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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 14 Structure, mechanical and tribological properties of Mo-S-N solid lubricant coatings
Hudec T, Mikula M, Satrapinskyy L, Roch T, Truchly M, Svec P, Huminiuc T, Polcar T
15 - 21 Atomic configurations of basal stacking faults and dislocation loops in GaN irradiated with Xe-20(+) ions at room temperature
Li BS, Liu HP, Lu XR, Kang L, Sheng YB, Xiong AL
22 - 27 Competitive growth of nano-lamellae Nb/Nb3Si eutectics with enhanced hardness and toughness
Guo YL, Liang YJ, Lu WJ, Jia LN, Li ZM, Peng H, Zhang H
28 - 36 Enhanced CdS quantum dots loading density and charge transport by Sn4+ doping improve the photoelectrochemical performance of TiO2 nanosheets with highly exposed {001} facets
Liu XL, Kong WC, Zhao GD, Xuan JY, Zhao YL, Zhou T, Xiu JS, Wang J, Sun ML, Yin GC
37 - 51 Solvent-driven morphology-controlled synthesis of highly efficient long-life ZnO/graphene nanocomposite photocatalysts for the practical degradation of organic wastewater under solar light
Nguyen VQ, Baynosa ML, Nguyen VH, Tuma D, Lee YR, Shim JJ
52 - 57 Blue phosphorene monolayers as potential nano sensors for volatile organic compounds under point defects
Sun SY, Hussain T, Zhang W, Karton A
58 - 64 Prediction of electronic and magnetic properties in 3d-transition-metal X-doped bismuthene (X = V, Cr, Mn and Fe)
Qi MY, Dai SH, Wu P
65 - 71 Controllable electrodeposition and mechanism research of nanostructured Bi2Te3 thin films with high thermoelectric properties
Bo X, Tang AY, Dou ML, Li ZL, Wang F
72 - 79 Influence of combined shot peening and PEO treatment on corrosion fatigue behavior of 7A85 aluminum alloy
Ye ZY, Liu DX, Zhang XH, Wu ZY, Long F
80 - 92 Transport and deposition behaviors of vapor coating materials in plasma spray-physical vapor deposition
Liu MJ, Zhang M, Zhang XF, Li GR, Zhang Q, Li CX, Li CJ, Yang GJ
93 - 101 Insight into efficient photocatalytic elimination of tetracycline over SrTiO3 (La,Cr) under visible-light irradiation: The relationship of doping and performance
Jiang JZ, Jia YS, Wang YB, Chong RF, Xu LP, Liu X
102 - 107 Ultrafine nanocrystalline microstructure in Mg-B alloy for ultrahigh hardness and good ductility
Yang LN, Wang WB, Wen M, Wang J, Dai X, Gu XL, Zhang K
108 - 120 Insights into the size and structural effects of zeolitic supports on gaseous toluene oxidation over MnOx/HZSM-5 catalysts
Zhang CH, Wang C, Huang H, Zeng K, Wang Z, Jia HP, Li XB
121 - 127 Surface roughness control of LY2 aluminum alloy milled surface subjected to laser shock wave planishing processing
Dai FZ, Geng J, Ren XD, Huang S, Zhou JZ, Hua XJ, Chen XZ
128 - 136 Stripping mechanism of PAN-based carbon fiber during anodic oxidation in NaOH electrolyte
Sun Y, Lu YG, Yang CL
137 - 143 Effect of dispersion on the adsorption of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons over the gamma-Al2O3 (110) surface
Dang Y, Liu YB, Feng X, Chen XB, Yang CH
144 - 152 Functionalized carbon nanotube films by thiol-ene click reaction
Duan Q, Wang YM, Chen SF, Miao MH, Chen SH, Zhang DH
153 - 165 Highly corrosion protection properties of plasma electrolytic oxidized titanium using rGO nanosheets
Bordbar-Khiabani A, Ebrahimi S, Yarmand B
166 - 178 Edge chipping minimisation strategy for milling of monocrystalline silicon: A molecular dynamics study
Choong ZJ, Huo DH, Degenaar P, O'Neill A
179 - 186 Effect of pre-existing VC carbides on nitriding and wear behavior of hot-work die steel
Zhao XL, Wang B, Sun DJ, Li CW, Han LZ, Gu JF
187 - 197 Engineering the exposed facets and open-coordinated sites of brookite TiO2 to boost the loaded Ru nanoparticle efficiency in benzene selective hydrogenation
Zhou GB, Jiang L, Dong YL, Li R, He DP
198 - 211 Fabrication of a magnetically separable and dual Z-scheme PANI/Ag3PO4/NiFe2O4 composite with enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activity for organic pollutant elimination
Chen YJ, Zhu PF, Duan M, Li J, Ren ZH, Wang PP
212 - 218 Enhancement mechanism of H-2 sensing in metal-functionalized GaN nanowires
Ming BM, Zheng ZL, Wang CH, Guo GC, Wang BR, Yan H, Wang RZ
219 - 227 Intense-pulsed-light irradiation compared to thermal heating for fabrication of VO2 nanoparticle-based thermochromic films
Kim KS, Son EW, Youn JW, Kim DU
228 - 238 Selective separation behavior and its molecular mechanism of cassiterite from quartz using cupferron as a novel flotation collector with a lower dosage of Pb2+ ions
Tian MJ, Khoso SA, Wang L, Sun W, Zhang CY, Hu YH
239 - 248 Effect of epitaxial graphene morphology on adsorption of ambient species
Yazdi GR, Akhtar F, Ivanov IG, Schmidt S, Shtepliuk I, Zakharov A, Iakimov T, Yakimova R
249 - 256 A highly stretchable, breathable and thermoregulatory electronic skin based on the polyolefin elastomer nanofiber membrane
Li MF, Chang KQ, Zhong WB, Xiang CX, Wang W, Liu QZ, Liu K, Wang YD, Lu ZT, Wang D
257 - 264 Facile formation of Fe3O4-particles decorated carbon paper and its application for all-solid-state rechargeable Fe-air battery
Tan WK, Asami K, Maeda Y, Hayashi K, Kawamura G, Muto H, Matsudab A
265 - 273 Surface molecularly imprinted thermo-sensitive polymers based on light-weight hollow magnetic microspheres for specific recognition of BSA
Zhou JJ, Wang YF, Ma Y, Zhang BL, Zhang QY
274 - 280 The behavior of helium atoms in He+ ion implanted W/Ni bilayer nanocomposite
Chen HC, Zhan XZ, Liu X, Hai Y, Xu JP, Zhu T, Yin W
281 - 286 Boron-phosphide monolayer as a potential anchoring material for lithium-sulfur batteries: A first-principles study
Yu TT, Gao PF, Zhang Y, Zhang SL
287 - 291 On nanoscale structure of planar electrochemical interfaces metal/liquid lithium ion electrolyte by neutron reflectometry
Avdeev MV, Rulev AA, Ushakova EE, Kosiachkin YN, Petrenko VI, Gapon IV, Kataev EY, Matveev VA, Yashina LV, Itkis DM
292 - 302 Enhanced cycling performance and rate capacity of SiO anode material by compositing with monoclinic TiO2 (B)
Zhou N, Wu YF, Zhou Q, Li YR, Liu SH, Zhang HB, Zhou Z, Xia M
303 - 311 Hydrophobic, blocky silica-reduced graphene oxide hybrid sponges as highly efficient and recyclable sorbents
Zhao X, Zhu YL, Wang YZ, Li ZP, Sun YT, Zhao SF, Wu XW, Cao DX
312 - 322 Selective doping of titanium into double layered hematite nanorod arrays for improved photoelectrochemical water splitting
Kong TT, Huang J, Jia XG, Wang WZ, Zhou Y
323 - 336 Interaction forces between scheelite and fluorite in calcium solution measured by atomic force microscopy
Zhang ZG, Cao YJ, Sun LQ, Ma ZL, Liao YF
337 - 343 Effects of a chemically heterogeneous island on the dynamic contact angles of droplets
Zhang KX, Zhao JY, Chen S, Wang YX, Liu Y
344 - 353 Amorphous SnS nanosheets/graphene oxide hybrid with efficient dielectric loss to improve the high-frequency electromagnetic wave absorption properties
Liu Y, Wu YX, Li KX, Wang J, Zhang GL, Ji JL, Wang WJ
354 - 361 Auger electron spectroscopy and UV-Vis spectroscopy in combination with multivariate curve resolution analysis to determine the Cu2O/CuO ratios in oxide layers on technical copper surfaces
Stiedl J, Green S, Chasse T, Rebner K
362 - 370 Surface functionalization of bulk MoS2 sheets for efficient liquid phase exfoliation in polar micromolecular solvents
Yin XL, Li YW, Meng H, Wu W
371 - 375 A ceramic coating on carbon steel and its superhydrophobicity
Luo S, Zheng L, Luo H, Luo CS
376 - 382 In-situ monitoring of the evolution of the optical properties for UV LED irradiated polymer-based photo-induced nanocomposites
Smirnov AA, Kudryashov A, Agareva N, Afanasiev A, Gusev S, Tatarskiy D, Bityurin N
383 - 393 Molecular investigation of adsorption behaviors of hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene (HTPB) binders onto copper surface: The effects of aluminum nanoparticles
Wu CY, Zhu Q, Zheng T, Guo CQ, Wang TZ, Hou B, He XD, Luo G, Li SB, Chen MJ
394 - 404 Construction of superhydrophobic copper film on stainless steel mesh by a simple liquid phase chemical reduction for efficient oil/water separation
Wang JT, Zou ZL, Geng GH
405 - 410 Highly sensitive surface-enhanced Raman scattering detection of organic pesticides based on Ag-nanoplate decorated graphene-sheets
Wang XJ, Zhu CH, Hu XY, Xu QL, Zhao HP, Meng GW, Lei Y
411 - 419 Promotional effect of oxygen storage capacity on oxy-dehydrogenation of ethylbenzene with CO2 over kappa-Ce2Zr2O8(111)
Fan HX, Feng J, Li WY
420 - 430 A highly efficient catalyst of palygorskite-supported manganese oxide for formaldehyde oxidation at ambient and low temperature: Performance, mechanism and reaction kinetics
Wang C, Zou XH, Liu HB, Chen TH, Suib SL, Chen D, Xie JJ, Li MX, Sun FW
431 - 440 Effect of heat input on microstructure and mechanical properties of Al-Mg alloys fabricated by WAAM
Su CC, Chen XZ, Gao C, Wang YF
441 - 451 Osteogenic activity, antibacterial ability, and Ni release of Mg-incorporated Ni-Ti-O nanopore coatings on NiTi alloy
Weng ZM, Bai L, Liu YL, Zhao Y, Sun YH, Zhang XY, Huang XB, Huang D, Yao XH, Hang RQ
452 - 459 Assembly of graphene oxide multilayer film for stable and sustained release of nitric oxide gas
Tanum J, Jeong H, Heo J, Choi M, Park K, Hong J
460 - 465 An efficient atomic layer deposition process of MnOx films using bis(N,N '-di-tert-butylacetamidinato)manganese-(II) and H2O as reactants
Du LY, Yu SS, Liu XF, Ding YQ
466 - 473 Halloysite nanotubes functionalization with phosphonic acids: Role of surface charge on molecule localization and reversibility
Taroni T, Meroni D, Fidecka K, Maggioni D, Longhi M, Ardizzone S
474 - 481 Two fold characteristics of swift heavy ion irradiation on Co3O4/RGO nanocomposites
Mishra A, Mishra A
482 - 489 Effects on structure, surface oxygen defects and humidity performance of Au modified ZnO via hydrothermal method
Zhang HY, Yu SG, Chen C, Zhang J, Liu J, Li P
490 - 498 Hierarchical double-shelled frameworks of polyaniline@N-doped porous carbon for supercapacitors
Chen XY, Gao S, Mi HY, Ji CC, Li ZW, Sun LY, Zhang XG
499 - 507 Surface modification of a polyethersulfone microfiltration membrane with graphene oxide for reactive dyes removal
Homem NC, Beluci NDL, Amorim S, Reis R, Vieira AMS, Vieira MF, Bergamasco R, Amorim MTP
508 - 518 Tailored chitosan/hyaluronan coatings for tumor cell adhesion: Effects of topography, charge density and surface composition
Neto JBMR, Taketa TB, Bataglioli RA, Pimentel SB, Santos DM, Fiamingo A, Costa CAR, Campana SP, Carvalho HF, Beppu MM
519 - 526 Micron-scaled MoS2/N-C particles with embedded nano-MoS2: A high-rate anode material for enhanced lithium storage
Shi YH, Li XY, Zhang WD, Li HH, Wang SG, Wu XL, Su ZM, Zhang JP, Sun HZ
527 - 538 Low cost activated carbon derived from Cucumis melo fruit peel for electrochemical supercapacitor application
Elaiyappillai E, Srinivasan R, Johnbosco Y, Devakumar P, Murugesan K, Kesavan K, Johnson PM
539 - 545 Orientation dependent electronic and optical properties of ZnS nanowires and ZnS-Si core shell nanowires
Rehman SU, Hafeez M, Uddin W, Khan SA, Lu QX, Wei L, Saeed M, Sohail M, Saleemi AS, Kumar S, Zhu L
546 - 554 A two-step carbon fiber surface treatment and its effect on the interfacial properties of CF/EP composites: The electrochemical oxidation followed by grafting of silane coupling agent
Wen ZP, Xu C, Qian X, Zhang YG, Wang XF, Song SL, Dai MZ, Zhang C
555 - 560 Analysis of vertical phase distribution in reactively sputtered zinc oxysulfide thin films
Cho DH, Lee WJ, Shin B, Chung YD
561 - 570 Carbohydrate-functionalized polythiophene biointerface: design, fabrication, characterization and application for protein analysis
Qu K, Kondengaden SM, Li J, Wang XW, Sevilla MD, Li L, Zeng XQ
571 - 577 Assessment of M2O(111) (M = Li and Na) surfaces for CO2 adsorption based on first-principles calculations
Kim YS, Kang SG