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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 5 XPS characterization of SmNbO4 and SmTaO4 precursors prepared by sol-gel method
Brunckova H, Kanuchova M, Kolev H, Mudra E, Medvecky L
6 - 10 Large enhancement of infrared absorption due to trimer comprised of doping-N and S-S divacancies in the imperfect monolayer MoS2: A first-principles study
Hong AJ
11 - 19 Synergetic effect of MoS2 and MXene on the enhanced H-2 evolution performance of CdS under visible light irradiation
Chen R, Wang PF, Chen J, Wang C, Ao YH
20 - 24 Electronic structure of molybdenum-involved amorphous silica buffer layer in MoOx/n-Si heterojunction
Chen DY, Gao M, Wan YZ, Li YH, Guo HB, Ma ZQ
25 - 30 The physicochemical characterization of the Cu nanoparticle surface, and of its evolution on atmospheric exposure: Application to antimicrobial bandages for wound dressings
Loran S, Cheng S, Botton GA, Yahia L, Yelon A, Sacher E
31 - 39 Functions achieved by the hyaluronic acid derivatives coating and hydroxide film on bio-absorbed Mg
Kim YK, Jang YS, Kim SY, Lee MH
40 - 48 ZnO-coated SiO2 nanocatalyst preparation and its photocatalytic activity over nitric oxides as an alternative material to pure ZnO
Kitsou I, Panagopoulos P, Maggos T, Tsetsekou A
49 - 54 Electron transfer during binding processes between thiolate molecules and Au nano-islands
Chen B, Liu CJ, Shang L, Huang Y, Yang SH, Sun XY, Feng CH, Hayashi K
55 - 58 Surface modification of MMT and its effect on fatigue and fracture behavior of basalt/epoxy based composites in a seawater environment
Kim D, Mittal G, Kim M, Kim S, Rhee KY
59 - 64 Dopamine sensing by boron and nitrogen co-doped single-walled carbon nanotubes: A first-principles study
Yeh CH, Hsiao YJ, Jiang JC
65 - 69 Structural evolution of NiAl-based layered nanostructures grown by a low-temperature hydrothermal method
Jeon CW, Lee SS, Park IK
70 - 76 Electronic and photocatalytic properties of modified MoS2/graphene quantum dots heterostructures: A computational study
Li N, Liu ZT, Hu SL, Chang Q, Xue CR, Wang HQ
77 - 82 Excellent electrochemical stability of graphite nanosheet-based interlayer for electric double layer capacitors
An GH, Ahn HJ
83 - 90 One-step synthesis of size-tunable gold nanoparticles/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites using argon plasma and their applications in sensing and catalysis
Yang C, Yu Y, Xie YJ, Zhang D, Zeng P, Dong YR, Yang BL, Liang RQ, Ou QR, Zhang SY
91 - 101 Carbon nanosheet facilitated charge separation and transfer between molybdenum carbide and graphitic carbon nitride toward efficient photocatalytic H-2 production
Zou YJ, Ma DD, Sun DK, Mao SM, He C, Wang ZY, Ji X, Shi JW
102 - 106 Atomic-layer-deposited ZrO2-doped CeO2 thin film for facilitating oxygen reduction reaction in solid oxide fuel cell
Yang BC, Go D, Oh S, Shin JW, Kim HJ, An J
107 - 120 Peptides of human body fluids as sensors of corrosion of titanium to titanium dioxide. SERS application
Tata A, Szkudlarek A, Pacek J, Molenda M, Proniewicz E
121 - 126 Adhesion of ZrN and Al2O3 coatings on U metal from first-principles
Mei ZG, Bhattacharya S, Yacout AM
127 - 132 Paracetamol micro-structure analysis by optical mapping
Honda R, Ryu M, Balcytis A, Vongsvivut J, Tobin MJ, Juodkazis S, Morikawa J
133 - 140 Enhanced and selective ammonia detection using In2O3/reduced graphene oxide hybrid nanofibers
Andre RS, Mercante LA, Facure MHM, Mattoso LHC, Correa DS
141 - 147 Surface passivation of GaAs (001) by Hg2Cl2 nanoplates combined with hexadecanethiol
Huang XH, Xia P, Wang X, Hu YJ
148 - 155 Immediate release of helicid from nanoparticles produced by modified coaxial electrospraying
Yu DG, Zheng XL, Yang YY, Li XY, Williams GR, Zhao M
156 - 163 Graphitic coated Al nanoparticles manufactured as superior energetic materials via laser ablation synthesis in organic solvents
Davari SA, Gottfried JL, Liu C, Ribeiro EL, Duscher G, Mukherjee D
164 - 173 Reduction-oxidation of V2O5-WO3 nanostructured by ball milling and annealing: Their improved H2S gas sensing performance
Bolokang AS, Motaung DE
174 - 181 Strain-induced switch for hydrogen storage in cobalt-decorated nitrogen-doped graphene
Liang XY, Ng SP, Ding N, Wu CML
182 - 189 Heterogeneous growth of continuous ZIF-8 films on low-temperature amorphous silicon
Monforte F, Mannino G, Alberti A, Smecca E, Italia M, Motta A, Tudisco C, Condorelli GG
190 - 193 Robustness of topological states in Bi2Se3 thin film grown by Pulsed Laser Deposition on (001)-oriented SrTiO3 perovskite
Bigi C, Orgiani P, Nardi A, Troglia A, Fujii J, Panaccione G, Vobornik I, Rossi G
194 - 202 Multiple resistive switching behaviours of CH3NH3PbI3 perovskite film with different metal electrodes
How GTS, Talik NA, Kar YB, Nakajima H, Tunmee S, Tong GB
203 - 208 Hydrogen intercalation of CVD graphene on germanium (001) - Strain and doping analysis using Raman spectroscopy
Judek J, Pasternak I, Dabrowski P, Strupinski W, Zdrojek M
209 - 221 Flower-like Mn3O4/CeO2 microspheres as an efficient catalyst for diesel soot and CO oxidation: Synergistic effects for enhanced catalytic performance
Jampaiah D, Velisoju VK, Devaiah D, Singh M, Mayes ELH, Coyle VE, Reddy BM, Bansal V, Bhargava SK
222 - 229 Effective reduction of graphene oxide via a hybrid microwave heating method by using mildly reduced graphene oxide as a susceptor
Tang S, Jin SL, Zhang R, Liu Y, Wang JC, Hu Z, Lu WZ, Yang S, Qiao WM, Ling LC, Jin ML
230 - 234 Interfacial influence on electrical injection and transport characterization of CoFeB vertical bar MgO vertical bar GaAs-InGaAs quantum wells hetero-structure
Tian Y, Zhang C, Xiao C, Wang R, Xu L, Devaux X, Renucci P, Xu B, Liang S, Yang C, Lu Y
235 - 241 Effect of lattice mismatch on the laser-induced damage thresholds of (BiTm)(3)(GaFe)(5)O(12 )thin films
Zhang D, Yang QH, Hao JX, Jiang Y, Wang M, Du SS, Syvorotka II, Zhang HW
242 - 250 Adsorption and decomposition of metal decorated phosphorene toward H2S, HCN and NH3 molecules
Kuang AL, Ran Y, Peng BH, Kuang MQ, Wang GZ, Yuan HK, Tian CL, Chen H
251 - 260 Hierarchical porous Al2O3@ZnO core-shell microfibres with excellent adsorption affinity for Congo red molecule
Zheng YQ, Liu JY, Cheng B, You W, Ho WK, Tang H
261 - 265 Attachable freezing-delayed surfaces for ultraviolet sensing using GaN photodetector at low temperature in air
So H, Park W
266 - 274 A facile synthesis of 3D flower-like NiCo2O4@MnO2 composites as an anode material for Li-ion batteries
Zhang Z, Huang Y, Yan J, Li C, Chen XF, Zhu YD
275 - 281 Surface modified mesoporous g-C3N4@FeNi3 as prompt and proficient magnetic adsorbent for crude oil recovery
Talukdar M, Behera SK, Bhattacharya K, Deb P
282 - 290 Threshold hydrophobicity for inhibition of salt scale formation on SAM-modified titania nanotube arrays
Shoute LCT, Hua WD, Kisslinger R, Thakur UK, Zeng S, Goswami A, Kumar P, Kar P, Shankar K
291 - 297 Catalytic activity of several carbons with different structures for methane decomposition and by-produced carbons
Nishii H, Miyamoto D, Umeda Y, Hamaguchi H, Suzuki M, Tanimoto T, Harigai T, Takikawa H, Suda Y
298 - 302 X-ray diffraction lineshape analysis of pulsed laser deposited ZnO nano-structured thin films
Kaassamani S, Kassem W, Tabbal M
303 - 312 Synthesis of silver nanoparticles from bottom up approach on borophosphate glass and their applications as SERS, antibacterial and glass-based catalyst
Belusso LCS, Lenz GF, Fiorini EE, Pereira AJ, Sequinel R, Bini RA, Felix JF, Schneider R
313 - 317 Enhancement of acidic-basic properties of silica by modification with CeO2-Fe2O3 nanoparticles via successive ionic layer deposition
Popkov VI, Tolstoy VP, Omarov SO, Nevedomskiy VN
318 - 325 One-pot synthesis of unprotected PtPd nanoclusters with enhanced catalytic activity, durability, and methanol-tolerance for oxygen reduction reaction
Liu J, Yin J, Feng B, Li F, Wang F
326 - 333 Hierarchical interpenetrating rHGO-decorated NiCo2O4 nanowires architectures for high-performance supercapacitors
Li SM, Yang K, Ye PW, Jiang H, Zhang Z, Huang Q, Wang LY
334 - 342 A comparative antibacterial activity and cytocompatibility for different top layers of TiN, Ag or TiN-Ag on nanoscale TiN/Ag multilayers
Zhao ML, Gong HH, Ma M, Dong L, Huang MD, Wan RX, Gu HQ, Kang YB, Li DJ
343 - 351 Nitrogen doped iron titanate films: photoelectrochemical, electrocatalytic, photocatalytic and structural features
Chorna N, Smirnova N, Vorobets V, Kolbasov G, Linnik O
352 - 358 Coaxial electrospinning synthesis hollow Mo2C@C core-shell nanofibers for high-performance and long-term lithium-ion batteries
Zhang M, Huang XX, Xin HL, Li DZ, Zhao Y, Shi LD, Lin YM, Yu JL, Yu ZQ, Zhu CZ, Xu J
359 - 365 Deposition of pure Cu films on glass substrates by decomposition of Cu complex pastes at 250 degrees C and additional Cu plating
Lee CH, Hyun CY, Lee JH
366 - 372 Effect of chloride and pH on the electrochemical surface oxidation enhanced Raman scattering
Perales-Rondon JV, Hernandez S, Heras A, Colina A
373 - 385 Functionalized gold and silver nanoparticles modulate amyloid fibrillation, defibrillation and cytotoxicity of lysozyme via altering protein surface character
Ban DK, Paul S
386 - 392 The synergistic effect of non-metal doping or defect engineering and interface coupling on the photocatalytic property of g-C3N4: First-principle investigations
Ling FL, Li WJ, Ye LJ
393 - 400 Control of wettability transition and coalescence dynamics of droplets on the surface via mechanical vibration: A molecular simulation exploration
Li T, Li J, Lin HH, Duan YR, Xia YJ, Jiang YY, Li H
401 - 408 Cs-doped alpha-Bi2O3 microplates: Hydrothermal synthesis and improved photochemical activities
Huang YL, Qin J, Hu CH, Liu XX, Wei DL, Seo HJ
409 - 418 Surface interactions between 2D Ti3C2/Ti2C MXenes and lysozyme
Rozmyslowska-Wojciechowska A, Wojciechowski T, Ziemkowska W, Chlubny L, Olszyna A, Jastrzebska AM
419 - 424 Enhanced temperature-tunable narrow-band photoluminescence from resonant perovskite nanograting
Tiguntseva EY, Sadrieva Z, Stroganov BV, Kapitonov YV, Komissarenko F, Haroldson R, Balachandran B, Hu W, Gu Q, Zakhidov AA, Bogdanov A, Makarov SV
425 - 432 Preparation and immobilization of zinc sulfide (ZnS) nanoparticles on polyvinylidene fluoride pellets for photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue in wastewater
Guo J, Khan S, Cho SH, Kim J
433 - 441 Growth of Ag(111) on Si(111) with nearly flat band and abrupt interface
Bocirnea AE, Costescu RM, Apostol NG, Teodorescu CM
442 - 448 Conformal covering and optical response of pulsed laser deposited bidimensional Ag nanoparticle arrays
Soria E, Baraldi G, Martinez-Orts M, Toudert J, Serna R, Gonzalo J
449 - 460 Effects of polyethylene glycol (PEG) on the corrosion inhibition of mild steel by cerium nitrate in chloride solution
Boudellioua H, Hamlaoui Y, Tifouti L, Pedraza F
461 - 467 Indium tin oxide modified with dendrimer-encapsulated Pt nanoparticles as efficient p-aminophenol redox cycling platforms
Lee SB, Ju Y, Lee Y, Kim J
468 - 475 In-situ atmospheric-pressure dielectric barrier discharge plasma treated CH3NH3PbI3 for perovskite solar cells in regular architecture
Chen ZC, Cheng Y, Lin CC, Li CS, Hsu CC, Chen JZ, Wu CI, Cheng IC
476 - 485 Impact of surface adsorbed gases on hydrogen diffusion into Pd(100) subsurface from first principles
Liang TS, Kang HF, Zhong W, Bian HT, Zhao J
486 - 492 Optimizing the substrate-mediated laser ablation of biological tissues: Quest for the best substrate material
Maulouet T, Fatou B, Focsa C, Salzet M, Fournier I, Ziskind M
493 - 499 One-step method for fabrication of bioinspired hierarchical superhydrophobic surface with robust stability
Zhang DG, Li LH, Wu YL, Zhu B, Song HL
500 - 510 Tuning CuOx-TiO2 interaction and photocatalytic hydrogen production of CuOx/TiO2 photocatalysts via TiO2 morphology engineering
Liu YX, Ye ZY, Li D, Wang M, Zhang YX, Huang WX
511 - 515 Surface effect of platinum catalyst-decorated mesoporous carbon support using the dissolution of zinc oxide for methanol oxidation
An GH, Jo HG, Ahn HJ
516 - 526 Optimization of silver nanowire formation on laser processed PEN: Surface properties and antibacterial effects
Kaimlova M, Nemogova I, Kolarova K, Slepicka P, Svorcik V, Siegel J
527 - 539 Accelerated photocatalytic oxidation of carbamazepine by a novel 3D hierarchical protonated g-C3N4/BiOBr heterojunction: Performance and mechanism
Yang LW, Liang LL, Wang LJ, Zhu JC, Gao SW, Xia XF
540 - 547 Flower-like molybdenum disulfide/carbon nanotubes composites for high sulfur utilization and high-performance lithium-sulfur battery cathodes
Walle MD, Zeng K, Zhang MY, Li YJ, Liu YN
548 - 554 RE-irradiation of silver nanoparticles obtained by laser ablation in water and assessment of their antibacterial effect
Fernandez-Arias M, Boutinguiza M, del Val J, Medina E, Rodriguez D, Riveiro A, Comesana R, Lusquinos F, Gil FJ, Pou J
555 - 563 Co2N nanoparticles embedded N-doped mesoporous carbon as efficient electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction
Guo DK, Tian ZF, Wang JC, Ke XB, Zhu YF
564 - 570 Pressure induced semiconductor-metallic transition of selenium nanoribbons generated by laser ablation in liquids
Cai YY, Ye YX, Li PF, Zhou YH, Liu J, Tian ZF, Yang ZR, Liang C
571 - 577 Design and fabrication of pyrolytic carbon-SiC-fluoridated hydroxyapatite-hydroxyapatite multilayered coating on carbon fibers
Zhang LL, Pei LN, Li HJ, Zhu FY
578 - 588 Au nanoparticles decorated on activated coke via a facile preparation for efficient catalytic reduction of nitrophenols and azo dyes
Fu YK, Xu P, Huang DL, Zeng GM, Lai C, Qin L, Li BS, He JF, Yi H, Cheng M, Zhang C
589 - 596 Correlation of surface processes with characteristic sensing responses of PdO thin films to ethanol
Cheng IK, Wang JH, Tsai CY, Chen YS, Pan FM
597 - 602 Facile mechanism to induce topological transition in MXene
Akkus UO, Balci E, Berber S
603 - 613 Functionalized structures based on shape- controlled TiO2
Synowiec M, Micek-Ilnicka A, Szczepanowicz K, Rozycka A, Trenczek-Zajac A, Zakrzewska K, Radecka M
614 - 621 Uniform nitrogen-doped graphene lines with favorable outlines printed by elaborate regulation of drying and overlapping
Lian HC, Qi LH, Luo J, Hu KW
622 - 626 Fabrication and electrochemical properties of Li1.3Al0.3Ti1.7(PO4)(3) solid electrolytes by sol-gel method
Yi EJ, Yoon KY, Jung HA, Nakayama T, Ji MJ, Hwang H
627 - 632 Hard X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy investigation of annealing effects on buried oxide in GaAs/Si junctions by surface-activated bonding
Yamajo S, Yoon S, Liang J, Sodabanlu H, Watanabe K, Sugiyama M, Yasui A, Ikenaga E, Shigekawa N
633 - 640 Metamaterial grating-integrated graphene photodetector with broadband high responsivity
Li JF, Zhao C, Liu BY, You CY, Chu FH, Tian N, Chen YF, Li SY, An BX, Cui AJ, Zhang XP, Yan H, Liu DM, Zhang YZ
641 - 648 A Schottky-junction-based platinum nanoclusters@silicon carbide nanosheet as long-term stable hydrogen sensors
Sun L, Wang B, Wang YD
649 - 656 Study on the electrical, optical, structural, and morphological properties of highly transparent and conductive AZO thin films prepared near room temperature
Wen L, Sahu BB, Kim HR, Han JG
657 - 667 Adsorption and decomposition of H2S on the Ni(111) and Ni(211) surfaces: A first-principles density functional study
Zhang MH, Fu ZZ, Yu YZ
668 - 672 Knowledge visualization and nano-crystal modeling geometry
Constant J
673 - 680 In-situ sulfuration synthesis of N,S-doped carbon nanosheet encapsulated Fe-doped Co9S8 as anodes for tunable lithium storage
Gao YL, Kang LM, Lian YJ, Xin WL, Wang RR, Liang JH, Zhang LS, Wang D, Xu SL
681 - 692 BH4 dissociation on various metal (111) surfaces: A DFT study
Akca A, Genc AE, Kutlu B
693 - 698 Mn valence state mediated room temperature ferromagnetism in nonpolar Mn doped GaN
Wadekar PV, Chang CW, Zheng YJ, Guo SS, Hsieh WC, Cheng CM, Ma MH, Lai WC, Sheu JK, Chen QY, L W
699 - 705 Yolk-shelled Ni2P@carbon nanocomposite as high-performance anode material for lithium and sodium ion batteries
Zheng JL, Huang XM, Pan X, Teng C, Wang N
706 - 714 Tunable microwave absorptivity in reduced graphene oxide functionalized with Fe3O4 nanorods
Zhang QC, Du ZJ, Huang XZ, Zhao ZX, Guo T, Zeng GJ, Yu YT
715 - 725 On the compactness of the oxide layer induced by utilizing a porosification agent
Kaseem M, Ko YG
726 - 737 Insights into the removal of Bisphenol A by catalytic wet air oxidation upon carbon nanospheres-based catalysts: Key operating parameters, degradation intermediates and reaction pathway
Serra-Perez E, Alvarez-Torrellas S, Agueda VI, Delgado JA, Ovejero G, Garcia J
738 - 745 Nontopological transformation of hierarchical TiO2 by self-regulated etching and capping roles of F- for photocatalytic H-2 evolution
Wang LY, Liu JL, Min YL, Zhang K
746 - 749 High-temperature steam electrolysis combined with methane partial oxidation by solid oxide electrolyzer cells
Lee KJ, Lee MJ, Hwang H
750 - 760 Intermolecular interactions of bio-modified halloysite nanotube within high-impact polystyrene and linear low-density polyethylene
Mousavi M, Hogsaa B, Fini EH
761 - 769 Multiple photocatalytic applications of non-precious Cu-loaded g-C3N4/ hydrogenated black TiO2 nanofiber heterostructure
Choi JU, Kim YG, Jo WK
770 - 776 Mo isolated single atoms on S, N-codoped carbon as efficient catalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction: A theoretical evaluation
Gao XP, Zhou YA, Tan YJ, Yang BW, Cheng ZW, Shen ZM, Jia JP
777 - 784 The stability and reactivity of transition metal atoms supported mono and di vacancies defected carbon based materials revealed from first principles study
Ali S, Liu TF, Lian Z, Su DS, Li B
785 - 798 Enhanced pervaporation performance of PDMS membranes based on nano-sized Octa[(trimethoxysilyl)ethyl]-POSS as macro-crosslinker
Zhan X, Lu J, Xu HL, Liu JH, Liu XS, Cao XZ, Li JD
799 - 806 One-dimensional Fe7S8@C nanorods as anode materials for high-rate and long-life lithium-ion batteries
Zhang QB, Liao J, Liao M, Dai JY, Ge HL, Duan T, Yao WT
807 - 819 Impact of process conditions on the electrochemical performances of NiMoO4 nanorods and activated carbon based asymmetric supercapacitor
Neeraj NS, Mordina B, Srivastava AK, Mukhopadhyay K, Prasad NE
820 - 827 A MnN4 moiety embedded graphene as a magnetic gas sensor for CO detection: A first principle study
Impeng S, Junkaew A, Maitarad P, Kungwan N, Zhang DS, Shi LY, Namuangruk S
828 - 837 How the re-irradiation of a single ablation spot affects cavitation bubble dynamics and nanoparticles properties in laser ablation in liquids
Letzel A, Santoro M, Frohleiks J, Ziefuss AR, Reich S, Plech A, Fazio E, Neri F, Barcikowski S, Gokce B
838 - 847 The co-effect of surface topography gradient fabricated via immobilization of gold nanoparticles and surface chemistry via deposition of plasma polymerized film of allylamine/acrylic acid on osteoblast-like cell behavior
Liu XJ, Xie Y, Shi SJ, Feng QL, Bachhuka A, Guo XD, She ZD, Tan RW, Cai Q, Vasilev K
848 - 854 The effects of annealing temperature on CIGSeS solar cells by sputtering from quaternary target with H2S post annealing
Lyu XY, Zhuang DM, Zhao M, Zhang N, Yu XP, Zhang L, Sun RJ, Wei YW, Peng X, Wu YX, Ren GA, Wei JQ
855 - 863 Fabrication of surface alkalinized g-C3N4 and TiO2 composite for the synergistic adsorption-photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue
Liu H, Yu DQ, Sun TB, Du HY, Jiang WT, Muhammad Y, Huang L
864 - 872 Environmental photochemistry by plasmonic semiconductor decorated GO nanocomposites: SERS detection and visible light driven degradation of aromatic dyes
Parvathi VP, Parimaladevi R, Sathe V, Umadevi M
873 - 884 TiO2 nanorods confined in porous V2O5 nanobelts and interconnected carbon channels for sodium ion batteries
Liu FS, Sun XX, Liu YT, Song XY, Gao J, Qin GH
885 - 892 A facile strategy to prepare YVO4:Eu3+ colloid with novel nanostructure for enhanced optical performance
Yang LS, Peng SY, Zhao ML, Yu LS
893 - 901 Nitrogen-doped graphene in-situ modifying MnO nanoparticles for highly improved lithium storage
Huang HW, Fan SS, Dong WD, Zou W, Yan M, Deng Z, Zheng XF, Liu J, Wang HE, Chen LH, Li Y, Su BL
902 - 911 Ultrasensitive and highly selective detection of acetone based on Au@WO3-SnO2 corrugated nanofibers
Shao SF, Chen X, Chen YY, Lai M, Che LS
912 - 917 Particle assembling induced by non-homogeneous magnetic field at transformer oil-based ferrofluid/silicon crystal interface by neutron reflectometry
Nagornyi A, Petrenko VI, Rajnak M, Gapon IV, Avdeev MV, Dolnik B, Bulavin LA, Kopcansky P, Timko M
918 - 927 Co9S8@MoS2 core-shell nanostructure anchored on reduced graphene oxide with improved electrochemical performance for lithium-ion batteries
Ren HB, Gu CP, Zhao JJ, Joo SW, Huang JR
928 - 933 Constructing 3D sub-micrometer CoO octahedrons packed with layered MoS2 shell for boosting photocatalytic overall water splitting activity
Shi WL, Guo F, Li MY, Shi Y, Shi MJ, Yan C
934 - 942 Reduced TiO2 with tunable oxygen vacancies for catalytic oxidation of formaldehyde at room temperature
He M, Ji J, Liu BY, Huang HB
943 - 950 Superior catalytic performance and CO tolerance of Ru@Pt/C-TiO2 electrocatalyst toward methanol oxidation reaction
Wang YJ, Wang JK, Han GK, Du CY, Sun YR, Du L, An MC, Yin GP, Gao YZ, Song Y
951 - 959 Radiation grafting of poly(methyl methacrylate) and poly(vinylimidazole) onto polytetrafluoroethylene films and silver immobilization for antimicrobial performance
Lopez-Saucedo F, Flores-Rojas GG, Magarinos B, Concheiro A, Alvarez-Lorenzo C, Bucio E
960 - 966 Study on the competitive adsorption and correlational mechanism for heavy metal ions using the carboxylated magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (MNPs-COOH) as efficient adsorbents
Xu H, Yuan HF, Yu JG, Lin S
967 - 975 High-performance all-solid-state supercapacitor derived from PPy coated carbonized silk fabric
Li X, Sun C, Cai ZS, Ge FY
976 - 984 A new route to biocompatible Nitinol based on a rapid treatment with H gaseous plasma
Jenko M, Godec M, Kocijan A, Rudolf R, Dolinar D, Ovsenik M, Gorensek M, Zaplotnik R, Mozetic M
985 - 991 Isoelectronic indium doping for thermoelectric enhancements in BiCuSeO
Lei JD, Guan WB, Zhang D, Ma Z, Yang XY, Wang C, Wang YX
992 - 1001 Full spectrum responsive In2.77S4/WS2 p-n heterojunction as an efficient photocatalyst for Cr(VI) reduction and tetracycline oxidation
Wu XF, Li H, Su JZ, Zhang JR, Feng YM, Jia YN, Sun LS, Zhang WG, Zhang M, Zhang CY
1002 - 1008 Promoting polysulfide conversion by V2O3 hollow sphere for enhanced lithium-sulfur battery
Zhu MQ, Li SM, Liu JH, Li B
1009 - 1013 Electromagnetic wave absorption properties of Fe/MgO composites synthesized by a simple ultrasonic spray pyrolysis method
Lim HR, Jung SJ, Hwang TY, Lee J, Kim KH, Cho HB, Choa YH
1014 - 1023 Morphology-controllable synthesis of nanocarbons and their application in advanced symmetric supercapacitor in ionic liquid electrolyte
Wang DW, Xu L, Nai JW, Bai XX, Sun T
1024 - 1037 Induction transient liquid phase bonding of Inconel 718 with the nickel-based sintered brazing preform
Yan GX, Nagarajan B, Bhowmik A, Tan SC, Xu R, Tan MJ
1038 - 1048 Effects of dope compositions on morphologies and separation performances of PMDA-ODA polyimide hollow fiber membranes in aqueous and organic solvent systems
Li Y, Cao B, Li P
1049 - 1061 A bifunctional melamine sponge decorated with silver-reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite for oil-water separation and antibacterial applications
Sun SB, Tang SK, Chang XT, Wang NN, Wang DS, Liu T, Lei YH, Zhu YQ
1062 - 1065 Impact of KF-post deposition treatment on Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 surface and Cu(In, Ga)Se-2/CdS interface sulfurization
Harel S, Jonnard P, Lepetit T, Arzel L, Barreau N
1066 - 1073 Visible light active titanates photosensitized by Ti(IV) surface complexes
Kuncewicz J, Koronski K, Majewska P, Adamowicz W, Macyk W