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Applied Surface Science, Vol.458 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 9 A novel Ag@AgBr-Ag2Mo3O10 ternary core-shell photocatalyst: Energy band modification and additional superoxide radical production
Liu XT, Zhu YY, Li WJ, Wang FZ, Li HD, Ren CJ, Zhao YJ
10 - 17 Birnessite manganese oxide nanosheets assembled on Ni foam as high-performance pseudocapacitor electrodes: Electrochemical oxidation driven porous honeycomb architecture formation
Liu CY, Chen YF, Huang WX, Yue ST, Huang H
18 - 23 Angle-dependent sputter yield of rippled surfaces
Shulga VI
24 - 31 Pyridinic-nitrogen-dominated nitrogen-doped graphene stabilized Cu for efficient selective oxidation of 5-hydroxymethfurfural
Lv GQ, Chen SW, Zhu HF, Li M, Yang YX
32 - 42 Through-plane wettability tuning of fibrous carbon layers via O-2 plasma treatment for enhanced water management
Zahiri B, Felix RM, Hill A, Kung CH, Sharma T, Real JD, Merida W
43 - 48 Oxidation inhibition of poly(3-hexylthiophene-2,5-diyl) in the bulk heterojunction by an electron acceptor
Woo TG, Cha BJ, Seo HO, Kim YD
49 - 58 Bioactive and antibacterial boron doped TiO2 coating obtained by PEO
Sopchenski L, Cogo S, Dias-Ntipanyj MF, Elifio-Esposito S, Popat KC, Soares P
59 - 69 Noble metal-free modified ultrathin carbon nitride with promoted molecular oxygen activation for photocatalytic formaldehyde oxidization and DFT study
Li J, Zhao WH, Wang J, Song SX, Wu XY, Zhang GK
70 - 76 Facile preparation of nanoporous C-60/P3HT thin films from PLA-b-C-60-b-P3HT triblock copolymers
Yang ZL, Fu KY, Yu J, Shi XJ, Zhou PT, Cheng ZH
77 - 85 Photocatalytic NO oxidation on N-doped TiO2/g-C3N4 heterojunction: Enhanced efficiency, mechanism and reaction pathway
Jiang GM, Cao JW, Chen M, Zhang XM, Dong F
86 - 94 Hierarchical flower-like SnS grafted with glucosamine-derived nitrogen-doped carbon with enhanced reversible Li-storage performance
Xu LM, Ma L, Zhou XP, Ling Y, Wang XL, Chen MF
95 - 99 Flexible SERS substrate for portable Raman analysis of biosamples
Kalachyova Y, Erzina M, Postnikov P, Svorcik V, Lyutakov O
100 - 110 Fabrication of DLC nanoparticle clusters by mu-wave oven based plasma reactor with acetylene diluted in air precursor
Pakpum C, Kanchiang K
111 - 118 Enhanced high-voltage cycling stability and rate capability of magnesium and titanium co-doped lithium cobalt oxides for lithium-ion batteries
Zhang ML, Tan M, Zhao HY, Liu SS, Shu XH, Hu YZ, Liu JT, Ran QW, Li H, Liu XQ
119 - 128 Fabrication of the phosphorus doped mesoporous carbon with superior capacitive performance by microwave irradiation under ambient atmosphere: An ultra-facile and energy-efficient method
Li YB, Zhang DY, Han M, He JJ, Wang YL, Wang KJ, Wang Y
129 - 138 Insight into crystal-structure dependent charge separation and photo-redox catalysis: A combined experimental and theoretical study on Bi(IO3)(3) and BiOIO3
Huang HW, Chen F, Reshak AH, Auluck S, Zhang YH
139 - 144 Waveguide coupled surface plasmon resonance based electro optic modulation in SBN thin films
Gupta S, Paliwal A, Gupta V, Tomar M
145 - 156 Ab-initio investigations on the physical properties of 3d and 5d transition metal atom substituted divacancy monolayer h-BN
Muhammad R, Uqaili MA, Shuai Y, Mahar MA, Ahmed I
157 - 165 Superhydrophilicity and underwater superoleophobicity TiO2/Al2O3 composite membrane with ultra low oil adhesion for highly efficient oil-in-water emulsions separation
Zhang DW, Wang G, Zhi SD, Xu KL, Zhu LJ, Li WW, Zeng ZX, Xue QJ
166 - 171 Resonant tunneling MIIIS diode based on intrinsic quantum-well formation of ultra-thin atomic layered films after band-offset engineering
Molina-Reyes J, Uribe-Vargas H, Ortega E, Ponce A
172 - 182 Effect of PbI2 solution on air-preparation of perovskite solar cells for enhanced performance
Li R, Zhang HY, Zhang M, Guo M
183 - 190 The hydrophilicity improvement of polytetrafluoroethylene by Ar plasma jet: The relationship of hydrophilicity, ambient humidity and plasma parameters
Liu K, Lei J, Zheng Z, Zhu Z, Liu S
191 - 197 Strain and interlayer coupling tailored magnetic properties and valley splitting in layered ferrovalley 2H-VSe2
Feng SN, Mi WB
198 - 209 Influence of sulfides on the passivation behavior of titanium alloy TA2 in simulated seawater environments
Yang XJ, Du CW, Wan HX, Liu ZY, Li XG
210 - 215 Graphdiyne nanoribbon based diodes: A theoretical study on rectifying behavior of nitrogen doped graphdiyne-graphdiyne heterojunction
Nazirfakhr M, Zaminpayma E
216 - 221 Highly uniform switching of HfO2-x based RRAM achieved through Ar plasma treatment for low power and multilevel storage
Qi M, Tao Y, Wang ZQ, Xu HY, Zhao XN, Liu WZ, Ma JG, Liu YC
222 - 225 Formation of atomically flat hydroxyl-terminated diamond (111) surfaces via water vapor annealing
Yoshida R, Miyata D, Makino T, Yamasaki S, Matsumoto T, Inokuma T, Tokuda N
226 - 235 Bioassembly of fungal hyphae/graphene oxide composite as high performance adsorbents for U(VI) removal
Li Y, Zou G, Yang SY, Shi PH, Chen T, Lian YR, Duan T, Zheng K, Dai LC, Zhu WK
236 - 244 A facile approach to fabricating silver-coated cotton fiber non-woven fabrics for ultrahigh electromagnetic interference shielding
Tan YJ, Li J, Gao Y, Li J, Guo SY, Wang M
245 - 251 Rapid colorimetric and spectroscopy based sensing of heavy metal and cellular free oxygen radical by surface functionalized silver nanoparticles
Ban DK, Paul S
252 - 263 Sensitive nitrite detection at core-shell structured Cu@Pt nanoparticles supported on graphene
Hameed RMA, Medany SS
264 - 268 2D Wigner crystals on silicon surface induced by nanosecond pulsed laser
Huang ZM, Huang WQ, Liu SR
269 - 272 Growth of pure wurtzite InAs nanowires over a wide diameter range
Yan X, Li B, Zhang X, Ren XM
273 - 280 Magnetic-field-assisted formation of oriented nanowires produced by pld in open air
Nikov RG, Dikovska AO, Atanasova GB, Avdeev GV, Nedyalkov NN
281 - 292 Roles of catalytic PtO2 nanoparticles on nitric oxide sensing mechanisms of flame-made SnO2 nanoparticles
Singkammo S, Wisitsoraat A, Jaruwongrangsee K, Tuantranont A, Phanichphant S, Liewhiran C
293 - 304 Controlled modification of the surface morphology and roughness of stainless steel 316 by a high speed submerged cavitating water jet
Hutli E, Nedeljkovic M, Bonyar A
305 - 318 Microstructural, surface and electrochemical properties of a novel Ni-B/Ni-W-BN duplex composite coating by co-electrodeposition
Li BS, Zhang WW, Li DD, Huan YX, Dong J
319 - 332 WO3 nanotubes SnO2 nanoparticles heterointerfaces for ultrasensitive and selective NO2 detections
Sukunta J, Wisitsoraat A, Tuantranont A, Phanichphant S, Liewhiran C
333 - 343 A critical study of the optical and electrical properties of transparent and conductive Mo-doped ZnO films by adjustment of Mo concentration
Tirumalareddygari SR, Guddeti PR, Reddy KTR
344 - 349 Nanotribological properties of bulk metallic glasses
Dagdeviren OE
350 - 359 Investigation on adhesion strength and corrosion resistance of Ti-Zr aminotrimethylene phosphonic acid composite conversion coating on 7A52 aluminum alloy
Liu Q, Cao XM, Du A, Ma RN, Zhang XR, Shi TT, Fan YZ, Zhao X
360 - 368 Defect-induced room-temperature visible light luminescence in Mg2Si:Al films
Liao YF, Fan MH, Xie Q, Xiao QQ, Xie J, Yu H, Wang SL, Ma XY
369 - 381 Interactions between ZnO nanoparticles and amorphous g-C3N4 nanosheets in thermal formation of g-C3N4/ZnO composite materials: The annealing temperature effect
Jung H, Pham TT, Shin EW
382 - 388 Enhanced photoelectrochemical biosensing performance from rutile nanorod/anatase nanowire junction array
Yan BD, Zhuang Y, Jiang YL, Xu W, Chen YJ, Tu JC, Wang XH, Wu Q
389 - 396 Growth of polyaniline thorns on hybrid electrospun CNFs with nickel nanoparticles and graphene nanosheets as binder-free electrodes for high-performance supercapacitors
Tian D, Lu XF, Nie GD, Gao M, Song N, Wang C
397 - 404 Promoted methane activation on doped ceria via occupation of Pr(4f) states
Salcedo A, Iglesias I, Marino F, Irigoyen B
405 - 412 Novel insights into the surface microstructures of lead(II) benzohydroxamic on oxide mineral
He JY, Han HS, Zhang CY, Xu ZJ, Yuan DD, Chen P, Sun W, Hu YH
413 - 424 Highly crystalline polyaniline nanofibers coating with low-cost biomass for easy separation and high efficient removal of anionic dye ARG from aqueous solution
Lyu W, Yu MT, Feng JT, Yan W
425 - 430 Facile tool for green synthesis of graphene sheets and their smart free-standing UV protective film
Attia NF, Park J, Oh H
431 - 437 Ultrasensitive biosensor based on polyvinylpyrrolidone/chitosan/reduced graphene oxide electrospun nanofibers for 17 alpha - Ethinylestradiol electrochemical detection
Pavinatto A, Mercante LA, Facure MHM, Pena RB, Sanfelice RC, Mattoso LHC, Correa DS
438 - 445 Synthesis of peptide-containing calcium phosphate nanoparticles exhibiting highly selective adsorption of various proteins
Kojima S, Nagata F, Kugimiya S, Kato K
446 - 453 Reducing sheet resistance of self-assembled transparent graphene films by defect patching and doping with UV/ozone treatment
Tomasevic-Ilic T, Jovanovic D, Popov I, Fandan R, Pedros J, Spasenovic M, Gajic R
454 - 463 A density functional based tight binding (DFTB plus ) study on the sulfidization-amine flotation mechanism of smithsonite
Chen Y, Liu M, Chen JH, Li YQ, Zhao CH, Mu X
464 - 477 New insights into photocatalytic mechanism and photoelectrochemical property of bismuth oxybromide heterostructure with DFT investigation
Xing YL, Ni G, Liu J, Tian YP, Que WX
478 - 488 NiMoO4 nanowire arrays and carbon nanotubes film as advanced electrodes for high-performance supercapacitor
Zhang SW, Yin BS, Liu C, Wang ZB, Gu DM
489 - 494 Roughness scaling extraction method for fractal dimension evaluation based on a single morphological image
Feng F, Liu BB, Zhang XS, Qian X, Li XH, Huang JL, Qu TM, Feng PF
495 - 502 Mechanically strong plant oil-derived thermoplastic polymers prepared via cellulose graft strategy
Wu M, Zhang YQ, Peng Q, Song LZ, Hu ZG, Li Z, Wang ZK
503 - 511 Enhanced anti-scratch performance of nanopatterned anti-reflective polymer films
Yeo NE, Cho WK, Kim DI, Jeong MY
512 - 516 Influence of UDMHy on GaAs (001) surface reconstruction before and during growth of Ga(NAs) by MOVPE
Massmeyer O, Sterzer E, Nattermann L, Stolz W, Volz K
517 - 522 Direct growth of urchin-like CuCo2O4 on Ni foam for ultrahigh capacity and excellent rate ability of lithium ion batteries
Li YP, Liu M, Hou S, Wang P, Pan XX, Xie MX, Chen YX, Zhao LZ
523 - 528 Cr-doped TiO2 nanotubes with a double-layer model: An effective way to improve the efficiency of dye-sensitized solar cells
Nguyen HH, Gyawali G, Hoon JS, Sekino T, Lee SW
529 - 539 An interdisciplinary approach to a knowledge-based restoration: The dark alteration on Matera Cathedral (Italy)
Rampazzi L, Andreotti A, Bressan M, Colombini MP, Corti C, Cuzman O, d'Alessandro N, Liberatore L, Palombi L, Raimondi V, Sacchi B, Tiano P, Tonucci L, Vettori S, Zanardini E, Ranalli G
540 - 545 Highly transparent, all-oxide, heteroepitaxy ferroelectric thin film for flexible electronic devices
Ren CL, Tan CB, Gong LJ, Tang MK, Liao M, Tang Y, Zhong XL, Guo HX, Wang JB
546 - 554 Efficient photoactivity of TiO2-hybrid-porous nanocomposite: Effect of humidity
Tuncel D, Okte AN
555 - 563 Hierarchical functionalization of electrospun fibers by electrodeposition of zinc oxide nanostructures
Matei E, Busuioc C, Evanghelidis A, Zgura I, Enculescu M, Beregoi M, Enculescu I
564 - 571 The nature of the high thermoelectric properties of CuInX2 (X = S, Se and Te): First-principles study
Gui Y, Ye LY, Jin C, Zhang JH, Wang YX
572 - 579 Effects of interstitial dopings of 3d transition metal atoms on antimonene: A first-principles study
Zhou YG, Lin XD
580 - 585 Different spectroscopic behavior of coupled and freestanding monolayer graphene deposited by CVD on Cu foil
De Luca O, Grillo R, Castriota M, Policicchio A, De Santo MP, Desiderio G, Fasanella A, Agostino RG, Cazzanelli E, Giarola M, Mariotto G
586 - 596 Construction of 3D porous g-C3N4/AgBr/rGO composite for excellent visible light photocatalytic activity
Zhou YJ, Li JZ, Liu CY, Huo PW, Wang HQ
597 - 602 Enhanced methylene blue photodegradation with propylene carbonate as a solvent
Magalhaes P, Angelo J, Nunes OC, Mendes A
603 - 611 Effect of pulse frequency on the one-step preparation of superhydrophobic surface by pulse electrodeposition
Jiang SZ, Guo ZN, Deng Y, Dong HS, Li XY, Liu JW
612 - 618 Electrodeposition of nanocrystalline nickel embedded with inert nanoparticles formed via inverse hydrolysis
Merita F, Umemoto D, Yuasa M, Miyamoto H, Goto T
619 - 628 Direct replication of micro-nanostructures in the fabrication of superhydrophobic silicone rubber surfaces by compression molding
Maghsoudi K, Momen G, Jafari R, Farzaneh M
629 - 637 Low-temperature hydrothermal fabrication of Fe3O4 nanostructured solar selective absorption films
Fu R, Wu XF, Wang XL, Ma W, Yuan L, Gao L, Huang KK, Feng SH
638 - 647 Fabrication and characterization of amino-grafted graphene oxide modified ZnO with high photocatalytic activity
Zhang DD, Zhao Yp, Chen L
648 - 655 A novel detection approach for serotonin by graphene quantum dots/two-dimensional (2D) hexagonal boron nitride nanosheets with molecularly imprinted polymer
Yola ML, Atar N
656 - 664 Ni3S2 nanorods and three-dimensional reduced graphene oxide electrodes-based high-performance all-solid-state flexible asymmetric supercapacitors
Zhang C, Wang SH, Tang SL, Wang SB, Li YL, Du YW
665 - 677 Synthesis and characterization of a novel Zn-Ni and Zn-Ni/Si3N4 composite coating by pulse electrodeposition
Li BS, Li DD, Xia WZ, Zhang WW
678 - 685 Influence of plasma functionalization treatment and gold nanoparticles on surface chemistry and wettability of reactive-sputtered TiO2 thin films
Achour A, Islam M, Solaymani S, Vizireanu S, Saeed K, Dinescu G
686 - 699 Combined effect of pH and H2S on the structure of passive film formed on type 316L stainless steel
Wang Z, Zhang L, Zhang ZR, Lu MX
700 - 704 Preparation and optical properties of higher manganese silicide, (Mn,Fe)Si-gamma, thin films
Hayashi K, Ishii K, Kawasaki C, Honda R, Miyazaki Y
705 - 713 Effects of 1D disorder on the reciprocal space of rare-earth silicide/Si (111) epilayers
Cesura F, Dascalu M, Goldfarb I
714 - 721 Tunable pore structure for confining polysulfides in high performance Li-S battery with coal precursor
Kang DM, Tang K, Lemmon JP
722 - 733 Structural study and ion-beam channelling in Si < 1 0 0 << modified by Kr+, Ag-+,Ag- 2+ and Au-+,Au- 2+ ions
Miksova R, Mackova A, Jagerova A, Malinsky P, Slepicka P, Svorcik V
734 - 742 Fabrication of selective electroless copper plating on PET sheet: Effect of PET surface structure on resolution and adhesion of copper coating
Huang JJ, Tian CA, Wang J, Liu JF, Li Y, Liu YH, Chen ZM
743 - 750 Large energy density at high-temperature and excellent thermal stability in polyimide nanocomposite contained with small loading of BaTiO3 nanofibers
Hu PH, Sun WD, Fan MZ, Qian JF, Jiang JY, Dan ZK, Lin YH, Nan CW, Li M, Shen Y
751 - 761 Sulfur-polyaniline coated mesoporous carbon composite in combination with carbon nanotubes interlayer as a superior cathode assembly for high capacity lithium-sulfur cells
Manoj M, Jasna M, Anilkumar KM, Abhilash A, Jinisha B, Pradeep VS, Jayalekshmi S
762 - 768 Electronic and mechanical properties of stiff rhenium carbide monolayers: A first-principles investigation
Siriwardane EMD, Karki P, Sevik C, Cakir D
769 - 780 New reaction pathway induced by the synergistic effects of Bi plasmon and La3+ doping for efficient visible light photocatalytic reaction on BiOCl
Yang J, Liang YJ, Li K, Yang G, Zhu YL, Liu SQ, Lei W
781 - 789 Sulfur dioxide adsorbed on pristine and Au dimer decorated gamma-graphyne: A density functional theory study
Chen DC, Tang J, Zhang XX, Cui H, Li Y
790 - 799 Experimental and theoretical studies for the mechanism of mercury oxidation over chlorine and cupric impregnated activated carbon
Chen Y, Guo X, Wu F, Huang Y, Yin ZC
800 - 804 Effect of laser annealing on ZnO nanorods grown by chemical bath deposition on flexible substrate
Fiaschi G, Mirabella S, Franzo G, Maiolo L, Chitu A, Komem Y, Shacham-Diamand Y
805 - 809 ToF-SIMS analysis of an organic layer using toluene and its cluster ion beam projectiles generated by multiphoton ionization
Choi CM, Lee SJ, Baek JY, Kim JJ, Choi MC
810 - 818 Micro-EDM method to fabricate three-dimensional surface textures used as SERS-active substrate
Li ZK, Bai JC, Tang JJ
819 - 826 Mixed phase titanium carbide (Ti-C-T-x): A strategy to design a significant electrocatalyst for oxygen electroreduction and storage application
Parse HB, Moorthi L, Patil I, Catherin D, Marbaniang P, Kakade B
827 - 838 BaxScyOz on W (001), (110), and (112) in scandate cathodes: Connecting to experiment via mu(O) and equilibrium crystal shape
Zhou QF, Liu XT, Maxwell T, Vancil B, Balk TJ, Beck MJ
839 - 848 Photocatalytic activity of functionalized nanodiamond-TiO2 composites towards water pollutants degradation under UV/Vis irradiation
Pastrana-Martinez LM, Morales-Torres S, Carabineiro SAC, Buijnsters JG, Figueiredo JL, Silva AMT, Faria JL
849 - 854 Erasing and rewriting of titanium oxide colour marks using laser-induced reduction/oxidation
Jwad T, Walker M, Dimov S
855 - 863 Effect of treatment at high temperatures on morphology of a carbon supported Pd catalyst investigated by X-ray diffraction and photoelectron spectroscopy aided with QUASES
Lesiak B, Mierzwa B, Jiricek P, Bieloshapka I, Juchniewicz K, Borodzinski A
864 - 871 Facile fabrication of p-type Al2O3/carbon nanocomposite films using molecular layer deposition
Lee S, Baek G, Lee JH, Choi DW, Shong B, Park JS
872 - 879 Nitrogen-doped ZnO/Carbon hollow rhombic dodecahedral for photoelectrochemical sensing glutathione
Wei CZ, Liu WH, Chen QY, Hou HY, Liu R, Cheng C, Hou CT, Xiong WW, Zhang DJ
880 - 892 The triple-component Ag3PO4-CoFe2O4-GO synthesis and visible light photocatalytic performance
Liu ZY, Feng HG, Xue SL, Xie P, Li LW, Hou X, Gong JB, Wei XF, Huang JX, Wu DJ
893 - 902 Highly dispersed and noble metal-free MPX (M = Ni, Co, Fe) coupled with g-C3N4 nanosheets as 0D/2D photocatalysts for hydrogen evolution
Yang HC, Cao RY, Sun PX, Deng XL, Zhang SW, Xu XJ
903 - 909 Polyacrylic acid/CTAB-bentonite coated filter paper: Efficient and rapid removal of anionic and cationic dyes
Li WY, Bai YS, Ma QL, Chen WJ, Wu M, Ma HZ
910 - 916 Seedless, one-step synthesis of porous Pt-Pd nanoflowers for electroreduction of oxygen in acidic medium
Nguyen ATN, Shim JH
917 - 923 Photocatalytic, superhydrophilic, self-cleaning TiO2 coating on cheap, light-weight, flexible polycarbonate substrates
Adachi T, Latthe SS, Gosavi SW, Roy N, Suzuki N, Ikari H, Kato K, Katsumata K, Nakata K, Furudate M, Inoue T, Kondo T, Yuasa M, Fujishima A, Terashima C
924 - 930 Conductive HNTs-PEDOT hybrid preparation and its application in enhancing the dielectric permittivity of HNTs-PEDOT/PVDF composites
Wang F, Zhang XH, Ma YH, Chen D, Yang WT
931 - 939 Multifunctional PVP-Ba(2)GdF7:Yb3+, Ho3+ coated on Ag nanospheres for bioimaging and tumor photothermal therapy
Chen ZY, Liu GX, Sui JT, Li D, Song Y, Hong F, Dong XT, Wang JX, Yu WS
940 - 948 Influences of ultrasonic vibration on morphology and photoelectric properties of F-doped SnO2 thin films during laser annealing
Li BJ, Wang YY, Huang LJ, Cao HD, Wang QH, Ding HT, Ren NF
949 - 953 Nearly-zero valence band and large conduction band offset at BAlN/GaN heterointerface for optical and power device application
Sun HD, Park YJ, Li KH, Liu XW, Detchprohm T, Zhang XX, Dupuis RD, Li XH
954 - 963 Diverse nitrogen-doped 2D layered mesoporous MoS2/reduced graphene oxide composites with superior structural features for enhancing the performance of lithium ion batteries
Wang SS, Liu BC, Zhi GL, Gong X, Zhang J
964 - 971 Effect of substrate on photo-induced persistent photoconductivity in InAs nanowires
Kim T, Park S, Kang HK, Jeong K, Bae J, Song J, Cho MH
972 - 977 Surface, structural and optical properties of AlN thin films grown on different face sapphire substrates by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition
Li Y, Zhang C, Luo XG, Liang YL, Wuu DS, Tin CC, Lu X, He KY, Wan LY, Feng ZC
978 - 987 Layer-by-layer assembly of antibacterial composite coating for leather with cross-link enhanced durability against laundry and abrasion
Xiang J, Ma L, Su H, Xiong JJ, Li KJ, Xia QF, Liu GY
988 - 995 Biomineralization behavior of electrophoretic-deposited hydroxyapatite-tricalcalcium phosphate biphasic composite
Tavakkoli-Gilavan M, Abdizadeh H, Golobostanfard MR
996 - 1005 Influence of different surface treatments on the interfacial adhesion of graphene oxide/carbon fiber/epoxy composites
Yuan XM, Zhu B, Cai X, Qiao K, Zhao SY, Yu JW
1006 - 1017 XPS and IR studies of plasma polymers layer deposited from allylamine with addition of ammonia
Fahmy A, Mohamed TA, Friedrich JF
1018 - 1025 Rational design of TiO2@ nitrogen-doped carbon coaxial nanotubes as anode for advanced lithium ion batteries
Liu HJ, Zhang S, Chen YL, Zhang JT, Guo P, Liu M, Lu XQ, Zhang J, Wang ZJ
1026 - 1034 A DFT study on ZrO2 surface in the process of ethanol to 1,3-butadiene: A comprehensive mechanism elucidation
Zhang MH, Zhuang JY, Yu YZ
1035 - 1042 Fe3O4 nanoparticle/graphene aerogel composite with enhanced lithium storage performance
Wang Y, Jin YH, Zhao CC, Pan EZ, Jia MQ
1043 - 1049 XPS analysis of ZnO:Ga films deposited by magnetron sputtering: Substrate bias effect
Correia FC, Bundaleski N, Teodoro OMND, Correia MR, Rebouta L, Mendes A, Tavares CJ