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1 - 9 Enhanced electrochemical performance of Li3V1.5Al0.5(PO4)(3)-modified Li-1.12(Ni0.18Co0.07Mn0.57)O-2 cathode for Li-ion batteries
Shi KY, Liang K, Zheng JS, Qiu YC
10 - 18 Opto-chemical control through thermal treatment of plasma enhanced atomic layer deposited ZnO: An in situ study
Perrotta A, Pilz J, Milella A, Coclite AM
19 - 25 Structure and electrical properties of polyaniline-based copper chloride or copper bromide coatings deposited via low-energy electron beam
Rogachev AA, Yarmolenko MA, Rogachev AV, Jiang XH, Cao HT, Lysenko EN, Surzhikov AP
26 - 33 Influence of ERTA on magnetocaloric properties of Sr doped BaFe12O19 thin films
Abhinav EM, Sundararaj A, Jaison D, Chandrasekaran G, Krishnan M, Arumugam S, Raja SVK
34 - 44 Operational and environmental conditions regulate the frictional behavior of two-dimensional materials
Tran-Khac BC, Kim HJ, DelRio FW, Chung KH
45 - 51 Thermal fatigue evaluation of AISI H13 steels surface modified by gas nitriding with pre- and post-shot peening
Liu B, Wang B, Yang XD, Zhao XF, Qin M, Gu JF
52 - 59 Scotch-tape-like exfoliation effect of graphene quantum dots for efficient preparation of graphene nanosheets in water
Zhou QZ, Xia GS, Du M, Lu YH, Xu HB
60 - 68 Easy plasma nano-texturing of PTFE surface: From pyramid to unusual spherules-on-pyramid features
Lo Porto C, Di Mundo R, Veronico V, Trizio I, Barucca G, Palumbo F
69 - 75 State of aggregation and toxicity of aqueous fullerene solutions
Kyzyma OA, Avdeev MV, Bolshakova OI, Melentev P, Sarantseva SV, Ivankov OI, Korobov MV, Mikheev IV, Tropin TV, Kubovcikova M, Kopcansky P, Korolovych VF, Aksenov VL, Bulavin LA
76 - 84 Surface observation of nanotube-formed titanium by anodization in electrolyte containing hydroxyapatite nanoparticles
Jang JM, Choe HC, Brantley WA
85 - 90 In-situ growth of binder-free hierarchical carbon coated CoSe2 as a high performance lithium ion battery anode
Yu N, Zou LX, Li C, Guo K
91 - 97 Impact sensitivity and moisture adsorption on the surface of CL-20/TNT cocrystal by molecular dynamics simulation
Sha Y, Zhang XB
98 - 105 Enhanced microwave absorption properties of carbon nanofibers functionalized by FeCo coatings
Huang B, Yue JL, Wei YS, Huang XZ, Tang XZ, Du ZJ
106 - 113 Electronic, electrical and magnetic behaviours of reduced graphene-oxide functionalized with silica coated gold nanoparticles
Idisi DO, Ali H, Oke JA, Sarma S, Moloi SJ, Ray SC, Wang HT, Jana NR, Pong WF, Strydom AM
114 - 122 Adsorption of nitrate and phosphate from aqueous solution using amine cross-linked tea wastes
Qiao HH, Mei LP, Chen GJ, Liu HF, Peng CY, Ke F, Hou RY, Wan XC, Cai HM
123 - 132 Study on microstructure and tribological properties of AlSn films deposited via magnetron sputtering ion plating
Guo QQ, Guo YC, Yang Z, Li JP, Xu GT
133 - 139 The epitaxial growth of ZnO films on Cu(111) surface: Thickness dependence
Thang HV, Tosoni S, Pacchioni G
140 - 155 Preferential sputtering effects in depth profiling of multilayers with SIMS, XPS and AES
Hofmann S, Zhou G, Kovac J, Drev S, Lian SY, Lin B, Liu Y, Wang JY
156 - 164 Synthesis and characterization of black TiO2 nanoparticles by pulsed laser irradiation in liquid
Zuniga-Ibarra VA, Shaji S, Krishnan B, Johny J, Kanakkillam SS, Avellaneda DA, Martinez JAA, Das Roy TK, Ramos-Delgado NA
165 - 169 Polarity effects of ZnO on charge recombination at CsPbBr3 nanoparticles/ZnO interfaces
Son D, Moon BJ, Lee A, Rho H, Lee HJ, Kim TW, Ha JS, Lee SH
170 - 177 Effect of stretching on the initial oxidation of 3C-SiC nanowire by first-principle simulation
Cheng CY, Li HJ, Fu QG
178 - 186 Conformation dependence of tyrosine binding on the surface of graphene: Bent prefers over parallel orientation
Daggag D, Lazare J, Dinadayalane T
187 - 193 Laser nature dependence on enhancement of optical and thermal properties of copper oxide nanofluids
Rafique M, Rafique MS, Butt SH, Afzal A, Kalsoom U
194 - 204 Effect of pH of the sulfuric acid bath on cavitation erosion behavior in natural seawater of electroless nickel plating coating
Park IC, Kim SJ
205 - 211 Impact of the wall roughness on the quality of micrometric nozzles manufactured from fused silica by different laser processing techniques
Tomkus V, Girdauskas V, Dudutis J, Gecys P, Stankevic V, Raciukaitis G
212 - 218 Investigation of the anchor layer formation on different substrates and its feasibility for optical properties control by aerosol deposition
Tan WK, Shigeta Y, Yokoi A, Kawamura G, Matsuda A, Muto H
219 - 230 Fabrication of Pd-TiO2 nanotube photoactive junctions via Atomic Layer Deposition for persistent pesticide pollutants degradation
Merenda A, Weber M, Bechelany M, Allioux FM, Hyde L, Kong LX, Dumee LF
231 - 240 First-principles study of defects in amorphous-SiO2/Si interfaces
Li P, Chen ZH, Yao P, Zhang FJ, Wang JW, Song Y, Zuo X
241 - 251 Preparation of highly efficient and magnetically recyclable Fe3O4@C@Ru nanocomposite for the photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue in visible light
Zhang Q, Yu LY, Xu CC, Zhao JY, Pan HY, Chen M, Xu Q, Diao GW
252 - 259 Enhanced Hg-0 removal via alpha-MnO2 anchored to MIL-96(Al)
Zhou JC, Cao LM, Wang Q, Tariq M, Xue YJ, Zhou ZH, Sun W, Yang J
260 - 269 Simultaneous removal of Hg-0 and NO in simulated flue gas on transition metal oxide M ' (M ' = Fe2O3, MnO2, and WO3) doping on V2O5/ZrO2-CeO2 catalysts
Zhao LK, Li CT, Li SH, Du XY, Zhang JF, Huang Y
270 - 277 Enhanced electrochemical performances of Li2MnO3 cathode materials via adjusting oxygen vacancies content for lithium-ion batteries
Sun Y, Zan L, Zhang YX
278 - 284 Preparation and characterization of acid and solvent resistant polyimide ultrafiltration membrane
Yang CY, Xu WX, Nan Y, Wang YG, Gao CJ, Hu YX, Chen XH
285 - 293 Ultrafine Cu2O/CuO nanosheet arrays integrated with NPC/BMG composite rod for photocatalytic degradation
Li M, Li YY, Zhang Q, Qin CL, Zhao WM, Wang ZF, Inoue A
294 - 301 Dielectric and electrical properties of nano-Ag/C3AH6 nanocomposites
Phromviyo N, Thongbai P, Ratchaphonsaenwong K, Chanlek N, Chindaprasirt P
302 - 312 Microscopic mechanisms of Si(111) surface nitridation and energetics of Si3N4/Si(111) interface
Petrenko TL, Bryksa VP, Dyka IV, Kladko VP, Belyaev AE, Kuchuk AV
313 - 323 Shape dependence of photosensitive properties of WO3 oxide for photocatalysis under solar light irradiation
Desseigne M, Dirany N, Chevallier V, Arab M
324 - 333 Physical properties of the ferroelectric capacitors based on Al-doped HfO2 grown via Atomic Layer Deposition on Si
Vulpe S, Nastase F, Dragoman M, Dinescu A, Romanitan C, Iftimie S, Moldovan A, Apostol N
334 - 354 Effect of carbonate and phosphate conversion pretreatments and optimization on corrosion behaviour of subsequent electroless nickel coating on AZ91 alloy
Singh C, Tiwari SK, Singh R
355 - 362 Low temperature catalytic combustion of toluene over three-dimensionally ordered La0.8Ce0.2MnO3/cordierite catalysts
Zang M, Zhao CC, Wang YQ, Liu X, Cheng Y, Chen SQ
363 - 372 Photocatalytic conversion of CO2 and H2O to useful fuels by nanostructured composite catalysis
Almomani F, Bhosale R, Khraisheh M, Kumar A, Tawalbeh M
373 - 382 Modulation of solid-water-peptide interfacial properties towards surface adsorption/bioresistance
Wang X, Wang MZ, Wei QC, Yang X, Yang Y, Cui BL, Yang XN, Xu ZJ
383 - 390 Effect of doping Hf on the hydrogen dissociation and diffusion mechanism on the ZrCo (110) surface
Wang QQ, Kong XG, Han HL, Sang G, Zhang GH, Gao T
391 - 398 The mechanism of the deactivation of MnOx/TiO2 catalyst for low-temperature SCR of NO
Wei L, Cui SP, Guo HX, Ma XY, Wan YQ, Yu SS
399 - 408 Surface chemistry-dominated underwater superoleophobic mesh with mussel-inspired zwitterionic coatings for oil/water separation and self-cleaning
Chen XL, Zhai YD, Han X, Liu HL, Hu Y
409 - 416 Theoretical study on the interaction between SF6 molecule and BaTiO3(001) surface: A DFT study
Cui ZL, Zhang XX, Chen DC, Tian Y
417 - 424 Role of M23C6 carbide on the corrosion characteristics of modified 9Cr-1Mo steel in N-2-O-2-CO2-SO2 atmosphere at 650 degrees C
Jung KH, Kim SJ
425 - 431 Dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSC) coated with energy down shift layer of nitrogen-doped carbon quantum dots (N-CQDs) for enhanced current density and stability
Riaz R, Ali M, Maiyalagan T, Anjum AS, Lee S, Ko MJ, Jeong SH
432 - 441 Preparation and toughening of a-CuZr/c-ZrN nano-multilayer hard coatings
Guo ZY, Ma DY, Zhang XM, Li JG, Feng J
442 - 452 Photocatalytic CO2 reduction activity of Z-scheme CdS/CdWO4 catalysts constructed by surface charge directed selective deposition of CdS
Li YY, Wei ZH, Fan JB, Li ZJ, Yao HC
453 - 462 Construction of ion imprinted layer modified ZnFe2O4 for selective Cr(VI) reduction with simultaneous organic pollutants degradation based on different reaction channels
He F, Lu ZY, Song MS, Liu XL, Tang H, Huo PW, Fan WQ, Dong HJ, Wu XY, Xing GL
463 - 471 Defect assisted improved room temperature ferromagnetism in Ce doped SnO2 nanoparticles
Ahmed A, Siddique MN, Ali T, Tripathi P
472 - 480 Durable TBCs with self-enhanced thermal insulation based on co-design on macro- and microstructure
Li GR, Wang LS
481 - 488 Laser transmission welding and surface modification of graphene film for flexible supercapacitor applications
Choi H, Nguyen PT, In JB
489 - 495 Polyaniline hollow tubes loading tiny platinum nanoparticles for boosting methanol oxidation
Jin W, Huang XH, Cheng HY, Xu T, Wang F, Guo XY, Wu YP, Ying Y, Wen Y, Yang HF
496 - 505 In-situ synthesis of MnCo2O4.5 nanosheets on reduced graphene oxide for a great promotion in the thermal decomposition of ammonium perchlorate
Zheng ZL, Zhang WC, Chen L, Xiong WH, Zeng GW, Liu JQ, Wu RH, Wang JX, Ye JH, Zhu JW
506 - 520 Photoelectrocatalytic degradation of sulfamethoxazole on g-C3N4/BiOI/EG p-n heterojunction photoanode under visible light irradiation
Mafa PJ, Kuvarega AT, Mamba BB, Ntsendwana B
521 - 528 Competition of Hg2+ adsorption and surface oxidation on MoS2 surface as affected by sulfur vacancy defects
Yi H, Zhang X, Jia FF, Wei ZL, Zhao YL, Song SX
529 - 535 Surfactant assisted self-assembly of NiCo phosphate with superior electrochemical performance for supercapacitor
Zhang XY, Shang NZ, Gao ST, Wang C, Gao YJ, Wang Z
536 - 544 The promotional effect of H-2 reduction treatment on the low-temperature NH3-SCR activity of Cu/SAPO-18
Zhu N, Lian ZH, Zhang Y, Shan WP, He H
545 - 550 Superior crystallinity, optical and electrical properties of carbon doped ZnO:Al films at low-temperature deposition
Yang S, Chen F, Shen Q, Zhang LM, Huang A, Gu HZ
551 - 561 Enhanced peroxidase-like activity of CuO/Pt nanoflowers for colorimetric and ultrasensitive Hg2+ detection in water sample
Lian Q, Liu H, Zheng XF, Li XM, Zhang FJ, Gao J
562 - 571 Anti-corrosive surface effect of ascorbic acid caused on the ZnO nanoparticles - Experimental and theoretical investigations
Mydlova L, Kluza K, Halama M, Makowska-Janusik M
572 - 580 Fewer-layer BN nanosheets-deposited on Bi2MoO6 microspheres with enhanced visible light-driven photocatalytic activity
Li ZZ, Meng XC, Zhang ZS
581 - 592 Pore size effects on physicochemical properties of Fe-Co/K-Al2O3 catalysts and their catalytic activity in CO2 hydrogenation to light olefins
Numpilai T, Chanlek N, Poo-Arporn Y, Wannapaiboon S, Cheng CK, Siri-Nguan N, Sornchamni T, Kongkachuichay P, Chareonpanich M, Rupprechter G, Limtrakul J, Witoon T
593 - 600 Nickel-cobalt layered double hydroxide nanosheets with reduced graphene oxide grown on carbon cloth for symmetric supercapacitor
Wang D, Wei AF, Tian LY, Mensah A, Li DW, Xu Y, Wei QF
601 - 615 Facile fabrication of spinel structured n-type CuAl2O4 thin film with nano-grass like morphology by sputtering technique
Ponmudi S, Sivakumar R, Sanjeeviraja C, Gopalakrishnan C, Jeyadheepan K
616 - 625 Density-functional-theory approach to determine band offsets and dielectric breakdown properties across metal/crystal oxide and metal/amorphous oxide interfaces: A case study of Al/SiO2
Huang JQ, Lin F, Hin C
626 - 632 Ni structural doping induced spin polarization effects on the optical and electric properties of nano-SiC film
Yan ZX, Hou AH, Liu W, Guo CL, Li WL, Zhou GL, Wang YX
633 - 641 Femtosecond laser micromachining of co-polymeric urethane materials
Wood MJ, Coady MJ, Aristizabal F, Nielsen K, Ragogna PJ, Kietzig AM
642 - 651 Room temperature adsorption of propene and propane on copper ions distributed in titanate nanotubes
Kanazawa Y, Itadani A, Hashimoto H, Uematsu K, Toda K, Sato M
652 - 660 Seed-assisted synthesis of hierarchical nanosized TS-1 in a low-cost system for propylene epoxidation with H2O2
Li YX, Fan Q, Li YC, Feng X, Chai YM, Liu CG
661 - 669 Effects of multi-layer structure on microstructure, wear and erosion performance of the Cr/CrN films on Ti alloy substrate
Cai XJ, Gao Y, Cai F, Zhang L, Zhang SH
670 - 676 Heterostructure of anatase-rutile aggregates boosting the photoreduction of U(VI)
Li P, Wang JJ, Peng T, Wang Y, Liang JJ, Pan DQ, Fan QH
677 - 687 Synergistic effects in simultaneous photocatalytic removal of Cr(VI) and tetracycline hydrochloride by Z-scheme Co3O4/Ag/B(i)2WO(6) heterojunction
Wan J, Xue P, Wang RM, Liu L, Liu EZ, Bai X, Fan J, Hu XY
688 - 695 Facile synthesis and improved Li-storage performance of Fe-doped MoS2/reduced graphene oxide as anode materials
Qj KY, Yuan ZM, Hou Y, Zhao RC, Zhang BW
696 - 705 Cadmium sulfide nanostructures: Influence of morphology on the photocatalytic degradation of erioglaucine and hydrogen generation
Shenoy S, Jang E, Park TJ, Gopinath CS, Sridharan K
706 - 712 Superhydrophobic nickel coating fabricated by scanning electrodeposition
Shen LD, Fan MZ, Qiu MB, Jiang W, Wang ZW
713 - 720 Effect of microstructure on electrical property of coal surface
He XQ, Liu XF, Song DZ, Nie BS
721 - 729 In-situ fabrication of noble metal modified (Ce, Zr)O2-delta monolithic catalysts for CO oxidation
Liu XY, Wang K, Zhou Y, Tang XY, Zhu XH, Zhang RS, Zhang XL, Jiang X, Liu BD
730 - 741 Study on the active phase formation of Pd-Zn/Sibunit catalysts during the thermal treatment in hydrogen
Glyzdova DV, Khramov EV, Smirnova NS, Prosvirin IP, Bukhtiyarov AV, Trenikhin MV, Gulyaeva TI, Vedyagin AA, Shlyapin DA, Lavrenov AV
742 - 749 Atomic-scale friction adjustment enabled by doping-induced modification in graphene nanosheet
Zhang BZ, Zhang GG, Cheng ZW, Ma F, Lu ZB
750 - 761 Size-tailored Ru nanoparticles deposited over gamma-Al2O3 for the CO2 methanation reaction
Navarro-Jaen S, Navarro JC, Bobadilla LF, Centeno MA, Laguna OH, Odriozola JA
762 - 771 Novel 2D materials from exfoliation of layered hydroxide salts: A theoretical study
Tavares SR, Moraes PIR, Capaz RB, Leitao AA
772 - 778 Microwave induced surface enhanced pollutant adsorption and photocatalytic degradation on Ag/TiO2
Ling LL, Feng YW, Li H, Chen Y, Wen JY, Zhu J, Bian ZF
779 - 784 The cooperativity in 3D spin-crossover nanocrystals with ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic surface
Gudyma I, Maksymov A
785 - 792 Phosphoric acid doped high temperature proton exchange membranes based on comb-shaped polymers with quaternized graft architectures
Hong LH, Wang BL, Zhao CJ
793 - 802 A novel synthesis of forest like BiFeO3 thin film: Photo-electrochemical studies and its application as a photocatalyst for phenol degradation
Zargazi M, Entezari MH
803 - 810 Room temperature deposited oxygen-deficient CeO2-x layer for multilevel resistive switching memory
Ismail M, Ahmad A, Mahmood K, Akbar T, Rana AM, Lee J, Kim S
811 - 818 Wetting mechanism of CMAS melt on YSZ surface at high temperature: First-principles calculation
Li BT, Chen Z, Zheng HZ, Li GF, Li HJ, Peng P
819 - 826 Improved charge transport in PANI:PSS by the uniform dispersion of silver nanoparticles
Biswas S, Jeong J, Shim JW, Kim H
827 - 834 Highly effective UV-Vis-IR and IR photothermocatalytic CO abatement on Zn doped OMS-2 nanorods
Jiang ZK, Ma Y, Li YZ, Liu HH
835 - 839 Influence of hot water treatment during laser ablation in liquid on the shape of PbO nanoparticles
Shur VY, Gunina EV, Esin AA, Shishkina EV, Kuznetsov DK, Linker EA, Greshnyakov ED, Pryakhina VI
840 - 848 Research on the interaction between surface laser-pit of Ni-based single crystal alloy and lamb wave under micro-conditions
Li B, Liu R, Zhu WJ, Zhang QX, Yu JG, Xiang YX, Zhou HY
849 - 858 Surface modification of hemimorphite with lead ions and its effect on flotation and oleate adsorption
Zhao WJ, Liu DW, Wen SM, Feng QC
859 - 869 New Bi2O3-ZnO composite deposited on glass wool. Effect of the synthesis method on photocatalytic efficiency under visible light
Benyamina I, Manseri K, Mansour M, Benalioua B, Bentouami A, Boury B
870 - 874 A feasible method for the fabrication of VAlTiCrSi amorphous high entropy alloy film with outstanding anti-corrosion property
Zheng SJ, Cai ZB, Pu JB, Zeng C, Chen SY, Chen R, Wang LP
875 - 887 A novel double Z-scheme BiOBr-GO-polyaniline photocatalyst: Study on the excellent photocatalytic performance and photocatalytic mechanism
Liu XQ, Cai L
888 - 894 Robust and smooth UV-curable layer overcoated AgNW flexible transparent conductor for EMI shielding and film heater
Yang H, Bai SC, Guo XZ, Wang HF
895 - 900 Electron emission from GaAs(Cs,O): Transition from negative to positive effective affinity
Zhuravlev AG, Khoroshilov VS, Alperovich VL
901 - 911 Synergistic corrosion inhibition effect of thiazolyl-based ionic liquids between anions and cations for copper in HCl solution
Feng L, Zhang ST, Lu Y, Tan BC, Chen SJ, Guo L
912 - 921 First-principles calculation study of electronic structures of alkali metals (Li, K, Na and Rb)-incorporated formamidinium lead halide perovskite compounds
Suzuki A, Oku T
922 - 928 High-performance photoluminescence-based oxygen sensing with Pr-modified ZnO nanofibers
Jiang TT, Du BS, Zhang H, Yu DF, Sun L, Zhao GY, Yang CH, Sun Y, Yu M, Ashfold MNR
929 - 939 A superhydrophobic bionic coating on silk fabric with flame retardancy and UV shielding ability
Yan BB, Zhou QQ, Zhu XW, Guo JF, Mia SP, Yan XJ, Chen GQ, Xing TL
940 - 946 Plasma activation on natural mordenite-clinoptilolite zeolite for water vapor adsorption enhancement
Wahono SK, Suwanto A, Prasetyo DJ, Hernawan, Jatmiko TH, Vasilev K
947 - 952 Pulsed laser deposition grown yttrium-iron-garnet thin films: Effect of composition and iron ion valences on microstructure and magnetic properties
Jin LC, Jia KC, He YJ, Wang G, Zhong ZY, Zhang HW
953 - 961 Photocatalytic activity of Z-scheme Bi17-xGdxV3O33/Bi(1.7-)yGd(y)V(8)O(16) heterojunction induced by Gd3+
Zhang D, Tan GQ, Zhao CC, Su YN, Ren HJ, Xia A, Dang MY
962 - 966 Efficient picosecond laser ablation of copper cylinders
Gaidys M, Zemaitis A, Gecys P, Gedvilas M
967 - 978 Hydrophilic and antifouling modification of PVDF membranes by one-step assembly of tannic acid and polyvinylpyrrolidone
Li M, Wu LL, Zhang CC, Chen WY, Liu C
979 - 990 Constructing zwitterionic coatings on thin-film nanofibrous composite membrane substrate for multifunctionality
Zhu YD, Yu XF, Zhang TH, Wang XF
991 - 1004 Diffusion mechanisms of metal atoms in Pd-Au bimetallic catalyst under CO atmosphere based on ab initio molecular dynamics
Yang YP, Shen XJ, Han YF
1006 - 1016 Electric field endowing the conductive polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF)-graphene oxide (GO)-nickel (Ni) membrane with high-efficient performance for dye wastewater treatment
Zhao YQ, Yu WM, Li RJ, Xu YC, Liu Y, Sun TY, Shen LG, Lin HJ
1017 - 1026 Anti-corrosion behaviour of superwetting structured surfaces on Mg-9Al-1Zn magnesium alloy
Wei DS, Wang JG, Wang HY, Liu Y, Li SY, Li DW
1027 - 1036 In-situ preparation and properties of bio-renewable acylated sodium alginate-g-polytetrahydrofuran/Ag-NPs nanocomposites
Gao YZ, Chang TX, Wu YX
1037 - 1043 Near-infrared photodetector based on few-layer MoS2 with sensitivity enhanced by localized surface plasmon resonance
Guo JX, Li SD, He ZB, Li YY, Lei ZC, Liu Y, Huang W, Gong TX, Ai QQ, Mao LN, He YW, Ke YZ, Zhou SF, Yu B
1044 - 1051 Wavelength, fluence and substrate-dependent room temperature pulsed laser deposited B-enriched thick films
Caricato AP, Quarta G, Manno D, Cesaria M, Perrone A, Martino M, Serra A, Calcagnile L, Barone G, Lorusso A
1052 - + Understanding adsorption of nucleobases on CH3NH3PbI3 surfaces toward biological applications of halide perovskite materials
Zhang L, Wu B
1058 - 1068 Microstructure and mechanical properties of Ti-Al-Cr-N films: Effect of current of additional anode
Kong Y, Tian XB, Gong CZ, Tian QW, Yang DT, Wu MZ, Li MQ, Golosov DA
1069 - 1080 Facile synthesis and direct characterization of surface-charge-controlled magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles and their role in gene transfection in human leukemic T cell
Na HK, Kim H, Son JG, Lee JH, Kim JK, Park J, Lee TG
1081 - 1089 An electrochemical outlook upon the gaseous ethanol sensing by graphene oxide-SnO2 hybrid materials
Pargoletti E, Tricoli A, Pifferi V, Orsini S, Longhi M, Guglielmi V, Cerrato G, Falciola L, Derudi M, Cappelletti G
1090 - 1100 Highly toughened and heat-resistant poly(L-lactide) materials through interfacial interaction control via chemical structure of biodegradable elastomer
Si WJ, Yang L, Zhu J, Li YD, Zeng JB
1101 - 1109 Haze-free transparent electrodes using metal nanofibers with carbon shells for high-temperature stability
Ji S, Park J, Jo Y, Kim YB, Jang J, Kim SK, Jeong S, Park JU
1110 - 1117 High-performance UV-Vis-NIR photodetectors based on plasmonic effect in Au nanoparticles/ZnO nanofibers
Hosseini ZS, Bafrani HA, Naseri A, Moshfegh AZ
1118 - 1128 Superalkalis as a source of diffuse excess electrons in newly designed inorganic electrides with remarkable nonlinear response and deep ultraviolet transparency: A DFT study
Ullah F, Kosar N, Ayub K, Mahmood T
1129 - 1135 Surface polarity control in ZnO films deposited by pulsed laser deposition
Luo CQ, Ling FCC, Rahman MA, Phillips M, Ton-That C, Liao CZ, Shih KM, Lin JY, Tam HW, Djurisic AB, Wang SP
1136 - 1141 High-performance FET arrays enabled by improved uniformity of wafer-scale MoS2 synthesized via thermal vapor sulfurization
Wei JQ, Wang F, Zhang BJ, Shan X, Di XC, Li Y, Feng YL, Zhang KL
1142 - 1148 Electrochemical performance of nitrogen-doped graphene anchored nickel sulfide nanoflakes for supercapacitors
Reddy BJ, Vickraman P, Justin AS
1149 - 1157 Bi-functional composite foam with hierarchical structure for efficient separation of emulsified mixtures consisting of oil and water
Wang H, Yang SD, Ma PC
1158 - 1165 Fabrication of 3D Co-doped Ni-based MOF hierarchical micro-flowers as a high-performance electrode material for supercapacitors
Wang J, Zhong Q, Xiong YH, Cheng DY, Zeng YQ, Bu YF
1166 - 1173 5LiFe(0.9)Mn(0.1)PO(4)center dot 4Li(3)V(2)(PO4)(3)/C composites as high capacity cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries
Zhao W, Xiong XH, Yao YB, Liang B, Fan Y, Lu SG, Tao T
1174 - 1181 Nickel nanoparticles induces cytotoxicity, cell morphology and oxidative stress in bluegill sunfish (BF-2) cells
Poornavaishnavi C, Gowthami R, Srikanth K, Bramhachari PV, Venkatramaiah N
1182 - 1191 Study on the effect of some surface phenomena on the properties of citrate capped cobalt doped ferrites
Puscasu E, Sacarescu L, Popescu-Lipan L, Nica V, Grigoras M, Domocos A, Lupu N, Creanga D
1192 - 1198 Hydraulic lime mortars with antifungal properties
Jeronimo A, Camoes A, Aguiar B, Lima N