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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Composited micropores constructed by amorphous TiO2 and graphene for degrading volatile organic compounds
Yue L, Cheng R, Ding WQ, Shan JW, Li J, Lyu JZ
8 - 17 Evaluation of the colloidal stability and adsorption performance of reduced graphene oxide-elemental silver/magnetite nanohybrids for selected toxic heavy metals in aqueous solutions
Park CM, Wang DJ, Han J, Heo J, Su C
18 - 22 First-principle study on honeycomb fluorated-InTe monolayer with large Rashba spin splitting and direct bandgap
Li KX, Xian XJ, Wang JF, Yu NN
23 - 27 Broad-range ultrafast all-optical red-shifting of EUV surface plasmons: Proof-of-principle and advanced surface nanotexturing in aluminum
Kudryashov SI, Saraeva IN, Rudenko AA, Ionin AA
28 - 35 Low temperature Zn-doped TiO2 as electron transport layer for 19% efficient planar perovskite solar cells
Liu XT, Wu ZH, Zhang YQ, Tsamis C
36 - 42 ToF-SIMS investigation of absorption of lead and bismuth in T91 steel deformed in liquid lead bismuth eutectic
Serre IP, Vogt JB, Nuns N
43 - 87 Surface and interface engineering of hierarchical photocatalysts
Shen RC, Jiang CJ, Xiang QJ, Xie J, Li X
88 - 95 Synthesis of polyethylenimine/graphene oxide for the adsorption of U(VI) from aqueous solution
Liu HJ, Zhou YC, Yang YB, Zou K, Wu RJ, Xia K, Xie SB
96 - 107 Engineering hierarchical porous oxygen-deficient TiO2 fibers decorated with BiOCl nanosheets for efficient photocatalysis
Zhou S, Bao N, Zhang QZ, Jie XY, Jin YC
108 - 117 Effect of Nb content on corrosion behavior of Ti-based bulk metallic glass composites in different solutions
Yang YJ, Fan XD, Wang FL, Qi HN, Yue Y, Ma MZ, Zhang XY, Li G, Liu RP
118 - 123 Two-dimensional Dy doped MoS2 ferromagnetic sheets
Zhao Q, Lu Q, Liu Y, Zhang MZ
124 - 133 Active {111}-faceted ultra-thin NiO single-crystalline porous nanosheets supported highly dispersed Pt nanoparticles for synergetic enhancement of gas sensing and photocatalytic performance
Liang Y, Yang Y, Zhou H, Zou CW, Xu K, Luo XF, Yu T, Liu YT, Ding MQ, Yuan CL
134 - 141 Hexagonal boron phosphide as a potential anode nominee for alkali-based batteries: A multi-flavor DFT study
Ullah S, Denis PA, Sato F
142 - 148 MoSe2/graphite composite with excellent hydrogen evolution reaction performance fabricated by rapid selenization method
Mao X, Zou JP, Li DN, Zhao GY, Song ZQ
149 - 153 Insights into the origin of super-high oxygen evolution potential of Cu doped SnO2 anodes: A theoretical study
Chen AQ, Xia SJ, Ji ZG, Lu HW
154 - 161 Graphene layer formation in pinewood by nanosecond and picosecond laser irradiation
Trusovas R, Ratautas K, Raciukaitis G, Niaura G
162 - 167 Two-dimensional CdS/g-C6N6 heterostructure used for visible light photocatalysis
Wang GZ, Long XJ, Qi KZ, Dang SH, Zhong MM, Xiao SY, Zhou TW
168 - 175 Preparation of molecularly imprinted PDMS elastomer for selective detection of folic acid in orange juice
Zengin A, Badak MU, Bilici M, Suludere Z, Aktas N
176 - 184 Electrooxidation of formic acid enhanced by surfactant-free palladium nanocubes on surface modified graphene catalyst
Kankla P, Limtrakul J, Green MLH, Chanlek N, Luksirikul P
185 - 195 Electric field induced two-dimensional electron gas and magnetism in LaFeO3/SrTiO3 (001) heterostructures
Li LL, Zhang GB, Li JY, Chen D, Cheng ZX, Wang YX
196 - 204 A facile method for direct bonding of single-crystalline SiC to Si, SiO2, and glass using VUV irradiation
Wang CX, Xu JK, Guo S, Kang QS, Wang Y, Wang YP, Tian YH
205 - 212 Straightening single-walled carbon nanotubes by helically wrapped poly(9, 9-dioctylfluorene) chains
Guo XS, Zhang TY, Wang RY, Xu JT, Fan ZQ
213 - 221 Preparation of orthogonal physicochemical gradients on PDMS surface using microfluidic concentration gradient generator
Zhou BP, Gao YB, Tian JX, Tong R, Wu JB, Wen WJ
222 - 230 Adsorption mechanism of typical oxygen, sulfur, and chlorine containing VOCs on TiO2 (001) surface: First principle calculations
Mahmood A, Shi GS, Xie XF, Sun J
231 - 238 High quality GaN buffer layer by isoelectronic doping and its application to 365 nm InGaN/AlGaN ultraviolet light-emitting diodes
Zhou SJ, Xu HH, Hu HP, Gui CQ, Liu S
239 - 245 Enhanced hydrogen sorption on Mg17Al12 alloy induced adding Li: A first principle study
Ning H, Zhou XY, Lan ZQ, Guo J, Zhao LL, Huang D
246 - 255 Controlled synthesis of praseodymium oxide nanoparticles obtained by combustion route: Effect of calcination temperature and fuel to oxidizer ratio
Abu-Zied BM
256 - 262 DFT study of the two dimensional metal-organic frameworks X-3(HITP)(2) as the cathode electrocatalysts for fuel cell
Chen X, Sun FH, Bai F, Xie ZF
263 - 272 Facile synthesis of PtPd/SnO2 nanocatalysts with good photo-electrocatalytic property
Yang BQ, Yu YW, Zhang JB, Yuan LF, Qiao JY, Hu XL
273 - 276 High-performance, cost-effective permanent nanomagnet: Microstructural and magnetic properties of Fe-substituted SmCo nanofiber
Lee J, Hwang TY, Kang MK, Lee G, Cho HB, Kim J, Choa YH
277 - 288 Effect of TaN intermediate layer on the back contact reaction of sputter-deposited Cu poor Cu2ZnSnS4 and Mo
Zhult S, Wong TKS, Tyukalova E, Guchhait A, Seng DHL, Tripathy S, Wong TI, Sharma M, Medina H, Duchamp M, Wong LH, Dalapati GK
289 - 299 Synthesis of 3D dahlia-like Co3O4 and its application in superhydrophobic and oil-water separation
Chen C, Wang B, Liu HT, Chen TC, Zhang HQ, Qiao JH
300 - 308 Low power stretchable active-matrix red, green, blue (RGB) electrochromic device array of poly(3-methylthiophene)/Prussian blue
Kim DS, Park H, Hong SY, Yun J, Lee G, Lee JH, Sun L, Zi G, Ha JS
309 - 317 Binding of hydrogen to phosphorus dopant in phosphorus-doped diamond surfaces: A density functional theory study
Shen W, Shen SN, Liu S, Li H, Nie SY, Pan YH, Tian ZQ, Li QF
318 - 327 Numerical study of atomic scale deformation mechanisms of Ti grains with different crystallographic orientation subjected to scratch testing
Dmitriev AI, Nikonov AY, Shugurov AR, Panin AV
328 - 334 Electrothermal application of novolac-derived carbon micropatterns prepared by proton beam lithography and carbonization
Kwon DS, Choi HY, Lee BM, Jeong YG, Yang D, Kim ST, Choi JH
335 - 341 Pt & Pd decorated CNT as a workable media for SOF2 sensing: A DFT study
Cui H, Zhang XX, Chen DC, Tang J
342 - 346 Quantum size effect in exchange asymmetry of ultrathin ferromagnetic films studied with Spin Polarized Low Energy Electron Microscopy
Zdyb R, Bauer E
347 - 354 Controllable fabrication of metallic micro/nano hybrid structuring surface for antireflection by picosecond laser direct writing
Wang HP, Guan YC, Zheng HY, Hong MH
355 - 367 Enhanced electrocatalytic performance for the oxidation of methanol by hierarchical NiS/Ni(OH)(2)@polypyrrole/graphene oxide nanosheets
Mao H, Cao ZQ, Guo X, Liu MH, Sun DY, Sun ZJ, Ge H, Zhang Y, Song XM
368 - 374 PLD fabrication of oriented nanowires in magnetic field
Nikov RG, Dikovska AO, Avdeev GV, Amoruso S, Ausanio G, Nedyalkov NN
375 - 386 Exfoliation of graphite as flexible SERS substrate with high dye adsorption capacity for Rhodamine 6G
Sykam N, Jayram ND, Rao GM
387 - 393 Friction stir processing of dual certified 304/304L austenitic stainless steel for improved cavitation erosion resistance
Jiang XJ, Overman N, Canfield N, Ross K
394 - 402 Preparation and characterization of surface grafting polymer of ZrO2 membrane and ZrO2 powder
Li D, Yao J, Liu B, Sun H, van Agtmaal S, Feng CH
403 - 407 X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy analysis of the effect of photoresist passivation on InGaZnO thin-film transistors
Xiao P, Huang JH, Dong T, Yuan J, Yan D, Xie JN, Tan HS
408 - 416 Rapid Cr(VI) reduction in aqueous solution using a novel microwave-based treatment with MoS2-MnFe2O4 composite
Pang YX, Kong LJ, Chen DY, Yuvaraja G
417 - 424 Enhanced visible photocatalytic activity of tree-like ZnO/CuO nanostructure on Cu foam
Cao F, Wang T, Ji XH
425 - 434 Interaction between Cu and Cr coadsorption on MnS inclusions in low alloy steels
Lv WT, Jin WC, Yan LC, Pang XL, Yang HS, Gao KW
435 - 444 Optoelectronic and photocatalytic properties of zinc sulfide nanowires synthesized by vapor-liquid-solid process
Sue YS, Pan KY, Wei DH
445 - 454 Adsorption properties of O-2 on the unequal amounts of binary co-doped graphene by B/N and P/N: A density functional theory study
Han CL, Chen ZQ
455 - 461 Dual doping of mesoporous carbon pillars with oxygen and sulfur as counter electrodes for iodide/triiodide redox mediated dye-sensitized solar cells
Wu MS, Lin JC
462 - 468 Surface course in Rochow reaction: First-principle study
Zhang ZW, Wang Q
469 - 474 In-situ reactive loading of platinum onto tin oxide nanocrystals with superior catalytic performance for hydrogenation of 4-nitrophenol
Wu SL, Lie J, Ye YX, Tian ZF, Li PF, Cai YY, Lin Y, Liang CH
475 - 481 Formation of oxides on CoCrMo surfaces at room temperature: An XPS study
Badovinac IJ, Piltaver IK, Peter R, Saric I, Petravic M
482 - 493 Solvent-free ionic nanofluids based on graphene oxide-silica hybrid as high-performance lubricating additive
Guo YX, Guo LH, Li GT, Zhang LG, Zhao FY, Wang C, Zhang G
494 - 505 Mechanistic studies of the influence of halogen substituents on the corrosion inhibitive efficiency of selected imidazole molecules: A synergistic computational and experimental approach
Abdulazeez I, Zeino A, Kee CW, Al-Saadi AA, Khaled M, Wong MW, Al-Sunaidi AA
506 - 515 Optical transmission during mid-infrared femtosecond laser pulses ablation of fused silica
Liang QQ, Zhong Y, Fan ZQ, Diao HH, Jukna V, Chen WH, Houardg A, Zeng ZN, Li RX, Liu Y
516 - 520 Maskless formation of uniform subwavelength periodic surface structures by double temporally-delayed femtosecond laser beams
Jalil SA, Yang JJ, ElKabbash M, Singh SC, Guo CL
521 - 527 The peculiarities of structural and optical properties of HfO2-based films co-doped with silicon and erbium
Khomenkova L, Korsunska N, Labbe C, Fortier X, Gourbilleau F
528 - 536 Enhanced photoelectrochemical performance and stability of Si nanowire photocathode with deposition of hematite and carbon
Qu YQ, Li F, Zhang P, Zhao LP, Liu J, Song XF, Gao L
537 - 544 Effect of surfactants on the performance of 3D morphology W18O49 by solvothermal synthesis
Zhao ZH, Bai Y, Ning WW, Fan JM, Gu ZY, Chang HH, Yin S
553 - 565 Covalent coupling of tuberculostatic agents and graphene oxide: A promising approach for enhancing and extending their antimicrobial applications
Tudos M, Anghel EM, Culita DC, Somacescu S, Calderon-Moreno J, Tecuceanu V, Dumitrascu FD, Dracea O, Popa M, Marutescu L, Bleotu C, Curutiu C, Chifiriuc MC
566 - 586 Mechanism of the catalytic oxidation of methane on Pt(111) surfaces in moist environment: A density functional theory study
Wang RR, Chen JJ, Zhao WL, Wen J, Li HX, Li LK, Ran JY
587 - 594 The role of sulfur in promoted growth of carbon nanotubes in chemical vapor deposition proposed through the characterizations on catalytic nanoparticles
Suzuki S, Mori S
595 - 606 Covalently functionalized graphene towards molecular-level dispersed waterborne polyurethane nanocomposite with balanced comprehensive performance
Zhang PK, Xu PF, Fan HJ, Sun Z, Wen JT
607 - 614 Promoting effect of Ni on the structure and electronic properties of NixMo(1-x)S2 catalyst and benzene adsorption: A periodic DFT study
Liu YB, Dang Y, Feng X, Chen XB, Yang CH
615 - 620 Unravelling the adsorption disparity mechanism of heavy-metal ions on the biomass-derived hierarchically porous carbon
Sun JT, Li MF, Zhang ZH, Guo JJ
621 - 626 Influence of condensation enhancement effect on AFM image contrast inversion in hydrophilic nanocapillaries
Mukhin I, Zhukov M, Mozharov A, Bolshakov A, Golubok A
627 - 632 Dynamics of double-pulse laser printing of copper microstructures
Li QF, Grojo D, Alloncle AP, Delaporte P
633 - 644 Enhancement of NO catalytic oxidation on activated carbon at room temperature by nitric acid hydrothermal treatment
You FT, Yu GW, Xing ZJ, Li J, Xie SY, Li CX, Wang G, Ren HY, Wang Y
645 - 651 Mechano-responsive colour change of laser-induced periodic surface structures
Graf S, Kunz C, Undisz A, Wonneberger R, Rettenmayr M, Muller FA
652 - 657 Hybrid nanostructures of plasmonic gold nanoparticles with a-C:H thin films
Konshina EA, Shcherbinin DP, Abboud MM, Bogdanov KV, Gladskikh IA, Polischuk VA
658 - 663 The adsorption of a single water molecule on low-index C3S surfaces: A DFT approach
Zhang Y, Lu XY, Song DS, Li SB
664 - 669 Atomic structure of Sr/Si(001)(1 x 2) surfaces prepared by Pulsed laser deposition
Potocnik TP, Zupanic E, Tong WY, Bousquet E, Fernandez DD, Koster G, Ghosez P, Spreitzer M
670 - 677 Insight for the effect of bridging S(2)(2)(- )in molybdenum sulfide catalysts toward sulfur-resistant methanation
Yin ZJ, Zhao J, Wang BW, Xu Y, Li ZH, Ma XB
678 - 685 Mn-doped SnS2 nanostructure as a potential efficiency CO catalyst: A first-principles study
Zhao MY, Zhao RM, Li W, Wang TX, Ma YQ, Dai XQ
686 - 693 Effect of porous silicon substrate on structural, mechanical and optical properties of MOCVD and ALD ruthenium oxide nanolayers
Brytayskyi I, Husekova K, Myndrul V, Pavlenko M, Coy E, Zaleski K, Gregusova D, Yate L, Smyntyna V, Iatsunsky I
694 - 702 Highly preferred orientation of Ga2O3 films sputtered on SiC substrates for deep UV photodetector application
Li MQ, Yang N, Wang GG, Zhang HY, Han JC
703 - 713 Critical insight on the hydrothermal effects toward exfoliation of g-C3N4 and simultaneous in-situ deposition of carbon quantum dots
Wong KT, Jang SB, Saravanan P, Nah IW, Park S, Choi J, Park C, Kim Y, Yoon Y, Jang M
714 - 725 Design of graphitic carbon nitride supported Ag-Cu2O composites with hierarchical structures for enhanced photocatalytic properties
Xi QY, Gao G, Jin MY, Zhang YQ, Zhou H, Wu CQ, Zhao YX, Wang LD, Guo PR, Xu JW
726 - 732 Highly efficient capturing and adsorption of cesium and strontium ions from aqueous solution by porous organic cage: A combined experimental and theoretical study
Ghalami Z, Ghoulipour V, Khanchi A
733 - 744 Electrochemical and photoelectrochemical water oxidation of solvothermally synthesized Zr-doped alpha-Fe2O3 nanostructures
Rani BJ, Kumar MP, Ravi G, Ravichandran S, Guduru RK, Yuvakkumar R
745 - 752 Graphene aerogel encapsulated Fe-Co oxide nanocubes derived from Prussian blue analogue as integrated anode with enhanced Li-ion storage properties
Shao JX, Feng JH, Zho H, Yuan AH
753 - 758 Growth, morphology and stability of Au in contact with the Bi2Se3(0001) surface
Fanetti M, Mikulska I, Ferfolja K, Moras P, Sheverdyaeva PM, Panighel M, Lodi-Rizzini A, Pis I, Nappini S, Valant M, Gardonio S
759 - 766 Hybrid laser and vacuum process for rapid ultrahydrophobic Ti-6Al-4V surface formation
Jagdheesh R, Diaz M, Marimuthu S, Ocana JL
767 - 775 Manganese-doped CeO2 nanocubes as highly efficient catalysts for styrene epoxidation with TBHP
Zhang Y, Yang FL, Gao RH, Dai WL
776 - 785 Mesophase micelle-assisted electrodeposition and magnetisation behavior of meso-porous nickel films for efficient electrochemical energy and magnetic device applications
Nasirpouri F, Barzegar S, Samardak AY, Ognev AV, Zubko AA, Stancu A, Samardak AS
786 - 794 Improved laser induced damage thresholds of Ar ion implanted fused silica at different ion fluences
Li B, Xiang X, Liao W, Han SB, Yu JX, Jiang XL, Wang HJ, Mushtaq M, Yuan XD, Zu XT, Fu YQ
795 - 802 Highly stable and redox property-enabled tricopper dimolybdate nanostructures for electrochemical supercapacitors
Nagaraju G, Sekhar SC, Ramulu B, Yu JS
803 - 812 Sustainable thermionic emission in CO2, helium and argon surroundings
Ferdiman G, Karni J
813 - 821 Systematic optimization of promoters in trace SnS2 coating SnO2 nano-heterostructure for high performance Cr(VI) photoreduction
Wang S, Li GS, Leng ZH, Wang Y, Fang SF, Wang JH, Wei YH, Wang LP
822 - 834 Nanosheet-like Ni-based metasilicate towards the regulated catalytic activity in styrene oxidation via introducing heteroatom metal
Yang F, Shao B, Liu XF, Gao SY, Hu X, Xu M, Wang Y, Zhou SJ, Kong Y
835 - 841 Homogeneity and penetration depth of atmospheric pressure plasma polymerization onto electrospun nanofibrous mats
Michlicek M, Manakhova A, Dvorakova E, Zajickova L
842 - 851 Facile synthesis of high-surface vanadium nitride/vanadium sesquioxide/amorphous carbon composite with porous structures as electrode materials for high performance symmetric supercapacitors
Zhang YF, Wang XF, Zheng JQ, Hu T, Liu X, Meng CG
852 - 861 Preparation of ternary Pd/CeO2-nitrogen doped graphene composites as recyclable catalysts for solvent-free aerobic oxidation of benzyl alcohol
Hu ZG, Zhou GL, Xu L, Yang JH, Zhang B, Xiang X
862 - 868 Copper nanoparticles synthesis in hybrid mesoporous thin films: Controlling oxidation state and catalytic performance through pore chemistry
Rodriguez RC, Yate L, Coy E, Martinez-Villacorta AM, Bordoni AV, Moya S, Angelome PC
869 - 877 Effects of femtosecond laser shock peening in distilled water on the surface characterizations of NiTi shape memory alloy
Wang H, Pohl F, Yan K, Decker P, Gurevich EL, Ostendorf A
878 - 886 Highly adhesive and bioactive Ti-Mg alloy thin film on polyether ether ketone formed by PIII&D technique
Hwang S, Lim SH, Han S
887 - 892 Metal functionalized inorganic nano-sheets as promising materials for clean energy storage
Alhameedi K, Karton A, Jayatilaka D, Hussain T
893 - 899 Fabrication of Gd-La codoped TiO2 composite via a liquid phase plasma method and its application as visible-light photocatalysts
Lee H, Park IS, Bang HJ, Park YK, Kim H, Ha HH, Kim BJ, Jung SC
900 - 903 Reversible transition between adhesive and antiadhesive performances by stretching/recovery on superhydrophobic TPU/CNTs composite membrane surface
Li ZX, Shen JQ, Ye LJ, Xie KY, You JC, Li YJ
904 - 911 Revealing the interaction mechanism of peptide with specific platinum facets by stochastic tunneling-basin hopping method
Ju SP, Su JW, Lin CH, Chen HY
912 - 920 Simultaneous Cr(VI) removal and bisphenol A degradation in a solar-driven photocatalytic fuel cell with dopamine modified carbon felt cathode
Xiao K, He J, Zhang JJ, Yang B, Zhao X
921 - 928 Molecular insights into effective water desalination through functionalized nanoporous boron nitride nanosheet membranes
Jafarzadeh R, Azamat J, Erfan-Niya H, Hosseini M
929 - 934 Green and facile synthesis of Rh/GO nanocomposites for high catalytic performance
Liu XL, Han QS, Zhang YF, Wang XH, Cai SF, Wang C, Yang R
935 - 942 Pd nanocones supported on g-C3N4: An efficient photocatalyst for boosting catalytic reduction of hexavalent chromium under visible-light irradiation
Wu JH, Shao FQ, Luo XQ, Xu HJ, Wang AJ
943 - 949 In-doped As2Se3 thin films studied by Raman and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopies
Azhniuk Y, Dzhagan V, Solonenko D, Loya V, Grytsyshche I, Lopushansky V, Gomonnai A, Zahn DRT
950 - 959 Thermodynamic conditions for cluster formation in supersaturated boundary layer during plasma spray-physical vapor deposition
Liu MJ, Zhang KJ, Zhang Q, Zhang M, Yang GJ, Li CX, Li CJ
960 - 972 Towards understanding the enhancement of antibacterial activity in manganese doped ZnO nanoparticles
Mesaros A, Vasile BS, Toloman D, Pop OL, Marinca T, Unguresan M, Perhaita I, Filip M, Iordache F
973 - 985 Photocatalytic activity of TiO2/SnO2 nanostructures with controlled dimensionality/complexity
Kusior A, Zych L, Zakrzewska K, Radecka M
986 - 998 Enhanced osteogenic differentiation of MC3T3-E1 on rhBMP-2 immobilized titanium surface through polymer-mediated electrostatic interaction
Dai GR, Wan WQ, Chen J, Wu JL, Shuai XT, Wang Y
999 - 1004 Femtosecond laser fabrication of shape-gradient platform: Underwater bubbles continuous self-driven and unidirectional transportation
Yin K, Yang S, Dong XR, Chu DK, Gong X, Duan JA
1005 - 1010 Electronic and magnetic behaviour of 2D metal structures of Y on Li(110) surface
Bo ML, Lei L, Yao C, Huang ZK, Peng C, Sun CQ
1011 - 1016 Theoretical investigation on the ferromagnetic two-dimensional scandium monochloride sheet that has a high Curie temperature
Wang G, Wang XY, Liao Y
1017 - 1027 Efficient synthesis of BiFeO3 by the microwave-assisted sol-gel method: "A" site influence on the photoelectrochemical activity of perovskites
Singh D, Tabari T, Ebadi M, Trochowski M, Yagci MB, Macyk W
1028 - 1033 Vector vortex beams generated by q-plates as a versatile route to direct fs laser surface structuring
Nivas JJJ, Allahyari E, Cardano F, Rubano A, Fittipaldi R, Vecchione A, Paparo D, Marrucci L, Bruzzese R, Amoruso S
1034 - 1040 Catalytic dehydrogenation of the liquid organic hydrogen carrier octahydroindole on Pt (111) surface: Ab initio insights from density functional theory calculations
Ouma CNM, Modisha PM, Bessarabov D
1041 - 1052 Multiform TiO2 nano-network enhances biological response to titanium surface for dental implant applications
Yang WE, Huang HH
1053 - 1064 2D-montmorillonite-dispersed g-C3N4/TiO2 2D/0Dnanocomposite for enhanced photo-induced H-2 evolution from glycerol-water mixture
Fajrina N, Tahir M
1065 - 1071 Growth of regular micro-pillar arrays on steel by polarization-controlled laser interference patterning
Voisiat B, Zwahr C, Lasagni AF
1072 - 1082 Study on the surface activity of t-YSZ nanomaterials by first-principles calculation
Li BT, Zheng HZ, Li GF, Chen Z, Zhou PF, Wang G, Peng P
1083 - 1087 Synthesis and growth mechanism of carbon-supported nanoparticle catalysts by physical vapor deposition onto a liquid medium substrate
Cha IY, Kim HT, Ahn M, Jang JH, Kim YG, Sung YE, Yoo SJ