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Applied Surface Science, Vol.480 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 12 Hierarchical TiO2@In2O3 heteroarchitecture photoanodes: Mechanistic study on interfacial charge carrier dynamics through water splitting and organic decomposition
An GW, Mahadik MA, Piao G, Chae WS, Park H, Cho M, Chung HS, Jang JS
13 - 25 Back-to-back Interface diodes induced symmetrical negative differential resistance and reversible bipolar resistive switching in beta-CuSCN trigonal pyramid micro/nanoarray
Chen WL, Zhao J, Liu B, Cheng BC, Xiao YH, Lei SJ
26 - 34 Effect of graphene oxide additive on tribocorrosion behavior of MAO coatings prepared on Ti6Al4V alloy
Zuo Y, Li TL, Yu PH, Zhao ZC, Chen XY, Zhang Y, Chen F
35 - 42 Low-temperature laser generated ultrathin aluminum oxide layers for effective c-Si surface passivation
Fan PX, Sun ZM, Wilkes GC, Gupta MC
43 - 51 Atomic layer deposition of ZnO on MoS2 and WSe2
Walter TN, Lee S, Zhang XT, Chubarov M, Redwing JM, Jackson TN, Mohney SE
52 - 56 Complex behavior of hydrogen sensor using nanoporous palladium film prepared by evaporation
Noh HJ, Kim HJ, Park YM, Park JS, Lee HN
57 - 62 NiO-based resistive memory devices with highly improved uniformity boosted by ionic liquid pre-treatment
Kang X, Guo JJ, Gao YJ, Ren SX, Chen W, Zhao X
63 - 69 Exploring reaction mechanisms for CO oxidation on boron-doped carbon nanotubes: A computational approach
Kao WH, Wu SY, Chen HT
70 - 82 Laser surface melting of Mg-Zn-Dy alloy for better wettability and corrosion resistance for biodegradable implant applications
Rakesh KR, Bontha S, Ramesh MR, Das M, Balla VK
83 - 95 A theoretical study on the adsorption of acid gases by boron nitride-based nanomaterials
Rozas S, Alcalde R, Atilhan M, Aparicio S
96 - 104 Ultrasmall Pt nanoclusters deposited on europium oxide: A newly active photocatalyst for visible-light-driven photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Ren CJ, Li WJ, Li HD, Liu XT, Liu YC, Li XY, Lin CX, Zhou HL
105 - 114 Preparation and photocatalytic activity of Ag-modified GO-TiO2 mesocrystals under visible light irradiation
Qi HP, Wang HL, Zhao DY, Jiang WF
115 - 121 2D compositional self-patterning in magnetron sputtered thin films
Garcia-Valenzuela A, Alvarez R, Rico V, Espinos JP, Lopez-Santos MC, Solis J, Siegel J, del Campo A, Palmero A, Gonzalez-Elipe AR
122 - 130 Sb-doped p-ZnO quantum dots: Templates for ZnO nanorods homojunction white light-emitting diodes by low-temperature solution process
Baek SD, Kim YC, Myoung JM
131 - 137 Facile fabrication of periodic arrays of vertical Si nanoholes on (001)Si substrate with broadband light absorption properties
Tseng YM, Gu RY, Chang CW, Cheng SL
138 - 147 Role of water molecules in the decomposition of HKUST-1: Evidence from adsorption, thermoanalytical, X-ray and neutron scattering measurements
Doman A, Czakkel O, Porcar L, Madarasz J, Geissler E, Laszlo K
148 - 153 Asymmetry in magnetic behavior caused by superposition of unidirectional and four-fold magnetic anisotropies in CoPt/FeMn bilayers
Pan CJ, Gao TH, Harumoto T, Zhang ZJ, Nakamura Y, Shi J
154 - 161 Adlayer-substrate interactions in controlled growth of graphene/h-BN heterostructure on Ni(111) and Cu(111) surfaces
Wang Q, Liu PF, Bian X, Huang JM, Li WQ, Chen GH, Yang YH
162 - 171 Cellulose graft copolymers toward strong thermoplastic elastomers via RAFT polymerization
Jiang F, Pan CQ, Zhang YQ, Fang YX
172 - 176 Coverage dependent CO adsorption manners on seven MoP surfaces with DFT based thermodynamics method
Tian XX, Min J, Wang T
177 - 185 Metal sulfide nanosheet-nitrogen-doped graphene hybrids as low-cost counter electrodes for dye-sensitized solar cells
Ganesh RS, Silambarasan K, Durgadevi E, Navaneethan M, Ponnusamy S, Kong CY, Muthamizhchelvan C, Shimura Y, Hayakawa Y
186 - 198 Mesoporous nickel sulphide nanostructures for enhanced supercapacitor performance
Muthu NS, Gopalan M
199 - 204 Modulating the Schottky barriers in MoS2/MXenes heterostructures via surface functionalization and electric field
Peng Q, Si C, Zhou J, Sun ZM
205 - 211 A DFT study of CO adsorption on the pristine, defective, In-doped and Sb-doped graphene and the effect of applied electric field
Yang SL, Lei G, Xu HX, Xu B, Li HP, Lan ZG, Wang Z, Gu HS
212 - 218 Second harmonic generation (SHG) in pentacene thin films grown by matrix assisted pulsed laser evaporation (MAPLE)
Ionita I, Bercea A, Brajnicov S, Matei A, Ion V, Marascu V, Mitu B, Constantinescu C
219 - 228 Facile preparation of Ti3+/Ni co-doped TiO2 nanotubes photoanode for efficient photoelectrochemical water splitting
Dong ZB, Ding DY, Li T, Ning CQ
229 - 234 A simple one-step fabrication of gold nanoparticles-based surface-enhanced Raman scattering substrates using rice grains
Philip A, Ankudze B, Pakkanen TT
235 - 242 Covalent immobilization of 4-pyridinepropanol monolayers on Si(111) surfaces: Axially ligation F16CoPc on pyridine moieties
Alavi A, Tahay P, Safari N
243 - 255 Comprehensive investigation of methane conversion over Ni(111) surface under a consistent DFT framework: Implications for anti-coking of SOFC anodes
Han ZY, Yang ZB, Han MF
256 - 261 One-pot synthesis of etched CoMn-layered double hydroxides efficient for oxygen evolution reaction
Yi ZX, Ye CL, Zhang M, Lu YR, Liu YQ, Zhang L, Yan K
262 - 275 Generation of oxygen vacancies on Sr2FeMoO6 to improve its photocatalytic performance through a novel preparation method involving pH adjustment and use of surfactant
Li XY, Yao ZF, Zhang LY, Zheng GH, Dai ZX, Chen KY
276 - 280 Nano-porous shape memory membrane: Fabrication based on double bicontinuous structures in ternary blend and pore-size manipulation by macroscopic deformation
Yang QC, Wang T, Zhang L, Zhang JF, Wang F, Ni YK, Pan SL, Li YJ, You JC
281 - 287 Evaluation and modeling of the surface characteristics of troilite (FeS)
Chirita P
288 - 299 Bio-based magnetic metal-organic framework nanocomposite: Ultrasound-assisted synthesis and pollutant (heavy metal and dye) removal from aqueous media
Mahmoodi NM, Taghizadeh M, Taghizadeh A, Abdi J, Hayati B, Shekarchi AA
300 - 307 Magnetic switches via electric field in BN nanoribbons
Liu L, Ren X, Xie JH, Cheng B, Liu WK, An TY, Qin HW, Hu JF
308 - 322 Ultra-high photoresponse with superiorly sensitive metal-insulator-semiconductor (MIS) structured diodes for UV photodetector application
Marnadu R, Chandrasekaran J, Maruthamuthu S, Balasubramani V, Vivek P, Suresh R
323 - 329 Pulsed laser deposition of thin carbon films on SiO2/Si substrates
Milenov T, Dikovska A, Avdeev G, Avramova I, Kirilov K, Karashanova D, Terziyska P, Georgieva B, Arnaudov B, Kolev S, Valcheva E
330 - 340 Physical insight in the fluence-dependent distributions of Au nanoparticles produced by sub-picosecond UV pulsed laser ablation of a solid target in vacuum environment
Cesaria M, Caricato AP, Beccaria M, Perrone A, Martino M, Taurino A, Catalano M, Resta V, Klini A, Gontad F
341 - 348 Rapid synthesis of vertically-aligned zinc oxide nanorods on stainless steel for non-enzymatic glucose and H2O2 photoelectrochemical sensor
Liu W, Zhan WT, Jia XY, Liu Q, Chen RS, Li D, Huang Y, Zhang GY, Ni HW
349 - 360 Grain size and temperature effects on the indentation induced plastic deformations of nano polycrystalline diamond
He GC, Xu C, Liu CM, Liu HP, Wang HK
361 - 370 TiO2/SnO2 and TiO2/CuO thin film nano-heterostructures as gas sensors
Maziarz W
371 - 383 Ordered mesoporous Co3O4/CMC nanoflakes for superior cyclic life and ultra high energy density supercapacitor
Babu IM, William JJ, Muralidharan G
384 - 394 Enhanced corrosion protection property of Li-Al layered double hydroxides (LDHs) film modified by 2-guanidinosuccinic acid with excellent self-repairing and self-antibacterial properties
Li J, Lin KD, Luo XH, Zhang HX, Cheng YF, Li XB, Liu YL
395 - 403 Preparation and photocatalytic performance of MWCNTs/BiOCl: Evidence for the superoxide radical participation in the degradation mechanism of phenol
Ma DM, Zhong JB, Li JZ, Burda C, Duan R
404 - 409 Hydrothermal synthesis of oxygen-deficiency tungsten oxide quantum dots with excellent photochromic reversibility
Liu QQ, Hu CF, Wang XM
410 - 418 Improving the electrochemical properties of a SiO@C/graphite composite anode for high-energy lithium-ion batteries by adding lithium fluoride
Xia M, Li YR, Wu YF, Zhang HB, Yang JK, Zhou N, Zhou Z, Xiong X
419 - 426 Mass transport in the PdCu phase structures during hydrogen adsorption and absorption studied by XPS under hydrogen atmosphere
Tang J, Yamamoto S, Koitaya T, Yoshigoe A, Tokunaga T, Mukai K, Matsuda I, Yoshinobu J
427 - 437 In-situ fabrication of MoO3 nanobelts decorated with MoO2 nanoparticles and their enhanced photocatalytic performance
Xi QY, Liu JS, Wu ZY, Bi HF, Li ZQ, Zhu KJ, Zhuang JJ, Chen JX, Lu SL, Huang YF, Qian GM
438 - 447 Influence of Ni13+ ions irradiation on the microstructure, mechanical and tribological properties of Mo-S-Ti composite films
Duan ZW, Zhao XY, Xu J, Wang P, Liu WM
448 - 453 Monolayer Zr2B2: A promising two-dimensional anode material for Li-ion batteries
Yuan GH, Bo T, Qi X, Liu PF, Huang ZY, Wang BT
454 - 462 Determination of interface layer effects on magnetic properties of nanocomposite magnets and exchange coupling between magnetic entities
Abbas N, Wang F, Ren HY, Liu JP, Xia WX, Du J, Zhao GP, Zhang J
463 - 471 Tailoring electronic and optical parameters of bilayer graphene through boron and nitrogen atom co-substitution; an ab-initio study
Rafique M, Shuai Y, Ahmed I, Shaikh R, Tunio MA
472 - 477 Phase-controlled synthesis of SnOx thin films by atomic layer deposition and post-treatment
Park BE, Park J, Lee S, Lee S, Kim WH, Kim H
478 - 486 Prediction on morphologies and phase equilibrium diagram of iron oxides nanoparticles
Meng Y, Liu XW, Bai MM, Guo WP, Cao DB, Yang Y, Li YW, Wen XD
487 - 496 Dissociation mechanism of HFC-245fa on Cu(111) surfaces with and without oxygen-covered: A density functional theory study
Huo EG, Liu C, Xu XX, Liu L, Wang SK
497 - 504 Nano-scale image rendering via surface plasmon-driven reaction controlled by tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Zeng Z, Qi XN, Li XJ, Zhang LS, Wang PJ, Fang Y
505 - 513 The fabrication of NiCu2S2 from NiCu film on nickel foam for methanol electrooxidation and supercapacitors
Cheng Y, Zhai MM, Hu JB
514 - 522 Surface functionalization effect of graphene oxide on its liquid crystalline and assembly behaviors
Hong YL, Ryu S, Jeong HS, Kim YK
523 - 528 Nature of vacuum-deposited electrode induced thermal irradiation damage on organic transistors
Wei Z, Tong YH, Zhao PF, Zhao XL, Tang QX, Liu YC
529 - 536 Step flow growth of Mn5Ge3 films on Ge(111) at room temperature
Petit M, Boussadi A, Heresanu V, Ranguis A, Michez L
537 - 547 The catalytic properties of Cu modified attapulgite in NH3-SCO and NH3-SCR reactions
Chen CM, Cao Y, Liu ST, Chen JM, Jia WB
548 - 556 Highly efficient transfer hydrodeoxygenation of vanillin over Sn4+-induced highly dispersed Cu-based catalyst
Gao Z, Liu FQ, Wang L, Luo F
557 - 564 Visible photoactivity and antiphotocorrosion performance of CdS photocatalysts by the hybridization of N-substituted carboxyl group polyaniline
Zhang JL, Fang JY, Ye XA, Guo ZR, Liu YX, Song Q, Zheng S, Chen X, Wang SH, Yang SM
565 - 571 Direct p-doping of Li-TFSI for efficient hole injection: Role of polaronic level in molecular doping
Kim K, Jeong J, Kim M, Kang D, Cho SW, Lee H, Yi Y
572 - 581 Surface 3-D lubrication structure design of Al2O3/Ni-laminated ceramics to improve tribological properties under combined environments
Fan HZ, Su YF, Song JJ, Wan HQ, Hu LT, Zhang YS
582 - 592 Core@shell beta-FeOOH@polypyrolle derived N, S-codoped Fe3O4@N-doped porous carbon nanococoons for high performance supercapacitors
Zhu MY, Chen Q, Tang JJ, Wei WJ, Li SJ
593 - 600 Fractal characteristics of TiO2-Ag nanocomposite films deposited by a grid-assisted co-sputtering method
Meymian MRZ, Abdolvahab RH, Mehr AK
601 - 610 Chitosan modified Cu2O nanoparticles with high catalytic activity for p-nitrophenol reduction
Guo Y, Dai MM, Zhu ZX, Chen YQ, He H, Qin TH
611 - 620 Fabrication of MoS2/WSe2 heterostructures as electrocatalyst for enhanced hydrogen evolution reaction
Vikraman D, Hussain S, Truong L, Karuppasamy K, Kim HJ, Maiyalagan T, Chun SH, Jung J, Kim HS
621 - 635 The study of structural, morphological and optical properties of (Al, Ga)-doped ZnO: DFT and experimental approaches
Sikam P, Moontragoon P, Ikonic Z, Kaewmaraya T, Thongbai P
636 - 645 Effect of heat treatment and synergistic rare-earth modified NiCrAlY on bonding strength of nanostructured 8YSZ coatings
Zhou FF, Zhang ZG, Liu SY, Wang L, Jia J, Wang Y, Gong X, Gou JF, Deng CM, Liu M
646 - 654 Investigation of the anticorrosion properties of graphene oxide doped thin organic anticorrosion films for hot-dip galvanized steel
Liu Q, Ma RN, Du A, Zhang XR, Yang HZ, Fan YZ, Zhao X, Cao XM
655 - 664 Self-generated N-doped anodized stainless steel mesh for an efficient and stable overall water splitting electrocatalyst
Yao MQ, Sun BL, Wang N, Hu WC, Komarneni S
665 - 670 Correlated emission of X-ray and sound from water film irradiated by femtosecond laser pulses
Huang HH, Juodkazis S, Hatanaka K
671 - 679 High performance flexible solid-state symmetric supercapacitors based on laser induced porous reduced graphene oxide-graphene oxide hybrid nanostructure devices
Kavinkurnar T, Kavitha P, Naresh N, Manivannan S, Muneeswaran M, Neppolian B
680 - 688 Thermally driven reversible photoluminescence modulation in WS2/VO2 heterostructure
Kumar P, Singh D, Balakrishnan V
689 - 696 Novel electrocatalyst of nickel sulfide boron coating for hydrogen evolution reaction in alkaline solution
Wu YH, Gao Y, He HW, Zhang P
697 - 708 Fabrication of Ag2O/TiO2 composites on nanographene platelets for the removal of organic pollutants: Influence of oxidants and inorganic anions
Saleh R, Taufik A, Prakoso SP
709 - 716 Functionalization of single-layer graphene for immunoassays
Fernandes E, Cabral PD, Campos R, Machado G, Cerqueira MF, Sousa C, Freitas PP, Borme J, Petrovykh DY, Alpuim P
717 - 726 A novel magnetic heterogeneous catalyst oxygen-defective CoFe2O4-x for activating peroxymonosulfate
Wu LY, Yu YB, Zhang Q, Hong JM, Wang J, She YC
727 - 737 Rational design of a sandwiched structure Ni(OH)(2) nanohybrid sustained by amino-functionalized graphene quantum dots for outstanding capacitance
Zheng LX, Guan LT, Song JL, Zheng HJ
738 - 748 A robust and versatile superhydrophobic coating: Wear-resistance study upon sandpaper abrasion
Li M, Li Y, Xue F, Jing XL
749 - 758 AFM and DFT study of depression of hematite in oleate-starch-hematite flotation system
Li LX, Zhang C, Yuan ZT, Xu XY, Song ZG
759 - 764 Sarin chemisorbent based on cobalt-doped graphene
Jaiswal NK, Kovacevic G
765 - 769 Activation energy of oxygen diffusion: A possible indicator of supercurrents through YBa2Cu3O7 grain boundaries
Wang TG, Gao JJ, Gou XF
770 - 778 Deep eutectic solvents appended to UiO-66 type metal organic frameworks: Preserved open metal sites and extra adsorption sites for CO2 capture
Li Z, Sun WZ, Chen C, Guo QR, Li X, Gu MW, Feng NJ, Ding J, Wan H, Guan GF
779 - 791 Adsorption characteristics of Co-anchored different graphene substrates toward O-2 and NO molecules
Dong JL, Gao ZY, Yang WJ, Li A, Ding XL
792 - 801 Catalytic de-chlorination of products from PVC degradation by magnetite (Fe3O4)
Ahmed OH, Altarawneh M, Al-Harahsheh M, Jiang ZT, Dlugogorski BZ
802 - 809 Electronic, magnetic properties of 4d series transition metal substituted black phosphorene: A first-principles study
Wang YS, Song NH, Dong N, Zheng YF, Yang XH, Jiang WF, Xu B, Wang JJ
810 - 816 Carbon quantum dots/TiO2 nanosheets with dominant (001) facets for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Sui YL, Wu L, Zhong SK, Liu QX
817 - 821 Surface-engineered Li4Ti5O12 nanoparticles by TiO2 coating for superior rate capability and electrochemical stability at elevated temperature
Gangaja B, Nair S, Santhanagopalan D
822 - 829 Decreased bacterial colonization of additively manufactured Ti6Al4V metallic scaffolds with immobilized silver and calcium phosphate nanoparticles
Surmeneva M, Lapanje A, Chudinova E, Ivanova A, Koptyug A, Loza K, Prymak O, Epple M, Ennen-Roth F, Ulbricht M, Rijavec T, Surmenev R
830 - 838 Synthesis of Ti3C2/Fe3O4/PANI hierarchical architecture composite as an efficient wide-band electromagnetic absorber
Wang Y, Gao X, Zhang LJ, Wu XM, Wang QG, Luo CY, Wu GL
839 - 845 Dewetting behavior of Ag in Ag-coated Cu particle with thick Ag shell
Choi EB, Lee JH
846 - 850 Static and dynamic tuning of surface plasmon resonance by controlling interparticle distance in arrays of Au nanoparticles
Mizuno A, Ono A
851 - 860 Multifunctional magnetic superhydrophobic carbonaceous aerogel with micro/nano-scale hierarchical structures for environmental remediation and energy storage
Lu YQ, Niu ZX, Yuan WZ
861 - 867 In situ X-ray observations of pure-copper layer formation with blue direct diode lasers
Sato Y, Tsukamoto M, Shobu T, Funada Y, Yamashita Y, Hara T, Sengoku M, Sakon Y, Ohkubo T, Yoshida M, Abe N
868 - 875 Thermodynamic analysis of molecular simulations of N-2 and O-2 adsorption on zeolites under plateau special conditions
Fu YG, Liu YS, Yang X, Li ZY, Jianh LJ, Zhang CZ, Wang HY, Yang RT
876 - 881 Effect of iron doping on the properties of SnO2 nano/microfibers
Mudra E, Shepa I, Milkovic O, Dankova Z, Kovalcikova A, Annusova A, Majkova E, Dusza J
882 - 887 Hierarchical flower-like structures composed of cross-shaped vanadium dioxide nanobelts as superior performance anode for lithium and sodium ions batteries
Su H, Chang K, Ma YH, Yang DC, Wang CP, Zhang K, Li D, Zhang JM
888 - 895 Catalytic hydrogenation of p-nitrophenol using a metal-free catalyst of porous crimped graphitic carbon nitride
Huang T, Fu YS, Peng Q, Yu CY, Zhu JW, Yu AP, Wang X
896 - 904 Hydrothermal reduction of commercial P25 photocatalysts to expand their visible-light response and enhance their performance for photodegrading phenol in high-salinity wastewater
Wang T, Zhang YL, Pan JH, Li BR, Wu LG, Jiang BQ
905 - 911 Design of high efficient oxygen reduction catalyst from the transition metal dimer phthalocyanine monolayer
Meng YN, Yin C, Li K, Tang H, Wang Y, Wu ZJ
912 - 922 The surface-modified effects of Zn anode with CuO in Zn-air batteries
Kim YJ, Ryu KS
923 - 933 New protein-resistant surfaces of amphiphilic graft copolymers containing hydrophilic poly(ethylene glycol) and low surface energy fluorosiloxane side-chains
Yi LM, Xu K, Xia GY, Li JW, Li WX, Cai Y
934 - 944 Synthesis of NaX zeolite-graphite amine fiber composite membrane: Role of graphite amine in membrane formation for H-2/CO2 separation
Roy P, Das N
945 - 950 Defect induced broadband visible to near-infrared luminescence in ZnAl2O4 nanocrystals
Jain M, Manju, Gundimeda A, Kumar S, Gupta G, Won SO, Chae KH, Vij A, Thakur A
951 - 955 Effect of TiC particle size on high temperature oxidation behavior of TiC reinforced stainless steel
Lee YH, Ko S, Park H, Lee D, Shin S, Jo I, Lee SB, Lee SK, Kim Y, Cho S
956 - 961 Solid-phase epitaxy and pressure-induced topotaxy of the VO2 and V2O3 thin films on sapphire using annealing under uniaxial compression
Matsuda A, Nozawa Y, Kaneko S, Yoshimoto M
962 - 968 Use of image analysis to evaluate surface dispersion and covering performance of nanolime coatings sprayed on heritage material substrates
Lanzon M, Garcia-Vera VE, Tenza-Abril AJ, De Stefano V
969 - 978 Corrosion behavior of an Al added high-Cr ODS steel in supercritical water at 600 degrees C
Ren J, Yu LM, Liu YC, Ma ZQ, Liu CX, Li HJ, Wu JF
979 - 989 Electrosynthesis of polydopamine films - tailored matrices for laccase-based biosensors
Almeida LC, Correia RD, Marta A, Squillaci G, Morana A, La Cara F, Correia JP, Viana AS
990 - 997 Decreasing the dielectric constant and water uptake by introducing hydrophobic cross-linked networks into co-polyimide films
Song NN, Yao HY, Ma TN, Wang TJ, Shi KX, Tian Y, Zhang B, Zhu SY, Zhang YH, Guan SW
998 - 1007 The influence of surface pre-twinning on the friction and wear performance of an AZ31B Mg alloy
Mao B, Siddaiah A, Zhang X, Li B, Menezes PL, Liao YL
1008 - 1013 Nucleation of diamond micro-patterns with photoluminescent SiV centers controlled by amorphous silicon thin films
Fait J, Potocky S, Stehlik S, Stuchlik J, Artemenko A, Kromka A, Rezek B
1014 - 1024 Hydrazine adsorption on perfect and defective fcc nickel (100), (110) and (111) surfaces: A dispersion corrected DFT-D2 study
Menkah ES, Dzade NY, Tia R, Adei E, de Leeuw NH
1025 - 1034 Investigation of spin Seebeck effect and magnetic damping in nanometer thick Ce0.5Y2.5Fe5O12 films
Mohmed F, Lin YH
1035 - 1046 Self-assembled nitrogen-doped graphene quantum dots (N-GQDs) over graphene sheets for superb electro-photocatalytic activity
Riaz R, Ali M, Sahito IA, Arbab AA, Maiyalagan T, Anjum AS, Ko MJ, Jeong SH
1047 - 1053 3D Electron microscopy characterization of Ag mound-like surface structures made by femtosecond laser surface processing
Peng E, Roth A, Zuhlke CA, Azadehranjbar S, Alexander DR, Gogos G, Shield JE
1054 - 1062 Structure and photoluminescence properties of MoO3-x/graphene nanoflake hybrid nanomaterials formed via surface growth
Wang BB, Zhong XX, Ming BM, Zhu MK, Chen YA, Cvelbar U, Ostrikov K
1063 - 1069 Combined effect of point defects and layer number on the adsorption of benzene and toluene on graphene
Akay TI, Toffoli D, Ustunel H
1070 - 1077 Nanosecond laser-induced surface damage and material failure mechanism of single crystal CaF2 (111) at 355 nm
Li CH, Kang XL, Han W, Zheng WG, Su LB
1078 - 1088 Controlling the growth of ultrathin MoS2 nanosheets/CdS nanoparticles by two-step solvothermal synthesis for enhancing photocatalytic activities under visible light
Alomar M, Liu YL, Chen W, Fida H
1089 - 1092 SnO-decorated TiO2 nanoparticle with enhanced photocatalytic performance for methylene blue degradation
Lee JK, Kim YK, Choi BJ, Chung TM, Han JH
1093 - 1099 Study of the spontaneous oxidation of sodium in air by EPMA and Monte Carlo simulations
Oliva FY, Leiva EPM, Lener G, Barraco DE, Trincavelli JC
1100 - 1108 Effect of oxidation on crack propagation of Si nanofilm: A ReaxFF molecular dynamics simulation study
Sun Y, Zhai Z, Tian SH, Chen XF
1109 - 1115 Azide-alkyne click reactions to prepare chemically modified amorphous carbon electrodes
Fehr JM, McKenas CG, Liu B, Lockett MR
1116 - 1125 Valence modulation in hollow carbon nanosphere/manganese oxide composite for high performance supercapacitor
Dong JY, Lu G, Yue JS, Cheng ZM, Kang XH
1126 - 1135 3D hybrids based on WS2/N, S co-doped reduced graphene oxide: Facile fabrication and superior performance in supercapacitors
Xu YP, Wang LZ, Xu Q, Liu LY, Fang XC, Shi C, Ye B, Chen LY, Peng WY, Liu ZJ, Chen WF
1136 - 1146 Enhance flotation separation of arsenopyrite and pyrite by low-temperature oxygen plasma surface modification
Ran JC, Qiu XY, Hu Z, Liu QJ, Song BX, Yao YQ
1147 - 1155 X-ray radiation enhancement of gold- TiO2 nanocomposites
Higgins MCM, Rojas JV
1156 - 1161 Scanning tunneling microscopy study of Cu-induced surface restructuring of Si(100)-(2 x 1)
Milosz Z, Wojciechowski P, Zgrajek I, Wroblewska-Marciniak M, Mielcarek S, Stobiecki F, Lewandowski M
1162 - 1170 Facile hot spots assembly on molybdenum oxide nanosheets via in situ decoration with gold nanoparticles
Guo YX, Zhuang ZF, Liu ZM, Fan WD, Zhong HQ, Zhang W, Ni YR, Guo ZY