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1 - 5 Effect of Si(111)root 3 x root 3-Bi template structure on growth mode and electrical conductance of Au overlayers
Tsukanov DA, Azatyan SG, Ryzhkova MV, Borisenko EA, Utas OA, Zotov AV, Saranin AA
6 - 15 Mechanism research on surface hydration of kaolinite, insights from DFT and MD simulations
Chen J, Min FF, Liu LY, Liu CF
16 - 27 Preparation of La doped ZnO ceramic nanostructures by electrospinning-calcination method: Effect of La3+ doping on optical and photocatalytic properties
Pascariu P, Homocianu M, Cojocaru C, Samoila P, Airinei A, Suchea M
28 - 35 Fabrication of uniform Si-incorporated SnO2 nanoparticles on graphene sheets as advanced anode for Li-ion batteries
Liang XQ, Wang JJ, Zhang SY, Wang LY, Wang WF, Li LY, Wang HF, Huang D, Zhou WZ, Guo J
36 - 48 Theoretical studies on the mechanical and electronic properties of 2D and 3D structures of Beryllium-Oxide graphene and graphene nanobud
Mashhadzadeh AH, Ahangari MG, Dadrasi A, Fathalian M
49 - 60 Sulfur-hyperdoped silicon nanocrystalline layer prepared on polycrystalline silicon solar cell substrate by thin film deposition and nanosecond-pulsed laser irradiation
Wen C, Yang YJ, Ma YJ, Shi ZQ, Wang ZJ, Mo J, Li TC, Li XH, Hu SF, Yang WB
61 - 69 High-efficiency separation performance of oil-water emulsions of polyacrylonitrile nanofibrous membrane decorated with metal-organic frameworks
Li H, Zhu L, Zhang JQ, Guo TC, Li X, Xing W, Xue QZ
70 - 75 First-principle study of electronic and optical properties of two-dimensional materials-based heterostructures based on transition metal dichalcogenides and boron phosphide
Ren K, Sun ML, Luo Y, Wan SK, Yu J, Tang WC
76 - 83 N, P dual-doped multi-wrinkled nanosheets prepared from the egg crude lecithin as the efficient metal-free electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction
Xian F, Gao L, Zhang ZY, Zhang H, Dong SM, Cui GL
84 - 93 Construction of Ag@AgCl decorated TiO(2 )nanorod array film with optimized photoelectrochemical and photocatalytic performance
Wang YF, Zhang M, Li J, Yang HC, Gao J, He G, Sun ZQ
94 - 106 Copper antimony sulfide nanoparticles by pulsed laser ablation in liquid and their thin film for photovoltaic application
Shaji S, Vinayakumar V, Krishnan B, Johny J, Kanakkillam SS, Herrera JMF, Guzman SS, Avellaneda DA, Rodriguez GAC, Martinez JAA
107 - 114 Microwave-assisted preparation of hierarchical CuO@rGO nanostructures and their enhanced low-temperature H2S-sensing performance
Yin L, Wang HB, Li L, Li H, Chen DL, Zhang R
115 - 122 The synergistic effect between crystal planes and promoters on Ag-catalyzed ethylene epoxidation
Zhu L, Xu HX, Nan Y, Xie Y, Zhu JQ, Cheng DJ
123 - 127 Electrically conductive and anti-corrosive coating on copper foil assisted by polymer-nanocomposites embedded with graphene
Kim H, Lee H, Lim HR, Cho HB, Choa YH
128 - 135 Fabrication and characterization of diffraction gratings in ophthalmic polymers by using UV direct laser interference patterning
Sola D, Alamri S, Lasagni AF, Artal P
136 - 143 Enhanced photoelectrochemical performance of CdO-TiO2 nanotubes prepared by direct impregnation
Wang XQ, Cheng K, Dou SN, Chen QH, Wang JL, Song ZY, Zhang JJ, Song H
144 - 150 MgO/g-C3N4 nanocomposites as efficient water splitting photocatalysts under visible light irradiation
Mao N, Jiang JX
151 - 160 Surface wettability and superhydrophobic characteristics of Ni-based nanocomposites fabricated by selective laser melting
Zhang HM, Gu DD, Ma CL, Xia MJ, Guo M
161 - 173 Fluorine modification on titanium dioxide particles: Improving the anti-icing performance through a very hydrophobic surface
Qi YL, Chen SJ, Zhang J
174 - 181 Differential charging effects from impurities in pyrolytic graphite
Baldovino-Medrano VG, Ospina R, Gaigneaux EM
182 - 188 Self-healing, antibacterial, and dual cross-linked multilayer films for microcapsule-based controllable drug release applications
Xuan HY, Zhu YX, Ren JY, Dai W, Ge LQ
189 - 197 Controlling the supermagnetic response of tetragonal alpha-FeSi2 nanoislands
Dascalu M, Cesura F, Levi G, Dieguez O, Kohn A, Goldfarb I
198 - 204 Two-dimensional delafossite cobalt oxyhydroxide as a toxic gas sensor
Upadhyay D, Roondhe B, Pratap A, Jha PK
205 - 220 Revealing the role of kapok fibre as bio-template for In-situ construction of C-doped g-C3N4@C, N co-doped TiO2 core-shell heterojunction photocatalyst and its photocatalytic hydrogen production performance
Mohamed MA, Zain MFM, Minggu LJ, Kassim MB, Jaafar J, Amin NAS, Ng YH
221 - 231 Femtosecond-laser-induced modifications of Ge2Sb2Te5 thin films: Permanent optical change without amorphization
Moller SH, Eriksen EH, Tonning PL, Jensen PB, Chevallier J, Balling P
232 - 241 Tribological properties of Mullite/3Y-TZP ceramics with different content of mullite fabricated by gel-casting
Huang YQ, Li Z, Liu PF, Huang TX, Li Y, Xiao P
242 - 258 Additive manufactured new hybrid high entropy alloys derived from the AlCoFeNiSmTiVZr system
Sarswat PK, Sarkar S, Murali A, Huang WK, Tan WD, Free ML
259 - 264 VO2 microrods synthesized from V(2)O(5 )thin films
Zhang CZ, Wang J, Li YS, Li XJ, Koughia C, Wen SJ, Wong R, Yang QQ, Kasap S
265 - 270 Polar surface dominated octagonal Sn doped ZnO nanowires and their room-temperature photoluminance properties
Wang HB, Ma F, Zhou L, Qian Y, Sun YS, Xu YK, Chen YN, Xu KW, Ma DY
271 - 275 Optical and structural properties of ZnO:Eu thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition
Novotny M, Vondracek M, Maresova E, Fitl P, Bulir J, Pokorny P, Havlova S, Abdellaoui N, Pereira A, Hubik P, More-Chevalier J, Lancok J
276 - 282 A crack repair patch based on acrylated epoxidized soybean oil
Lee TH, Park YI, Lee SH, Shin J, Noh SM, Kim JC
283 - 292 Effect of Ti4+ and Sn4+ co-incorporation on the catalytic performance of CeO2 -MnOx catalyst for low temperature NH3-SCR
Chen L, Yao XJ, Cao J, Yang FM, Tang CJ, Dong L
293 - 302 A bioinspired three-dimensional nanofibrous Cu-nanoparticle/SnO2/carbon composite as an anodic material for lithium-ion battery
Wang K, Huang JG
303 - 307 Comparative study of laser induced periodic surface structures formed on pulsed laser deposited and magnetron sputtered titanium oxide films
Talbi A, Coddet P, Tabbal M, Thomann AL, Millon E, Stolz A, Boulmer-Leborgne C, O'Connor GM, Semmar N
308 - 316 Study on electronic and optical properties of the twisted and strained MoS2/PtS2 heterogeneous interface
Deng S, Zhang Y, Li LJ
317 - 324 Area selective grafting of siloxane molecules on low-k dielectric with respect to copper surface
Rezvanov A, Gornev ES, de Marneffe JF, Armini S
325 - 334 Enhancing corrosion resistance and biocompatibility of interconnected porous beta-type Ti-24Nb-4Zr-8Sn alloy scaffold through alkaline treatment and type I collagen immobilization
Liu CF, Li SJ, Hou WT, Hao YL, Huang HH
335 - 341 Microstructural characterization of nanostructured Al2O3-ZrO2 eutectic layer by laser rapid solidification method
Wang ZG, Ouyang JH, Wang YJ, Xie LY, Ma YH, Liu ZG, Henniche A, Wang Y
342 - 352 Shaped Fe2O3 nanoparticles - Synthesis and enhanced photocatalytic degradation towards RhB
Kusior A, Michalec K, Jelen P, Radecka M
353 - 362 Preparation of superhydrophobic/superoleophilic copper coated titanium mesh with excellent ice-phobic and water-oil separation performance
Yu TL, Lu SX, Xu WG, Boukherroub R
363 - 368 Effects of Ti transition layers and thermal annealing on the adhesive property of Ag nanorods-based SERS sensors
Ma LW, Zhang ZJ, Li XG
369 - 373 Thickness dependence of structural, morphological and optical properties of Mn-Co-Ni-O thin films grown by chemical solution deposition on SiO2/Si (100) substrate
Zhou W, Wu CY, Yin YM, Liu Y, Huang ZM
374 - 377 Low-voltage operating solution-processed CdS thin-film transistor with Ca2Nb3O10 nanosheets deposited using Langmuir-Blodgett method for a gate insulator
Kang L, An H, Jung S, Kim S, Nahm S, Kim DG, Lee CG
378 - 386 Noble-metal-free MOF derived hollow CdS/TiO2 decorated with NiS cocatalyst for efficient photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Li NX, Huang HL, Bibi R, Shen QH, Ngulube R, Zhou JC, Liu MC
387 - 390 Selective adsorption of trace H2O over O-2 on Pt/Fe/Pt(111) surface of Pt-Fe catalyst
Ma T, Cao R, Bao X, Hua EB, Yang M, Wang YQ
391 - 401 ppb level triethylamine detection of yolk-shell SnO2/Au/Fe2O3 nanoboxes at low-temperature
Liu L, Zhao YT, Song P, Yang ZX, Wang Q
402 - 411 Rotatable magnetic anisotropy in Fe78Si9B13 thin films displaying stripe domains
Coisson M, Barrera G, Celegato F, Tiberto P
412 - 417 Electrodeposited platinum on de-alloyed nanoporous gold with enhanced electro-catalytic performance
Xue YP, Scaglione F, Rizzi P, Battezzati L, Denis P, Fecht HJ
418 - 421 Growth of nonpolar InN nanocrystal films by RF plasma-assisted evaporation technique
Shen LH, Liu J, Lv W, Wu LJ, Qi DL, Zhou YW, Lei WW
422 - 434 2-Mercaptobenzothiazole as a corrosion inhibitor for carbon steel in supercritical CO2-H2O condition
Cen HY, Cao JJ, Chen ZY, Guo XP
435 - 441 Electronic structure of Ba(OH)(2) interface in inverted organic photovoltaics: Improved electron transport by charged state of C-60
Yoo J, Jeong J, Jung K, Hyun G, Kim M, Lee H, Yi Y
442 - 451 The effect of surface preparation on high temperature oxidation of Ni, Cu and Ni-Cu alloy
Serafin D, Nowak WJ, Wierzba B
452 - 459 Composite polyethylene terephthalate track membranes with thin teflon-like layers: Preparation and surface properties
Satulu V, Mitu B, Pandele AM, Voicu SI, Kravets L, Dinescu G
460 - 467 Synthesis of 2-hydroxyethyl dibutyldithiocarbamate and its adsorption mechanism on chalcopyrite
Huang XP, Huang KH, Wang S, Cao ZF, Zhong H
468 - 480 Green synthesis of fluorescent carbon quantum dots from Eleusine coracana and their application as a fluorescence 'turn-off ' sensor probe for selective detection of Cu2+
Murugan N, Prakash M, Jayakumar M, Sundaramurthy A, Sundramoorthy AK
481 - 485 Synthesis and exothermic reactions of ultra-fine snowman-shaped particles with directly bonded Ni/Al interfaces
Kwon GH, Kim KT, Kim DW, Choe J, Yun JY, Kim JM
486 - 492 Light-emitting perovskite solar cell with segregation enhanced self doping
Gets D, Saranin D, Ishteev A, Haroldson R, Danilovskiy E, Makarov S, Zakhidov A
493 - 500 Synergy in the interaction of amoxicillin and methylene blue with dipalmitoyl phosphatidyl choline (DPPC) monolayers
Maximino MD, Constantino CJL, Oliveira ON, Alessio P
501 - 512 Facile fabrication of flexible Si-based nanocomposite films as high-rate anodes by layer-by-layer self-assembly
Liu LH, Li MC, Chu LH, Jiang B, Lin RX
513 - 520 Heterogeneous carbon/N-doped reduced graphene oxide wrapping LiMn0.8Fe0.2 PO4 composite for higher performance of lithium ion batteries
Guo LQ, Ren L, Wan L, Li JS
521 - 527 Stress compensated anti-reflection coating for high power laser deposited with IBS SiO2 and ALD Al2O3
Liu H, Jensen L, Ma P, Ristau D
528 - 532 Impact-bonding with aluminum, silver, and gold microparticles: Toward understanding the role of native oxide layer
Hassani-Gangaraj M, Veysset D, Nelson KA, Schuh CA
533 - 538 The role of edge-oxidized graphene to improve the thermopower of p-type bismuth telluride-based thick films
Cho YM, Kim KT, Lee GS, Kim SH
539 - 551 Molten salt conversion of polyethylene terephthalate waste into graphene nanostructures with high surface area and ultra-high electrical conductivity
Kamali AR, Yang JG, Sun Q
552 - 559 Introduction of nitrogen defects into a graphitic carbon nitride framework by selenium vapor treatment for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen production
Mo R, Li J, Tang YH, Li HX, Zhong JX
560 - 568 Structural and plasmonic properties of TixZr1-xNy ternary nitride thin films
Ran YJ, Lu HP, Zhao SJ, Jia LW, Guo Q, Gao C, Jiang ZT, Wang Z
569 - 575 Laser-induced periodic surface structures on ZnO thin film for high response NO2 detection
Parellada-Monreal L, Castro-Hurtado I, Martinez-Calderon M, Presmanes L, Mandayo GG
576 - 586 Single- and multishot femtosecond laser ablation of silicon and silver in air and liquid environments: Plume dynamics and surface modification
Saraeva IN, Kudryashov SI, Lednev VN, Makarov SV, Pershin SM, Rudenko AA, Zayarny DA, Ionin AA
587 - 593 Synergistic effects of photonic crystal and gold nanostars for quantitative SERS detection of 3-Phenoxybenzoic acid
Wang H, Wu YJ, Song HW
594 - 599 Self-focusing SIMS: A metrology solution to area selective deposition
Spampinato V, Armini S, Franquet A, Cunard T, van der Heide P, Vandervorst W
600 - 607 Synthesis of 1D to 3D nanostructured NiCo2S4 on nickel foam and their application in oxygen evolution reaction
Gong YQ, Wang JL, Lin Y, Yang Z, Pan HL, Xu ZF
608 - 614 Interface modification for high-efficient quantum dot sensitized solar cells using ultrathin aluminum nitride coating
Wei HY, Qiu P, Peng MZ, Wu QX, Liu SJ, An YL, He YF, Song YM, Zheng XH
615 - 622 Surface and interface properties of ZrO2/GaAs, SiO2/GaAs and GaP/GaAs hetero structures investigated by surface photovoltage spectroscopy
Roychowdhury R, Dixit VK, Vashisht G, Sharma TK, Mukherjee C, Rai SK, Kumar S
623 - 631 Giant dielectric response, electrical properties and nonlinear current-voltage characteristic of Al2O3-CaCu3Ti4O12 nanocomposites
Jumpatam J, Chanlek N, Thongbai P
632 - 640 Novel and efficient synthesis of Ag-ZnO nanoparticles for the sunlight-induced photocatalytic degradation
Liu YT, Zhang QP, Xu M, Yuan H, Chen Y, Zhang JX, Luo KY, Zhang JQ, You BA
641 - 646 Iron oxide nanochains coated with silica: Synthesis, surface effects and magnetic properties
Tadic M, Kralj S, Lalatonne Y, Motte L
647 - 657 Graphene-like porous carbon nanostructure from Bengal gram bean husk and its application for fast and efficient adsorption of organic dyes
Gupta K, Gupta D, Khatri OP
658 - 662 Tip-enhanced laser ablation and capture of DNA
Cao F, Donnarumma F, Murray KK
663 - 667 The effect of composition of plasma resistance of CaO-Al2O3-SiO2 glasses under Fluorocarbon Plasma with Ar+
Na H, Park J, Choi SC, Kim HJ
668 - 675 Functional nanostructured surfaces induced by laser on fullerene thin films
Gutierrez-Fernandez E, Rodriguez-Rodriguez A, Garcia-Gutierrez MC, Nogales A, Ezquerra TA, Rebollar E
676 - 681 Reversible modulation of magnetic anisotropy and coercivity triggered by external bias voltage in CoFe2O4/Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O-3-PbTiO3 multiferroic heterostructures
Wang AP, Feng M, Wang W, Liu M, Zhao X, Xu H, Hua J, Ke H, Zhou Y, Li HB
682 - 690 Antioxidant functionalized silica-coated TiO2 nanorods to enhance the thermal and photo stability of polypropylene
Li G, Wang F, Liu P, Gao C, Ding YF, Zhang SM, Yang MS
691 - 700 Optical band gap, local work function and field emission properties of MBE grown beta-MoO3 nanoribbons
Maiti P, Guha P, Singh R, Dash JK, Satyam PV
701 - 705 Stable bismuth sub-monolayer termination of Bi2Se3
Hermanowicz M, Koczorowski W, Bazarnik M, Kopciuszynski M, Zdyb R, Materna A, Hruban A, Czajka R, Radny MW
706 - 715 In situ surfactant-free synthesis of ultrathin BiOCl/g-C3N4 nanosheets for enhanced visible-light photodegradation of rhodamine B
Zhang XL, An D, Feng DX, Liang FB, Chen Z, Liu WM, Yang ZZ, Xian M
716 - 723 Cobalt-phosphate modified Fe-Zn0.2Cd0.8S/CuSbS2 heterojunction photoanode with multiple synergistic effect for enhancing photoelectrochemical water splitting
Wu PD, Liu ZF, Ruan MN, Guo ZG, Zhao L
724 - 732 Superior lubrication of dense/porous-coupled nanoscale C/WS2 multilayer coating on ductile substrate
Xu S, Liu Y, Gao M, Kang KH, Shin DG, Kim DE
733 - 740 Investigation of growth characteristics, compositions, and properties of atomic layer deposited amorphous Zn-doped Ga2O3 films
Tao JJ, Lu HL, Gu Y, Ma HP, Li X, Chen JX, Liu WJ, Zhang H, Feng JJ
741 - 748 Ultrafine silver nanoparticles deposited on sodium-doped graphitic carbon nitride towards enhanced photocatalytic degradation of dyes and antibiotics under visible light irradiation
Wang KL, Li Y, Sun T, Mao F, Wu JK, Xue B
749 - 756 CoP nanoparticles encapsulated in three-dimensional N-doped porous carbon for efficient hydrogen evolution reaction in a broad pH range
Yang SS, Chen LL, Wei W, Lv XM, Xie JM
757 - 760 Influence of interface defects on the optical properties of InP/ZnS quantum dots by low temperature synthesis of InP core
Jeong DW, Seo HW, Byun YT, Lim KM, Jeon EJ, Kim BS
761 - 768 F-doped LiFePO4@N/B/F-doped carbon as high performance cathode materials for Li-ion batteries
Meng YS, Li YZ, Xia J, Hu QR, Ke XY, Ren GF, Zhu FL
769 - 777 Formation of CoTe2 embedded in nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes-grafted polyhedrons with boosted electrocatalytic properties in dye-sensitized solar cells
Huang SW, Li SL, He Q, An H, Xiao LQ, Hou LX
778 - 788 Interfacial properties of two-dimensional graphene/ZrS2 and ScS2/ZrS2 contacts
Wang XL, Quhe RG, Liu Z, Zhi YS, Tang YN, Dai XQ, Wu ZP, Tang WH
789 - 795 One-step synthesis of centimeter-size alpha-MoO3 with single crystallinity
Sun HL, Zhang H, Jing XX, Hu JP, Shen KC, Liang ZF, Hu JB, Tian QW, Luo M, Zhu ZY, Jiang Z, Huang H, Song F
796 - 805 Surface polishing of AISI 304 stainless steel with micro plasma beam irradiation
Deng TT, Zheng ZZ, Li JJ, Xiong YB, Li JY
806 - 814 A simple method for enhancing the catalytic activity of Pd deposited on carbon nanotubes used in direct formic acid fuel cells
Mazurkiewicz-Pawlicka M, Malolepszy A, Mikolajczuk-Zychora A, Mierzwa B, Borodzinski A, Stobinski L
815 - 821 Preparation of Co3O4@ZnO core-shell nanocomposites with intrinsic p-n junction as high-performance photoelectrodes for photoelectrochemical cathodic protection under visible light
Yang Y, Cheng W, Cheng YF
822 - 827 Multiphase TixOy nanoparticles by pulsed laser ablation of titanium in supercritical CO2
Singh A, Salminen T, Honkanen M, Vihinen J, Hyvarinen L, Levanen E
828 - 833 Transparent and conductive silver nanowires networks printed by laser-induced forward transfer
Sopena P, Serra P, Fernandez-Pradas JM
834 - 839 Photo-induced strong active component-support interaction enhancing NOx removal performance of CeO2/TiO2
Song W, Zeng YQ, Wang YN, Zhang SL, Zhong Q, Wang TX, Wang XM
840 - 849 High-performance bifunctional flower-like Mn-doped Cu7.2S4@NiS2@NiS/NF catalyst for overall water splitting
Gong YQ, Lin Y, Yang Z, Jiao FX, Li JH, Wang WF
850 - 860 Mechanical durability of hydrophobic surfaces fabricated by injection moulding of laser-induced textures
Romano JM, Gulcur M, Garcia-Giron A, Martinez-Solanas E, Whiteside BR, Dimov SS
861 - 877 XPS and DFT investigations of corrosion inhibition of substituted benzylidene Schiff bases on mild steel in hydrochloric acid
Hashim NZN, Anouar E, Kassim K, Zaki HM, Alharthi AI, Embong Z
878 - 885 Demulsification of acidic oil-in-water emulsions driven by chitosan loaded Ti3C2Tx
Du YC, Si PC, Wei LQ, Wang YL, Te YB, Zuo GH, Yu B, Zhang XM, Ye SF
886 - 896 Phase evolution during one-pot synthesis of amine modified mesoporous silica materials: Preparation, properties, carbon dioxide adsorption
Zelenak V, Skrinska M, Siperstein FR, Patti A
897 - 904 Enhanced photovoltaic performance of Sb2S3 -sensitized solar cell using a novel Ni-4 mercaptophenol hybrid interfacial layer
Lee L, Park J, Han KS, Kumar RS, Sung MM
905 - 913 Large current ion beam polishing and characterization of mechanically finished titanium alloy (Ti6Al4V) surface
Zhou GX, Bi YC, Ma YH, Wang LP, Wang XF, Yu YH, Mutzke A
914 - 927 Formation mechanism and mechanical properties of titanium-doped NbC reinforced Ni-based composite coatings
Sun ST, Fu HG, Ping XL, Guo XY, Lin J, Lei YP, Wu WB, Zhou JX
928 - 936 Ru/La2O3 catalyst for ammonia decomposition to hydrogen
Huang CQ, Yu YZ, Yang JM, Yan Y, Wang DS, Hu FY, Wang XW, Zhang RB, Feng G
937 - 947 SrCO3-modified brookite/anatase TiO2 heterophase junctions with enhanced activity and selectivity of CO2 photoreduction to CH4
Jin JP, Chen ST, Wang JM, Chen C, Peng TY
948 - 958 Au nanocrystals decorated TiO2 nanotube arrays as anode material for lithium ion batteries
Zhang WG, Liu YM, Li WY, Liang W, Yang FQ
959 - 965 Podocarpus-like alpha-Fe2O3/TiO2 composite with balsam pear texture for enhanced lithium storage
Hou S, Wang P, Li YP, Pang F, Liu M, Luo YZ, Zhuang L, Zhao LZ
966 - 971 Synthesis of hollow Cu/Cu2O/Cu2S nanotubes for enhanced electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Wei YR, He WD, Sun PX, Yin JM, Deng XL, Xu XJ
972 - 981 Facile synthesis of an air-stable 3D reduced graphene oxide-phosphorene composite by sonication
Liu HH, Lian PC, Tang YW, Ren XL, Zhang Q, Mei Y
982 - 992 Perspective on construction of heterojunction photocatalysts and the complete utilization of photogenerated charge carriers
Meng SG, Zhang JF, Chen SF, Zhang SJ, Huang WX
993 - 999 Structural, morphological, optical and electrical characterization of InGaN/GaN MQW structures for optoelectronic applications
Prabakaran K, Jayasakthi M, Surender S, Pradeep S, Sanjay S, Ramesh R, Balaji M, Gautier N, Baskar K
1000 - 1007 Controlling the phenolic resin-based amorphous carbon content for enhancing cycling stability of Si nanosheets@C anodes for lithium-ion batteries
Liang JS, Huo FL, Zhang ZY, Yang WF, Javid M, Jung YG, Dong XL, Cao GZ
1008 - 1015 Role of rough substrate on the growth of large single-crystal MoS2 by chemical vapor deposition
Cheng ZF, Xia MG, Liu SR, Hu RX, Liang GY, Zhang SL
1016 - 1024 Surface modification of carbon felt by cold remote plasma for glucose oxidase enzyme immobilization
Kahoush M, Behary N, Cayla A, Mutel B, Guan JP, Nierstrasz V
1025 - 1034 Layered nanoblades of iron cobaltite for high performance asymmetric supercapacitors
Lalwani S, Munjal M, Singh G, Sharma RK
1035 - 1048 Anti-reflective and superhydrophobic films prepared from a sol at different withdrawal speeds
Wang SD, Wang JY
1049 - 1060 Structural, optical and morphological properties of hybrid heterostructures on the basis of GaN grown on compliant substrate por-Si(111)
Seredin PV, Lenshin AS, Mizerov AM, Leiste H, Rinke M
1061 - 1071 F127-assisted synthesis of LiNi0.5Co0.2Mn0.3O1.99F0.01 as a high rate and long lifespan cathode material for lithium-ion batteries
Li LS, Zhang Z, Fu SH, Liu ZZ
1072 - 1078 Hierarchical assembly of silver and gold nanoparticles in two-dimension: Toward fluorescence enhanced detection platforms
Guo M, Liu PP, Huang BX, Qiu YP, Wei Y, Ma Y
1079 - 1085 An in-situ photoelectron spectroscopy study of the thermal processing of ammonium tetrathiomolybdate, (NH4)(2)MoS4, precursor
Sygellou L
1086 - 1095 Radiolytic synthesis of manganese oxides and their ability to decolorize methylene blue in aqueous solutions
Mikac L, Maric I, Stefanic G, Jurkin T, Ivanda M, Gotic M
1096 - 1107 Diffusion characteristics and structural stability of Pt modified beta-NiAl/gamma '-Ni3Al within NiCoCrAl alloy at high temperature
Khan A, Song P, Huang TH, Zhou Y, Xiong XP, Li C, Lu JG, Chen R, Lu JS
1108 - 1117 Fabrication of surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy substrates on solid supports
Mhlanga N, Domfe T, Skepu A