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Applied Surface Science, Vol.457 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Surface chemistry of as-synthesized and air-oxidized PbS quantum dots
Beygi H, Sajjadi SA, Babakhani A, Young JF, van Veggel FCJM
11 - 20 Enhanced hardness and wear property of S136 mould steel with nano-TiB2 composites fabricated by selective laser melting method
Wen SF, Hu H, Zhou Y, Chen ZP, Wei QS, Shi YS
21 - 29 Polyaniline-coated magnetic diatomite nanoparticles as a matrix for immobilizing enzymes
Cabrera MP, da Fonseca TF, de Souza RVB, de Assis CRD, Marcatoma JQ, Maciel JD, Neri DFM, Soria F, de Carvalho LB
30 - 40 MoS2 quantum dots embedded in g-C3N4 frameworks: A hybrid 0D-2D heterojunction as an efficient visible-light driven photocatalyst
Shi L, He Z, Liu SQ
41 - 48 Raman characterization and transport properties of morphology-dependent two-dimensional Bi2Te3 nanofilms
Qi X, Ma WG, Zhang X, Zhang C
49 - 58 In vitro corrosion resistance of a layer-by-layer assembled DNA coating on magnesium alloy
Cui LY, Fang XH, Cao W, Zeng RC, Li SQ, Chen XB, Zou YH, Guan SK, Han EH
59 - 68 Facile fabrication of a BiOI/TiO2 p-n junction via a surface charge-induced electrostatic self-assembly method
Li QB, Qin H, Zhao HK, Zhao X, Cheng XF, Fan WL
69 - 82 Surface and cross-section characteristics and immersion corrosion behavior of laser thermal sprayed amorphous AlNiCoCrY2O3 coatings
Zhang DH, Kong DJ
83 - 92 Heterostructured Fe2O3@SnO2 core-shell nanospindles for enhanced Room-temperature HCHO oxidation
Lv T, Peng C, Zhu H, Xiao W
93 - 97 Structural and chemical characterization of CdSe-ZnS core-shell quantum dots
Fernandez-Delgado N, Herrera M, Tavabi AH, Luysberg M, Dunin-Borkowski RE, Rodriguez-Canto PJ, Abargues R, Martinez-Pastor JP, Molina SI
98 - 103 SERS, XPS and DFT investigation on palladium surfaces coated with 2,2 '-bipyridine monolayers
Muniz-Miranda M, Muniz-Miranda F, Caporali S, Calisi N, Pedone A
104 - 114 Photocatalytic properties of Bi2WO6/BiPO4 Z-scheme photocatalysts induced by double internal electric fields
Su YN, Tan GQ, Liu T, Lv L, Wang Y, Zhang XL, Yue ZW, Ren HJ, Xia A
115 - 120 Transition from saturable absorption to reverse saturable absorption in MoTe2 nano-films with thickness and pump intensity
Quan CJ, He MM, He C, Huang YY, Zhu LP, Yao ZH, Xu X, Lu CH, Xu XL
121 - 133 Magnetically-extractable hybrid of magnetite, mesoporous silica and titania for the photo-degradation of organic compounds in water
Jorgetto AD, Milbrat A, Schneider JF, Li Z, Giammaria G, Saeki MJ, Gianeti TMR, Lima GPP, Pedrosa VD, Mul G, de Castro GR
134 - 149 Choline based ionic liquids as sustainable corrosion inhibitors on mild steel surface in acidic medium: Gravimetric, electrochemical, surface morphology, DFT and Monte Carlo simulation studies
Verma C, Obot IB, Bahadur I, Sherif EM, Ebenso EE
150 - 155 Early stage of Cs activation mechanism for In0.53Ga0.47As (001) beta(2) (2 x 4) surfaces: Insights from first-principles calculations
Shen Y, Yang XD, Bian Y, Chen L, Tang K, Wan JG, Zhang R, Zheng YD, Gu SL
156 - 163 Synergistic effect: Hierarchical Ni3S2@Co(OH)(2) heterostructure as efficient bifunctional electrocatalyst for overall water splitting
Wang SP, Xu L, Lu WX
164 - 169 Effect of CaAlCO3-LDHs on fire resistant properties of intumescent fireproof coatings for steel structure
Hu XC, Zhu XJ, Sun ZQ
170 - 178 New insights in poly(vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF) membrane hemocompatibility: Synergistic effect of PVDF-g-(acryloyl morpholine) and PVDF-g-(poly(acrylic acid)-argatroban) copolymers
An ZH, Li YY, Xu R, Dai FY, Zhao YP, Chen L
179 - 186 Facile fabrication of porous hierarchical SnO2 via a self-degraded template and their remarkable photocatalytic performance
Juybari SAH, Moghaddam HM
187 - 199 Catalytic conversion of NO assisted by plasma over Mn-Ce/ZSM5-multi-walled carbon nanotubes composites: Investigation of acidity, activity and stability of catalyst in the synergic system
Wang T, Liu HZ, Zhang XY, Liu J, Zhang YS, Guo YH, Sun BM
200 - 207 Dealloying synthesis of SnO2-TiO2 solid solution and composite nanoparticles with excellent photocatalytic activity
Wang N, Pan Y, Dai WJ, Wu SK, Zhu YA, Zhang EM
208 - 213 Mechano-chemical surface modification of calcite by wet-stirred ball milling
Acar I, Acisli O
214 - 220 Amorphous molybdenum selenide as highly efficient photocatalyst for the photodegradation of organic dyes under visible light
Yang X, Wu R, Liu HY, Fan HM, Zhang HY, Sun YF
221 - 228 Formation of poly(Azure A)-C-60 photoactive layer as a novel approach in the heterogeneous photogeneration of singlet oxygen
Blacha-Grzechnik A, Piwowar K, Zdyb T, Krzywiecki M
229 - 234 Photoconductivity of tellurium-poly(methyl methacrylate) in the ultraviolet-visible-near infrared range
Coscia U, Ambrosone G, Palomba M, Binetti S, Le Donne A, Siliqi D, Carotenuto G
235 - 240 Interaction of metal phthalocyanines with carbon zigzag and armchair nanotubes with different diameters
Krasnov PO, Basova TV, Hassan A
241 - 246 Improved moisture stability of thin Ga-doped ZnO films by indium codoping
Song HP, Makino H, Nomoto J, Yamamoto N, Yamamoto T
247 - 255 Preparation of photodynamic P(MMA-co-MAA) composite nanofibers doped with MMT: A facile method for increasing antimicrobial efficiency
Wang QQ, Chen WBF, Zhang Q, Ghiladi RA, Wei QF
256 - 263 First-principles study of monolayer SnS2(1-x)Se2x alloys as anode materials for lithium ion batteries
Wang TX, Yin LZ, Zhao RM, Xia CX, Zhao X, An YP, Wei SY, Dai XQ
264 - 270 Preparation of phase diagram of gold nanorods in mixture solvent of DMSO and water and its application for efficient surface-modification
Shou QH, Ebara M, Wang JQ, Wang QG, Liang XF, Liu HZ, Aoyagi T
271 - 279 Porous coin-like Fe@MoS2 composite with optimized impedance matching for efficient microwave absorption
Pan JJ, Sun X, Wang T, Zhu ZT, He YP, Xia W, He JP
280 - 286 A first-principle study of H adsorption and absorption under the influence of coverage
Zhang LN, Qiao LJ, Bligaard T, Su YJ
287 - 294 Oxygen vacancy-mediated efficient electron-hole separation for C-N-S-tridoped single crystal black TiO2(B) nanorods as visible-light-driven photocatalysts
Wan N, Xing ZP, Kuang JY, Li ZZ, Yin JW, Zhu Q, Zhou W
295 - 302 Dissociation behavior of water molecules on defect-free and defective rutile TiO2 (101) surfaces
Malali S, Foroutan M
303 - 314 A dispersion-corrected DFT investigation of CH4 adsorption by silver-decorated monolayer graphene in the presence of ambient oxygen molecules
Ghanbari R, Safaiee R, Golshan MM
315 - 322 The effect of doping with rare earth elements (Sc, Y, and La) on the stability, structural, electronic and photocatalytic properties of the O-termintaed ZnO surface; A first-principles study
Lahmer MA
323 - 331 In situ reduced silver nanoparticles embedded molecularly imprinted reusable sensor for selective and sensitive SERS detection of Bisphenol A
Wang ZW, Yan RX, Liao SW, Miao YR, Zhang B, Wang F, Yang HF
332 - 341 Novel coating system on poly(ethylene terephthalate) fabrics with mechanically durable liquid-repellence: Application as flexible materials with striking loading capacity
Li JW, Yan XJ, Yi LM, Cai Y, Tang ZD
342 - 351 Gradient twinning microstructure generated by laser shock peening in an AZ31B magnesium alloy
Mao B, Liao YL, Li B
352 - 359 The effect of AuNP modification on the antioxidant activity of CeO2 nanomaterials with different morphologies
Fa MM, Yang DD, Gao L, Zhao RH, Luo YK, Yao X
360 - 366 A SiCnw/PyC-toughened ZrB2-SiC coating for protecting Si-SiC coated C/C composites against oxidation
Cheng CY, Li HJ, Fu QG, Guo LP
367 - 375 Hierarchical morphology and hydrogen sensing properties of N-2-based nanodiamond materials produced through CH4/H-2/Ar plasma treatment
Saravanan A, Huang BR, Kathiravan D
376 - 380 Molecular oxidation of surface -CH3 during atomic layer deposition of Al2O3 with H2O, H2O2, and O-3 : A theoretical study
Seo S, Nam T, Lee HBR, Kim H, Shong B
381 - 387 Characterization of surface chemistry of PtFe bimetallic nanoparticles
Omelianovych O, Larina LL, Dao VD, Choi HS
388 - 395 Influence of structure evolution on tribological properties of fluorine-containing diamond-like carbon films: From fullerene-like to amorphous structures
Wang J, Zhang K, Zhang LF, Wang FG, Zhang JY, Zheng WT
396 - 402 Natural oxidation of amorphous Cu(x)Zr(1-x )alloys
Xu YF, Liu XY, Gu L, Wang JY, Schutzendube P, Huang Y, Liu YC, Wang ZM
403 - 410 Structural, electronic and magnetic properties in bulk and various (001) surfaces of X2CoIn (X = Ti, Zr) Heusler alloy
Yang Y, Feng ZY, Zhang JM
411 - 416 Fabrication of dual-termination Schottky barrier diode by using oxygen-/fluorine-terminated diamond
Zhao D, Liu ZC, Wang J, Liang Y, Nauman M, Fu J, Wang YF, Fan SW, Wang W, Wang HX
417 - 426 Controlled synthesis of p-type NiO/n-type GO nanocomposite with enhanced photocatalytic activity and study of temperature effect on the photocatalytic activity of the nanocomposite
Ahmad J, Majid K, Dar MA
427 - 438 Hydrothermal synthesis, morphology, magnetic properties and self-assembly of hierarchical alpha-Fe2O3 (hematite) mushroom-, cube- and sphere-like superstructures
Trpkov D, Panjan M, Kopanja L, Tadic M
439 - 448 B/N co-doped carbon derived from the sustainable chitin for C-H bond oxidation
Zhang YR, Zhang H, Zhao YN, Han XY, Wang HJ, Gao YJ
449 - 455 Self-assembled monolayer of mica coating using organobisphosphonic acid
Li GH, Zheng SL, Bai CH, Li XD, Cheng CM
456 - 467 Separation application of superhydrophobic Cu gauze to a non-aqueous system: Biodiesel collection from glycerol/FAME two-phase mixture
Jiang W, Yang C, Zhu YM, Liu YY, Lu HF, Liang B
468 - 476 Slippery liquid-infused porous surface fabricated on CuZn: A barrier to abiotic seawater corrosion and microbiologically induced corrosion
Qiu ZH, Qiu R, Xiao YM, Zheng JY, Lin CG
477 - 486 CO2-activated porous self-templated N-doped carbon aerogel derived from banana for high-performance supercapacitors
Lei E, Li W, Ma CH, Xu Z, Liu SX
487 - 496 Fabrication and characterization of zinc acetylacetonate/Urtica Dioica leaves extract complex as an effective organic/inorganic hybrid corrosion inhibitive pigment for mild steel protection in chloride solution
Abrishami S, Naderi R, Ramezanzadeh B
497 - 500 Temperature dependence of the radiative recombination time in laterally coupled GaAs quantum dots
Kim H, Murayama A, Kim J, Song JD
501 - 507 Electrophoretic deposition of PbMoO4 nanoparticles for photocatalytic degradation of tetracycline
Obregon S, Hernandez-Uresti DB, Vazquez A, Sanchez-Martinez D
508 - 515 Highly space-confined ammonium perchlorate in three-dimensional hierarchically ordered porous carbon with improved thermal decomposition properties
Chen J, He SM, Huang B, Zhang LY, Qiao ZQ, Wang J, Yang GC, Huang H, Hao QL
516 - 521 Nanoflower like SnO2-TiO2 nanotubes composite photoelectrode for efficient photocathodic protection of 304 stainless steel
Zhang JJ, Rahman ZU, Zheng YB, Zhu C, Tian MK, Wang DA
522 - 528 Preparation of hydrophobic antireflective SiO2 coating with deposition of PDMS from water-based SiO2-PEG sol
Zhu YJ, Chen LZ, Zhang CY, Guan ZS
529 - 535 Superparamagnetic ground state of CoFeB/MgO magnetic tunnel junction with dual-barrier
Tran TN, Lam TN, Yang CY, Lin WC, Chen PW, Tseng YC
536 - 547 Influence of yttrium on surface chemistry and stability of passive film in Al-based binary metallic glasses
Gao MH, Zhang SD, Yang BJ, Wang JQ
548 - 558 Nano-scale mechanical and wear properties of a waterborne hydroxyacrylic-melamine anti-corrosion coating
He YJ, Dobryden I, Pan JS, Ahniyaz A, Deltin T, Corkery RW, Claesson PM
559 - 565 Hydrothermal synthesis of CdS sub-microspheres for photocatalytic degradation of pharmaceuticals
Al Balushi BSM, Al Marzouqi F, Al Wahaibi B, Kuvarega AT, Al Kindy SMZ, Kim Y, Selvaraj R
566 - 571 X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy study of the reduction and oxidation of uranium and cerium single oxide compared to (U-Ce) mixed oxide films
Eloirdi R, Cakir P, Huber F, Seibert A, Konings R, Gouder T
572 - 579 Controllable synthesis of starch-modified ZnMgAl-LDHs for adsorption property improvement
Tao XM, Liu DL, Cong WW, Huang L
580 - 590 Ultrastable bimetallic catalyst with tuned surface electronic properties for highly selective oxidation of cyclohexane
Wu PP, Cao YX, Wang Y, Xing W, Zhong ZY, Bai P, Yan ZF
591 - 597 Large-size Mo1-xWxS2 and W1-xMoxS2 (x=0-0.5) monolayers by confined-space chemical vapor deposition
Zhang XM, Xiao SQ, Shi LH, Nan HY, Wan X, Gu XF, Ni ZH, Ostrikov K
598 - 603 Tuning the static and dynamic magnetic properties of c-axis oriented hcp-(CoIr) thin films by the addition of Cr
Ma TY, Jiao JY, Li ZW, Qiao L, Wang T, Li FS
604 - 615 Regional effects and mechanisms of nanoparticle removal from Si substrate by laser plasma shock waves
Gu QQ, Feng GY, Zhou GR, Han JH, Luo J, Men JL, Jiang Y
616 - 625 Poly L lysine-modified PHBV based nanofibrous scaffolds for bone cell mineralization and osteogenic differentiation
Kouhi M, Fathi M, Prabhakaran MP, Shamanian M, Ramakrishna S
626 - 632 Crown ether induced assembly to gamma-Al2O3 nanosheets with rich pentacoordinate Al3+ sites and high ethanol dehydration activity
Chen SY, Chen JC, Qu TT, Xiang K, Zhang Y, Hao PP, Peng LM, Xie MJ, Guo XF, Ding WP
633 - 643 Spin-flip effect enhanced photocatalytic activity in Fe and single-electron-trapped oxygen vacancy co-doped TiO2
Li HY, Ren FZ, Li QY, Yang JJ, Wang YX, Cheng ZX
644 - 654 Synthesis and characterization of TiO2 films onto AISI 304 metallic meshes and their application in the decomposition of the endocrine-disrupting alkylphenolic chemicals
da Trindade CD, da Silva SW, Bortolozzi JP, Banus ED, Bernardes AM, Ulla MA
655 - 661 Facile synthesis of carbon-supported silver nanoparticles for optical limiting
Xu HH, Yan LH, Yu Y, Xu YM
662 - 669 Selective etching of PDMS: Etching technique for application as a positive tone resist
Szilasi SZ, Cserhati C
670 - 675 Enhanced formaldehyde oxidation performance over Pt/ZSM-5 through a facile nickel cation modification
Ding JJ, Rui ZB, Lyu PT, Liu YL, Liu XK, Ji HB
676 - 683 Temporary and permanent changes to the defect equilibrium due to ultraviolet exposure: Surface and bulk effects on ZnO nanostructures
Vempati S, Ozcan S, Uyar T
684 - 694 Boron nitride/gold nanocomposites for crystal violet and creatinine detection by surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Zhang H, Li GH, Li S, Xu LL, Tian Y, Jiao AX, Liu XD, Chen F, Chen M
695 - 704 Surface hydrophilic modification of PVDF membranes by trace amounts of tannin and polyethyleneimine
Liu C, Wu LL, Zhang CC, Chen WY, Luo S
705 - 711 Confining selenium disulfide in 3D sulfur-doped mesoporous carbon for rechargeable lithium batteries
Hu JL, Zhong HX, Yan XD, Zhang LZ
712 - 725 ONIOM DFT study of the adsorption of cytosine on the Au/Ag and Ag/Au bimetallic nanosurfaces: The effect of sublayer
Farrokhpour H, Ghandehari M, Eskandari K
726 - 734 Improvement of Sulfamethazine photodegradation by Fe(III) assisted MIL-53(Fe)/percarbonate system
Li RB, Chen ZM, Cai MX, Huang JX, Chen P, Liu GG, Lv WY
735 - 744 Adjustable photocatalytic ability of monolayer g-C3N4 utilizing single-metal atom: Density functional theory
Li HH, Wu Y, Li L, Gong YY, Niu LY, Liu XJ, Wang T, Sun CQ, Li C
745 - 751 Theoretical study of the interaction of SF6 molecule on Ag(111) surfaces: A DFT study
Zhang XX, Cui ZL, Yi L, Li YL, Xiao HY, Chen DC
752 - 763 Design of novel superhydrophobic aniline trimer modified siliceous material and its application for steel protection
Ye YW, Zhao HC, Wang CT, Zhang DW, Chen H, Liu W
764 - 772 Highly efficient visible light photocatalysis of CuC2O4/TiO2 nanocomposite based on photoinduced interfacial charge transfer
Pang YH, Zhang JK, Feng CX, Wang Y, Sun N, Liu SH, Wang SM, Li HT, Zhao HY, Ding YT, Zhang L, Zhou YM, Li DL
773 - 779 Thermal annealing of black phosphorus for etching and protection
Yang S, Kim A, Park J, Kwon H, Lanh PT, Hong S, Kim KJ, Kim JW
780 - 788 Improved interfacial floatability of superhydrophobic and compressive S, N co-doped graphene aerogel by electrostatic spraying for highly efficient organic pollutants recovery from water
Ren XH, Guo HH, Ma XX, Hou GM, Chen L, Xu XY, Chen Q, Feng JK, Si PC, Zhang L, Ci LJ
789 - 796 A DFT study of Li adsorption on surface of Si clusters anchored N-doped defective graphene composite
Hu RQ, Zhou JQ
797 - 803 Dry lubrication of friction on ferroelectric BiFeO3 film
Yang CB, Xiao SY, Yang JC, Lu XM, Chu YH, Zhou M, Huang FZ, Zhu JS
804 - 808 Fe3O4@CoO mesospheres with core-shell nanostructure as catalyst for Li-O-2 batteries
Shang CQ, Zhang XZ, Shui LL, Chen ZH, Liao H, Li M, Wang X, Zhou GF
809 - 814 Enhanced Raman spectra of black dye N719 on GaN nanowires
Muehlethaler C, Odate A, Weyher JL, Dziecielewski I, Lombardi JR
815 - 820 In-situ xrd-investigation of electrolytic copper layer
Schneider M, Weiser M, Matthey B, Herrmann M
821 - 830 Gas-phase total oxidation of nitric oxide using hydrogen peroxide vapor over Pt/TiO2
Chen L, Xu ZW, He C, Wang YG, Liang ZY, Zhao QX, Lu Q
831 - 837 MnO@Al2O3 with high cycle performance via depressing solution of Mn for lithium-ion batteries anode
Ullah I, Xu YL, Sun XF, Rehman WU, Zhang Y, Li L
838 - 845 Heat treatment effect on structure and in vitro bioactivity of titanosilicate microspheres
Todea M, Muresan-Pop M, Vulpoi A, Simon S, Eniu D
846 - 855 Visible-light-driven CdSe quantum dots/graphene/TiO2 nanosheets composite with excellent photocatalytic activity for E-coli disinfection and organic pollutant degradation
Ma XY, Xiang QJ, Liao YL, Wen TL, Zhang HW
856 - 862 Comparative study of Ti and Cr adhesion to the AlN ceramic: Experiments and calculations
Zhang SS, Jin WC, Yang HS, Gao KW, Pang XL, Yan LC, Volinsky AA
863 - 869 Core-shell CdS@MnS nanorods as highly efficient photocatalysts for visible light driven hydrogen evolution
Fang XY, Cui LF, Pu TT, Song JL, Zhang XD
870 - 880 Robust and anti-corrosive PDMS/SiO2 superhydrophobic coatings fabricated on magnesium alloys with different-sized SiO2 nanoparticles
Xie J, Hu J, Lin XD, Fang L, Wu F, Liao XL, Luo HJ, Shi LT
881 - 890 Adaptability of single melanoma cells to surfaces with distinct hydrophobicity and roughness
Prauzner-Bechcicki S, Raczkowska J, Rysz J, Wiltowska-Zuber J, Pabijan J, Marzec M, Budkowski A, Lekka M
891 - 901 3D heterogeneous wetting microchannel surfaces for boiling heat transfer enhancement
Zhang W, Chai YZ, Xu JL, Liu GL, Sun YZ
902 - 913 Micro-wrinkled hydrogel patterned surfaces using pH-sensitive monomers
Gonzalez-Henriquez CM, Alfaro-Cerda PA, Veliz-Silva DF, Sarabia-Vallejos MA, Terraza CA, Rodriguez-Hernandez J
914 - 924 Microstructure evolution, wear and corrosion resistance of Cr-C nanocomposite coatings in seawater
Zhao DQ, Jiang X, Wang YX, Duan WS, Wang LP
925 - 932 Pristine Bi2WO6 and hybrid Au-Bi2WO6 hollow microspheres with excellent photocatalytic activities
Zhou YX, Lv PF, Zhang W, Meng XD, He H, Zeng XH, Shen XS
933 - 941 Ni2P@carbon core-shell nanorod array derived from ZIF-67-Ni: Effect of phosphorization temperature on morphology, structure and hydrogen evolution reaction performance
He SQ, He SY, Gao F, Bo X, Wang QX, Chen XJ, Duan JJ, Zhao C
942 - 955 Investigation of wear behavior of as-plated and plasma-nitrided Ni-B-CNT electroless having different CNTs concentration
Yazdani S, Tima R, Mahboubi F
956 - 967 Properties enhancement of Ni-P electrodeposited coatings by the incorporation of nanoscale Y2O3 particles
Radwan AB, Ali K, Shakoor RA, Mohammed H, Alsalama T, Kahraman R, Yusuf MM, Abdullah AM, Montemor MF, Helal M
968 - 974 Novel direct Z-scheme Cu2V2O7/g-C-3 N-4 for visible light photocatalytic conversion of CO2 into valuable fuels
Truc NTT, Hanh NT, Nguyen MV, Chi NTPL, Noi NV, Tran DT, Ha MN, Trung DQ, Pham TD
975 - 980 Surface reactions of CH3OH, NH3 and CO on ZnO nanorod arrays film: DFT investigation for gas sensing selectivity mechanism
Yang TQ, Jin W, Liu YL, Li H, Yang S, Chen W
981 - 990 Facile preparation of novel layer-by-layer surface ion-imprinted composite membrane for separation of Cu(2+)from aqueous solution
Wang Z, Kong DL, Qiao N, Wang N, Wang Q, Liu H, Zhou ZY, Ren ZQ
991 - 999 Patternable fabrication of hyper-hierarchical metal surface structures for ultrabroadband antireflection and self-cleaning
Fan PX, Bai BF, Jin GF, Zhang HJ, Zhong ML
1000 - 1008 Ecofriendly and environment-friendly synthesis of size-controlled silver nanoparticles/graphene composites for antimicrobial and SERS actions
Zhou YZ, Huang JP, Shi WD, Li Y, Wu YY, Liu QQ, Zhu J, Zhao N, Zhang LL, Yang J, Cheng XN
1009 - 1017 Synthesis of amorphous PdP nanoparticles supported on carbon nanospheres for 4-nitrophenol reduction in environmental applications
Zhao ZY, Ma XY, Wang X, Ma Y, Liu CY, Hang H, Zhang Y, Du YL, Ye WC
1018 - 1024 N-doped porous carbon anchoring on carbon nanotubes derived from ZIF-8/polypyrrole nanotubes for superior supercapacitor electrodes
Wang DH, Chen Y, Wang HQ, Zhao PH, Liu W, Wang YZ, Yang JL
1025 - 1034 A promising orthopedic implant material with enhanced osteogenic and antibacterial activity: Al2O3-coated aluminum alloy
Weng YC, Liu HX, Ji SP, Huang Q, Wu H, Li ZB, Wu ZZ, Wang HY, Tong LP, Fu RKY, Chu PK, Pan F
1035 - 1043 Construction of Sn/oxide g-C3N4 nanostructure by electrostatic self-assembly strategy with enhanced photocatalytic degradation performance
Shi L, Liu SQ, He Z
1044 - 1049 Core-shell like Au-Ir nanoparticles with spatially variant electronic state of Au synthesized by femtosecond laser irradiation of solution
Nishi T, Hayasaka Y, Nakamura T, Morikawa T, Sato S
1050 - 1056 One-pot synthesis of graphitic and nitrogen-doped graphitic layers on nickel nanoparticles produced by pulsed laser ablation in liquid: Solvent as the carbon and nitrogen source
Jung HJ, Choi MY
1057 - 1063 The adsorption and diffusion properties of scandium atom on the surfaces of tungsten and noble metals
Lai C, Wang JS, Zhou F, Zhou WY, Hua YZ, Wang FF
1064 - 1071 Synthesis of morphology and size-controllable SnO2 hierarchical structures and their gas-sensing performance
Xu LN, Zeng W, Li YQ
1072 - 1080 MD-based estimates of enhanced load transfer in graphene/metal nanocomposites through Ni coating
Montazeri A, Panahi B
1081 - 1086 Nickel-iron phosphides nanorods derived from bimetallic-organic frameworks for hydrogen evolution reaction
Du YM, Li ZJ, Liu YR, Yang Y, Wang L
1087 - 1095 A fast, room temperature excimer laser route for the synthesis of Ag/MWCNT nanocomposite without using reducing agent and investigating its photoresponse behavior to visible illumination
Bahador AR, Otaqsara SMT, Baizaee SM
1096 - 1102 Direct Z-scheme PDA-modified ZnO hierarchical microspheres with enhanced photocatalytic CO2 reduction performance
Nie N, He F, Zhang LY, Cheng B
1103 - 1109 Facile synthesis of hexagonal single-crystalline ZnCo2O4 nanosheet arrays assembled by mesoporous nanosheets as electrodes for high-performance electrochemical capacitors and gas sensors
Yin ZJ, Sun ZP, Wu JW, Liu RT, Zhang SY, Qian YN, Min YG
1110 - 1115 Investigation on stable superhydrophobic polycarbonate based compound induced by KrF excimer laser irradiation
Li PR, Zeng Y, Yan HF, Chen JM
1116 - 1125 Low temperature SCR reaction over Nano-Structured Fe-Mn Oxides: Characterization, performance, and kinetic study
Zhang CG, Chen TH, Liu HB, Chen D, Xu B, Qing CS
1126 - 1135 Fabrication, characterization and catalytic activity measurements of nano-crystalline Ag-Cr-O catalysts
Abu-Zied BM, Ali TT
1136 - 1141 Formation of 1D chain-like Fe3O4@C/Pt sandwich nanocomposites and their magnetically recyclable catalytic property
Guo CF, Lu W, Wei GY, Jiang L, Yu YD, Hu Y
1142 - 1150 Synergistic effects of MoO2 nanosheets and graphene-like C3N4 for highly improved visible light photocatalytic activities
Ji HY, Fei T, Zhang LL, Yan J, Fan YM, Huang JH, Song YH, Man YH, Tang H, Xu H, Li HM
1151 - 1157 Highly catalytic and reflective dual-phase nickel sulfide electrodes for solar energy conversion
Chi WS, Kim DH, Lee CS, Park JT, Kim JH
1158 - 1166 Tuning the electronic and chemisorption properties of hexagonal MgO nanotubes by doping - Theoretical study
Jovanovic A, Petkovic M, Pasti IA, Johansson B, Skorodumova NV
1167 - 1173 Facile preparation of mixed-phase CdS and its enhanced photocatalytic selective oxidation of benzyl alcohol under visible light irradiation
She HD, Li LS, Sun YD, Wang L, Huang JW, Zhu GQ, Wang QZ
1174 - 1180 Zinc stannate by reactive laser sintering
Mackert V, Gebauer JS, Notthoff C, Winterer M
1181 - 1191 Investigation of the grafting of fluorophores onto double-walled carbon nanotubes: The influence of the geometry of the molecules
Lorne T, Jimenez-Ruiz M, Rols S, Payrastre C, Escudier JM, Rubio-Zuazo J, Zbiri M, Galibert AM, Soula B, Flahaut E
1192 - 1201 A diamond/graphite nanoplatelets electrode for anodic stripping voltammetric trace determination of Zn(II), Cd(II), Pb(II) and Cu(II)
Zhai ZF, Huang N, Zhuang H, Liu LS, Yang B, Wang C, Gai ZG, Guo FX, Li ZJ, Jiang X
1202 - 1207 Fabrication of high integrated microlens arrays on a glass substrate for 3D micro-optical systems
Wei Y, Yang Q, Bian H, Chen F, Li MJ, Dai YZ, Hou X
1208 - 1217 Well-defined strategy for development of adsorbent using metal organic frameworks (MOF) template for high performance removal of hexavalent chromium
Gao G, Nie LJ, Yang SJ, Jin PK, Chen RZ, Ding DH, Wang XC, Wang WD, Wu K, Zhang QH