Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.450 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Carbon quantum dots/Zn2+ ions doped-CdS nanowires with enhanced photocatalytic activity for reduction of 4-nitroaniline to p-phenylenediamine
Chai YY, Qu DP, Ma DK, Chen W, Huang SM
9 - 20 Pt-decorated SnO2 nanotubes prepared directly on a conducting substrate and their application in solar energy conversion using a solid polymer electrolyte
Kim JK, Kim DJ, Lee CS, Cho HH, Kim JH
21 - 30 Electrochemical deposition and characterization of ZrO2 ceramic nanocoatings on superelastic NiTi alloy
Lopes NIA, Freire NHJ, Resende PD, Santos LA, Buono VTL
31 - 37 Pore structure of mesoporous silica (KIT-6) synthesized at different temperatures using positron as a nondestructive probe
Zhou B, Li CY, Qi N, Jiang M, Wang B, Chen ZQ
38 - 45 Fabrication of carbon nanotube on nickel-chromium alloy wire for high-current field emission
Yan XL, Wu YL, Wang BS, Zhang Q, Zheng RT, Wu XL, Cheng GA
46 - 56 Mesoporous g-C3N4 nanosheets prepared by calcining a novel supramolecular precursor for high-efficiency photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Liu Q, Wang XL, Yang Q, Zhang ZG, Fang XM
57 - 65 Hydrophilic surface coating on hydrophobic PTFE membrane for robust anti-oil-fouling membrane distillation
Wang KP, Hou DY, Wang J, Wang ZX, Tian BH, Liang P
66 - 76 Facilely prepared oxidized carbon Fiber@Co3O4@RGO as negative electrode for a novel asymmetric supercapacitor with high areal energy and power density
Wang WG, Liu YJ, Wang MQ, Ren GH, Wu SS, Shen J
77 - 84 Synthesis of efficient bacterial adhesion-resistant coatings by one-step polydopamine-assisted deposition of branched polyethylenimine-g-poly (sulfobetaine methacrylate) copolymers
Ran B, Jing CY, Yang C, Li XN, Li YH
85 - 90 Stalagmite Al(OH)(3) growth on aluminum foil surface by catalytic CO2 reduction with H2O
Yoon HJ, Kim SK, Lee SW, Sohn Y
91 - 101 Facile route to synthesize porous hierarchical Co3O4/CuO nanosheets with high porosity and excellent NOx sensing properties at room temperature
Liu SY, Teng L, Zhao YM, Liu Z, Zhang JW, Ikram M, Rehman AU, Li L, Shi KY
102 - 111 Fabricating superhydrophobic and oleophobic surface with silica nanoparticles modified by silanes and environment-friendly fluorinated chemicals
Cai Y, Li J, Yi LM, Yan XJ, Li JW
112 - 121 Adsorption of hydrogen and hydrogen-containing gases on Pd- and Ag-single atoms doped on anatase TiO2 (101) surfaces and their sensing performance
Panta R, Nanthamathee C, Ruangpornvisuti V
122 - 129 Facile covalent functionalization of carbon nanotubes via Diels-Alder reaction in deep eutectic solvents
Le CMQ, Cao XT, Tu TTK, Lee WK, Lim KT
130 - 137 Salt- and thermo-responsive polyzwitterionic brush prepared via surface-initiated photoiniferter-mediated polymerization
Fu YH, Zhang L, Huang L, Xiao SW, Chen F, Fan P, Zhong MQ, Yang JT
138 - 145 Phase confinement of self-migrated plasmonic silver in triphasic system: Offering 3D hot spots on hydrophobic paper for SERS detection
He LL, Liu CQ, Tang J, Jin W, Yang H, Liu RY, Hao X, Hu JG
146 - 154 In situ attenuated total reflection infrared spectroscopy study of the photocatalytic steam reforming of methanol on Pt/TiO2
Chiarello GL, Ferri D, Selli E
155 - 163 Graphitized hierarchically porous carbon nanosheets derived from bakelite induced by high-repetition picosecond laser
Wang FC, Duan WQ, Wang KD, Dong X, Gao M, Zhai ZY, Mei XS, Lv J, Wang WJ, Zhu CG
164 - 169 Towards superhydrophobic coatings via thiol-ene post-modification of polymeric submicron particles
Owusu-Nkwantabisah S, Robbins M, Wang DY
170 - 179 Mesoporous NiCoP microflowers as a superior electrode material for supercapacitors
Jin YH, Zhao CC, Jiang QL, Ji CW
180 - 189 Copper adatom, admolecule transport, and island nucleation on TiN(001) via ab initio molecular dynamics
Sangiovanni DG
190 - 199 Calculation of secondary electron emission yields from low-energy electron deposition in tungsten surfaces
Chang HY, Alvarado A, Marian J
200 - 208 High temperature thermal radiation property measurements on large periodic micro-structured nickel surfaces fabricated using a femtosecond laser source
Zhang YR, Fu TR, Fu L, Shi CL
209 - 218 Zn doped delta-MnO2 nano flakes: An efficient electrode material for aqueous and solid state asymmetric supercapacitors
Radhamani AV, Surendra MK, Rao MSR
219 - 227 Wet chemical synthesis of S doped Co3O4 nanosheets/reduced graphene oxide and their application in dye sensitized solar cells
Jiang TT, Yin NQ, Bai ZM, Dai P, Yu XX, Wu MZ, Li G
228 - 235 Efficient Sb2Se3 sensitized solar cells prepared through a facile SILAR process and improved performance by interface modification
Zhao BW, Wan ZQ, Luo JS, Han F, Malik HA, Jia CY, Liu XZ, Wang RL
236 - 243 Controlled hierarchical architecture in poly [oligo (ethylene glycol) methacrylate-b-glycidyl methacrylate] brushes for enhanced label-free biosensing
Zhou WF, Yang M, Zhao Z, Li SP, Cheng ZQ, Zhu JS
244 - 250 CO-tolerant PtRu@h-BN/C core-shell electrocatalysts for proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Sun MM, Lv Y, Song YJ, Wu H, Wang GX, Zhang H, Chen MS, Fu Q, Bao XH
251 - 259 Tangerine peel-derived carbon supported manganese oxides catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction
Li GL, Yuan LF, Cheng GC, Chen SM, Liu CD, Chen WW, Yang BB, Xu XC, Hao C
260 - 264 The effect of oxygen vacancies on the properties of polar and nonpolar (001) LaAlO3/SrTiO3 heterostructures
Xue YB, Guo Y, Hou SG, Niu YS
265 - 273 Controllable preparation of SiC coating protecting carbon fiber from oxidation damage during sintering process and SiC coated carbon fiber reinforced hydroxyapatite composites
Zhao XN, Wang XD, Xin H, Zhang L, Yang JJ, Jiang GZ
274 - 283 Low friction and wear behaviour of non-hydrogenated DLC (a-C) sliding against fluorinated tetrahedral amorphous carbon (ta-C-F) at elevated temperatures
Bhowmick S, Khan MZU, Banerji A, Lukitsch MJ, Alpas AT
284 - 291 Synthesis, structure and antioxidant performance of boron nitride (hexagonal) layers coating on carbon nanotubes (multi-walled)
Li YJ, Yang M, Xu BB, Sun QL, Zhang W, Zhang YJ, Meng FB
292 - 300 Surface and catalytic properties of stable Me(Ba, Ca and Mg)SrCoO for the degradation of orange II dye under dark conditions
Chen HH, Motuzas J, Martens W, da Costa JCD
301 - 311 Porous-Nafion/PBI composite membranes and Nafion/PBI blend membranes for vanadium redox flow batteries
Jung M, Lee W, Krishnan NN, Kim S, Gupta G, Komsiyska L, Harms C, Kwon Y, Henkensmeier D
312 - 317 Synthetic magnesium silicate hydroxide nanoparticles coated with carbonaceous shell in subcritical water condition
Gao K, Chang QY, Wang B, Zhou NN, Qing T
318 - 327 Exploring the work function variability and structural stability of VO2 (110) surface upon noble metal (Ag, Au, Pt) adsorption and incorporation
Chen LL, Cui YY, Shi SQ, Luo HJ, Gao YF
328 - 335 Surface plasmon resonance imaging validation of small molecule drugs binding on target protein microarrays
Zhou WF, Yang M, Li SP, Zhu JS
336 - 347 Evolution of morphological and optical properties of various AuxPd1-x bimetallic nanostructures by the systematic control of composition
Pandey P, Kunwar S, Sui M, Lee J
348 - 355 Flower-like nanostructured V3S4 grown on three-dimensional porous graphene aerogel for efficient oxygen reduction reaction
Xu Z, Zhang YZ, Wang YL, Zhan L
356 - 363 Facile synthesis of three-dimensional Cu/Fe3O4 nanowires as binder-free anode for lithium-ion batteries
Xu X, Shen K, Wen M, Wu QL, Hou GY, Cao HZ, Wu LK, Zheng GQ, Tang YP
364 - 371 Core-shell polyhedrons of carbon nanotubes-grafted graphitic carbon@nitrogen doped carbon as efficient sulfur immobilizers for lithium-sulfur batteries
Yu HN, Zhang B, Sun FG, Jiang GY, Zheng N, Xu CP, Li YS
372 - 379 Effects of ambient humidity and temperature on the NO2 sensing characteristics of WS2/graphene aerogel
Yan WJ, Worsley MA, Pham T, Zettl A, Carraro C, Maboudian R
380 - 386 Picosecond laser micropatterning of graphene films for rapid heating chips
Tseng SF
387 - 395 Facile fabrication of a PDMS @ stearic acid-Al(OH)(3) coating on lignocellulose composite with superhydrophobicity and flame retardancy
Wang Z, Shen XP, Yan YT, Qian TM, Wang JJ, Sun QF, Jin CD
396 - 403 Fabrication and characterization of glycine-loaded PEG nanoparticles for drug delivering: A comprehensive SERS study
Guimaraes PCL, da Silva JR, de Azevedo RB, Morais PC, da Silva SW
404 - 412 Synthesis of functionalized porous montmorillonite via solid-state NaOH treatment for efficient removal of cesium and strontium ions
Kim Y, Kim YK, Kim JH, Yim MS, Harbottle D, Lee JW
413 - 421 Plasma synthesis of Pt nanoparticles on 3D reduced graphene oxidecarbon nanotubes nanocomposites towards methanol oxidation reaction
Ma YL, Wang Q, Miao YL, Lin Y, Li RY
422 - 428 Theoretical prediction of a two-dimensional intrinsic double-metal ferromagnetic semiconductor MnCoO4
Xiao TT, Wang G, Liao Y
429 - 440 Effect of Sm3+ and Zr4+ codoping on the magnetic, ferroelectric and magnetodielectric properties of sonochemically synthesized BiFeO3 nanorods
Dutta DP, Tyagi AK
441 - 450 In situ synthesized MoS2/Ag dots/Ag3PO4 Z-scheme photocatalysts with ultrahigh activity for oxygen evolution under visible light irradiation
Wang ZH, Xu XJ, Si ZC, Liu LP, Liu YX, He YH, Ran R, Weng D
451 - 460 Highly durable graphene-mediated surface enhanced Raman scattering (G-SERS) nanocomposites for molecular detection
Jiang Y, Wang J, Malfatti L, Carboni D, Senes N, Innocenzi P
461 - 467 High electrochemical performance of hollow corn-like LiNi0.8Co0.1Mn0.1O2 cathode material for lithium-ion batteries
Zhang LS, Wang H, Wang LZ, Cao Y
468 - 483 Investigation on the microstructure and damage characteristics of wheel and rail materials subject to laser dispersed quenching
Cao X, Shi LB, Cai ZB, Liu QY, Zhou ZR, Wang WJ
484 - 491 Adsorption mechanisms of different volatile organic compounds onto pristine C2N and Al-doped C2N monolayer: A DFT investigation
Su YT, Ao ZM, Ji YM, Li GY, An TC
492 - 501 Positive effect of polymeric silane-based water repellent agents on the durability of superhydrophobic fabrics
Yu M, Li PJ, Feng YF, Li QQ, Sun W, Quan M, Liu ZT, Sun JJ, Shi SQ, Gong YK
502 - 508 DFT study of SDD and BX adsorption on sphalerite (110) surface in the absence and presence of water molecules
Liu J, Wang Y, Luo DQ, Zeng Y, Wen SM, Chen LZ
509 - 515 Adsorption of benzene and toluene molecules on surface of pure and doped cadmium oxide nanosheets: A computational investigation
Farmanzadeh D, Valipour A
516 - 526 A direct Z-scheme plasmonic AgCl@g-C3N4 heterojunction photocatalyst with superior visible light CO2 reduction in aqueous medium
Murugesan P, Narayanan S, Manickam M, Murugesan PK, Subbiah R
527 - 537 Investigation of new modification strategies for PVA membranes to improve their dehydration properties by pervaporation
Dmitrenko ME, Penkova AV, Kuzminova AI, Morshed M, Larionov MI, Alem H, Zolotarev AA, Ermakov SS, Roizard D
538 - 544 Effects of Fe-to-Co ratio on microstructure and mechanical properties of laser cladded FeCoCrBNiSi high-entropy alloy coatings
Shu FY, Yang B, Dong SY, Zhao HY, Xu BS, Xu FJ, Liu B, He P, Feng JC