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1 - 14 High anatase purity of nitrogen-doped TiO2 nanorice particles for the photocatalytic treatment activity of pharmaceutical wastewater
Suwannaruang T, Kidkhunthod P, Chanlek N, Soontaranon S, Wantala K
15 - 25 Multi-functionalization of magnetic graphene by surface-initiated ICAR ATRP mediated by polydopamine chemistry for adsorption and speciation of arsenic
Wang JJ, Zhang WH, Zheng YX, Zhang N, Zhang CS
26 - 37 Structure dependent super-hydrophobic and corrosion resistant behavior of electrodeposited Ni-MoSe2-MWCNT coating
Maharana HS, Katiyar PK, Mondal K
38 - 48 Chitosan sub-layer binding and bridging for nanofiber-based composite forward osmosis membrane
Shi J, Kang H, Li N, Teng KY, Sun WY, Xu ZW, Qian XM, Liu Q
49 - 53 Emission enhancement of tris(8-quinolinolato)aluminum with Al nanotriangle arrays fabricated by nanosphere lithography
Kiba T, Iijima N, Yanome K, Kawamura M, Abe Y, Kim KH, Takase M, Higo A, Takayama J, Hiura S, Murayama A
54 - 61 Fe-Mn binary oxide decorated diatomite for rapid decolorization of methylene blue with H2O2
Pang JB, Fu FL, Li WB, Zhu LJ, Tang B
62 - 67 Direct spectroscopic evidence on the photocatalytic activities of different ZnO crystal facets toward photo-induced decomposition of CH2O
Lu B, Wang X, Li L, Du YS, Chen W, Liu YL
68 - 74 Theoretical insights into the hydrophobicity of low index CeO2 surfaces
Fronzi M, Assadi MHN, Hanaor DAH
75 - 86 Facile one-pot synthesis of 2D vanadium-doped NiCl(OH) nanoplates assembled by 3D nanosheet arrays on Ni foam for supercapacitor application
Zhou QF, Gong Y, Tao KY
87 - 93 A non-enzymatic hydrogen peroxide sensor based on dendrimer functionalized magnetic graphene oxide decorated with palladium nanoparticles
Baghayeri M, Alinezhad H, Tarahomi M, Fayazi M, Ghanei-Motlagh M, Maleki B
94 - 102 Microstructures and capacitance performance of MnO2 films fabricated by ultrasonic-assisted electrodeposition
Liu JK, Yang LJ, Song ZL, Xu C
103 - 109 Iron incorporation affecting the structure and boosting catalytic activity of Co-x-Fe-y-P for efficient hydrogen evolution
Li M, Tao LM, Xiao X, Jiang XX, Wang MK, Shen Y
110 - 118 Fabrication of superhydrophobic metallic surface on the electrical discharge machining basement
Wang H, Chi GX, Wang YK, Yu FX, Wang ZL
119 - 127 Improvement of photocatalytic activity of g-C3N4 by five-membered heterocyclic small molecule modifications: A theoretical prediction
Zhang YL, Ren CJ, Zhang YF, Lin W, Ding KN
128 - 133 Chemisorption of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and "methanephobia" on the [0001] titanium surface
Ramirez-de-Arellano JM, Carrillo I, Magana LF
134 - 141 Resistive switching biodevice composed of MoS2-DNA heterolayer on the gold electrode
Yoon J, Mohammadniaei M, Choi HK, Shin M, Bharate BG, Lee T, Choi JW
142 - 149 Monte Carlo raytracing method for calculating secondary electron emission from micro-architected surfaces
Alvarado A, Chang HY, Nadvornick W, Ghoniem N, Marian J
150 - 161 Achieving an acid resistant surface on magnesium alloy via bio-inspired design
Wu H, Shi Z, Zhang XM, Qasim AM, Xiao S, Zhang F, Wu ZZ, Wu GS, Ding KJ, Chu PK
162 - 175 Enhanced bioactive and osteogenic activities of titanium by modification with phytic acid and calcium hydroxide
Liu K, Zhang H, Lu MM, Liu L, Yan YZ, Chu ZZ, Ge YR, Wang T, Tang CB
176 - 182 Encapsulated metal catalyst for selective hydrogenation of quinoline under atmospheric conditions
Li K, Hao BC, Xiao M, Kuang YW, Shang HY, Ma J, Liao Y, Mao H
183 - 188 MoS2 cleaning by acetone and UV-ozone: Geological and synthetic material
Freedy KM, Sales MG, Litwin PM, Krylyuk S, Mohapatra P, Ismach A, Davydov AV, McDonnell SJ
189 - 196 Hydrogen production by ultrasound assisted liquid laser ablation of Al, Mg and Al-Mg alloys in water
Escobar-Alarcon L, Iturbe-Garcia JL, Gonzalez-Zavala F, Solis-Casados DA, Perez-Hernandez R, Haro-Poniatowski E
197 - 205 Very high temperature stability and excellent dielectric properties of a novel X9R-type Ca1-xSrxCu3Ti4O12/TiO2 nanocomposite synthesized by a polymer pyrolysis technique
Swatsitang E, Prompa K, Putjuso T
206 - 212 Activating CoFe2O4 electrocatalysts by trace Au for enhanced oxygen evolution activity
Zhu GX, Li XY, Liu YJ, Zhu WJ, Shen XP
213 - 220 Arsenic(V) adsorption on ferric oxyhydroxide gel at high alkalinity for securely recycling of arsenic-bearing copper slag
Yue T, Niu Z, Hu YH, Han HS, Sun W, Tian J, Xu ZJ, Wang L, Yang Y
221 - 229 Synergistic catalysis of one-pot cascade reactions by acidic and basic binary porous polymers
Wang XC, Zhang LY, Guo ZJ, Shi YM, Zhou Y, Wang J
230 - 236 Molecular simulation study of argon adsorption on kaolinite surface with an experimental comparison
Niu JA, Wang DX, Wu AC, Liu ZS, Zhang SH, Xu C, Wang XH, Feng PZ, Ou XM, Qiang YH
237 - 246 Nano-hydroxyapatite crystal formation based on calcified TiO2 nanotube arrays
Lin QX, Huang D, Du JJ, Wei Y, Hu YC, Lian XJ, Xie X, Chen WY, Zhang YS
247 - 254 MOF-derived tremelliform Co3O4/NiO/Mn2O3 with excellent capacitive performance
Li ST, Duan YA, Teng Y, Fan N, Huo YQ
255 - 265 Passivity of martensitic stainless steel in borate buffer solution: Influence of sulfide ion
Lei XW, Wang HY, Wang N, Ren DZ, Fu AQ, Yin CX, Zhang JP, Feng YR, Macdonald DD
266 - 274 Polyimide aerogels crosslinked with MWCNT for enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activity
Zhao XF, Zhang J, Wang XQ, Zhang J, Liu BX, Yi XB
275 - 283 Size dependent SERS activity of Ag triangular nanoplates on different substrates: Glass vs paper
Weng GJ, Feng Y, Zhao J, Li JJ, Zhu J, Zhao JW
284 - 289 Mechanical stress dependence of the Fermi level pinning on an oxidized silicon surface
Li H, Martinelli L, Cadiz F, Bendounan A, Arscott S, Sirotti F, Rowe ACH
290 - 298 Ultra-small SnO2 nanoparticles decorated on three-dimensional nitrogen-doped graphene aerogel for high-performance bind-free anode material
Song DY, Wang SS, Liu RZ, Jiang JL, Jiang Y, Huang SS, Li WR, Chen ZW, Zhao B
299 - 303 Femtosecond laser patterning of graphene electrodes for thin-film transistors
Kasischke M, Subasi E, Bock C, Pham DV, Gurevich EL, Kunze U, Ostendorf A
304 - 312 Facile synthesis of nitrogen-deficient mesoporous graphitic carbon nitride for highly efficient photocatalytic performance
Zhang S, Hu C, Ji HH, Zhang LL, Li F
313 - 318 Influence of the valence state change of iron oxidation for pyrolysis by using density functional theory
Zhao Y, Liu JT, Liang WS, Huang W, Zuo ZJ
319 - 326 Acid and alkali treatments for regulation of hydrophilicity/hydrophobicity of natural zeolite
Wang C, Leng SZ, Guo HD, Cao LY, Huang JF
327 - 333 Conductive glass free carbon nanotube micro yarn based perovskite solar cells
Hussain I, Chowdhury AR, Jaksik J, Grissom G, Touhami A, Ibrahim EE, Schauer M, Okoli O, Uddin MJ
334 - 340 Construction of two dimensional Sr2Ta2O7/S-doped g-C3N4 nanocomposites with Pt cocatalyst for enhanced visible light photocatalytic performance
Zeng WX, Bian Y, Cao S, Zhu AQ, Qiao LL, Ma YJ, Tan PF, Ma QY, Dong R, Pan J
341 - 346 CoFe2O4 coated carbon fiber paper fabricated via a spray pyrolysis method for trapping lithium polysulfide in Li-S batteries
Feng XH, Wang Q, Li RR, Li H
347 - 354 Highly selective ozone gas sensor based on nanocrystalline Zn0.95Co0.05O thin film obtained via spray pyrolysis technique
Onofre YJ, Catto AC, Bernardini S, Fiorido T, Aguir K, Longo E, Mastelaro VR, da Silva LF, de Godoy MPF
355 - 360 Near-THz bursts of pulses - Governing surface ablation mechanisms for laser material processing
Mur J, Petkovsek R
361 - 372 Ni(II) 1D-coordination polymer/C-60-modified glassy carbon electrode as a highly sensitive non-enzymatic glucose electrochemical sensor
Shahhoseini L, Mohammadi R, Ghanbari B, Shahrokhian S
373 - 382 Surface evolution and radiation damage of a zirconolite glass-ceramic by Au ion implantation
Wei T, Zhang YJ, Xu AL, Gregg DJ, Karatchevtseva I, Kong LG, Ionescu M, Vance ER
383 - 392 Porous V2O5 nanorods/reduced graphene oxide composites for high performance symmetric supercapacitors
Liu HJ, Zhu WL, Long DF, Zhu JL, Pezzotti G
393 - 397 A first principle study on systematic stability and electronic properties of GaN nanowire surface with Cs/Li/NF3 co-adsorption
Liu L, Diao Y, Xia SH, Lu FF, Tian J
398 - 407 A theoretical and experimental study of the NiO nanocatalyst reactivity
Arrouvel C, Sanches SG, Werckmann J, Eon JG
408 - 411 Porous Fe3O4 thin films by pulsed laser assisted chemical solution deposition at room temperature
Liu YQ, Wei RH, Ding W, Wang X, Song WH, Sheng ZG, Dai JM, Liang CH, Zhu XB, Sun YP
412 - 416 Infrared-laser precipitation of Dy3+-Yb3+ codoped SrF2 nanocrystals in glass and upconversion luminescence
Ji G, Hong GJ, Bae CH, Babu P, Lim KS
417 - 425 17.78% efficient low-temperature carbon-based planar perovskite solar cells using Zn-doped SnO2 electron transport layer
Ye HB, Liu ZY, Liu XY, Sun B, Tan XH, Tu YX, Shi TL, Tang ZR, Liao GL
426 - 434 TiSiN(Ag) films deposited by HiPIMS working in DOMS mode: Effect of Ag content on structure, mechanical properties and thermal stability
Cavaleiro D, Carvalho S, Cavaleiro A, Fernandes F
435 - 440 Surface functionalization of the terraced surface-based current collector for a supercapacitor with an improved energy storage performance
An GH, Cha S, Ahn HJ
441 - 450 Bio-inspired cellulose nanofiber-reinforced soy protein resin adhesives with dopamine-induced codeposition of "water-resistant" interphases
Wang Z, Zhao SJ, Zhang W, Qi CS, Zhang SF, Li JZ
451 - 458 Tailoring interfacial compatibility and electrical breakdown properties in polypropylene based composites by surface functionalized POSS
Li ST, Xie DR, Qu GH, Yang LQ, Min DM, Cheng YH
459 - 464 First-principles study on OH-functionalized 2D electrides: Ca2NOH and Y2C(OH)(2), promising two-dimensional monolayers for metal-ion batteries
Wang DD, Li HB, Zhang LL, Sun ZH, Han DX, Niu L, Zhong X, Qu X, Yang LH
465 - 477 Effect of mass segment size on polymer ToF-SIMS multivariate analysis using a universal data matrix
Madiona RMT, Winkler DA, Muir BW, Pigram PJ
478 - 486 Properties of atomized AlCoCrFeNi high-entropy alloy powders and their phase-adjustable coatings prepared via plasma spray process
Cheng KC, Chen JH, Stadler S, Chen SH
487 - 491 Radiative decay time as a function of temperature in double GaAs quantum rings
Kim H, Kim JS, Kim I
492 - 498 The influence of copper on the stress corrosion cracking of 304 stainless steel
Wang XH, Yang ZL, Wang Z, Shi QY, Xu B, Zhou CS, Zhang L
499 - 504 Synergistic effect of heteroatom-doped activated carbon for ultrafast charge storage kinetics
Shin DY, Sung KW, Ahn HJ
505 - 513 Thin WBx and WyTi1-yBx films deposited by combined magnetron sputtering and pulsed laser deposition technique
Chrzanowska-Gizynska J, Denis P, Gizynski M, Kurpaska L, Mihailescu I, Ristoscu C, Szymanski Z, Moscicki T
514 - 521 Crosslinked integrally skinned asymmetric composite membranes for dye rejection
Wasim M, Shafiq M, Khan RU, Sabir A
522 - 531 The Janus structures of group-III chalcogenide monolayers as promising photocatalysts for water splitting
Bai YJ, Zhang QF, Xu N, Deng KM, Kan EJ
532 - 538 Fabrication of nanorods colloids of copper hexadecafluorophthalocyanine by nanosecond-pulse laser fragmentation in organic solvents
Kihara R, Imada S, Kawai T, Asahi T
539 - 551 The simultaneous adsorption of nitrate and phosphate by an organic-modified aluminum-manganese bimetal oxide: Adsorption properties and mechanisms
Wu K, Li Y, Liu T, Huang QB, Yang SJ, Wang WD, Jin PK
552 - 559 NiCo2O4 ultrathin nanosheets with oxygen vacancies as bifunctional electrocatalysts for Zn-air battery
Liu WJ, Bao J, Xu L, Guan ML, Wang ZL, Qiu JX, Huang YP, Xia JX, Lei YC, Li HM
567 - 573 Enhanced calcification of osteoblast-like cells on zirconium through calcium-phosphate slurry processing
Hirano M, Yokoiwa Y, Komai S, Ohtsu N
574 - 580 Screening of active center and reactivity descriptor in acetylene hydrochlorination on metal-free doped carbon catalysts from first principle calculations
Ali S, Qiu YY, Lian Z, Olanrele S, Lan GJ, Li Y, Su DS, Li B
581 - 593 Mesoporous Ni/MeOx (Me = Al, Mg, Ti, and Si): Highly efficient catalysts in the decomposition of methane for hydrogen production
Rastegarpanah A, Rezaei M, Meshkani F, Zhang KF, Zhao XT, Pei WB, Liu YX, Deng JG, Arandiyan H, Dai HX
594 - 600 Insights into the modification for improving the surface property of calcium sulfate whisker: Experimental and DFT simulation study
Fan H, Song XF, Xu YX, Yu JG
601 - 606 Direct synthesis of ultrasmall and stable magnetite nanoparticles coated with one single carbon layer for sensitive surface-enhanced Raman scattering
Wang LH, Lin K, Ren J, Du KZ, Chang YX, Han LF, Yao P, Tian F
607 - 614 Copper sulfide nanoparticles as hole-transporting-material in a fully-inorganic blocking layers n-i-p perovskite solar cells: Application and working insights
Tirado J, Roldan-Carmona C, Munoz-Guerrero FA, Bonilla-Arboleda G, Ralaiarisoa M, Grancini G, Queloz VIE, Koch N, Nazeeruddin MK, Jaramillo F
615 - 622 Finely prepared and optimized Co/Fe double hydroxide nanofilms at an ionic layer level on rough Cu substrates for efficient oxygen evolution reaction
Liu SM, Liu BW, Gong CF, Li ZL
623 - 635 Formation of titanium carbide on the titanium surface using laser ablation in n-heptane and investigating its corrosion resistance
Mohazzab BF, Jaleh B, Kakuee O, Fattah-Alhosseini A
636 - 641 Vinyl and phenyl terminated octasilsesquioxane thin films: Evidence for pi-stacking induced self-organization of the spherically symmetrical molecules
Handke B, Gebicka N, Komolov AS
642 - 650 Influence of alternating current (AC) corona discharge on the superhydrophobicity of SiO2/fluorosilicon resin nano-composite coating
Wang XM, Li XG, Lei QQ, Li WJ, Wu YP
651 - 660 Joining of two different ceramic nanomaterials for bottom-up fabrication of heterojunction devices
Rajbhar MK, Das P, Satpati B, Moller W, Facsko S, Bottger R, Ramgir N, Chatterjee S
661 - 679 Probing fretting performance of DLC and MoS2 films under fluid lubrication
Zhuang WH, Li H, Li W, Fan XQ, He JF, Cai ZB, Fu W, Zhang GG, Wan SH, Zhu MH
680 - 689 Interfacial interaction and joining property of direct injection-molded polymer-metal hybrid structures: A molecular dynamics simulation study
Zhou MY, Xiong X, Drummer D, Jiang BY
690 - 698 Optical properties and charge transport of textured Sc2O3 thin films obtained by atomic layer deposition
Lebedev MS, Kruchinin VN, Afonin MY, Korolkov IV, Saraev AA, Gismatulin AA, Gritsenko VA
699 - 707 Solution-processed organic field-effect transistors with cross-linked poly(4-vinylphenol)/polyvinyl alcohol bilayer dielectrics
Zhang HY, Zhang F, Sun J, Zhang M, Hu YF, Lou ZD, Hou YB, Teng F
708 - 716 Ce0.6Zr0.3Y0.1O2 solid solutions-supported Ni-Co bimetal nanocatalysts for NH3 decomposition
Huang CQ, Li HX, Yang JM, Wang CQ, Hu FY, Wang XW, Lu ZH, Feng G, Zhang RB
717 - 724 Completely aqueous route for metallization of structural polymeric materials in micro-electro-mechanical systems
Le XT, Poirier JS, Michel S
725 - 732 18.78% hierarchical black silicon solar cells achieved with the balance of light-trapping and interfacial contact
Putra IR, Li JY, Chen CY
733 - 736 Preparation of magnetic metal and graphene hybrids with tunable morphological, structural and magnetic properties
Lee K, Lee J, Jung BM, Park B, Kim T, Lee SB
737 - 743 Hierarchical micro/nanostructured TiO2/Ag substrates based on femtosecond laser structuring: A facile route for enhanced SERS performance and location predictability
Lu JL, Yang JJ, Singh SC, Zhan ZB, Yu Z, Xin W, Huang T, Guo CL
744 - 753 Novel Z-scheme visible-light photocatalyst based on CoFe2O4/BiOBr/Graphene composites for organic dye degradation and Cr(VI) reduction
Li MR, Song C, Wu Y, Wang M, Pan ZP, Sun Y, Meng L, Han SG, Xu LJ, Gan L
754 - 761 Hybrid layered double hydroxides-curcumin thin films deposited via Matrix Assisted Pulsed Laser Evaporation-MAPLE with photoluminescence properties
Andrei F, Vlad A, Birjega R, Tozar T, Secu M, Urzica I, Dinescu M, Zavoianu R
762 - 769 Cu2-xSe/CdS composite photocatalyst with enhanced visible light photocatalysis activity
Liu YP, Shen SJ, Zhang JT, Zhong WW, Huang XH
770 - 778 A new approach to fabricate polyimidazolium salt (PIMS) coatings with efficient antifouling and antibacterial properties
Liang JS, She JQ, He H, Fan ZQ, Chen SG, Li JH, Liu B
779 - 783 Uniform deep-subwavelength ripples produced on temperature controlled LiNbO3:Fe crystal surface via femtosecond laser ablation
Li YA, Wu Q, Yang M, Li Q, Chen ZD, Zhang CL, Sun J, Yao JH, Xu JJ
784 - 792 Membrane free water electrolysis under 1.23 V with Ni3Se4/Ni anode in alkali and Pt cathode in acid
Anantharaj S, Karthik K, Amarnath TS, Chatterjee S, Subhashini E, Swaathini KC, Karthick PE, Kundu S
793 - 801 Large surface-enhanced Raman scattering from nanoporous gold film over nanosphere
Huang JL, He ZB, Liu YS, Liu L, He XS, Wang T, Yi Y, Xie CP, Du K
802 - 805 Surface modification of chalcogenide glass for diamond-like-carbon coating
Lee JH, Kim H, Lee WH, Kwon MC, Choi YG
806 - 817 Hierarchical surface morphology on Ti6Al4V via patterning and hydrothermal treatment towards improving cellular response
Srivas PK, Kapat K, Das B, Pal P, Ray PG, Dhara S
818 - 830 Transport properties of liquid metals and semiconductors from molecular dynamics simulation with the Kubo-Greenwood formula
Migdal KP, Zhakhovsky VV, Yanilkin AV, Petrov YV, Inogamov NA
831 - 839 Physical properties of rf-sputtered ZnS and ZnSe thin films used for double-heterojunction ZnS/ZnSe/CdTe photovoltaic structures
Toma O, Ion L, Iftimie S, Antohe VA, Radu A, Raduta AM, Manica D, Antohe S
840 - 845 Role of PdCx species in Pd@PdCx/AlOOH/Al-fiber catalyst for the CO oxidative coupling to dimethyl oxalate
Wang CZ, Jia YS, Zhang ZQ, Zhao GF, Liu Y, Lu Y
846 - 856 Enhanced electrochemical performance via PPy encapsulated 3D flower-like bismuth molybdate nanoplates for high-performance supercapacitors
Hussain SK, Dudem B, Yu JS
857 - 865 Theoretical insight into the hydrogen adsorption on MoS2 (MoSe2) monolayer as a function of biaxial strain/external electric field
Hu XY, Zhang Q, Yu SS
866 - 871 Enhanced bond strength for micro-arc oxidation coating on magnesium alloy via laser surface microstructuring
Li YH, Guan YC, Zhang Z, Ynag SF
872 - 881 Ultra-thin multilayered erosion resistant Ti/TiN coatings with stress absorbing layers
Bonu V, Jeevitha M, Kumar VP, Bysakh S, Barshilia HC
882 - 886 Ablation suppression of a titanium surface interacting with a two-color double-pulse femtosecond laser beam
Takenaka K, Tsukamoto M, Hashida M, Masuno S, Sakagami H, Kusaba M, Sakabe S, Inoue S, Furukawa Y, Asai S
887 - 895 Silver nanoparticles decorated reduced graphene oxide (rGO) SERS sensor for multiple analytes
Naqvi TK, Srivastava AK, Kulkarni MM, Siddiqui AM, Dwivedi PK
896 - 905 Adsorption characteristics and degradation mechanism of metronidazole on the surface of photocatalyst TiO2: A theoretical study
Wang DY, Luo H, Liu LX, Wei W, Li LC
906 - 915 Preparation and multifunction of electrochromic polyamides containing flexible backbone chains with electrochemical, fluorescence and memory properties
Zheng RR, Zhang X, Zhang ZP, Niu HJ, Wang C, Wang W
916 - 923 Metal-organic framework derived NiMo polyhedron as an efficient hydrogen evolution reaction electrocatalyst
Karuppasamy K, Jothi VR, Vikraman D, Prasanna K, Maiyalagan T, Sang BI, Yi SC, Kim HS
924 - 936 Modification of carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) surface with sodium dodecyl sulphate for mitigation of cathodic activity
Ofoegbu SU, Yasakau K, Kallip S, Nogueira HIS, Ferreira MGS, Zheludkevich ML
937 - 945 Enhanced photoelectrochemical activity of MoS2-decorated ZnO nanowires electrodeposited onto stainless steel mesh for hydrogen production
Lamouchi A, Ben Assaker I, Chtourou R
946 - 958 Enhanced Lewis acid-base adducts in doped stanene: Sensing and photocatalysis
Garg P, Bhattacharyya G, Bhauriyal P, Pathak B
959 - 968 The impact of defect density, grain size, and Cu orientation on thermal oxidation of graphene-coated Cu
Young KT, Phillips SS, Coley JTT, Perini CJ, Hitchcock DA, Serkiz SM, Vogel EM
969 - 980 NiFeOx nanosheets tight-coupled with Bi2WO6 nanosheets to improve the electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reaction
Li JQ, Liang Z, Song QQ, Xu XT
981 - 990 Hierarchical porous Ni/Co-LDH hollow dodecahedron with excellent adsorption property for Congo red and Cr(VI) ions
Hu HJ, Liu JY, Xu ZH, Zhang LY, Cheng B, Ho WK
991 - 997 Graphene quantum dots decorated ZnO-ZnFe2O4 nanocages and their visible light photocatalytic activity
Li BY, Yu X, Yu XL, Du RF, Liu L, Zhang YH
998 - 1003 Well-defined (0001)-oriented aluminum nitride polycrystalline films on amorphous glass substrates deposited by ion plating with direct-current arc discharge
Nomoto J, Tsuchiya T, Yamamoto T
1004 - 1008 The effect of refractory (Zr, Hf) elements on the magnetocaloric property of Mn-based alloys
Lee AY, Kim SY, Kim YD, Lee MH
1009 - 1016 Utilizing MVAD method to optimize crystallization and nanostructured surface of the perovskite film: Toward electroluminescent and ultraviolet photodetective bifunctional optoelectronics
Zhou DL, Zheng YF, Wang XL, Guo H, Yu JS
1017 - 1026 Immobilized and photocatalytic performances of PDMS-SiO2-chitosan@TiO2 composites on pumice under simulated sunlight irradiation
Shao L, Liu H, Zeng WP, Zhou CY, Li D, Wang L, Lan YQ, Xu FG, Liu GS
1027 - 1036 Fabrication of multiporphyrin@g-C3N4 nanocomposites via Pd(II)-directed layer-by-layer assembly for enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activity
Yang YJ, Sun BW, Qian DJ, Chen M
1037 - 1045 Insights into the synergetic effect for enhanced UV/visible-light activated photodegradation activity via Cu-ZnO photocatalyst
Jiang JJ, Mu Z, Xing HM, Wu QN, Yue XZ, Lin YH
1046 - 1055 Thermodynamic spreading behaviors of oil on rough surfaces of stainless steel 316L
Wang R, Li S, Bai SX
1065 - 1073 Al2O3/Si0.7Ge0.3(001) & HfO2/Si(0.7)Ge0.3(001) interface trap state reduction via in-situ N-2/H-2 RF downstream plasma passivation
Breeden M, Wolf S, Ueda S, Fang ZW, Chang CY, Tang KC, McIntyre P, Kummel AC
1074 - 1080 How oxides affect the stretching modes of carbon monoxide adsorbed on Ni catalyst?
Liu SX, Ishimoto T, Koyama M
1081 - 1089 ZnO/GaN heterojunction based self-powered photodetectors: Influence of interfacial states on UV sensing
Mishra M, Gundimeda A, Garg T, Dash A, Das S, Vandana, Gupta G