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Applied Surface Science, Vol.456 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 6 Design of a difunctional Zn-Ti LDHs supported PdAu catalyst for selective hydrogenation of phenylacetylene
Shen YL, Yin KJ, An CH, Xiao ZH
7 - 12 Highly transparent and flexible NO2 gas sensor film based on MoS2/rGO composites using soft lithographic patterning
Jung MW, Kang SM, Nam KH, An KS, Ku BC
13 - 18 Super critically synthesized V2O5 spheres based supercapacitors using polymer electrolyte
Kannagi K
19 - 24 Kinetic spraying of silver nanowire blended graphite powder to fabricate transparent conductive electrode and their application in electrochromic device
Kim H, Park Y, Choi D, Chu WS, Ahn SH, Chun DM, Lee CS
25 - 36 Synthesis and surface characterization of self-assembled monolayers of thiazoles incorporating hydrocarbon and fluorocarbon chains on copper substrates
Chen SJ, Xiang B, Chen SY, Zou XF, Zhou Y, Hou J
37 - 42 Density functional theory study of Al/NbB2 heterogeneous nucleation interface
Zhuo ZM, Mao HK, Xu H, Fu YZ
43 - 48 Molecular dynamics study of the effect of point defects on the stress at the Si/Ge interface
Chen X, Zhang J, Han L, Tang ZH
49 - 58 Hybrid ZnO:Ag core-shell nanoparticles for wastewater treatment : Growth mechanism and plasmonically enhanced photocatalytic activity
Jadhav J, Biswas S
59 - 68 Theoretical investigation of selective hydrogenation of 1,3-butadiene on Pt doping Cu nanoparticles
Liu D, Chen HY, Zhang JY, Huang JY, Li YM, Peng QM
69 - 74 Influence of ZnCl2 concentration on the structural and optical properties of electrochemically deposited nanostructured ZnO
Lovchinov K, Marinov G, Petrov M, Tyutyundzhiev N, Babeva T
75 - 82 Adherent and low friction nanocrystalline diamond films via adsorbing organic molecules in self-assembly seeding process
Wang T, Huang L, Handschuh-Wang S, Zhang SQ, Li XX, Chen B, Yang Y, Zhou XC, Tang YB
83 - 94 ALD growth of metal oxide on carbon nitride polymorphs
Ricci PC, Laidani N, Chiriu D, Salis M, Carbonaro CM, Corpino R
95 - 103 Facile and efficient in situ synthesis of silver nanoparticles on diverse filtration membrane surfaces for antimicrobial performance
Qi LB, Liu ZY, Wang N, Hu YX
104 - 113 Enhanced electrochemical supercapacitor and excellent amperometric sensor performance of heterostructure CeO2-CuO nanocomposites via chemical route
Manibalan G, Murugadoss G, Thangamuthu R, Ragupathy P, Kumar RM, Jayavel R
114 - 123 Superhydrophilic and underwater superoleophobic Ti foam with fluorinated hierarchical flower-like TiO2 nanostructures for effective oil-in-water emulsion separation
Jiang B, Chen ZX, Dou HZ, Sun YL, Zhang HJ, Gong ZQ, Zhang LH
124 - 132 Comparison of performance and optoelectronic processes in ZnO and TiO2 nanorod array-based hybrid solar cells
Wu F, Qiao QQ, Bahrami B, Chen K, Pathak R, Mabrouk S, Tong YH, Li XY, Zhang TS, Jian RH
133 - 139 Enhanced photocatalytic activity of nonmetal doped monolayer MoSe2 by hydrogen passivation: First-principles study
Zhao YF, Wang W, Li C, Sun YZ, Xu HF, Tu J, Ning JA, Xu YB, He L
140 - 146 Insights into the synergy between recyclable magnetic Fe3O4 and zeolite for catalytic aquathermolysis of heavy crude oil
Lin D, Feng X, Wu YN, Ding BD, Lu T, Liu YB, Chen XB, Chen D, Yang CH
147 - 155 The influence of alumina nanoparticles on lattice defects, crystallographic texture and residual stresses in electrodeposited Ni/Al2O3 composite coatings
Goral A, Skrzypek SJ
156 - 163 Enhancement of g-C3N4 cathode for inactivation of marine microorganisms in ZnWO4 photocatalytic system
Zhu ZY, Zhou F, Zhan S, Huang NB, He QC
164 - 173 Hierarchical Ni3S2-NiOOH hetero-nanocomposite grown on nickel foam as a noble-metal-free electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction in alkaline electrolyte
Wang XX, Liu RP, Zhang Y, Zeng LX, Liu AH
174 - 183 Activation of formyl C-H and hydroxyl O-H bonds in HMF by the CuO (111) and Co3O4 (110) surfaces: A DFT study
Ren J, Song KH, Li Z, Wang Q, Li J, Wang YX, Li DB, Kim CK
184 - 194 Nitrogen-doped porous carbons with ultrahigh specific surface area as bifunctional materials for dye removal of wastewater and supercapacitors
Lv LJ, Huang Y, Cao DP
195 - 203 Characterization of Ni-Cu matrix, Al2O3 reinforced nano-composite coatings prepared by electrodeposition
Alizadeh M, Safaei H
204 - 214 Effect of different zeolite as Pt supports for methanol oxidation reaction
Ramirez AM, Camacho BR, Aguilera MV, Esquivel IRG, Ramirez-Minguela JJ
215 - 220 Interaction between low rank coal and kaolinite particles: A DFT simulation
Li B, Liu SY, Guo JY, Zhang L
221 - 229 Fe3+ coordination induced selective fluorination of aramid fiber to suppress surface chain scission behavior and improve surface polarity
Cheng Z, Jiang C, Dai Y, Meng CB, Luo LB, Liu XY
230 - 237 A novel composite of network-like tungsten phosphide nanostructures grown on carbon fibers with enhanced electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution efficiency
Xu KK, Fu XL, Li H, Peng ZJ
238 - 245 Iodine-doped graphene - Catalyst layer in PEM fuel cells
Marinoiu A, Raceanu M, Carcadea E, Varlam M
246 - 258 Inkjet printed doped polyaniline: Navigating through physics and chemistry for the next generation devices
Bocchini S, Castellino M, Della Pina C, Rajan K, Falletta E, Chiolerio A
259 - 269 Self-assembly of tungstophosphoric acid/acidified carbon nitride hybrids with enhanced visible-light-driven photocatalytic activity for the degradation of imidacloprid and acetamiprid
Sun YH, Meng PC, Liu X
270 - 275 A CO2-triggered hydrophobic/hydrophilic switchable polyurethane
Yang GW, He XT, Cheng S, Li XL, Yang SZ, Wei HB, Ding YS
276 - 289 DFT modelling of ethanol on BaTiO3 (001) surface
Maldonado F, Rivera R, Villamagua L, Maldonado J
290 - 301 Electronic structure tuning of stanene monolayers from DFT calculations: Effects of substitutional elemental doping
Abbasi A, Sardroodi JJ
302 - 306 In situ electrodeposition of mesoporous aligned alpha-Fe2O3 nanoflakes for highly sensitive nonenzymatic H2O2 sensor
Cai JJ, Ding SL, Chen G, Sun YL, Xie Q
307 - 317 Phase inversion, formation and stability mechanism of poly(urethane-acrylate) nanoemulsions based on block-copolymer surfmer
Wang HH, Li B, Fei GQ, Shen YD, Zhu K
318 - 327 CO2 gas adsorption into graphene oxide framework: Effect of electric and magnetic field
Razmkhah M, Mosavian MTH, Moosavi F, Ahmadpour A
328 - 341 Metal oxides and novel metallates coated stable engineered steel for corrosion resistance applications
Sarkar S, Sarswat PK, Free ML
342 - 350 Laser processing of silicon for photovoltaics and structural phase transformation
Sun ZM, Gupta MC
351 - 359 Adsorption sensitivity of Fe decorated different graphene supports toward toxic gas molecules (CO and NO)
Gao ZY, Sun Y, Li MH, Yang WJ, Ding XL
360 - 368 Morphology controlled synthesis of CeTiO4 using molten salts and enhanced photocatalytic activity for CO2 reduction
Hailili R, Jacobs DL, Zang L, Wang CY
369 - 378 Dual Z-scheme g-C3N4/Ag3PO4/Ag2MoO4 ternary composite photocatalyst for solar oxygen evolution from water splitting
Liu W, Shen J, Yang XF, Liu QQ, Tang H
379 - 389 Facile electrostatic self-assembly of silicon/reduced graphene oxide porous composite by silica assist as high performance anode for Li-ion battery
Wang MS, Wang ZQ, Jia R, Yang Y, Zhu FY, Yang ZL, Huang Y, Li X, Xu W
390 - 397 One-step integration of the C/NiCo2O4 mesoporous nanoneedle arrays on Ni foam for high-performance hybrid supercapacitors
Ye MH, Ma L, Gan MY, Zhou Y, Li XR, Cao FF, Yan FB, Zhai YF
398 - 402 Improving the bio-corrosion behavior of AISI316L stainless steel through deposition of Ta-based thin films using PACVD
Ghorbani H, Abdollah-Zadeh A, Bagheri F, Poladi A
403 - 409 Enhanced performance of the CuO-ZnO-ZrO2 catalyst for CO2 hydrogenation to methanol by WO3 modification
Wang G, Mao DS, Guo XM, Yu J
410 - 418 Important effect of Pt modification at the collector/active material interface of flexible micro-supercapacitors
Tao SY, Zeng ZG, Shi XB, Liao CJ, Guo EJ, Long X, Zhou HJ, Wang XH, Deng DM, Dai Y
419 - 429 Growth behavior of MgAl-layered double hydroxide films by conversion of anodic films on magnesium alloy AZ31 and their corrosion protection
Zhang G, Wu L, Tang AT, Chen XB, Ma YL, Long Y, Peng P, Ding XX, Pan HL, Pan FS
430 - 436 Highly selective PbS thin film based ammonia sensor for inert ambient: In-situ Hall and photoelectron studies
Beatriceveena TV, Prabhu E, Murthy ASR, Jayaraman V, Gnanasekar KI
437 - 444 New insights in self-assembled monolayer of imidazolines on iron oxide investigated by DFT
Gouron A, Le Mapihan K, Camperos S, Al Farra A, Lair V, Ringuede A, Cassir M, Diawara B
445 - 456 Effect of nitrogen flow ratio on microstructure, mechanical and tribological properties of TiWSiNx thin film deposited by magnetron co-sputtering
Macias HA, Yate L, Coy LE, Olaya JJ, Aperador W
457 - 463 Green preparation of silver coating on AISI 304 stainless steel surface by Ag nanocrystalline in-situ growth and the wear resistance
Liu GZ, Gao X, He QK, Wang XW, Liu QC, Liu ZY, Xie K, Sun JQ
464 - 472 Facile fabrication of nano-sized hollow-CdS@g-C3N4 Core-shell spheres for efficient visible-light-driven hydrogen evolution
Yin CC, Cui LF, Pu TT, Fang XY, Shi HC, Kang SF, Zhang XD
473 - 481 A novel Z-scheme Bi2MoO6/BiOBr photocatalyst for enhanced photocatalytic activity under visible light irradiation
Hu TP, Yang Y, Dai K, Zhang JF, Liang CH
482 - 486 A model to predict the ablation width and calculate the ablation threshold of femtosecond laser
Liang JC, Liu WD, Li Y, Luo Z, Pang DQ
487 - 492 Energy band tilt in ultra-thin InGaN film affected by the surface adsorption and desorption
Liu W, Yang J, Zhao DG, Jiang DS, Zhu JJ, Chen P, Liu ZS, Liang F, Liu ST, Xing Y, Zhang LQ, Wang WJ, Li M, Zhang YT, Du GT
493 - 500 Porous Ag-ZnO microspheres as efficient photocatalyst for methane and ethylene oxidation: Insight into the role of Ag particles
Zhu XL, Liang XZ, Wang P, Dai Y, Huang BB
501 - 506 Growth of Cu2S thin films by atomic layer deposition using Cu(dmamb)(2) and H2S
Agbenyeke RE, Park BK, Chung TM, Kim CG, Han JH
507 - 514 Bismuth oxide as an excellent anode additive for inhibiting dendrite formation in zinc-air secondary batteries
Park DJ, Aremu EO, Ryu KS
515 - 525 Solid-phase diffusion controlled growth of nickel silicide nanowires for supercapacitor electrode
Ramly MM, Omar FS, Rohaizad A, Aspanut Z, Rahman SA, Goh BT
526 - 531 Fabrication of Schottky barrier diodes on clump of gallium nitride nanowires grown by chemical vapour deposition
Sanjay S, Baskar K
532 - 537 Barrier heights of Au, Pt, Pd, Ir, Cu on nitrogen terminated (100) diamond determined by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Li FN, Li Y, Fan DY, Wang HX
538 - 544 Formation of H2O on a CO2 dosed Ru(0001) surface under Extreme Ultraviolet Light and H-2
Mund BK, Sturm JM, Lee CJ, Bijkerk F
545 - 551 Phase transition analysis of thermochromic VO2 thin films by temperature-dependent Raman scattering and ellipsometry
Huang Y, Zhang DP, Liu Y, Jin JC, Yang Y, Chen T, Guan H, Fan P, Lv WZ
552 - 560 Plasma surface treatments of Al2O3/ZrO2 nanocomposites and their influence on the formation and adhesion of calcium phosphates
dos Santos KH, Ferreira JA, Osiro D, da Conceicao GJA, Colnago LA, Alves C, Pallone EMDA
561 - 567 Fabrication and electric heating behavior of carbon thin films from water-soluble poly(vinyl alcohol) via simple dry and ambient stabilization and carbonization
Lee BM, Jung JM, Hwang IT, Shin J, Hong SK, Jung CH, Jeong YG, Choi JH
568 - 576 Lignin-based hierarchical porous carbon nanofiber films with superior performance in supercapacitors
Ma C, Li ZY, Li JJ, Fan QC, Wu LQ, Shi JL, Song Y
577 - 585 In situ growth of cube-like AgCl on montmorillonite as an efficient photocatalyst for dye (Acid Red 18) degradation
Zhang CY, Yu YG, Wei H, Li KB
586 - 593 Synthesis of actinomorphic flower-like SnO2 nanorods decorated with CuO nanoparticles and their improved isopropanol sensing properties
Zhang BW, Fu WY, Meng XW, Ruan A, Su PY, Yang HB
594 - 601 Monolithic Mn/Ce-based catalyst of fibrous ceramic membrane for complete oxidation of benzene
Cuo ZX, Den YZ, Li WH, Peng SP, Zhao F, Liu HD, Chen YF
602 - 608 Excellent oil-water separation under external pressure: Controllable critical pressure and separation efficiency by well-designed hierarchical mesh structure
Qiu XG, Yang Z, Wu HP, Guo J, Zhang Z, Feng J, Chai GZ, Liu AP
609 - 614 Manipulation structure of carbon nitride via trace level iron with improved interfacial redox activity and charge separation for synthetic enhancing photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Lv ZZ, Zhang Z, Lu LH, Liu JH, Song WG
615 - 625 Catalyst-coated microchannel reactor via chemical bath deposition for biodiesel application
Akkarawatkhoosith N, Jaree A
626 - 636 Droplet adhesion to hydrophobic fibrous surfaces
Jamali M, Moghadam A, Tafreshi HV, Pourdeyhimi B
637 - 644 Evaluation of surface treatment on Li2Mg3SnO6 ceramic powders and the application of Li2Mg3SnO6 powders filled polytetrafluoroethylene composites
Luo FC, Tang B, Yuan Y, Fang ZX, Zhang SR
645 - 656 The enrichment of photo-catalysis via self-assembly perylenetetracarboxylic acid diimide polymer nanostructures incorporating TiO2 nano-particles
Liu L, Yue MT, Lu JR, Hu JS, Liang YH, Cui WQ
657 - 665 Co metal nanoparticles deposition inside or outside multi-walled carbon nanotubes via facile support pretreatment
Kazakova MA, Andreev AS, Selyutin AG, Ishchenko AV, Shuvaev AV, Kuznetsov VL, Lapina OB, de Lacailleri JBD
666 - 675 ZnO nanoparticles implanted in TiO2 macrochannels as an effective direct Z-scheme heterojunction photocatalyst for degradation of RhB
Wang J, Wang GH, Wei XH, Liu G, Li J
676 - 693 Ultra-trace (parts per million-ppm) W6+ dopant ions induced anatase to rutile transition (ART) of phase pure anatase TiO2 nanoparticles for highly efficient visible light-active photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants
Kondamareddy KK, Neena D, Lu DZ, Peng T, Lopez MAM, Wang CL, Yu ZH, Cheng N, Fu DJ, Zhao XZ
694 - 700 Synthesis and characterization of Bi2S3 quantum dot-sensitized TiO2 nanorod arrays coated with ZnSe passivation layers
Li J, Jin LP, Fang LL, Zhang M, Wang YF, Jiang XS, Lv JG, He G, Sun ZQ
701 - 710 Cellular responses to radical propagation from ion-implanted plasma polymer surfaces
Stewart CAC, Akhavan B, Santos M, Hung JC, Hawkins CL, Bao SS, Wise SG, Bilek MMM
711 - 716 Superior sensing affinities of acetone towards vacancy induced and metallized ZnO monolayers
Hussain T, Vovusha H, Umer R, Ahuja R
717 - 725 Excimer laser ablation of graphite: The enhancement of carbon dimer formation
Ursu C, Nica P, Focsa C
726 - 736 3D re-entrant nanograss on microcones for durable superamphiphobic surfaces via laser-chemical hybrid method
Han JP, Cai MY, Lin Y, Liu WJ, Luo X, Zhang HJ, Zhong ML
737 - 750 Fabrication of durable superamphiphobic materials on various substrates with wear-resistance and self-cleaning performance from kaolin
Qu MN, Ma XR, Hou LG, Yuan MJ, He J, Xue MH, Liu XR, He JM
751 - 762 Melamine cyanurate tailored by base and its multi effects on flame retardancy of polyamide 6
Tao W, Li J
763 - 770 Spinel-embedded and Li3PO4 modified Li[Li0.2Mn0.54Ni0.13Co0.13]O-2 cathode materials for High-Performance Li-Ion battries
Zhou LJ, Yin ZL, Tian H, Ding ZY, Li XH, Wang ZX, Guo HJ
771 - 780 Suppression of the green emission, texturing, solute-atom diffusion and increased electron-phonon coupling induced by Ni in sol-gel ZnNiO thin films
Marin O, Alastuey P, Tosi E, Orive J, Mosquera E, Zampieri G, Suarez S, Comedi D, Tirado M
781 - 788 Preparation of S/N co-doped graphene through a self-generated high gas pressure for high rate supercapacitor
Tian PF, Zang JB, Jia SP, Zhang Y, Gao HW, Zhou SY, Wang WP, Xu HQ, Wang YH
789 - 796 Relation between modulation frequency of electric power oscillation during pulse magnetron sputtering deposition of MoNx thin films
Wicher B, Chodun R, Nowakowska-Langier K, Okrasa S, Trzcinski M, Krol K, Minikayev R, Skowronski L, Kurpaska L, Zdunek K
797 - 800 Carrier tunneling and thermal escape in asymmetric double quantum dots
Lim KH, Man MT, Lee CL, Yim SY, Choi JC, Lee HS
801 - 807 C-60 layer growth on intact and Tl-modified Si(111)5 x 2-Au surfaces
Olyanich DA, Mararov VV, Utas TV, Aladyshkin AY, Mihalyuk AN, Zotov AV, Saranin AA
808 - 816 Vertically aligned MoS2/ZnO nanowires nanostructures with highly enhanced NO2 sensing activities
Zhao SF, Wang GJ, Liao JC, Lv SS, Zhu ZN, Li ZC
817 - 826 TiO2 faceted nanocrystals on the nanofibers: Homojunction TiO2 based Z-scheme photocatalyst for air purification
Duan YY, Liang L, Lv KL, Li Q, Li M
827 - 834 Facile preparation of nitrogen-enriched hierarchical porous carbon nanofibers by Mg(OAc)(2)-assisted electrospinning for flexible supercapacitors
Zhou T, Jiang QT, Wang L, Qiu ZP, Liu YY, Zhou J, Liu B
835 - 844 Photocatalytic removal of NO by Z-scheme mineral based heterojunction intermediated by carbon quantum dots
Li XZ, Shi HY, Wang TS, Zhang YY, Zuo SX, Luo SP, Yao C
845 - 853 Structural and electronic properties of V/Ag(001) films: Effects of substrate temperature and film thickness
Kundu AK, Menon KSR
854 - 860 Mitigation of low methane content landfill gas through visible-near-infrared photocatalysis over Y2O3:Er3+/Graphene/TiO2
Tian XM, Huang SY, Wang LC, Li L, Lou ZY, Huang SQ, Zhou Z
861 - 870 Fabricating direct Z-scheme PTCDA/g-C3N4 photocatalyst based on interfacial strong interaction for efficient photooxidation of benzylamine
Wang YC, Zhou J, Hao XQ, Wang Y, Zou ZG
871 - 875 Enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen production over Au/SiC for water reduction by localized surface plasmon resonance effect
Wang D, Huang L, Guo ZN, Han X, Liu CJ, Wang WJ, Yuan WX
876 - 881 A facile route for highly efficient color-tunable Cu-Ga-Se/ZnSe quantum dots
Mei SL, Zhang GL, Yang W, Wei X, Zhang WL, Zhu JT, Guo RQ
882 - 889 Ni, Pd, and Pt-embedded graphitic carbon nitrides as excellent adsorbents for HCN removal: A DFT study
Basharnavaz H, Habibi-Yangjeh A, Mousavi M
890 - 898 Low temperature de-oxidation for copper surface by catalyzed formic acid vapor
Chou PW, Song JM, Xie ZY, Akaike M, Suga T, Fujino M, Lin JY
899 - 907 Fabrication of BiOI@UIO-66(NH2)@g-C3N4 ternary Z-scheme heterojunction with enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activity
Liang Q, Cui SN, Jin J, Liu CH, Xu S, Yao C, Li ZY
908 - 914 Functionalization of Ge(100) surface by adsorption of phenylthiol
Sung D, Kim DH, Hong S
915 - 922 Fabrication of silica nanopillars by templated etching using bimetallic nanoparticles for anti-reflection applications
Kumar K, Swaminathan P
923 - 931 Effects of organic modifiers on the properties of TiO2-coated CaCO3 composite pigments prepared by the hydrophobic aggregation of particles
Sun SJ, Ding H, Hou XF, Chen DM, Yu SR, Zhou H, Chen Y
932 - 940 Dipyramidal-AU@SiO2 nanostructures: New efficient electromagnetic nanoresonators for Raman spectroscopy analysis of surfaces
Kolataj K, Krajczewski J, Kudelski A
941 - 950 Chemical depth profile of layered a-CSiO:H nanocomposites
Houdkova J, Branecky M, Plichta T, Jiricek P, Zemek J, Cech V
951 - 958 Montmorillonite-assisted synthesis of cobalt-nitrogen-doped carbon nanosheets for high-performance selective oxidation of alkyl aromatics
Jie SS, Lin X, Chen QZ, Zhu RL, Zhang LY, Zhang BS, Liu ZG
959 - 966 Pod-like structured Co/CoOx nitrogen-doped carbon fibers as efficient oxygen reduction reaction electrocatalysts for Zn-air battery
Guo JX, Ghen BL, Hao Q, Nie J, Ma GP
967 - 972 InGaN-based light-emitting diodes grown on various aspect ratios of concave nanopattern sapphire substrate
Ke WC, Chiang CY, Son WD, Lee FW
973 - 979 Unravelling the structural properties of mixed-valence alpha- and beta-AuSe nanostructures using XRD, TEM and XPS
Machogo LFE, Tetyana P, Sithole R, Gqoba SS, Phao N, Airo M, Shumbula PM, Moloto MJ, Moloto N
980 - 984 Europium monoxide nanocrystalline thin films with high near-infrared transparency
Mariscal A, Quesada A, Martin-Luengo AT, Garcia MA, Bonanni A, Fernandez JF, Serna R
985 - 998 Erosion-corrosion behavior and electrochemical performance of Hastelloy C22 coatings under impingement
Chen L, Bai SL, Ge YY, Wang QY
999 - 1003 Optical properties and excitation energies of iridium derived from reflection electron energy loss spectroscopy spectra
Yang LH, Menyhard M, Sulyok A, Tokesi K, Ding ZJ
1004 - 1013 Bimetallic Ru-M/TiO2 (M = Fe, Ni, Cu, Co) nanocomposite catalysts facribated by galvanic replacement: Structural elucidation and catalytic behavior in benzene selective hydrogenation
Zhou GB, Dong YL, He DP
1014 - 1014 Formation of organic layer on femtosecond laser-induced periodic surface structures (vol 405, pg 267, 2017)
Yasumaru N, Sentoku E, Kiuchi J
1015 - 1015 Evolution of controllable urchin-like SrCO3 with enhanced electrochemical performance via an alternative processing (vol 411, pg 197, 2017)
Wang ZW, He GP, Yin HF, Bai WY, Ding DH