Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.452 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Thermodynamic energy variation diagram to speculate preferred growth orientation of magnetron sputtered PbSe thin films on monocrystalline silicon substrates
Sun XG, Gao KW, Pang XL, Sun QL, Li JN
11 - 18 Silica nanosphere supported palladium nanoparticles encapsulated with graphene: High-performance electrocatalysts for methanol oxidation reaction
Yang F, Zhang B, Dong S, Tang YS, Hou LQ, Chen Z, Li ZH, Yang W, Xu C, Wang MJ, Li Y, Li YF
19 - 31 Effect of wavelength, deposition temperature and substrate type on cobalt ferrite thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition
Oujja M, Martin-Garcia L, Rebollar E, Quesada A, Garcia MA, Fernandez JF, Marco JF, de la Figuera J, Castillejo M
32 - 42 Functionalization of titanium implants with phase-transited lysozyme for gentle immobilization of antimicrobial lysozyme
Diaz-Gomez L, Concheiro A, Alvarez-Lorenzo C
43 - 48 High performance self-powered ultraviolet photodetectors based on electrospun gallium nitride nanowires
Zhang MX, Liu Y, Yang MQ, Zhang W, Zhou JY, Zhang ZX, Xie EQ, Pan XJ, Li SB
49 - 57 Effect of crystalline/amorphous structure on light absorption and carrier separationof CeO2-TiO2 heterojunctions
Fang N, Ding YY, Liu CB, Chen ZG
58 - 66 Preparation of PbS and CdS cosensitized graphene/TiO2 nanosheets for photoelectrochemical protection of 304 stainless steels
Yang YY, Zhang WW, Xu Y, Sun HQ
67 - 74 In-situ study of surface structure evolution of silicon anodes by electrochemical atomic force microscopy
Huang SQ, Cheong LZ, Wang SW, Wang DY, Shen C
75 - 86 Theoretical study of the influence of surface effects on GaN-based chemical sensors
Anvari R, Spagnoli D, Umana-Membreno GA, Parish G, Nener B
87 - 95 A mechanistic study on the decomposition of a model bio-oil compound for hydrogen production over a stepped Ni surface: Formic acid
Li XB, Xuan KJ, Zhu YY, Chen G, Yang GH
96 - 101 A soft chemistry-based route to enhanced photoluminescence of terbium ions and tin oxide nanocrystals codoped silica thin films
Zhang XW, Chen RW, Wang PJ, Shu JP, Zhang HH, Song HC, Xu J, Zhang P, Xu J
102 - 112 Optimizing grafting thickness of zwitterionic sulfobetaine polymer on cross-linked polyethylene surface to reduce friction coefficient
Lim CM, Seo J, Jang H, Seo JH
113 - 122 Hierarchical 3D NiCo2O4@ZnWO4 core-shell structures as binder-free electrodes for all-solid-state supercapacitors
Lin LY, Li L, Hussain S, Zhao SQ, Wu LK, Peng XH, Hu N
123 - 133 Mechanochemical synthesis of novel heterostructured Bi2S3/Zn-Al layered double hydroxide nano-particles as efficient visible light reactive Z-scheme photocatalysts
Li Z, Zhang QW, Liu XZ, Chen M, Wu L, Ai ZQ
134 - 140 Surface oxidation of SnTe topological crystalline insulator
Berchenko N, Vitchev R, Trzyna M, Wojnarowska-Nowak R, Szczerbakow A, Badyla A, Cebulski J, Story T
141 - 147 Induced electronic changes at the fluorinated polyphenylthiols on nanostructured Au(111) interfaces
Colombo E, Belletti G, Tielens F, Quaino P
148 - 154 Visible light-induced charge transfer to improve sensitive surface-enhanced Raman scattering of ZnO/Ag nanorod arrays
Lei SJ, Tao CJ, Li JL, Zhao X, Wang WZ
155 - 164 Improving performance of device made up of CuO nanoparticles synthesized by hydrothermal over the reflux method
Jana R, Dey A, Das M, Datta J, Das P, Ray PP
165 - 173 Non-UV activated superhydrophilicity of patterned Fe-doped TiO2 film for anti-fogging and photocatalysis
Duan ZF, Zhu Y, Ren PR, Jia JQ, Yang S, Zhao GY, Xie YT, Zhang JY
174 - 180 Subunits controlled synthesis of three-dimensional hierarchical flower-like alpha-Fe2O3 hollow spheres as high-performance anodes for lithium ion batteries
Qi XX, Zhang HZ, Zhang ZY, Bian Y, Shen A, Xu PP, Zhao YQ
181 - 189 Tuning the electronic and magnetic properties of graphyne by hydrogenation
Wang YS, Song NH, Zhang TJ, Zheng YF, Gao HY, Xu K, Wang JJ
190 - 200 Complex oxide thin films: Pyrochlore, defect fluorite and perovskite model systems for structural, spectroscopic and catalytic studies
Gotsch T, Hauser D, Kopfle N, Bernardi J, Klotzer B, Penner S
201 - 209 Covalent bonding of AgNPs to 304 stainless steel by reduction in situ for antifouling applications
Cao P, He XY, Xiao JF, Yuan CQ, Bai XQ
210 - 216 Surface failure analysis of AlCrN coating on WC substrate subjected to high-temperature oxidation in glass-molding machine
Lee SH, Ko IH, Kim TY
217 - 222 Magnetic and electronic structures of Co ion implanted CeO2 thin films
Kumar P, Ahmad B, Chand F, Asokan K
223 - 231 C sp(2)/sp(3) hybridisations in carbon nanomaterials - XPS and (X)AES study
Lesiak B, Kover L, Toth J, Zemek J, Jiricek P, Kromka A, Rangam N
232 - 238 Sulfur-doped reduced graphene oxide/MoS2 composite with exposed active sites as efficient Pt-free counter electrode for dye-sensitized solar cell
Wang YF, Guo YJ, Chen WT, Luo Q, Lu WL, Xu P, Chen DL, Yin X, He M
239 - 247 Ni nanoparticles and the Kirkendall effect in dry reforming of methane
Pegios N, Bliznuk V, Theofanidis SA, Galvita VV, Marin GB, Palkovits R, Simeonov K
248 - 258 Water vapor thermal treatment of silicon carbide-nanostructured ferritic steel alloy (SiC-NFA) composite materials
Ning KJ, Lu K
259 - 267 Synthesis of CuO-Cu2O@graphene nanosheet arrays with accurate hybrid nanostructures and tunable electrochemical properties
Bai J, Yang L, Dai B, Ding YJ, Wang Q, Han JC, Zhu JQ
268 - 278 Synthesis of biofunctional coating for a TiZr alloy: Surface, electrochemical, and biological characterizations
Cordeiro JM, Pantaroto HN, Paschoaleto EM, Rangel EC, da Cruz NC, Sukotjo C, Barao VAR
279 - 285 Coupling plasmonic noble metal with TiO2 for efficient photocatalytic transfer hydrogenation: M/TiO2 (M = Au and Pt) for chemoselective transformation of cinnamaldehyde to cinnamyl alcohol under visible and 365 nm UV light
Ma YT, Li ZH
286 - 298 Enhanced interfacial properties of carbon fiber reinforced polyamide 6 composites by grafting graphene oxide onto fiber surface
Ma YY, Yan C, Xu HB, Liu D, Shi PC, Zhu YD, Liu JL
299 - 305 Anisotropic piezoelectric response of ion beam sputtered aluminum nitride thin films textured along [10(1)over-bar0]-axis: A field dependent X-ray diffraction investigation
Sharma N, Ilango S
306 - 313 Structural development of nanosilver on metal oxide nanofibrous membrane by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD)
Subjalearndee N, Hegemann D, Amberg M, Hanselmann B, Rupper P, Intasanta V
314 - 321 Growth and characterization of porous sp(2)-BN films with hollow spheres under hydrogen etching effect via borazane thermal CVD
Chen YP, Liang HW, Abbas Q, Liu J, Shi JJ, Xia XC, Zhang HQ, Du GT
322 - 336 A comprehensive study on electrophoretic deposition of a novel type of collagen and hexagonal boron nitride reinforced hydroxyapatite/chitosan biocomposite coating
Tozar A, Karahan IH
337 - 351 Experimental and DFT insights into molecular structure and optical properties of new chalcones as promising photosensitizers towards solar cell applications
Makhlouf MM, Radwan AS, Ghazal B
352 - 363 Anti-bacterial and fluorescent properties of hydrophobic electrodeposited non-fluorinated polypyrenes
Chagas GR, Cruz GM, Giraudon-Colas G, Savina F, Meallet-Renault R, Amigoni S, Guittard F, Darmanin T
364 - 371 Optimizing fiber/matrix interface by growth MnO2 nanosheets for achieving desirable mechanical and tribological properties
Fei J, Luo L, Qi Y, Duan X, Zhang C, Li HJ, Huang JF
372 - 380 Molecular dynamics study of water evaporation enhancement through a capillary graphene bilayer with tunable hydrophilicity
Kieu HT, Liu B, Zhang H, Zhou K, Law AWK
381 - 388 First-principles study on the hydroxyl migration from inner to surface in hydroxyapatite
Wang X, Zhang L, Zeng Q, Jiang G, Yang ML
389 - 399 Developing thermally resistant polydopamine@nano turbostratic BN@CeO2 double core-shell ultraviolet absorber with low light-catalysis activity and its grafted high performance aramid fibers
Cai H, Shen D, Yuan L, Guan QB, Gu AJ, Liang GZ
400 - 412 Graphite-like carbon nitride (C3N4) modified N-doped LaTiO3 nanocomposite for higher visible light photocatalytic and photo-electrochemical performance
Rakibuddin M, Kim H, Khan ME
413 - 422 Facile-synthesized NiCo2O4@MnMoO4 with novel and functional structure for superior performance supercapacitors
Chen Y, Li YF, Hai ZY, Li YK, Kan SH, Chen JM, Chen X, Zhuiykov S, Cui DF, Xue CY
423 - 428 DFT study on water oxidation on nitrogen-doped ceria oxide
Zhang YC, Liu YK, Zhang L, Xiu-tian-feng E, Pan L, Zhang XW, Fazal-e-Aleem, Zou DR, Liu SH, Zou JJ
429 - 436 High-performance piezo-damping materials based on CNTs/BaTiO3/F-PAEK-b-PDMS under high temperature steam conditions
Yu X, Zhang Y, Jin L, Chen JY, Jiang ZH, Zhang YH
437 - 442 Few-layer Co-doped MoS2 nanosheets with rich active sites as an efficient cocatalyst for photocatalytic H-2 production over CdS
Li J, Peng Y, Qian XH, Lin J
443 - 450 Electrospun magnetic cobalt-carbon nanofiber composites with axis-sheath structure for efficient peroxymonosulfate activation
Zhang BT, Zhang Y, Teng YG
451 - 456 Homogeneous surface oxidation and triangle patterning of monolayer MoS2 by hydrogen peroxide
Xu CY, Qin JK, Yan H, Li Y, Shao WZ, Zhen L
457 - 462 First-principles study of adsorption and diffusion of oxygen on surfaces of TiN, ZrN and HfN
Guo FY, Wang JC, Du Y, Wang J, Shang SL, Li SL, Chen L
463 - 472 Magnetism and multiferroic properties at MnTiO3 surfaces: A DFT study
Ribeiro RAP, Andres J, Longo E, Lazaro SR
473 - 480 Quaternized poly(aromatic ether sulfone) with siloxane crosslinking networks as high temperature proton exchange membranes
Wang J, Jiang HX, Xu YX, Yang JS, He RH
481 - 486 Fast room-temperature reduction of graphene oxide by methane/argon plasma for flexible electronics
Yang C, Gong JY, Zeng P, Yang XL, Liang RQ, Ou QR, Zhang SY
487 - 497 Chitosan and graphene oxide hybrid nanocomposite film doped with silver nanoparticles efficiently prevents biofouling
Pounraj S, Somu P, Paul S
498 - 506 Modulation of oxygen vacancy in hydrangea-like ceria via Zr doping for CO2 photoreduction
Li L, Li P, Wang YJ, Lin L, Shah AH, He T
507 - 513 S-type single alkali-adatom on graphene
Garcia EA, Iglesias-Garcia A, Carrillo SCG, Romero MA