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1 - 11 3D-multilayer MoS2 nanosheets vertically grown on highly mesoporous cubic In(2)O(3 )for high-performance gas sensing at room temperatur
Ikram M, Liu Y, Lv H, Liu LJ, Rehman AU, Kan K, Zhang WJ, He L, Wang Y, Wang RH, Shi KY
12 - 18 Optical TiO2 layers deposited on polymer substrates by the Gas Injection Magnetron Sputtering technique
Chodun R, Skowronski L, Okrasa S, Wicher B, Nowakowska-Langier K, Zdunek K
19 - 27 Driving electromagnetic field enhancements in tailored gold surface nanostructures: Optical properties and macroscale simulations
Agarwal NR, Ossi PM, Trusso S
28 - 39 Fabrication of a molecularly imprinted silylated graphene oxide polymer for sensing and quantification of creatinine in blood and urine samples
Anirudhan TS, Deepa JR, Stanly N
40 - 50 Silicone/ZnO nanorod composite coating as a marine antifouling surface
Selim MS, Yang H, Wang FQ, Fatthallah NA, Huang Y, Kuga S
51 - 58 Structural characterization of as-grown and quasi-free standing graphene layers on SiC
Bueno RA, Palacio I, Munuera C, Aballe L, Foerster M, Strupinski W, Garcia-Hernandez M, Martin-Gago JA, Lopez MF
59 - 62 A spectroscopy and microscopy study of silicon nanoclusters grown on beta-Si3N4(0001)/Si(111) interface
Allegrini P, Sheverdyaeva PM, Trucchi DM, Ronci F, Colonna S, Moras P, Flammini R
63 - 69 Nanostructure and photocatalytic properties of TiO2 films deposited at low temperature by pulsed PECVD
Li D, Bulou S, Gautier N, Elisabeth S, Goullet A, Richard-Plouet M, Choquet P, Granier A
70 - 77 Enhanced photocatalytic activity of ternary Ag3PO4/GO/g-C3N4 photocatalysts for Rhodamine B degradation under visible light radiation
Yan J, Song ZL, Wang X, Xu YG, Pu WJ, Xu H, Yuan SQ, Li HM
78 - 83 Spin-polarized quantum transport in Fe4N based current-perpendicular-to-plane spin valve
Feng Y, Cui Z, Wei MS, Wu B
84 - 91 Texturing commercial epoxy with hierarchical and porous structure for robust superhydrophobic coatings
Jia SS, Deng SL, Luo S, Qing Y, Yan N, Wu YQ
92 - 98 Interface engineering of Co3O4 loaded CaFe2O4/Fe2O3 heterojunction for photoelectrochemical water oxidation
Cai JJ, Li S, Qin GW
99 - 109 New insight into alkali resistance and low temperature activation on vanadia-titania catalysts for selective catalytic reduction of NO
Zhang S, Liu SJ, Hu WS, Zhu XB, Qu RY, Wu WH, Zheng CH, Gao X
110 - 118 Polyoxometalate-coupled graphene nanohybrid via gemini surfactants and its electrocatalytic property for nitrite
Chen S, Xiang YF, Banks MK, Xu WJ, Peng C, Wu RX
119 - 125 Quantum confinement luminescence of trigonal cesium lead bromide quantum dots
Zhang YM, Li YY, Liu YZ, Li HX, Fan JY
126 - 132 Robust Mg(OH)(2)/epoxy resin superhydrophobic coating applied to composite insulators
Peng WY, Gou XL, Qin HL, Zhao MY, Zhao XZ, Guo ZG
133 - 140 A Z-scheme mechanism of N-ZnO/g-C3N4 for enhanced H-2 evolution and photocatalytic degradation
Liu YJ, Liu HX, Zhou HM, Li TD, Zhang LN
141 - 150 6H-SiC blistering efficiency as a function of the hydrogen implantation fluence
Daghbouj N, Li BS, Karlik M, Declemy A
151 - 164 Investigation of complex residual stress states in the near-surface region: Evaluation of the complete stress tensor by X-ray diffraction pattern decomposition
Schoderbock P
165 - 170 Corrosion behavior of a beta CuAlBe shape memory alloy containing stress induced martensite
Montecinos S, Klimek P, Slama M, Suarez S, Simison S
171 - 178 Preparation and characterization of a durable superhydrophobic hyperbranched poly(dimethylolbutanoic acid-glycidyl ester of versatic acid)/nano-SiO2 coating
Cui H, Hu MG, Yu Z, Xiao JJ
179 - 184 Grain size dependence of the radiation tolerances of nano-amorphous Ti-Si-N composite coatings
Wan Q, Yang B, Chen YM, Liu HD, Ren F
185 - 192 alpha-Fe2O3@dopamine core-shell nanocomposites and their highly enhanced photoacoustic performance
Li PW, He ZQ, Luo CX, Xiao Y, Wang Y, Hu J, Li G, Jiang HB, Zhang WD
193 - 201 Ruthenium coordinated with triphenylphosphine-hyper-crosslinked polymer: An efficient catalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction and hydrolysis of ammonia borane
Xu CL, Wang H, Wang Q, Wang Y, Zhang Y, Fan GY
202 - 209 On formation of Al-O-C bonds at aluminum/polyamide joint interface
Liu FC, Dong P, Lu W, Sun K
210 - 214 Highly flexible triboelectric nanogenerators fabricated utilizing active layers with a ZnO nanostructure on polyethylene naphthalate substrates
Jeon YP, Park JH, Kim TW
215 - 223 Effect of laser pulse repetition rate on morphology and magnetic properties of cobalt ferrite films grown by pulsed laser deposition
Eskandari F, Kameli P, Salamati H
224 - 229 Suppressed and enhanced spin polarization in the 1ML-Pb/Ge(111)-1 x 1 system
Szary MJ, Pieczyrak B, Jurczyszyn L, Radny MW
230 - 243 Nanoscale morphology of electrolessly deposited silver metal
Grabill CN, Freppon D, Hettinger M, Kuebler SM
244 - 253 Bio-inspired construction of cellulose-based molecular imprinting membrane with selective recognition surface for paclitaxel separation
Zhang H, Li YQ, Zheng DY, Cao SL, Chen LH, Huang LL, Xiao HN
254 - 261 Carbon-coated Cu-TiO2 nanocomposite with enhanced photostability and photocatalytic activity
Chen SB, Li X, Zhou WY, Zhang SS, Fang YP
262 - 267 Controlled thermal shrinking of gold nanoparticle-decorated polystyrene substrate for advanced surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Liu HG, Xu YD, Li Y, Chopra N
268 - 273 The effect of N-doped form on visible light photoactivity of Z-scheme g-C3N4/TiO2 photocatalyst
Li J, Li BW, Li QY, Yang JJ
274 - 281 Polarization-induced selective growth of Au islands on single-domain ferroelectric PbTiO3 nanoplates with enhanced photocatalytic activity
Chao CY, Zhou YS, Li H, He WW, Fa WJ
282 - 288 Polyamide 6.6 separates oil/water due to its dual underwater oleophobicity/underoil hydrophobicity: Role of 2D and 3D porous structures
Zhao P, Qin N, Ren CL, Wen JZ
289 - 300 Luminescent Ta doped WO3 thin films as a probable candidate for excitonic solar cell applications
Kavitha VS, Suresh S, Chalana SR, Pillai VPM
301 - 308 Pt/C@MnO2 composite hierarchical hollow microspheres for catalytic formaldehyde decomposition at room temperature
Sun D, Wageh S, Al-Ghamdi AA, Le Y, Yu JG, Jiang CJ
309 - 319 A novel CuS/graphene-coated separator for suppressing the shuttle effect of lithium/sulfur batteries
Li HP, Sun LC, Zhao Y, Tan TZ, Zhang YG
320 - 327 Regulation of morphologies and luminescence of beta-NaGdF4:Ybc+,Er3+ upconversion nanoparticles by hydrothermal method and their dual-mode thermometric properties
Yao L, Xu DK, Li YJ, Lin H, Yang SH, Zhang YL
328 - 341 Fabrication and color-gradient control of colorful superhydrophobic materials with mechanical durable, oil/water separation and recyclable properties
Qu MN, Ma LL, Hou LG, Yuan MJ, He J, Xue MH, Zhou YC, Liu XR, He JM
342 - 351 Photocatalytic reduction of p-nitrophenol over plasmonic M (M = Ag, Au)/SnNb2O6 nanosheets
Wu JS, Wang JS, Wang TN, Sun LM, Du YC, Li YL, Li HY
352 - 357 Use of Mn doping to suppress defect sites in Ag3PO4: Applications in photocatalysis
Afif M, Sulaeman U, Riapanitra A, Andreas R, Yin S
358 - 366 Studied on the graded band-gap copper indium diselenide thin film solar cells prepared by electrochemical route
Rohom AB, Londhe PU, Han JI, Chaure NB
367 - 374 MWCNTs produced by electrolysis of molten carbonate: Characteristics of the cathodic products grown on galvanized steel and nickel chrome electrodes
Arcaro S, Berutti FA, Alves AK, Bergmann CP
375 - 380 Silicon and silicon-germanium nanoparticles obtained by Pulsed Laser Deposition
Stock F, Diebold L, Antoni F, Gowda CC, Muller D, Haffner T, Pfeiffer P, Roques S, Mathiot D
381 - 384 Dissolution of thin TaV2 during annealing of Ta/TaV2/V tri-layer below the order-disorder temperature
Csik A, Shenouda SS, Erdelyi Z, Beke DL
385 - 392 Graphene-templated synthesis of palladium nanoplates as novel electrocatalyst for direct methanol fuel cell
Yang HJ, Geng L, Zhang YT, Chang G, Zhang ZL, Liu X, Lei M, He YB
393 - 400 Co-1.4 Ni0.6P cocatalysts modified metallic carbon black/g-C3N4 nanosheet Schottky heterojunctions for active and durable photocatalytic H-2 production
Shen RC, Liu W, Ren DD, Xie J, Li X
401 - 410 Improving the intrinsic properties of rGO sheets by S-doping and the effects of rGO improvements on the photocatalytic performance of Cu3Se2/rGO nanocomposites
Baghchesara MA, Azimi HR, Shiravizadeh AG, Teridi MAM, Yousefi R
411 - 424 Improvement of activity, selectivity and H2O&SO2-tolerance of micro-mesoporous CrMn2O4 spinel catalyst for low-temperature NH3-SCR of NOx
Gao FY, Tang XL, Yi HH, Zhao SZ, Wang JE, Gu T
425 - 432 Competitive adsorption of arsenic and fluoride on {201} TiO2
Zhou Z, Yu YQ, Ding ZX, Zuo MM, Jing CY
433 - 440 Electrodeposition of Ni-Mo/Al2O3 nano-composite coatings at various deposition current densities
Alizadeh M, Cheshmpish A
441 - 453 Review on manganese dioxide for catalytic oxidation of airborne formaldehyde
Miao L, Wang JL, Zhang PY
454 - 458 Slip trace-induced terrace erosion
Douat B, Colin J, Bergamaschini R, Montalenti F, Drouet M, Bonneville J, Coupeau C
459 - 465 Selective catalytic reduction of NOx with NH3 over MoO3/Mn-Zr composite oxide catalyst
Liu ZM, Zhou ZZ, Qi GL, Zhu TL
466 - 471 Investigation on the surface layer formed during electrochemical modification of pure iron
Fan KN, Jin ZJ, Guo J, Wang ZB, Jiang GN
472 - 476 Barrier formation at BaTiO3 interfaces with Ni and NiO
Long DM, Klein A, Dickey EC
477 - 482 Generation of Au nanorods by laser ablation in liquid and their further elongation in external magnetic field
Shafeev GA, Rakov II, Ayyyzhy KO, Mikhailova GN, Troitskii AV, Uvarov OV
483 - 489 Facile preparation of Fe3O4@C/Cu core-shell sub-micron materials for oil removal from water surface
Liu TQ, Li ZJ, Shi GM, Zhao Q, Chen X, Chen XL, Li YL
490 - 497 Oxygen vacancies in TiO2/SnOx coatings prepared by ball milling followed by calcination and their influence on the photocatalytic activity
Hao L, Yan JC, Guan SJ, Cheng LJ, Zhao Q, Zhu Z, Wang Y, Lu Y, Liu JZ
498 - 502 The spatial inhomogeneity and X-ray absorption spectroscopy of superconducting nanocrystalline boron doped diamond films
Kumar D, Mangamma G, Rath M, Rao MSR
503 - 514 The verification of icephobic performance on biomimetic superhydrophobic surfaces and the effect of wettability and surface energy
Cui WJ, Jiang Y, Mielonen K, Pakkanen TA
515 - 524 Carbon quantum dots sensitized ZnSn(OH)(6) for visible light-driven photocatalytic water purification
Zhang YY, Wang LL, Yang ML, Wang J, Shi JS
525 - 534 In-situ preparation of NH2-MIL-125(Ti)/BiOCl composite with accelerating charge carriers for boosting visible light photocatalytic activity
Hu QS, Di J, Wang B, Ji MX, Chen Y, Xia JX, Li HM, Zhao YP
535 - 544 Synthesis and visible-light photocatalytic CO2/H2O reduction to methyl formate of TiO(2 )nanoparticles coated by aminated cellulose
Maimaiti H, Awati A, Yisilamu G, Zhang DD, Wang SX
545 - 553 Selective detection of CO at room temperature with CuO nanoplatelets sensor for indoor air quality monitoring manifested by crystallinity
Oosthuizen DN, Motaung DE, Swart HC
554 - 561 Relationship between the nano-structure of GaN surfaces and SERS efficiency: Chasing hot-spots
Weyher JL, Bartosewicz B, Dziecielewski I, Krajczewski J, Jankiewicz B, Nowak G, Kudelski A
562 - 567 Iron/carbon composite microfiber catalyst derived from hemoglobin blood protein for lithium-oxygen batteries
Lee JS, Kim HS, Ryu WH
568 - 577 Visible-light responsive boron and nitrogen codoped anatase TiO2 with exposed {001} facet: Calculation and experiment
Liu RJ, Yang F, Xie YL, Yu Y
578 - 582 Facile phosphorus-embedding into SnS2 using a high-energy ball mill to improve the surface kinetics of P-SnS2 anodes for a Li-ion battery
Choi H, Lee S, Eom K
583 - 591 Kinetics during endotaxial growth of CoSi2 nanowires and islands on Si(001)
Ong B, Tok ES
592 - 600 Effect of Ti on Ag catalyst supported on spherical fibrous silica for partial hydrogenation of dimethyl oxalate
Ouyang MY, Wang J, Peng B, Zhao YJ, Wang SP, Ma XB
601 - 606 A comparison of the influence of CeO2 and In doped CeO2 interlayer on the properties of the YGBCO/interlayer/YGBCO tri-layer films deposited by pulsed laser deposition
Liu SF, Wang W, Liu LF, Zheng T, Li YJ
607 - 614 Interaction between polysaccharide monomer and SiO2/Al2O3/CaCO3 surfaces: A DFT theoretical study
Zhao H, Qi N, Li Y
615 - 627 Synthesis and modification of Cu-C-70 nanocomposite for plasmonic applications
Singhal R, Gupta S, Vishnoi R, Sharma GD
628 - 636 Gradient multifunctional biopolymer thin film assemblies synthesized by combinatorial MAPLE
Mihailescu N, Haskoylu ME, Ristoscu C, Bostan MS, Sopronyi M, Eroglu MS, Chifiriuc MC, Mustaciosu CC, Axente E, Oner ET, Mihailescu IN
637 - 646 Core-shell dual-MOF heterostructures derived magnetic CoFe2O4/CuO (sub) microcages with superior catalytic performance
Huang YF, Sun XY, Huo SH, Li Y, Zhong CL
647 - 656 Ablation target cooling by maximizing the nanoparticle productivity in laser synthesis of colloids
Waag F, Gokce B, Barcikowski S
657 - 665 Constructing multiple interfaces in polydimethylsiloxane/multi-walled carbon nanotubes nanocomposites by the incorporation of cotton fibers for high-performance electromagnetic interference shielding and mechanical enhancement
Li J, Tan YJ, Chen YF, Wu H, Guo SY, Wang M
666 - 672 A g-C3N4@ppy-rGO 3D structure hydrogel for efficient photocatalysis
Liang YH, Wang X, An WJ, Li Y, Hu JS, Cui WQ
673 - 678 Surface doping of the LaMg3 alloy with nano-cobalt particles for promoting the hydrogenation properties through magnetron sputtering
Zhang HW, Fu L, Xuan WD, Ji ZG
679 - 690 Bio-surfactant assisted solvothermal synthesis of Magnetic retrievable Fe3O4@rGO nanocomposite for photocatalytic reduction of 2-nitrophenol and degradation of TCH under visible light illumination
Mansingh S, Padhi DK, Parida K
691 - 702 Effect of aminated nanocrystal cellulose on proton conductivity and dimensional stability of proton exchange membranes
Zhao Q, Wei YC, Ni CJ, Wang LL, Liu BJ, Liu J, Zhang MY, Men YF, Sun ZY, Xie HM, Hu W, Lu YF
703 - 714 Tuning the morphology of Cr2O3:CuO (50:50) thin films by RF magnetron sputtering for room temperature sensing application
Ponmudi S, Sivakumar R, Sanjeeviraja C, Gopalakrishnan C, Jeyadheepan K
715 - 723 Preparation of 4,4 '-diaminostilbene-2,2 '-disulfonic acid derivative/ PVA/ LDHs composite fluorescent brightener and performances on paper surface
Zhang GH, Guo MY, Ma YN, Du L, Pei J, Liu GJ
724 - 729 Advanced Li-ion hybrid capacitors based on the nanostructured ruthenium oxide on MWCNTs
Wang PY, Zhang GH, Jiao HY, Chen WJ, Liu LW, Wang XL, Chen Q, Deng XY, Zheng XP
730 - 736 Probing surface electronic properties of a patterned conductive STO by reactive ion etching
Jin MJ, Choe D, Lee SY, Park J, Jo J, Oh I, Kim SI, Baek SH, Jeon C, Yoo JW
737 - 745 The adsorption, diffusion and capacity of lithium on novel boron-doped graphene nanoribbon: A density functional theory study
Liu HL, Dong HL, Ji YJ, Wang L, Hou TJ, Li YY
746 - 756 Magnetic Fe3O4@CuO nanocomposite assembled on graphene oxide sheets for the enhanced removal of arsenic(III/V) from water
Wu K, Jing CY, Zhang J, Liu T, Yang SJ, Wang WD
757 - 764 Plastic deformation in zinc-blende AN under nanoindentation: A molecular dynamics simulation
Cui YH, Li HT, Xiang HG, Peng XH
765 - 771 From stannous oxide to stannic oxide epitaxial films grown by pulsed laser deposition with a metal tin target
Li MK, Zheng LL, Zhang M, Lin YY, Li L, Lu YM, Chang G, Klar PJ, He YB
772 - 779 Analysis of dynamic decomposition for barium dimethyl-naphthalene-sulfonate on an Al3Mg (001) surface from ab-initio molecular dynamics
Zhong J, Li X, Ouyang WZ, Tian Y
780 - 786 Substrate effect on the evolution of surface morphology of BaF(2)thin films: A study based on fractal concepts
Kavyashree, Pandey RK, Yadav RP, Kumar M, Bhasker HP, Mittal AK, Pandey AC, Pandey SN
787 - 800 Insight into phosphate doped BiVO4 heterostructure for multifunctional photocatalytic performances: A combined experimental and DFT study
Regmi C, Kshetri YK, Dhakal D, Sohng JK, Rosei F, Lee SW
801 - 807 Modified strain and elastic energy behavior of Ge islands formed on high-miscut Si(001) substrates
Marcal LAB, Richard MI, Persichetti L, Favre-Nicolin V, Renevier H, Fanfoni M, Sgarlata A, Schulli TU, Malachias A
808 - 821 Long term superhydrophobic and hybrid superhydrophobic/superhydrophilic surfaces produced by laser surface micro/nano surface structuring
Rajab FH, Liu Z, Li L
822 - 829 Chemically synthesized nanoflakes-like NiCo2S4 electrodes for high- performance supercapacitor application
Shinde SK, Jalak MB, Ghodake GS, Maile NC, Kumbhar VS, Lee DS, Fulari VJ, Kim DY
830 - 836 Three dimensional flower like cobalt sulfide (CoS)/functionalized MWCNT composite catalyst for efficient oxygen evolution reactions
Prabakaran K, Lokanathan M, Kakade B
837 - 846 Amorphous Fe2O3 nanoparticles embedded into hypercrosslinked porous polymeric matrix for designing an easily separable and recyclable photocatalytic system
Hojamberdiev M, Kadirova ZC, Daminova SS, Yubuta K, Razavi-Khosroshahi H, Sharipov KT, Miyauchi M, Teshima K, Hasegawa M
847 - 853 Electroless plating Ni-P cocatalyst decorated g-C3N4 with enhanced photocatalytic water splitting for H-2 generation
Qi KZ, Xie YB, Wang RD, Liu SY, Zhao Z
854 - 862 A new strategy for developing chitosan conversion coating on magnesium substrates for orthopedic implants
Francis A, Yang Y, Boccaccini AR
863 - 873 2D/2D BiOCl/K+Ca2Nb3O10- heterostructure with Z-scheme charge carrier transfer pathways for tetracycline degradation under simulated solar light
Liang XM, Zhang YQ, Li D, Wen BW, Jiang DL, Chen M
874 - 881 Characterization and detection of cardiac Troponin-T protein by using 'aptamer' mediated biofunctionalization of ZnO thin-film transistor
Agarwal DK, Kandpal M, Surya SG
882 - 892 Hydrothermal synthesis of Mo-C co-doped TiO2 and coupled with fluorine-doped tin oxide (FTO) for high-efficiency photodegradation of methylene blue and tetracycline: Effect of donor-acceptor passivated co-doping
Niu XY, Yan WJ, Shao CC, Zhao HL, Yang JK
893 - 902 Introduction of amino groups into polyphosphazene framework supported on CNT and coated Fe3O4 nanoparticles for enhanced selective U(VI) adsorption
Liu Y, Zhao ZP, Yuan DZ, Wang Y, Dai Y, Zhu YA, Chew JW
903 - 910 Glycine derivative-functionalized metal-organic framework (MOF) materials for Co(II) removal from aqueous solution
Yuan GY, Tu H, Li M, Liu J, Zhao CS, Liao JL, Yang YY, Yang JJ, Liu N
911 - 919 Sandwich-like electrode with tungsten nitride nanosheets decorated with carbon dots as efficient electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction
Zhang J, Chen JW, Luo Y, Chen YH, Wei XY, Wang G, Wang RL
920 - 927 Mechanism insights into elemental mercury oxidation on RuO2(110) surface: A density functional study
He W, Ran JY, Niu JT, Yang GP, Zhang P
928 - 936 P3HT-coated Ag3PO4 core-shell structure for enhanced photocatalysis under visible light irradiation
Liu L, Hu PR, Li Y, An WJ, Lu JR, Cui WQ
937 - 945 Superhydrophobic magnetic reduced graphene oxide-decorated foam for efficient and repeatable oil-water separation
Lv XS, Tian DH, Peng YY, Li JX, Jiang GM
946 - 955 Selective hydrogenation of 1,3-butadiene over single Pt-1/Cu(111) model catalysts: A DFT study
Lv CQ, Liu JH, Guo Y, Wang GC
956 - 963 alpha-Fe2O3 nanoclusters confined into UiO-66 for efficient visible-light photodegradation performance
Zhang RB, Du B, Li QC, Cao ZQ, Feng G, Wang XW
964 - 969 DFT study on the influence of sulfur on the hydrophobicity of pyrite surfaces in the process of oxidation
Xi P, Shi CX, Yan PK, Liu WL, Tang LG
970 - 981 Impact of crystal chemistry properties on the collector-mineral interactions observed for REE orthophosphates and oxides
McEvoy JG, Thibault Y
982 - 988 Highly efficient synthesis of 2D VN nanoparticles/carbon sheet nanocomposites and their application as supercapacitor electrodes
Wu HY, Qin ML, Cao ZQ, Li XL, Jia BR, Qu XH
989 - 999 Low-temperature gas nitriding of AISI 4140 steel accelerated by LaFeO3 perovskite oxide
Chen X, Bao XY, Xiao Y, Zhang CS, Tang LN, Yao L, Cui GD, Yang Y
1000 - 1006 Solvent molecules dominated phase transition of amorphous Se colloids probed by in-situ Raman spectroscopy
Chen Q, Zhang C, Liu J, Ye YX, Li PF, Liang CH