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1 - 8 Synthesis of graphitic carbon nitride with large specific surface area via copolymerizing with nucleobases for photocatalytic hydrogen generation
Wang YY, Zhao S, Zhang YW, Chen WX, Yuan SH, Zhou YM, Huang ZW
9 - 17 Fabrication of dual direct Z-scheme g-C3N4/MoS2/Ag3PO4 photocatalyst and its oxygen evolution performance
Tian L, Yang XF, Cui XK, Liu QQ, Tang H
18 - 26 Surface functionalization of nitrogen-doped carbon derived from protein as anode material for lithium storage
An EH, Kim H, Ahn HJ
27 - 33 Inhibited photocorrosion and improved photocatalytic H-2-evolution activity of CdS photocatalyst by molybdate ions
Wang P, Li HT, Sheng Y, Chen F
34 - 44 Robust multifunctional superhydrophobic fabric with UV induced reversible wettability, photocatalytic self-cleaning property, and oil-water separation via thiol-ene click chemistry
Jiang C, Liu WQ, Yang MP, Liu CH, He S, Xie YK, Wang ZF
45 - 51 Effects of oblique angle deposition on structural, electrical and wettability properties of Bi thin films grown by thermal evaporation
Jain RK, Kaur J, Arora S, Kumar A, Chawla AK, Khanna A
52 - 57 Unraveling biexciton and excitonic excited states from defect bound states in monolayer MoS2
Pandey J, Soni A
58 - 65 Facile synthesis of jagged Au/Ir nanochains with superior electrocatalytic activity for oxygen evolution reaction
Ke ZB, Li LJ, Jia QR, Yang YG, Cui HW
66 - 74 Green tea extract mediated biogenic synthesis of silver nanoparticles: Characterization, cytotoxicity evaluation and antibacterial activity
Rolim WR, Pelegrino MT, Lima BD, Ferraz LS, Costa FN, Bernardes JS, Rodigues T, Brocchi M, Seabra AB
75 - 81 Vacuum ultraviolet quarter wave plates based on SnTe/Al bilayer: Design, fabrication, optical and ellipsometric characterization
Gaballah AEH, Nicolosi P, Ahmed N, Jimenez K, Pettinari G, Gerardino A, Zuppella P
82 - 90 Controllable one-pot synthesis of emerging beta-Cu2Se nanowire freely standing on nickel foam for high electrochemical energy storage performance
Xu PP, Wang GL, Miao CX, Cheng K, Ye K, Zhu K, Yan J, Cao DX, Zhang XF
91 - 95 Fermi-level depinning in metal/Ge interface using oxygen plasma treatment
Janardhanam V, Yun HJ, Jyothi I, Yuk SH, Lee SN, Won J, Choi CJ
96 - 104 Molecular dynamics and experimental study on comparison between static and dynamic ploughing lithography of single crystal copper
Xiao GB, He Y, Geng YQ, Yan YD, Ren MJ
105 - 114 New insights into the carboxymethyl cellulose adsorption on scheelite and calcite: adsorption mechanism, AFM imaging and adsorption model
Dong LY, Jiao F, Qin WQ, Zhu HL, Jia WH
115 - 120 Unveiling the growth mechanism of SiO2/Ag hybrid nanospheres and using for Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering detection
Huang J, Zhou YF, Xu J, Liang P, Liu ZG, Wang J, Zhang D, Dong QM, Shen WM, Zhuang SL
121 - 131 Interface characteristics and fracture behavior of hot rolled stainless steel clad plates with different vacuum degrees
Liu BX, Wang S, Chen CX, Fang W, Feng JH, Zhang X, Yin FX
132 - 140 Facile synthesis of 2D graphene oxide sheet enveloping ultrafine 1D LiMn2O4 as interconnected framework to enhance cathodic property for Li-ion battery
Kumar N, Rodriguez JR, Pol VG, Sen A
141 - 149 Effects of deposition angle on synthesis of amorphous carbon nitride thin films prepared by plasma focus device
Aghamir FM, Momen-Baghdadabad AR, Etminan M
150 - 158 Facile synthesis of reduced graphene oxide/tungsten disulfide/tungsten oxide nanohybrids for high performance supercapacitor with excellent rate capability
Yang ZC, Zhang HH, Ma B, Xie LQ, Chen YT, Yuan ZH, Zhang KL, Wei J
159 - 168 (Yb3+, Er3+) co-doped TiO2/Ag3PO4 hybrid photocatalyst with enhanced activity for photodegradation of phenol
Liu Y, Wang WG, Si MZ, Yu YF, Zhang HY
169 - 181 Selection of dispersants for stabilization of unfunctionalized carbon nanotubes in high pH aqueous suspensions: Application to cementitious matrices
Bogas JA, Hawreen A, Olhero S, Ferro AC, Guedes M
182 - 189 Core-shell nanostructured CS/MoS2: A promising material for microwave absorption
Zhang F, Zhang WD, Zhu WF, Cheng B, Qiu H, Qi SH
190 - 196 Swift sono-hydrothermal synthesis of pure NaX nanocrystals with improved sorption capacity from industrial resources
Sivalingam S, Sen S
197 - 202 Oxygen detection using nanostructured TiO2 thin films obtained by the molecular layering method
Mokrushin AS, Simonenko EP, Simonenko NP, Akkuleva KT, Antipov VV, Zaharova NV, Malygin AA, Bukunov KA, Sevastyanov VG, Kuznetsov NT
203 - 210 Investigation of the dependence of phosphorus segregation on grain boundary structure in Fe-P-C alloy:.ross comparison between Atom Probe Tomography and Auger Electron Spectroscopy
Akhatova A, Christien F, Barnier V, Radiguet B, Cadel E, Cuvilly F, Pareige P
211 - 216 MnO/Carbon fibers prepared by an electrospinning method and their properties used as anodes for lithium ion batteries
Zeng SW, Zhao RR, Li AJ, Xu SD, Lv DS, Luo Q, Shu D, Chen H
217 - 226 Novel parameter predicting stability of magnetic fluids for possible application in nanocomposite preparation
Lysenko SN, Astafeva SA, Yakusheva DE, Balasoiu M
227 - 233 Intrinsic hydrophilic character of carbon nanotube networks
Stando G, Lukawski D, Lisiecki F, Janas D
234 - 243 Enhancement mechanism of fiddlehead-shaped TiO2-BiVO4 type II heterojunction in SPEC towards RhB degradation and detoxification
Wang YQ, Lu N, Luo M, Fan LY, Zhao K, Qu J, Guan JN, Yuan X
244 - 252 Hollow CeO2 spheres conformally coated with graphitic carbon for highperformance supercapacitor electrodes
Wu WJ, Qi WT, Zhao YF, Tang X, Qiu YF, Su DW, Fan HB, Wang GX
253 - 260 Substrate-mediated and temperature-modulated long-range interactions between bromine adatom stripes on Cu(111)
Zhao YL, Zhao RD, Qi F, Zhang RQ, Van Hove MA
261 - 274 Improvement in antibacterial properties and cytocompatibility of titanium by fluorine and oxygen dual plasma-based surface modification
Chen MA, Li HX, Wang XY, Qin GW, Zhang EL
275 - 282 Enhanced electrocatalytic activity of WO3@NPRGO composite in a hydrogen evolution reaction
Hu GJ, Li J, Liu P, Zhu XQ, Li XF, Ali RN, Xiang B
283 - 291 Green synthesis of high photoluminescence nitrogen-doped carbon quantum dots from grass via a simple hydrothermal method for removing organic and inorganic water pollutions
Sabet M, Mahdavi K
292 - 299 Biocompatibility study of multi-layered hydroxyapatite coatings synthesized on Ti-6Al-4V alloys by RF magnetron sputtering for prosthetic-orthopaedic implant applications
Hamdi DA, Jiang ZT, No K, Rahman MM, Lee PC, Truc LNT, Kim J, Altarawneh M, Thair L, Jumaa TAJ, Dlugogorski BZ
300 - 309 Surface dynamics of mixed silver-copper oxide AgCuO2 during X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy study
Svintsitskiy DA, Kardash TY, Boronin AI
310 - 321 Evaluation of the effect of PyC coating thickness on the mechanical properties of T700 carbon fiber tows
Zhang T, Qi LH, Li SL, Chao XJ, Tian WL, Zhou JM
322 - 330 Enhanced electrochemical performance of alpha-Fe2O3 grains grafted onto TiO2-Carbon nanofibers via a Vapor-Solid reaction as anode materials for Li-Ion batteries
Yang Y, Liu QY, Cao M, Ju Q, Wang HY, Fu RZ, Ji HM, Yang G
331 - 338 Adsorption of lithium polysulfides on an anatase (101) and an alpha-Al2O3 (0001) surface under external electric field with first principles calculations
Yan DX, Liu Q, Zeng C, Dong NB, Huang YD, Xiao W
339 - 347 Enhanced photoelectrochemical and hydrogen production activity of aligned CdS nanowire with anisotropic transport properties
Kim W, Monllor-Satoca D, Chae WS, Mahadik MA, Jang JS
348 - 356 In-situ growth of ordered Pd-doped ZnO nanorod arrays on ceramic tube with enhanced trimethylamine sensing performance
Meng D, Liu DY, Wang GS, Shen YB, San XG, Si JP, Meng FL
357 - 362 Ordered CdSe-sensitized TiO2 inverse opal film as multifunctional surface-enhanced Raman scattering substrate
Wang XY, Li J, Gao XN, Shen YH, Xie AJ
363 - 373 Novel ZnO nanoparticles modified WO3 nanosheet arrays for enhanced photocatalytic properties under solar light illumination
Lei R, Zhang H, Ni HW, Chen RS, Gu HZ, Zhang BW
374 - 385 Heat treatment of MnCO3: An easy way to obtain efficient and stable MnO2 for humid O-3 decomposition
Liu Y, Zhang PY, Zhan JJ, Liu LF
386 - 394 Doped porous carbon nanostructures with N-Co-O catalytic active sites for efficient electrocatalytic oxygen reduction reaction
Chen C, Liu MR, Rao HZ, Liu YQ, Li S, Sun JK, Zhang J
395 - 402 Cobalt-carbon nanocomposite catalysts of gas-phase hydrodechlorination of chlorobenzene
Klokov SV, Lokteva ES, Golubina EV, Chernavskii PA, Maslakov KI, Egorova TB, Chernyak SA, Minin AS, Konev AS
403 - 411 Graphene oxide/waterborne polyurethane composites for fine pattern fabrication and ultrastrong ultraviolet protection cotton fabric via screen printing
Song WH, Wang B, Fan LH, Ge FQ, Wang CX
412 - 426 Molecular analysis of additives and impurities accumulated on copper electrodeposited layer by time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry
Mroczka R, Lopucki R, Zukocinski G
427 - 434 Gradient structure based dual-robust superhydrophobic surfaces with high-adhesive force
Zhu HB, Hu WH, Xu YD, Wang BH, Zheng D, Fu E, Zhang CY, Zhao GZ, Wang Z
435 - 444 Catalytic properties of CuO/CeO2-Al2O3 catalysts for low concentration NO reduction with CO
Bai YT, Bian X, Wu WY
445 - 455 Fabrication of highly efficient and stable indirect Z-scheme assembly of AgBr/TiO2 via graphene as a solid-state electron mediator for visible light induced enhanced photocatalytic H-2 production
Shehzad N, Tahir M, Johari K, Murugesan T, Hussain M
456 - 462 Enhanced CO2 photocatalytic reduction performance on alkali and alkaline earth metal ion-exchanged hydrogen titanate nanotubes
Tang QJ, Sun ZX, Wang PL, Li Q, Wang HQ, Wu ZB
463 - 473 Kinetic study of selective hydrogenation of crotonaldehyde over Fe-promoted Ir/BN catalysts
Ning X, Xu YM, Wu AQ, Tang C, Jia AP, Luo MF, Di JQ
474 - 480 Surface-disorder-engineered Zn2SnO4/SnO2 hollow microboxes with enhanced solar-driven photocatalytic activity
Sun LQ, Li S, Su YP, He DS, Zhang ZT
481 - 491 Pore size engineering of hexagonal mesoporous carbon nitride (HMCN) for high catalytic performance in the synthesis of alpha, beta-unsaturated acid and its derivatives
Palani E, Govindhasamy C, Subramani M, Kolli MK
492 - 497 Tuning electronic, magnetic and optical properties of Cr-doped antimonene via biaxial strain engineering
Dai SH, Lu YL, Wu P
498 - 503 Graphene quantum dots-induced morphological changes in CuCo2S4 nanocomposites for supercapacitor electrodes with enhanced performance
Huang YY, Lin LW, Shi TL, Cheng SY, Zhong Y, Chen C, Tang ZR
504 - 512 Semi-continuous production of iron oxide nanoparticles via membrane emulsification
Medina-Llamas M, Mattia D
513 - 525 Study on charge storage mechanism in working electrodes fabricated by sol-gel derived spinel NiMn2O4 nanoparticles for supercapacitor application
Ray A, Roy A, Ghosh M, Ramos-Ramon JA, Saha S, Pal U, Bhattacharya SK, Das S
526 - 534 Exploring different reaction mechanisms for oxidation of CO over a single Pd atom incorporated nitrogen-doped graphene: A DFT study
Esrafili MD, Asadollahi S
535 - 544 Effect of alloy cations on corrosion resistance of LDH/MAO coating on magnesium alloy
Chen JF, Lin WX, Liang SY, Zou LC, Wang C, Wang BS, Yan MF, Cui XP
545 - 555 The influence of alloying interactions on thin film growth stresses
Zhou XY, Thompson GB
556 - 565 Engineering of Gd/Er/Lu-triple-doped Bi2MoO6 to synergistically boost the photocatalytic performance in three different aspects: Oxidizability, light absorption and charge separation
Li HD, Li WJ, Liu XT, Ren CJ, Miao X, Li XY
566 - 572 Ultraviolet laser-induced damage of freestanding silica nanoparticle films
Chi FT, Pan N, Ding CC, Wang XQ, Yi FC, Li XF, Lei JH
573 - 580 Enhanced near infrared luminescence in Ag@Ag2S core-shell nanoparticles
Ansari JR, Singh N, Mohapatra S, Ahmad R, Saha NR, Chattopadhyay D, Mukherjee M, Datta A
581 - 586 Analysis of Raman scattering from inclined GeSn/Ge dual-nanowire heterostructure on Ge(111) substrate
Han DL, Ye H, Song YX, Zhu ZYS, Yang YK, Yu ZY, Liu YM, Wang SM, Di ZF
587 - 595 RGO modified mediator free paper for electrochemical biosensing platform
Dave K, Pachauri N, Dinda A, Solanki PR
596 - 609 Modeling of 2-D hydrogen-edge capped defected & boron-doped defected
Akilan R, Malarkodi M, Vijayakumar S, Gopalakrishnan S, Shankar R
610 - 615 Lithiation behavior of graphene-silicon composite as high performance anode for lithium-ion battery: A first principles study
Zhou F, Liao NB, Zhang M, Xue W
616 - 625 MOF-derived porous hollow alpha-Fe2O3 microboxes modified by silver nanoclusters for enhanced pseudocapacitive storage
Yu ZY, Zhang XY, Wei L, Guo X
626 - 634 Enhanced piezoelectric output of the PVDF-TrFE/ZnO flexible piezoelectric nanogenerator by surface modification
Li J, Zhao CM, Xia K, Liu X, Li D, Han J
635 - 646 Promoted effect of cobalt on surface (010) of MoS2 for CO methanation from a DFT study
Zhang K, Wang WH, Wang BW, Ma XB, Li ZH
647 - 658 On the understanding of the adsorption of Fenugreek gum on mild steel in an acidic medium: Insights from experimental and computational studies
Lgaz H, Chung IM, Salghi R, Ali IH, Chaouiki A, El Aoufir Y, Khan MI
659 - 667 Crystal structure and photocatalytic properties of perovskite MSn(OH)(6) (M = Cu and Zn) composites with d(10)-d(10) configuration
Dong SY, Cui LF, Zhao YL, Wu YW, Xia LJ, Su XF, Zhang CY, Wang D, Guo W, Sun JH
668 - 678 First principles calculations of the adsorption and migration behaviors of N atoms on the H-terminated diamond (001) surface
Liu XJ, Wang HC, Lu PF, Ren Y, Tan X, Sun SY, Jia HL
679 - 685 Monodispersed SnO2 microspheres aggregated by tunable building units as effective photoelectrodes in solar cells
Zhang XK, Rui YC, Yang JX, Wang LL, Wang YQ, Xu JL
686 - 692 Mechanisms of oxidation of pure and Si-segregated alpha-Ti surfaces
Bhattacharya SK, Sahara R, Suzuki S, Ueda K, Narushima T
693 - 703 Novel 3D/2D heterojunction photocatalysts constructed by three-dimensional In2S3 dandelions and ultrathin hexagonal SnS2 nanosheets with excellent photocatalytic and photoelectrochemical activities
Chen X, Zhang J, Zeng JH, Shi YX, Huang GZ, Zhang LL, Wang HB, Kong Z, Xi JH, Ji ZG
704 - 712 Transformation of crystalline structure and photoelectric properties in VO2/glass thin films by inserting TiO2 buffer layers
Kang CY, Zhang C, Zhang LW, Liang SS, Geng CC, Cao GH, Zong HT, Li M
713 - 720 Arsenic-induced faceted lateral nanoprisms array on Si (103) surface
Wang XJ, Scopece D, Wang JZ, Fujikawa Y, Huang CL, Sakurai T, Chen G
721 - 731 A high-performance pseudocapacitive electrode material for supercapacitors based on the unique NiMoO4/NiO nanoflowers
Xu R, Lin JM, Wu JH, Huang ML, Fan LQ, Xu ZD, Song ZY
732 - 740 Hemocompatibility and adhesion of heparin/dopamine and heparin/collagen self-assembly multilayers coated on a titanium substrate
Cheng WJ, Pan YH, Wu TC, Chou CC, Yeh CH, Ho JJ
741 - 746 Laser textured GFRP superhydrophobic surface as an underwater acoustic absorption metasurface
Feng G, Li FP, Xue W, Sun K, Yang H, Pan QF, Cao Y
747 - 757 Metals free MWCNTs@TiO2@MMT heterojunction composite with MMT as a mediator for fast charges separation towards visible light driven photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Umer M, Tahir M, Azam MU, Jaffar MM
758 - 766 Low interface trap density in scaled bilayer gate oxides on 2D materials via nanofog low temperature atomic layer deposition
Kwak I, Kavrik M, Park JH, Grissom L, Fruhberger B, Wong KT, Kang S, Kummel AC
767 - 774 Carbon network framework derived iron-nitrogen co-doped carbon nanotubes for enhanced oxygen reduction reaction through metal salt-assisted polymer blowing strategy
Lu ZW, Liu BC, Dai WL, Ouyang LZ, Ye JS
775 - 780 Photon-collection improvement from laser-textured AZO front-contact in thin-film solar cells
Canteli D, Torres I, Fernandez S, Santos JD, Morales M, Molpeceres C
781 - 790 Numerical study of material decomposition in ultrafast laser interaction with metals
Jia X, Zhao X
791 - 801 Hydrothermal synthesis of multifunctional TiO2-ZnO oxide systems with desired antibacterial and photocatalytic properties
Siwinska-Stefanska K, Kubiak A, Piasecki A, Dobrowolska A, Czaczyk K, Motylenko M, Rafaja D, Ehrlich H, Jesionowski T
802 - 808 Removal of photoresist residues and healing of defects on graphene using H-2 and CH4 plasma
Yun H, Lee S, Jung D, Lee G, Park J, Kwon OJ, Lee DJ, Park CY
809 - 819 Photocatalytic water splitting of (F, Ti) codoped heptazine/triazine based g-C3N4 heterostructure: A hybrid DFT study
Zhao YL, Lin YM, Wang GS, Jiang ZY, Zhang RQ, Zhu CY
820 - 828 Contact angle and free surface energy of CdS films on polystyrene substrate
Kolodin AN, Bulavchenko AI
829 - 837 TiO2/CuS heterostructure nanowire array photoanodes toward water oxidation: The role of CuS
Jia SF, Li XY, Zhang BP, Yang J, Zhang SW, Li S, Zhang ZT
838 - 846 Wettability modification of laser-fabricated hierarchical surface structures in Ti-6Al-4V titanium alloy
Huerta-Murillo D, Garcia-Giron A, Romano JM, Cardoso JT, Cordovilla F, Walker M, Dimov SS, Ocana JL
847 - 853 Plasmonic resonances in copper island films
Sancho-Parramon J, Okorn B, Salamon K, Janicki V
854 - 862 Au nanoparticles enhanced Z-scheme Au-CoFe2O4/MoS2 visible light photocatalyst with magnetic retrievability
Jia YF, Ma HX, Liu CL
863 - 871 Mechanisms for photo assisted Fenton of synthesized pyrrhotite at neutral pH
Gao J, Liu YT, Xia XN, Wang LL, Shao LH, Cai T, Dong WY
872 - 878 Oxygen deficiencies and metallic Bi-mediated photocatalytic activity of bismuth tungsten oxides
Ji LL, Li B, Xu XT, Wang F
879 - 888 Lithium ion supercapacitor composed by Si-based anode and hierarchal porous carbon cathode with super long cycle life
Qu DY, You XH, Feng XK, Wu J, Liu D, Zheng D, Xie ZZ, Qu DY, Li JS, Tang HL
889 - 899 Surface modification of silicone with colloidal polysaccharides formulations for the development of antimicrobial urethral catheters
Bracic M, Sauperl O, Strnad S, Kosalec I, Plohl O, Zemljic LF
900 - 906 Tunable Fermi level of graphene modified by azobenzene molecules
Yu JJ, Zhang MJ, He JJ, Zhang CF, Cui WW, Wang N, Huang CS
907 - 917 Geometry, electronic structure, morphology, and photoluminescence emissions of BaW1-xMoxO4 (x=0, 0.25, 0.50, 0.75, and 1) solid solutions: Theory and experiment in concert
Oliveira MC, Andres J, Gracia L, de Oliveira MSMP, Mercury JMR, Longo E, Nogueira IC
918 - 922 Piezoelectricity and dipolar polarization of group V-IV-III-VI sheets: A first-principles study
Li JP, Jia HJ, Zhu DR, Wang XC, Liu FC, Yang YJ
923 - 930 Feasible fabrication of a wear-resistant hydrophobic surface
Xiao SN, Hao XQ, Yang YF, Li L, He N, Li HL
931 - 938 Nanocomposites of hierarchical ultrathin MnO2 nanosheets/hollow carbon nanofibers for high-performance asymmetric supercapacitors
Zhao P, Yao MQ, Ren HB, Wang N, Komarneni S
939 - 946 Interface modification via Al2O3 with retarded charge recombinations for mesoscopic perovskite solar cells fabricated with spray deposition process in the air
Liang ZR, Bi ZN, Gao K, Fu YF, Guan PY, Feng XL, Chai ZS, Xu G, Xu XQ
947 - 952 Flexible, multilevel, and low-operating-voltage resistive memory based on MoS2-rGO hybrid
Wu LQ, Guo JJ, Zhong W, Zhang WJ, Kang X, Chen W, Du YW
953 - 967 The anticorrosion mechanism of phenolic conversion coating applied on magnesium implants
Chen S, Zhao S, Chen MY, Zhang X, Zhang J, Li X, Zhang H, Shen XL, Wang J, Huang N
968 - 975 Tuning optical properties of noble metal nanoparticle-composed glasses by laser radiation
Nedyalkov N, Koleva ME, Nikov R, Stankova NE, Iordanova E, Yankov G, Aleksandrov L, Iordanova R
976 - 985 Improved photocatalytic activity of Sr doped SnO2 nanoparticles: A role of oxygen vacancy
Ahmed A, Siddique MN, Alam U, Ali T, Tripathi P
986 - 993 Binding ZnO nanorods in reduced graphene oxide via facile electrochemical method for Na-ion battery
Jing MJ, Li FY, Chen MJ, Long FL, Wu TJ
994 - 1000 Jet nebulizer-spray coated CZTS film as Pt-free electrocatalyst in photoelectrocatalytic fuel cells
Kirubakaran DD, Dhas CR, Jain SM, Marchesi LF, Pitchaimuthu S
1001 - 1010 Improving electrochemical activity of activated carbon derived from popcorn by NiCo2S4 nanoparticle coating
Yu M, Han YY, Li Y, Li J, Wang LJ
1011 - 1018 Facile preparation and photocatalytic activity of oxygen vacancy rich BiOCl with {001} exposed reactive facets
Zou ZW, Xu HM, Li DY, Sun JY, Xia DS
1019 - 1027 Synthesis, characterization and photocatalytic activity of LaNdZr2O7 supported SnSe nanocomposites for the degradation of Foron blue dye
Karamat N, Ehsan MF, Ashiq MN, Ijaz S, Najam-Ul-Haq M, Hamid S, Bahnemann DW
1028 - 1036 Alumina sandpaper-supported nickel nanocoatings and its excellent application in non-enzymatic glucose sensing
Xu YM, Hou L, Zhao H, Bi SY, Zhu L, Lu YX
1037 - 1045 Surface pre-oxidation improves the wear performance of Si3N4 against UHMWPE
Rondinella A, Marin E, Zanocco M, Boschetto F, Pezzotti G
1046 - 1050 Negative quantum capacitance effect from Bi2Te1.5Se1.5 with frequency dependent capacitance of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) film in MOS structure
Choi H, Park J, Shim JW, Shin C
1051 - 1057 Relative stabilities of various fully functionalized graphene polymorphs under mechanical strain and electric field
Grishakov KS, Katin KP, Prudkovskiy VS, Maslov MM
1058 - 1077 Corrosion inhibition of mild steel in 1 M HCl solution by ethanolic extract of eco-friendly Mangifera indica (mango) leaves: Electrochemical, molecular dynamics, Monte Carlo and ab initio study
Ramezanzadeh M, Bahlakeh G, Sanaei Z, Ramezanzadeh B
1078 - 1084 Fast triethylamine gas sensing response properties of nanosheets assembled WO3 hollow microspheres
Zhai CB, Zhu MM, Jiang L, Yang TY, Zhao Q, Luo Y, Zhang MZ
1085 - 1096 Enhanced corrosion resistance of LiAl-layered double hydroxide (LDH) coating modified with a Schiff base salt on aluminum alloy by one step in-situ synthesis at low temperature
Lin K, Luo X, Pan X, Zhang C, Liu Y
1097 - 1106 Photopolymerized biomimetic self-adhesive Polydimethylsiloxane-based amphiphilic cross-linked coating for anti-biofouling
Wang JX, He CJ
1107 - 1116 Highly efficient inverted perovskite solar cells mediated by electrodeposition-processed NiO NPs hole-selective contact with different energy structure and surface property
Xi QY, Gao G, Zhou H, Zhao YX, Wu CQ, Wang LD, Lei YQ, Xu JW
1117 - 1123 Influence of surface substrates on the properties of ZnO nanowires synthesized by hydrothermal method
Obreja P, Cristea D, Dinescu A, Romanitan C
1124 - 1133 Shape-Controlled synthesis of silver nanoparticles in temperature-responsive grafted polymer brushes for optical applications
Stetsyshyn Y, Awsiuk K, Kusnezh V, Raczkowska J, Jany BR, Kostruba A, Harhay K, Ohar H, Lishchynskyi O, Shymborska Y, Kryvenchuk Y, Krok F, Budkowski A
1134 - 1140 Evaluating the effect of oxygen groups attached to the surface of graphenic sheets on bacteria adhesion: The role of the electronic factor
Duch J, Goida-Cepa M, Kotarba A
1141 - 1147 Influence of tantalum on mechanical, ferroelectric and dielectric properties of Bi-excess Bi3.25La0.75Ti3O12 thin film
Ma S, Cheng XW, Ali T, Ma ZL, Xu ZJ, Chu RQ
1148 - 1153 Atomic-level insight into the mechanism of 0D/2D black phosphorus quantum dot/graphitic carbon nitride (BPQD/GCN) metal-free heterojunction for photocatalysis
Kong ZZ, Chen XZ, Ong WJ, Zhao XJ, Li N
1154 - 1160 Tungsten carbide/carbon composites coated with little platinum nano particles derived from the redox reaction between in-situ synthesized WC1-x and chloroplatinic acid as the electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction
Wei XD, Li N
1161 - 1167 Hydrogen adsorption and absorption on a Pd-Ag alloy surface studied using in-situ X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy under ultrahigh vacuum and ambient pressure
Tang JY, Yamamoto S, Koitaya T, Yoshikura Y, Mukai K, Yoshimoto S, Matsuda I, Yoshinobu J
1168 - 1169 First-principles studies on the superconductivity of aluminene (vol 445, pg 161, 2018)
Yeoh KH, Yoon TL, Rusi, Ong DS, Lim TL