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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Fabrication of scalable and flexible bio-photoanodes by electrospraying thylakoid/graphene oxide composites
Shin H, Kim T, Seo I, Kim S, Kim YJ, Hon H, Park Y, Jeong HM, Kim K, Ryu W
10 - 15 Click chemistry on silicon nitride for biosensor fabrication
Dietrich PM, Lange N, Lippitz A, Holzweber M, Kulak N, Unger WES
16 - 24 Further optimization of ITO films at the melting point of Sn and configuration of Ohmic contact at the c-Si/ITO interface
Das D, Karmakar L
25 - 32 Stable hybrid organic/inorganic multiple-read quantum-dot memory device based on a PVK/QDs solution
Kim SW, Kwon JB, Kim NR, Lee JS, Lee SW, Kang BH, Kim JS, Xu B, Bae JH, Kang SW
33 - 39 MOF-derived rod-like composites consisting of iron sulfides embedded in nitrogen-rich carbon as high-performance lithium-ion battery anodes
Wang H, Qian X, Wu HY, Zhang RH, Wu RB
40 - 51 An architecture of dandelion-type Ni-Co3O4 microspheres on carbon nanotube films toward an efficient catalyst for oxygen reduction in zinc-air batteries
Li SJ, Wu K, Li L, Suo LL, Zhu YF
52 - 58 Analysis of enhanced hole transport in naphthalene dicarboxyimide (NDI)-based n-type polymer field-effect transistors using solution-processed reduced graphene oxide electrodes
Ko M, Lee Y, Jo Y, Jang JH, Lee MJ
59 - 68 Self-assembled HVxOy nanobelts/rGO nanocomposite with an ultrahigh specific capacitance: Synthesis and promising applications in
Hu T, Liu YY, Zhang YF, Chen M, Zheng JQ, Meng CG
69 - 74 First principles determination of formation of a Cr shell on the interface between Y-Ti-O nanoparticles and a ferritic steel matrix
Hong KH, Seol JB, Kim JH
75 - 82 Controllable synthesis of hierarchical polysilsesquioxane surfaces: from spheres-on-sphere to bowls-on-sphere structure
Lu LY, Li J, Li HW, Gao CT, Xie HB, Xiong YZ, Luo Z, Sun Q, Dong FP
83 - 91 Synthesis, characterization and rare earth elements adsorption properties of phosphonate metal organic frameworks
Maranescu B, Lupa L, Visa A
92 - 98 Fractionation of clay colloids and their synthetic utility in vanadium hydroxide-clay thin film formation
Song P, Li QT, Almasy L, Tuo XG, Yan MH, Henderson MJ
99 - 107 Great enhancement of electromagnetic wave absorption of MWCNTs@ carbonaceous CoO composites derived from MWCNTs-interconnected zeolitic imidazole framework
Lu SB, Meng Y, Wang HB, Wang FF, Yuan JT, Chen H, Dai YH, Chen JN
108 - 119 Improving wear and corrosion properties of alumina coating on AA7075 aluminum by plasma electrolytic oxidation: Effects of graphite absorption
Haghighat-Shishavan B, Azari-Khosrowshahi R, Haghighat-Shishavan S, Nazarian-Samani M, Parvini-Ahmadi N
120 - 124 Compression of dry lysozyme targets: The target preparation pressure as a new parameter in protein thin film production by pulsed laser deposition
Constantinescu C, Matei A, Tabetah M, Dinescu M, Zhigilei LV, Schou J
125 - 132 Oscillatory regimes of Langmuir probe current in femtosecond laser-produced plasmas: Experimental and theoretical investigations
Nica P, Gurlui S, Agop M, Focsa C
133 - 137 Effects of porosity and particle size on the gas sensing properties of SnO2 films
Han MA, Kim HJ, Lee HC, Park JS, Lee HN
138 - 143 A high growth rate atomic layer deposition process for nickel oxide film preparation using a combination of nickel(II) diketonate-diamine and ozone
Zhang YX, Du LY, Liu XF, Ding YQ
144 - 150 ToF-SIMS depth profiling of nanoparticles: Chemical structure of core-shell quantum dots
Gulin A, Shakhov A, Vasin A, Astafiev A, Antonova O, Kochev S, Kabachii Y, Golub A, Nadtochenko V
151 - 160 Syngas production modified by oxygen vacancies over CeO2-ZrO2-CuO oxygen carrier via chemical looping reforming of methane
Wang YJ, Zheng YN, Wang YH, Li KZ, Wang YM, Jiang LH, Zhu X, Wei YG, Wang H
161 - 173 Effects of laser power on immersion corrosion and electrochemical corrosion performances of laser thermal sprayed amorphous AlFeSi coatings
Zhao W, Kong D
174 - 183 Autogenous chemical and structural transition and the wettability of electropolymerized PANI surface
Govindaraj Y, Parida S
184 - 191 Controllable drop splashing on picosecond laser patterned hybrid superhydrophobic/-philic surfaces
Yang H, Sun K, Xue Y, Xu CW, Fan DY, Cao Y, Xue W
192 - 199 The influence of tensile strain on water adsorbed on Fe (100) surface: Surface chemistry aspect of stress corrosion cracking
Liu WJ, Sun J, Ye C
200 - 208 Novel spinel nanocomposites of NixCo1-xFe2O4 nanoparticles with N-doped graphene for lithium ion batteries
Jiao XY, Cai L, Xia XF, Lei W, Hao QL, Mandler D
209 - 218 Preparation and high temperature tribological properties of laser in-situ synthesized self-lubricating composite coatings containing metal sulfides on Ti6Al4V alloy
Zhou ZY, Liu XB, Zhuang SG, Yang XH, Wang M, Sun CF
219 - 225 Al2O3 formed by post plasma oxidation of Al as a Gate dielectric for AlGaN/GaN MIS-HEMTs
Takhar K, Upadhyay BB, Yadav YK, Ganguly S, Saha D
226 - 233 Surface layer characteristics of SAF2507 duplex stainless steel treated by stress shot peening
Chen M, Jiang CH, Xu Z, Ji V
234 - 240 Structural and chemical investigation of interface related magnetoelectric effect in Ni/BiFe0.95Mn0.05O3 heterostructures
Negulescu B, Wolfman J, Daumont C, Jaber N, Andreazza P, Denneulin T, Schamm-Chardon S
241 - 245 Temperature- and position-dependent Raman study on carrier concentration of large-area monolayer WS2
Gu H, Chen KB, Gao XD, Xu K, Lu YM, Liu XK
246 - 254 Low temperature epitaxy of high-quality Ge buffer using plasma enhancement via UHV-CVD system for photonic device applications
Alharthi B, Dou W, Grant PC, Grant JM, Morgan T, Mosleh A, Du W, Li BH, Mortazavi M, Naseem H, Yu SQ
255 - 261 Synthesis and characterization of mesoporous BiVO4 nanofibers with enhanced photocatalytic water oxidation performance
Yu MT, Shang CQ, Ma G, Meng QG, Chen ZH, Jin ML, Shui LL, Zhang YG, Zhang Z, Yuan MZ, Wang X, Zhou GF
262 - 271 The microstructure and mechanical properties of the as-spun and annealed Zr-Cu based ribbons
Yi XY, Gao WH, Sun B, Wang HZ, Li D, Meng XL, Cai W, Zhao LC
272 - 280 Theoretical investigation on the high HER catalytic activity of 2D layered GeP(3 )nanomaterials and its further enhancement by applying the surface strain or coupling with graphene
Zhang CH, Yu GT, Ku RQ, Huang XR, Chen W
281 - 295 Assessing the chemical state of chemically deposited copper sulfide: A quantitative analysis of the X-ray photoelectron spectra of the amorphous-to-covellite transition phases
Cabrera-German D, Garcia-Valenzuela JA, Martinez-Gil M, Suarez-Campos G, Montiel-Gonzalez Z, Sotelo-Lerma M, Cota-Leal M
296 - 306 Facile and fast microwave-assisted formation of reduced graphene oxide-wrapped manganese cobaltite ternary hybrids as improved supercapacitor electrode material
Kumar R, Abdel-Galeil MM, Ya KZ, Fujita K, Tan WK, Matsuda A
307 - 312 Nano silicon encapsulated in modified copper as an anode for high performance lithium ion battery
Ha JK, Haridas AK, Cho GB, Ahn HJ, Ahn JH, Cho KK
313 - 318 In situ doped CoCO3/ZIF-67 derived Co-N-C/CoOx catalysts for oxygen reduction reaction
Xin WL, Lu KK, Shan D
319 - 326 A study on Ga-Si interdiffusion during (Al)GaN/AlN growth on Si by plasma assisted molecular beam epitaxy
Zheng Y, Agrawal M, Dharmarasu N, Radhakrishnan K, Patwal S
327 - 336 Beryllium thin films deposited by thermionic vacuum arc for nuclear applications
Tiron V, Porosnicu C, Dinca P, Velicu IL, Cristea D, Munteanu D, Revesz A, Stoian G, Lungu CP
337 - 343 Synthesis of Cu-Al hydrotalcite-SBA-15 composites and CO2 capture using the sorbent
Ji CC, Wang YD, Zhao N
344 - 352 Redistribution of pi and sigma electrons in boron-doped graphene from DFT investigation
Liu J, Liang TX, Tu R, Lai WS, Liu YJ
353 - 359 Angular filtering by Bragg photonic microstructures fabricated by physical vapour deposition
Grineviciute L, Babayigit C, Gailevicius D, Bor E, Turduev M, Purlys V, Tolenis T, Kurt H, Staliunas K
360 - 368 In-situ synthesized surface N-doped Pt/TiO2 via flame spray pyrolysis with enhanced thermal stability for CO catalytic oxidation
Bi W, Hu YJ, Jiang H, Yu H, Li WG, Li CZ
369 - 373 Au monolayer on WC(0001) with enhanced activity towards NO oxidation: A theoretical study
Zhang XL, Chen Y, Yang ZX
374 - 378 Robust superhydrophobic surface with excellent adhesive properties based on benzoxazine/epoxy/mesoporous SiO2
Li XY, Zhao SP, Hu WH, Zhang X, Pei L, Wang Z
379 - 384 Nanostructured GaN and AlGaN/GaN heterostructure for catalyst-free low-temperature CO sensing
Mishra M, Bhalla NK, Dash A, Gupta G
385 - 393 Enhanced photocatalytic dye degradation activity of carbonate intercalated layered Zn, ZnNi and ZnCu hydroxides
Megala S, Prabhu S, Harish S, Navaneethan M, Sohila S, Ramesh R
394 - 403 Immobilization of salen molybdenum complex on dendrimer functionalized magnetic nanoparticles and its catalytic activity for the epoxidation of olefins
Niakan M, Asadi Z, Masteri-Farahani M
404 - 413 Facile photo-driven strategy for the regeneration of a hierarchical C@MnO2 sponge for the removal of indoor toluene
Miao L, Xie YF, Xia YT, Zou N, Wang JL
414 - 420 Composite Ni/UHMWPE coatings and their tribological performances
Guo LB, Dai QW, Huang W, Wang XL
421 - 432 Acetylene selective hydrogenation over different size of Pd-modified Cu cluster catalysts: Effects of Pd ensemble and cluster size on the selectivity and activity
Zhang RG, Xue MF, Wang BJ, Ling LX
433 - 436 Surface functionalization by silver-containing molecules with controlled distribution of functionalities
Laskowska M, Oyama M, Kityk I, Marszalek M, Dulski M, Laskowski L
437 - 442 ZnO ultraviolet photodetectors with an extremely high detectivity and short response time
Zheng MJ, Gui PB, Wang X, Zhang GZ, Wan JX, Zhang H, Fang GJ, Wu H, Lin QQ, Liu C
443 - 453 Enhanced ferromagnetism by ion irradiation for substitutionally cobalt doped ZnO films
Neogi SK, Ahmed MA, Banerjee A, Bandyopadhyay S
454 - 459 Increase in wettability difference between organic and mineral matter to promote low-rank coal flotation by using ultrasonic treatment
Li B, Liu SY, Guo JY, Zhang L, Sun XL
460 - 465 Bonding strength and thermal conductivity of novel nanostructured La-2(Zr0.75Ce0.25)(2)O-7/8YSZ coatings
Zhou FF, Wang Y, Liu M, Deng CM, Li YT, Wang YM, Zhang XF
466 - 472 Thermal exfoliation of electrochemically obtained graphitic materials
Krawczyk P, Gurzeda B, Bachar A
473 - 483 Sulfur and nitrogen dual-doped porous carbon nanosheet anode for sodium ion storage with a self-template and self-porogen method
Zhao Q, Meng Y, Li J, Xiao D
484 - 497 Novel half-metallic and bipolar materials formed by decoration of g-SiC2 with selected 3d transition metals
Saadi MF, Safaiee R, Golshan MM
498 - 504 Fe-N-C combined with Fe100-x-y-zPxOyNz porous hollow spheres on a phosphoric acid group-rich N-doped carbon as an electrocatalyst for zinc-air battery
Yuan B, Nam G, Li P, Wang S, Liu X, Cho J
505 - 514 Templated seed-mediated derived Au nanoarchitectures embedded with nanochitosan: Sensitive electrochemical aptasensor for vascular endothelial growth factor and living MCF-7 cell detection
Wang HY, Ma YS, Guo CP, Yang YP, Peng ZK, Liu ZY, Zhang ZH
515 - 523 Joining pre-oxidized dense Si3N4 to porous Si3N4 with beta-spodumene based glass-ceramic interlayer
Sun LB, Liu C, Zhang J, Fang J
524 - 530 Multidimensional graphene and ZnO-based heterostructure for flexible transparent ultraviolet photodetector
Ko KB, Ryu BD, Han M, Hong CH, Dinh DA, Cuong TV
531 - 539 Investigating the effect of varying coating thickness on the surface roughness and adhesion forces of MEMS surfaces utilizing a theoretical and experimental approach
Kolahdoozan M, Kiani A, Heidari P, Oveissi S
540 - 544 Modulation of semiconducting behavior in carbon nanotube Langmuir-Blodgett film based devices by controlling the effective channel dimension
Nam GH, Kim KS, Park SH, Kim HS, Ahn DH, Kim JH, Lee JH
545 - 553 The electrochemical performance of carbon xerogels with the addition of graphite intercalation compound
Osinska M, Krawczyk P, Rozmanowski T, Gurzeda B
554 - 563 2D-3D transformation of palladium and gold nanoparticles on functionalized Mo2C by multiscale simulation
Zhao CX, Qiu CL, Deng SW, Sun X, Gao YJ, Cao YY, Zhuo H, Zhuang GL, Zhong X, Wei ZZ, Yao ZH, Wang JG
564 - 575 Regulating the stability and bandgap structure of BiOBr during thermo-transformation via La doping
Fan QZ, Chen X, Chen FY, Tian J, Yu CL, Liao CF
576 - 587 Insight into the effect of promoters (M = Cu, Ag, Zn, Zr) on aldol condensation reaction based on MgO surface in the process of ethanol to 1, 3-butadiene: A comparative DFT study
Dong XQ, Liu C, Fan D, Yu YZ, Zhang MH
588 - 596 Room temperature solution-processed Fe doped NiOx as a novel hole transport layer for high efficient perovskite solar cells
Chandrasekhar PS, Seo YH, Noh YJ, Na SI
597 - 603 Post-treatment effects on the gas sensing performance of carbon nanotube sheets
Han M, Kim JK, Kang SW, Jung D
604 - 610 The favorable surface properties of heptazine based g-C3N4 (001) in promoting the catalytic performance towards CO2 conversion
Wang F, Ye YH, Cao YH, Zhou Y
611 - 624 Activation of MoS2 monolayers by substitutional copper and silver atoms embedded in sulfur vacancies: A theoretical study
Miralrio A, Rangel E, Castro M
625 - 631 Preparation of silicon oxide-carbon composite from benzene and trimethoxyphenylsilane by a liquid phase plasma method for supercapacitor applications
Lee H, Park IS, Bang HJ, Park YK, Cho EB, Kim BJ, Jung SC
632 - 636 Annealing time modulated the film microstructures and electrical properties of P-type CuO field effect transistors
Yang Y, Yang JY, Yin WL, Huang FM, Cui AY, Zhang DX, Li WW, Hu ZG, Chu JH
637 - 641 Essential anti-corrosive behavior of anodized Al alloy by applied current density
Lee SJ, Kim SJ
642 - 648 Enhanced gate-bias stress stability of organic field-effect transistors by introducing a fluorinated polymer in semiconductor/insulator ternary blends
Jeong YJ, Yun DJ, Nam S, Jang J
649 - 660 One step synthesis of N vacancy-doped g-C3N4/Ag2CO3 heterojunction catalyst with outstanding "two-path" photocatalytic N-2 fixation ability via in-situ self-sacrificial method
Wu G, Yu LH, Liu YF, Zhao JM, Han Z, Geng G
661 - 668 Ag and N-doped graphene quantum dots co-modified CuBi2O4 submicron rod photocathodes with enhanced photoelectrochemical activity
Ma CY, Ma DK, Yu WY, Chen W, Huang SM
669 - 677 In situ photochemical synthesis noble-metal-free NiS on CdS-diethylenetriamine nanosheets for boosting photocatalytic H-2 production activity
Ke XC, Dai K, Zhu GP, Zhang JF, Liang CH
678 - 683 Shell surface sulfidation mediated the plasmonic response of Au@Ag NPs for colorimetric sensing of sulfide ions and sulfur
Liu WJ, Li ZC, Jia HM, Zhang LX, He WW, Meng QB
684 - 691 Resolving the structure of organic nano strands self-assembled at a graphite-liquid interface using STM
Thomas LK, Diek N, Beginn U, Reichling M
692 - 701 Effect of visible light irradiation on hydrogen production by CoNi2S4/CdWO4 controllable flower spherical photocatalyst
Li LJ, Xu J, Mao M, Li XH, Zhao S, Liu ZY, Li YR
702 - 711 Distinctive electronic and spin structures at the oppositely polarized ferroelectric BiAlO3(0001) surfaces
Dai JQ, Yuan J
712 - 722 Highly efficient nonenzymatic glucose sensors based on CuO nanoparticles
Ashok A, Kumar A, Tarlochan F
723 - 735 The effects of annealing conditions on the wear of PDA/PTFE coatings
Jiang Y, Choudhury D, Brownell M, Nair A, Goss JA, Zou M
736 - 740 Fabrication of multilayer graphene-encapsulated Sn/SnO2 nanocomposite as an anode material for lithium-ion batteries and its electrochemical properties
Song JS, Cho GB, Kim KW, Ahn HJ, Kim HS, Ahn JH, Cho KK
741 - 746 Correlation between surface tension and fatigue properties of Ti-6Al-4V alloy fabricated by EBM additive manufacturing
Choi Y, Lee DG
747 - 760 Syngas for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis by methane tri-reforming using nickel supported on MgAl2O4 promoted with Zr, Ce and Ce-Zr
Lino AVP, Calderon YNC, Mastelaro VR, Assaf EM, Assaf JM
761 - 766 High temperature wear performance of laser cladding Co06 coating on high-speed train brake disc
Liu Y, Wu Y, Ma YM, Gao W, Yang GY, Fu H, Xi NY, Chen H
767 - 776 Synthesis of a new orthorhombic form of diamond in varying-C VN films: Microstructure, mechanical and tribological properties
Cai ZB, Pu JB, Wang LP, Xue QJ
777 - 784 Influence of the Nafion agglomerate morphology on the water-uptake behavior and fuel cell performance in the proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Kim TH, Yoo JH, Maiyalagan T, Yi SC
785 - 789 Colossal perpendicular magnetic anisotropy at MgO/Co/capping-layer structure
Nazir S
790 - 794 MnGa and (Mn,Ga)N-like alloy formation during annealing of Mn/GaN (0001) interface
Grodzicki M, Mazur P, Brona J, Ciszewski A
795 - 801 Facile ultrasound-driven formation and deposition of few-layered MoS2 nanosheets on CdS for highly enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Qian XH, Zhang JY, Guo Z, Liu SZ, Liu JX, Lin J
802 - 810 Thin-felt Al-fiber-structured Pd-Co-MnOx/Al2O3 catalyst with high moisture resistance for high-throughput O-3 decomposition
Tao LG, Zhang ZQ, Chen PJ, Zhao GF, Liu Y, Di Y
811 - 818 Thin film nanocomposite forward osmosis membrane embedded with amine-functionalized ordered mesoporous silica
Shakeri A, Razavi R, Salehi H, Fallahi M, Eghbalazar T
819 - 824 Growth of single crystal non-polar (11(2)over-bar0) ZnSnN2 films on sapphire substrate
Le DD, Ngo TS, Hong SK
825 - 837 Combustion synthesis of Fe3O4/Ag/C nanocomposite and application for dyes removal from multicomponent systems
Muntean SG, Nistor MA, Ianos R, Pacurariu C, Capraru A, Surdu VA
838 - 851 Solvent-exfoliation of transition-metal dichalcogenide MoS2 to provide more active sites for enhancing photocatalytic performance of BiOIO3/g-C3N4 photocatalyst
Guan Y, Wu J, Lin YY, Liu QZ, Qi YF, Pan WG, He P, Qi XM, Wang R, Ji ZH
852 - 859 Graphene oxide spontaneous reduction and self-assembly on the zinc metal surface enabling a dendrite-free anode for long-life zinc rechargeable aqueous batteries
Xia AL, Pu XM, Tao YY, Liu HM, Wang YG
860 - 871 Degradation mechanisms of air plasma sprayed free-standing yttria-stabilized zirconia thermal barrier coatings exposed to volcanic ash
Xia J, Yang L, Wu RT, Zhou YC, Zhang L, Huo KL, Gan M
872 - 882 Modifier-free fabrication of durable superhydrophobic electrodeposited Cu-Zn coating on steel substrate with self-cleaning, anti-corrosion and anti-scaling properties
Li H, Yu SR, Hu JH, Yin XL
883 - 891 Surface modification of polyamide meshes and nonwoven fabrics by plasma etching and a PDA/cellulose coating for oil/water separation
Zhao P, Qin N, Ren CL, Wen JZ
892 - 899 Binder free self-standing high performance supercapacitive electrode based on graphene/titanium carbide composite aerogel
Radha N, Kanakaraj A, Manohar HM, Nidhi MR, Mondal D, Nataraj SK, Ghosh D
900 - 909 Novel environmental-friendly lubricating materials: Water-based PAI-graphite-LaF3 bonded solid lubricating coatings
Li B, Jiang XF, Wu YP, Wan HQ, Chen L, Ye YP, Zhou HD, Chen JM
910 - 918 Chemical modification, field effect transistors and voltage-driven spin logic gates of tailored monolayer MoS2 nanoflakes
Zhang LS, Dai XY, Li T, Li H
919 - 925 Trace interstitial water removal from copper-cobalt Prussian analogues by rGO coating for high performance sodium ion supercapacitor devices
Xu Y, Zhu YH, Chen PP, Nie WY, Zhou YF
926 - 932 ZnO/Carbon nanowalls shell/core nanostructures as electrodes for supercapacitors
Guerra A, Achour A, Vizireanu S, Dinescu G, Messaci S, Hadjersi T, Boukherroub R, Coffinier Y, Pireaux JJ
933 - 939 Morphology-controlled synthesis of hollow Si/C composites based on KI-assisted magnesiothermic reduction for high performance Li-ion batteries
Han P, Sun WC, Li DZ, Luo DH, Wang YZ, Yang B, Li CH, Zhao YP, Chen L, Xu J, Zhu CZ
940 - 950 Density functional study of the adsorption of NO on Ni-n (n=1, 2, 3 and 4) clusters doped functionalized graphene support
Gao ZY, Li A, Liu XS, Ma CZ, Li X, Yang WJ, Ding XL
951 - 959 Effects of stripy surfaces with intervals on the coalescence dynamics of nanodroplets: Insights from molecular dynamics simulations
Li T, Xia YJ, Zhang LS, Zhang XF, Fu CR, Jiang YY, Li H
960 - 971 Engineering the poly(vinyl alcohol)-polyaniline colloids for high-performance waterborne alkyd anticorrosion coating
Guo R, Wang J, Wang HH, Fei GQ, Wang CY, Sun LY, Wallace GG
972 - 986 Assessment of the role of xi -and delta-phases in ZrO2-Al2O3 composite based hot dip zinc galvanized coating by layer wise tuning
Riyas AH, Shibli SMA
987 - 993 Nanotopographical polymeric surface with mussel-inspired decoration to enhance osteoblast differentiation
Yin HM, Mao CY, Liu W, Liu YH, Ren Y, Xu L, Xu JZ, Zhao BS, Gul RM, Li ZM
994 - 1000 Adsorption and dissociation of H2O molecule on the doped monolayer MoS2 with B/Si
Zhao B, Shang C, Zhou B, Zhang RQ, Wang JJ, Chen ZQ, Jiang M
1001 - 1010 Hierarchical porous nanorod@core-shell alpha-Fe2O3/TiO2 microspheres: Synthesis, characterization, and gas-sensing applications
Jia XH, Cheng CD, Feng SP, Yu XJ, Xia LX, Song HJ
1011 - 1017 Creation of a two-dimensional conducting path based on the engineering oxidation state of WO3 with Al2O3 at the interface
Lee YA, Kim J, Lee SY, Park J, Seo H
1018 - 1027 Influence of alkyl chains on fluoranthene ensembles towards fluorescence-based detection of 2,4,6-trinitrophenol
Kasthuri S, Kumar S, Raviteja S, Ramakrishna B, Maji S, Veeraiah N, Venkatramaiah N
1028 - 1034 Improved interfacial and electrical properties of few-layered MoS2 FETs with plasma-treated Al2O3 as gate dielectric
Song XJ, Xu JP, Liu L, Lai PT, Tang WM
1035 - 1043 Effects of potential models on nitrogen adsorption on triangular pore: An improved mixed model for energetic characterization of activated carbon
Mons RD, Cornette V, Toso JP, Maia DS, Lopez RH
1044 - 1052 Properties of phase transition and interfaces of Cu2ZnSnS4 with hetero-phase junctions
Jia ZJ, Zhao ZY
1053 - 1063 Effects of scanning path and overlapping rate on residual stress of 316L stainless steel blade subjected to massive laser shock peening treatment with square spots
Xu G, Luo KY, Dai FZ, Lu JZ
1064 - 1071 Enhanced photocatalytic performance of ZnO monolayer for water splitting via biaxial strain and external electric field
Chen HF, Tan CL, Zhang K, Zhao WB, Tian XH, Huang YW
1072 - 1079 The catalytic performance of isolated-dispersed Au on nanosized CeO2 for CO preferential oxidation in H-2-rich stream
Qiu ZH, Guo XL, Mao JX, Zhou RX
1080 - 1088 Role of defects in tuning the adsorption of CO over graphene-supported Co(13 )cluster
Wang YR, Wang LF, Ma SH
1089 - 1095 Synchronization iodine surface modification and lattice doping porous carbon nitride for photocatalytic hydrogen production
Gao YT, Hou F, Hu S, Wu BG, Jiang BJ
1096 - 1102 The effect of increasing Si content in the absorber layers (CrAlSiNx/CrAlSiOyNx) of solar selective absorbers upon their selectivity and thermal stability
Al-Rjoub A, Rebouta L, Costa P, Cunha NF, Lanceros-Mendez S, Barradas NP, Alves E
1103 - 1108 Prediction and experimental determination of the layer thickness in SIMS depth profiling of Ge/Si multilayers: Effect of preferential sputtering and atomic mixing
Lian SY, Kim KJ, Kim TG, Hofmann S, Wang JY
1109 - 1119 Efficient photocatalytic degradation of ciprofloxacin and bisphenol A under visible light using Gd2WO6 loaded ZnO/bentonite nanocomposite
Selvakumar K, Raja A, Arunpandian M, Stalindurai K, Rajasekaran P, Sami P, Nagarajan ER, Swaminathan M
1120 - 1126 On the presence of Ga2O sub-oxide in high-pressure water vapor annealed AlGaN surface by combined XPS and first-principles methods
Escano MCS, Asubar JT, Yatabe Z, David MY, Uenuma M, Tokuda H, Uraoka Y, Kuzuhara M, Tani M
1127 - 1132 Plasmon resonance enhanced WS2 photodetector with ultra-high sensitivity and stability
Liu Y, Huang W, Chen WJ, Wang XW, Guo JX, Tian H, Zhang HN, Wang YT, Yu B, Ren TL, Xu J
1133 - 1138 Ordering of cobalt surface particles by moving grain boundaries in copper
Zhevnenko S
1139 - 1147 Experimental and theoretical demonstration of the relative effects of O-doping and N-doping in porous carbons for CO(2 )capture
Ma XC, Li LQ, Zeng Z, Chen RF, Wang CH, Zhou K, Li HL
1148 - 1153 Interface analysis of TiN/n-GaN Ohmic contacts with high thermal stability
Zhu YF, Huang R, Li ZC, Hao H, An YX, Liu T, Zhao YF, Shen Y, Guo Y, Li FS, Ding SN
1154 - 1159 CH4 activation and sensing on hexagonal WO3 (001) and (110) surfaces
Wu R, Tian FH, Liu ZZ, Xue XY, Zhang J, Zu JH
1160 - 1166 Improved dielectric properties of poly(vinylidene fluoride) polymer nanocomposites filled with Ag nanoparticles and nickelate ceramic particles
Meeporn K, Thongbai P
1167 - 1177 The role of molybdenum on the enhanced performance and SO2 resistance of V/Mo-Ti catalysts for NH3-SCR
Kwon DW, Park KH, Ha HP, Hong SC
1178 - 1184 Rationalizing the control of interfacial charge transfer directions in halide perovskite materials via additives: A first principles investigation
Yu FX, Zhang L, Jiang F
1185 - 1195 Synergistic effect of ZnO QDs and Sn4+ ions to control anatase-rutile phase of three-dimensional ordered hollow sphere TiO2 with enhanced photodegradation and hydrogen evolution
Zhou QL, Li L, Wang JX, Zhang XY, Zhou SZ
1196 - 1205 Scalable synthesis of high-performance molybdenum diselenide-graphite nanocomposite anodes for lithium-ion batteries
Kim H, Nguyen QH, Kim I, Hur J
1206 - 1212 Molten-salt-mediated synthesis of porous Fe-containing N-doped carbon as efficient cathode catalysts for microbial fuel cells
Ren PY, Ci SQ, Ding YC, Wen ZH
1213 - 1219 Quasi layer by layer spray deposition of high-quality Ag coatings with excellent micro mechanical properties
Chen DX, Kang ZX, Hirahara H, Li W
1220 - 1227 Serrated-like NiCoO2 nanoarrays on Ni foam for high-performance supercapacitors
Huang HF, Zhang HL, Fan Y, Deng XL, Li GX, Liang XQ, Zhou WZ, Guo J, Tang SL
1228 - 1238 Surface modification of LiNi0.8Co0.1Mn0.1O2 by WO3 as a cathode material for LIB
Gan ZG, Hu GR, Peng ZD, Cao YB, Tong H, Du K
1239 - 1248 The frequency independent functionalized MoS2 nanosheet/poly(arylene ether nitrile) composites with improved dielectric and thermal properties via mussel inspired surface chemistry
Wang YJ, Kai Y, Tong LF, You Y, Huang YM, Liu XB
1249 - 1259 Influence of silicon on the microstructure and the chemical properties of nanostructured ZrN-Si coatings deposited by means of pulsed-DC reactive magnetron sputtering
Vanegas HS, Calderon S, Alfonso JE, Olaya JJ, Ferreira PJ, Carvalho S
1260 - 1269 Construction of 2D/2D porous graphitic C3N4/SnS2 composite as a direct Z-scheme system for efficient visible photocatalytic activity
Huo Y, Yang Y, Dai K, Zhang JF
1270 - 1276 A facile dopamine-assisted method for the preparation of antibacterial surfaces based on Ag/TiO2 nanoparticles
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1277 - 1286 Influence of calcination temperature on the catalytic properties of LaCu0.25Co0.75O3 catalysts in NOx reduction
Wu YH, Chu BX, Zhang M, Yi YN, Dong LH, Fan MG, Jin GZ, Zhang LL, Li B
1287 - 1298 Antibacterial efficiency of cellulose-based fibers covered with ZnO and Al2O3 by Atomic Layer Deposition
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1299 - 1304 A Pt@IrO2 core-shell catalyst for effective electrocatalytic reduction of concentrated nitric acid
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1305 - 1312 Improved corrosion resistance of 316LN stainless steel performed by rotationally accelerated shot peening
Chen XD, Li YS, Zhu YT, Bai YK, Yang B
1313 - 1326 Photocatalytic degradation of 2-Mercaptobenzothiazole by a novel Bi2WO6 nanocubes/In(OH)(3) photocatalyst: Synthesis process, degradation pathways, and an enhanced photocatalytic performance mechanism study
Qin YY, Li H, Lu J, Ding YC, Ma CC, Liu XL, Liu Z, Huo PW, Yan YS
1327 - 1334 C-H versus O-H bond scission in methanol decomposition on Pt(111): Role of the dispersion interaction
Phan TLM, Vo DVN, Nguyen HNT, Pham-Tran NN
1335 - 1343 Effective photocatalytic salicylic acid removal under visible light irradiation using Ag2S/AgI-Bi2S3/BiOI with Z-scheme heterojunctions
Chen X, Zhang WW, Zhang LX, Feng LP, Wen JW, Yang JJ, Zhang CX, Jiang J, Wang H
1344 - 1351 Promotional effects of ethylenediamine on the low-temperature catalytic activity of selective catalytic oxidation of ammonia over Pt/SiAlOx: States and particle sizes of Pt
Liu JY, Sun MM, Lin QJ, Liu S, Xu HD, Chen YQ
1352 - 1359 Boosted pseudocapacitance contribution in lithium ion storage performance of Fe3O4/Fe7S8 anode by nanoscale heterostructuring
Zhao MY, Lian ZX, Long ZY, Fu BW, Gao RH, Li SY, Zhou YN, Song Y
1360 - 1369 Investigations on the in-vivo toxicity analysis of reduced graphene oxide/TiO2 nanocomposite in zebrafish embryo and larvae (Danio rerio)
Prakash J, Venkatesan M, Prakash JJS, Bharath G, Anwer S, Veluswamy P, Prema D, Venkataprasanna KS, Venkatasubbu GD
1370 - 1376 Magnetic and optical properties of two-dimensional SnS2 nanosheets doped with Ho ions
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1377 - 1384 Fabricating thin two-dimensional hollow tin dioxide/carbon nanocomposite for high-performance lithium-ion battery anode
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1385 - 1393 Noble-metal-free Ni2P as cocatalyst decorated rapid microwave solvothermal synthesis of inorganic-organic CdS-DETA hybrids for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
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1394 - 1402 Interplay between grain boundary diffusion and annealing temperature on the conductivity of NiO coated Samarium doped ceria
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1403 - 1411 Increased nucleation sites in nickel foam for the synthesis of MoP@Ni3P/NF nanosheets for bifunctional water splitting
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1412 - 1417 pH-dependent plasticity regulation in proton/electron hybrid oxide-based synaptic transistors
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1418 - 1424 Synthesis of AuAg@Ag core/shell bimetallic nanoparticles in titanium nitride thin films by sequential ion implantation
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1425 - 1434 The Construction of Pt-based Catalyst Based on Exquisite Cu-doped CeO2 Nanotubes for Methanol Electrooxidation
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1435 - 1441 Ionic liquid grafted polyamide 6 as porous membrane materials: Enhanced water flux and heavy metal adsorption
Zheng X, Chen FF, Zhang XW, Zhang HJ, Li YJ, Li JY
1442 - 1448 Improvement in performance of inverted polymer solar cells by interface engineering of ALD ZnS on ZnO electron buffer layer
Zafar MHM, Kim BOO, Kim DH
1449 - 1458 Atomistic insights into the growth of Bi (110) thin films on Cu (111) substrate
Wang XX, Yang XD, Shen NF, Wang BL, Ge GX, Wang GH, Wan JG
1459 - 1465 High-rate performance of a three-dimensional LiFePO4/graphene composite as cathode material for Li-ion batteries
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1466 - 1473 Adsorption mechanism of ferrocene molecule on pristine and functionalized graphene
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1474 - 1482 Electronics of Ba adsorbed on Ge(001)
Puchalska A, Jurczyszyn L, Koczorowski W, Czajka R, Radny MW
1483 - 1489 Probing the frictional properties of sulfur-doped diamond-like carbon films under high vacuum by first-principles calculations
Zhang RH, Pu JB, Yang YC, Guo L, Wang JJ
1490 - 1502 Ex-situ SIMS characterization of plasma-deposited polystyrene near atmospheric pressure
Cristaudo V, Merche D, Poleunis C, Devaux J, Eloy P, Reniers F, Delcorte A
1503 - 1514 Establishment of surface/bulk-like species functionalization by controlling the sulfation temperature of Sb/V/Ce/Ti for NH3-SCR
Kwon DW, Kim J, Ha HP
1515 - 1523 The dual effects of RGO films in TiO2/CdSe heterojunction: Enhancing photocatalytic activity and improving photocorrosion resistance
Shen QQ, Wang Y, Xue JB, Gao GX, Liu XG, Jia HS, Li Q, Xu BS
1524 - 1531 Engineering inner-porous cobalt phosphide nanowire based on controllable phosphating for efficient hydrogen evolution in both acidic and alkaline conditions
Zhang SC, Xiong T, Tang XF, Ma QY, Hu FL, Mi Y
1532 - 1537 Ultrafine two-dimensional alloyed PdCu nanosheets-constructed three-dimensional nanoflowers enable efficient ethylene glycol electrooxidation
Guo XZ, Shang HY, Guo J, Xu H, Du YK
1538 - 1548 Highly dispersed and stable Ni nanoparticles confined by MgO on ZrO2 for CO2 methanation
Tan JJ, Wang JM, Zhang ZY, Ma Z, Wang LH, Liu Y
1549 - 1553 First-principles calculations of aluminium nitride monolayer with chemical functionalization
Wang SK, Tian HY, Luo Y, Yu J, Ren CD, Sun CL, Xu YJ, Sun ML
1554 - 1565 A comparative study on pre- and post-production plasma treatments of PCL films and nanofibers for improved cell-material interactions
Asadian M, Grande S, Onyshchenko I, Morent R, Declercq H, De Geyter N
1566 - 1572 On a specific state of C-60 fullerene in N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone solution: Mass spectrometric study
Snegir SV, Tropin TV, Kyzyma OA, Kuzmenko MO, Petrenko VI, Garamus VM, Korobov MV, Avdeev MV, Bulavin LA
1573 - 1584 Anisotropic nanoscale and sub-nanoscale friction behaviors between phosphorene and silicon tip
Lee HG, Yoon HM, Lee JS
1585 - 1594 New insights into the contact angle and formation process of nanobubbles based on line tension and pinning
Wang YF, Luo XM, Qin WQ, Jiao F