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Applied Surface Science, Vol.475 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 5 Surface study of inhibitor films formed by polyvinyl alcohol and silver nanoparticles on stainless steel in hydrochloric acid solution using convolutional neural networks
Samide A, Stoean C, Stoean R
6 - 11 Growth of graphene on SiO2 with hexagonal boron nitride buffer layer
Entani S, Takizawa M, Li ST, Naramoto H, Sakai S
12 - 19 Mesoporous Sn4P3-graphene aerogel composite as a high-performance anode in sodium ion batteries
Pan EZ, Jin YH, Zhao CC, Jia M, Chang QQ, Zhang RP, jia MQ
20 - 27 Size effects and active sites of Cu nanoparticle catalysts for CO2 electroreduction
Liu SG, Huang SP
28 - 42 A comparative outlook of corrosion behaviour and chlorophyll assisted growth kinetics of various carbon nano-structure reinforced hydroxyapatite-calcium orthophosphate coating synthesized in-situ through pulsed electrochemical deposition
Chakraborty R, Manna JS, Das D, Sen M, Saha P
43 - 55 Surface reactivity and silanization ability of borosilicate and Mg-Sr-based bioactive glasses
Ferraris S, Nommeots-Nomm A, Spriano S, Verne E, Massera J
56 - 66 P-doped hierarchical porous carbon aerogels derived from phenolic resins for high performance supercapacitor
Guo J, Wu DL, Wang T, Ma Y
67 - 74 Phosphorene defect/edge sites induced ultrafine CoPx doping during one-pot synthesis of ZIF-67: The boosted effect on electrocatalytic oxygen reduction after carbonization
Lu KK, Song XF, Xu LH, Xin WL, Shan D
75 - 82 Facile preparation of stable reactive silver ink for highly conductive and flexible electrodes
Mou Y, Cheng H, Wang H, Sun QL, Liu JX, Peng Y, Chen MX
83 - 93 Effects of niobium and rare earth elements on microstructure and initial marine corrosion behavior of low-alloy steels
Zhang X, Wei WZ, Cheng L, Liu J, Wu KM, Liu M
94 - 101 SiO2/TiO2 one-dimensional photonic crystals doped with Sm and Ce rare-earth elements for enhanced structural colors
Dalmis R, Azem NFA, Birlik I, Celik E
102 - 108 Trap effects on vacancy defect of C3N as anode material in Li-ion battery
Guo GC, Wang RZ, Ming BM, Wang CH, Luo SW, Lai C, Zhang M
109 - 116 Electrospinning synthesis and electrocatalytic performance of iron oxide/carbon nanofibers composites as a low-cost efficient Pt-free counter electrode for dye-sensitized solar cells
Li L, Wang XH, Ma ZY, Liu L, Wang HJ, Zhang WM, Li XW
117 - 123 Tailoring metal film texture by use of high atomic mobility at metal-semiconductor interfaces
Wang J, Schutzendube P, Qiu YX, Wang JY, Huang Y, Liu YC, Wang ZM
124 - 134 Molecular adsorption and surface formation reactions of HCl, H-2 and chlorosilanes on Si(100)-c(4 x 2) with applications for high purity silicon production
Yadav S, Singh CV
135 - 142 A novel bi-functional SiO2@TiO2/CDs nanocomposite with yolk-shell structure as both efficient SERS substrate and photocatalyst
Gao XN, Wang XY, Yang Z, Shen YH, Xie AJ
143 - 150 The mechanism study of mixed Ar/O-2 plasma-cleaning treatment on niobium surface for work function improvement
Zhang ZY, Ye ZB, Wang ZJ, Gou FJ, Shen BZ, Wu AD, He Y, He PN, Wang HB, Chen B, Chen JJ, Zhang K, Wei JJ
151 - 157 Structure stability and high Li storage capacity of the unzipped graphene oxide monolayer
Samad A, Kim HJ, Shin YH
158 - 161 Effects of compression and controlled selenization on powder-fabricated Cu (In,Ga)Se-2 thin films
Song BG, Ahn HY, Park BI, Park HH, Ju BK, Lee SY, Park JK, Cho SH
162 - 174 Mechanical properties and corrosion behaviour after scratch and tribological tests of electrodeposited Co-Mo/TiO2 nano-composite coatings
Krawiec H, Vignal V, Krystianiak A, Gaillard Y, Zimowski S
175 - 184 Novel FeVO4/Bi7O9I3 nanocomposite with enhanced photocatalytic dye degradation and photoelectrochemical properties
Chachvalvutikul A, Jakmunee J, Thongtem S, Kittiwachana S, Kaowphong S
185 - 190 Comparison of geometry models in the study of perovskite heterostructures
Guan L, Tan FX, Shen GM, Liang YN, Xu XF, Guo JX, Wang JL, Zhang ZY, Li X
191 - 203 H-2 gas sensor based on PdOx-doped In2O3 nanoparticles synthesized by flame spray pyrolysis
Inyawilert K, Wisitsoraat A, Liewhiran C, Tuantranont A, Phanichphant S
204 - 210 Pump-probe microscopy of femtosecond laser ablation in air and liquids
Kanitz A, Forster DJ, Hoppius JS, Weber R, Ostendorf A, Gurevich EL
211 - 218 Silicon @ nitrogen-doped porous carbon fiber composite anodes synthesized by an in-situ reaction collection strategy for high-performance lithium-ion batteries
Ouyang Y, Zhu XB, Li F, Lai FL, Wu Y, Miao YE, Liu TX
219 - 229 Surface modification of core-shell silk/PVA nanofibers by oxygen dielectric barrier discharge plasma: Studies of physico-chemical properties and drug release behavior
Ojah N, Saikia D, Gogoi D, Baishya P, Ahmed GA, Ramteke A, Choudhury AJ
230 - 236 Liquid switchable radial polarization converters made of sculptured thin films
Oliva-Ramirez M, Rico VJ, Gil-Rostra J, Arteaga O, Bertran E, Serna R, Gonzalez-Elip AR, Yubero F
237 - 255 Review on noble metal-based catalysts for formaldehyde oxidation at room temperature
Guo JH, Lin CX, Jiang CJ, Zhang PY
256 - 263 Organic/inorganic nitride heterostructure for efficient photocatalytic oxygen evolution
Zhang J, Zhang GH, Zhang J
264 - 272 Template-directed synthesis, properties, and dual-modal bioapplications of multifunctional GdPO4 hierarchical hollow spheres
Tian JY, Zhang FB, Han Y, Zhao X, Chen CY, Zhang CM, Ha G
273 - 277 Spin-polarized field emission from Cr thin film deposited on W < 0 0 1 > tips
Nagai S, Sakai N, Miyazaki K, Iwata T, Hata K
278 - 284 Quasi-one-dimensional silicon nanostructures for gas molecule adsorption: a DFT investigation
de Santiago F, Santana JE, Mirand A, Trejo A, Vazquez-Medina R, Perez LA, Cruz-Irisson M
285 - 293 Enhanced capacitance of boron-doped graphene aerogels for aqueous symmetric supercapacitors
Li JW, Li XF, Xiong DB, Wang LZ, Li DJ
294 - 301 Prevent hydrogen damage in alpha-Cr2O3/alpha-Fe2O3 (0001) interface
Mi ZS, Chen L, Shi CM, Gao L, Wang DC, Li XL, Liu HM, Qiao LJ
302 - 311 Value-adding of organosolv lignin: Designing mechanically robust UV-resistant polymeric glass via ARGET ATRP
Huang WQ, Wu M, Liu W, Hua Z, Wang ZK, Zhou L
312 - 324 MnOx/Cr2O3 composites prepared by pyrolysis of Cr-MOF precursors containing in situ assembly of MnOx as high stable catalyst for toluene oxidation
Chen X, Cai SC, Yu EQ, Chen J, Jia HP
325 - 333 CsxWO3 nanosheet-coated cotton fabric with multiple functions: UV/NIR shielding and full-spectrum-responsive self-cleaning
Peng LH, Chen WF, Su B, Yu AB, Jiang XC
334 - 341 The enhanced performance of Sb-modified Cu/TiO2 catalyst for selective catalytic reduction of NOx with NH3
Wang ZY, Guo RT, Shi X, Pan WG, Liu J, Sun X, Liu SW, Liu XY, Qin H
342 - 347 Sensitivity enhancement of surface plasmon resonance biosensor based on graphene and barium titanate layers
Sun P, Wang M, Liu LL, Jiao LP, Du W, Xia F, Liu MJ, Kong WJ, Dong LF, Yun MJ
348 - 354 Photocatalytic evolution of H-2 from aqueous solutions of two-component electron-donor substrates in the presence of g-C3N4 activated by heat treatment in the KCl plus LiCl melt
Andryushina N, Shvalagin V, Korzhak G, Grodzyuk G, Kuchmiy S, Skoryk M
355 - 362 Enhanced photo-catalytic performance by effective electron-hole separation for MoS2 inlaying in g-C3N4 hetero-junction
Zhang XC, Zhang RY, Niu SY, Zheng JM, Guo CF
363 - 371 Theoretical insights into hydrogenation of CO2 to formic acid over a single Co atom incorporated nitrogen-doped graphene: A DFT study
Esrafili MD, Nejadebrahimi B
372 - 379 Cotton stalk-derived carbon fiber@Ni-Al layered double hydroxide nanosheets with improved performances for supercapacitors
Fang KL, Chen MF, Chen JZ, Tian QH, Wong CP
380 - 388 Hierarchical Fe2O3 nanorods/TiO2 nanosheets heterostructure: Growth mechanism, enhanced visible-light photocatalytic and photoelectrochemical performances
Zhang RN, Sun ML, Zhao GD, Yin GC, Liu B
389 - 396 Robust ultralow friction between graphene and octadecyltrichlorosilane self-assembled monolayers
He LF, Wang JQ, Hou KM, Yang SR
397 - 409 In-depth study of the mechanism of heavy metal trapping on the surface of hydroxyapatite
Ferri M, Campisi S, Scavini M, Evangelisti C, Carniti P, Gervasini A
410 - 420 Theory and numerical model of the properties of plasma plume isothermal expansion during nanosecond laser ablation of a bronze-bonded diamond grinding wheel
Cai S, Xiong W, Wang F, Tao YF, Tan SS, Ming XZ, Sun X
421 - 434 Facile assembly of g-C3N4/Ag2CO3/graphene oxide with a novel dual Z-scheme system for enhanced photocatalytic pollutant degradation
Liu HY, Liang C, Niu CG, Huang DW, Du YB, Guo H, Zhang L, Yang YY, Zeng GM
435 - 445 The effect of fibre sizing on the modification of basalt fibre surface in preparation for bonding to polypropylene
Ralph C, Lemoine P, Boyd A, Archer E, McIlhagger A
446 - 452 Carbon coated porous Co3O4 nanosheets derived from cotton fibers as anodes for superior lithium ion batteries
Deng JJ, Lv XZ, Zhong J, Sun XH
453 - 461 Strengthened spatial charge separation over Z-scheme heterojunction photocatalyst for efficient photocatalytic H-2 evolution
Lu B, Song R, Geng JF, Jing DW, Huang ZX
462 - 472 Force spectroscopy of the thrombin-aptamer interaction: Comparison between AFM experiments and molecular dynamics simulations
Ma X, Gosai A, Balasubramanian G, Shrotriya P
473 - 478 Nitrogen mapping from ADF imaging analysis in quaternary dilute nitride superlattices
Ruiz-Marin N, Reyes DF, Braza V, Gonzalo A, Ben T, Flores S, Utrilla AD, Ulloa JM, Gonzalez D
479 - 486 Laser processing of noble metal doped glasses by femto- and nanosecond laser pulses
Nedyalkov N, Stankova NE, Koleva ME, Nikov R, Aleksandrov L, Iordanova R, Atanasova G, Iordanova E, Yankov G
487 - 493 First-principles study of the surface reparation of ultrathin InSe with Se-atom vacancies by thiol chemistry
Wei X, Dong CF, Xu AN, Li XG
494 - 503 Laser ablation synthesis of mono-and bimetallic Pt and Pd nanoparticles and fabrication of Pt-Pd/Graphene nanocomposites
Censabella M, Torrisi V, Boninelli S, Bongiorno C, Grimaldi MG, Ruffino F
504 - 509 Improved amorphous/crystalline silicon interface passivation for silicon heterojunction solar cells by hot-wire atomic hydrogen during doped a-Si:H deposition
Wu ZP, Zhang LP, Chen RF, Liu WZ, Li ZF, Meng FY, Liu ZX
510 - 514 Solvothermal synthesis of Sb2Te3 nanoplates under various synthetic conditions and their thermoelectric properties
Im HJ, Koo B, Kim MS, Lee JE
515 - 518 Evaluation of in vitro biocompatibility of open cell iron structures with PEG coating
Orinakova R, Gorejova R, Macko J, Orinak A, Kupkova M, Hrubovcakova M, Sevc J, Smith RM
519 - 523 Interface modification of an Al current collector for ultrafast lithium-ion batteries
Shin DY, Park DH, Ahn HJ
524 - 531 Synergistic roles of Pt-0 and Pt2+ species in propane combustion over high-performance Pt/AlF3 catalysts
Li X, Liu YR, Liao WM, Jia AP, Wang YJ, Lu JQ, Luo MF
532 - 541 Chemical design of novel electrospun CoNi/Cr nanoparticles encapsulated in C-nanofibers as highly efficient material for urea oxidation in alkaline media
Mohamed IMA, Liu CK
542 - 548 Subsurface modification induced on ion-exchanged glass substrates by deposition and bombardment
Zhang WJ, Zhao ZM, Xie ZJ, Zhuang X, He EB
549 - 558 The adsorption performance of tetracyclines on magnetic graphene oxide: A novel antibiotics absorbent
Miao JH, Wang FH, Chen YJ, Zhu YZ, Zhou Y, Zhang ST
559 - 564 Surface-enhanced Raman scattering in graphene deposited on AlxGa1-xN/GaN axial heterostructure nanowires
Kierdaszuk J, Tokarczyk M, Czajkowski KM, Bozek R, Krajewska A, Przewloka A, Kaszub W, Sobanska M, Zytkiewicz ZR, Kowalski G, Antosiewicz TJ, Kaminska M, Wysmolek A, Drabinska A
565 - 570 Effects of yttrium doping on the electrical performances and stability of ZnO thin-film transistors
Abliz A, Xu L, Wan D, Duan HM, Wang JL, Wang CL, Luo SJ, Liu CS
571 - 576 TEM study on the inhomogeneity of oxygen diffusion distances in single polyacrylonitrile-based carbon fibers
Guo XS, Zhang KX, Cheng JX, He H, He LL, Xu J
577 - 586 One-step preparation of Bi4O5BrxI2-x solid solution with superior photocatalytic performance for organic pollutants degradation under visible light
Lu SS, Li J, Duan F, Duan LY, Du ML, Chen MQ
587 - 597 A comprehensive study on electrochemical polishing of tungsten
Wang F, Zhang XQ, Deng H
598 - 605 Dynamics of underwater gas bubbles impact on a ratchet with gradient inclination
Wang X, Jia ZH
606 - 614 Electrical resistivity and elastic wave propagation anisotropy in glancing angle deposited tungsten and gold thin films
El Beainou R, Chargui A, Pedrosa P, Mosset A, Euphrasie S, Vairac P, Martin N
615 - 620 One-pot synthesis of amphiphilic Janus gold nanoparticles with D-penicillamine and benzyl mercaptan ligands by toluene/water emulsion reaction
Li D, Hu CL, Luo YJ, Zhu GB, Li QJ, Luo ZH, Luo K
621 - 626 Molecular dynamics simulations of removal of nonylphenol pollutants by graphene oxide: Experimental study and modelling
You XF, He M, Cao XQ, Wang P, Wang JX, Li L
627 - 632 Analysis on corrosion resistant of electrodeposited ternary Co-W-P alloy
Oladapo BI, Zahedi SA, Awe AO, Omigbodun FT, Adebiyi VA
633 - 638 Plasmon sensing and enhancement of laser prepared silver colloidal nanoplates
Condorelli M, Scardaci V, D'Urso L, Puglisi O, Fazio E, Compagnini G
639 - 644 Synthesis of dual-responsive polymer via convertible RAFT and ring-opening polymerizations in one-pot
Wang CH, Fan YS, Zhang Z, Chen QB, Zeng TY, Meng QY, You YZ
645 - 659 Effects of graphene on structure and corrosion resistance of plasma electrolytic oxidation coatings formed on D16T Al alloy
Liu WY, Liu Y, Lin YH, Zhang Z, Feng SB, Talha M, Shi YS, Shi TH
660 - 665 Fast fabrication of optical vortex generators by femtosecond laser ablation
Hua JG, Tian ZN, Xu SJ, Lundgaard S, Juodkazis S
666 - 675 Natural payload delivery of the doxorubicin anticancer drug from boron nitride oxide nanosheets
Duverger E, Balme S, Bechelany M, Miele P, Picaud F
676 - 683 Cationic and anionic modification of CdS thin films by surface chemical treatment
Baray-Calderon A, Acevedo-Pena P, Castelo-Gonzalez OA, Martinez-Alonso C, Sotelo-Lerma M, Arenas-Arrocena MC, Hu HL
684 - 694 Surface-decorated silica with Schiff base as an anticorrosive coating for aluminium alloy 2024-T3
Bonetti S, Spengler R, Petersen A, Aleixo LS, Merlo AA, Tamborim SM
695 - 699 Preparation of organic-inorganic nanocomposites using directly synthesized Br-functionalized nanocrystals
Jung J, Byun M, Chang M
700 - 709 Core-shell structure of ZnO/Co3O4 composites derived from bimetallic-organic frameworks with superior sensing performance for ethanol gas
Li B, Liu JY, Liu Q, Chen RR, Zhang HS, Yu J, Song DL, Li JQ, Zhang ML, Wang J
710 - 719 Photosensitized TiO2 films on polymers - Titania-polymer interactions and visible light induced photoactivity
Sadowski R, Wach A, Buchalska M, Kustrowski P, Macyk W
720 - 728 Dynamic Monte Carlo simulations of the reaction mechanism of hydrogen production from formic acid on Ni(100)
Rafiee M, Bashiri H
729 - 739 Through a hydrothermal phosphatization method synthesized NiCo and Fe-based electrodes for high-performance battery-supercapacitor hybrid device
Zhou CX, Gao TT, Wang YJ, Liu QL, Xiao D
740 - 747 Laser dewetting behaviors of Ag and Au thin films on glass and Si substrates: Experiments and theoretical considerations
Oh H, Pyatenko A, Lee M
748 - 753 Trimodal hierarchical nanoporous copper with tunable porosity prepared by dealloying Mg-Cu alloys of close-to-eutectic compositions
Grosu Y, Zaki A, Faik A
754 - 761 Fluorescence study of the hydrolytic degradation process of the polysiloxane coatings of basalt fibers
Iorio M, Olmos D, Santarelli ML, Gonzalez-Benito J
762 - 773 Deposition temperature influence on the wear behaviour of carbon-based coatings deposited on hardened steel
Feldiorean D, Cristea D, Tierean M, Croitoru C, Gabor C, Jakab-Farkas L, Cunha L, Barradas NP, Alves E, Craciun V, Marin A, Moura C, Leme J, Socol M, Craciun D, Cosnita M, Munteanu D
774 - 780 Photo-absorption properties of van der Waals heterostructure of monolayer InSe with silicene, germanene and antimonene
Sengupta A, Dominguez A, Frauenheim T
781 - 784 Effect of chloride ion on synthesis of silver nanoparticle using retrieved silver chloride as a precursor from the electronic scrap
Yoo J, So H, Yang M, Lee KJ
785 - 792 A generic strategy for preparation of TiO2/BixMyOz (M = W, Mo) heterojunctions with enhanced photocatalytic activities
Fang GL, Liu J, Wu JD, Li MY, Yan XH, Wang DY
793 - 802 Uniform MoS2 nanolayer with sulfur vacancy on carbon nanotube networks as binder-free electrodes for asymmetrical supercapacitor
Sun P, Wang RJ, Wang Q, Wang HW, Wang XF
803 - 812 Electrodeposition of lead selenide films from ionic liquids based on choline chloride
Anicai L, Sin I, Brincoveanu O, Costovici S, Cotarta A, Cojocaru A, Enachescu M, Visan T
813 - 819 The in situ ligand exchange linker-assisted assembly of oil-soluble CdSe quantum dots to TiO2 films
Zhang D, Ma P, Wang S, Xia MP, Zhang SD, Xie DM, Zhou XW, Lin Y
820 - 827 Structures, compositions, and optical properties of ZnCr2O4 films grown epitaxially on c-sapphire by pulsed laser deposition
Wang QL, Chen J, Lu H, Huang P, Wang JB, Li MK, Lu YM, Chang G, Feng ZC, He YB
828 - 838 Enhanced photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue dye using CuS-CdS nanocomposite under visible light irradiation
Mahanthappa M, Kottam N, Yellappa S
839 - 846 Tuning electronic properties of InSe/arsenene heterostructure by external electric field and uniaxial strain
Xie ZF, Sun FW, Yao R, Zhang Y, Zhang YH, Zhang ZH, Fan JB, Ni L, Duan L
847 - 856 Tribological performances of SiO2/graphene combinations as water-based lubricant additives for magnesium alloy rolling
Xie HM, Dang SH, Jiang B, Xiang L, Zhou S, Sheng HR, Yang TH, Pan FS
857 - 862 Anisotropic interfacial properties between monolayered black phosphorus and water
Zhang ZQ, Liu HL, Liu Z, Zhang Z, Cheng GG, Wang XD, Ding JN
863 - 872 Effect of atom adsorption on the electronic, magnetic, and optical properties of the GeP monolayer: A first-principle study
Zhang J, Yang G, Tian JL, Wang Z, Tang YN, Ma DW
873 - 879 Water adsorption and capillary bridge formation on silica micro-particle layers modified with perfluorinated organosilane monolayers
Giner I, Torun B, Han Y, Duderija B, Meinderink D, Orive AG, de los Arcos T, Weinberger C, Tiemann M, Schmid HJ, Grundmeier G
880 - 886 Synthesis and photocatalytic properties of Fe-doped TiO2 nanoparticles with highly exposed (001) facets from Ti-bearing tailings
Sui YL, Hao YY, Wen GY, Hu Y, Wu L, Zhong SK
887 - 895 Insight into CaO addition on coking resistance of Ni surface for sorption enhanced methane steam reforming: A density functional study
Liu L, Hong DK, Guo X
896 - 905 Laser texturing of stainless steel under different processing atmospheres: From superhydrophilic to superhydrophobic surfaces
Pou P, del Val J, Riveiro A, Comesana R, Arias-Gonzalez F, Lusquinos F, Bountinguiza M, Quintero F, Pou J
906 - 916 First-principles calculations on Ni/W interfaces in Steel/Ni/W hot isostatic pressure diffusion bonding layer
Yang J, Wang Y, Huang JH, Ye Z, Sun X, Chen SH, Zhao Y
917 - 925 Nanostructured Ag thin films deposited by pulsed electron ablation
Gambardella A, Berni M, Graziani G, Kovtun A, Liscio A, Russo A, Visani A, Bianchi M
926 - 933 Advanced thin gas barriers film incorporating alternating structure of PEALD-based Al2O3/organic-inorganic nanohybrid layers
Jang JH, Kim N, Li XL, An TK, Kim J, Kim SH
934 - 941 Surface modification of AO-PAN@OHec nanofiber membranes with amino acid for antifouling and hemocompatible properties
Zhang W, Yue P, Zhang H, Yang N, Li C, Li JH, Meng JQ, Zhang QS
942 - 946 TiNb2O7 nanowires with high electrochemical performances as anodes for lithium ion batteries
Li HY, Zhang Y, Tang YK, Zhao F, Zhao BW, Hu YF, Murat H, Gao SS, Liu L
947 - 952 Self-bonded natural fiber product with high hydrophobic and EMI shielding performance via magnetron sputtering Cu film
Wang QL, Xiao SL, Shi SQ, Xu SY, Cai LP
953 - 960 Monolithic g-C3N4/reduced graphene oxide aerogel with in situ embedding of Pd nanoparticles for hydrogenation of CO2 to CH4
Zhang RY, Huang ZA, Li CJ, Zuo YS, Zhou Y
961 - 968 Effect of swelling agent on the pore structure of SBA-15 studied by positron annihilation
Zhou B, Qi N, Wang B, Chen ZQ
969 - 973 La-doped p-type ZnO nanowire with enhanced piezoelectric performance for flexible nanogenerators
Kang L, An H, Park JY, Hong MH, Nahm S, Lee CG
974 - 981 Modification of plasmon resonance properties of noble metal nanoparticles inside the glass matrices
Koleva ME, Nedyalkov NN, Karashanova D, Atanasova GB, Stepanov AL
982 - 985 Role of reinforcement surface treatment on the SnAg3Cu0.5 microelectronic joints
Gyoker Z, Gergely G, Horvath DK, Bodnar E, Gacsi Z
986 - 989 Synthesis and magnetic properties of Sm2Co17 particles using salt-assisted spray pyrolysis and a reduction-diffusion process
Hwang TY, Lee J, Kang MK, Lee G, Kim J, Choa YH
990 - 998 Germanane nanosheet as a novel biosensor for liver cirrhosis based on adsorption of biomarker volatiles - A DFT study
Srimathi U, Nagarajan V, Chandiramouli R
999 - 1002 The Oscillatory Adsorption of Organosilane Films on Aluminium Oxide: Film Morphology using Auger Electron Spectromicroscopy
Sims RA, Harmer-Bassell SL, Quinton JS
1003 - 1009 Spontaneous capillary breakup of suspended gradient polymer stripes into spatially ordered dot arrays
Cho HR, Park WI, Song YS, Jung J, Choe A, Ko H, Byun M
1010 - 1020 A model for local generation of nanoparticles in photoinduced nanocomposites by the focused laser light
Pikulin A, Smirnov AA, Bityurin N
1021 - 1032 Influence of porosity and pore size on sputtering of nanoporous structures by low-energy Ar ions: Molecular dynamics study
Sycheva AA, Voronina EN, Rakhimova TV, Rakhimov AT
1033 - 1042 Understanding HCN heterogeneous adsorption on CaO(100) surface for the pyrolysis of sludge: A first-principles study and GCMC simulation
Hou FX, Jin J, Yang HR, Wang YZ, Li SJ
1043 - 1047 Fast and slow interface traps in transparent NiO gated AlGaN/GaN heterostructure field-effect transistors
Li LA, Chen J, Liu ZX, Que TT, Gu X, He L, Liu Y
1048 - 1057 One-step femtosecond laser ablation synthesis of sub-3 nm gold nanoparticles stabilized by silica
John MG, Tibbetts KM
1058 - 1064 NiO-bridged MnCo-hydroxides for flexible high-performance fiber-shaped energy storage device
Gao LB, Fan R, Xiao R, Cao K, Li PF, Wang WD, Lu Y
1065 - 1069 Microwave absorption properties of graphene oxide capsulated carbonyl iron particles
Jeon S, Kim J, Kim KH
1070 - 1076 Effect of transition metal oxide nanoparticles on gas adsorption properties of graphene nanocomposites
Goharibajestani Z, Yurum A, Yurum Y
1077 - 1077 Fabrication of Ni-doped BiVO4 semiconductors with enhanced visible-light photocatalytic performances for wastewater treatment (vol 413, pg 253, 2017)
Regmi C, Kshetri YK, Kim TH, Pandey RP, Ray SK, Lee SW