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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 4 Concomitant enhancement of electron-phonon coupling and electron-electron interaction in graphene decorated with ytterbium
Kang M, Hwang J, Lee JE, Fedorov A, Hwang C
5 - 11 Environment friendly chemical mechanical polishing of copper
Zhang ZY, Cui JF, Zhang JB, Liu DD, Yu ZJ, Guo DM
12 - 21 The interactions between fine particles of coal and kaolinite in aqueous, insights from experiments and molecular simulations
Jun C, Fan-fei M, Ling-yun L
22 - 29 Effect of hole doping and strain modulations on electronic structure and magnetic properties in ZnO monolayer
Chen LL, Wang AP, Xiong ZH, Shi SQ, Gao YF
30 - 36 Three-dimensional graphene nanosheet films towards high performance solid lubricants
Chen FX, Mai YJ, Xiao QN, Cai GF, Zhang LY, Liu CS, Jie XH
37 - 44 Modulation of Ag modification on NO2 adsorption and sensing response characteristics of Si nanowire: A DFT study
Qin YX, Zhao LM, Jiang YQ
45 - 55 Defective black Ti3+ self-doped TiO2 and reduced graphene oxide composite nanoparticles for boosting visible-light driven photocatalytic and photoelectrochemical activity
Wang SC, Cai JS, Mao JJ, Li SH, Shen JL, Gao SW, Huang JY, Wang XQ, Parkin IP, Lai YK
56 - 64 Construction of 2D SnS2/g-C3N4 Z-scheme composite with superior visible-light photocatalytic performance
Song YH, Gu JM, Xia KX, Yi JJ, Che HX, She XJ, Chen ZG, Ding C, Li HM, Xu H
65 - 74 Zn1-xCdxS nanowall photoanode prepared via seed layer epitaxial growth method and modified by dual co-catalyst for photoelectrochemical water splitting
Wu PD, Liu Z, Guo ZG, Li XF, Zhao L
75 - 83 Metal-free ovalbumin-derived N-S-co-doped nanoporous carbon materials as efficient electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction
Cazetta AL, Spessato L, Bedin KC, Souza IPFA, Araujo RA, Martins AF, Silva TL, Silva R, Almeida VC
84 - 88 (TaC/Ta2C) bilayer formed on carburized and annealed tantalum; development of a numerical growth model
Carette L, Jacquet P, Cotton D, Vignal V, Faure S
89 - 97 Multifunctional magnetic Fe3O4/nitrogen-doped porous carbon nanocomposites for removal of dyes and sensing applications
Nsabimana A, Kitte SA, Wu FX, Qi LM, Liu ZY, Zafar MN, Luque R, Xu GB
98 - 103 Electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide on the two-dimensional M-3(Hexaiminotriphenylene)(2) sheet: A computational study
Tian Y, Wang YL, Yan LK, Zhao JX, Su ZM
104 - 111 Flexible and transparent supercapacitor based on ultrathin Au/graphene composite electrodes
Chen Y, Fu XY, Yue YY, Zhang N, Feng J, Sun HB
112 - 118 A flexible and highly selective non-enzymatic H2O2 sensor based on silver nanoparticles embedded into Nafion
Gholami M, Koivisto B
119 - 123 Raman evidence for surface oxidation of amorphous As2S3 thin films under ultraviolet irradiation
Azhniuk Y, Solonenko D, Loya V, Grytsyshche I, Lopushansky V, Gomonnai AV, Zahn DRT
124 - 134 A facile one-pot hydrothermal synthesis of two-dimensional TiO2-based nanosheets loaded with surface-enriched NixOy nanoparticles for efficient visible-light-driven photocatalysis
Yang MC, Lu DZ, Wang HM, Wu P, Fang PF
135 - 142 Enhanced phosphate adsorption performance by innovative anion imprinted polymers with dual interaction
Xu Y, Huang MH, Luo XB
143 - 150 Plasma etched c-Si wafer with proper pyramid-like nanostructures for photovoltaic applications
Addonizio ML, Antonaia A, Fusco L
151 - 157 Constructing Pd/2D-C3N4 composites for efficient photocatalytic H-2 evolution through nonplasmon-induced bound electrons
Mo Z, Xu H, She XJ, Song YH, Yan PC, Yi JJ, Zhu XW, Lei YC, Yuan SQ, Li HM
158 - 167 One-pot synthesis of copper nanowire decorated by reduced graphene oxide with excellent oxidation resistance and stability
Ye DM, Li GZ, Wang GG, Lin ZQ, Zhou HL, Han M, Liu YL, Han JC
168 - 177 Enhanced interface of polyurethane acrylate via perfluoropolyether for efficient transfer printing and stable operation of PEDOT:PSS in perovskite photovoltaic cells
Yi MJ, Jang W, Cho JS, Wang DH
178 - 184 Rapid adsorption of bisphenol A from wastewater by beta-cyclodextrin-functionalized mesoporous magnetic clusters
Lee JH, Kwak SY
185 - 192 The attractive efficiency contributed by the in-situ reactivation of ferrous oxalate in heterogeneous Fenton process
Hu LQ, Wang P, Xiong SW, Chen SH, Yin XZ, Wang LX, Wang H
193 - 205 The enhancement of microstructure on the passive and pitting behaviors of selective laser melting 316L SS in simulated body fluid
Man C, Dong CF, Liu TT, Kong DC, Wang DK, Li XG
206 - 212 Visible light activated photocatalytic behaviour of Eu (III) modified g-C3N4 for CO2 reduction and H-2 evolution
Tang JY, Guo RT, Pan WG, Zhou WG, Huang CY
213 - 220 Variable Angle Spectroscopic Ellipsometry investigation of CVD-grown monolayer graphene
Castriota M, Politano GG, Vena C, De Santo MP, Desiderio G, Davoli M, Cazzanelli E, Versace C
221 - 228 Fabrication and photocatalytic properties of nano CuS/MoS2 composite catalyst by dealloying amorphous Ti-Cu-Mo alloy
Li Q, Du XJ, Xia CQ, Wang XH, Yang T, Jiang YQ, Yang ZD, Zhu DM, Yin FX
229 - 235 Almond-derived origami-like hierarchically porous and N/O co-functionalized carbon sheet for high-performance supercapacitor
Zeng FM, Li Z, Li XY, Wang J, Kong Z, Sun YC, Liu ZJ, Feng HB
236 - 248 Catalytic decomposition of methane over rare earth metal (Ce and La) oxides supported iron catalysts
Pudukudy M, Yaakob Z, Jia QM, Takriff MS
249 - 254 Effects of thermal treatment on optoelectrical properties of AZO/Ag-Mg-Al thin films
Lin HK, Chung BF
255 - 260 Optimization of femtosecond laser processing in liquids
Hoppius JS, Maragkaki S, Kanitz A, Gregorcic P, Gurevich EL
261 - 267 DFT study of the dimethyl sulfoxide reduction on silicene
Garcia-Diaz R, Guerrero-Sanchez J, Fernandez-Escamilla HN, Takeuchi N
268 - 276 Facile immobilization of Ag nanoparticles on g-C3N4/V2O5 surface for enhancement of post-illumination, catalytic, and photocatalytic activity removal of organic and inorganic pollutants
El-Sheshtawy HS, El-Hosainy HM, Shoueir KR, El-Mehasseb IM, El-Kemary M
277 - 285 Graphene oxide/Fe2O3 nanoplates supported Pt for enhanced room-temperature oxidation of formaldehyde
Yan ZX, Xu ZH, Yang ZH, Yue L, Huang LY
286 - 292 Synergistic effect of adsorption and photocatalysis of 3D g-C3N4 -agar hybrid aerogels
Tan L, Yu CF, Wang M, Zhang SY, Sun JY, Dong SY, Sun JH
293 - 297 First-principles study of C-N point defects on sidewall surface of [0001]-oriented GaN nanowires
Liao H, Li JC, Wei TT, Wen PJ, Li M, Hu XD
298 - 308 Scalable synthesis SiO@C anode by fluidization thermal chemical vapor deposition in fluidized bed reactor for high-energy lithium-ion battery
Xia M, Zhou Z, Su YF, Li YR, Wu YF, Zhou N, Zhang HB, Xiong X
309 - 319 Fractal roughness effects on nanoscale grinding
Papanikolaou M, Salonitis K
320 - 327 Supporting carbon quantum dots on NH2-MIL-125 for enhanced photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants under a broad spectrum irradiation
Wang QJ, Wang GL, Liang XF, Dong XL, Zhang XF
328 - 334 Molybdenum diselenide - black phosphorus heterostructures for electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Li W, Liu DN, Yang N, Wang JH, Huang MY, Liu LL, Peng X, Wang GM, Yu XF, Chu PK
335 - 344 Characteristics and performance of urea modified Pt-MWCNTs for electro-oxidation of methanol
Nouralishahi A, Mortazavi Y, Khodadadi AA, Choolaei M, Thompson LT, Horri BA
345 - 353 3D-printed scaffolds of biomineralized hydroxyapatite nanocomposite on silk fibroin for improving bone regeneration
Huang T, Fan CQ, Zhu M, Zhu YF, Zhang WZ, Li L
354 - 360 Bi2O3/TiO2 photocatalytic film coated on floated glass balls for efficient removal of organic pollutant
Zou Q, Li H, Yang YP, Miao YC, Huo YN
361 - 369 Spectroscopic study of microstructure-reducibility relation of CexZr1-xO2 solid solutions
Bao HZ, Qian K, Chen XQ, Fang J, Huang WX
370 - 381 Core-shell Ni/NiO grafted cobalt (II) complex: An efficient inorganic nanocomposite for photocatalytic reduction of CO2 under visible light irradiation
Prajapati PK, Singh H, Yadav R, Sinha AK, Szunerits S, Boukherroub R, Jain SL
382 - 390 Facile and green synthesis of 3D honeycomb-like N/S-codoped hierarchically porous carbon materials from bio-protic salt for flexible, temperature-resistant supercapacitors
Sun L, Zhou YM, Li L, Zhou H, Liu XQ, Zhang QY, Gao B, Meng ZZ, Zhou D, Ma YL
391 - 401 The effect of vacuum annealing on microstructure, adhesion strength and electrochemical behaviors of multilayered AlCrTiSiN coatings
Chen WL, Meng XN, Wu DQ, Yao DC, Zhang DD
402 - 410 Comparative study of magnetite nanoparticles obtained by pulsed laser ablation in water and air
Svetlichnyi VA, Shabalina AV, Lapin IN, Goncharova DA, Kharlamova TS, Stadnichenko AI
411 - 422 Graphitic carbon nitride synthesized at different temperatures for enhanced visible-light photodegradation of 2-naphthol
Lan YL, Li ZS, Li DH, Yan GX, Yang ZX, Guo SH
423 - 427 Outstanding memory characteristics with atomic layer deposited Ta2O5/Al2O3/TiO2/Al2O3/Ta2O5 nanocomposite structures as the charge trapping layer
Han P, Lai TC, Wang M, Zhao XR, Cao YQ, Wu D, Li AD
428 - 438 Polyoxometalate hybrid catalyst for detection and photodecomposition of mustard gas surrogate vapors
Giannakoudakis DA, Colon-Ortiz J, Landers J, Murali S, Florent M, Neimark AV, Bandosz TJ
439 - 445 Ce-O-P material supported CeO2 catalysts: A novel catalyst for selective catalytic reduction of NO with NH3 at low temperature
Yao WY, Wang XQ, Liu Y, Wu ZB
446 - 455 Amino-functionalized graphene quantum dots prepared using high-softening point asphalt and their application in Fe3+ detection
Wang RY, Fan HL, Jiang W, Ni GS, Qu SJ
456 - 461 Low temperature processing of Al2O3-GPTMS-PMMA hybrid films with applications to high-performance ZnO thin-film transistors
Meza-Arroyo J, Rao MGS, Mejia I, Quevedo-Lopez MA, Ramirez-Bon R
462 - 466 Moisture-absorption-free LaTaON as gate dielectric of Ge MOS devices
Liu L, Cheng ZX, Xu JP, Huang Y, Lai PT, Tang WM
467 - 476 Effect of electropolishing on general corrosion of Alloy 690TT tubes in simulated primary coolant of pressurized water reactors
Shim HS, Seo MJ, Hur DH
477 - 485 Syntheses of diselenide-containing dynamic polymers and their application in polymer alloys
Liu J, Ma XN, Tong YP, Lang MD
486 - 492 First PEM fuel cell based on ligand-free, laser-generated platinum nanoparticles
Kohsakowski S, Streubel R, Radev I, Peinecke V, Barcikowski S, Marzun G, Reichenberger S
493 - 504 Dispersion behavior of TiB2 particles in AISI D2 tool steel surfaces during pulsed laser dispersing and their influence on material properties
Spranger F, Hilgenberg K
505 - 513 Fabrication of BiOCl/BiOBr hybrid nanosheets with enhanced superoxide radical dominating visible light driven photocatalytic activity
Cui ZK, Song HT, Ge SX, He WW, Liu YW
514 - 525 The fabrication of self-floating Ti3+/N co-doped TiO2/diatomite granule catalyst with enhanced photocatalytic performance under visible light irradiation
Chen Y, Wu Q, Liu L, Wang J, Song YT
526 - 533 N-halamine/pyridinium-derivatized magnetic sub-microparticles with synergetic biocidal properties
Chen Y, Feng CY, Zhang Q, Ren GY, Han QX
534 - 542 Hydrothermal growing of cluster-like ZnO nanoparticles without crystal seeding on PET films via dopamine anchor
Cheng DS, He MT, Li WB, Wu JH, Ran JH, Cai GM, Wang X
543 - 553 Domestic LED light driven methylene blue degradation by g-C3N4-CaCu3Ti4O12 composite
Pal K, Mondal A, Jana R, Ray PP, Gayen A
554 - 560 Three-dimensional (3D) crumpled graphene-silver hybrid nanostructures on shape memory polymers for surface-enhanced Raman scattering
Sun HB, Liu H, Wu YY
561 - 566 First-principles computational design of unknown flat arsenene epitaxially grown on copper substrate
Kang J, Noh SH, Han B
567 - 579 Synthesis and characterization of novel Cu, Cu-SiC functionally graded coating by pulse reverse electrodeposition
Banthia S, Sengupta S, Das S, Das K
580 - 587 Structure determination of substrate influenced silicon nano-ribbon growth
Roese P, Shamout K, Espeter P, Honig R, Berges U, Westphal C
588 - 595 A tough and fluorescent dual nanocomposite hydrogel based on SiO2@TiO2 core-shell nanoparticles
Wang D, Tan Y, Xu HX, Wang XL, Yu LN, Xiao ZX, Wang JD, Xu SM
596 - 607 Adsorption behavior of polyethyleneimine-carbamate linked pineapple leaf fiber for Cr(VI) removal
Tangtubtim S, Saikrasun S
608 - 618 Micro/nano-structured ultrathin g-C3N4/Ag nanoparticle hybrids as efficient electrochemical biosensors for L-tyrosine
Zou J, Mao DP, Wee ATS, Jiang JZ
619 - 633 pH-dependent electrochemical behaviour of Al3Mg2 in NaCl solution
Li Y, Cai JM, Guan L, Wang G
634 - 639 Same solution synthesis and self-assembly of porous silica nanoparticles into microspheres
Park J, Cullen DA, Chen JH, Polizos G, Sharma J
640 - 647 Controllable synthesis of a peapod-like nanostructure via nanoconfining CoFe2O4 in CMK-5 for high-performance lithium-ion batteries
Sun YY, Zou YH, Yuan F, Yan CY, Chen S, Jia YA, Zhang HW, Yan DJ, She XL
648 - 657 Amidoxime functionalized Polymers of Intrinsic Microporosity (PIM-1) electrospun ultrafine fibers for rapid removal of uranyl ions from water
Satilmis B, Isik T, Demir MM, Uyar T
658 - 665 g-C3N4 photoanode for photoelectrocatalytic synergistic pollutant degradation and hydrogen evolution
Zhao XL, Pan DL, Chen XF, Li RP, Jiang TG, Wang WC, Li GS, Leung DYC
666 - 672 Theoretical study of the laser annealing process in FinFET structures
Lombardo SF, Fisicaro G, Deretzis I, La Magna A, Curver B, Lespinasse B, Huet K
673 - 683 Self-induced Fenton reaction constructed by Fe(III) grafted BiVO4 nanosheets with improved photocatalytic performance and mechanism insight
Gao X, Ma CC, Liu Y, Xing L, Yan YS
684 - 690 Tunable chiroptical response of chiral system composed of a nanorod coupled with a nanosurface
Ullah H, Qu Y, Wang TK, Wang YK, Jing ZM, Zhang ZY
691 - 697 Reduced graphene oxide/polyaniline electrochemical supercapacitors fabricated by laser
Ladron-de-Guevara A, Bosca A, Pedros J, Climent-Pascual E, de Andres A, Calle F, Martinez J
698 - 707 Two-dimensional SnS2 nanosheets arrays as photoelectrode by low temperature CVD method for efficient photoelectrochemical water splitting
Chen LD, Liu EZ, Teng F, Zhang TX, Feng J, Kou YM, Sun Q, Fan J, Hu XY, Miao H
708 - 714 High-performance perovskite solar cells with large grain-size obtained by the synergy of urea and dimethyl sulfoxide
Liu BB, Wang S, Ma ZR, Ma JW, Ma RX, Wang CY
715 - 722 Utilizing embedded ultra-small Pt nanoparticles as charge trapping layer in flashristor memory cells
Orak I, Eren H, Biyikli N, Dana A
723 - 739 A novel insight into the preparation method of Pd/Ce0.75Zr0.25O2-Al2O3 over high-stability close coupled catalysts
Sun M, Hu W, Cheng TQ, Chen YS, Yao P, Zhao M, Yuan SD, Chen YQ
740 - 748 Enhancement of photocatalytic activity of Bi2MoO6 by fluorine substitution
Zhong Y, He ZT, Chen DM, Hao D, Hao WC
749 - 752 Monitoring the energy of the metal ion-content plasma-assisted deposition and its implication for bacterial inactivation
Rtimi S, Nadtochenko V, Khmel I, Konstantinidis S, Britun N, Kiwi J
753 - 759 First principles investigation of the surface stability and equilibrium morphology of MoO3
Sun SP, Zhu JL, Gu S, Li XP, Lei WN, Jiang Y, Yi DQ, Chen GH
760 - 772 Computational predictions of electronic properties of graphene with defects, adsorbed transition metal-oxides and water using density functional theory
Gupta S, Dimakis N
773 - 781 One step synthesis of hierarchical Cu nanoparticles-Co(OH)(2) nanoflakes/Ni-foam electrode for ultrasensitive detection of glucose
Wang LN, Zhuang SX, Wang L, Wang N, Mo HL, Tang Y, Chen YM, Sun YZ, Wan PY
782 - 791 Synthesis and characterization of ZnAl-NO3(-CO3) layered double hydroxide: A novel structure for intercalation and release of simvastatin
Yasaei M, Khakbiz M, Ghasemi E, Zamanian A
792 - 801 Hierarchical flower-like BiOIxBr(1-x) solid solution spheres with enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activity
Qi LF, Yang YW, Zhang PX, Le Y, Wang C, Wu T
802 - 810 Enhancing DeNOx performance of CoMnAl mixed metal oxides in low-temperature NH3-SCR by optimizing layered double hydroxides (LDHs) precursor template
Wu X, Feng YL, Du YL, Liu XZ, Zou CL, Li Z
811 - 818 Tribological properties of laser-generated hard ceramic particles in a gear drive contact
Jendrzej S, Gondecki L, Debus J, Moldenhauer H, Tenberge P, Barcikowski S, Gokce B
819 - 824 Inactivating marine microorganisms for photoelectrocatalysis by ZnWO4 electrode obtained by surfactant-assisted synthesis
Li YZ, Zhou F, Zhu ZY, Wu F
825 - 835 Novel composite functional photocatalytic fuel cell assisted by Fenton-like reactions
Sun Q, Wu SH, You D, Zang T, Dong LF
836 - 843 Coupling Fe@Fe3O4 nanoparticles with multiple-walled carbon nanotubes with width band electromagnetic absorption performance
Chen C, Bao SZ, Zhang BS, Chen Y, Chen W, Wang CY
844 - 850 Tuning saw-toothed morphology on Pd/Pt nanocubes as oxygen reduction catalysts by co-surfactant synthesis method
Wu ZW, Chiang MH, Lee CL
851 - 859 Effect of Zeolite-Fe on graphite anode in electroactive biofilm development for application in microbial fuel cells
Gonzalez T, Ureta-Zanartu MS, Marco JF, Vidal G
860 - 867 Optical studies of the thermal stability of InSe nanosheets
Wang XY, Nan HY, Dai W, Lin Q, Liu Z, Gu XF, Ni ZH, Xiao SQ
868 - 880 Catalytic activity of different sizes of Pt-n/Co3O4 in the oxidative degradation of Methylene Blue with H2O2
Xaba MS, Noh JH, Meijboom R
881 - 888 Methyl-terminated germanane GeCH3 synthesized by solvothermal method with improved photocatalytic properties
Liu ZH, Wang ZY, Sun QL, Dai Y, Huang BB
889 - 901 Influence of atmospheric particulates on initial corrosion behavior of printed circuit board in pollution environments
Wang JR, Bai ZH, Xiao K, Gao X, Yi P, Dong CF, Wu JS, Wei D
902 - 911 Fabrication of BiVO4/RGO/Ag3PO4 ternary composite photocatalysts with enhanced photocatalytic performance
Li Y, Xio XY, Ye ZH
912 - 925 Influence of silsesquioxane addition on polyurethane-based protective coatings for bronze surfaces
Mihelcic M, Gaberscek M, Di Carlo G, Giuliani C, de Luna MS, Lavorgna M, Surca AK
926 - 931 Protective carbon-coated silicon nanoparticles with graphene buffer layers for high performance anodes in lithium-ion batteries
Kim MK, Shin WH, Jeong HM
932 - 939 pH-controlled surface engineering of nanostructured ZnO films generated via a sustainable low-temperature H2O oxidation process
Pelicano CM, Yanagi H
940 - 948 Thermosensitive PNIPAM grafted alginate/chitosan PEC
Conzatti G, Ayadi F, Cavalie S, Carrere N, Tourrette A
949 - 953 Toward high capacitance and rate capability supercapacitor: Three dimensional graphene network fabricated by electric field-assisted assembly method
Wang LL, Ye XK, Zhao P, Jiang HD, Zhu YC, Wan ZQ, Rao GH, You SY, Zeng GP, Fu JP, Jia CY
954 - 962 Cobalt-doped g-C3N4 as a heterogeneous catalyst for photo-assisted activation of peroxymonosulfate for the degradation of organic contaminants
Wang LL, Guo X, Chen YY, Ai SS, Ding HM
963 - 967 Binder-free of NiCo-layered double hydroxides on Ni-coated textile for wearable and flexible supercapacitors
Jeong YM, Son I, Baek SH
968 - 978 Enhancing visible-light-induced photocatalytic activity of BiOI microspheres for NO removal by synchronous coupling with Bi metal and graphene
Zhu GQ, Hojamberdiev M, Zhang SL, Din STU, Yang W
979 - 991 Fabrication of a superhydrophobic surface using a fused deposition modeling (FDM) 3D printer with poly lactic acid (PLA) filament and dip coating with silica nanoparticles
Lee KM, Park H, Kim J, Chun DM
992 - 999 Nitrogen dual-doped porous carbon fiber: A binder-free and high-performance flexible anode for lithium ion batteries
Zhang Q, Zhou K, Lei JH, Hu WC
1000 - 1010 Ag nanoparticles decorated WO3/g-C3N4 2D/2D heterostructure with enhanced photocatalytic activity for organic pollutants degradation
Chen JY, Xio XY, Wang Y, Ye ZH
1011 - 1032 A localized approach to study corrosion inhibition of intermetallic phases of AA 2024-T3 by cerium malate
Hu TH, Shi HW, Hou DC, Wei T, Fan SH, Liu FC, Han EH
1033 - 1039 Synthesis of CdSe/SrTiO3 nanocomposites with enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen production activity
Han JS, Dai FX, Liu Y, Zhao RY, Wang L, Feng SH
1040 - 1045 Flexible sodium-ion battery anodes using indium sulfide-based nanohybrid paper electrodes
Choi J, Myung Y, Kim SK
1046 - 1052 Corrosion resistance of water repellent aluminum surfaces with various wetting morphologies
Song K, Kim I, Bang S, Jung JY, Nam Y
1053 - 1058 Microscopic observation of catalytically etched channels and pits in MoS2 flakes
Kim DH, Choi JH, Jin JE, Lee DJ, Kim GT
1059 - 1069 Thermal plasma-inspired synthesis of ZnO1-xMnx dilute magnetic semiconductors for enhanced visible light photocatalysis
Das A, Sahoo RK, Mishra DK, Singh SK, Mane RS, Kim KH
1070 - 1075 UV protection of wood surfaces by graphitic carbon nitride nanosheets
Yuan BN, Ji XD, Nguyena TT, Huang ZH, Guo MH
1076 - 1087 Photodegradation of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid over TiO2(B)/anatase nanobelts and Au-TiO2(B)/anatase nanobelts
Chenchana A, Nemamcha A, Moumeni H, Rodriguez JMD, Arana J, Navio JA, Diaz OG, Melian EP
1088 - 1103 Effect of calcination temperature on structural properties and catalytic soot combustion activity of MnOx/wire-mesh monoliths
Chen L, Liu G, Feng NJ, Yu JH, Meng J, Fang F, Zhao P, Wang L, Wan H, Guan GF
1104 - 1112 Degradation of the oxide film formed on Alloy 690TT in a high-temperature chloride solution
Hou Q, Liu ZY, Li CT, Li XG, Shao JM
1113 - 1121 A novel electrode for supercapacitors: Spicules-like Ni3S2 shell grown on molybdenum nanoparticles doped nickel foam
Cheng Y, Zhai MM, Guo MS, Yu YN, Hu JB
1122 - 1133 Green synthesis of amino-functionalized carbon nanotube-graphene hybrid aerogels for high performance heavy metal ions removal
Zhan WW, Gao L, Fu X, Siyar SH, Sui G, Yang XP
1134 - 1139 Effects of interfaces on the helium bubble formation and radiation hardening of an austenitic stainless steel achieved by additive manufacturing
Sun XY, Chen FD, Huang H, Lin JW, Tang XB
1140 - 1147 Multifunctional carbon nitride nano-homojunction decorated g-C3N4 nanocomposites for optoelectronic performances
Li C, Zhao W, Wang AJ, Zhu WH, Shang DH
1148 - 1156 New low temperature environmental friendly process for the synthesis of tetragonal MoO2 and its field emission properties
Nishanthi ST, Baruah A, Yadav KK, Sarker D, Ghosh S, Ganguli AK, Jha M
1157 - 1160 Surface tailoring of zinc electrodes for energy storage devices with high-energy densities and long cycle life
An GH, Cha S, Sohn JI
1161 - 1169 Effects of thermal and electrical stress on defect generation in InAs metal-oxide-semiconductor capacitor
Baik M, Kang HK, Kang YS, Jeong KS, Lee C, Kim H, Song JD, Cho MH
1170 - 1180 Hierarchical 3D VO2/ZnV2O4 microspheres as an excellent visible light photocatalyst for CO2 reduction to solar fuels
Tahir M
1181 - 1186 Durability study of platinum nanoparticles supported on gas-phase synthesized graphene in oxygen reduction reaction conditions
Bertin E, Munzer A, Reichenberger S, Streubel R, Vinnay T, Wiggers H, Schulz C, Barcikowski S, Marzun G
1187 - 1194 Large-scale preparation of rice-husk-derived mesoporous SiO2@TiO2 as efficient and promising photocatalysts for organic contaminants degradation
Wang W, Chen H, Fang JJ, Lai M
1195 - 1203 Exploring the surface reactivity of the magnetic layered double hydroxide lithium-aluminum: An alternative material for sorption and catalytic purposes
Yu TM, Meira ACR, Kreutz JC, Effting L, Giona RM, Gervasoni R, de Moura AA, Bezerra FM, Bail A
1204 - 1212 Rapid room-temperature synthesis of cadmium zeolitic imidazolate framework nanoparticles based on 1,1 '-carbonyldiimidazole as ultra-high-efficiency adsorbent for ultrasound-assisted removal of malachite green dye
Sadat SA, Ghaedi AM, Panahimehr M, Baneshi MM, Vafaei A, Ansarizadeh M
1213 - 1218 Defect-associated adsorption of monoethanolamine on TiO2(110): An alternative way to control the work function of oxide electrode
Sohn SD, Kim SH, Kwak SK, Shin HJ
1219 - 1225 Charge collection efficiency of Pt vs. Mg contacts on semi-insulating GaAs
Dubecky F, Zatko B, Kolesar V, Kindl D, Hubik P, Gombia E, Dubecky M
1226 - 1238 Synthesis, DFT studies and photovoltaic characteristics of 2-amino-N-cyclohexyl-5-oxo-5H-chromeno [2,3-b]pyridine-3-carboxamide (ACCP)
Farag AAM, Roushdy N, El-Gohary NM, Halim SA, Ibrahim MA
1239 - 1248 Function of NiSe2 over CdS nanorods for enhancement of photocatalytic hydrogen production - From preparation to mechanism
Wang GR, Jin ZL
1249 - 1255 Synthesis of vanadium doped tantalum oxy-nitride for photocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide under visible light
Chi NTPL, Cam NTD, Thuan DV, Truong TT, Truc NTT, Hoang CV, Phuong TTT, Pham TD, Tung MHT, Thu NTM, Phuong NM, Nguyen VN