Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.454 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 15 Anti-corrosion performance of an epoxy ester coating filled with a new generation of hybrid green organic/inorganic inhibitive pigment; electrochemical and surface characterizations
Sanaei Z, Ramezanzadeh B, Shahrabi T
16 - 22 Single-step selective metallization on insulating substrates by laser-induced molten transfer
Xu SJ, Ren L, Liu B, Wang J, Tang B, Zhou W, Jiang LL
23 - 29 Simple and low-cost nanofabrication process of nanoimprint templates for high-quality master gratings: Friction-induced selective etching
Wang HB, Yu BJ, Jiang SL, Chen C, Qian LM
30 - 45 Catalytic roles of Sm2O3 dopants on ethylene oxide sensing mechanisms of flame-made SnO2 nanoparticles
Singkammo S, Wisitsoraat A, Tuantranont A, Phanichphant S, Yodsri V, Liewhiran C
46 - 53 Facile synthesis of Fe-doped Co9S8 nano-microspheres grown on nickel foam for efficient oxygen evolution reaction
Gao WK, Qin JF, Wang K, Yan KL, Liv ZZ, Lin JH, Chai YM, Liu CG, Dong B
54 - 60 Preparation of polyetherimide nanoparticles on carbon fiber surface via evaporation induced surface modification method and its effect on tensile strength and interfacial shear strength
Zhu P, Ruan FT, Bao LM
61 - 67 Thermal stability of solid electrolyte interphase of lithium-ion batteries
Huang SQ, Cheong LZ, Wang DY, Shen C
68 - 73 Chemical vapor deposition graphene of high mobility by gradient growth method on an 4H-SiC (0001) substrate
Liu QB, Yu C, He ZZ, Gu GD, Wang JJ, Zhou CJ, Guo JC, Gao XD, Feng ZH
74 - 81 Improving the interfacial strength of carbon fiber/vinyl ester resin composite by self-migration of acrylamide: A molecular dynamics simulation
Jiao WW, Liu WB, Yang F, Jiang L, Jiao WC, Wang RG
82 - 86 Revealing multimode resistive switching in Cu-O nanostructures using conductive atomic force microscopy
Kumar M, Satpati B, Som T
87 - 100 Adsorption of arsenite and arsenate on binary and ternary magnetic nanocomposites with high iron oxide content
Guivar JAR, Bustamante A, Gonzalez JC, Sanches EA, Morales MA, Raez JM, Lopez-Munoz MJ, Arencibia A
101 - 111 Facile formation of flexible Ag/AgCl/polydopamine/cotton fabric composite photocatalysts as an efficient visible-light photocatalysts
Ding K, Wang W, Yu D, Gao P, Liu BJ
112 - 120 High-quality ZnO inverse opals and related heterostructures as photocatalysts produced by atomic layer deposition
Long J, Fu M, Li CX, Sun CF, He DW, Wang YS
121 - 129 Concentric dopant segregation in CVD-grown N-doped graphene single crystals
Li J, Tay RY, Li H, Jing L, Tsang SH, Bolker A, Saguy C, Teo EHT
130 - 137 Proton irradiation damage in cold worked Nb-stabilized 20Cr-25Ni stainless steel
Alshater AF, Engelberg DL, Donohoe CJ, Lyon SB, Sherry AH
138 - 147 Investigation of Electro-Thermal property for Cu-MWCNT composite coating on anodized 6061 aluminium alloy
Mandal P, Mondal SC
148 - 156 Phase separation within NiSiN coatings during reactive HiPIMS discharges: A new pathway to grow NixSi nanocrystals composites at low temperature
Keraudy J, Boyd RD, Shimizu T, Helmersson U, Jouan PY
157 - 172 Tailoring of antibacterial and osteogenic properties of Ti6Al4V by plasma electrolytic oxidation
Santos-Coquillat A, Tenorio RG, Mohedano M, Martinez-Campos E, Arrabal R, Matykina E
173 - 180 Surface modification of CeO2 nanoflakes by low temperature plasma treatment to enhance imine yield: Influences of different plasma atmospheres
Yang JX, Ding HH, Zhu Z, Wang QH, Wang JJ, Xu JL, Chang XJ
181 - 191 A facile construction of Au nanoparticles stabilized by thermo-responsive polymer-tethered carbon dots for enhanced catalytic performance
Li L, Zhang TY, Lu JH, Lu CL
192 - 200 Effect of curved surfaces on the impacting nano-droplets and their shape control: A molecular dynamics simulation study
Li T, Zhang LS, Zhang XF, Li H
201 - 209 Preparation of new superhydrophobic and highly oleophobic polyurethane coating with enhanced mechanical durability
Yousefi E, Ghadimi MR, Amirpoor S, Dolad A
210 - 217 Influence of temperature and time on the fabrication of self-ordering porous alumina by anodizing in etidronic acid
Sepulveda M, Castano JG, Echeverria F
218 - 226 Multifunctional wearable smart device based on conductive reduced graphene oxide/polyester fabric
Wang D, Li DW, Zhao M, Xu Y, Wei QF
227 - 232 Characterization of reflow soldering at a peak temperature of 215 degrees C using a Bi-coated Sn-3.0Ag-0.5Cu solder ball
Hwang JH, Lee JH
233 - 238 Effect of annealing atmosphere on the ferroelectric properties of inkjet printed BiFeO3 thin films
Li J, Sha N, Zhao Z
239 - 248 Durable superhydrophobic surface with highly antireflective and self-cleaning properties for the glass covers of solar cells
Zhi JH, Zhang LZ
249 - 255 Wetting transparency of supported graphene is regulated by polarities of liquids and substrates
Du F, Huang JY, Duan HL, Xiong CY, Wang JX
256 - 261 A simple method for fabrication of antifuse WORM memories
Avila-Nino JA, Reyes-Reyes M, Nunez-Olvera O, Lopez-Sandoval R
262 - 269 Enhancement of evaporative heat transfer on carbon nanotube sponges by electric field reinforced wettability
Zhang G, Xu YT, Duan Z, Li L, Liu CH, Yao W
270 - 276 Quadrupolar plasmon resonance in arrays composed of small-sized Ag nanoparticles prepared by a dewetting method
Zuo ZW, Zhu K, Wen YB, Zhang S
277 - 283 Highly conducting fibrous carbon-coated silicon alloy anode for lithium ion batteries
Jang J, Kang I, Yi KW, Cho YW
284 - 292 Nitrogen-doped holey carbon nanotubes: Dual polysulfides trapping effect towards enhanced lithium-sulfur battery performance
Chen L, Xu CX, Yang LM, Zhou MJ, He BH, Chen ZG, Li Z, Shi MT, Hou ZH, Kuang YF
293 - 304 Synthesis and boosting visible light photoactivity of Ag@AgI/CdWO4 towards refractory organic pollutants degradation based on interfacial charge transfer
Yuan XZ, Wu ZB, Zeng GM, Jiang LB, Zhang J, Xiong T, Wang H, Mo D
305 - 312 Optimum chemical composition of antimony sulfide selenide for thin film solar cells
Sanchez FD, Nair MTS, Nair PK
313 - 318 Photocatalytic hydrogenation and reduction of CO2 over CuO/ TiO2 photocatalysts
Edelmannova M, Lin KY, Wu JCS, Troppova I, Capek L, Koci K
319 - 326 Structure and energetics of ultrathin Cu adlayers on Ru(1 0 (1)over-bar 0)
Brona J, Morawski I, Nowicki M, Kucharczyk R
327 - 333 Manipulation of multiple periodic surface structures on metals induced by femtosecond lasers
Lim HU, Kang J, Guo CL, Hwang TY
334 - 342 Improved stability toward photo-electrochemical behavior of multi-chalcogenide CdSeS thin films
Hazra M, Jana A, Datta J
343 - 349 Investigating the adsorption of nitrobenzene on M/Pd (111) bimetallic surface as an effective catalyst
Hajiahmadi Z, Tavangar Z
350 - 357 Structural, electronic, and magnetic properties of the CrN (001) surface: First-principles studies
Ponce-Perez R, Alam K, Cocoletzi GH, Takeuchi N, Smith AR