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Applied Surface Science, Vol.479 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 11 Potassium doped graphitic carbon nitride with extended optical absorbance for solar light driven photocatalysis
Tripathi A, Narayanan S
12 - 19 Structure evolution and stress transition in diamond-like carbon films by glancing angle deposition
Lei Y, Jiang JL, Wang YB, Bi TT, Zhang LJ
20 - 24 A hydrothermal reacting approach to prepare few-layer graphene from bulk graphite
Wang B, Chang QY, Gao K
25 - 30 In-situ DRIFTS study of two-step CO2 capture and catalytic methanation over Ru,"Na2O"/Al2O3 Dual Functional Material
Proano L, Tello E, Arellano-Trevino MA, Wang SX, Farrauto RJ, Cobo M
31 - 38 Hydrophilic surface modification of TiO2 to produce a highly sustainable photocatalyst for outdoor air purification
Cha BJ, Saqlain S, Seo HO, Kim YD
39 - 46 Enhanced catalytic CO oxidation by Cu13-mNim (m=0, 1, 13) clusters at ambient temperatures with more active sites and distinct mechanistic pathways
Li TT, He C, Zhang WX, Cheng M
47 - 54 Layer-dependent characterization of individual and mixed ion-doped multilayered DNA thin films
Yoo S, Dugasani SR, Mitta SB, Park SH
55 - 63 Insight into activation of CO and initial C-2 oxygenate formation during synthesis of higher alcohols from syngas on the model catalyst K2O/Cu(111) surface
Zhang T, Wu YQ, Zhang JF, Zhang QD, Yang GH, Tsubaki N, Tan YS
64 - 69 Prediction of MoO2 as high capacity electrode material for (Na, K, Ca)-ion batteries
Rao YC, Yu S, Gu X, Duan XM
70 - 76 Fibrous electrocatalytic materials based on carbon/copper/copper phosphides for effective hydrogen evolution
Streckova M, Orinakova R, Hovancova J, Kobera L, Brus J, Hungria AB, Girman V, Mudra E, Heckova M, Podobova M, Kovalcikova A, Dusza J
77 - 85 Preparation and catalytic property of Pd-loaded hollow magnetic nanoreactor
Li MN, Liu DS, Hao MJ, Huang Z, Sun P, Zhou LC
86 - 95 Fabrication of a magnetically separable Cu2ZnSnS4/ZnFe(2)O(4 )p-n heterostructured nano-photocatalyst for synergistic enhancement of photocatalytic activity combining with photo-Fenton reaction
Wang XT, Li Y, Zhang XQ, Li JF, Luo YN, Wang CW
96 - 104 Antibacterial and electrochemical activities of silver, gold, and palladium nanoparticles dispersed amorphous carbon composites
Anjana PM, Bindhu MR, Umadevi M, Rakhi RB
105 - 113 Effects of graphene oxide-filled sol-gel sealing on the corrosion resistance and paint adhesion of anodized aluminum
Yu M, Dong H, Shi HB, Xiong LL, He C, Liu JH, Li SM
114 - 118 Effect of gold plasmonic shell on nonlinear optical characteristics and structure of iron based nanoparticles
Ahmadi N, Poursalehi R, Kirilyuk A, Moravvej-Farshi MK
119 - 127 Tuning the structures of boron nitride nanosheets by template synthesis and their application as lubrication additives in water
Songfeng E, Ye XY, Zhu ZZ, Lu WB, Li CW, Yao YG
128 - 136 Simultaneous cross-linking and pore-forming electrospun carbon nanofibers towards high capacitive performance
Jiang QT, Pang X, Geng ST, Zhao YH, Wang XM, Qin H, Liu B, Zhou J, Zhou T
137 - 147 Self-limited ion-exchange grown Bi6Fe2Ti3O18-BiOBr ferroelectric heterostructure and the enhanced photocatalytic oxygen evolution
Gu W, Li XN, Zhang W, Wang JL, Yin XF, Zhu LY, Chen ZZ, Zou W, Fu ZP, Lu YL
148 - 157 Role of rubidium promotion on the nitrous oxide decomposition activity of nanocrystalline Co3O4-CeO2 catalyst
Abu-Zied BM, Soliman SA, Asiri AM
158 - 166 Surface-fluorinated Li4Ti5O12 nanowires/reduced graphene oxide composite as a high-rate anode material for Lithium ion batteries
Hu GR, Wu JL, Du K, Peng ZD, Jia M, Yang H, Cao YB
167 - 176 Shape- and size-tunable synthesis of tin sulfide thin films for energy applications by electrodeposition
Vikraman D, Thiagarajan S, Karuppasamy K, Sanmugam A, Choi JH, Prasanna K, Maiyalagan T, Thaiyan M, Kim HS
177 - 184 Improving the performance of inverted polymer solar cells through modification of compact TiO2 layer by different boronic acid functionalized self-assembled monolayers
Kirbiyik C, Kara DA, Kara K, Buyukcelebie S, Yigit MZ, Can M, Kus M
185 - 197 Competitive adsorption of SF6 decompositions on Ni-doped ZnO (100) surface: Computational and experimental study
Wang JX, Zhou Q, Zeng W
198 - 208 Three-dimensional hollow spheres of porous SnO2/rGO composite as high-performance anode for sodium ion batteries
Kong Z, Liu XH, Wang T, Fu AP, Li YH, Guo PZ, Guo YG, Li HL, Zhao XS
209 - 215 1D/2D heterostructure nanofiber flexible sensing device with efficient gas detectivity
Wang K, Wei W, Lou Z, Zhang H, Wang LL
216 - 224 Study on the magnetic properties of differently functionalized multilayered Ti3C2Tx MXenes and Ti-Al-C carbides
Scheibe B, Tadyszak K, Jarek M, Michalak N, Kempinski M, Lewandowski M, Peplinska B, Chybczynska K
225 - 233 Facile electrochemical synthesis of heterostructured amorphous-Sn@CuxO nanowire anode for Li-ion batteries with high stability and rate-performance
Kim M, Choi I, Kim JJ
234 - 246 Enhancement of NO oxidation activity and SO2 resistance over LaMnO3+delta perovskites catalysts with metal substitution and acid treatment
Lin FW, Shao JM, Tang HR, Li Y, Wang ZH, Chen GY, Yuan DK, Cen KF
247 - 252 Fabricating visible-light photoactive 3D flower-like BiOCl nanostructures via a one-step solution chemistry method at room temperature
Liu JJ, Zhang SL, Zhao HT
253 - 259 A novel way to quantitatively determine the mechanical properties of thin films from the initial-grown surface by nanoindentation
Guo YN, Staedler T, Fu HY, Heuser S, Jiang X
260 - 264 DFT molecular dynamics and free energy analysis of a charge density wave surface system
Trabada DG, Mendieta-Moreno JI, Soler-Polo D, Flores F, Ortega J
265 - 272 Improved electrochemical performance of Li-S battery with carbon and polymer-modified cathode
Li SS, Li H, Zhu GR, Jin B, Liu HM, Jiang Q
273 - 279 Pd(II)/Ni(II)-dimethylglyoxime derived Pd-Ni-P@N-doped carbon hybrid nanocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction
Dong X, Li JR, Wei DH, Li R, Qu KG, Wang L, Xu SL, Kang WJ, Li HB
280 - 286 High-efficiency nitrene-based crosslinking agent for robust dielectric layers and high-performance solution-processed organic field-effect transistors
Kim K, Shin S, Kim SH, Lee J, An TK
287 - 295 Facile synthesis of Si@void@C nanocomposites from low-cost microsized Si as anode materials for lithium-ion batteries
Nzabahimana J, Guo ST, Hu XL
296 - 302 Lanthanum (oxy)boride thin films for thermionic emission applications
Bellucci A, Mastellone M, Orlando S, Girolami M, Generosi A, Paci B, Soltani P, Mezzi A, Kaciulis S, Polini R, Trucchi DM
303 - 310 The effect of whey protein on the surface property of the copper-activated marmatite in xanthate flotation system
Bu XZ, Chen FF, Chen W, Ding YH
311 - 317 Surface composition of MAPb(IxBr1-x)(3) (0 <= x <= 1) organic-inorganic mixed-halide perovskites
Pengpad A, Ruankham P, Rattanachata A, Rattanasuporn S, Jenpiyapong W, Nakajima H, Choopun S, Amornkitbamrung V
318 - 325 Onion-like carbon coated Fe3C nanocapsules embedded in porous carbon for the stable lithium-ion battery anode
Liu XG, Li XL, Sun YP, Zhang SH, Wu YY
326 - 333 Synthesis and characterization of highly porous hexagonal shaped CeO2-Gd2O3-CoO nanocomposite and its opto-electronic humidity sensing
Sikarwar S, Yadav BC, Sonker RK, Dzhardimalieva GI, Rajput JK
334 - 343 The effect of self-synthesized hydroxyl-terminated hyperbranched polymer interface layer on the properties of carbon fiber reinforced epoxy composites
Shi LL, Ma LC, Li PY, Wang MY, Guo SM, Han P, Song GJ
344 - 350 Effects of micro-knurling and femtosecond laser micro texturing on aluminum long-term surface wettability
Divin-Mariotti S, Amieux P, Pascale-Hamri A, Auger V, Kermouche G, Valiorgue F, Valette S
351 - 359 A durable mesh decorated with polydopamine/graphene oxide for highly efficient oil/water mixture separation
Yin YY, Li H, Zhu L, Guo TC, Li X, Xing W, Xue QZ
360 - 367 A DFT study on CO methanation over the activated basal plane from a strained two-dimensional nano-MoS2
Zhang K, Wang Q, Wang BW, Xu Y, Ma XB, Li ZH
368 - 374 Adsorption behaviors of deposition-targeted metallic ions onto thiol-containing silane modified liquid crystal polymer surfaces
Chen DX, Kang ZX, Hirahara H, Aisawa S, Li W
375 - 385 Laser assisted fabrication of micro-lens array and characterization of their beam shaping property
Sohn IB, Choi HK, Noh YC, Kim J, Ahsan MS
386 - 394 Cycling-induced structure refinement of MnO nanorods wrapped by N-doped carbon with internal void space for advanced lithium-ion anodes
Wang YJ, Chen XC, Liu ZF, Wu H, Zhao H, Liu H, Zhang Y
395 - 402 Quantitative characterization of the interfacial morphology and bulk porosity of nanoporous cluster-assembled carbon thin films
Borghi F, Milani M, Bettini LG, Podesta A, Milani P
403 - 409 Enhanced photoconductivity of embedded SiGe nanoparticles by hydrogenation
Sultan MT, Gudmundsson JT, Manolescu A, Stoica T, Ciurea ML, Svavarsson HG
410 - 422 Bi2S3 nanoribbons-hybridized {001} facets exposed Bi2WO6 ultrathin nanosheets with enhanced visible light photocatalytic activity
Xu XM, Meng LJ, Li Y, Sun C, Yang SG, He H
423 - 429 One-step plant-inspired reaction that transform membrane hydrophobicity into high hydrophilicity and underwater super oleophobicity for oil-in-water emulsion separation
Ding LP, Wang YQ, Zhu P, Bai YP
430 - 439 Effect of thermal oxidation on the oxide characteristic and corrosion behavior of Ni60Nb40 amorphous ribbon in nitric acid
Poddar C, Jayaraj J, Ningshen S, Mudali UK
440 - 448 Manipulating the electronic and magnetic properties of ZnO monolayer by noble metal adsorption: A first-principles calculations
Chen LL, Li SZ, Cui YY, Xiong ZH, Luo HJ, Gao YF
449 - 462 Molecular dynamics investigation of interfacial adhesion between oxidised bitumen and mineral surfaces
Gao YM, Zhang YQ, Yang Y, Zhang JH, Gu F
463 - 468 New insights into adsorption bonding of imidazole: A viable C2-H bond cleavage on copper surfaces
Kokalj A, Gustincic D, Poberznik M, Lozinsek M
469 - 474 Synaptic plasticity of room-temperature fabricated amorphous MoOx film based memristor
Xue Q, Wang YC, Wei XH
475 - 481 Effects of strain and surface modification on stability, electronic and optical properties of GaN monolayer
Shu HB, Niu XH, Ding XJ, Wang Y
482 - 488 Tribological behavior of diamond-like carbon in-situ formed on Fe3C-containing carburized layer by plasma carburizing
Yang Y, Yan MF, Zhang YX
489 - 498 Relationships between surface chemistry, nanotopography, wettability and ice adhesion in epoxy and SU-8 modified with fluoroalkylsilanes from the vapor phase
Psarski M, Pawlak D, Grobelny J, Celichowski G
499 - 505 Effects of finite temperature on the surface energy in Al alloys from first-principles calculations
Wang ZP, Chen DC, Fang QH, Chen H, Fan TW, Liu B, Liu F, Tang PY
506 - 511 Photochemical synthesis of nano- and micro-crystalline particles in aqueous solutions
Barta J, Prochazkova L, Vanecek V, Kuzar M, Nikl M, Cuba V
512 - 518 Copper induced direct CO2 laser drilling blind hole with the aid of brown oxidation for PCB CCL
Zhou GY, Li WB, Xiang QY, He W, Wang SX, Chen YM, Hong Y, Yang WJ, Lai MS, Chen SJ, Xu H
519 - 524 Semimetallic Si3C as a high capacity anode material for advanced lithium ion batteries
Dong YR, Wei W, Lv XS, Huang BB, Dai Y
525 - 531 A novel graphene-based electroluminescent gas sensor for carbon dioxide detection
Seekaew Y, Wongchoosuk C
532 - 539 Sensitive colorimetric detection of ascorbic acid using Pt/CeO2 nanocomposites as peroxidase mimics
Liu XL, Wang XH, Qi C, Han QS, Xiao W, Cai SF, Wang C, Yang R
540 - 547 Holey nanospheres of amorphous bimetallic phosphide electrodeposited on 3D porous Ni foam for efficient oxygen evolution
Li LJ, Huang WJ, Lei JL, Shang B, Li NB, Pan FS
548 - 556 High-efficiency catalytic oxidation of nitric oxide over spherical Mn-Co spinel catalyst at low temperature
Gao FY, Chu C, Zhu WJ, Tang XL, Yi HH, Zhang RC
557 - 568 Use of X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and spectroscopic ellipsometry to characterize carbonaceous films modified by electrons and hydrogen atoms
Barclay M, Hill SB, Fairbrother DH
569 - 575 Interesting adsorption behavior of C60O fullerene oxide isomers toward O-3 and CO molecules: A DFT study
Tabari L, Farmanzadeh D
576 - 581 Probing the relationship of cations-graphene interaction strength with self-organization behaviors of the anions at the interface between graphene and ionic liquids
Hu GL, Anaredy RS, Alamri M, Liu QF, Pandey GP, Ma CR, Liu M, Shaw SK, Li J, Wu JZ
582 - 589 Cs and Cs-O co-adsorption on Zn-doped GaAs nanowire surfaces: A first-principles calculations
Liu L, Diao Y, Xia SH
590 - 594 Phosphorene: A promising metal free cathode material for proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Lu ZS, Pang YD, Li S, Wang YL, Yang ZX, Ma DW, Wu RQ
595 - 600 Design of pentagonal NbX monolayers for electronics and electrocatalysis
Chen WZ, Yang M, Sun YY, Kawazoe Y, Shi XQ, Pan H
601 - 607 Layer-by-layer nanocomposites consisting of Co3O4 and reduced graphene (rGO) nanosheets for high selectivity ethanol gas sensors
Tian MH, Miao JY, Cheng PF, Mu HC, Tu JC, Sun JB
608 - 618 Nanofiber immobilized CeO2/dendrimer nanoparticles: An efficient photocatalyst in the visible and the UV
Mousavi S, Shahraki F, Aliabadi M, Haji A, Deuber F, Adlhart C
619 - 625 Growing invisible silica nanowires on fused silica plates provides highly transparent and superwetting substrates
Tsai YC, Shieh J
626 - 633 Transition metal substitution on Mg(10(1)over-bar3) and Mg(0001) surfaces for improved hydrogenation and dehydrogenation: A systematic first-principles study
Tang JJ, Ye JH, Fang YX, Lin Z, Zhao YJ
634 - 638 Formation abilities of nano-twin and epsilon-martensite in laser surface modification of a mid-carbon steel
Xing XL, Zhou YF, Lu X, Qi XW, Zhang LJ, Yang QX
639 - 645 Multifractal analysis of DLC thin films deposited by pulsed laser deposition
Modabberasl A, Sharifi M, Shahbazi F, Kameli P
646 - 654 Improving sensing performance of the ZnO foam structure with exposed {001} facets by hydrogenation and sensing mechanism at molecule level
Wang MZ, Chen MD, Ma Y, Yang J, Yuan YK, Liu JF, Liu B, Du Q, Ren Y, Liu SZ, Yang HQ
655 - 662 Synthesis of foam-like carbon monoliths from styrene-butadiene rubber-based powder puff
Zhong WH, Li ZP, Ji GQ, Yang X, Li ZH, Ye XJ
663 - 668 Hydraulically pressed silver nanowire-cotton fibers as an active platform for filtering and surface-enhanced Raman scattering detection of bacteria from fluid
Ankudze B, Asare B, Goffart S, Koistinen A, Nuutinen T, Matikainen A, Andoh SS, Roussey M, Pakkanen TT
669 - 678 Barrier mechanism of nitrogen-doped graphene against atomic oxygen irradiation
Ren SM, Cui MJ, Li Q, Li WS, Pu JB, Xue QJ, Wang LP
679 - 684 Superconducting single-atomic-layer Tl-Pb compounds on Ge(111) and Si (111) surfaces
Nakamura T, Takayama A, Hobara R, Gruznev DV, Zotov AV, Saranin AA, Hasegawa S
685 - 692 Confined electrochemical catalysis under cover: Enhanced CO(2)reduction at the interface between graphdiyne and Cu surface
Chen X, Lin ZZ, Ju M, Guo LX
693 - 699 MOFs derived Co1-xS nanoparticles embedded in N-doped carbon nanosheets with improved electrochemical performance for lithium ion batteries
Yang Z, Wang J, Wu HT, Kong FJ, Yin WY, Cheng HJ, Tang XY, Qian B, Tao S, Yi J, Ma YS, Yuan RX
700 - 708 Mussel-inspired approach to cross-linked functional 3D nanofibrous aerogels for energy-efficient filtration of ultrafine airborne particles
Zhang YF, Zeng ZH, Ma XYD, Zhao CY, Ang JM, Ng BF, Wan MP, Wong SC, Wang Z, Lu XH
709 - 719 Oxidation behavior and microstructure degeneration of cast Ni-based superalloy M951 at 900 degrees C
Liu YH, Wu Y, Wang J, Ning Y
720 - 726 Electrochemically derived CuO nanorod from copper-based metal-organic framework for non-enzymatic detection of glucose
Kim K, Kim S, Lee HN, Park YM, Bae YS, Kim HJ
727 - 737 Growth characteristics and properties of micro-arc oxidation coating on SLM-produced TC4 alloy for biomedical applications
Yao JH, Wang Y, Wu GL, Sun M, Wang M, Zhang QL
738 - 744 In-situ growth of nanostructured catalytic coatings via one-step plasma electrolytic oxidation
Yu XW, Yan ZC, Qin HL, Wu MY, Wang AL, Chen L
745 - 756 The effect of the synthesis temperature and duration on the morphology and photocatalytic activity of BiOX (X= Cl, Br, I) materials
Bardos E, Kiraly AK, Pap Z, Baia L, Garg S, Hernadi K
757 - 764 Acetic acid-assisted supramolecular assembly synthesis of porous g-C3N4 hexagonal prism with excellent photocatalytic activity
Chen Y, Ding F, Khaing A, Yang D, Jiang ZY
765 - 775 Flame retardancy and thermal behavior of cotton fabrics based on a novel phosphorus-containing siloxane
Jiang ZM, Li H, He YW, Liu Y, Dong CH, Zhu P
776 - 785 In-situ GISAXS investigation of the structure evolution mechanism of template removal of ordered mesoporous films prepared via a soft-templating method
Zhao N, Hua WQ, Wang YZ, Yang CM, Ouyang XP, Yuan B, Bian FG
786 - 795 AZO (Al:ZnO) thin films with high figure of merit as stable indium free transparent conducting oxide
Sarma B, Barman D, Sarma BK
796 - 802 Bioactive TiCaPCON-coated PCL nanofibers as a promising material for bone tissue engineering
Manakhov A, Permyakova ES, Ershov S, Sheveyko A, Kovalskii A, Polcak J, Zhitnyak IY, Gloushankova NA, Zajickova L, Shtansky DV
803 - 809 Crystalline beryllium oxide on Si (100) deposited using E-beam evaporator and thermal oxidation
Yoon S, Lee SM, Yum JH, Bielawski CW, Lee HD, Oh J
810 - 814 Antiferromagnetic NiO atomic chains for information storage and the enhancement of inter-chain spin coupling by CO adsorption
Yu M, Huang SM, Ren ZF, Qi SD, Yan SS, Hu SJ, Xu MC
815 - 821 Study on morphology and chemical states of surface active layer of Ce-W cathode
Zhang YC, Wang P, Yang JC, Zhou SX, Zhang P, Nie ZR
822 - 827 Imaging of latent three-dimensional exposure patterns created by direct laser writing in photoresists
Yulianto E, Chatterjee S, Purlys V, Mizeikis V
828 - 834 Correlative transmission electron microscopy and atom probe tomography on field evaporation mechanism of a bulk LaAlO3 oxide
Seol JB, Kwak CM, Han JC, Baek KH, Jeong YK
835 - 846 Preparation and inhibition behavior of ZnMoO4/reduced graphene oxide composite for Q235 steel in NaCl solution
Xing XT, Xu XY, Wang JH, Hu WB
847 - 851 Silicene as an efficient way to fully inactivate the SO2 pollutant
Guerrero-Sanchez J, Munoz-Pizza DM, Takeuchi N
852 - 862 High selectivity n-type InSe monolayer toward decomposition products of sulfur hexafluoride: A density functional theory study
Chen DC, Zhang XX, Cui H, Tang J, Pi SM, Cui ZL, Li Y, Zhang Y
863 - 873 Layer dependent electrical transport in exfoliated graphene FETs under UV illumination
Iqbal MZ, Khan A, Sung D, Eom J, Hong S
874 - 878 Direct visualization of a surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy nano-gap via electrostatic force microscopy: Dependence on charge transfer from the underlying surface nano-gap distance
Park WH, Park SG, Kang M, Hyun MS, Choi N, Kim DH, Choo J
879 - 886 Sandwich-like Ag@Cu@CW SERS substrate with tunable nanogaps and component based on the Plasmonic nanonodule structures for sensitive detection crystal violet and 4-aminothiophenol
Yan XY, Wang ML, Sun X, Wang YH, Shi GC, Ma WL, Hou P
887 - 895 Acoustic emission control avoids fluence shifts caused by target runaway during laser synthesis of colloids
Labusch M, Cunha APA, Wirtz SF, Reichenberger S, Cleve E, Soffker D, Barcikowski S
896 - 902 Three-dimensional carbon-coating silicon nanoparticles welded on carbon nanotubes composites for high-stability lithium-ion battery anodes
An WL, Xiang B, Fu JJ, Mei SX, Guo SG, Huo KF, Zhang XM, Gao B, Chu PK
903 - 913 Chemical composition and interaction strength of two-dimensional boron-nitrogen-carbon heterostructures driven by polycrystalline metallic surfaces
Nappini S, Bondino F, Pis I, Chelleri R, Greco SL, Lazzarino M, Magnano E
914 - 929 Highly efficient visible light photocatalytic and antibacterial performance of PVP capped Cd:Ag: ZnO photocatalyst nanocomposites
Vignesh S, Suganthi S, Sundar JK, Raj V, Devi PRI
930 - 941 On the mechanism of cross-hatch pattern formation in heterostructures with a small lattice mismatch
Kovalskiy VA, Eremenko VG, Vergeles PS, Soltanovich OA, Khodos II, Dorokhin MV, Danilov YA
942 - 952 Thiolation of polycaprolactone (PCL) nanofibers by inductively coupled plasma (ICP) polymerization: Physical, chemical and biological properties
Asadian M, Onyshchenko I, Thiry D, Cools P, Declercq H, Snyders R, Morent R, De Geyter N
953 - 962 Direct Z-scheme of Cu2O/TiO2 enhanced self-cleaning, antibacterial activity, and UV protection of cotton fiber under sunlight
Ibrahim MM, Mezni A, El-Sheshtawy HS, Abu Zaid AA, Alsawat M, El-Shafi N, Ahmed SI, Shaltout AA, Amin MA, Kumeria T, Altalhi T
963 - 973 A polyethyleneimine-grafted graphene oxide hybrid nanomaterial: Synthesis and anti-corrosion applications
Jiang FW, Zhao WJ, Wu YM, Wu YH, Liu G, Dong JD, Zhou KH
974 - 979 Rapid photonic curing of solution-processed In2O3 layers on flexible substrates
Twyman NM, Tetzner K, Anthopoulos TD, Payne DJ, Regoutz A
980 - 988 Amorphous TiO2 layer on silicon monoxide nanoparticles as stable and scalable core-shell anode materials for high performance lithium ion batteries
Xu DH, Chen WY, Luo YL, Wei HS, Yang CJ, Cai X, Fang YP, Yu XY
989 - 996 A first principle study on the adsorption of H2O2 on CuO (111) and Ag/CuO (111) surface
Guo YX, Hu RM, Zhou XL, Yu J, Wang LH
997 - 1005 Structural and morphological modifications of AgInSe2 and Ag2Se composite thin films on 140 MeV Ni ion irradiation
Panda R, Panda M, Rath H, Dash BN, Asokan K, Singh UP, Naik R, Mishra NC
1006 - 1013 H2S separation from biogas by adsorption on functionalized MIL-47-X (X = -OH and -OCH3): A simulation study
Sokhanvaran V, Gomar M, Yeganegi S
1014 - 1020 A facile fabrication of stimulus-responsive amorphous photonic crystals in the near-infrared region
Wang ZY, Wang CD, Hou HB, Liu WS, Nian R, Sun HG, Chen X, Cui GL
1021 - 1028 Role of low energy transition metal ions in interface formation in ZnO thin films and their effect on magnetic properties for spintronic applications
Bhardwaj R, Kaur B, Singh JP, Kumar M, Lee HH, Kumar P, Meena RC, Asokan K, Chae KH, Goyal N, Gautam S
1029 - 1038 P-p heterojunction of polymer/hierarchical mesoporous LaFeO3 microsphere as CO2 gas sensing under high humidity
Karouei SFH, Moghaddam HM
1039 - 1047 Outstanding long-term cycling stability of a sulfur-doped graphene electrode for supercapacitors obtained by post-tailoring the chemical states of doped-sulfur
Zhang XS, Zhang RJ
1048 - 1056 Novel Z-Scheme Ag/TiO2/AgMIL-101(Cr) as an efficient photocatalyst for nitrogen production from nitrate
Yang X, Qi X, Ma GQ, Li ZY, Liu Q, Khan S, Zhao YJ, Zhang LL, Geng Z, Guo YN
1057 - 1067 A DFT study and microkinetic analysis of CO oxidation to dimethyl oxalate over Pd stripe and Pd single atom-doped Cu(111) surfaces
Han BY, Ling LX, Fan MH, Liu P, Wang BJ, Zhang RG
1068 - 1088 Microarrays with a pillared patterned double-layer graphene substrate: A molecular dynamics simulation approach
Akbari F, Foroutan M
1089 - 1097 A novel method to fabricate organic-free superhydrophobic surface on titanium substrates by removal of surface hydroxyl groups
Wu H, Xie L, Zhang RT, Tian Y, Liu SR, He M, Huang C, Tian WD
1098 - 1104 First-principles insights into efficient band gap engineering of the blue phosphorus/g-C3N bilayer heterostructure via an external vertical strain
Gao X, Shen YQ, Ma YY, Wu SY, Zhou ZX
1105 - 1109 Thermally-induced activation of titanium dioxide and its application to the oxidation of gaseous toluene
Nishikawa H, Ihara T, Kasuya N, Kobayashi Y, Takahashi S
1110 - 1117 Optimizing copper oxide layer on zinc oxide via two-step electrodeposition for better photocatalytic performance in photoelectrochemical cells
Tezcan F, Mahmood A, Kardas G
1118 - 1123 Layer-by-layer MoS2:GO composite thin films for optoelectronics device applications
Sarma S, Mbule P, Ray SC
1124 - 1131 Multilayer protective coatings obtained by pulsed laser deposition
Ion V, Scarisoreanu ND, Bonciu A, Moldovan A, Ghenescu V, Ghenescu M, Banciu MG, Andrei A, Dinescu M
1132 - 1140 Low temperature catalytic oxidation of propane over cobalt-cerium spinel oxides catalysts
Zhang S, Liu SJ, Zhu XC, Yang Y, Hu WS, Zhao HT, Qu RY, Zheng CH, Gao X
1141 - 1147 Low operating temperature and highly selective NH3 chemiresistive gas sensors based on Ag3PO4 semiconductor
Yan FF, Shen GW, Yang X, Qi TJ, Sun J, Li XH, Zhang MT
1148 - 1160 Bushy-surface hybrid nanoparticles for developing epoxy superadhesives
Jouyandeh M, Jazani OM, Navarchian AH, Shabanian M, Vahabi H, Saeb MR
1161 - 1168 Charge transfer in graphene/WS(2 )enhancing the saturable absorption in mixed heterostructure films
Lu CH, Quan CJ, Si KY, Xu X, He C, Zhao QY, Zhan YJ, Xu XL
1169 - 1177 Investigations on the antimicrobial activity and wound healing potential of ZnO nanoparticles
Kaushik M, Niranjan R, Thangam R, Madhan B, Pandiyarasan V, Ramachandran C, Oh DH, Venkatasubbu GD
1178 - 1191 Alumina growth behaviour on the surface-modified NiCoCrAl alloy by Pt and Hf at high temperature
Li C, Song P, Feng J, Huang TH, Lu KY, Li QL, Duan WH, Khan A, Zhai RX, Lu JS
1192 - 1199 Molecular dynamics simulations of the effect of sizing agent on the interface property in carbon fiber reinforced vinyl ester resin composite
Jiao WW, Zheng TL, Liu WB, Jiao WC, Wang RG
1200 - 1211 The influence of chemical poisoning, hydrothermal aging and their co-effects on Cu-SAPO-34 catalyst for NOx reduction by NH3-SCR
Albert KB, Fan C, Pang L, Chen Z, Ming SJ, Albert T, Li T
1212 - 1219 A novel FeC2O4-TOP derived porous pillar-like gamma-Fe2O3/carbon nanocomposite with excellent performance as anode for lithium-ion batteries
Zhu YP, Zhang SY, Sun Y, Xie AJ, Shen YH
1220 - 1225 In-situ tuning of Sn doped In2O3 (ITO) films properties by controlling deposition Argon/Oxygen flow
Najwa S, Shuhaimi A, Talik NA, Ameera N, Sobri M, Rusop M
1226 - 1235 Flower-like MoS2@Bi2Fe4O9 microspheres with hierarchical structure as electromagnetic wave absorber
Dai JJ, Yang HB, Wen B, Zhou HW, Wang L, Lin Y
1236 - 1245 Temperature controlled 1T/2H phase ratio modulation in mono- and a few layered MoS2 films
Pradhan G, Sharma AK
1246 - 1253 Surface/structural characteristics and band alignments of thin Ga2O3 films grown on sapphire by pulse laser deposition
Yang H, Qian YD, Zhang C, Wuu DS, Talwar DN, Lin HH, Lee JF, Wan LY, He KY, Feng ZC
1254 - 1261 Cobalt-tuned nickel phosphide nanoparticles for highly efficient electrocatalysis
Zheng HY, Huang XB, Gao HY, Lu GL, Li A, Dong WJ, Wang G
1262 - 1269 Insight into the enhanced activity of Ag/NiOx-MnO2 for catalytic oxidation of o-xylene at low temperatures
Wu YS, Shi S, Yuan SS, Bai T, Xing ST
1270 - 1276 Fabrication of hierarchical Co(OH)(2)@Ni(OH)(2) core-shell nanosheets on carbon cloth as an advanced electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reaction
Wang YL, He YX, Zhou M
1277 - 1286 Modification of Li [Li0.2Mn0.54Ni0.13Co0.13]O-2 cathode with alpha-MoO3 via a simple wet chemical coating process
Meng FB, Guo HJ, Wang ZX, Wang JX, Yan GC, Wu XW, Li XH, Zhou LJ
1287 - 1292 The impact of surface oxidation on energy spectra of keV ions scattered from transition metals
Bruckner B, Bauer P, Primetzhofer D