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Applied Surface Science, Vol.465 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Capability of defective graphene-supported Co-4 nanoparticle toward ammonia dehydrogenation
Wang LF, Ma SH, Jiao ZY, Yuan DY
10 - 14 Electromigration effect on the surface morphology during the Ge deposition on Si(111) at high temperatures
Shklyaev AA, Latyshev AV
15 - 22 Preparation of size-controlled Pt supported on Al2O3 nanocatalysts for deep catalytic oxidation of benzene at lower temperature
Chen ZY, Mao JX, Zhou RX
23 - 30 Facile flame catalytic growth of carbon nanomaterials on the surface of carbon nanotubes
Mo YT, Zhou H, Zhang B, Du XS, Lin ZD, Li W, Liu HY, Mai YW
31 - 40 Application of recycled lanthanum-doped TiO2 immobilized on commercial air filter for visible-light photocatalytic degradation of acetone and NO
Ho CC, Kang F, Chang GM, You SJ, Wang YF
41 - 47 Modeling and experimental analysis of thermocapillary effect on laser grooved surfaces at high temperature
Wang R, Bai SX
48 - 55 DC and RF sputtered molybdenum electrodes for Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 thin film solar cells
Zhu H, Dong Z, Niu X, Li J, Shen K, Mai Y, Wan M
56 - 66 alpha-Fe2O3 loaded rGO nanosheets based fast response/recovery CO gas sensor at room temperature
Basu AK, Chauhan PS, Awasthi M, Bhattacharya S
67 - 72 Effects of Cu contents on defects formation in molecular dynamics simulations of ZnO:Cu films deposition
Gao Y, Li GJ, Chang L, Liu S, Liu SY, Wang Q
73 - 81 Forming nanostructured surfaces through Janus colloidal silica particles with nanowrinkles: A new strategy to superhydrophobicity
Avossa J, Bifulco A, Amendola E, Gesuele F, Oscurato SL, Gizaw Y, Mensitieri G, Branda F
82 - 92 Self-assembly 3D needle-like nickel nanostructure growth on carbon fibers by regulating prepare conditions and exploited as bifunctional material
Wang WH, Bai J, Wang JZ, Li CP
93 - 102 Density functional theory study of small Ag cluster adsorbed on graphyne
Chen DC, Zhang XX, Tang J, Cui H, Li Y, Zhang GD, Yang JT
103 - 115 Construction of MIL-53(Fe) metal-organic framework modified by silver phosphate nanoparticles as a novel Z-scheme photocatalyst: Visible-light photocatalytic performance and mechanism investigation
Xie LC, Yang ZH, Xiong WP, Zhou YY, Cao J, Peng YR, Li X, Zhou CY, Xu R, Zhang YR
116 - 124 Superhydrophobic brass and bronze meshes based on electrochemical and chemical self-assembly of stearate
Sosa MD, Lombardo G, Rojas G, Oneto ME, Negri RM, D'Accorso NB
125 - 135 Extended light absorption and enhanced visible-light photocatalytic degradation capacity of phosphotungstate/polyimide photocatalyst based on intense interfacial interaction and alternate stacking structure
Meng PC, Huang JH, Liu X
136 - 142 Jetting dynamics of Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids via laser-induced forward transfer: Experimental and simulation studies
Kalaitzis A, Makrygianni M, Theodorakos I, Hatziapostolou A, Melamed S, Kabla A, de la Vega F, Zergioti I
143 - 153 Improving corrosion protection of Al97Mg3 alloy in neutral sodium chloride solution by 1,2-bis(triethoxysilyl)ethane coating
BinSabt MH, Galal A, Al Kharafi FM, Abditon M
154 - 163 Sol-gel synthesized hexagonal boron nitride/titania nanocomposites with enhanced photocatalytic activity
Sheng YY, Yang J, Wang F, Liu LC, Liu H, Yan C, Guo ZH
164 - 171 Built-in electric field-assisted charge separation over carbon dots-modified Bi2WO6 nanoplates for photodegradation
Zhao Q, Liu LJ, Li SZ, Liu R
172 - 179 Adsorption of SF6 decomposition components over Pd (111): A density functional theory study
Liu DK, Gui YG, Ji C, Tang C, Zhou Q, Li J, Zhang XX
180 - 191 Effects of hydrophilic surface macromolecule modifier loading on PES/O-g-C3N4 hybrid photocatalytic membrane for phenol removal
Salim NE, Nor NAM, Jaafar J, Ismail AF, Qtaishat MR, Matsuura T, Othman MHD, Rahman MA, Aziz F, Yusof N
192 - 200 High sub-band gap response of TiO2 nanorod arrays for visible photoelectrochemical water oxidation
Liu BS, Yang JJ, Wang JY, Zhao XJ, Nakata K
201 - 206 Shape transitions of Cu3Si islands grown on Si(111) and Si(100)
Srinadhu ES, Harriss JE, Sosolik CE
207 - 211 Enhanced magnetism in the VLi8 magnetic superatom supported on graphene
Guo P, Fu LL, Zheng JM, Zhao PJ, Wan Y, Jiang ZY
212 - 222 Construction of novel Z-scheme flower-like Bi2S3/SnIn4S8 heterojunctions with enhanced visible light photodegradation and bactericidal activity
Shi HX, Zhao YY, Fan J, Tang ZS
223 - 231 Enhanced catalytic performance of a bio-templated TiO2 UV-Fenton system on the degradation of tetracycline
Yu XD, Lin XC, Feng W, Li WG
232 - 240 Biomorphic composites composed of octahedral Co3O4 nanocrystals and mesoporous carbon microtubes templated from cotton for excellent supercapacitor electrodes
Sun DY, He LW, Chen RQ, Liu Y, Lv BJ, Lin SS, Lin BZ
241 - 248 Fabrication of superhydrophobic cotton fabrics by grafting of POSS-based polymers on fibers
Xue CH, Fan QQ, Guo XJ, An QF, Jia ST
249 - 258 Effective photoinduced charge separation and photocatalytic activity of hierarchical microsphere-like C-60/BiOCl
Ma DM, Zhong JB, Peng RF, Li JZ, Duan R
259 - 266 First-principles investigation of water adsorption on FeCrAl (110) surfaces
Wei J, Li S, Zhou W, Shen P, Ren S, Hu A, Zhou WZ
267 - 278 Mussel-inspired superhydrophilic surface with enhanced antimicrobial properties under immersed and atmospheric conditions
Qian HC, Yang JZ, Lou YT, Rahman OU, Li ZY, Ding X, Gao J, Du CW, Zhang DW
279 - 287 Antibacterial behaviors of Cu2O particles with controllable morphologies in acrylic coatings
Wu WT, Zhao WJ, Wu YH, Zhou CX, Li LY, Liu ZX, Dong JD, Zhou KH
288 - 296 Enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen production over conjugated polymer/black TiO2 hybrid: The impact of constructing active defect states
Zhang XH, Xiao J, Peng C, Xiang YG, Chen H
297 - 302 Hierarchical porous biochar-based functional materials derived from biowaste for Pb(II) removal
Yin WQ, Dai D, Hou JH, Wang SS, Wu XG, Wang XZ
303 - 312 Bifunctional biomass-derived 3D nitrogen-doped porous carbon for oxygen reduction reaction and solid-state supercapacitor
He DL, Zhao W, Li P, Liu ZW, Wu HY, Liu L, Han K, Liu L, Wan Q, Butt FK, Qu XH
313 - 319 Oxygen bonding configurations and defects on differently oxidized diamond surfaces studied by high resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy measurements
Li FN, Akhvlediani R, Kuntumalla MK, Hoffman A
320 - 331 Ultrasensitive and highly flexible nonenzymatic glucose biosensor based on laser-scribed carbon paper substrate
Hou L, Zhao H, Bi SY, Zhu L, Xu YM, Lu YX
332 - 339 Benzimidazole grafted polybenzimidazole cross-linked membranes with excellent PA stability for high-temperature proton exchange membrane applications
Tian X, Wang S, Li JS, Liu FX, Wang X, Chen H, Wang D, Ni HZ, Wang Z
340 - 350 Cysteamine-modified diamond nanoparticles applied in cellular imaging and Hg2+ ions detection
Shellaiah M, Simon T, Venkatesan P, Sun KW, Ko FH, Wu SP
351 - 356 Facile synthesis of mesoporous WS2 for water oxidation
Hu K, Zhou JH, Yi ZX, Ye CL, Dong HY, Yan K
357 - 361 Fabrication and enhanced H2O2-sensing properties of the uniform porous FTO glasses with tunable pore sizes and densities
Zhang JH, Han JG, Shi ZY, Ju YF, Zhang ZS, Gu M
362 - 368 Bio-inspired hierarchical topography for texture driven fog harvesting
Raut HK, Ranganath AS, Baji A, Wood KL
369 - 382 Synthesis of carbon doped Bi2MoO6 for enhanced photocatalytic performance and tumor photodynamic therapy efficiency
Xing YX, Gao XC, Ji GF, Liu ZL, Du CF
383 - 388 Synthesis of porous ZnMn2O4 flower-like microspheres by using MOF as precursors and its application on photoreduction of CO2 into CO
Yan S, Yu YL, Cao Y
389 - 396 Ultrahigh volumetric capacitance and cycle stability via structure design and synergistic action between CoMoO4 nanosheets and 3D porous Ni-Co film
Wen SW, Qin KQ, Liu P, Zhao NQ, Ma LY, Shi CS, Liu EZ
397 - 404 Molten salt synthesis of oxygen-deficient SnO2 crystals with enhanced electrical conductivity
He ZK, Sun Q, Shi ZN, Xie KY, Kamali AR
405 - 412 Aggregation and dispersion of Au-nanoparticle-decorated polystyrene beads with SERS-activity using AC electric field and Brownian movement
Yamaguchi A, Utsumi Y, Fukuoka T
413 - 419 Facile tuning of Ag@AgCl cubical hollow nanoframes with efficient sunlight-driven photocatalytic activity
Gaikwad SH, Koratti A, Mukherjee SP
420 - 426 Self-passivated perovskite solar cells with wider bandgap perovskites as electron blocking layer
Ruan W, Zhang ZW, Hu YQ, Bai F, Qiu T, Zhang SF
427 - 439 Corrosion protection determine of ZrO2/AA7057 nanocomposite coating with inhibitor using a mathematical ranking methods
Ghafari A, Yousefpour M, Shanaghi A
440 - 449 Hydrogen adsorption on alkali metal decorated blue phosphorene nanosheets
John D, Chatanathodi R
450 - 458 Enhanced photocatalytic degradation of ciprofloxacin using novel C-dot@ Nitrogen deficient g-C3N4: Synergistic effect of nitrogen defects and C-dots
Zhang HJ, Wu WX, Li Y, Wang YM, Zhang C, Zhang WL, Wang LF, Niu LH
459 - 469 Effect of alkaline treatment on photochemical activity and stability of Zn0.3Cd0.7S
Ul Abideen Z, Teng F
470 - 477 Facile preparation of N-doped MnO/rGO composite as an anode material for high-performance lithium-ion batteries
Pei XY, Mo DC, Lyu SS, Zhang JH, Fu YX
478 - 485 Preparation of a novel antibacterial coating precursor and its antibacterial mechanism
Huang X, Wang DR, Hu LY, Song JJ, Chen YQ
486 - 497 Microstructure, chemical and biological performance of boron-modified TiCaPCON films
Ponomarev VA, Sheveyko AN, Sukhorukova IV, Shvindina NV, Manakhov AM, Zhitnyak IY, Gloushankova NA, Fursova NK, Ignatov SG, Permyakova ES, Polcak J, Shtansky DV
498 - 508 A DFT study on dimethyl oxalate synthesis over Pd-ML/Ni(111) and Pd-ML/Co(111) surfaces
Han BY, Lin H, Ling LX, Liu P, Fan MH, Wang BJ, Zhang RG
509 - 516 Relationships between surface energy and charge of surface-modified titanium and HAp formation
Hieda J, Sakaguchi A, Nakano M, Akasaka H, Ohtake N
517 - 525 Fabrication and application of substoichiometric tungsten oxide with tunable localized surface plasmon resonances
Chen J, Ren YM, Hu TZ, Xu T, Xu Q
526 - 531 Mixed-solvent precipitation: A facile approach for nanoparticle self-assembled monolayers
Wu S, Gao GB, Zhang SS, Zhu WB, Wang L, Chen R, Zhang WK, Wang JC, Yang FF, Li J, Shen L, Sun TL
532 - 536 Dispersion properties in the visible range of carrier concentration of topologically protected Bi1-xSex films revealed by spectroscopic ellipsometry
Zhang JB, Zhang DX, Zheng YX, Zhang RJ, Wang ZY, Yang SD, Yang L, Zhao DD, Wang SY, Chen LY
537 - 545 A re-assessment of the isosteric heat for CCl4 adsorption on graphite
Zhang H, Tan SL, Do DD, Nicholson D
546 - 556 Photocatalytic degradation of Rhodamine-B dye by stable ZnO nanostructures with different calcination temperature induced defects
Nandi P, Das D
557 - 563 Ordered phases of reduced ceria as inverse model catalysts
Tovt A, Stetsovych V, Dvorak F, Johanek V, Myslivecek J
564 - 574 Structure, properties and growth mechanism of a self-assembled nanocylindrical MoS2/Mo-S-C composite film
Duan ZW, Qiao L, Chai LQ, Xu J, Wang P, Liu WM
575 - 583 The development of Cu-incorporated micro/nano-topographical bio-ceramic coatings for enhanced osteoblast response
Huang QL, Liu XJ, Zhang RR, Yang X, Lan CW, Feng QL, Liu Y
584 - 590 The kinetic frictional shear stress of ZnO nanowires on graphite and mica substrates
Hou LZ, Mead JL, Wang SL, Huang H
591 - 595 De-bondable SiC-SiC wafer bonding via an intermediate Ni nano-film
Mu FW, Uomoto M, Shimatsu T, Wang YH, Iguchi K, Nakazawa H, Takahashi Y, Higurashi E, Suga T
596 - 606 Nanoscale etching of III-V semiconductors in acidic hydrogen peroxide solution: GaAs and InP, a striking contrast in surface chemistry
van Dorp DH, Arnauts S, Laitinen M, Sajavaara T, Meersschaut J, Conard T, Kelly JJ
607 - 613 Graphene oxide wrapped CH3NH3PbBr3 perovskite quantum dots hybrid for photoelectrochemical CO2 reduction in organic solvents
Wang QL, Tao LM, Jiang XX, Wang MK, Shen Y
614 - 624 Comparative study on microstructure and corrosion behavior of nanostructured hydroxyapatite coatings deposited by high velocity oxygen fuel and flame spraying on AZ61 magnesium based substrates
Mardali M, SalimiJazi HR, Karimzadeh F, Luthringer B, Blawert C, Labbaf S
625 - 634 Trimethylamine detection of 3D rGO/mesoporous In2O3 nanocomposites at room temperature
Ma ZR, Song P, Yang ZX, Wang Q
635 - 642 Structural and chemical synergistic effect of NiCo2S4 nanoparticles and carbon cloth for high performance binder-free asymmetric supercapacitors
Xu XT, Tian XD, Li X, Yang T, He YT, Wang K, Song Y, Liu ZJ
643 - 655 Enhancing released electrical energy density of poly(vinylidene fluoride-co-trifluoroethylene)-graft-poly(methyl methacrylate) via the pre-irradiation method
Chu HY, Fu C, Wu XY, Tan ZY, Qian J, Li WY, Ran XH, Nie W
656 - 664 Tunable photoluminescence of CsPbBr3 perovskite quantum dots for their physical research
Chen HT, Guo AQ, Zhu J, Cheng LW, Wang Q
665 - 671 Tunable oxidation state of Co in CoOx@N-doped graphene derived from PANI/Co3O4 and the enhanced oxygen reduction catalysis
Wang JK, Deng QH, Wang YJ
672 - 677 Facile fabrication of hierarchical micro-meso-macro porous metal oxide with high photochemical and electrochemical performances
Yang S, Liu H, Zhang YQ, Wang SL, Li L, Liu X
678 - 685 Density functional theory study of cyanide adsorption on the sphalerite (110) surface
Qiu TS, Nie QM, He YQ, Yuan QZ
686 - 692 Photoswitching of fulgimides in different environments on silicon surfaces
Vlajic M, Unger W, Bruns J, Rueck-Braun K
693 - 699 Surface modification vs sorption strength: Study of nedaplatin drug supported on silica
Grau EN, Roman G, Company AD, Brizuela G, Juan A, Simonetti S
700 - 714 Modified criterions for phase prediction in the multi-component laser-clad coatings and investigations into microstructural evolution/wear resistance of FeCrCoNiAlMox laser-clad coatings
Juan YF, Li J, Jiang YQ, Jia WL, Lu ZJ
715 - 723 Electronic and magnetic properties of the adsorption of As harmful species on zero-valent Fe surfaces, clusters and nanoparticules
Tobon LLA, Fuente S, Branda MM
724 - 729 Porous two-dimensional layerd molybdenum compounds coupled with N-doped carbon based electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction
Wu ZX, Song M, Zhang ZJ, Wang J, Wang HT, Liu XE
730 - 739 Understanding the role of Pd:Cu ratio, surface and electronic structures in Pd-Cu alloy material applied in direct formic acid fuel cells
Zhang RG, Yang M, Peng M, Ling LX, Wang BJ
740 - 746 Surface modification of magnesium hydroxide by wet process and effect on the thermal stability of silicone rubber
Zhang WN, Li XG, Shan ZQ, Wang SR, Xiao Y
747 - 753 Nanostructural characterization of ordered gold particle arrays fabricated via aluminum anodizing, sputter coating, and dewetting
Ikeda H, Iwai M, Nakajima D, Kikuchi T, Natsui S, Sakaguchi N, Suzuki RO
754 - 762 A comparative study of diaryl carbene insertion reactions at polymer surfaces
Iqbal S, Lui YJ, Moloney JG, Parker EM, Suh M, Foord JS, Moloney MG
763 - 771 Hierarchically porous bowknot-like sodium doped Ni2P2O7-Co2P2O7 with improved supercapacitor performances
Wei CZ, Yang SS, Liu WH, Hou XH, Sun YT, Zhao JB, Xiong WW, Cheng C, Zhang DJ
772 - 779 In-situ growth of graphene decorated Ni3S2 pyramids on Ni foam for high-performance overall water splitting
Yu J, Du Y, Li QQ, Zhen L, Dravid VP, Wu JS, Xu CY
780 - 786 Investigation of the oxides film on 304L base metal produced during welding process without inert gas shielding
Ling LG, Liu TG, Lu YH, Guo PL
787 - 794 DFT and experimental FTIR investigations of early stages of (001) and (111)B GaAs surface nitridation
Monier G, Hoggan PE, Bideux L, Paget D, Mehdi H, Kubsky S, Dumas P, Robert-Goumet C
795 - 801 Quasi-static and dynamic interfacial evaluations of plasma functionalized carbon nanotube fiber
Shao YQ, Xu FJ, Marriam I, Liu W, Gao ZQ, Qiu YP
802 - 815 Effect of C4H6O6 concentration on the properties of SnS thin films for solar cell applications
Gedi S, Reddy VRM, Kotte TRR, Park Y, Kim WK
816 - 823 Bimetallic CoFeP hollow microspheres as highly efficient bifunctional electrocatalysts for overall water splitting in alkaline media
Du YM, Qu HQ, Liu YR, Han Y, Wang L, Dong B
824 - 832 Hollow cathode effects observed in magnetically confined plasmas used for deposition of DLC films via PIII&D in tubes
Mariano SFM, Ueda M
833 - 845 Effect of vacancy on adsorption/dissociation and diffusion of H2S on Fe(100) surfaces: A density functional theory study
Wen XL, Bai PP, Han ZY, Zheng SQ, Luo BW, Fang T, Song WY
846 - 862 Three-dimensional Ni-Co alloy hierarchical nanostructure as efficient non-noble-metal electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction
Darband GB, Aliofkhazraei M, Rouhaghdam AS, Kiani MA
863 - 870 Dual functional MgHPO4 surface modifier used to repair deteriorated Ni-Rich LiNi0.8Co0.15Al0.05O2 cathode material
Chen T, Wang F, Li X, Yan XX, Wang H, Deng BW, Xie ZW, Qu MZ
871 - 879 Atomic simulation of melting and surface segregation of ternary Fe-Ni-Cr nanoparticles
Zhang X, Li B, Liu HX, Zhao GH, Yang QL, Cheng XM, Wong CH, Zhang YM, Lim CWJ
880 - 887 Mutual modulation of F-distribution and N-configuration in F and N dual-functionalized graphene
Liu Y, Shen P, Feng LH, Wu Y, Chen MM, Sun YY, Feng Q, Cao DW
888 - 894 Hydrogenation of nitrobenzene catalyzed by Pd promoted Ni supported on C-60 derivative
Qu YM, Chen T, Wang GY
895 - 901 Sub-10 nm vertical tunneling transistors based on layered black phosphorene homojunction
Li H, Lu J
902 - 910 Ag2O nanoparticles decorated TiO2 nanofibers as a p-n heterojunction for enhanced photocatalytic decomposition of RhB under visible light irradiation
Liu G, Wang GH, Hu ZH, Su YR, Zhao L
911 - 918 Functionalization Ti3C2 MXene by the adsorption or substitution of single metal atom
Gao YJ, Cao YY, Gu YB, Zhuo H, Zhuang GL, Deng SW, Zhong X, Wei ZZ, Chen JH, Pan X, Wang JG
919 - 928 LIPSS with gold nanoclusters prepared by combination of heat treatment and KrF exposure
Fajstavr D, Slepicka P, Svorcik V
929 - 936 Ultrathin NiFe-layered double hydroxide decorated NiCo2O4 arrays with enhanced performance for supercapacitors
Gao HX, Cao Y, Chen Y, Liu Z, Guo ML, Ding SJ, Tu JC, Qi JL
937 - 949 Efficient surface design of reduced graphene oxide, carbon nanotube and carbon active with cupper nanocrystals for enhanced simulated-solar-light photocatalytic degradation of acid orange in water
Khatibi ES, Haghighi M, Mahboob S
950 - 963 Nanofibrous composite hemodiafiltration membrane: A facile approach towards tuning the barrier layer for enhanced performance
Zhu YD, Yu XF, Zhang TH, Hua WK, Wang XF
964 - 972 Room-temperature in situ fabrication and enhanced photocatalytic activity of direct Z-scheme BiOI/g-C3N4 photocatalyst
He RA, Cheng KY, Wei ZY, Zhang SY, Xu DF
973 - 978 Point defects induced work function modulation of beta-Ga2O3
Tak BR, Dewan S, Goyal A, Pathak R, Gupta V, Kapoor AK, Nagarajan S, Singh R
979 - 985 Developing an advanced electrocatalyst derived from Ce(TTA)(3)Phen embedded polyaniline for oxygen reduction reaction
Wang W, Kang YM, Li JM, Wang PD, Liu XY, Lei ZQ
986 - 994 Water harvesting method via a hybrid superwettable coating with superhydrophobic and superhydrophilic nanoparticles
Wang XK, Zeng J, Yu XQ, Liang CH, Zhang YF
995 - 1002 Nanosecond laser ablation for enhanced adhesion of CuO nanowires on copper substrate and its application for oil-water separation
Khew SY, Tan CF, Yan HP, Lin SD, Thian ES, Zhou R, Hong MH
1003 - 1013 Theoretical investigation of the effect of phosphate doping on the aggregation of Au atoms on an Al2O3 (0001) surface
Tada K, Koga H, Sakurai H, Tanaka S, Ato Y, Hayashi A, Kawakami T, Yamanaka S, Okumura M
1014 - 1018 The alleviation of radiation-damage on Nb/MgO film driven by strain gradient in He ion irradiation
Du JL, Qiu YH, Zhang J, Huang JC, Wu ZM, Zhang XF, Wang YH, Baldwin JK, Wang YQ, Wang YG, Fu EG
1019 - 1027 2D epsilon-Fe3N nano-sheet and 1D Fe3O4/Fe3N heterogeneous nano-chain: The directing agent for the BiOCl growth
Sun X, Wang M, Ma YQ
1028 - 1036 Electrochemical reduction of graphene oxide on biomedical grade CoCr alloy
Garcia-Argumanez A, Llorente I, Caballero-Calero O, Gonzalez Z, Menendez R, Escudero ML, Garcia-Alonso MC
1037 - 1046 Enhanced visible photocatalytic oxidation of NO by repeated calcination of g-C3N4
Wu XF, Cheng JS, Li XF, Li YH, Lv KL
1047 - 1054 Porous iron vanadate nanowire arrays on Ti foil as a high-performance lithium-ion battery
Hua K, Fang D, Bao R, You X, Tao JM, Li CJ, Liu YC, Luo ZP, Yi JH, Shu YC, Sun BS
1055 - 1060 Epitaxial growth mechanism of perovskite (111) SrTiO3 on wurtzite (0002) GaN with single unit- cell TiN buffer layers
Li GJ, Li XN, Chen YB, Jia SS, Xu XK
1061 - 1065 Remarkable effect of the dithiafulvene structures on their capacity as reducing agents: Influence of conjugated thiocarbonyl group
Lanterna AE, Torresan MF, Iglesias RA, Coronado EA, Granados AM
1066 - 1077 Corrosion resistance of glucose-induced hydrothermal calcium phosphate coating on pure magnesium
Li LY, Cui LY, Liu B, Zeng RC, Chen XB, Li SQ, Wang ZL, Han EH
1078 - 1095 Diazonium-modified TiO2/polyaniline core/shell nanoparticles. Structural characterization, interfacial aspects and photocatalytic performances
Mousli F, Chaouchi A, Hocine S, Lamouri A, Vilar MR, Kadri A, Chehimi MM
1096 - 1102 Discrimination of effects leading to gas formation during pulsed laser ablation in liquids
Kalus MR, Reimer V, Barcikowski S, Gokce B
1103 - 1106 Interlamination restrictive effect of carbon nanotubes for graphene oxide forward osmosis membrane via layer by layer assembly
Kang H, Wang W, Shi J, Xu ZW, Lv HM, Qian XM, Liu LY, Jing ML, Li FY, Niu JR
1107 - 1113 Solvent-free synthesis of ZnO-graphene nanocomposite with superior photocatalytic activity
Lonkar SP, Pillai V, Abdala A