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1 - 7 Anchoring of Ag nanoparticles on Fe3O4 modified polydopamine sub-micrometer spheres with enhanced catalytic activity
Li N, Ji ZY, Chen LZ, Shen XP, Zhang YF, Cheng SQ, Zhou H
8 - 17 Removal of surface states on Si(100) by valence-mending passivation
Tao M
18 - 28 Synthesis of g-C3N4/Bi5O7I microspheres with enhanced photocatalytic activity under visible light
Geng XQ, Chen S, Lv X, Jiang W, Wang TH
29 - 37 Synthesis and characterization of Ag/alpha-Fe2O3 microspheres and their application to highly sensitive and selective detection of ethanol
Jia XH, Yu XJ, Xia LX, Sun YL, Song HJ
38 - 47 Nucleation and adhesion of ultra-thin copper films on amino-terminated self-assembled monolayers
Bogan J, Brady-Boyd A, Armini S, Lundy R, Selvaraju V, O'Connor R
48 - 54 Fabrication of Mo2C coating on molybdenum by contact solid carburization
Zhao ZY, Hui PF, Wang T, Xu YH, Zhong LS, Zhao MX, Yang DX, Wei R
55 - 64 First-principles calculations on wetting interface between Ag-Cu-Ti filler metal and SiC ceramic: Ag (111)/SiC (111) interface and Ag (111)/TiC (111) interface
Yang J, Ye Z, Huang JH, Chen SH, Zhao Y
65 - 72 Self-assembly porous metal-free electrocatalysts templated from sulfur for efficient oxygen reduction reaction
Xiang Q, Li S, Zou XF, Qiang YJ, Hu BB, Cen Y, Xu CL, Liu LJ, Zhou Y, Chen CG
73 - 80 TiNb2O7 nanoparticle-decorated graphite felt as a high-performance electrode for vanadium redox flow batteries
Kabtamu DM, Bayeh AW, Chiang TC, Chang YC, Lin GY, Wondimu TH, Su SK, Wang CH
81 - 85 Qualitative analysis of growth mechanism of polycrystalline InAs thin films grown by molecular beam epitaxy
Agrawal A, Tchoe Y, Kim H, Park JY
86 - 94 Formation of extended thermal etch pits on annealed Ge wafers
Persichetti L, Fanfoni M, De Seta M, Di Gaspare L, Ottaviano L, Goletti C, Sgarlata A
95 - 104 Superhydrophobic and superoleophilic surfaces prepared by spray-coating of facile synthesized Cerium(IV) oxide nanoparticles for efficient oil/water separation
Matin A, Baig U, Gondal MA, Akhtar S, Zubair SM
105 - 111 Multiscale array antireflective coatings for improving efficiencies of solar cells
Li YJ, Zhang YJ, Lin J, Fang CL, Ke YQ, Tao H, Wang WJ, Zhao XS, Li ZH, Lin ZK
112 - 117 Pd nanonetwork decorated on rGO as a high-performance electrocatalyst for ethanol oxidation
Yazdan-Abad MZ, Noroozifar M, Alfi N, Modarresi-Alam AR, Saravani H
118 - 126 Experimental and simulation studies of strontium/zinc-codoped hydroxyapatite porous scaffolds with excellent osteoinductivity and antibacterial activity
Wang Q, Tang PF, Ge X, Li PF, Lv C, Wang MH, Wang KF, Fang LM, Lu X
127 - 133 TiMoN nano-grains embedded into thin MoSx-based amorphous matrix: A novel structure for superhardness and ultra-low wear
Yang L, Wen M, Chen JH, Wang J, Dai X, Gu XL, Cui XQ, Zhang K
134 - 141 Computational insight into the mechanism of O-2 to H2O2 reduction on amino-groups-containing g-C3N4
Goclon J, Winkler K
142 - 148 Shape-dependent photogenerated cathodic protection by hierarchically nanostructured TiO2 films
Zuo J, Wu H, Chen AJ, Zhu JQ, Ye MD, Ma JD, Qi ZB
149 - 154 Construction of robust superhydrophobic film combing povidone iodine for high efficient self-cleaning and durable bactericidal properties
Chen H, Jin YY, Lei L, Ding XX, Li X, Wang YQ, Sun L, Shen LY, Yang M, Wang BL
155 - 163 Sb2S3/Sb2O3 modified TiO2 photoanode for photocathodic protection of 304 stainless steel under visible light
Li XR, Wang XT, Ning XB, Lei J, Shao J, Wang WC, Huang YL, Hou BR
164 - 174 Superhydrophobic coating from fluoroalkylsilane modified natural rubber encapsulated SiO2 composites for self-driven oil/water separation
Saengkaew J, Le D, Samart C, Sawada H, Nishida M, Chanlek N, Kongparakul S, Kiatkamjornwong S
175 - 186 Delamination and self-assembly of layered double hydroxides for enhanced loading capacity and corrosion protection performance
Liu A, Tian HW, Li WH, Wang W, Gao X, Han P, Ding R
187 - 193 The promoted performance of CeO2 catalyst for NH3-SCR reaction by NH3 treatment
Sun X, Guo RT, Liu SW, Liu J, Pan WG, Shi X, Qin H, Wang ZY, Qiu ZZ, Liu XY
194 - 206 NiCoCrAlYTa coatings on nickel-base superalloy substrate: Deposition by high velocity oxy-fuel spraying as well as investigation of mechanical properties and wear resistance in relation to heat-treatment duration
Hao EK, An YL, Zhao XQ, Zhou HD, Chen JM
207 - 212 Silver palladium bimetallic core-shell structure catalyst supported on TiO2 for toluene oxidation
Li YF, Liu FF, Fan Y, Cheng G, Song W, Zhou JL
213 - 225 Well-regulated nickel nanoparticles functional modified ZIF-67 (Co) derived Co3O4/CdS p-n heterojunction for efficient photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Zhang YK, Jin ZL, Yuan H, Wang GR, Ma BZ
226 - 236 Study of iron oxide magnetic nanoparticles obtained via pulsed laser ablation of iron in air
Svetlichnyi VA, Shabalina AV, Lapin IN, Goncharova DA, Velikanov DA, Sokolov AE
237 - 242 Sequential liquid separation using meshes with hierarchical microcube-nanohole structure and controlled surface wettability
Woo S, Kwak W, Hwang W
243 - 254 Effect of anodic T phase on surface micro-galvanic corrosion of biodegradable Mg-Zn-Zr-Nd alloys
Cai CH, Song RB, Wang LX, Li JY
255 - 262 Carbon quantum dots (CQDs) and Co(dmgH)(2)PyCl synergistically promote photocatalytic hydrogen evolution over hexagonal ZnIn2S4
Ding Y, Gao YH, Li ZH
263 - 269 The synergistic effect of graphene oxide and silver vacancy in Ag3PO4-based photocatalysts for rhodamine B degradation under visible light
Liu RD, Li H, Duan LB, Shen H, Zhang Q, Zhao XR
270 - 275 A first-principles study of 2D antimonene electrodes for Li ion storage
Su JC, Duan TF, Li WK, Xiao B, Zhou G, Pei Y, Wang XY
276 - 284 Lithium- and sodium-ion storage properties of modulated titanate morphologies in reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites
Ko JS, Kim HS
285 - 290 Shell of black titania prepared by sputtering TiO2 target in H-2 + Ar plasma
Pylnev M, Chang WH, Wong MS
291 - 302 Effect of UV light illumination on the corrosion behavior of electrodeposited TiO2-Ni composite foils
Deng SH, Lu H, Li DY
303 - 309 Electron-rich heterocycle induced tunable emitting fluorescence of graphitic carbon nitride quantum dots
He XC, Gu YX, Ai SC, Xie MM, Lu Q, Wang YQ, Wang JQ
310 - 315 GaN nanocolumns fabricated by self-assembly Ni mask and its enhanced photocatalytic performance in water splitting
Xi X, Yang C, Cao HC, Yu ZG, Li J, Lin S, Ma ZH, Zhao LX
316 - 329 Bio-conjugation of curcumin with self-assembled casein nanostructure via surface loading enhances its bioactivity: An efficient therapeutic system
Somu P, Paul S
330 - 336 Low-operating temperature NO2 gas sensors based on hybrid two-dimensional SnS2-reduced graphene oxide
Shafiei M, Bradford J, Khan H, Piloto C, Wlodarski W, Li YX, Motta N
337 - 343 A flexible three-dimensional MoS2/carbon architecture derived from melamine foam as free-standing anode for high performance lithium-ion batteries
Zhao H, Wu JH, Li JL, Wu H, Zhang Y, Liu H
344 - 352 Surface chemistry and the corrosion behavior of magnetron sputtered niobium oxide films in sulfuric acid solution
Pillis MF, de Oliveira MCL, Antunes RA
353 - 361 Fast and controllable reduction of graphene oxide by low-cost CO2 laser for supercapacitor application
Bhattacharjya D, Kim CH, Kim JH, You IK, In JB, Lee SM
362 - 372 Synthesis of stabilized dispersion covalently-jointed SiO2@polyaniline with core-shell structure and anticorrosion performance of its hydrophobic coating for Mg-Li alloy
Li YF, Li JY, Gao XH, Qi S, Ma J, Zhu JJ
373 - 377 Size-controlled growth of nanoparticles and clusters during pulsed laser ablation into an ambient wave induced plasma
Patel DN, Pandey S, Bhattacharjee S
378 - 386 Multi-pulsed flash light sintering of copper nanoparticle pastes on silicon wafer for highly-conductive copper electrodes in crystalline silicon solar cells
Hwang HJ, Kim DJ, Jang YR, Hwang YT, Jung IH, Kim HS
387 - 392 Strain-tunable p-type Ag doping in the native n-type InSe monolayer
Li XP, Song XH, Du J, Xiong WQ, Xia CX
393 - 398 Preparation of SnO2@rGO/CNTs/S composite and application for lithium-sulfur battery cathode material
Liu QQ, Jiang Q, Jiang L, Peng JQ, Gao YK, Duan ZH, Lu XY
399 - 408 H2O adsorption on the Au and Pd single atom catalysts supported on ceria: A first-principles study
He BL, Shen JS, Ma DW, Wang JL, Cheng SJ, Tian ZX
409 - 416 Possible doping of single-layer MoS2 with Pt: A DFT study
Mombru D, Faccio R, Mombru AW
417 - 422 Theoretical predication of a two-dimensional structure of non-layered ScC as an excellent electrode material for rechargeable Na-ion battery
Zhou YG, Li J
423 - 431 Highly dispersed PtO nanodots as efficient co-catalyst for photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Wang C, Fan HQ, Ren XH, Wen Y, Wang WJ
432 - 443 Influence of post - deposition heat treatment on the properties of electrodeposited Ni-Mo alloy coatings
Laszczynska A, Tylus W, Szczygiel B, Szczygiel I
444 - 452 Facile preparation of nitrogen-doped high-surface-area porous carbon derived from sucrose for high performance supercapacitors
Zhou JQ, Wang M, Li X
453 - 465 Rational design of magnetic infinite coordination polymer core-shell nanoparticles as recyclable adsorbents for selective removal of anionic dyes from colored wastewater
Huang W, Xu JZ, Lu DK, Deng JJ, Shi GY, Zhou TS
466 - 470 Oxygen vacancy enhancement promoting strong green emission through surface modification in ZnO thin film
Purbayanto MAK, Nurfani E, Chichvarina O, Ding J, Rusydi A, Darma Y
471 - 479 Microscale control of edge defect and oxidation on molybdenum disulfide through thermal treatment in air and nitrogen atmospheres
Jia FF, Liu C, Yang BQ, Song SX
480 - 488 The effect mechanisms of pH, complexant and calcination temperature on the hydrophilicity of TiO2 films prepared by the sol-gel method
Sun RJ, Chen ZL, Peng JT, Zheng TJ
489 - 501 Bonding of cysteamine on InAs surfaces
Knorr D, Tran N, Williams K, Andzelm J, Henry N, Gaskell K, Lenhart J, Baril N, Jaye C, Fischer D, Tidrow M, Bandara S
502 - 507 Graphene layer effect on protecting the refined surface of transition metal substrate Re(0001): A first-principles study
Gao L, Ma Y, Yan Y, Chen XC, Su YJ, Qiao LJ
508 - 516 Heterojunction bond relaxation and electronic reconfiguration of WS2- and MoS2-based 2D materials using BOLS and DFT
Zhao XM, Bo ML, Huang ZK, Zhou JQ, Peng C, Li L
517 - 525 Effect of functional group position change of pyridinesulfonic acid as interface-modified layer on perovskite solar cell
Han F, Tu ZY, Wan ZQ, Luo JS, Xia JX, Hao GM, Yi YP, Wang RL, Jia CY
526 - 539 A novel ternary nanocomposite for improving the cycle life and capacitance of polypyrrole
Chu CW, Sari FNI, Ke JCR, Ting JM
540 - 548 Curvature and vacancies in graphene quantum dots
Mombru D, Romero M, Faccio R, Mombru AW
549 - 564 Photocatalytic degradation of rhodamine B and real textile wastewater using Fe-doped TiO2 anchored on reduced graphene oxide (Fe-TiO2/rGO): Characterization and feasibility, mechanism and pathway studies
Isari AA, Payan A, Fattahi M, Jorfi S, Kakavandi B
565 - 574 Multi-scale dimple creation on metallic glass by a two-step method involving nanoindentation and polishing
Huang H, Yan JW
575 - 582 Influence of substrate annealing on inducing Ti3+ and oxygen vacancy in TiO2 thin films deposited via RF magnetron sputtering
Abdullah SA, Sahdan MZ, Nafarizal N, Saim H, Embong Z, Rohaida CHC, Adriyanto F
583 - 589 Fabrication of superhydrophobic Cu-BiOBr surface for oil/water separation and water soluble pollutants degradation
Ge B, Han L, Liang X, Li FY, Pu XP, Zhu XT, Zhang ZZ, Shao X, Jin CY, Li WZ
590 - 597 UV-Vis-IR driven thermocatalytic activity of OMS-2/SnO2 nanocomposite significantly enhanced by novel photoactivation and synergetic photocatalysis-thermocatalysis
Xie X, Li YZ, Yang Y, Chen C, Zhang Q
598 - 605 Effects of Ti precursors on the performance of planar perovskite solar cells
Li XH, Zhang JJ, Zhu XY, Yu JG, Fan K
606 - 614 Ultrathin CdS nanosheets with tunable thickness and efficient photocatalytic hydrogen generation
Bie CB, Fu JW, Cheng B, Zhang LY
615 - 622 Effect of defects on adsorption characteristics of AlN monolayer towards SO2 and NO2: Ab initio exposure
Ouyang TH, Qian Z, Hao XP, Ahuja R, Liu XF
623 - 632 Direct photoinduced synthesis and high H-2-evolution performance of Bi-modified TiO2 photocatalyst in a Bi(III)-EG complex system
Gao DD, Yu HG, Xu Y
633 - 640 3D porous poly(L-lactic acid) materials with controllable multi-scale microstructures and their potential application in oil-water separation
Sun X, Xue B, Tian YZ, Qin SH, Xie L
641 - 648 Effect of sulfurization temperature on the phase purity of Cu2SnS3 thin films deposited via high vacuum sulfurization
Pallavolu MR, Reddy VRM, Pejjai B, Jeong DS, Park C
649 - 658 Theoretical investigations of HCOOH decomposition on ordered Cu-Pd alloy surfaces
Yuan DW, Zhang Y
659 - 668 Construction of caterpillar-like cobalt-nickel hydroxide/carbon cloth hierarchical architecture with reversible wettability towards on-demand oil-water separation
Xie A, Dai JD, Ma CH, Cui JY, Chen YY, Lang JH, Gao M, Li CX, Yan YS
669 - 677 Ion excitation and etching effects on top-surface properties of sp(2) nanocrystallited carbon films
Fan X, Diao DF
678 - 684 MnOx-CeO2 mixed oxides as the catalyst for NO-assisted soot oxidation: The key role of NO adsorption/desorption on catalytic activity
Zhang HL, Zhou CX, Galvez ME, Da Costa P, Chen YQ
685 - 692 Adsorption of O-3, SO2 and NO2 molecules on the surface of pure and Fe-doped silicon carbide nanosheets: A computational study
Farmanzadeh D, Ardehjani NA
693 - 712 Recent progress on band and surface engineering of graphitic carbon nitride for artificial photosynthesis
Lu LH, Lv ZZ, Si YJ, Liu MY, Zhang S
713 - 719 Biomass-derived nitrogen/oxygen co-doped hierarchical porous carbon with a large specific surface area for ultrafast and long-life sodium-ion batteries
Luo DH, Han P, Shi LD, Huang JT, Yu JL, Lin YM, Du JG, Yang B, Li CH, Zhu CZ, Xu J
720 - 729 Comprehensive quantum chemical insight into the mechanistic understanding of the surface functionalization of carbon nanotube as a nanocarrier with cladribine anticancer drug
Lotfi M, Morsali A, Bozorgmehr MR
730 - 738 Enhanced photocatalytic performance of ZnSe/PANI nanocomposites for degradation of organic and inorganic pollutants
Shirmardi A, Teridi MAM, Azimi HR, Basirun WJ, Jamali-Sheini F, Yousefi R
739 - 752 Interfacial bonding mechanisms between aluminum and titanium during cold gas spraying followed by friction-stir modification
Khodabakhshi F, Marzbanrad B, Jahed H, Gerlich AP
753 - 759 A green synthetic approach for size tunable nanoporous gold nanoparticles and its glucose sensing application
Verma N
760 - 771 Boosting photocatalytic activity of WO3 nanorods with tailored surface oxygen vacancies for selective alcohol oxidations
Wang JG, Chen ZM, Zhai GJ, Men Y
772 - 782 Electronic structure and magnetism of the MnF2 doped graphene on MnO (111): Ab initio study
Ilyasov VV, Holodova OM, Popova IG, Gritsay IP, Ershov IV
783 - 790 Fabrication of ordered tubular porous silicon structures by colloidal lithography and metal assisted chemical etching: SERS performance of 2D porous silicon structures
Balderas-Valadez RF, Estevez-Espinoza JO, Salazar-Kuri U, Pacholski C, Mochan WL, Agarwal V
791 - 798 Eye-readable gasochromic and electrical detectability of hydrogenated Pd-TiO2 to gaseous fluorine species
Shim G, Lee SY, Kalanur SS, Seo H
799 - 803 Positive threshold voltage shift in AlGaN/GaN HEMTs with p-type NiO gate synthesized by magnetron reactive sputtering
Zhang T, Wang L, Li XB, Bu YY, Pu TF, Wang RL, Li LA, Ao JP
804 - 814 Interpretation for the fast sigma phase precipitation in the high intensity shot peened nanocrystallined Super304H stainless steel
Zhou QW, Wang RK, Zheng ZJ, Gao Y
815 - 821 Swift heavy silver (Ag+7) ion irradiation induced self assembled nanodots on MBE grown Gallium antimonide (GaSb)
Kumar S, Mahapatro AK, Mishra P
822 - 830 Porous MoP network structure as co-catalyst for H-2 evolution over g-C3N4 nanosheets
Liu W, Shen J, Liu QQ, Yang XF, Tang H
831 - 839 Density functional study on the binding properties of nucleobases to stanane nanosheet
Bhavadharani RK, Nagarajan V, Chandiramouli R
840 - 846 Enhanced hole transfer in hole-conductor-free perovskite solar cells via incorporating CuS into carbon electrodes
Hu RY, Zhang R, Ma YH, Liu W, Chu L, Mao WW, Zhang J, Yang JP, Pu Y, Li XA
847 - 855 Hole-like surface morphologies on the stainless steel surface through laser surface texturing underwater
Ye YX, Wu M, Ren XD, Zhou JZ, Li L
856 - 861 Influence of alloy engineering on structural and photo detection properties of SbXSn1-XSe2 ternary alloys
Tannarana M, Pataniya P, Solanki GK, Pillai SB, Patel KD, Jha PK, Pathak VM
862 - 871 Hierarchical porous carbon materials derived from waste lentinus edodes by a hybrid hydrothermal and molten salt process for supercapacitor applications
Tang DY, Luo YY, Lei WD, Xiang Q, Ren W, Song WC, Chen K, Sun J
872 - 882 Highly efficient microwave absorption properties and broadened absorption bandwidth of MoS2-iron oxide hybrids and MoS2-based reduced graphene oxide hybrids with Hetero-structures
Zhang DQ, Chai JX, Cheng JY, Jia YX, Yang XY, Wang H, Zhao ZL, Han C, Shan GC, Zhang WJ, Zheng GP, Cao MS
883 - 889 Establishment of a new analytical platform for glucose detection based on a terbium containing silica hybrid nanosensor
Yu AW, Zeng Z, Luo Q, Gao JW, Wang QM
890 - 895 The deposition characteristics of PAN/PPY on SiO2 substrate by density functional theory (DFT) calculations
Yu XH, Dong HL, Li YY
896 - 903 Novel visible light induced Ag2S/g-C3N4/ZnO nanoarrays heterojunction for efficient photocatalytic performance
Feng YM, Wang YZ, Li MY, Lv SS, Li W, Li ZC
904 - 912 Metal ion effect on the supramolecular structures of metalloporphyrins on single-walled carbon nanotube surface
Abd El-Mageed AIA, Ogawa T
913 - 922 Plasma electrolytic oxidation of monocrystalline silicon using silicate electrolyte containing boric acid
Bordbar-Khiabani A, Ebrahimi S, Yarmand B
923 - 931 Green synthesis of ultrafine Methyl-cellulose-derived porous carbon/MnO2 nanowires for asymmetric supercapacitors and flexible pattern stamping
Jia LM, Shi YH, Zhang Q, Xu XH
932 - 943 Phase identification in binary mixture of nanopowders from deconvoluted valence band spectra using X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy: Case study with iron oxide and titania polymorphs
Krishna DNG, Anushree C, George RP, Philip J
944 - 954 Characterization and tribological properties of rice husk carbon nanoparticles Co-doped with sulfur and nitrogen
Wang BB, Hu EZ, Tu ZQ, David KD, Hu KH, Hu XG, Yang W, Guo JH, Cai WM, Qian WL, Zhang H
955 - 962 Complete hollow ZnFe2O4 nanospheres with huge internal space synthesized by a simple solvothermal method as anode for lithium ion batteries
Yu M, Huang Y, Wang K, Han XP, Wang MY, Zhu YD, Liu L
963 - 979 A combined experimental and electronic-structure quantum mechanics approach for studying the kinetics and adsorption characteristics of zinc nitrate hexahydrate corrosion inhibitor on the graphene oxide nanosheets
Kasaeian M, Ghasemi E, Ramezanzadeh B, Mahdavian M, Bahlakeh G
980 - 990 The influence of PEG-thiol derivatives on controlling cellular and bacterial interactions with gold surfaces
Al-Ani A, Boden A, Al Kobaisi M, Pingle H, Wang PY, Kingshott P
991 - 1001 One-step synthesis of sulfur and tungstate co-doped porous g-C3N4 microrods with remarkably enhanced visible-light photocatalytic performances
Wu K, Chen DD, Fang JZ, Wu SX, Yang F, Zhu XM, Fang ZQ
1002 - 1007 Double-layer stepped Si(100) surfaces prepared in As-rich CVD ambience
Paszuk A, Supplie O, Nandy M, Bruckner S, Dobrich A, Kleinschmidt P, Kim B, Nakano Y, Sugiyama M, Hannappel T
1008 - 1016 Selective atomic layer deposition of MoSix on Si (001) in preference to silicon nitride and silicon oxide
Choi JY, Ahles CF, Hung R, Kim N, Kummel AC
1017 - 1028 Microstructural change and phase transformation in each individual layer of a nano-multilayered AlCrTiSiN high-entropy alloy nitride coating upon annealing
Chen WL, Yan A, Meng XN, Wu DQ, Yao DC, Zhang DD
1029 - 1035 Low temperature thermal ALD TaNx and TiNx films from anhydrous N2H4
Wolf S, Breeden M, Kwak I, Park JH, Kavrik M, Naik M, Alvarez D, Spiegelman J, Kummel AC
1036 - 1043 Selective and competitive adsorption behaviors of guest molecules in donor-acceptor conjugated macrocycles networks on liquid/solid interface
Cheng LX, Peng X, Zhang SQ, Deng K, Shu LJ, Wan JH, Zeng QD
1044 - 1044 Synergistic effect: Hierarchical Ni3S2@Co(OH)2 heterostructure as efficient bifunctional electrocatalyst for overall water splitting (vol 405, pg 267, 2017)
Wang SP, Xu L, Lu WX