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Applied Surface Science, Vol.484 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Janus applications: A mutifunctional nano-platform with integrated visual detection and photodegradation of tetracyclines
Xu J, Chen RJ, Jia L, Shen XK, Zhao TQ, Su L, Guo SL, Ma TL, Zhang BB, Guo Q, Ge ZJ, Zhu TF
11 - 20 Graphene caging silicon nanoparticles anchored on graphene sheets for high performance Li-ion batteries
Han XY, Zhao DL, Meng WJ, Yang HX, Zhao M, Duan YJ, Tian XM
21 - 32 Studies on electrochemical reversibility of lithium tungstate coated Ni-rich LiNi0.8Co0.1Mn0.1O2 cathode material under high cut-off voltage cycling
Wu LP, Tang XC, Rong ZH, Chen X, Huang J, Chen T, Fang X, Wang Y, Dang W
33 - 38 SnSe monolayer: A promising candidate of SO2 sensor with high adsorption quantity
Ye HY, Liu L, Xu YX, Wang LY, Chen XP, Zhang K, Liu YF, Koh SW, Zhang GQ
39 - 44 Annealing effects on the electrical and photoelectric performance of SnS2 field-effect transistor
Xu H, Xing J, Lu JH, Han X, Li DY, Zhou Z, Bao LH, Gao HJ, Huang Y
45 - 53 Vanadium-doped MnO2 for efficient room-temperature catalytic decomposition of ozone in air
Yang YJ, Zhang PY, Jia JB
54 - 61 Self-reconstruction in 2D nickel thiophosphate nanosheets to boost oxygen evolution reaction
Liu P, Ali RN, Li J, Hu GJ, Zhu XQ, Lu YL, Xiang B
62 - 71 Electrospun poly(styrene-co-maleic anhydride) nanofibrous membrane: A versatile platform for mixed mode membrane adsorbers
Ye JL, Wang XS, Chu JC, Yao DX, Zhang YF, Meng JQ
72 - 82 Molecular dynamics exploration of the amorphous surface structures and properties of the biomimetic beta-tricalcium phosphate
Hu CF, Xue ZY, Wang X, Xu DG
83 - 96 Electrosorption of uranium(VI) by highly porous phosphate-functionalized graphene hydrogel
Liao Y, Wang M, Chen DJ
97 - 104 An intelligent dual mode filtration device for separation of immiscible oil/water mixtures and emulsions
Raturi P, Singh JP
105 - 111 Cathodoluminescence degradation study of the green luminescence of ZnO nanorods
Hasabeldaim EHH, Ntwaeaborwa OM, Kroon RE, Coetsee E, Swart HC
112 - 123 Enhanced visible-light-driven photocatalytic properties of acceptor dopant Nb5+ modified Bi2WO6 by tailoring the morphology from 3D hierarchical microspheres to 2D nanosheets
Wu C, Zhong JQ, Xie J, Wang D, Shi YL, Chen Q, Yan HJ, Zhu JG
124 - 134 Adsorption behavior and mechanism of Pb(II) on a novel and effective porphyrin-based magnetic nanocomposite
Yu J, Zhu SK, Chen P, Zhu GT, Jiang XT, Di SY
135 - 143 N-doped graphene framework supported nickel cobalt oxide as supercapacitor electrode with enhanced performance
Chen YY, Liu T, Zhang LY, Yu JG
144 - 151 DMF-treated strategy of carbon nanospheres for high-efficient and selective removal of organic dyes
Li Y, Liu FT, Zhang HX, Li X, Dong XF, Wang CW
152 - 168 Nanocomposite thin films based on Au-Ag nanoparticles embedded in a CuO matrix for localized surface plasmon resonance sensing
Proenca M, Borges J, Rodrigues MS, Meira DI, Sampaio P, Dias JP, Pedrosa P, Martin N, Bundaleski N, Teodoro OMND, Vaz F
169 - 174 Effect of substrate defects on LIDT of (BiTm)(3)(GaFe)(5)O-12 films grown by LPE
Zhang D, Yang QH, Wang M, Du SS, Jiang Y, Syvorotka II, Zhang HW
175 - 183 Designed and controlled synthesis of visible light active copper(I) oxide photocatalyst: From cubes towards the polyhedrons - with Cu nanoparticles
Fodor S, Baia L, Focsan M, Hernadi K, Pap Z
184 - 188 Calculation of surface energy density of rough surface by atomic simulations
Wang J, Bian JJ, Wang GF
189 - 196 Surface modified leaves with high efficiency for the removal of aqueous Cr (VI)
Zhang Y, Li M, Li JC, Yang YY, Liu X
197 - 208 Construction of substrate-dependent 3D structured MnO2 catalysts for diesel soot elimination
Liu G, Wang H, Feng NJ, Chen L, Yu JH, Meng J, Fang F, Wang L, Wan H, Guan GF
209 - 218 Oxidation behavior of a single-crystal Ni-based superalloy over the temperature range of 850 degrees C-950 degrees C in air
Hu YB, Cao TS, Cheng CQ, Zhang L, Zhao J
219 - 227 Novel SPR based fiber optic sensor for vitamin A using Au@Ag core-shell nanoparticles doped SiO2-TiO2-ZrO2 ternary matrix
Prakashan VP, Gejo G, Sanu MS, Sajna MS, Subin T, Cyriac J, Unnikrishnan NV
228 - 236 Mechanism and kinetics of decomposition of N-containing functional groups in few-layer graphene nanoflakes
Chernyak SA, Ivanov AS, Arkhipova EA, Shumyantsev AV, Strokova NE, Maslakov KI, Savilov SV, Lunin VV
237 - 244 Polymer-assisted surface decoration for critical current enhancement in YBa2Cu3O7-x films
Piperno L, Armenio AA, Vannozzi A, Mancini A, Rizzo F, Augieri A, Pinto V, Rufoloni A, Mos RB, Ciontea L, Jr TP, Petrisor T, Sotgiu G, Celentano G
245 - 256 Fabrication of graphene-based electrochemical capacitors through reactive inverse matrix assisted pulsed laser evaporation
del Pino AP, Ramadan MA, Lebiere PG, Ivan R, Logofatu C, Yousef I, Gyorgy E
257 - 264 Optimization of low temperature RF-magnetron sputtering of indium tin oxide films for solar cell applications
Sousa MG, da Cunha AF
265 - 275 Enhanced electrocatalytic and photocatalytic activity of ball milled copper tin sulphide by incorporating GO and rGO
Maheskumar V, Sheebha I, Vidhya B, Deebasre JP, Selvaraju T, Akash S
276 - 284 Hierarchically porous PDAA@rGO/HrGO composite films for high-performance symmetric solid-state supercapacitors
Li JL, Wang Q, Du PC, Ni JY, Liu P
285 - 292 Green synthesis and luminescence properties of lanthanide ions doped yttrium oxyfluoride microdiscs
Zhao X, Shao BQ, Tang J, Li X, Zhang FB, Zhang CM, You HP, Jia G
293 - 299 In-situ growth of 0D/2D Ni2P quantum dots/red phosphorus nanosheets with p-n heterojunction for efficient photocatalytic H-2 evolution under visible light
Liang ZB, Dong XF, Han YL, Geng JM
300 - 306 CaIn2S4 decorated WS2 hybrid for efficient Cr(VI) reduction
Liu BB, Liu XJ, Li L, Zhuge ZH, Li YQ, Li C, Gong YY, Niu LY, Xu SQ, Sun C
307 - 316 Environmentally-friendly superhydrophobic surface based on Al2O3@KH560@SiO2 electrokinetic nanoparticle for long-term anti-corrosion in sea water
Zhao WY, Zhu RJ, Jiang J, Wang ZM
317 - 325 Facile and precise fabrication of 10-nm nanostructures on soft and hard substrates
Woo JY, Jo S, Oh JH, Kim JT, Han CS
326 - 334 Photo-induced disinfection property and photocatalytic activity based on the synergistic catalytic technique of Ag doped TiO2 nanofibers
Wu MC, Lin TH, Hsu KH, Hsu JF
335 - 340 Degradation mechanism of protected ultrathin silver films and the effect of the seed layer
Hafezian S, Beaini R, Martinu L, Kena-Cohen S
341 - 353 Fabrication of flower-shaped hierarchical rGO QDs-Bi-Bi2WO6/EP floating photocatalyst: Eminent degradation kinetic under sun-like irradiation
Khan UA, Liu JJ, Pan JB, Ma HC, Zuo SL, Yu YC, Ahmad A, Ullah S, Iqbal M, Li BS
354 - 364 Au/CeO2 nanorods modified by TiO2 through a combining dealloying and calcining method for low-temperature CO oxidation
Duan D, Hao CX, Shi WY, Wang HY, Ma C, Song XP, Sun ZB
365 - 373 Bioactive apatite formation on PEO-treated Ti-6Al-4V alloy after 3rd anodic titanium oxidation
Lim SG, Choe HC
374 - 382 Effect of substitution of cobalt with iron on electrochemical behavior and solid electrolyte interface of LiNi0.8Co0.15Al0.05O2
Du FH, Chen RF, Zhuang Y, Zhu LL, Cao HS, Dai H, Adkins J, Zhou Q, Zheng JW
383 - 391 Novel solvothermal preparation and enhanced microwave absorption properties of Ti3C2Tx MXene modified by in situ coated Fe3O4 nanoparticles
Zhang X, Wang HH, Hu R, Huang CY, Zhong WJ, Pan LM, Feng YB, Qiu T, Zhang CF, Yang J
392 - 402 Three-dimensional porous carbon nanofiber loading MoS2 nanoflake-flowerballs as a high-performance anode material for Li-ion capacitor
Ju JG, Zhang LT, Shi HS, Li ZJ, Kang WM, Cheng BW
403 - 408 Enhanced corrosion resistance of 5083 aluminum alloy by refining with nano-CeB6/Al inoculant
Liu SQ, Wang X, Tao YR, Han X, Cui CX
409 - 413 Photocatalytic activities of ZnWO4 and Bi@ZnWO4 nanorods
Wu YQ, Zhou SS, He T, Jin XY, Lun LY
414 - 423 Defects in graphene nanoplatelets and their interface behavior to reinforce magnesium alloys
Du X, Du WB, Wang ZH, Liu K, Li SB
424 - 432 Preparation of a shell nanostructure for highly selective photocatalytic oxidation of organic compounds by wrapping on NiO nanorods exposed {110} facets with ultrathin g-C3N4 nanosheets
Liang ZY, Huang RK, Liang RW, Chen F, Yu Y, Yan GY
433 - 440 Orientation control for a-axis or c-axis oriented crystal films of hydroxyapatite, and a possible growth mechanism derived from X-ray diffraction
Kusunoki M, Sakoishi Y, Makino T, Tsunemine T, Fujita N, Okada Y, Okai D, Togo H, Hayami T
441 - 445 Facial fabrication of yolk-shell Pd-Ni-P alloy with mesoporous structure as an advanced catalyst for methanol electro-oxidation
Kang ZN, Zhao M, Wu YF, Xia T, Cao JP, Cai WW, Chen LY
446 - 452 Sepiolite-based separator for advanced Li-ion batteries
Deng CH, Jiang YH, Fan ZY, Zhao SJ, Ouyang DH, Tan JJ, Zhang P, Ding YH
453 - 460 Surface microstructures and high-temperature high-pressure corrosion behavior of N18 zirconium alloy induced by high current pulsed electron beam irradiation
Yang S, Guo ZX, Zhao L, Zhao L, Guan QF, Liu YH
461 - 469 Effect of surface morphologies and chemistry of paper on deposited collagen
Chang BS, Boddupalli A, Boyer AF, Orondo M, Bloch JF, Bratlie KM, Thuo MM
470 - 478 Formaldehyde trapping by radical initiated reaction on hydrogenated boron nitride
Cuba-Supanta G, Guerrero-Sanchez J, Rojas-Tapia J, Landauro CV, Takeuchi N
479 - 488 Photothermocatalytic performance of ACo(2)O(4) type spinel with light-enhanced mobilizable active oxygen species for toluene oxidation
Chen X, Cai SC, Yu EQ, Li JJ, Chen J, Jia HP
489 - 500 A high-performance photocatalyst of ZnTCPP sensitized porous graphitic carbon nitride for antibiotic degradation under visible light irradiation
Ma ZY, Zeng C, Hu LL, Zhao Q, Yang Q, Niu JF, Yao BH, He YQ
501 - 510 Flexible and ultrathin polyelectrolyte conductive coatings formed with reduced graphene oxide as a base for advanced new materials2
Kruk T, Socha RP, Szyk-Warszynska L, Warszynski P
511 - 523 The effects of a phytic acid/calcium ion conversion coating on the corrosion behavior and osteoinductivity of a magnesium-strontium alloy
Liu L, Yang QY, Huang L, Liu XM, Liang YQ, Cui ZD, Yang XJ, Zhu SL, Li ZY, Zheng YF, Yeung KWW, Wu SL
524 - 533 DFT simulations of dissociative chemisorption of sulfur-, nitrogen- and oxygen-containing molecules on mixed oxides with Mg, Al and Zn
Fonseca CG, Silva BNN, Haddad JFS, Lima LL, Moraes PIR, Vaiss VS, Antunes FPN, Souza WF, Chiaro SSX, Leitao AA
534 - 541 Novel polystyrene/CeO2-TiO2 multicomponent core/shell abrasives for high-efficiency and high-quality photocatalytic-assisted chemical mechanical polishing of reaction-bonded silicon carbide
Gao B, Zhai WJ, Zhai Q, Zhang MZ
542 - 550 Ultrasensitive flexible near-infrared photodetectors based on Van der Waals Bi2Te3 nanoplates
Liu JL, Wang H, Li X, Chen H, Zhang ZK, Pan WW, Luo GQ, Yuan CL, Ren YL, Lei W
551 - 559 Ruddlesden-Popper type La2NiO4+delta oxide coated by Ag nanoparticles as an outstanding anion intercalation cathode for hybrid supercapacitors
Wei MR, Che W, Li HZ, Wang ZH, Yan FW, Liu YH, Liu JP
560 - 567 Preparation and photoelectrochemical properties of SnS/SnSe and SnSe/SnS bilayer structures fabricated via electrodeposition
Lu CL, Zhang YW, Zhang L, Yin Q
568 - 577 Evaluation of hydroxyapatite nanoparticles - induced in vivo toxicity in Drosophila melanogaster
Dan P, Sundararajan V, Ganeshkumar H, Gnanabarathi B, Subramanian AK, Venkatasubu GD, Ichihara S, Ichihara G, Mohideen SS
578 - 586 Nitrogen-induced reconstructions on the Cr(001) surface
Ventura-Macias E, Guerrero-Sanchez J, Corbett JP, Smith AR, Takeuchi N
587 - 599 Antimicrobial applications of MAPLE processed coatings based on PLGA and lincomycin functionalized magnetite nanoparticles
Grumezescu V, Negut I, Gherasim O, Birca AC, Grumezescu AM, Hudita A, Galateanu B, Costache M, Andronescu E, Holban AM
600 - 609 Growth of ultrathin SnO2 on carbon nanotubes by atomic layer deposition and their application in lithium ion battery anodes
Zhu SY, Liu JQ, Sun JM
610 - 615 The enhancement effect of salt bath preoxidation on salt bath nitriding for AISI 1045 steel
Peng TT, Dai MY, Cai W, Wei W, Wei KX, Hu J
616 - 627 Construction of sacrificial bonds and hybrid networks in EPDM rubber towards mechanical performance enhancement
Li CJ, Wang YJ, Yuan Z, Ye L
628 - 636 Preparation, characterization and antibacterial activity of silver nanoparticle/graphene oxide/diatomite composite
Gao L, Wang LB, Yang L, Zhao YH, Shi N, An CW, Sun YY, Xie J, Wang HB, Song YL, Ren YL
637 - 645 4-Tert butylpyridine induced MAPbI(3) film quality enhancement for improving the photovoltaic performance of perovskite solar cells with two-step deposition route
Dong GH, Ha J, Yang YL, Qiu LL, Fan RQ, Zhang WZ, Bai LM, Gao WS, Fu ML
646 - 654 Ultrathin SnO2 nanosheets anchored on graphene with improved electrochemical kinetics for reversible lithium and sodium storage
Chang LM, Yi Z, Wang ZM, Wang LM, Cheng Y
655 - 662 Quantitative assessment of structural and compositional colors induced by femtosecond laser: A case study on 301LN stainless steel surface
Shi XY, Huang ZJ, Laakso MJ, Niklaus F, Sliz R, Fabritius T, Somani M, Nyo T, Wang X, Zhang M, Wang G, Komi J, Huttula M, Cao W
663 - 675 Engineering sulfonated polyaniline molecules on reduced graphene oxide nanosheets for high-performance corrosion protective coatings
Zhou C, Hong M, Yang Y, Hu NT, Zhou ZH, Zhang LY, Zhang YF
676 - 687 Antibacterial screening studies of electrospun Polycaprolactone nano fibrous mat containing Clerodendrum phlomidis leaves extract
Ravichandran S, Radhakrishnan J, Jayabal P, Venkatasubbu GD
688 - 691 Synthesis temperature dependence on magnetic properties of cobalt doped TiO2 thin films for spintronic applications
Quiroz HP, Dussan A
692 - 700 Boosting charge transfer and hydrogen evolution performance of CdS nanocrystals hybridized with MoS2 nanosheets under visible light irradiation
Liu YY, Zeng CM, Ai LH, Jiang J
701 - 709 Ultrathin ZrO2 on LiNi0.5Mn0.3Co0.2O2 electrode surface via atomic layer deposition for high-voltage operation in lithium-ion batteries
Ahn J, Jan EK, Yoon S, Lee SJ, Sun SJ, Kim DH, Cho KY
710 - 715 Atomistic diffusion mechanism of rare earth carburizing/nitriding on iron-based alloy
You Y, Yan JH, Yan MF
716 - 725 Deflated balloon-like nitrogen-rich sulfur-containing hierarchical porous carbons for high-rate supercapacitors
Ke CC, Zhang N, Liu F, Yu Q, Wang FY, Liu L, Zhang RL, Liu X, Zeng RC
726 - 731 Surface modification of graphite by ion implantation for promoting the electrochemical property in Li-ion batteries
Hai Y, Cui W, Lin YM, Han P, Chen HC, Zhu ZY, Li CH, Yang B, Zhu CZ, Xu J
732 - 739 Analysis of solar cells interconnected by electrically conductive adhesives for high-density photovoltaic modules
Park J, Oh W, Park H, Jeong C, Choi B, Lee J
740 - 750 Synthesis of Titania nanotubes/polyaniline via rotating bed-plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition for enhanced visible light photodegradation
Subramaniam MN, Goh PS, Lau WJ, Ismail AF, Gursoy M, Karaman M
751 - 758 Ar+ ions irradiation induced memristive behavior and neuromorphic computing in monolithic LiNbO3 thin films
Pan XQ, Shuai Y, Wu CG, Zhang L, Guo HL, Cheng H, Peng Y, Qiao SJ, Luo WB, Wang T, Sun XY, Zeng HZ, Zhang JW, Zhang WL, Ou X, Du N, Schmidt H
759 - 770 Green synthesis of graphene with the assistance of modified lignin and its application in anticorrosive waterborne epoxy coatings
Wang S, Hu ZR, Shi J, Chen GK, Zhang Q, Weng ZS, Wu K, Lu MG
771 - 780 Unusual step meandering due to Ehrlich-Schwoebel barrier in GaN epitaxy on the N-polar surface
Turski H, Krzyzewski F, Feduniewicz-Zmuda A, Wolny P, Siekacz M, Muziol G, Cheze C, Nowakowski-Szukudlarek K, Xing H, Jena D, Zaluska-Kotur M, Skierbiszewski C
781 - 796 Fabrication and surface characterisation of c-ZnO loaded TTDMM dendrimer nanocomposites for biological applications
Gupta R, Das N, Singh M
797 - 807 Reconstruction of undersampled atomic force microscope images using block-based compressive sensing
Han GQ, Niu YX, Zou Y, Lin B
808 - 813 Electronic structure and Fermi-level pinning of indigo for application in environment-friendly devices
Lee H, Jeong J, Yi Y, Lee H
814 - 824 Corrosion resistance of organic coating based on polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane-functionalized graphene oxide
Zhang XR, Ma RN, Du A, Liu Q, Fan YZ, Zhao X, Wu JJ, Cao XM
825 - 834 Pyridine-based additive optimized P3HT:PC61BM nanomorphology for improved performance and stability in polymer solar cells
Xu BR, Sai-Anand G, Unni GE, Jeong HM, Kim JS, Kim SW, Kwon JB, Bae JH, Kang SW
835 - 844 Microstructure evolution and corrosion resistance of Ni-Cu-P amorphous coating during crystallization process
Chen J, Zhao GL, Matsuda K, Zou Y
845 - 852 Effect of irradiation dose rates on ethylene-propylene rubber for nuclear cables
Gong Y, Tang J, Yang XL, Yang ZG, Shi XQ, Xi YC, Guo AH, Xu JF
853 - 863 Engineering the surface structure of porous indium oxide hexagonal nanotubes with antimony trioxide for highly-efficient nitrogen dioxide detection at low temperature
Du WJ, Wu LL, Zhao JB, Si WX, Wang FL, Liu JR, Liu W
864 - 875 Investigation on the selectivity of thioamide surfactants and adsorption mechanism of thio-p-toluamide for chalcopyrite
Jia Y, Huang XP, Cao ZF, Wang S, Zhong H
876 - 883 ToF-SIMS analysis of abiotic and biotic iron sulfide layers formed in aqueous conditions on iron surfaces
El Menjra AI, Seyeux A, Mercier D, Beech I, Makama Z, Marcus P
884 - 891 Enhanced charge transfer and separation of hierarchical CuO/ZnO composites: The synergistic effect of photocatalysis for the mineralization of organic pollutant in water
Bharathi P, Harish S, Archana J, Navaneethan M, Ponnusamy S, Muthamizhchelvan C, Shimomura M, Hayakawa Y
892 - 898 Multifractal analysis of sputtered indium tin oxide thin film surfaces
Talu S, Morozov IA, Yadav RP
899 - 905 Controllable synthesis of 3D nitrogen-doped carbon networks supported SnxPy nanoparticles as high performance anode for lithium ion batteries
Zhang M, Wang HJ, Feng J, Chai YQ, Luo XL, Yuan R, Yang X
906 - 916 Controlling corrosion kinetics of magnesium alloys by electrochemical anodization and investigation of film mechanical properties
Rahman ZU, Deen KM, Haider W
917 - 924 Homogeneously dispersed HPW/graphene for high efficient catalytic oxidative desulfurization prepared by electrochemical deposition
Liao XY, Huang YF, Zhou YQ, Liu HT, Cai Y, Lu SX, Yao Y
925 - 932 Ni2+-doped CaCu3Ti4O12/TiO2 nanocomposite ceramics with high temperature stability dielectric and nonlinear electrical properties for X9R capacitors
Swatsitang E, Prompa K, Putjuso T
933 - 940 Critical role of elemental copper for enhancing conversion kinetics of sulphur cathodes in rechargeable magnesium batteries
Lee B, Choi J, Na S, Yoo DJ, Kim JH, Cho BW, Kim YT, Yim T, Choi JW, Oh SH
941 - 947 Enhanced graphene-edge-induced magnetism by O-2 introduction during electron irradiation assisted carbon film growth
Guo ML, Diao DF, Wang C, Yang L, Li PY, Wang QD, Yang MS, Li Y
948 - 956 High-throughput micropatterning of plasmonic surfaces by multiplexed femtosecond laser pulses for advanced IR-sensing applications
Kudryashov SI, Danilov PA, Porfirev AP, Saraeva IN, Nguyen THT, Rudenko AA, Khmelnitskii RA, Zayarny DA, Ionin AA, Kuchmizhak AA, Khonina SN, Vitrik OB
957 - 965 Synthesis of superhydrophobic nanofluids as shale inhibitor and study of the inhibition mechanism
Ni XX, Jiang GC, Li YY, Yang LL, Li WQ, Wang K, Deng ZQ
966 - 974 Fabrication of large-area ZnO nanowire field emitter arrays by thermal oxidation for high-current application
Wang LB, Zhao YY, Zheng KS, She JC, Deng SZ, Xu NS, Chen J
975 - 980 Corrosion resistance and in vitro bioactivity of dense and porous titania coatings deposited on 316L SS by spraying method
Garcia-Lobato MA, Mtz-Enriquez AI, Garcia CR, Velazquez-Manzanares M, Avalos-Belmontes F, Ramos-Gonzalez R, Garcia-Cerda LA
981 - 989 Enhanced photocatalytic property of Ag loaded on well-defined ferroelectric Na3VO2B6O11 crystals under visible light irradiation
Zhai YF, Zhang Y, Yin J, Fan XY
990 - 998 Work function investigations of Al-doped ZnO for band-alignment in electronic and optoelectronic applications
Drewelow G, Reed A, Stone C, Roh K, Jiang ZT, Truc LNT, No K, Parkg H, Lee S
999 - 1009 Condensation of water vapor underneath an inclined hydrophobic textured surface machined by laser and electric discharge
Shirsath GB, Muralidhar K, Pala RGS, Ramkumar J
1010 - 1018 Nano-hybridization of VS with Ni-Fe layered double hydroxides for efficient oxygen evolution in alkaline media
Zhang XY, Xie JY, Yang XL, Lv JY, Dong B, Guo BY, Zhou YL, Yu JF, Wang L, Chai YM, Liu CG
1019 - 1026 Force sensor fabrication by AgNWs film using 532 nm pulses laser
Yang CC, Lin YC, Hung MW, Tsai HY, Huang KC, Hsiao WT
1027 - 1034 Ionic liquid immobilized on magnetic mesoporous microspheres with rough surface: Application as recyclable amphiphilic catalysts for oxidative desulfurization
Jiang W, Jia H, Fan XN, Dong L, Guo T, Zhu LH, Zhu WS, Li HM
1035 - 1040 Adsorptive performance of ship-type nano-cage polyoxometalates for U(VI) in aqueous solution
Han XW, Wang YQ, Cao XH, Dai Y, Liu YH, Dong ZM, Zhang ZB, Liu YH
1041 - 1051 Molecular dynamics research on geometric effect of nanostructured diamond-like carbon substrates on potassium stearate adsorption
Sun T, Guo SS, Cao YZ, Zhang JJ, Xu ZQ, Gu L, Zhang CW
1052 - 1060 Porous flower-like Mo-doped NiS heterostructure as highly efficient and robust electrocatalyst for overall water splitting
Jia Q, Wang XX, Wei S, Zhou CL, Wang JM, Liu JQ
1061 - 1069 An insight into the trifunctional roles of Cu-2(OH)(2)CO3 cocatalyst in boosting the photocatalytic H-2 evolution activity over Zn0.5Cd0.5S nanoparticles
Liu YM, Ren H, Lv H, Gong ZY, Cao YF
1070 - 1079 Improving the thermal stability of nickel thin films on sapphire by a minor alloying addition of gold
Barda H, Rabkin E
1080 - 1088 Synergistic removal of Cr(VI) and dye contaminants by 0D/2D bismuth molybdate homojunction photocatalyst under visible light
Xu JJ, Yue JP, Niu JF, Chen MD
1089 - 1101 Engineering approach to enhance photocatalytic water splitting for dynamic H-2 production using La2O3/TiO2 nanocatalyst in a monolith photoreactor
Azam MU, Tahir M, Umer M, Jaffar MM, Nawawi MGM
1102 - 1110 Exploration of the use of p-TeO2-branch/n-SnO2 core nanowires nanocomposites for gas sensing
Choi MS, Bang JH, Mirzaei A, Na HG, Jin C, Oum W, Kim SS, Kim HW
1111 - 1117 Prussian-blue analog-derived Co3S4/MoS2 porous nanocubes as enhanced Pt-free electrode catalysts for high-efficiency dye-sensitized solar cells
Zhang J, Wu WM, Zhang C, Ren ZJ, Qian X
1118 - 1127 High active radicals induced from peroxymonosulfate by mixed crystal types of CuFeO2 as catalysts in the water
Wang RN, An HZ, Zhang HY, Zhang XY, Feng J, Wei T, Ren YM
1128 - 1140 Urethanes PDMS-based: Functional hybrid coatings for metallic dental implants
de Aguiar KMFR, Nascimento MV, Faccioni JL, Noeske PLM, Gatjen L, Rischka K, Rodrigues UP
1141 - 1148 Functionalization of atomic force microscopy cantilevers and tips by activated vapour silanization
Daza R, Colchero L, Corregidor D, Elices M, Guinea GV, Rojo FJ, Perez-Rigueiro J
1149 - 1153 Highly sensitive moisture sensor with a hydrogel film coated on surface-textured stainless steel
Lee S, Seo M, Lee M
1154 - 1160 Interfacial water in mesopores and its implications to the surface features - A solid state NMR study
Wang JC, Xue HJ, Zhou B, Yao YF, Hansen EW
1161 - 1167 Hydrothermal fabrication of MnCO3@rGO: A promising anode material for potassium-ion batteries
Nithya C, Lee JH, Kim NH
1168 - 1175 TiO2 nanosheets with exposed {001} facets co-modified by AgxAu1-x NPs and 3D ZnIn2S4 microsphere for enhanced visible light absorption and photocatalytic H-2 production
An HQ, Wang HZ, Huang JY, Li M, Wang W, Yin Z
1176 - 1183 Influence of particulate on surface energy and mechanical property of diamond-like carbon films synthesized by pulsed laser deposition
Panda M, Krishnan R, Madapu KK, Panda P, Sahoo M, Ramaseshan R, Sundari T, Kamruddin M
1184 - 1190 Molecular engineering lithium sulfur battery cathode based on small organic molecules: An ab-initio investigation
Zhang L, Wu B, Li QF, Li JF
1191 - 1197 Boosting efficiency of planar heterojunction perovskite solar cells to 21.2% by a facile two-step deposition strategy
Li SN, Ren H, Yan Y
1198 - 1207 Improved hydrogen storage dynamics of as-milled Mg-22(LaY)(2)Ni-10 alloy catalyzed by MoS2
Dong XP, Ma YR, Yang LY, Chen YF, Li X
1208 - 1213 New families of large band gap 2D topological insulators in ethynyl-derivative functionalized compounds
Wu L, Gu KM, Li QL
1214 - 1222 Copassivation of polycrystalline CdTe absorber by CuCl thin films for CdTe solar cells
Huang J, Yang D, Li W, Zhang JQ, Wu LL, Wang WW
1223 - 1233 Bonding temperature effects on the wide gap transient liquid phase bonding of Inconel 718 using BNi-2 paste filler metal
Yan GX, Bhowmik A, Nagarajan B, Song X, Tan SC, Tan MJ
1234 - 1243 Morphology and element composition profiles of alumina films obtained by mixed thermal oxidation of AlN epitaxial layers
Domanowska A, Korbutowicz R, Teterycz H
1244 - 1252 Adsorption of formaldehyde on transition metal doped monolayer MoS2: A DFT study
Deng XX, Liang XY, Ng SP, Wu CML
1253 - 1262 Selenide effect for oxidation stability of the organic solvent-free copper sulfide Nano-particles and its organic photodiode application
Jang W, Kwon YT, Lim HR, Choa YH, Wang DH
1263 - 1273 SERS active substrates of gold nanoparticles embedded in the pool of 5-CB liquid crystal molecules organized in Langmuir-Reverse Schaefer films: A facile fabrication route to make the topological defects useful
Das SK, Ghosh M, Ghosh S, Chowdhury J
1274 - 1281 Cellulose nanoparticles from agro-industrial waste for the development of active packaging
Ramesh S, Radhakrishnan P
1282 - 1287 Influence of thermal shock behavior on microstructure and mechanical properties of IN718 superalloy
Wang SL, Sun YR, Du LJ, Liu L, Ding J, Xiang DH
1288 - 1296 Fabrication of 3D ordered honeycomb-like nitrogen-doped carbon/PANI composite for high-performance supercapacitors
He HM, Ma L, Fu SN, Gan MY, Hu LQ, Zhang HH, Xie F, Jiang MH
1297 - 1303 Al doped MoS2 monolayer: A promising low-cost single atom catalyst for CO oxidation
Li DL, Li WL, Zhang JP
1304 - 1309 Theoretical studies of photocatalytic behaviors of isoelectronic C/Si/Ge/Sn-doped TiO2: DFT + U
Chang J, Jiang ZY, Zhang ZY, Lin YM, Tian PL, Zhou B, Chen L