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1 - 9 Layered structural design of flexible waterborne polyurethane conductive film for excellent electromagnetic interference shielding and low microwave reflectivity
Zhu HX, Yang YQ, Sheng A, Duan HJ, Zhao GZ, Liu YQ
10 - 17 Role of microstructure and structural disorder on tribological properties of polycrystalline diamond films
Ajikumar PK, Ganesan K, Kumar N, Ravindran TR, Kalavathi S, Kamruddin M
18 - 26 Enhanced power conversion efficiency of perovskite solar cells based on mesoscopic Ag-doped TiO2 electron transport layer
Chen SH, Chan SH, Lin YT, Wu MC
27 - 33 Density functional theory calculation on facet-dependent photocatalytic activity of MoS2/CdS heterostructures
Zhang JR, Zhao YQ, Chen L, Yin SF, Cai MQ
34 - 43 Photocatalytic hydrogen production and photodegradation of organic dyes of hydrogenated TiO2 nanofibers decorated metal nanoparticles
Wu MC, Huang WK, Lin TH, Lu YJ
44 - 49 Chemical etching mechanisms and crater morphologies pre-irradiated by temporally decreasing pulse trains of femtosecond laser
Du K, Jiang L, Li XW, Zhang H, Wang AD, Yao ZL, Pan CJ, Wang Z, Li M, Grigoropoulos CP, Lu YF
50 - 60 Investigating the combined effect of square microgrooves and CNT coating on condensation heat transfer
Kumar GU, Krishnan DV, Suresh S, Thansekhar MR, Prasanna RV, Jubal M
61 - 67 CoxNiyP embedded in nitrogen-doped porous carbon on Ni foam for efficient hydrogen evolution
Du Y, Pan GX, Wang L, Song YH
68 - 75 Laser-induced interfacial state changes enable tuning of the Schottky-barrier height in SiC
Lin ZY, Ji LF, Wu Y, Hu LT, Yan TY, Sun ZY
76 - 81 Robust optical properties of Re 0.5Sr0.5CoO3 - delta (Re = Nd, Eu, Gd) ceramics for high temperature solar absorber applications
Fang ZG, Chen L, Ni YR, Lu CH, Xu ZZ
82 - 89 TOF-SIMS study of morphology and chemical composition of wustite-based precursor and iron catalyst for ammonia synthesis
Rogowski J
90 - 97 Edge enriched self-assembly of Au nanoparticles: Coffee-ring effect during microcontact printing via agarose stamps
Zhuang JL, Zhang Y, Liu XY, Wang C, Mao HL, Du X, Tang J
98 - 102 GaN metal-oxide-semiconductor devices with ZrO2 as dielectric layers
Zhang GZ, Zheng MJ, Wan JX, Wu H, Liu C
103 - 112 A DFT, AIM and NBO study of isoniazid drug delivery by MgO nanocage
Ravaei I, Haghighat M, Azami SM
113 - 117 A noise-reduced broad-spectrum photodetector based on reagent-free electrophoretic assembled flexible ZnO/rGO films
Luo C, Hou CY, Zhang QH, Li YG, Wang HZ
118 - 124 3D porous hydrated cobalt pyrovanadate microflowers with excellent cycling stability as cathode materials for asymmetric supercapacitor
Sun H, Chen X, Chai H, Wang YC, Jia DZ, Cao YL, Liu AJ
125 - 134 Exploring the effects of crystal facet in Bi2WO6/BiOCl heterostructures on photocatalytic properties: A first-principles theoretical study
Sun HG, Tian ZX, Zhou GL, Zhang JM, Li P
135 - 145 Iron carbonate formation kinetics onto corroding and pre-filmed carbon steel surfaces in carbon dioxide corrosion environments
Barker R, Al Shaaili I, De Motte RA, Burkle D, Charpentier T, Vargas SM, Neville A
146 - 161 Effect of extremely aggressive environment on the nature of corrosion scales of HP-13Cr stainless steel
Li XP, Zhao Y, Qi WL, Xie JF, Wang JD, Liu B, Zeng GX, Zhang T, Wang FH
162 - 172 Redox additive enhanced capacitance: Multi-walled carbon nanotubes/polyaniline nanocomposite based symmetric supercapacitors for rapid charge storage
Potphode DD, Sinha L, Shirage PM
173 - 180 Arsenene nanoribbons for sensing NH3 and PH3 gas molecules - A first-principles perspective
Bhuvaneswari R, Nagarajan V, Chandiramouli R
181 - 191 Photocatalytic decomposition of N2O over g-C3N4/BiVO4 composite
Reli M, Troppova I, Sihor M, Pavlovsky J, Praus P, Koci K
192 - 203 Controlled thermolysis of MIL-101(Fe, Cr) for synthesis of FexOy/porous carbon as negative electrode and Cr2O3/porous carbon as positive electrode of supercapacitor
Farisabadi A, Moradi M, Hajati S, Kiani MA, Espinos JP
204 - 212 Blocking erythemally weighted UV radiation using cotton fabrics functionalized with ZnO nanoparticles in situ
Roman LE, Huachani J, Uribe C, Solis JL, Gomez MM, Costa S, Costa S
213 - 219 Double network self-healing chitosan/dialdehyde starch-polyvinyl alcohol film for gas separation
Ren JY, Xuan HY, Ge LQ
220 - 225 Antibacterial coatings of Se and Si nanoparticles
Nastulyavichus A, Kudryashov S, Smirnov N, Saraeva I, Rudenko A, Tolordava E, Ionin A, Romanova Y, Zayarny D
226 - 235 Fabrication of GNS/MoS2 composite with different morphology and its tribological performance as a lubricant additive
Song W, Yan JC, Ji HB
236 - 245 Efficient removal of malachite green from wastewater by using boron-doped mesoporous carbon nitride
Azimi EB, Badiei A, Ghasemi JB
246 - 252 Facile synthesis of NaOH-promoted Pt/TiO2 catalysts for toluene oxidation under visible light irradiation
Zhang YY, Si ZC, Gao J, Liu YX, Liu LP, Wu XD, Ran R, Weng D
253 - 261 Synthesis of graphene supported Li2SiO3/Li2SnO3 anode material for rechargeable lithium ion batteries
Wang QF, Yang S, Miao J, Zhang YL, Zhang DF, Chen YM, Li Z
262 - 268 Detection and plasma assisted degradation of dye on reusable gold coated tungsten nanofuzz array surface-enhanced Raman scattering substrate
Liu DD, Liu L, Ji LF, Qi ZH, Xia Y, Song Y, Dong DP, Li ZH, Liu R, Liu BB, Sun D, Liu DP
269 - 275 Controllable synthesis of nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes derived from halloysite-templated polyaniline towards nonprecious ORR catalysts
Liu WJ, Ru QX, Zuo SX, Yang S, Han J, Yao C
276 - 282 CuO/ZnO heterojunction nanoarrays for enhanced photoelectrochemical water oxidation
Liu C, Meng FL, Zhang L, Zhang DT, Wei ST, Qi K, Fan JC, Zhang HY, Cui XQ
283 - 291 Vertically-aligned lead-free BCTZY nanofibers with enhanced electrical properties for flexible piezoelectric nanogenerators
Wu YH, Ma F, Qu JK, Luo Y, Lv CX, Guo Q, Qi T
292 - 297 1T-MoS2 monolayer doped with isolated Ni atoms as highly active hydrogen evolution catalysts: A density functional study
Hao Y, Wang YT, Xu LC, Yang Z, Liu RP, Li XY
298 - 304 CoGe surface oxidation studied using X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Pfau AJ, Diulus JT, He SD, Albuquerque GH, Stickle WF, Herman GS
305 - 311 Palladium-cobalt nanodots anchored on graphene: In-situ synthesis, and application as an anode catalyst for direct formic acid fuel cells
Zhang LY, Gong YY, Wu DB, Li Z, Li Q, Zheng LW, Chen W
312 - 315 Effect of molecular weight of polyethylene glycol on the sheet-thickness and photocatalytic performance of MoS2 nanoparticles
Li GH, Lei PP, Zhou M, Wang WG, Li DN, Yang CR, Hua NB, Chen S
316 - 324 Adsorption and catalytic decomposition of hydrazine on metal-free SiC3 siligraphene
Zheng FF, Dong HL, Ji YJ, Li YY
325 - 330 Effects of high-dosage focused electron-beam irradiation at energies <= 30 keV on graphene on SiO2
Femi-Oyetoro JD, Yao K, Roccapriore K, Ecton PA, Tang R, Jones JD, Verbeck G, Perez JM
331 - 339 A novel alpha-Fe2O3@g-C3N4 catalyst: Synthesis derived from Fe-based MOF and its superior photo-Fenton performance
Guo T, Wang K, Zhang GK, Wu XY
340 - 347 Relationship between wire orientation and optical and electrical anisotropy in silver nanowire/polymer composite films
Tomiyama T, Seri Y, Yamazaki H
348 - 356 Enhanced electrochemical hydrogen evolution over defect-induced hybrid MoO3/Mo3O9 center dot H2O microrods
Gu JI, Lee J, Rhee CK, Sohn Y
357 - 367 Atomic-level insights into the adsorption of rare earth Y(OH)(3-n)(n+) (n=1-3) ions on kaolinite surface
Peng CL, Zhong YH, Wang GS, Min FF, Qin L
368 - 377 Effect of thermal induction temperature on re-dispersion behavior of Ni nanoparticles over Ni/SBA-15 for dry reforming of methane
Zhang QL, Sun MH, Ning P, Long KX, Wang J, Tang T, Fan J, Sun HY, Yin LT, Lin Q
378 - 386 Multimodal surface analyses of chemistry and structure of biominerals in rodent pineal gland concretions
Tofail SAM, Mouras R, McNamara K, Patyk-Kazmierczak E, Geaney H, Zaworotko M, Ryan KM, Soulimane T, Silien C, Kopani M
387 - 403 A novel organic-inorganic hybrid complex based on Cissus quadrangularis plant extract and zirconium acetate as a green inhibitor for mild steel in 1 M HCl solution
Mobin M, Basik M, Shoeb M
404 - 413 Tailoring the structure of clew-like carbon skeleton with 2D Co-MOF for advanced Li-S cells
Jin WW, Zou JZ, Zeng SZ, Inguva S, Xu GZ, Li XH, Peng M, Zeng XR
414 - 422 Enhanced H2S sensing performance of cobalt doped free-standing TiO2 nanotube array film and theoretical simulation based on density functional theory
Tong X, Shen WH, Chen XQ
423 - 430 Electrospun nitrogen-doped carbon nanofiber as negative electrode for vanadium redox flow battery
He ZX, Li MM, Li YH, Wang L, Zhu J, Meng W, Li CC, Zhou HZ, Dai L
431 - 436 Covalent triazine frameworks supported CoPd nanoparticles for boosting hydrogen generation from formic acid
Feng T, Wang JM, Gao ST, Feng C, Shang NZ, Wang C, Li XL
437 - 445 Towards high efficient nanodielectrics from linear ferroelectric P(VDF-TrFE-CTFE)-g-PMMA matrix and exfoliated mica nanosheets
Wang J, Xie YC, Liu JJ, Zhang ZC, Zhang YF
446 - 455 In-situ electropolymerization of porous conducting polyaniline fibrous network for solid-state supercapacitor
He YP, Wang X, Huang H, Zhang PP, Chen BM, Guo ZC
456 - 462 Single-layer planar penta-X2N4 (X = Ni, Pd and Pt) as direct-bandgap semiconductors from first principle calculations
Yuan JH, Song YQ, Chen Q, Xue KH, Miao XS
463 - 470 2D nanostructure motion on anisotropic surfaces controlled by electromigration
Curiotto S, Muller P, El-Barraj A, Cheynis F, Pierre-Louis O, Leroy F
471 - 486 Improvement of thermal stability, adhesion strength and corrosion performance of diamond-like carbon films with titanium doping
Konkhunthot N, Photongkam P, Wongpanya P
487 - 494 Co, Mn-LDH nanoneedle arrays grown on Ni foam for high performance supercapacitors
Su DQ, Tang ZH, Xie JF, Bian ZX, Zhang JH, Yang DD, Zhang D, Wang JC, Liu Y, Yuan AH, Kong QH
495 - 504 The influence of carbides on the microstructure, grain growth, and oxidation resistance of nanostructured carbides-strengthened cobalt-based multi-track laser-cladding layers
Zhang YZ, Xu PQ, Liu CG, Ren JW, Gong HY
505 - 513 Construction of defective Mo15S19/CdS-diethylenetriamine heterosctructure photocatalyst for highly active and stable noble-metal-free photocatalytic hydrogen production
Li Z, Yang Y, Dai K, Zhang JF, Lu LH
514 - 520 Direct laser printing of tunable IR resonant nanoantenna arrays
Pavlov D, Syubaev S, Kuchmizhak A, Gurbatov S, Vitrik O, Modin E, Kudryashov S, Wang X, Juodkazis S, Lapine M
521 - 527 Assembly, alignment and tunable optical properties of montmorillonite with superparamagnetic coating
Fu M, Li XM, Zhang ZP
528 - 536 Green synthesis of biocompatible trypsin-conjugated Ag nanocomposite with antibacterial activity
Qin DZ, Yang GR, Wang YB, Zhou YB, Zhang L
537 - 552 A molecular dynamics study on stress generation during thin film growth
Zhou XY, Yu XX, Jacobson D, Thompson GB
553 - 563 Facile synthesis of highly efficient photocatalysts based on organic small molecular co-catalyst
Sun YY, Wang CX, Guo GZ, Fu Q, Xiong ZY, Li D, Liu YQ
564 - 565 Comments on using of "pseudo-first-order model" [Appl. Surf. Sci. 394 (2017) 378-385, 397 (2017) 133-143, 426 (2017) 545-553, 437 (2018) 294-303]
Huang YD
566 - 572 Structural studies of complexation of Cu(II) with aminosilane-modified silica surface in heterogeneous system in a wide range of pH
Nowicki W
573 - 581 Ultra-precise surface processing of LYSO scintillator crystals for Positron Emission Tomography
Xie SW, Sun QQ, Ying GY, Guo LX, Huang Q, Peng QY, Xu JF
582 - 592 Three-dimensional atomic force microscopy for ultra-high-aspect-ratio imaging
Akhtar I, Rehman MA, Choi W, Kumar S, Lee N, Cho SJ, Park HH, Park KH, Seo Y
593 - 606 How did the structural ZnO nanowire as antibacterial coatings control the switchable wettability
Rajab FH, Korshed P, Liu Z, Wang T, Li L
607 - 616 Co/CoO@C nanocomposites with a hierarchical bowknot-like nanostructure for high performance broadband electromagnetic wave absorption
Yang ML, Yuan Y, Yin WL, Yang S, Peng QY, Li JJ, Li YB, He XD
617 - 623 Effect of alloying elements on the microstructure, coefficient of friction, in-vitro corrosion and antibacterial nature of selected Ti-Nb alloys
Chapala P, Kumar PS, Joardar J, Bhandari V, Acharyya SG
624 - 633 Ni(OH)(2)-Co-2(OH)(3)Cl bilayer nanocomposites supported by Ni foams for binder-free electrodes of high-performance hybrid supercapacitors
Zhang ZR, Du WM, Ren XR, Shen ZW, Fan XY, Wei SH, Wei CZ, Cao Z, Zhang B
634 - 640 Atomic-layer deposition of crystalline BeO on SiC
Lee SM, Jang Y, Jung J, Yum JH, Larsen ES, Bielawski CW, Wang WJ, Ryou JH, Kim HS, Cha HY, Oh J
641 - 646 First-principle investigation of CO and CO2 adsorption on Fe-doped penta-graphene
Zhang CP, Li B, Shao ZG
647 - 656 Selective laser melting additive manufacturing of cancer pagurus's claw inspired bionic structures with high strength and toughness
Ma CL, Gu DD, Lin KJ, Dai DH, Xia MJ, Yang JK, Wang HR
657 - 665 NiS and graphene as dual cocatalysts for the enhanced photocatalytic H-2 production activity of g-C3N4
Chen Z, Yang SB, Tian ZF, Zhu BC
666 - 673 Facile assembly of CdS-reduced graphene oxide heterojunction with enhanced elimination performance for organic pollutants in wastewater
Wei XN, Ou CL, Guan XX, Peng ZK, Zheng XC
674 - 683 Fundamental understanding of the deformation mechanism and corresponding behavior of RB-SiC ceramics subjected to nano-scratch in ambient temperature
Li ZP, Zhang FH, Luo XC, Cai YK
684 - 690 Hybrid carbon-TiO2 spheres: Investigation of structure, morphology and spectroscopic studies
Kusiak-Nejman E, Wrobel RJ, Kapica-Kozar J, Wanag A, Szymanska K, Mijowska E, Morawski AW
691 - 702 Understanding the formation of plasma-sprayed Ni20Cr splats through interface observation
Zhang YG, Matthews S, Hyland M
703 - 712 AgI-BiOI-graphene composite photocatalysts with enhanced interfacial charge transfer and photocatalytic H-2 production activity
Chang CJ, Lin YG, Chao PY, Chen JK
713 - 719 Heterogeneous nuclei effect of MgAl2O4 on NbC in Fe matrix MMC coating
Zhao CC, Zhou YF, Xing XL, Ren XJ, Yang QX
720 - 730 Fabrication of stable biomimetic coating on PDMS surface: Cooperativity of multivalent interactions
Zhao Y, Wen JL, Ge Y, Zhang XT, Shi H, Yang KW, Gao X, Shi SQ, Gong YK
731 - 738 Dendritic core-shell Ni@Ni(Fe)OOH metal/metal oxyhydroxide electrode for efficient oxygen evolution reaction
Wang JX, Zhang WC, Zheng ZL, Liu JP, Yu CP, Chen YJ, Ma KF
739 - 746 One-step synthesis of Fe-doped surface-alkalinized g-C3N4 and their improved visible-light photocatalytic performance
Xu YG, Ge FY, Chen ZG, Huang SQ, Wei W, Xie M, Xu H, Li HM
747 - 752 The growth of metastable fcc Fe78Ni22 thin films on H-Si(100) substrates suitable for focused ion beam direct magnetic patterning
Gloss J, Horky M, Krizakova V, Flajsman L, Schmid M, Urbanek M, Varga P
753 - 763 A comparative study of surface characterization and corrosion performance properties of laser surface modified biomedical grade nitinol
Chakraborty R, Datta S, Raza MS, Saha P
764 - 769 Synthesis of MOF-derived Co@C composites and application for efficient hydrolysis of sodium borohydride
Zhang XY, Sun XW, Xu DY, Tao XM, Dai P, Guo QJ, Liu X
770 - 774 Prediction of Ti3C2O2 MXene as an effective capturer of formaldehyde
Zhang YJ, Zhou ZJ, Lan JH, Zhang PH
775 - 780 Efficient and selective sensing of nitrogen-containing gases by Si2BN nanosheets under pristine and pre-oxidized conditions
Hussain T, Singh D, Gupta SK, Karton A, Sonvane Y, Ahuja R
781 - 791 Adsorption of O-3, SO2 and SO3 gas molecules on MoS2 monolayers: A computational investigation
Abbasi A, Sardroodi JJ
792 - 803 Modelling the non-linear interfacial shear rheology behaviour of chickpea protein-adsorbed complex oil/water layers
Felix M, Romero A, Sanchez CC, Guerrero A
804 - 810 A kinetic study of ZnO atomic layer deposition: Effects of surface hydroxyl concentration and steric hindrance
Kim S, Lee S, Ham SY, Ko DH, Shin S, Jin ZY, Min YS
811 - 820 Platinum nanoparticles supported on reduced graphene oxide prepared in situ by a continuous one-step laser process
Haxhiaj I, Tigges S, Firla D, Zhang XR, Hagemann U, Kondo T, Nakamura J, Marzun G, Barcikowski S
821 - 828 Enhanced efficiency for dye-sensitized solar cells with ZrO2 as a barrier layer on TiO2 nanofibers
Yang XJ, Zhao L, Lv KL, Dong BH, Wang SM
829 - 840 Plasmon-enhanced visible light photoelectrochemical and photocatalytic activity of gold nanoparticle-decorated hierarchical TiO2/Bi2WO6 nanorod arrays
Yao LZ, Wang WZ, Liang YJ, Fu JL, Shi HL
841 - 853 Comprehensive theoretical analysis of the influence of surface alloying by zinc on the catalytic performance of Cu(110) for the production of methanol from CO2 selective hydrogenation: Part 1-Thermochemical aspects
Fan X, Tang QL, Zhang X, Zhang TT, Wang Q, Duan XX, Zhang ML, Yao MY
854 - 863 2D MoS2 grown on biomass-based hollow carbon fibers for energy storage
Liu GL, Cui J, Luo RJ, Liu Y, Huang XX, Wu NT, Jin XY, Chen HP, Tang SY, Kim JK, Liu XM
864 - 869 Stability of frozen water droplets on highly hydrophobic porous surfaces: Temperature effects
Ramos SMM, Pirat C, Cottin-Bizonne C
870 - 878 Enhanced photoconductivity of SiGe nanocrystals in SiO2 driven by mild annealing
Sultan MT, Manolescu A, Gudmundsson JT, Torfason K, Nemnes GA, Stavarache I, Logofatu C, Teodoresu VS, Ciurea ML, Svavarsson HG
879 - 886 Photocatalytic decomposition of methanol-water solution over N-La/TiO2 photocatalysts
Dubnova L, Zvolska M, Edelmannova M, Matejova L, Reli M, Drobna H, Kustrowski P, Koci K, Capek L
887 - 895 Manipulated interparticle gaps of silver nanoparticles by dendron-exfoliated reduced graphene oxide nanohybrids for SERS detection
Cheng YW, Wu CH, Chen WT, Liu TY, Jeng RJ
896 - 903 Ion-beam irradiation of DLC-based nanocomposite: Creation of a highly biocompatible surface
Penkov OV, Kheradmandfard M, Khadem M, Kharaziha M, Mirzaamiri R, Seo KJ, Kim DE
904 - 910 Femtosecond laser-induced periodic surface structures of copper: Experimental and modeling comparison
Chang CL, Cheng CW, Chen JK
911 - 916 Facile and cost-effective preparation of carbon quantum dots for Fe3+ ion and ascorbic acid detection in living cells based on the "on-off-on" fluorescence principle
Gao XX, Zhou X, Ma YF, Qian T, Wang CP, Chu FX
917 - 922 Interaction of gold clusters with graphene and graphene layer over Ni (111) surface: A density functional study
Rajesh C, Majumder C
923 - 932 Solvothermal processed Li3VO4/MoS2 composites and its enhanced electrochemical performance as lithium battery anode materials
Zhang MQ, Bai X, Liu YY, Zhang YP, Wu Y, Cui DL, Liu Y, Wang L, Li B, Tao XT
933 - 940 Integrating CoOx cocatalyst on hexagonal alpha-Fe2O3 for effective photocatalytic oxygen evolution
Li L, She XJ, Yi JJ, Pan L, Xia KX, Wei W, Zhu XW, Chen ZG, Xu H, Li HM
941 - 950 Manganese doped Co3O4 mesoporous nanoneedle array for long cycle-stable supercapacitors
Li GM, Chen MZ, Ouyang Y, Yao D, Li L, Wang L, Xia XF, Lei W, Chen SM, Mandler D, Hao QL
951 - 961 Effect of electrolytes and sonication times on the formation of graphene using an electrochemical exfoliation process
Htwe YZN, Chow WS, Suda Y, Thant AA, Mariatti M
962 - 973 Acetone adsorption to (BeO)(12), (MgO)(12) and (ZnO)(12) nanoparticles and their graphene composites: A density functional theory (DFT) study
Mo YM, Li HY, Zhou K, Ma XC, Guo Y, Wang SB, Li LQ
974 - 982 Unification of the textures formed on aluminum after laser treatment
Kuznetsov GV, Feoktistov DV, Orlova EG, Batishcheva K, Ilenok SS
983 - 993 Effect of synthesis methods on the surface and electrochemical characteristics of metal oxide/activated carbon composites for supercapacitor applications
Yumak T, Bragg D, Sabolsky EM
994 - 1006 Effect of the anodization parameters on TiO2 nanotubes characteristics produced in aqueous electrolytes with CMC
Ocampo RA, Echeverria F
1007 - 1015 Laser-assisted synthesis of Fe-Cu oxide nanocrystals
Torres-Mendieta R, Havelka O, Urbanek M, Cvek M, Waclawek S, Padil VVT, Jasikova D, Kotek M, Cernik M
1016 - 1016 Enhanced electrical properties of oxide semiconductor thin-film transistors with high conductivity thin layer insertion for the channel region (vol 396, pg 1472, 2017)
Nguyen CPT, Raja J, Kim S, Jang K, Le AHT, Lee YJ, Yi J
1017 - 1018 Effect of Si-incorporation on the structure, mechanical, tribological and corrosion properties of WSiN coatings (vol 356, pg 958, 2015)
Zhao HJ, Ye FX
1019 - 1019 Facile synthesis of Cu2ZnSnS4 absorber layer for thin film solar cells using a highly stable precursor solution (vol 418, pg 194, 2017)
Dhanasekar M, Bhat SV
1020 - 1020 Surface enthalpy driven size focussing trends: predictive modelling for digestive ripening of spherical particles (vol 448, pg 248, 2018)
Thomas T, Sethuraman S, Satyam D, Kumar D, Kannadasan B, Anderson A, Prashant S, Vijayakrishnan R, Khan S, Das P, Kumar M, Bisi K, Chinta Y, Talluri B
1021 - 1021 RETRACTION: Investigation of structural, optical and electronic properties in Al-Sn co-doped ZnO thin films (Retraction of Vol 265, Pg 870, 2013)
Pan ZC, Tian XL, Wu SK, Yu X, Li ZL, Deng JF, Xiao CM, Hu GH, Wei ZG
1022 - 1022 RETRACTION: Structure adhesion and corrosion resistance study of tungsten bisulfide doped with titanium deposited by DC magnetron co-sputtering (Retraction of Vol 320, Pg 538, 2014)
De La Roche J, Gonzalez JM, Restrepo-Parra E, Sequeda F, Alleh V, Scharf TW