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1 - 8 Compositional inhomogeneities in type-I and type-II superlattices for GaAsSbN-based solar cells: Effect of thermal annealing
Braza V, Reyes DF, Gonzalo A, Utrilla AD, Ulloa JM, Flores S, Ben T, Gonzalez D
9 - 15 Highly enhanced photocatalytic performance of TiO2 nanosheets through constructing TiO2/TiO2 quantum dots homojunction
Wang X, Xia R, Muhire E, Jiang SB, Huo XJ, Gao MZ
16 - 22 Rational design of unique graphene modified cobalt manganite hollow microcubes for supercapacitors
Li HW, Lin LY, Zhao QN, Xu CH, Peng XH, Hu N
23 - 31 Combined ToF-SIMS and XPS characterization of 304L surface after interaction with caesium iodide under PWR severe accident conditions
Obada D, Mamede AS, Nuns N, Gregoire AC, Gasnot L
32 - 39 Mesoporous silica-pillared clays supported nanosized Co3O4-CeO2 for catalytic combustion of toluene
Cheng Z, Chen Z, Li JR, Zuo SF, Yang P
40 - 47 Ammonium nickel phosphate on nickel foam with a Ni3+-rich surface for ultrasensitive nonenzymatic glucose sensors
Wang XX, Jian HM, Xiao Q, Huang SP
48 - 53 Transparent conductive CuS film prepared on A4 sized PET substrate by chemical bath deposition method
Sun YY, Lv LY, Wang S, Wang N, Wang H
54 - 62 Micrometer-sized spherulites as building blocks for lotus leaf-like superhydrophobic coatings
Bai H, Zhang L, Gu D
63 - 73 Transition metals (Co, Zr, Ti) modified iron-samarium oxide as efficient catalysts for selective catalytic reduction of NOx at low-temperature
Wei Y, Fan H, Wang R
74 - 79 Ni/Al2O3-ZrO2 catalyst for CO2 methanation: The role of gamma-(Al, Zr)(2)O-3 formation
Zhan YY, Wang YY, Gu DM, Chen CQ, Jiang LL, Takehira K
80 - 85 Novel bionanocellulose based membrane protected with covalently bounded thin silicone layer as promising wound dressing material
Guzdek K, Lewandowska-Lancucka J, Zapotoczny S, Nowakowska M
86 - 91 Wideband anti-reflective silicon surface structures fabricated by femtosecond laser texturing
Parmar V, Shin YC
92 - 97 Role of surface oxidation for thickness-driven insulator-to-metal transition in epitaxial MoO2 films
Ahn E, Min T, Lee J, Lee I, Kim Y, Jeen H
98 - 104 Exploring the correlation between MoS2 nanosheets and 3D graphene-based nanostructures for reversible lithium storage
Son Y, Lee JS, Choi M, Son Y, Park N, Ko M, Jang JH, Park M
105 - 113 Continuous flow HER and MOR evaluation of a new Pt/Pd/Co nano electrocatalyst
Sarno M, Ponticorvo E
114 - 119 The correlation between substrate and deposited biocompatible layer microstructures on different substrates
Jaroslav M, Vladimir S
120 - 128 Preparation of metal-organic framework-derived nitrogen-doped porous carbon and study of its supercapacitive performance in potassium citrate electrolyte
Huang SY, Zhang JQ, Li P, Wang WK, Feng HX, Luo HM
129 - 137 Bioinspired enhancement of chitosan nanocomposite films via Mg-ACC crystallization, their robust, hydrophobic and biocompatible
Chen T, Shi PH, Zhang J, Li Y, Tian XQ, Lian J, Duan T, Zhu WK
138 - 147 Magnetic MnFe2O4 activated peroxymonosulfate processes for degradation of bisphenol A: Performance, mechanism and application feasibility
Deng J, Xu MY, Qiu CG, Chen Y, Ma XY, Gao NY, Li XY
148 - 154 Surface wettability of montmorillonite (001) surface as affected by surface charge and exchangeable cations: A molecular dynamic study
Yi H, Jia FF, Zhao YL, Wang W, Song SX, Li HQ, Liu C
155 - 163 Residual stress and microstructure evolutions of SAF 2507 duplex stainless steel after shot peening
Chen M, Liu HB, Wang LB, Xu Z, Ji V, Jiang CH
164 - 170 Long-term stability of photodetectors based on graphene field-effect transistors encapsulated with Si3N4 layers
Su F, Zhang ZH, Li SS, Li PA, Deng T
171 - 178 Effect of water content on the characteristics of hydro-compacted nanosilica
Gun'ko VM, Turov VV, Pakhlov EM, Krupska TV, Charmas B
179 - 184 High performance photodiode based on MoS2/pentacene heterojunction
Peng YQ, Ding RZ, Ren Q, Xu SN, Sun L, Wang Y, Lu FP
185 - 193 Graphene oxide membranes for ion separation: Detailed studies on the effects of fabricating conditions
Hou JK, Bao CL, Qu SY, Hu XY, Nair S, Chen YB
194 - 200 One-pot facile synthesis of the ZnO/ZnSe heterostructures for efficient photocatalytic degradation of azo dye
Ehsan MF, Bashir S, Hamid S, Zia A, Abbas Y, Umbreen K, Ashiq MN, Shah A
201 - 207 The adsorption of CO, O-2 and H-2 on Li-doped defective (8,0) SWCNT: A DFT study
Luna CR, Bechthold P, Brizuela G, Juan A, Pistonesi C
208 - 216 Facile synthesis of Pd nanoparticles on polydopamine-coated Fe-Fe2O3 magnetic nanochains as recyclable high-performance nanocatalysts
Wang SM, Fu JW, Wang K, Gao M, Wang XZ, Wang ZW, Chen JF, Xu Q
217 - 223 Li decorated Be3C2 as light-weight host material for reversible hydrogen storage
Chen L, Chen XF, Liu J, Xiang P, Zhuge FY, Xiao BB
224 - 232 Scalable one-pot synthesis of porous 0D/2D C3N4 nanocomposites for efficient visible-light driven photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Cai GH, Wang JP, Wu XQ, Zhan YY, Liang SJ
233 - 241 A novel litchi-like LiFePO4 sphere/reduced graphene oxide composite Li-ion battery cathode with high capacity, good rate-performance and low-temperature property
Liu JY, Lin XR, Han TL, Li XX, Gu CP, Li JJ
242 - 248 Adsorption of SF6 decomposition components on Pt-3-TiO2(101) surface: A DFT study
Wang Y, Gui YG, Ji C, Tang C, Zhou Q, Li J, Zhang XX
249 - 256 Fabrication of highly conductive and flexible printed electronics by low temperature sintering reactive silver ink
Mou Y, Zhang YR, Cheng H, Peng Y, Chen MX
257 - 262 Long-term wettability of titanium surfaces by combined femtosecond laser micro/nano structuring and chemical treatments
Lu JL, Huang T, Liu Z, Zhang X, Xiao RS
263 - 270 Flexible Fe3O4 nanoparticles/N-doped carbon nanofibers hybrid film as binder-free anode materials for lithium-ion batteries
Guo LG, Sun H, Qin CQ, Li W, Wang F, Song WL, Du J, Zhong F, Ding Y
271 - 280 Ag SPR-promoted 2D porous g-C3N4/Ag2MoO4 composites for enhanced photocatalytic performance towards methylene blue degradation
Huo Y, Wang ZL, Zhang JF, Liang CH, Dai K
281 - 291 The influence of sulfate on selenate sorption on Mg-Al-CO3 layered double hydroxides prepared by fine inorganic sol-gel synthesis studied by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Chubar N
292 - 299 Ethylenediamine-functionalized CdS/tetra(4-carboxyphenyl)porphyrin iron (III) chloride hybrid system for enhanced CO2 photoreduction
Li P, Hou CC, Zhang XH, Chen Y, He T
300 - 308 Surface modifications of polystyrene and their stability: A comparison of DBD plasma deposition and direct fluorination
Kong F, Chang C, Ma YY, Zhang C, Ren CY, Shao T
309 - 317 Mesoporous reduced graphene oxide/WSe2 composite particles for efficient sodium-ion batteries and hydrogen evolution reactions
Cho JS, Park SK, Jeon KM, Piao Y, Kang YC
318 - 326 Adsorption of polythiophene/TiO2 composite for Zn (II), Pb (II) and Cu (II): Selectivity and synergistic effect investigation
Chen J, Zhang L, Zhu JW, Wang N, Feng JT, Yan W
327 - 335 Morphology controlled synthesis of hierarchical structured Fe2O3 from natural ilmenite and its high performance for dyes adsorption
Kang DJ, Hu CQ, Zhu QS
336 - 344 Sulfur doping in multivacancy graphene systems
Mombru D, Faccio R, Mombru AW
345 - 348 Titanium doped zinc oxide thin film transistors fabricated by cosputtering technique
Yu W, Han DD, Li HJ, Dong JC, Zhou XB, Yi Z, Luo Z, Zhang SD, Zhang X, Wang Y
349 - 353 Fluorinated tin oxide (FTO) deposited at room temperature: Influence of hydrogen and oxygen in the sputtering gas on the optical and electrical properties
Moran-Pedroso M, Sanchez-Marcos J, de Andres A, Prieto C
354 - 362 DFT study on the electronic structure and optical properties of N, Al, and N-Al doped graphene
Zhou X, Zhao CH, Wu GF, Chen JH, Li YQ
363 - 375 Facile synthesis of Pt assisted Bi-Bi2WO6-x with oxygen vacancies for the improved photocatalytic activity under visible light
Zhang SS, Pu WH, Du H, Wang YY, Yang CZ, Gong JY
376 - 384 Gram-scale solution-based synthesis of SnSe thermoelectric nanomaterials
Kundu S, Yi SI, Yu C
385 - 392 First-principle investigation on charge carrier transfer in transition-metal single atoms loaded g-C3N4
Tong T, He BW, Zhu BC, Cheng B, Zhang LY
393 - 396 Effects of Y doping with point defects on the ferromagnetic properties of ZnO(0001)-Zn polar surface
Li C, Hou QY
397 - 405 Anti-irreversible fouling of precisely-designed PVDF-ZnO membrane: Effects of ion strength and co-existing cations
Li N, Tian Y, Zhao JH, Kong LC, Zhang J, Zuo W, Cui H, Lin QY
406 - 410 Curvature induced improvement of Li storage in Ca2N nanotubes
Luo WW, Wang HW, Hu JP, Liu SQ, Ouyang CY
411 - 421 Tribological behaviors of fluid-lubricated DLC films under sliding and fretting conditions
Fu HM, Fan XQ, Li W, Li H, Cai ZB, Zhu MH
422 - 429 Synthesis of MoS2/Ni3S2 heterostructure for efficient electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution reaction through optimizing the sulfur sources selection
Liu XL, Wang P, Zhang QQ, Huang BB, Wang ZY, Liu YY, Zheng ZK, Dai Y, Qin XY, Zhang XY
430 - 437 Enlarged working potential window for MnO2 supercapacitors with neutral aqueous electrolytes
Wu YZ, Ding Y, Hayat T, Alsaedi A, Dai SY
438 - 445 In-situ preparation of amino-terminated dendrimers on TiO2 films by generational growth for potential and efficient surface functionalization
Li PC, Zheng WJ, Ma WY, Li X, Li SQ, Zhao YC, Wang J, Huang N
446 - 452 Electrochemical synthesis of anisole on platinum anode surface: Experiment and first-principle study
Zhang ZW, Wang Q
453 - 458 N-doped hollow carbon nanospheres as platinum anchoring material for efficient hydrogen evolution
Fan LL, Du XX, Kang ZX, Guo HL, Kang WP, Xue M, Sun DF
459 - 467 The effect of surface texture on the oxidation behaviour of polycrystalline Fe-Cr
Zijlstra G, de Jeer LTH, Ocelik V, De Hosson JTM
468 - 476 Fabrication and characterization of novel powder reconstitution derived nanostructured spherical La-2(Zr0.75Ce0.25)(2)O-7 feedstock for plasma spraying
Zhou FF, Wang Y, Chen WL, LiangWang, Huang CX, Wang YM, Liu M
477 - 482 Nitrogen doping in Ta2O5 and its implication for photocatalytic H-2 production
Liu WS, Huang SH, Liu CF, Hu CW, Chen TY, Perng TP
483 - 491 Efficiently enhancing the tracking and erosion resistance of silicone rubber by the synergism of fluorine-containing polyphenylsilsesquioxane and ureido-containing MQ silicone resin
Wu TY, Lai XJ, Liu FJ, Li HQ, Zeng XR
492 - 504 Understanding the microstructural evolution of cold sprayed Ti-6Al-4V coatings on Ti-6Al-4V substrates
Lek JY, Bhowmik A, Tan AWY, Sun W, Song X, Zhai W, Buenconsejo PJ, Li F, Liu EJ, Lam YM, Boothroyd CB
505 - 511 Reduced bacterial colonisation on surfaces coated with silicone nanostructures
Meier M, Dubois V, Seeger S
512 - 519 Co-solvent induced self-roughness superhydrophobic coatings with self-healing property for versatile oil-water separation
Gao SW, Dong XL, Huang JY, Dong JN, Cheng Y, Chen Z, Lai YK
520 - 526 Fabrication of CdSe/CaTiO3 nanocomposties in aqueous solution for improved photocatalytic hydrogen production
Han JS, Liu Y, Dai FX, Zhao RY, Wang L
527 - 536 Oxidation and ablation protection of multiphase Hf0.5Ta0.5B2-SiC-Si coating for graphite prepared by dipping-pyrolysis and reactive infiltration of gaseous silicon
Jiang Y, Liu TY, Ru HQ, Wang W, Zhang CP, Wang L
537 - 543 Surface effects on the magnetocaloric properties of perovskites ferromagnetic thin films: A Monte Carlo study
Elyacoubi ASE, Masrour R, Jabar A
544 - 553 One-step fabrication of beta-cyclodextrin modified magnetic graphene oxide nanohybrids for adsorption of Pb(II), Cu(II) and methylene blue in aqueous solutions
Ma YX, Shao WJ, Sun W, Kou YL, Li X, Yang HP
554 - 561 Promoting sensitivity and selectivity of HCHO sensor based on strained InP3 monolayer: A DFT study
Yang HR, Wang ZP, Ye HY, Zhang K, Chen XP, Zhang GQ
562 - 571 Solution phase surface functionalization of PbS nanoparticles with organic ligands for single-step deposition of p-type layer of quantum dot solar cells
Beygi H, Sajjadi SA, Babakhani A, Young JF, van Veggel FCJM
572 - 582 Template-free synthesis of biomass-derived carbon coated Li4Ti5O12 microspheres as high performance anodes for lithium-ion batteries
Li KQ, Zhang Y, Sun YN, Xu YL, Zhang H, Ye P, Zheng MD, Zhou N, Wang D
583 - 587 Anodic oxidation of Al/Ge/Al multilayer films
Beltiukov AN, Stashkova EV, Boytsova OV
588 - 595 Rapid synthesis of MoS2-PDA-Ag nanocomposites as heterogeneous catalysts and antimicrobial agents via microwave irradiation
Zeng GJ, Huang L, Huang Q, Liu MY, Xu DZ, Huang HY, Yang ZY, Deng FJ, Zhang XY, Wei Y
596 - 605 Low-temperature direct synthesis of high quality WS2 thin films by plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition for energy related applications
Yeo S, Nandi DK, Rahul R, Kim TH, Shong B, Jang Y, Bae JS, Han JW, Kim SH, Kim H
606 - 611 TiO2 nanoscale ionic materials using mussel adhesive proteins inspired ligand
Wu JJ, Li DD, Zeng HF, Zhou Z, Yang SJ, Zhao N, Xu J
612 - 620 Experimental and theoretical investigations of some pyrazolo-pyrimidine derivatives as corrosion inhibitors on copper in sulfuric acid solution
Xu Y, Zhang ST, Li WP, Guo L, Xu SY, Feng L, Madkour LH
621 - 629 Glass-on-LiNbO3 heterostructure formed via a two-step plasma activated low-temperature direct bonding method
Xu JK, Wang CX, Tian YH, Wu B, Wang S, Zhang H
630 - 638 Enhanced sensing performance and mechanism of CuO nanoparticle-loaded ZnO nanowires: Comparison with ZnO-CuO core-shell nanowires
Diao KD, Xiao J, Zheng Z, Cui XD
639 - 646 The effects of tungsten and hydrothermal aging in promoting NH3-SCR activity on V2O5/WO3-TiO2 catalysts
Chen HF, Xia Y, Fang RY, Huang H, Gan YP, Liang C, Zhang J, Zhang WK, Liu XS
647 - 656 Basalt fiber fabric synergistically decorated by MnO2 nanosheets/stearic acid for the enhancement of oil-recovery and anti-icing behavior
Rong XS, Zhang L, Zhang XY, Rong J, Zhou XT, Chen HF, Liu S, Qiu FX, Wu ZR
657 - 664 Porous carbon materials based on biomass for acetone adsorption: Effect of surface chemistry and porous structure
Ma XC, Li LQ, Chen RF, Wang CH, Zhou K, Li HL
665 - 671 Hierarchical Co2P microspheres assembled from nanorods grown on reduced graphene oxide as anode material for Lithium-ion batteries
Zhang C, Jiao GH, Kong FJ, Wang J, Tao S, Zhang L, Qian B, Chao YM
672 - 677 The microstructural evolution of chemical disorder and ferromagnetism in He+ irradiated FePt3 films
Causer GL, Zhu HL, Davis J, Ionescu M, Mankey GJ, Wang XLL, Klose F
678 - 685 Observing the evolution of regular nanostructured indium phosphide after gas cluster ion beam etching
Barlow AJ, Sano N, Murdoch BJ, Portoles JF, Pigram PJ, Cumpson PJ
686 - 692 Ratiometric fluorescence detection of phosphate in human serum with a metal-organic frameworks-based nanocomposite and its immobilized agarose hydrogels
Gao N, Huang J, Wang LY, Feng JY, Huang PC, Wu FY
693 - 699 Adsorption and dissociation of CH(4)on graphene: A density functional theory study
Li K, Li HJ, Yan NN, Wang TY, Zhao ZG
700 - 706 Study of sputtered Cu2ZnSnS4 thin films on Si
Song N, Green MA, Huang JL, Hu YC, Hao XJ
707 - 715 Cu nanoparticles encapsulated with hollow carbon spheres for methanol oxidative carbonylation: Tuning of the catalytic properties by particle size control
Shi RN, Wang J, Zhao JX, Liu SS, Hao PP, Li Z, Ren J
716 - 722 Design and synthesis of surface-controlled CuOx/rGO nanocomposites with unusually high efficiency in catalytic conversion of organic reactants in the presence of NaBH4
Liang X, Chen XW, Xiang ZL, Yan R, Xi H, Bian T, Zhang JJ, Zhao JX, Cai QH, Wang HX
723 - 731 Implementation of AFM tip-based nanoscratching process on single crystal copper: Study of material removal state
Yan YD, Wang JQ, Geng YQ, Fang Z, He Y
732 - 740 Efficient assembly of high-performance reduced graphene oxide/silver nanowire transparent conductive film based on in situ light-induced reduction technology
Li LY, Li WL, Jiu JT, Suganuma K
741 - 748 A molecular dynamics study on the dependence of phase behaviors and structural properties of two-dimensional interfacial monolayer on surface area
Wei YY, Wang HL, Xia QY, Yuan SL
749 - 759 Self-assembly behavior of amphiphilic poly(ethylene glycol)-conjugated 10-hydroxycamptothecin in water and its cytotoxicity assay
Zhang YF, Yang XX, Lu ZN, Li HP, Guo XL, Hou WG
760 - 766 Tailoring surface and structural properties of composite materials by coupling Pt-decorated graphene oxide and ZIF-8-derived carbon
Szczesniak B, Choma J, Jaroniec M
767 - 773 Capacitive deionization from reconstruction of NiCoAl-mixed metal oxide film electrode based on the "memory effect"
Hu CZ, Wang T, Dong JJ, Liu RP, Liu HJ, Qu JH
774 - 781 Electrodeposited Mo-doped WO3 film with large optical modulation and high areal capacitance toward electrochromic energy-storage applications
Xie SJ, Bi ZJ, Chen YB, He XL, Guo XX, Gao XD, Li XM
782 - 787 Generating more Mn4+ ions on surface of nonstoichiometric MnO2 nanorods via microwave heating for improved oxygen electroreduction
Xu KB, Lin XX, Wang XF, Li LG, Zhu ZS, Tian Y
788 - 801 Controlled surface/interface structure and spin enabled superior properties and biocompatibility of cobalt ferrite nanoparticles
Ansari SM, Sinha BB, Pai KR, Bhat SK, Ma YR, Sen D, Kolekar YD, Ramana CV
802 - 811 A novel natural SERS system for crystal violet detection based on graphene oxide wrapped Ag micro-islands substrate fabricated from Lotus leaf as a template
Shi GC, Wang ML, Zhu YY, Wang YH, Xu HJ
812 - 821 Steering reduction and decomposition of peroxide compounds by interface interactions between MgO thin film and transition-metal support
Song ZJ, Zhao B, Wang Q, Cheng P
822 - 829 Tailoring properties of nanostructured MoO3-x thin films by aqueous solution deposition
Inzani K, Nematollahi M, Selbach SM, Grande T, Waalekalv ML, Brakstad T, Reenaas TW, Kildemo M, Vullum-Bruer F
830 - 834 Low temperature growth of polycrystalline InN films on non-crystalline substrates by plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition
Peng H, Feng XC, Gong JH, Wang W, Liu H, Quan ZJ, Pan S, Wang L
835 - 844 Interface reaction processes and reactive properties of Al/CuO nanothermite: An ab initio molecular dynamics simulation
Xiong GL, Yang CH, Zhu WH
845 - 852 Surface N modified 2D g-C3N4 nanosheets derived from DMF for photocatalytic H-2 evolution
Hao QG, Song YH, Ji HY, Mo Z, She XJ, Deng JJ, Muhmood T, Wu XY, Yuan SQ, Xu H, Li HM
853 - 859 Ultraviolet-light-driven photoresponse of chemical vapor deposition grown molybdenum disulfide/graphene heterostructured FET
Iqbal MZ, Khan S, Siddique S
860 - 873 Surface chemical characterization of model glycan surfaces and shelf life studies of glycan microarrays using XPS, NEXAFS spectroscopy, ToF-SIMS and fluorescence scanning
Nietzold C, Dietrich PM, Holzweber M, Lippitz A, Kamalakumar A, Blanchard V, Ivanov-Pankov S, Weigel W, Panne U, Unger WES
874 - 883 Melamine-functionalized graphene oxide: Synthesis, characterization and considering as pseudocapacitor electrode material with intermixed POAP polymer
Ajdari FB, Kowsari E, Ehsani A, Chepyga L, Schirowski M, Jager S, Kasian O, Hauke F, Ameri T