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1 - 7 Effect of temperature and carrier gas on the properties of thick InxAl1-xN layer
Chauhan P, Hasenohrl S, Dobrocka E, Vanco L, Stoklas R, Kovac J, Siffalovic P, Kuzmil J
8 - 12 Formation of a gold nanoparticle layer for the electrodes of ionic polymer-metal composites by electroless deposition process
Byun JM, Hwang T, Kim KJ
13 - 18 Highly sensitive wearable glucose sensor systems based on functionalized single-wall carbon nanotubes with glucose oxidase-nafion composites
Kang BC, Park BS, Ha TJ
19 - 26 Physical, photochemical, and extended piezoelectric studies of orthorhombic ZnSnN2 nanocolumn arrays
Hsu AJ, Chang KS
27 - 35 The adsorption of dodecylamine and oleic acid on kaolinite surfaces: Insights from DFT calculation and experimental investigation
Liu LY, Min FF, Chen J, Lu FQ, Shen L
36 - 43 Electrochemical behavior and self-organization of porous Sn nanocrystals@acetylene black microspheres in lithium-ion half cells
Guo MQ, Meng WJ, Zhang XG, Liu X, Bai ZC, Chen S, Wang ZH, Yang FQ
44 - 55 Surface characterization of a ZrTiNb alloy: Effect of ultrasonic impact treatment
Chenakin SP, Mordyuk BN, Khripta NI
56 - 62 Generation of laser-induced periodic surface structures (LIPSS) in fused silica by single NIR nanosecond laser pulse irradiation in confinement
Ehrhardt M, Han B, Frost F, Lorenz P, Zimmer K
63 - 73 Br-doped Bi2O2CO3 nanosheets with improved electronic structure and accelerated charge migration for outstanding photocatalytic behavior
Zhang GY, Wang JJ, Shen XQ, Wang JJ, Wang BY, Gao DZ
74 - 83 Surface studies of patinas and metallurgical features of uncommon high-tin bronze artefacts from the Italic necropolises of ancient Abruzzo (Central Italy)
Ingo GM, Riccucci C, Giuliani C, Faustoferri A, Pierige I, Fierro G, Pascucci M, Albini M, Di Carlo G
84 - 90 Cotton fabric finished by PANI/TiO2 with multifunctions of conductivity, anti-ultraviolet and photocatalysis activity
Yu J, Pang ZY, Zheng CH, Zhou TC, Zhang J, Zhou HM, Wei QF
91 - 98 Highly sensitive H2O2 sensor based on porous bimetallic oxide Ce1-xTbxOy derived from homeotypic Ln-MOFs
Zhao L, Sun KA, Youliwasi N, Guo HL, Yang G, Jiao F, Dong B, Chai YM, Mintova S, Liu CG
99 - 106 Enhanced photocatalytic activity of P-type (K, Fe) co-doped g-C3N4 synthesized in self-generated NH3 atmosphere
Guo W, Zhang JJ, Li GN, Xu CJ
107 - 113 Insights on hydrogen evolution reaction in transition metal doped monolayer TcS2 from density functional theory calculations
Ouma CNM, Obodo KO, Braun M, Amolo GO, Bessarabov D
114 - 128 Crumpled sheet like graphene based WO3-Fe2O3 nanocomposites for enhanced charge transfer and solar photocatalysts for environmental remediation
Priyadharsan A, Vasanthakumar V, Shanavas S, Karthikeyan S, Anbarasan PM
129 - 134 Low-temperature wafer-scale growth of MoS2-graphene heterostructures
Kim HU, Kim M, Jin Y, Hyeon Y, Kim KS, An BS, Yang CW, Kanade V, Moonn JY, Yeom GY, Whang D, Lee JH, Kim T
135 - 142 Microcosmic sulfidization mechanism of S-2 on the massicot (100) surface by DFT study
Lv JF, Fan CL, Tong X, Zhen YX, Li X
143 - 149 Excitonic effects on layer- and strain-dependent optoelectronic properties of PbI2
Shen CH, Wang GT
150 - 160 Two-dimensional g-C3N4/alpha-AgAl(0.4)AGa(0.6)O(2) p-n heterostructure with improved visible-light-driven photocatalytic property
Wang JC, Lu QS, Zhao SF
161 - 167 Biomimetic fog harvesting surface by photo-induced micro-patterning of zinc-oxide silver hierarchical nanostructures
Kim NK, Kang DH, Eom H, Kang HW
168 - 176 Micro-nano scale imaging and the effect of annealing on the perpendicular structure of electrical-induced VO(2 )phase transition
Meng YF, Sang JX, Liu Z, Xu XF, Tan ZY, Wang CR, Wu BH, Wang C, Cao JC, Chen XS
177 - 186 Three dimensional ordered macroporous zinc ferrite composited silica sorbents with promotional desulfurization and regeneration activity at mid-high temperature
Li L, Zhang HB, Zhou P, Meng XL, Liu LZ, Jia JP, Sun TH
187 - 195 Durable, optically transparent, superhydrophobic polymer films
Liu Y, Xu QF, Lyons AM
196 - 204 Hierarchically CdS-Ag2S nanocomposites for efficient photocatalytic H-2 production
Di TM, Cheng B, Ho WK, Yu JG, Tang H
205 - 211 N-doped graphene sheets induced high electrochemical activity in carbon film
Huang LL, Cao YY, Diao DF
212 - 218 Flexible, multifunctional nanoribbon arrays of palladium nanoparticles for transparent conduction and hydrogen detection
Sanchez EH, Normile PS, De Toro JA, Caballero R, Canales-Vazquez J, Rebollar E, Castillejo M, Colino JM
219 - 227 Express and portable label-free DNA detection and recognition with SERS platform based on functional Au grating
Guselnikova O, Postnikov P, Pershina A, Svorcik V, Lyutakov O
228 - 233 Light absorption by surface nanoholes and nanobumps
Rudenko A, Mauclair C, Garrelie F, Stoian R, Colombier JP
234 - 240 Highly efficient low-voltage cathodoluminescence of semiconductive nanoporous ZnMnO green phosphor films
Lee S, Lee Y, Kim DY, Panin GN
241 - 249 Facile and green synthesis of TiN/C as electrode materials for supercapacitors
Wang TW, Li KY, An SF, Song CS, Guo XW
250 - 258 Impact of liquid layer thickness on the dynamics of nano- to sub-microsecond phenomena of nanosecond pulsed laser ablation in liquid
Nguyen TTP, Tanabe-Yamagishi R, Ito Y
259 - 268 Tripod-shaped molecules: Synthesis and immobilization on Au(111) substrates
Sanchez-Molina M, Diaz A, Sauter E, Zharnikov M, Lopez-Romero JM
269 - 275 Bio-inspired Cu-alginate to smartly enhance safety performance and the thermal decomposition of ammonium perchlorate
Lu YW, Chen J, Wang RH, Xu PF, Zhang XQ, Gao B, Guo CP, Yang GC
276 - 288 SnS2 nanoparticles by liquid phase laser ablation: Effects of laser fluence, temperature and post irradiation on morphology and hydrogen evolution reaction
Johny J, Guzman SS, Krishnan B, Martinez JAA, Avellaneda DA, Shaji S
289 - 295 Oxidation resistance of a Mo-W-Si-B alloy at 1000-1300 degrees C: The effect of a multicomponent Mo-Si-B coating
Ouyang GY, Ray PK, Thimmaiah S, Kramer MJ, Akinc M, Ritt P, Perepezko JH
296 - 305 Magnetic nano capture agent with enhanced anion internal layer diffusion performance for removal of arsenic from human blood
Guo XY, Wang WJ, Yang Y, Tian QH, Xiang Y, Sun Y, Bai ZM
306 - 317 Hydrous RuO2 nanoparticles coated on Co(OH)(2) nanoflakes as advanced electrode material of supercapacitors
Li XD, He HW
318 - 330 PEIE doped ZnO as a tunable cathode interlayer for efficient polymer solar cells
Yu HZ, Huang XX, Huang CW
331 - 339 Corrosion of nanocrystalline nickel coatings electrodeposited from choline chloride:ethylene glycol deep eutectic solvent exposed in 0.05 M NaCl solution
Winiarski J, Cieslikowska B, Tylus W, Kunicki P, Szczygiel B
340 - 347 Phase transition induced synthesis of one dimensional In1-xZnxOy heterogeneous nanofibers for superior lithium ion storage
Luo LQ, Zhang HC, Song LF, Liu L, Yi XB, Tan ML, Song JJ, Wang GX, Wang FY
348 - 359 Role of reduced graphene oxide in dielectric enhancement of ferroelectric polymers composites
Chen Z, Liu YN, Fang LJ, Jiang PK, Huang XY
360 - 367 Nanoporous CuCo2O4 nanosheets as a highly efficient bifunctional electrode for supercapacitors and water oxidation catalysis
Pawar SM, Pawar BS, Babar PT, Ahmed ATA, Chavan HS, Jo Y, Cho S, Kim J, Hou B, Inamdar AI, Cha S, Kim JH, Kim TG, Kim H, Im H
368 - 375 Enhanced photocatalytic removal of Cr(VI) over 0D/2D anatase/graphene and its synergism with organic pollutants under visible light irradiation
Lu DZ, Zhang XY, Wang S, Peng WB, Wei MM, Neena D, Fan HQ, Hao HJ
376 - 385 Influence of TiO2 structure on its photocatalytic activity towards acetaldehyde decomposition
Tryba B, Jafari S, Sillanpaa M, Nitta A, Ohtani B, Morawski AW
386 - 394 Effect of surface physico-chemico-biological modifications of titanium on critical and theoretical surface free energy
Miyajima H, Awadzi G, Ozer F, Mante FK
395 - 404 Preparation and protection of ZnS surface sub-wavelength structure for infrared window
Lin ZQ, Wang GG, Li LH, Wang H, Tian JL, Zhang HY, Han JC
405 - 410 Laser-assisted selective copper deposition on commercial PA6 by catalytic electroless plating - Process and activation mechanism
Ratautas K, Andrulevicius M, Jagminiene A, Stankeviciene I, Norkus E, Raciukaitis G
411 - 422 Polysulfone surface nano-structured with tethered polyacrylic acid
Kim S, Cohen Y, Moses KJ, Sharma S, Bilal M
423 - 429 Silver nanocubes/graphene oxide hybrid film on a hydrophobic surface for effective molecule concentration and sensitive SERS detection
Zhu CH, Hu XY, Wang XJ
430 - 438 Hydrothermal fabrication of rGO/Apatite layers on AZ31 magnesium alloy for enhanced bonding strength and corrosion resistance
Wu YF, Wang YM, Tian SW, Jing YB, Zhuang JP, Guo LX, Jia DC, Zhou Y
439 - 447 Efficient MnOx/SiO2@AC catalyst for ozone-catalytic oxidation of gaseous benzene at ambient temperature
Fang RM, Huang WJ, Huang HB, Feng QY, He M, Ji J, Liu BY, Leung DYC
448 - 453 Atomistic mechanism for graphene based gaseous sensor working
Zhang HF, Wu DP, Ning XJ
454 - 461 Scalable synthesis of carbon-encapsulated nano-Si on graphite anode material with high cyclic stability for lithium-ion batteries
Sun AT, Zhong H, Zhou XY, Tang JJ, Jia M, Cheng FY, Wang Q, Yang J
462 - 471 The structure of PA-Se-S-Cd composite materials probed with FTIR spectroscopy
Krylova V, Dukstiene N
472 - 483 Visible-light influenced photocatalytic activity of polyaniline-bismuth selenide composites for the degradation of methyl orange, rhodamine B and malachite green dyes
Chatterjee MJ, Ahamed ST, Mitra M, Kulsi C, Mondal A, Banerjee D
484 - 495 Graphene films decorated with TiO2 grown by atomic layer deposition: Characterization and photocatalytic activity study under UV-visible light
Marchetti F, Laidani N, Scarpa M, Gottardi G, Moser E
496 - 506 Si-based anode with hierarchical protective function and hollow ring-like carbon matrix for high performance lithium ion batteries
Chen HD, Shen KX, Hou XH, Zhang GZ, Wang SF, Chen FM, Fu LJ, Qin HQ, Xia YC, Zhou GF
507 - 519 Direct nanocrystallite size investigation in microstrained mixed phase TiO2 nanoparticles by PCA of Raman spectra
Scarisoreanu M, Ilie A, Dutu E, Badoi A, Dumitrache F, Tanasa E, Mihailescu CN, Mihailescu I
520 - 525 Structural evolution of oxygen on the surface of TiAlN: Ab initio molecular dynamics simulations
Guo FY, Wang JC, Du Y, Holec D, Ou PF, Zhou H, Chen L, Kong Y
526 - 534 Chirality of laser-printed plasmonic nanoneedles tunable by tailoring spiral-shape pulses
Syubaev S, Zhizhchenko A, Vitrik O, Porfirev A, Fomchenkov S, Khonina S, Kudryashov S, Kuchmizhak A
535 - 542 Processing, growth mechanism and thermodynamic calculations of carbon foam with a hollow tetrapodal morphology - Aerographite
Marx J, Lewke MRD, Smazna D, Mishra YK, Adelung R, Schulte K, Fiedler B
543 - 554 Enhancing interfacial properties of carbon fibers reinforced epoxy composites via Layer-by-Layer self assembly GO/SiO2 multilayers films on carbon fibers surface
Fu JS, Zhang MJ, Jin L, Liu L, Li N, Shang L, Li M, Xiao LH, Ao YH
555 - 564 Carbon black nanospheres modified with Cu (II)-phthalocyanine for electrochemical determination of Trimethoprim antibiotic
Guaraldo TT, Goulart LA, Moraes FC, Lanza MRV
565 - 572 Facile synthesis of rod-like g-C3N4 by decorating Mo2C co-catalyst for enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activity
Zhang J, Wu M, He BB, Wang R, Wang HW, Gong YS
573 - 580 Toward high-rate supercapacitor: Preparation of hierarchical porous carbon binder-free electrode with controllable texture
Jiang HD, Ye XK, Zhu YC, Wang LL, Zhao P, Yue ZY, Xie JL, Wan ZQ, Jia CY
581 - 590 Low-temperature H2S sensing performance of Cu-doped ZnFe2O4 nanoparticles with spinel structure
Zhang W, Shen YB, Zhang J, Bi HS, Zhao SK, Zhou PF, Han C, Wei DZ, Cheng N
591 - 595 Large-scale synthesis of porous nickel boride for robust hydrogen evolution reaction electrocatalyst
Xu XS, Deng YX, Gu MH, Sun BT, Liang ZQ, Xue YJ, Guo YC, Tian J, Cui HZ
596 - 606 Enhanced gas-sensing properties and sensing mechanism of the foam structures assembled from NiO nanoflakes with exposed {111} facets
Liu B, Wang L, Ma Y, Yuan YK, Yang J, Wang MZ, Liu JF, Zhang X, Ren Y, Du Q, Zhao H, Pei CJ, Liu SZ, Yang HQ
607 - 612 Electronic structure of beta-Ta films from X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and first-principles calculations
Magnuson M, Greczynski G, Eriksson F, Hultman L, Hogberg H
613 - 621 Surface modification of SnO2 blocking layers for hysteresis elimination of MAPbI(3) photovoltaics
Duan JX, Yue QW, Xiong Q, Wang LQ, Zhu LL, Zhang K, Zhang J, Wang H
622 - 630 Noncovalent bonding of 3d metal(II) phthalocyanines with single-walled carbon nanotubes: A combined DFT and XPS study
Basiuk EV, Huerta L, Basiuk VA
631 - 638 Tuning in BiVO4/Bi4V2O10 porous heterophase nanospheres for synergistic photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants
Li HL, Chen YJ, Zhou W, Gao HJ, Tian GH
639 - 644 Towards fast nanopattern fabrication by local laser annealing of block copolymer (BCP) films
Zimmer K, Zajadacz J, Frost F, Mayer A, Steinberg C, Chang HF, Cheng JY, Scheer HC
645 - 657 A new insight into the enhanced visible light-induced photocatalytic activity of NaNbO3/Bi2WO6 type-II heterostructure photocatalysts
Qiao Y, Meng XC, Zhang ZS
658 - 667 Underpotential co-deposition of ternary Cu-Te-Se semiconductor nanofilm on both flexible and rigid substrates
Aydin ZY, Malekghasemi S, Abaci S
668 - 676 3D ordered urchin-like TiO2@Fe2O3 arrays photoanode for efficient photoelectrochemical water splitting
Chai XB, Zhang HF, Pan Q, Bian JL, Chen ZF, Cheng CW
677 - 686 Controlling 2D laser nano structuring over large area with double femtosecond pulses
Fraggelakis F, Mincuzzi G, Lopez J, Manek-Honninger I, Kling R
687 - 694 Multifunctional superamphiphobic fabric with hierarchical structures via a mild water-based strategy
Wang MK, Zhang ZZ, Li Y, Men XH
695 - 706 Micro-chemical investigation of corrosion products naturally grown on archaeological Cu-based artefacts retrieved from the Mediterranean sea
Ingo GM, Riccucci C, Guida G, Pascucci M, Giuliani C, Messina E, Fierro G, Di Carlo G
707 - 715 A BiOCl-CuO photocatalyst based on p-n heterojunction and its photocatalytic performance under visible-light
Li W, He SA, Su ZY, Xu W, Wang XC
716 - 723 EC-SERS study of phenolic acids sorption behavior on Au, Ag and Cu substrates - Effect of applied potential and metal used
Dendisova M, Nemeckova Z, Clupek M, Prokopec V
724 - 732 Generated gas molecules-modified carbon nitride nanosheets with nitrogen vacancies and high efficient photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Sun N, Wen X, Tan YG, Yan CJ, Wang HQ
733 - 743 Facile route to nature inspired hydrophobic surface modification of phosphate glass using polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane with improved properties
Kim K, Lichtenhan JD, Otaigbe JU
744 - 754 Oxidized and amino-functionalized nanodiamonds as shuttle for delivery of plant secondary metabolites: Interplay between chemical affinity and bioactivity
Reina G, Gismondi A, Carcione R, Nanni V, Peruzzi C, Angjellari M, Chau NDQ, Canini A, Terranova ML, Tamburri E
755 - 763 Mechanistic insights into CO2 cycloaddition to propylene oxide over a single copper atom incorporated graphene-based materials: A theoretical study
Sirijaraensre J, Khongpracha P, Limtrakul J
764 - 772 Synthesis of highly dispersed ultra-small cobalt nanoparticles within the cage-type mesopores of 3D cubic mesoporous silica via double agent reduction method for catalytic hydrogen generation
Lee MH, Deka JR, Cheng CJ, Lu NF, Saikia D, Yang YC, Kao HM
773 - 782 Wetting hysteresis of atomically heterogeneous systems created by low energy inert gas ion irradiation on metal surfaces: Liquid thin film coverage in the receding mode and surface interaction energies
Chatterjee S, Singh KP, Bhattacharjee S
783 - 791 Hydrogen-bonding power interfacial load transfer of carbon fabric/polypyrrole composite pseudosupercapacitor electrode with improved electrochemical stability
Jin X, Wang H, Liu YM, Wang HJ, Wang WY, Lin T
792 - 799 Construction of hierarchical Co-Ni-S nanosheets as free-standing electrode for superior-performance asymmetric supercapacitors
Meng Y, Sun PX, He WD, Teng B, Xu XJ
800 - 806 Highly porous SnO2 nanosheet arrays sandwiched within TiO2 and CdS quantum dots for efficient photoelectrochemical water splitting
Wang ZW, Li XL, Tan CK, Qian C, Grimsdale AC, Tok AIY
807 - 816 Exposed facet dependent stability of ZnO micro/nano crystals as a photocatalyst
Chen WH, Liu QF, Tian SQ, Zhao XJ
817 - 824 Laser surface texturing of copper and variation of the wetting response with the laser pulse fluence
Allahyari E, Nivas JJJ, Oscurato SL, Salvatore M, Ausanio G, Vecchione A, Fittipaldi R, Maddalena P, Bruzzese R, Amoruso S
825 - 831 High-throughput laser generation of Si-nanoparticle based surface coatings for antibacterial applications
Kudryashov SI, Nastulyavichus AA, Ivanova AK, Smirnov NA, Khmelnitskiy RA, Rudenko AA, Saraeva IN, Tolordava ER, Kharin AY, Zavestovskaya IN, Romanova YM, Zayarny DA, Ionin AA
832 - 839 Photocatalytic reduction of CO2 to methane over PtOx-loaded ultrathin Bi2WO6 nanosheets
Wang QQ, Wang KF, Zhang L, Wang HP, Wang WZ
840 - 845 Formation of graphene-capped cobalt silicides
Grebenyuk GS, Dunaevsky SM, Lobanova EY, Smirnov DA, Pronin II
846 - 853 Temperature-programmed studies of isobutene oxidation over alpha-Bi2Mo3O12: Active oxygen species and reaction mechanism
Liu JW, Wang GW, Zhu XL, Li CY, Shan HH
854 - 860 Elucidating the reaction and diffusion network of oxygen interstitial atoms near a TiO2(110) surface
Gilliard-Abdulaziz KL, Seebauer EG
861 - 869 Metal-oxide nanostructures produced by PLD in open air for gas sensor applications
Atanasova G, Dikovska AO, Dilova T, Georgieva B, Avdeev GV, Stefanov P, Nedyalkov NN
870 - 881 Fractal and multifractal analysis of fracture surfaces caused by hydrogen embrittlement in high-Mn twinning/transformation-induced plasticity steels
Fu H, Wang W, Chen XJ, Pia G, Li JX
882 - 892 Fluoroalkylated nanoporous carbons: Testing as a supercapacitor electrode
Zaderko AN, Shvets RY, Grygorchak II, Afonin S, Diyuk VE, Mariychuk RT, Boldyrieva OY, Kanuchova M, Lisnyak VV
893 - 898 Influence of surface charge density on ligand-metal bonding: A DFT study of NH3 and HCOOH on Mg (0001) surface
Fang Z, Zhao Y, Wang HY, Wang JF, Zhu SJ, Jia Y, Cho JY, Guan SK
899 - 907 Layer by layer 2D MoS2/rGO hybrids: An optimized microwave absorber for high-efficient microwave absorption
Ning MQ, Kuang BY, Hou ZL, Wang L, Li JB, Zhao YJ, Jin HB
908 - 916 Organic-free synthesis of porous CdS sheets with controlled windows size on bacterial cellulose for photocatalytic degradation and H(2 )production
Zhou M, Chen JW, Hou CJ, Liu YJ, Xu S, Yao C, Li ZY
917 - 922 Bulk and surface characterisation of micrometer-thick cobalt ferrite films grown by IR PLD
Sanchez-Arenillas M, Oujja M, Moutinho F, de la Figuera J, Canamares MV, Quesada A, Castillejo M, Marco JF
923 - 932 Boron doped graphitic carbon nitride dots dispersed on graphitic carbon nitride/graphene hybrid nanosheets as high performance photocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction
Zhao JL, Liu YS, Wang YP, Li HJ, Wang JS, Li ZJ
933 - 942 Gas sensing properties of CNT-BNNT-CNT nanostructures: A first principles study
Vedaei SS, Nadimi E
943 - 950 Towards perfect MWIR transparency using oblique angle deposition
Maudet F, Lacroix B, Santos AJ, Paumier F, Paraillous M, Dupeyrat C, Garcia R, Morales FM, Girardeau T
951 - 958 Light driven PVDF fibers based on photochromic nanosilica@naphthopyran fabricated by wet spinning
Pinto TV, Cardoso N, Costa P, Sousa CM, Duraes N, Silva C, Coelho PJ, Pereira C, Freire C
959 - 969 Fabrication of Al2O3 by anodic oxidation and hydrothermal synthesis of strong-bonding hydroxyapatite coatings on its surface
Zhao XN, Zhang WG, Wang Y, Liu QY, Yang JJ, Zhang L, He FZ
970 - 978 Formation of bifunctional conglomerates composed of magnetic gamma-Fe2O3 nanoparticles and various noble metal nanostructures
Kolataj K, Ambroziak R, Kedziora M, Krajczewski J, Kudelski A
979 - 990 Friction performance and mechanisms of calcined products of Mg/Al layered double hydroxides as lubricant additives
Li S, Ren LL, Bai ZM
991 - 1002 Photocatalytic degradation of 4-chlorophenol with the use of FTO/TiO2/SrTiO3 composite prepared by microwave-assisted hydrothermal method
Lecki T, Zarebska K, Sobczak K, Skompska M
1003 - 1009 Copper-surrogated galvanic displacement of silver dendrite imprinted on flexible and transparent silk fibroin membrane as a SERS-active substrate and sub-dividable catalyst
Liu RX, Sha T, Zhou QH, Nie B
1010 - 1017 A critical role of benzoquinone basic group in catalytic oxidation of H2S by sewage sludge-derived catalyst
Wang XL, Zhang WY, Gao Q, Wang YJ, Zhang J, Zhou JZ, Liu Q, Qian GR
1018 - 1034 Effect of fs/ps laser pulsewidth on ablation of metals and silicon in air and liquids, and on their nanoparticle yields
Saraeva IN, Kudryashov SI, Rudenko AA, Zhilnikova MI, Ivanov DS, Zayarny DA, Simakin AV, Ionin AA, Garcia ME
1035 - 1042 Pd-doped MoS2 monolayer: A promising candidate for DGA in transformer oil based on DFT method
Cui H, Zhang XX, Zhang GZ, Tang J
1043 - 1052 Hierarchical LiFe5O8@PPy core-shell nanocomposites as electrode materials for supercapacitors
Dong JJ, Lin Y, Zong HW, Yang HB
1053 - 1063 Charge separation and ROS generation on tubular sodium titanates exposed to simulated solar light
Preda S, Anastasescu C, Balint I, Umek P, Sluban M, Negrila CC, Angelescu DG, Bratan V, Rusu A, Zaharescu M
1064 - 1070 Adsorption and migration behavior of molybdenum atom on graphite (0001) surface
Pang XZ, Yang JB, Pang MJ, He JX, Yang WC, Qin HQ, Zhan YZ
1071 - 1074 Tuning the stoichiometry and electrical properties of tantalum oxide thin films
Li Y, Sanna S, Norrman K, Christensen DV, Pedersen CS, Lastra JMG, Traulsen ML, Esposito V, Pryds N
1075 - 1084 Rapid functionalization of cellulosic substrate via pulsed He/dodecyl acrylate plasma modulated at high power
Mehra R, Agrawal AK, Jassal M
1085 - 1092 Effect of grain boundaries on the interfacial behaviour of graphene-polyethylene nanocomposite
Verma A, Parashar A, Packirisamy M
1093 - 1100 Strong impact of LiNbO3 fillers on local electromechanical and electrochemical properties of P(VDF-TrFe) polymer disclosed via scanning probe microscopy
Ivanov MS, Silibin MV, Khomchenko VA, Nikitin T, Kalinin AS, Karpinsky DV, Bdikin I, Polyakov VV, Fausto R, Paixao JA
1101 - 1110 Self-sacrifice transformation for fabrication of type-I and type-II heterojunctions in hierarchical BixOyIz/g-C3N4 for efficient visible-light photocatalysis
Huang HW, Liu CY, Ou HL, Ma TY, Zhang YH
1111 - 1121 Investigation of micron-sized fish-scale surface structures on tool steel surfaces using laser galvanometer scanning
Dai W, Zhang WK, Zheng ZZ, Li JJ
1122 - 1129 Drift-insensitive distributed calibration of probe microscope scanner in nanometer range: Real mode
Lapshin RV
1130 - 1138 Evolution of ZnO nanostructures as hexagonal disk: Implementation as photoanode material and efficiency enhancement in Al: ZnO based dye sensitized solar cells
Parra MR, Pandey P, Siddiqui H, Sudhakar V, Krishnamoorthy K, Haque FZ
1139 - 1147 Fabrication of slippery Zn surface with improved water-impellent, condensation and anti-icing properties
Luo H, Yin SH, Huang S, Chen FJ, Tang QC, Li XJ