Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.485 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Self-assembled three-dimensional Ti3C2Tx nanosheets network on carbon cloth as flexible electrode for supercapacitors
Zhang XF, Liu Y, Dong SL, Yang JQ, Liu XD
8 - 21 Interfacial structure and properties of TiO2 phase junction studied by DFT calculations
Zhou YD, Zhao ZY
22 - 28 High selectivity for room temperature detection of ammonia via in-situ Raman spectroscopy based on Pt quantum dots modified WS2 nanosheets
Ouyang C, Sang YT, Wang H, Wu CY, Qin ZY, Zhou TT, Zeng DW, Xie CS
29 - 34 Modelling of bismuth segregation in InAsBi/InAs superlattices: Determination of the exchange energies
Flores S, Reyes DF, Braza V, Richards RD, Bastiman F, Ben T, Ruiz-Marin N, David JPR, Gonzalez D
35 - 40 Surface modification of Sb2O3 nanoparticles with dioctylphthalate
Xu JL, Xu CC, Niu L, Kang CH
41 - 47 Three-dimensional layered double hydroxides on carbon nanofibers: The engineered mass transfer channels and active sites towards oxygen evolution reaction
Sun W, Du L, Du CY, Gao YZ, Yin GP
48 - 55 Photocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide using graphene oxide wrapped TiO2 nanotubes
Rambabu Y, Kumar U, Singhal N, Kaushal M, Jaiswal M, Jain SL, Roy SC
56 - 63 Adsorption of volatile organic and iodine compounds over silver-exchanged mordenites: A comparative periodic DFT study for several silver loadings
Jabraoui H, Hessou EP, Chibani S, Cantrel L, Lebegue S, Badawi M
64 - 69 Confined interlayer water enhances solid lubrication performances of graphene oxide films with optimized oxygen functional groups
Liang HY, Xu MJ, Bu YF, Chen BB, Zhang YH, Fu YH, Xu XJ, Zhang JY
70 - 80 Construction of Schottky-type Ag-loaded fiber-like carbon nitride photocatalysts for tetracycline elimination and hydrogen evolution
He FT, Wang SJ, Zhao HF, Wang YX, Zhang JQ, Yan QY, Dong P, Tai ZX, Chen L, Wang YQ, Zhao CC
81 - 91 Structural tuning and NH3-SCO performance optimization of CuO-Fe2O3 catalysts by impact of thermal treatment
Wang HM, Zhang QL, Zhang TX, Wang JF, Wei GC, Liu M, Ning P
92 - 100 Effective strategy for improving infrared emissivity of Zn-Ni porous coating
Guo JC, Guo XW, Zeng JY, Nie LW, Dong J, Peng LM, Ding WJ
101 - 107 Scalable synthesis and defect modulation of large monolayer WS2 via annealing in H2S atmosphere/thiol treatment to enhance photoluminescence
Zhu Y, Yi H, Hao QY, Liu JD, Ke YX, Wang Z, Fan DY, Zhang WJ
108 - 118 Interface stability, mechanical and corrosion properties of AlCrMoNbZr/ (AlCrMoNbZr)N high-entropy alloy multilayer coatings under helium ion irradiation
Zhang W, Wang M, Wang L, Liu CH, Chang H, Yang JJ, Liao JL, Yang YY, Liu N
119 - 127 Silica-based ionogel electrolyte with porous flower-like structure enables safer lithium ion battery
Cheng Y, Lu S, Zheng R, Zhang D, Zhang HP
128 - 132 Laser-fluence dependence of microstructure formed on nickel by backward pulse laser deposition
Koda K, Takenaka K, Tsukamoto M
133 - 140 The promotion effect of Cr additive on CeZr2Ox catalyst for the low-temperature selective catalytic reduction of NOx with NH3
Wang ZY, Guo RT, Guan ZZ, Shi X, Pan WG, Fu ZG, Qin H, Liu XY
141 - 146 Micropatterning of fluorescent silver nanoclusters in polymer films by Laser Interference
Mulko LE, Rossa M, Aranguren-Abrate JP, Pino GA
147 - 157 Carbon decorated octahedral shaped Fe3O4 and alpha-Fe2O3 magnetic hybrid nanomaterials for next generation supercapacitor applications
Arun T, Prabakaran K, Udayabhaskar R, Mangalaraja RV, Akbari-Fakhrabadi A
158 - 169 Formation mechanisms of surfaces for osseointegration on titanium using pulsed laser spattering
Frostevarg J, Olsson R, Powell J, Palmquist A, Branemark R
170 - 178 Metal barrier induced damage in self-assembly based organosilica low-k dielectrics and its reduction by organic template residues
Krishtab M, De Marneffe JF, Armini S, Meersschaut J, Benders H, Wilson C, De Gendt S
179 - 187 Superhydrophilic and mechanical robust PVDF nanofibrous membrane through facile interfacial Span 80 welding for excellent oil/water separation
Ding YJ, Wu JD, Wang JQ, Lin HB, Wang JP, Liu G, Pei XQ, Liu F, Tang CYY
188 - 193 Polarization-insensitive space-selective etching in fused silica induced by picosecond laser irradiation
Li XL, Xu J, Lin ZJ, Qi J, Wang P, Chu W, Fang ZW, Wang ZH, Chai ZF, Cheng Y
194 - 203 Immobilization of N-doped carbon porous networks containing copper nanoparticles on carbon felt fibers for catalytic applications
Shahzeydi A, Ghiaci M, Jameie L, Panjepour M
204 - 221 Synergetic effect of electrospun PCL fiber size, orientation and plasma-modified surface chemistry on stem cell behavior
Ghobeira R, Philips C, Liefooghe L, Verdonck M, Asadian M, Cools P, Declercq H, De Vos WH, De Geyter N, Morent R
222 - 229 Resistive switching behavior in memristors with TiO2 nanorod arrays of different dimensions
Yu YT, Wang CQ, Jiang C, Abrahams I, Du ZJ, Zhang QC, Sun J, Huang XZ
230 - 237 Palladium nanoparticles hosted in graphene-based 2-dimension polyelectrolyte brushes for enhanced hydrogenation selectivity of o-chloronitrobenzene
Zhang X, Qu N, Fan QY, Yang H, Liu AM
238 - 246 Textile-based RGO-muffled cobalt (II, III) oxide hybrid nano-architectures for flexible energy storage device
Howli P, Panigrahi K, Mitra A, Das NS, Chattopadhyay KK
247 - 254 Heterostructural modulation of in situ growth of iron oxide/holey graphene framework nanocomposites as excellent electrodes for advanced lithium-ion batteries
Chen C, Chen HW, Wu CY, Huang JC, Duh JG
255 - 265 Polarity on adsorption and photocatalytic performances of N-GR/TiO2 towards gaseous acetaldehyde and ethylene
Dai XP, Wang Y, Wang X, Tong SR, Xie XF
266 - 273 Highly selective detection of saturated vapors of abused drugs by ZnO nanorod bundles gas sensor
Gao R, Cheng XL, Gao S, Zhang XF, Xu YM, Zhao H, Huo LH
274 - 282 Synthesis and electrochemical properties of Co3O4-rGO/CNTs composites towards highly sensitive nitrite detection
Zhao ZT, Zhang J, Wang WD, Sun YJ, Li PW, Hu J, Chen L, Gong WP
283 - 292 Advances in carboxylate collectors adsorption on monazite surface: Part 1-Assessment of the hydroxylation and carbonation of surface lanthanide ions
Geneyton A, Filippov LO, Renard A, Mallet M, Menad NE
293 - 303 Oxygen mobility and its relationship with the oxidative steam reforming of ethanol (OSRE)
Rodriguez C, Moreno S, Molina R
304 - 313 Fe3O4/graphene modified waterborne polyimide sizing agent for high modulus carbon fiber
Hao RT, Jiao XW, Zhang XJ, Tian YH
314 - 322 Synthesis of SnO2/graphene composite anode materials for lithium-ion batteries
Tan QK, Kong Z, Chen XJ, Zhang L, Hu XQ, Mu MX, Sun HC, Shao XC, Guan XG, Gao M, Xu BH
323 - 331 Optically active phenolphthalein encapsulated gold nanodendrites for fiber optic pH sensing
Islam S, Bakhtiara H, Aziz M, Riaz S, Abd Aziz MS, Naseem S, Elshikeri N
332 - 341 Highly bright Li(Gd,Y)F-4:Yb,Er upconverting nanocrystals incorporated hole transport layer for efficient perovskite solar cells
Deng XS, Zhang CX, Zheng JF, Zhou X, Yu MD, Chen XH, Huang SM
342 - 352 Computational characterization of nitrogen-doped carbon nanotube functionalized by Fe adatom and Fe substituent for oxygen reduction reaction
Yoon SH, Yu C, Han A, Park H, Elbashir N, Han DS
353 - 360 Photocatalytic enhancement mechanism of direct Z-scheme heterojunction O-g-C3N4@Fe-TiO2 under visible-light irradiation
Wang XY, Liu MY
361 - 367 Fast photogenerated electron transfer in N-GQDs/PTI/ZnO-QDs ternary heterostructured nanosheets for photocatalytic H-2 evolution under visible light
Zhang H, Cao YQ, Zhong L, Cao X, He JH, Sun JH, Lei WW
368 - 374 Corrosion resistance of weight reduced AlxCrFeMoV high entropy alloys
Raza A, Abdulahad S, Kang B, Ryu HJ, Hong SH
375 - 380 Two dimensional InSe/C2N van der Waals heterojunction as enhanced visible-light-responsible photocatalyst for water splitting
Wang B, Yuan HK, Chang JL, Chen XR, Chen H
381 - 390 Low-temperature, high-growth-rate ALD of SiO2 using aminodisilane precursor
Nam T, Lee H, Choi T, Seo S, Yoon CM, Choi Y, Jeong H, Lingam HK, Chitturi VR, Korolev A, Ahn JH, Kim H
391 - 401 Secondary particle properties for the ion beam sputtering of TiO2 in a reactive oxygen atmosphere
Bundesmann C, Amelal T
402 - 412 Effects of surface functionalization on thermal and mechanical properties of graphene/polyethylene glycol composite phase change materials
Yuan P, Zhang P, Liang T, Zhai SP
413 - 422 Bimetal phosphide Ni1.4Co0.6P nanoparticle/carbon@ nitrogen-doped graphene network as high-performance anode materials for lithium-ion batteries
Wang J, Zhu YH, Zhang C, Kong FJ, Tao S, Qian B, Jiang XF
423 - 431 Efficient visible-light photocatalytic degradation of imidacloprid and acetamiprid using a modified carbon nitride/tungstophosphoric acid composite induced by a nucleophilic addition reaction
Sun YH, Liu X
432 - 440 Efficiency of manganese modified CTAB-templated ceria-zirconia catalysts in total CO oxidation
Kaplin IY, Lokteva ES, Golubina EV, Shishova VV, Maslakov KI, Fionov AV, Isaikina OY, Lunin VV
441 - 449 Optimizing CO2 hydrogenation to methane over CoFe bimetallic catalyst: Experimental and density functional theory studies
Sandupatla AS, Banerjee A, Deo G
450 - 461 Cu-NPs embedded 1D/2D CNTs/pCN heterojunction composite towards enhanced and continuous photocatalytic CO2 reduction to fuels
Tahir M, Tahir B, Nawawi MGM, Hussain M, Muhammad A
462 - 467 In-situ synthesized Ni2P nanosheet arrays as the cathode for novel alkaline Ni/ /Zn rechargeable battery
Wen J, Feng Z, Liu HR, Chen T, Yang YQ, Li SZ, Sheng S, Fang GJ
468 - 475 Enhancement of bonding strength in Ag sinter joining on Au surface finished substrate by increasing Au grain-size
Zhang Z, Chen CT, Liu GM, Li CF, Kurosaka S, Nagao S, Suganuma K
476 - 483 Pt-modified dendritic gold as a highly efficient photoelectrocatalyst for the formic acid oxidation reaction
Cho FH, Huang MH, Chen YM, Huang YB, Su CJ, Jeng US, Lai YH
484 - 489 Enhancing adhesion properties between binder-free copper nanoink and flexible substrate using chemically generated interlocking structure
Cho CH, Shin IK, Kim KY, Choi YJ
490 - 495 Structure and high temperature oxidation of Zr(1-x)Mo(x) N thin films deposited by reactive magnetron sputtering
Soares VFD, Fernandez DAR, Fontes AS, Carvalho RG, Machado R, Mendes FMT, Tentardini EK
496 - 505 Ultraviolet light assisted heterogeneous Fenton degradation of tetracycline based on polyhedral Fe3O4 nanoparticles with exposed high-energy {110} facets
Zhu GP, Yu XD, Xie F, Feng W
506 - 512 Ru doping in Ni(OH)(2) to accelerate water reduction kinetics for efficient hydrogen evolution reaction
Wang YJ, Wang JK, Xie TP, Zhu QY, Zeng D, Li R, Zhang XD, Liu SL
513 - 519 Microstructure and wear behaviors of WC-Ni coatings fabricated by laser cladding under high frequency micro-vibration
Li CG, Zhang QS, Wang FF, Deng PR, Lu QH, Zhang YF, Li S, Ma P, Li WG, Wang Y
520 - 528 Alginate derived Co/N doped hierarchical porous carbon microspheres for efficient oxygen reduction reaction
Shu JH, Niu QJ, Wang NN, Nie J, Ma GP
529 - 535 Novel sponge-like N-doped graphene film as high-efficiency electrode for Li-ion battery
Liu SL, Wei W, Wang YY, Ren J
536 - 546 Influence of surface morphology and nano-structure on hydrophobicity: A molecular dynamics approach
Hosseini S, Savaloni H, Shahraki MG
547 - 553 Preparation and properties of visible light responsive RGO/In2TiO5 nanobelts for photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants
Zhang QK, Han FX, Yan YH, Dai QL, Proctor G, Cheah P, Avijit P, Chandra RP, Kang N, Hu MG, Yao BH
554 - 563 Efficiently improving oxygen evolution activity using hierarchical alpha-Co (OH)(2)/polypyrrole/graphene oxide nanosheets
Mao H, Guo X, Fu YL, Cao ZQ, Sun DY, Wang BX, Zhang Y, Fan QZ, Song XM
564 - 565 Improving the intrinsic properties of rGO sheets by S-doping and the effects of rGO improvements on the photocatalytic performance of Cu3Se2/rGO nanocomposites (vol 466, pg 401, 2019)
Baghchesara MA, Azimi HR, Shiravizadeh AG, Teridi MAM, Yousefi R