Frone AN, Anastasescu M, Raditoiu A, Raduly MF, Gabor RA, Caprarescu S
825 - 832 Defect-related high temperature ferromagnetism in mechanically milled hexagonal boron nitride nanoplates
Yang GJ, Wu YY, Zhu BT, Li JY, Fu YJ, Gao DQ, Zhao J, Ma SY
833 - 839 Two-dimensional pi-conjugated osmium bis(dithiolene) complex (OsC4S4) as a promising electrocatalyst for ambient nitrogen reduction to ammonia
Liu X, Wang ZX, Zhao J, Zhao JX, Liu YJ
840 - 847 Preparation and thermal stability of a novel mid-temperature air-stable solar selective coating
Lu BB, Peng Y, Ren TQ, Yao HC, Wang YF, Liu H, Zhu YZ
848 - 856 New aspects of the surface chemistry of sulfur on Au(111): Surface structures formed by gold-sulfur complexes
Carro P, Andreasen G, Vericat C, Vela ME, Salvarezza RC
857 - 867 Interaction effects of cathode power, bias voltage, and mid-frequency on the structural and mechanical properties of sputtered amorphous carbon films
Tillmann W, Dias NFL, Stangier D, Bayer M, Moldenhauer H, Debus J, Schmitz M, Berges U, Westphal C
868 - 875 Effect of Al-Y gradient coating on hot corrosion resistance of gamma-TiAl alloy at different temperatures
Lin H, Liang WP, Jia YL, Miao Q, Hu RY, Ding Z, Yu LJ
876 - 888 Functionalizing Fe3O4@SiO2 with a novel mercaptobenzothiazole derivative: Application to trace fluorometric and colorimetric detection of Fe3+ in water
Mir N, Karimi P, Castano CE, Norouzi N, Rojas JV, Mohammadi R
889 - 897 Nafion phosphonic acid composite membranes for proton exchange membranes fuel cells
Teixeira FC, de Sa AI, Teixeira APS, Rangel CM
898 - 906 Impurity influence on the oxygen adsorption on Ti3Al(0001) surface
Bakulin AV, Hocker S, Schmauder S, Kulkov SS, Kulkova SE
907 - 917 Adsorption dynamics of Congo red dye removal using ZnO functionalized high silica zeolitic particles
Madan S, Shaw R, Tiwari S, Tiwari SK
918 - 929 XPS and Kelvin probe studies of SnO2/RGO nanohybrids based NO2 sensors
Bhangare B, Ramgir NS, Jagtap S, Debnath AK, Muthe KP, Terashima C, Aswal DK, Gosavi SW, Fujishima A
930 - 937 Adsorption characteristic of Rh-doped MoSe2 monolayer towards H-2 and C2H2 for DGA in transformer oil based on DFT method
Zhang YZ, Sun X, Tan S, Liu T, Cui H
938 - 944 Revealing interfacial charge transfer in TiO2/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite by surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS): Simultaneous a superior SERS-active substrate
Jiang X, Yin D, Yang M, Du J, Wang WE, Zhang L, Yang LB, Han XX, Zhao B
945 - 950 In situ formation of ultrathin C3N4 layers on metallic WO2 nanorods for efficient hydrogen evolution
Lu SS, Zhang LM, Fan K, Xie JY, Shang X, Zhang JQ, Chi JQ, Yang XL, Wang L, Chai YM, Dong B
951 - 961 Recycling of hazardous diesel soot particles into a high performance solar evaporation device
Wilson HM, Rahman ARS, Garg T, Jha N
962 - 971 Effect of cations on stabilizing graphene oxide membranes in aqueous solutions
Zhao HG, Yang J, Li Z, Geng YY, He SH, Chen MM, Li RF, Li QN, Zhang L
972 - 980 Free-standing N-enriched C foam@WS2 nanoflakes for efficient electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Li H, Li A, Peng ZJ, Fu XL
981 - 989 Effect of oxygen incorporation in amorphous molybdenum sulfide on electrochemical hydrogen evolution
Shin S, Jin Z, Ham SY, Lee S, Shin DS, Min YS
990 - 999 The optical analyses of the multilayer transparent electrode and the formation of ITO/Mesh-Ag/ITO multilayers for enhancing an optical transmittance
Lee SY, Cho ES, Kwon SJ
1000 - 1007 Fluoropolymer/SiO2 encapsulated aluminum pigments for enhanced corrosion protection
Liang JH, Azhar U, Men PC, Chen J, Li YN, He JX, Geng B
1008 - 1017 Bimetallic Au/Ag decorated TiO2 nanocomposite membrane for enhanced photocatalytic degradation of tetracycline and bactericidal efficiency
Li WL, Li BR, Meng MJ, Cui YH, Wu YL, Zhang YL, Dong HJ, Feng YH
1018 - 1025 Catalytic activity of non-spherical shaped magnetite nanoparticles in degradation of Sudan I, Rhodamine B and Methylene Blue dyes
Radon A, Lonski S, Warski T, Babilas R, Tanski T, Dudziak M, Lukowiec D
1026 - 1032 Graphene-like carbon-nitrogen materials as anode materials for Li-ion and mg-ion batteries
Zhang JH, Liu G, Hu HC, Wu LY, Wang Q, Xin XJ, Li SJ, Lu PF
1033 - 1042 MnO2 polymorph selection for non-enzymatic glucose detection: An integrated experimental and density functional theory investigation
Ponnusamy R, Venkatesan R, Kandasamy M, Chakraborty B, Rout CS
1043 - 1048 Ultrafast broadband photodetector based on SnS synthesized by hydrothermal method
Tian H, Fan C, Liu GZ, Yuan S, Zhang YH, Wang MJ, Li EP
1049 - 1057 MOFs derived metallic cobalt-zinc oxide@nitrogen-doped carbon/carbon nanotubes as a highly-efficient electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction
Zhao XR, He XB, Chen BH, Yin FX, Li GR
1058 - 1067 Sub-100 nm multi-shell bimetallic gap-enhanced Raman tags
Ye ZX, Lin L, Tan ZY, Zeng YJ, Ruan SC, Ye J
1068 - 1076 Influence of crystal anisotropy on deformation behaviors in nanoscratching of AlN
Li BZ, Li JY, Zhu PZ, Xu JH, Li R, Yu JX
1077 - 1083 Suspended 3D AgNPs/CNT nanohybrids for the SERS application
Liu CD, Wang L, Guo Y, Gao X, Xu YY, Wei Q, Man BY, Yang C
1084 - 1095 CdIn2S4 surface-decorated Ta3N5 core-shell heterostructure for improved spatial charge transfer: In-situ growth, synergistic effect and efficient dual-functional photocatalytic performance
Peng ZY, Jiang YH, Xiao Y, Xu HQ, Zhang WL, Ni L
1096 - 1103 Enhancement in bio-corrosion resistance of metallic glass by severe surface deformation
Perumal G, Grewal HS, Ayyagari A, Mukherjee S, Arora HS
1104 - 1110 Role of surface defects on the adsorption of poly(9-vinylcarbazole) on TiO2 using the monomer as a donor:acceptor model
Mombru D, Romero M, Sandoval MG, Faccio R, Mombru AW
1111 - 1120 Surface modifications by both anodic oxidation and ion beam implantation on electropolished titanium substrates
Acciari HA, Palma DPS, Codaro EN, Zhou QY, Wang JP, Ling YH, Zhang JZ, Zhang ZJ
1121 - 1130 Revealing the failure mechanism and designing protection approach for MoS2 in humid environment by first-principles investigation
Li Q, Zheng SX, Pu JB, Wang WZ, Li L, Wang LP
1131 - 1144 "Click" on SAP: Superabsorbent polymer surface modification via CuAAC reaction toward antibacterial activity and improved swollen gel strength
Moini N, Zohuriaan-Mehr MJ, Kabiri K, Khonakdar HA
1145 - 1151 Mixed valence CoCuMnOx spinel nanoparticles by sacrificial template method with enhanced ORR performance
Huang K, Liu JC, Wang L, Chang G, Wang RY, Lei M, Wang YG, He YB
1152 - 1158 Respective influence of stoichiometry and NiOOH formation in hydrogen and oxygen evolution reactions of nickel selenides
Anantharaj S, Subhashini E, Swaathini KC, Amarnath TS, Chatterjee S, Karthick K, Kundu S
1159 - 1166 Double-carbon coated Na3V2(PO4)(3) as a superior cathode material for Na-ion batteries
Huang HB, Luo SH, Liu CL, Yang Y, Zhai YC, Chang LJ, Li MQ
1167 - 1175 Rapid and high yield synthesis of carbon dots with chelating ability derived from acrylamide/chitosan for selective detection of ferrous ions
Liu GX, Li BQ, Liu Y, Feng YJ, Jia DC, Zhou Y
1176 - 1188 Targeted plasma functionalization of titanium inhibits polymicrobial biofilm recolonization and stimulates cell function
Modic M, Kovac J, Nicholls JR, Kos S, Sersa G, Cvelbar U, Walsh JL
1189 - 1197 Porous polymer/inorganic composite matrices as efficient desiccants for air dehumidification
Maria I, Petrisor S, Corneliu C, Gabriela S, Igor C, Valeria H
1198 - 1208 Controlling the morphology of ZnO NRs grown on GZO seed layer, by use of ethylenediamine and L-cysteine as crystal growth modifiers and complexing agents
Ungula J, Swart HC
1209 - 1221 Fabrication of pH-sensitive thin-film nanocomposite nanofiltration membranes with enhanced performance by incorporating amine-functionalized graphene oxide
Shao WY, Liu CR, Ma HJ, Hong Z, Xie QL, Lu YH
1222 - 1232 Homolytic cleavage of water on magnesia film promoted by interfacial oxide - metal nanocomposite
Song ZJ, Zhao B, Wang Q, Cheng P
1233 - 1244 Utilization of carbon dots from jackfruit for real-time sensing of acetone vapor and understanding the electronic and interfacial interactions using density functional theory
Thongsai N, Jaiyong P, Kladsomboon S, In I, Paoprasert P
1245 - 1252 Facile fabrication of conductive silver films on carbon fiber fabrics via two components spray deposition technique for electromagnetic interference shielding
Liu CY, Kang ZX
1253 - 1261 One-step facile synthesis of Nd2O3/ZnO nanostructures for an efficient selective 2,4-dinitrophenol sensor probe
Wahid A, Asiri AM, Rahman MM
1262 - 1270 Preparation of a novel composite comprising biochar skeleton and "chrysanthemum" g-C3N4 for enhanced visible light photocatalytic degradation of formaldehyde
Li X, Qian XR, An XH, Huang JW
1271 - 1278 Synthesis and characterization of branchlet-like SrCO3 nanorods using triethylamine as a capping agent by wet chemical method
Divya A, Mathavan T, Harish S, Archana J, Benial AMF, Hayakawa Y, Navaneethan M
1279 - 1288 Enhanced photocatalytic activities of ZnO dumbbell/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites for degradation of organic pollutants via efficient charge separation pathway
Prabhu S, Megala S, Harish S, Navaneethan M, Maadeswaran P, Sohila S, Ramesh R
1289 - 1300 Design of a highly efficient ternary AgI/rGO/BiVO4 nanocomposite and its direct solar light induced photocatalytic activity
Lakhera SK, Hafeez HY, Venkataramana R, Veluswamy P, Choi H, Neppolian B
1301 - 1306 Electric Freedericksz transition in nematic liquid crystals with graphene quantum dot mixture
Cirtoaje C, Petrescu E, Stan C, Rogachev A
1307 - 1315 Stabilization of palladium nanoparticles on chitosan derived N-doped carbon for hydrogenation of various functional groups
Advani JH, Khan NU, Bajaj HC, Biradar AV
1316 - 1328 A spectroscopic study of trivalent cation (Cm3+ and Eu3+) sorption on monoclinic zirconia (ZrO2)
Eibl M, Virtanen S, Pischel F, Bok F, Lonnrot S, Shaw S, Huittinen N
1329 - 1340 Electroplating of non-fluorinated superhydrophobic Ni/WC/WS2 composite coatings with high abrasive resistance
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