Applied Surface Science

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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 2 Progress in applied surface, interface and thin film science 2017 Preface
Pincik E, Matsumoto T
3 - 9 From single GaAs detector to sensor for radiation imaging camera
Sagatova A, Zatko B, Necas V, Dubecky F, Anh TL, Sedlackova K, Bohacek P, Zaprazny Z
10 - 16 Relaxational kinetics of photoemission and photon-enhanced thermionic emission from p-GaAs surface with nonequilibrium Cs overlayers
Zhuravlev AG, Alperovich VL
17 - 22 Anomalous screening of an electrostatic field at the surface of niobium nitride
Piatti E, Romanin D, Gonnelli RS, Daghero D
23 - 32 Non-conventional scans in high-resolution X-ray diffraction analysis of epitaxial systems
Dobrocka E, Hasenohrl S, Chauhan P, Kuzmik J
33 - 38 Technology and application of in-situ AlOx layers on III-V semiconductors
Kudela R, Soltys J, Kucera M, Stoklas R, Gucmann F, Blaho M, Micusik M, Pohorelec O, Gregor M, Brytavskyi I, Dobrocka E, Gregusova D
39 - 43 Some peculiarities at preparation of Bi4Ti3O12 films for bolometric applications
Chromik S, Spankova M, Talacko M, Dobrocka E, Lalinsky T
44 - 47 Effect of etching time on structure of p-type porous silicon
Kopani M, Mikula M, Kosnac D, Vojtek P, Gregus J, Vavrinsky E, Jergel M, Pincik E
48 - 53 Silicon based MIS photoanode for water oxidation: A comparison of RuO2 and Ni Schottky contacts
Mikolasek M, Frohlich K, Husekova K, Racko J, Rehacek V, Chymo F, Tapajna M, Harmatha L
54 - 60 Differently sintered TiOx hole blocking layers for solution processed solar cells
Mikula M, Bekova Z, Hvojnik M, Hatala M, Mikolasek M, Mullerova J, Jergel M, Gemeiner P
61 - 65 Nanorods and nanocones for advanced sensor applications
Novak J, Laurencikova A, Elias P, Hasenohrl S, Sojkova M, Dobrocka E, Kovac J, Kovac J, Durisova J, Pudis D
66 - 71 Size-dependent phosphorus doping effect in nanocrystalline-Si-based multilayers
Jiang YC, Li DK, Xu J, Li W, Chen KJ
72 - 77 Investigation of morphological and optical properties of nanostructured layers formed by the SSCT etching of silicon
Jurecka S, Imamura K, Matsumoto T, Kobayashi H
78 - 82 Electron chemical potential in the context of unconventional quantum model
Bieg B, Chrzanowski J
83 - 87 Precise, semi-empirical equation for the work function
Chrzanowski J, Bieg B
88 - 92 Improved electrochromic properties of nanoporous NiO film by NiO flake with thickness controlled by aluminum
Yang H, Yu JH, Seo HJ, Jeong RH, Boo JH
93 - 97 Determination of alumina bandgap and dielectric functions of diamond MOS by STEM-VEELS
Canas J, Pinero JC, Lloret F, Gutierrez M, Pham T, Pernot J, Araujo D
98 - 101 PV cell electrical parameters dynamic modelling based on double-diode five-parameter reduced forms
Cibira G
102 - 107 Relations among photovoltaic cell electrical parameters
Cibira G
108 - 112 IP-Dip photoresist surfaces for photonic applications prepared by laser lithography and studied by AFM
Durisova J, Pudis D, Goraus M, Gaso P
113 - 116 Surface-relief Bragg grating waveguides based on IP-Dip polymer for photonic applications
Goraus M, Pudis D, Urbancova P, Martincek I, Gaso P
117 - 123 Laser surface texturing of Ti6Al4V alloy, stainless steel and aluminium silicon alloy
Grabowski A, Sozanska M, Adamiak M, Kepinska M, Florian T
124 - 132 Enhancement of superconducting properties of MgB2 thin films by using oxygen annealing atmosphere
Gregor M, Sobota R, Plecenik T, Roch T, Satrapinskyy L, Kacmarcik J, Girman V, Svec P, Kus P, Plecenik A
133 - 138 Structural and optical properties of WS2 prepared using sulfurization of different thick sputtered tungsten films
Hotovy I, Spiess L, Sojkova M, Kostic I, Mikolasek M, Predanocy M, Romanus H, Hulman M, Rehacek V
139 - 142 Determination of sub-nanometer distance from reflective surface by Fabry-Perot interferometer
Martincek I, Kacik D, Tarjanyi N, Schuster K
143 - 148 On the origin of in-gap states in homogeneously disordered ultrathin films. MoC case
Haskova V, Kopcik M, Szabo P, Samuely T, Kacmarcik J, Onufriienko O, Zemlicka M, Neilinger P, Grajcar M, Samuely P
149 - 153 GaP nanocones covered with silver nanoparticles for surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Laurencikova A, Elias P, Hasenohrl S, Kovac J, Szobolovszky R, Novak J
154 - 160 Design and synthesis of an interfacial layer of the polysulfide immobilizer for lithium-sulfur batteries by the one-pot hydrothermal method
Yu HJ, Byun D, Lee JK
161 - 170 Employment of ultra-thin carbon layer-coated porous tin oxide as anode in lithium-ion capacitor
Tran MX, Kim AY, Lee JK
171 - 174 2D periodic structures patterned on 3D surfaces by interference lithography for SERS
Lettrichova I, Laurencikova A, Pudis D, Novak J, Goraus M, Kovac J, Gaso P, Nevrela J
175 - 181 Effect of ligands in TiCl3(OAr) catalysts for ethylene polymerization: Computational and experimental studies
Xie KF, Xu JC, Liu P
182 - 189 Angle- and polarization resolved antireflection properties of black silicon prepared by electrochemical etching supported by external electric field
Mullerova J, Scholtz L, Durisova J, Pincik E, Solanska M, Pudis D
190 - 195 Synthesis of zinc oxide nanostructures and comparison of their crystal quality
Micova J, Buryi M, Simek D, Drahokoupil J, Neykova N, Chang YY, Remes Z, Pop-Georgievski O, Svoboda J, Im C
196 - 201 Potentiostatic electrodeposition under light irradiation for preparation of highly photoactive Cu2O for water splitting applications
Mikolasek M, Ondrejka P, Chymo F, Novak P, Pavuk M, Novotny I, Rehacek V, Breza J, Vincze A, Hotovy I
202 - 205 Ferromagnetic resonance study of sputtered Pt/Co/Pt multilayers
Neilinger P, Scepka T, Mruczkiewicz M, Derer J, Manca D, Dobrocka E, Samardak AS, Grajcar M, Cambel V
206 - 211 High temperature current transport in gate oxides based (GaN)/AlGaN/GaN Schottky diodes
Osvald J, Lalinsky T, Vanko G
212 - 220 Degradation analysis of GaAs solar cells at thermal stress
Papez N, Sobola D, Skvarenina L, Skarvada P, Hemzal D, Tofel P, Grmela L
221 - 226 High resolution boron content profilometry at delta-doping epitaxial diamond interfaces by CTEM
Pinero JC, Lloret F, Alegre MP, Villar MP, Fiori A, Bustarret E, Araujo D
227 - 232 Optical properties of woodpile structures for application on the surface of photonic devices
Pudis D, Goraus M, Urbancova P
233 - 241 Structure of superconducting MgB2 thin films prepared by vacuum evaporation and ex-situ annealing in Ar and O-2 atmospheres
Roch T, Gregor M, Svec P, Plecenik T, Satrapinskyy L, Caplovicova M, Bystricky R, Kus P, Plecenik A
242 - 248 Comparison of semi-insulating GaAs and 4H-SiC-based semiconductor detectors covered by LiF film for thermal neutron detection
Sedlackova K, Zat'ko B, Sagatova A, Necas V, Bohacek P, Sekacova M
249 - 254 Investigation of barium titanate thin films as simple antireflection coatings for solar cells
Scholtz L, Sutta P, Calta P, Novak P, Solanska M, Mullerova J
255 - 259 Characterization of interface states in AlGaN/GaN metal-oxide-semiconductor heterostructure field-effect transistors with HfO2 gate dielectric grown by atomic layer deposition
Stoklas R, Gregusova D, Hasenohrl S, Brytavskyi E, Tapajna M, Frohlich K, Hascik S, Gregor M, Kuzmik J
260 - 268 Nano-silver modified silica particles in antibacterial photodynamic therapy
Wysocka-Krol K, Olsztynska-Janus S, Plesch G, Plecenik A, Podbielska H, Bauer J
269 - 275 Possible charge-density-wave signatures in the anomalous resistivity of Li-intercalated multilayer MoS2
Piatti E, Chen QH, Tortello M, Ye JT, Gonnelli RS
276 - 280 Schottky barrier detectors based on high quality 4H-SiC semiconductor: Electrical and detection properties
Zatko B, Hrubcin L, Sagatova A, Osvald J, Bohacek P, Zaprazny Z, Sedlackova K, Sekacova M, Dubecky F, Skuratov VA, Korytar D, Necas V