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1 - 9 Mixed RuO2/TiO2 uniform microspheres synthesized by low-temperature ultrasonic spray pyrolysis and their advanced electrochemical performances
Kosevic M, Stopic S, Cvetkovic V, Schroeder M, Stevanovic J, Panic V, Friedrich B
10 - 20 Microstructure, properties and thermal stability of W/B4C multilayer coating synthesized by ion beam sputtering
Huang B, Le W, Wang YT, Luo X, Yang YQ
21 - 29 Cations promoting synthesis of self-supported nanoporous silver electrode and its catalytic activity for oxygen reduction reaction
Li XK, Liu J, Du FL, Peng HR, Jiang LH
30 - 35 Interaction of tetramer protein with carbon nanotubes
Zeng ZT, Chen M, Liang J, Xiao R, Zeng GM, Zhang JC, Liu ZF, Chen AW, Zhou YY, Mo D
36 - 42 Size effect of Pt co-catalyst on photocatalytic efficiency of g-C3N4 for hydrogen evolution
Zhu YQ, Wang T, Xu T, Li YX, Wang CY
43 - 52 Efficient Z-scheme visible-light-driven photocatalytic bacterial inactivation by hierarchical MoS2-encapsulated hydrothermal carbonation carbon core-shell nanospheres
Wang TQ, Sun MZ, Sun HL, Shang J, Wong PK
53 - 60 Exploring adsorption behavior and oxidation mechanism of mercury on monolayer Ti2CO2 (MXenes) from first principles
Gao XP, Zhou YN, Tan YJ, Cheng ZW, Yang BW, Ma YN, Shen ZM, Jia JP
61 - 67 Large and constant absorption coefficient in NbxTi1-xO2 thin films throughout the visible range
Shimabukuro AE, Ishii A, Oikawa I, Yamazaki Y, Imura M, Kanai T, Ohuchi FS, Takamura H
68 - 77 Simply tuned and sustainable cobalt oxide decorated titania nanotubes for photoelectrochemical water splitting
Qarechalloo S, Naseri N, Salehi F, Moshfegh AZ
78 - 87 Multiwall carbon nanotubes loaded with MoS2 quantum dots and MXene quantum dots: Non-Pt bifunctional catalyst for the methanol oxidation and oxygen reduction reactions in alkaline solution
Yang XL, Jia QJ, Duan FH, Hu B, Wang MH, He LH, Song YP, Zhang ZH
88 - 98 Microstructure and tribological properties of plasma sprayed TiCN-Mo based composite coatings
Zhang FY, Li C, Yan S, He JN, Liu BX, Yin FX
99 - 107 Femtosecond laser-assisted surface modification of tungsten with 10(15) W/cm(2) intensity in air and vacuum ambience
Trtica M, Limpouch J, Stasic J, Gavrilov P
108 - 114 In-situ synthesis of Z-scheme Ag2CO3/Ag/AgNCO heterojunction photocatalyst with enhanced stability and photocatalytic activity
Wu XS, Hu YD, Wang Y, Zhou YS, Han ZH, Jin XL, Chen G
115 - 124 Controlled synthesis of rh-In2O3 nanostructures with different morphologies for efficient photocatalytic degradation of oxytetracycline
Zhou B, Li Y, Bai JW, Li XM, Li FX, Liu L
125 - 130 Silicon- and oxygen-codoped graphene from polycarbosilane and its application in graphene/n-type silicon photodetectors
Guo HA, Jou S, Mao TZ, Huang BR, Huang YT, Yu HC, Hsieh YF, Chen CC
131 - 139 The surface chemistry of near-infrared resonant gold nanotriangles obtained via thiosulfate synthesis
Huergo MA, Giovanetti LJ, Rubert AA, Grillo CA, Moreno MS, Requejo FG, Salvarezza RC, Vericat C
140 - 145 Fabrication of superamphiphobic Cu surfaces using hierarchical surface morphology and fluorocarbon attachment facilitated by plasma activation
Cai JY, Wang TYY, Hao W, Ling HQ, Hang T, Chung YW, Li M
146 - 152 Defect-driven unique stability of Pt/carbon nanotubes for propane dehydrogenation
Liu J, Li JQ, Rong JF, Liu CC, Dai ZY, Bao J, Da ZJ, Zheng HD
153 - 161 Adsorption of the NH3, NO, NO2, CO2, and CO gas molecules on blue phosphorene: A first-principles study
Safari F, Moradinasab M, Fathipour M, Kosina H
162 - 169 Adsorption and dissociation of borohydride on different Ir-Ni alloy surfaces
Nan Y, Wang YN, Cao D, Yang Y, Cheng DJ
170 - 177 Selective adsorption of organic dyes on graphene oxide: Theoretical and experimental analysis
Molla A, Li YY, Mandal B, Kang SG, Hur SH, Chung JS
178 - 194 A combined electrochemical, molecular dynamics, quantum mechanics and XPS analysis of the mild steel surface protected by a complex film composed of neodymium (III) and benzimidazole
Ralkhal S, Shahrabi T, Ramezanzadeh B, Bahlakeh G
195 - 204 Vopor-polymerization strategy to carbon-rich holey few-layer carbon nitride nanosheets with large domain size for superior photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Song T, Zhang PY, Wang TT, Ali A, Zeng HP
205 - 211 Influence of the crystal structure of Ag2CO3 on the photocatalytic activity under visible light of Ag2CO3-Palygorskite nanocomposite material
Lakbita O, Rhouta B, Maury F, Senocq F, Amjoud M, Daoudi L
212 - 219 Protein adsorption on magnesium and its alloys: A review
Hohn S, Virtanen S, Boccaccini AR
220 - 228 Influence of doped anions on PEDOT/Ni-Mn-Co-O for supercapacitor electrode material
Yin CJ, Zhou HM, Li J
229 - 235 Nanoscratch of aluminum in dry, water and aqueous H2O2 conditions
Wang YG, Zhu YG, Zhao D, Bian D
236 - 242 Edge-doping effects on the electronic and magnetic properties of zigzag germanium selenide nanoribbon
Mao YL, Guo G, Yuan JM, Zhong JX
243 - 254 DFT study of Rh and Ti dimers decorating N-doped pyridinic and pyrrolic graphene for molecular and dissociative hydrogen adsorption
Ambrusi RE, Pronsato ME
255 - 261 Effects of the central metal ions on the photosensitization of metalloporphyrins over carbon nitride for visible-light-responsive H-2 production
Wang JM, Liu D, Liu QW, Peng TY, Li RJ, Zhou SY
262 - 272 Examining Cu content contribution to changes in oxide layer formed on selective-laser-melted CoCrW alloys
Lu YJ, Lin WL, Xie MM, Xu WT, Liu YJ, Lin JJ, Yu C, Tang KL, Liu WY, Yang K, Lin JX
273 - 279 Light-triggered pH/thermal multisensitive polyelectrolyte/ITO glass hybrid electrode
Chen F, Zhu YZ, Li W, Yang JT, Fan P, Fei ZD, Zhong MQ, Chang LQ, Kuang TR
280 - 286 Texture analysis and epitaxial relationships in Bi2Te3 thin film grown by physical vapor transport on silicon substrates
Concepcion O, Tavira A, Roque J, de Melo O, Escobosa A
287 - 293 The catalytic oxidation of formaldehyde over palygorskite-supported copper and manganese oxides: Catalytic deactivation and regeneration
Liu P, Wei GL, He HP, Liang XL, Chen HL, Xi YF, Zhu JX
294 - 300 Honeycomb porous carbon frameworks from wheat flour as supports for CuxO-CeO2 monolithic catalysts
Wang S, Yan LH, Zhao YS, Ma YR, Wu GQ, Wu JF, Zeng SH
301 - 310 Core-shell structure of ZnO@TiO2 nanorod arrays as electron transport layer for perovskite solar cell with enhanced efficiency and stability
Zhong M, Chai L, Wang YJ
311 - 320 3D-characterization of deuterium distributions in zirconium oxide scale using high-resolution SIMS
Li KX, Aarholt T, Liu JL, Hulme H, Garner A, Preuss M, Lozano-Perez S, Grovenor C
321 - 327 Evolution of medium-range order and surface compositions by mechanism-driven model with realistic network
Zhang YX, Wang H, Gou YQ, Jiang SJ
328 - 336 The role of alpha '' orthorhombic phase content on the tenacity and fracture toughness behavior of Ti-22Nb-10Zr coating used in the design of long-term medical implants
Frutos E, Karlik M, Polcar T
337 - 343 Effect of concentration on the position of fluorescence peak based on black-silicon SERS substrate
Liu LH, Cui SH, Fu TZ, Yuan Y, Li CB
344 - 350 Copper-promoted nitrogen-doped carbon derived from zeolitic imidazole frameworks for oxygen reduction reaction
Xie YC, Zhang C, He XQ, Su JW, Parker T, White T, Griep M, Lin J
351 - 359 Cobalt-doped titanium oxide nanotubes grown via one-step anodization for water splitting applications
Venturini J, Bonatto F, Guaglianoni WC, Lemes T, Arcaro S, Alves AK, Bergmann CP
360 - 366 Tungsten self-organization nanowires prepared by DC magnetron sputtering
Verbeno CH, Krohling AC, Freitas TC, Bueno TEP, Schettino MA, Gonzalez JC, Larica C, Nascimento VP, Passamani EC
367 - 375 Charge carrier interfacial transfer pathways from TiO2 and Au/TiO2 nanorod arrays to electrolyte and the association with photocatalysis
Liu BS, Wang JY, Yang JJ, Zhao XJ
376 - 379 Surface alteration evidence for a mechanism of anoxic dissolution of UO2
Popel AJ, Tan BT, Gouder T, Lampronti GI, Day J, Eloirdi R, Seibert A, Farnan I
380 - 387 Hierarchical porous N-P-coupled carbons as metal-free bifunctional electro-catalysts for oxygen conversion
Zhou Z, Chen A, Fan X, Kong A, Shan Y
388 - 395 Enhanced visible-light photocatalytic CO2 reduction performance of ZnIn2S4 microspheres by using CeO2 as cocatalyst
Yang C, Li Q, Xia Y, Lv KL, Li M
396 - 403 Functionalized MIL-68(In) for the photocatalytic treatment of Cr(VI)-containing simulation wastewater: Electronic effects of ligand substitution
Liang RW, Huang RK, Wang XX, Ying SM, Yan GY, Wu L
404 - 411 Improving the wear and corrosion resistance of CoCrMo-UHMWPE articulating surfaces in the presence of an electrolyte
Zai W, Wong MH, Man HC
412 - 421 Formation mechanism of hierarchical Micro- and nanostructures on copper induced by low-cost nanosecond lasers
Long JY, Cao Z, Lin CH, Zhou CX, He ZJ, Xie XZ
422 - 428 In situ double-template fabrication of boron-doped 3D hierarchical porous carbon network as anode materials for Li- and Na-ion batteries
Wang D, Wang ZY, Li Y, Dong KZ, Shao JH, Luo SH, Liu YG, Qi XW
429 - 439 Hydrophilic and photo-crosslinkable diblock copolymers employed for robust antifouling membrane coatings
Zhang GW, Bai RB, Shen SS, Zhou XJ, Guo YF
440 - 450 Dispersion of graphene using surfactant mixtures: Experimental and molecular dynamics simulation studies
Poorsargol M, Alimohammadian M, Sohrabi B, Dehestani M
451 - 454 First-principles study of oxygen-related defects on 4H-SiC surface: The effects of surface amorphous structure
Matsushita Y, Furukawa Y, Hijikata Y, Ohshima T
455 - 457 Enhanced ultraviolet absorption in diamond surface via localized surface plasmon resonance in palladium nanoparticles
Chang XH, Wang YF, Zhang XF, Liu ZC, Fu J, Zhao D, Fan SW, Bu RN, Zhang JW, Wang W, Wang HX
458 - 471 Fabrication of stable fluorine-free superhydrophobic fabrics for anti-adhesion and self-cleaning properties
Foorginezhad S, Zerafat MM
472 - 478 Easy synthesis of multi-shelled ZnO hollow spheres and their conversion into hedgehog-like ZnO hollow spheres with superior rate performance for lithium ion batteries
Wu GL, Jia ZR, Cheng YH, Zhang HX, Zhou XF, Wu HJ
479 - 487 Facile synthesis of hierarchical porous carbon nanorods for supercapacitors application
Fang L, Xie YP, Wang YY, Zhang ZW, Liu PF, Cheng NA, Liu JF, Tu YC, Zhao HB, Zhang JJ
488 - 493 Epitaxial growth and band alignment of p-NiO/n-Fe2O3 heterojunction on Al2O3 (0001)
Qin YX, Yang ZZ, Wang JJ, Xie ZY, Cui MY, Tian CM, Du YG, Zhang KHL
494 - 501 La1.7Sr0.3CO0.5Ni0.5O4+delta layered perovskite as an efficient bifunctional electrocatalyst for rechargeable zinc-air batteries
Li PZ, Wei B, Lu Z, Wu YY, Zhang YH, Huang XQ
502 - 508 Study on top sulfur hyperdoping layer covering microstructured Si by fs-laser irradiation
Wang K, Gao JS, Yang HG, Wang XY, Wang YC, Zhang Z
509 - 515 Methylpiperidine-functionalized graphene oxide for efficient curing acceleration and gas barrier of polymer nanocomposites
Jin JU, Lee DH, Nam KH, Yu J, Kim YK, Goh M, Kim SG, Lee HS, Ku BC, You NH
516 - 533 The role of neodymium based thin film on the epoxy/steel interfacial adhesion and corrosion protection promotion
Majd MT, Shahrabi T, Ramezanzadeh B
534 - 543 One-dimension TiO2 nanostructures with enhanced activity for CO2 photocatalytic reduction
Huang CY, Guo RT, Pan WG, Tang JY, Zhou WG, Liu XY, Qin H, Jia PY
544 - 551 Cobalt phosphate modified 3D TiO2/BiVO4 composite inverse opals photoanode for enhanced photoelectrochemical water splitting
Liu Q, Mo R, Li XL, Yang S, Zhong JX, Li HX
552 - 561 Conjugated conducting polymers PANI decorated Bi12O17Cl2 photocatalyst with extended light response range and enhanced photoactivity
Xu YG, Ma Y, Ji XY, Huang SQ, Xia JX, Xie M, Yan J, Xu H, Li HM
562 - 566 UV laser annealing of Diamond-Like Carbon layers obtained by Pulsed Laser Deposition for optical and photovoltaic applications
Stock F, Antoni F, Diebold L, Gowda CC, Hajjar-Garreau S, Aubel D, Boubiche N, Le Normand F, Muller D
567 - 576 Solvent evaporation driven entrapment of magnetic nanoparticles in mesoporous frame for designing a highly efficient MRI contrast probe
Saikia K, Bhattacharya K, Sen D, Kaushik SD, Biswas J, Lodha S, Gogoi B, Buragohain AK, Kockenberger W, Deb P
577 - 585 High-yield and low-cost method to synthesize large-area porous g-C3N4 nanosheets with improved photocatalytic activity for gaseous nitric oxide and 2-propanol photodegradation
Han DY, Liu J, Cai H, Zhou X, Kong LR, Wang JW, Shi HF, Guo Q, Fan XX
586 - 596 Theoretical study on the interaction between C5-PFK and Al (111), Ag (111): A comparative study
Li Y, Zhang XX, Chen DC, Li YL, Zhang J, Cui ZL, Xiao S, Tang J
597 - 605 Strategy for synthesizing mesoporous NiO polyhedra with empty nanovoids via oxidation of NiSe polyhedra by nanoscale Kirkendall diffusion and their superior lithium-ion storage performance
Park GD, Hong JH, Park SK, Kang YC
606 - 615 Cellulose nanofibrils enable flower-like BiOCl for high-performance photocatalysis under visible-light irradiation
Tian CH, Luo S, She JR, Qing Y, Yan N, Wu YQ, Liu ZC
616 - 626 A novel approach to fabricating a ternary rGO/ZnO/Pt system for high-performance hydrogen sensor at low operating temperatures
Drmosh QA, Yamani ZH, Hendi AH, Gondal MA, Moqbel RA, Saleh TA, Khan MY
627 - 635 Design of thermally stable insulation film by radical grafting poly (methylacrylic acid) on silicon surface
Liu Y, Dong MY, Wang TYY, Xiong LS, Hang T, Ling HQ, Hu AM, Gao LM, Li M
636 - 643 Basalt fiber modified with lanthanum-ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid as potential reinforcement of cyanate matrix composites
Zhu MM, Ma JX
644 - 650 Ni catalytic effects for the enhanced hydrogenation properties of Mg17Al12(110) surface
Ning H, Zhou XY, Zhang ZY, Zhou WZ, Guo J
651 - 663 Optical and photocatalytic properties of rare earth metal-modified ZnO quantum dots
Sowik J, Miodynska M, Bajorowicz B, Mikolajczyk A, Lisowski W, Klimczuk T, Kaczor D, Medynska AZ, Malankowska A
664 - 672 Electrodeposition of WO3 on Ti substrate and the influence of interfacial oxide layer generated in situ: A photoelectrocatalytic degradation of propyl paraben
Martins AS, Cordeiro PJM, Bessegato GG, Carneiro JF, Zanoni MVB, Lanza MRD
673 - 681 Hydrogen cold plasma for the effective reduction of graphene oxide
Abdelkader-Fernandez VK, Melguizo M, Domingo-Garcia M, Lopez-Garzon FJ, Perez-Mendoza M
682 - 691 Fe-57 Mossbauer study of epitaxial TiN thin film grown on MgO (100) by magnetron sputtering
Qi B, Gunnlaugsson HP, Gerami AM, Gislason HP, Olafsson S, Magnus F, Molholt TE, Masenda H, Martin-Lueugoe AT, Bonanni A, Krastev PB, Masondo V, Unzueta I, Bharuth-Ram K, Johnston K, Naidoo D, Schell J, Schaaf P
692 - 699 Towards carbon monoxide sensors based on europium doped cerium dioxide
Ortega PP, Rocha LSR, Cortes JA, Ramirez MA, Buono C, Ponce MA, Simoes AZ
700 - 707 Low temperature solution-derived TiO2-SnO2 bilayered electron transport layer for high performance perovskite solar cells
Xie HX, Yin XT, Liu J, Guo YX, Chen P, Que WX, Wang GF, Gao BW
708 - 715 Novel fluoridated hydroxyapatite/MAO composite coating on AZ31B magnesium alloy for biomedical application
Yu WT, Sun RX, Guo ZQ, Wang ZY, He Y, Lu GY, Chen PY, Chen KZ
716 - 724 Highly-dispersed nickel nanoparticles decorated titanium dioxide nanotube array for enhanced solar light absorption
Chen J, Zhou YK, Li RZ, Wang X, Chen GZ