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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Corrosion resistance and wetting properties of silica-based superhydrophobic coatings on AZ31B Mg alloy surfaces
Qian ZQ, Wang SD, Ye XS, Liu Z, Wu ZJ
11 - 22 Eu doped g-C3N4 nanosheet coated on flower-like BiVO4 powders with enhanced visible light photocatalytic for tetracycline degradation
Wang M, Guo PY, Zhang Y, Liu TY, Li SL, Xie YH, Wang YZ, Zhu T
23 - 30 VO2 thin films with low phase transition temperature grown on ZnO/glass by applying substrate DC bias at low temperature of 250 degrees C
Zhu MD, Qi HJ, Li C, Wang B, Wang H, Guan TR, Zhang Dp
31 - 36 Quantitative analysis of nano-defects in thin film encapsulation layer by Cu electrodeposition
Chu K, Bae KD, Song BG, Kim J, Park YY, Xianyu W, Lee CS, Sohn Y
37 - 47 Fabrication of robust biomimetic coating by integrated physisorption/chemical crosslinking technique
Zhao Y, Gao N, Feng YF, Shi H, Sun W, Shen KK, Wang YB, Shi SQ, Gong YK
48 - 55 Effective Schottky barrier height lowering technique for InGaAs contact scheme: D-MIGS and D-it reduction and interfacial dipole formation
Kim SH, Kim GS, Kim SW, Yu HY
56 - 62 FexP/C core-shell nanocubes with large inner void space for advanced lithium-ion battery anode
Zhang M, Wang HJ, Li Q, Feng J, Chai YQ, Yuan R, Yang X
63 - 72 An all-in-one material with excellent electrical double-layer capacitance and pseudocapacitance performances for supercapacitor
Li SC, Zhang NS, Zhou HH, Li JW, Gao N, Huang ZY, Jiang LL, Kuang YF
73 - 82 Hierarchical NiCo2S4@CoMoO4 core-shell heterostructures nanowire arrays as advanced electrodes for flexible all-solid-state asymmetric supercapacitors
Zhao YH, He XY, Chen RR, Liu Q, Liu JY, Song DL, Zhang HS, Dong HX, Li RM, Zhang ML, Wang J
83 - 92 Novel porous FexCyNz/N-doped CNT nanocomposites with excellent bifunctions for catalyzing oxygen reduction reaction and absorbing electromagnetic wave
Zhou YL, Miao J, Shen YH, Xie AJ
93 - 100 Improved electrochemical performance of LiNi0.8Co0.1Mn0.1O2 modified with 4-vinylbenzeneboronic acid
Li P, Zhao SJ, Zhuang Y, Adkins J, Zhou Q, Zheng JW
101 - 109 Synergistic effects of K addition and hydrogenation of TiO2 on photocatalytic hydrogen production under simulated solar light
Chen JH, Ding T, Cai JM, Wang YT, Wu MQ, Zhang H, Zhao WY, Tian Y, Wang XT, Li XG
110 - 119 Graphitic carbon nitride embedded in hot-melt adhesive polyester and hydrophilic cellulose blend fibers for the efficient elimination of antibiotics under solar irradiation
Chen YX, Lu WY, Wang XY, Chen WX
120 - 125 Ultra-thin MoS2 shell deposited on Ag nanowires for tuning surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Bai SW, Mei H, Cheng LF
126 - 131 Preparation and characterization of pulsed laser deposited Sb2Te3 back contact for CdTe thin film solar cell
Liu JY, Liu XL, Yang K, He SY, Lu HT, Li B, Zeng GG, Zhang JQ, Li W, Wu LL, Feng LH
132 - 140 Active-defective activated carbon/MoS2 composites for supercapacitor and hydrogen evolution reactions
Sangeetha DN, Selvakumar M
141 - 152 Adhesion of carbon fibers to amine hardened epoxy resin: Influence of ammonia plasma functionalization of carbon fibers
Moosburger-Will J, Lachner E, Loffler M, Kunzmann C, Greisel M, Ruhland K, Horn S
153 - 158 Electron irradiation induced wall-to-wall joining of multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Kumari R, Tyagi PK, Puri NK
159 - 165 TiC supported single-atom platinum catalyst for CO oxidation: A density functional theory study
Wang Y, Zhang XL, Cheng C, Yang ZX
166 - 172 Microfabricated Biomimetic placoid Scale-Inspired surfaces for antifouling applications
Munther M, Palma T, Angerona IA, Salari S, Ghassemi H, Vasefi M, Beheshti A, Davami K
173 - 181 Cuprous oxide nanostructures tuned by histidine-containing peptides and their photocatalytic activities
Wang CD, Zhang LY, Yang JG, Wang D, Sun YW, Wang JQ
182 - 191 Study of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) grafted cotton fabrics initiated by atmospheric pressure plasma
Sun XH, DenHartog E, Zhang XW, McCord M
192 - 203 Highly fluorescent carbon dots from enokitake mushroom as multi-faceted optical nanomaterials for Cr6+ and VOC detection and imaging applications
Pacquiao MR, de Luna MDG, Thongsai N, Kladsomboon S, Paoprasert P
204 - 213 The influence on the structural and redox property of CuO by using different precursors and precipitants for catalytic soot combustion
Shen JT, Rao C, Fu ZY, Feng XH, Liu JJ, Fan XL, Peng HG, Xu XL, Tan C, Wang X
214 - 219 Sprayed bismuth oxide interconnected nanoplate supercapacitor electrode materials
Ambare RC, Shinde P, Nakate UT, Lokhande BJ, Mane RS
220 - 229 Amine modified electrospun PIM-1 ultrafine fibers for an efficient removal of methyl orange from an aqueous system
Satilmis B, Uyar T
230 - 237 Nanotubular Ni-supported graphene @ hierarchical NiCo-LDH with ultrahigh volumetric capacitance for supercapacitors
Wang LP, Qin KQ, Li JJ, Zhao NQ, Shi CS, Ma LY, He CN, He F, Liu EZ
238 - 244 Switching electrochromic performance improvement enabled by highly developed mesopores and oxygen vacancy defects of Fe-doped WO3 films
Koo BR, Kim KH, Ahn HJ
245 - 251 Preparation of graphene oxide/semiconductor oxide composites by using atomic layer deposition
Justh N, Berke B, Laszlo K, Bakos LP, Szabo A, Hernadi K, Szilagyi IM
252 - 262 Effect of water pressure and soaking time on the selective oxidation of DP980 advanced high strength steel
Wu GX, Zhang JY
263 - 270 Construction of zinc-incorporated nano-network structures on a biomedical titanium surface to enhance bioactivity
Deng CH, Shen XK, Yang WH, Luo Z, Ma PP, Shen TT, Liu J, cai KY
271 - 279 Catalytic reduction of alpha-pinene using Ru nanoparticles stabilized by modified carboxymethyl cellulose
Qu L, Yu HL, Yu FL, Yuan B, Xie CX, Yu ST
280 - 287 SnO2 as co-catalyst for enhanced visible light photocatalytic activity of B2MoO6
Liu BB, Liu XJ, Ni MY, Feng CJ, Lei X, Li C, Gong YY, Niu LY, Li JL, Pan LK
288 - 296 Synthesis of hierarchically porous NiCo2S4 core-shell hollow spheres via self-template route for high performance supercapacitors
Wei CZ, Zhan NN, Tao J, Pang SS, Zhang LP, Cheng C, Zhang DJ
297 - 308 Nanoscale tunable reduction of interfacial friction on nano-patterned wear-resistant bulk metallic glass
Guo DJ, Chen XC, Zhang CH, Wu XY, Liu ZY, Li KL, Zhang J, Wang CX
309 - 319 Insight into the role of the promoters Pt, Ru and B in inhibiting the deactivation of Co catalysts in Fischer-Tropsch synthesis
Zhang RG, Liu HX, Li QH, Wang BJ, Ling LX, Li DB
320 - 329 Promotion of phenol photodecomposition and the corresponding decomposition mechanism over g-C3N4/TiO2 nanocomposites
Wang XQ, Wang F, Chen B, Cheng K, Wang JL, Zhang JJ, Song H
330 - 335 Reduction-oxidation pretreatment enhanced catalytic performance of Co3O4/Al2O3 over CO oxidation
Yang J, Guo J, Wang YB, Wang T, Gu J, Peng LM, Xue NH, Zhu Y, Guo XF, Ding WP
336 - 340 Theoretical approach to evaluate graphene/PANI composite as highly selective ammonia sensor
Guo Z, Liao NB, Zhang M, Xue W
341 - 349 Gold nanoparticle decorated Au-Ag alloy tubes: A bifunctional substrate for label-free and in situ surface-enhanced Raman scattering based reaction monitoring
Ankudze B, Pakkanen TT
350 - 357 The regulation of Si distribution and surface acidity of SAPO-11 molecular sieve
Lyu YC, Liu YX, He X, Xu L, Liu XM, Yan ZF
358 - 364 Broadly tunable and bidirectional terahertz graphene plasmonic switch based on enhanced Goos-Hanchen effect
Farmani A, Mir A, Sharifpour Z
365 - 372 In-depth evolution of chemical states and sub-10-nm-resolution crystal orientation mapping of nanograins in Ti(5 nm)/Au(20 nm)/Cr(3 nm) tri-layer thin films
Zhu XL, Todeschini M, Fanta ABD, Liu LT, Jensen F, Hubner J, Jansen H, Han AP, Shi PX, Ming AJ, Xie CQ
373 - 382 Improving visible light driving degradation of norfloxacin over core-shell hierarchical BiOCl microspherical photocatalyst by synergistic effect of oxygen vacancy and nanostructure
Tian J, Chen ZW, Deng XY, Sun Q, Sun ZY, Li WB
383 - 393 Improved biodegradability of Fe-Mn alloy after modification of surface chemistry and topography by a laser ablation
Donik C, Kocijan A, Paulin I, Hocevar M, Gregorcic P, Godec M
394 - 404 Synergistic effect of adsorption and visible-light photocatalysis for organic pollutant removal over BiVO4/carbon sphere nanocomposites
Wang XT, Zhou JQ, Zhao S, Chen X, Yu Y
405 - 415 Pulsed ionized mesh-like assembly of hybrid silica nanostructures with controlled resistivity
Paladiya C, Kennedy B, Kiani A
416 - 422 Direct bonding of silicon and quartz glass using VUV/O-3 activation and a multistep low-temperature annealing process
Xu JK, Wang CX, Wang T, Liu YN, Tian YH
423 - 435 Cold remote plasma modification of wood: Optimization process using experimental design
Bigan M, Mutel B
436 - 441 Enhancement of catalytic effect for CNT growth at low temperature by PECVD
Labbaye T, Kovacevic E, Lecas T, Ammar MR, Canizares A, Raimboux N, Strunskus T, Jaeger C, Simon P, Boulmer-Leborgne C
442 - 448 The electronic and optical properties of carbon nitride derivatives: A first principles study
Wang YL, Wu CX, Tian Y, Yan LK, Tan HQ, Su ZM
449 - 456 Laser induced ripples' gratings with angular periodicity for fabrication of diffraction holograms
Jwad T, Penchev P, Nasrollahi V, Dimov S
457 - 463 Surface functionalization of Fe3O4@SiO2 core-shell nanoparticles with vinylimidazole-rare earth complexes: Synthesis, physico-chemical properties and protein interaction effects
Circu M, Radu T, Porav AS, Turcu R
464 - 476 Facile synthesis of rGO/SmFe5O12/CoFe2O4 ternary nanocomposites: Composition control for superior broadband microwave absorption performance
Shen W, Ren BY, Wu SZ, Wang W, Zhou XF
477 - 481 Oxygen plasma etching of fused silica substrates for high power laser optics
Abromavicius G, Juodagalvis T, Buzelis R, Juskevicius K, Drazdys R, Kicas S
482 - 492 A novel approach for wear and corrosion resistance in the electroless Ni-P-W alloy with CNFs co-depositions
Akyol A, Algul H, Uysal M, Akbulut H, Alp A
493 - 501 High-performance 3D directional porous LiFePO4/C materials synthesized by freeze casting
Du GD, Zhou YK, Tian XH, Wu G, Xi YK, Zhao SY
502 - 512 Preparation of carboxylic multiwalled-carbon-nanotube-modified poly(m-phenylene isophthalamide) hollow fiber nanofiltration membranes with improved performance and application for dye removal
Zhao CW, Yang B, Han JL, Meng YY, Yu L, Hou DY, Wang J, Zhao Y, Zhai YH, Wang SG, Sun XF
513 - 519 Ultra-fast responding and recovering ethanol sensors based on CdS nanospheres doped with graphene
Feng GQ, Zhang MH, Wang SR, Song CW, Xiao JK