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1 - 1 4th International Conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICONN 2017) 9-11 August 2017, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Kattankulathur, Chennai, India Preface
Bharathi KK, Karthikeyan S, Sarkar D, Senthilkumar E
2 - 9 Structural, morphological, optical and electrical properties of e-beam deposited nanocrystalline CdTe:Cu alloy thin films from mechanical alloyed samples
Thangaraju M, Jayaram A, Kandasamy R
10 - 14 Structural properties and electrical conduction mechanisms of Bi0.9Sm0.05Tb0.05FeO3 Thin Film
Ruby S, Inbanathan SSR
15 - 22 Synthesis and characterization of diselenide linked poly(ethylene glycol) nanogel as multi-responsive drug carrier
Hailemeskel BZ, Addisu KD, Prasannan A, Mekuria SL, Kao CY, Tsai HC
23 - 30 Surfactant mediated interaction of vancomycin with silver nanoparticles
Kaur A, Goyal D, Kumar R
31 - 38 MoS2 nanosheets as an effective fluorescent quencher for successive detection of arsenic ions in aqueous system
Ravikumar A, Panneerselvam P, Radhakrishnan K, Christus AAB, Sivanesan S
39 - 47 DC magnetron sputtered aligned ITO nano-rods with the influence of varying oxygen pressure
Arockiadoss T, Kovendhan M, Joseph DP, Kumar AS, Choi BC, Shim KS
48 - 54 Hierarchical Nickel nanowire synthesis using polysorbate 80 as capping
Deepa E, Therese HA
55 - 67 Preparation and characterization of indium chalcogenide thin films: A material for phase change memory
Pandian M, Matheswaran P, Gokul B, Sathyamoorthy R, Asokan K
68 - 76 Optimization of Zn2SnO4 thin film by post oxidation of thermally evaporated alternate Sn and Zn metallic multi-layers
Ramarajan RR, Kovendhan M, Phan DT, Thangaraju K, Babu R, Jeon KJ, Joseph DP
77 - 91 Hydrothermal assisted growth of vertically aligned platelet like structures of WO3 films on transparent conducting FTO substrate for electrochromic performance
Mathuri S, Margoni MM, Ramamurthi K, Babu RR, Ganesh V
92 - 95 Spectral, optical, etching, second harmonic generation (SHG) and laser damage threshold studies of nonlinear optical crystals of L-Histidine bromide
Mohan MK, Ponnusamy S, Muthamizhchelvan C
96 - 104 Synthesis and microwave dielectric studies of pure Li2MgSiO4 and B2O3, MgF2, WO3 added Li2MgSiO4 for substrate applications
Rose A, Masin B, Sreemoolanadhan H, Ashok K, Vijayakumar T
105 - 112 Surfactant assisted ZnCo2O4 nanomaterial for supercapacitor application
Mary AJC, Bose AC
113 - 121 Ultrasound assisted catalytic degradation of textile dye under the presence of reduced Graphene Oxide enveloped Copper Phthalocyanine nanotube
Samanta M, Mukherjee M, Ghorai UK, Sarkar S, Bose C, Chattopadhyay KK
122 - 131 Influence of heat treatment on the properties of hydrothermally grown 3D/1D TiO2 hierarchical hybrid microarchitectures over TiO2 seeded FTO substrates
Sinthiya MMA, Kumaresan N, Ramamurthi K, Sethuraman K, Babu SM, Babu RR, Ganesh V
132 - 143 Influence of Ce doping on CuO nanoparticles synthesized by microwave irradiation method
Ponnar M, Thangamani C, Monisha P, Gomathi SS, Pushpanathan K
144 - 151 One pot solvothermal synthesis of ZnPc nanotube and its composite with RGO: A high performance ORR catalyst in alkaline medium
Mukherjee M, Samanta M, Ghorai UK, Murmu S, Das GP, Chattopadhyay KK
152 - 165 Interaction of osteoblast - TiO2 nanotubes in vitro: The combinatorial effect of surface topography and other physico-chemical factors governs the cell fate
Saha S, Kumar R, Pramanik K, Biswas A
166 - 173 Preparation of titanium dioxide nanorods/nanoparticles via one-step hydrothermal method and their influence as a photoanode material in nanocrystalline dye-sensitized solar cell
Govindaraj R, Santhosh N, Pandian MS, Ramasamy P
174 - 180 Colorimetric detection of picric acid using silver nanoparticles modified with 4-amino-3-hydrazino-5-mercapto-1,2,4-triazole
Vinita, Tiwari M, Prakash R
181 - 185 Electrical characteristics of dip coated TiO2 thin films with various withdrawal speeds for resistive switching applications
Roy S, Tripathy N, Pradhan D, Sahu PK, Kar JP
186 - 192 Epitaxial growth of GaN nanostructure by PA-MBE for UV detection application
Goswami L, Pandey R, Gupta G
193 - 202 Hydrothermally grown nano and microstructured V2O5 thin films for electrochromic application
Margoni MM, Mathuri S, Ramamurthi K, Babu RR, Ganesh V, Sethuraman K
203 - 212 Controlled hydrothermal synthesis of graphene supported NiCo2O4 coral-like nanostructures: An efficient electrocatalyst for overall water splitting
Debata S, Patra S, Banerjee S, Madhuri R, Sharma PK
213 - 220 Growth of gallium nitride nanowires on sapphire and silicon by chemical vapor deposition for water splitting applications
Ravi L, Boopathi K, Panigrahi P, Krishnan B
221 - 227 Synthesis, characterization and photocatalytic degradation efficiency of CdS quantum dots embedded in sodium borosilicate glasses
Janbandhu SY, Munishwar SR, Gedam RS
228 - 232 Morphological and structural analysis of manganese oxide nanoflowers prepared under different reaction conditions
Swetha JV, Geetha A, Ramamurthi K
233 - 238 45 keV N5+ ions induced spikes on CdS thin films: Morphological, structural and optical properties
Bakiyaraj G, Krishna JBM, Taki GS, Selvaraju K, Dhanasekaran R
239 - 243 Facile one-pot synthesis of chain-like titanium dioxide nanostructure arrays for efficient ultraviolet sensing
Wang YQ, Zhang MX, Liu XJ, Sivalingam Y, Xie EQ, Han WH
244 - 249 Gold functionalized ZnO nanowires as a fast response/recovery ammonia sensor
Anasthasiya ANA, Kampara RK, Rai PK, Jeyaprakash BG
250 - 260 Salvinia inspired fluroine free superhydrophobic coatings
Anitha C, Azim SS, Mayavan S
261 - 265 Charge transport behavior of 1D gold chiral nanojunctions
Roy TR, Sen A
266 - 276 Electroenzymatic sensing of urea using CP/MWCNT-inulin-TiO2 bioelectrode
Kalaivani GJ, Suja SK
277 - 286 Analyses of anti-wear and extreme pressure properties of castor oil with zinc oxide nano friction modifiers
Bhaumik S, Maggirwar R, Datta S, Pathak SD
287 - 294 BCN based oil coatings for mild steel under aggressive chloride ion environment
Arunkumar S, Jegatheesh V, Soundharya R, Alka MJ, Mayavan S
295 - 303 Effect of Cr2AlC MAX phase addition on strengthening of Ni-Mo-Al alloy coating on piston ring: Tribological and twist-fatigue life assessment
Davis D, Srivastava M, Malathi M, Panigrahi BB, Singh S
304 - 313 Polymeric iron oxide-graphene nanocomposite as a trace level sensor of vitamin C
Das TR, Jena SK, Madhuri R, Sharma PK
314 - 321 ZnO hierarchical 3D-flower like architectures and their gas sensing properties at room temperature
Ganesh RS, Mani GK, Elayaraja R, Durgadevi E, Navaneethan M, Ponnusamy S, Tsuchiya K, Muthamizhchelvan C, Hayakawa Y
322 - 331 Study on the role of n-SiO2 incorporation in thermo-mechanical and microstructural properties of ambient cured FA-GGBS geopolymer matrix
Revathi T, Jeyalakshmi R, Rajamane NP
332 - 339 Effect of Al doping on the electrical and optical properties of TiO2 embedded Graphene Oxide nanosheets for opto-electronic applications
Prabakaran S, Nisha KD, Harish S, Archana J, Navaneethan M, Ponnusamy S, Muthamizhchelvan C, Hayakawa Y
340 - 345 Design and development of miniaturized low voltage triangular RF MEMS switch for phased array application
Gopalan A, Kommuri UK
346 - 357 Synthesis and Optical Properties of Pb Doped ZnO Nanoparticles
Sathya M, Pushpanathan K
358 - 362 A facile method to fabricated UV-Vis photodetectors based on TiO2/Si heterojunction
Ji T, Cao YJ, Peng X, Zhang YF, Sun L, Wang LL, Zou RJ, Sivalingam Y, Han WH, Hu JQ
363 - 370 Investigation of sulfur related defects in graphene quantum dots for tuning photoluminescence and high quantum yield
Kharangarh PR, Umapathy S, Singh G
371 - 379 Photocatalytic degradation of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid - A comparative study in hydrothermal TiO2 and commercial TiO2
Sandeep S, Nagashree KL, Maiyalagan T, Keerthiga G
380 - 383 A realization scheme of metamagnetic phase transition in FeRh films grown on glass substrates
Cao CM, Li PP, Wang WQ, Meng WQ, Yao JL, Jiang CJ, Sivalingam Y, Han WH
384 - 388 Asymmetric Coulomb oscillation and giant anisotropic magnetoresistance in doped graphene nanojunctions
Amutha S, Sen A
389 - 398 Non-inversion anisotropy energy in NiO coral structure: Asymmetric hysteresis loop at room temperature
Bhattacharjee S, Das GC, Roychowdhury A, Das D, Ghosh CK, Bhattacharya D, Sen P
399 - 404 Structural and magnetic properties of near surface superparamagnetic Ni1-xFex nanoparticles in SiO2 formed by low energy dual ion implantation with different fluences
Williams GVM, Kennedy J, Murmu PP, Rubanov S
405 - 411 Freeze-casted TiO2 photoelectrodes with hierarchical porous structures for efficient light harvesting ability in dye-sensitized solar cells
Yong SM, Kim DS, Jung WK, Bharathi KK, Kim DK
412 - 420 Structural stability and electrochemical properties of gadolinium-substituted LiGdxMn2-xO4 spinel as cathode materials for Li-ion rechargeable batteries
Vediappan K, Prasanna K, Shanmugan S, Gnanamuthu RM, Lee CW
421 - 425 Enhanced electrochemical performance of LiCoBO3 cathode material for next generation Lithium-ion batteries
Ragupathi V, Krishnaswamy S, Raman S, Panigrahi P, Lee J, Nagarajan GS
426 - 434 Experimental investigation of nano filler TiO2 doped composite polymerelectrolytes for lithium ion batteries
Premila R, Subbu C, Rajendran S, Kumar KS
435 - 444 Electrochemical performances of LiNi1-xMnxPO4 (x=0.05-0.2) olivine cathode materials for high voltage rechargeable lithium ion batteries
Karthikprabhu S, Karuppasamy K, Vikraman D, Prasanna K, Maiyalagan T, Nichelson A, Kathalingam A, Kim HS
445 - 453 Influence of designed electrode surfaces on double layer capacitance in aqueous electrolyte: Insights from standard models
Uddin MS, Das HT, Maiyalagan T, Elumalai P
454 - 460 Highly porous CeO2 nanostructures prepared via combustion synthesis for supercapacitor applications
Prasanna K, Santhoshkumar P, Jo YN, Sivagami IN, Kang SH, Joe YC, Lee CW
461 - 467 Fabrication of one dimensional graphene nanoscrolls for high performance supercapacitor application
Mohanapriya K, Jha N
468 - 473 Study of structural and electrochemical properties of La2SrV2O9 perovskites prepared using ball-milling
Nallamuthu G, Thangavel S, Kirubakaran K, Vasudevan V, Sivalingam Y, Venugopal G
474 - 484 One-pot hydrothermal preparation of Cu2O-CuO/rGO nanocomposites with enhanced electrochemical performance for supercapacitor applications
Nathan DMGT, Boby SJM, Basu P, Mahesh R, Harish S, Joseph S, Sagayaraj P
485 - 491 Facile microwave-hydrothermal synthesis of NiS nanostructures for supercapacitor applications
Nandhini S, Mary AJC, Muralidharan G
492 - 499 Enhanced pseudocapacitance from finely ordered pristine alpha-MnO2 nanorods at favourably high current density using redox additive
Kumar N, Prasad KG, Sen A, Maiyalagan T
500 - 506 Preparation and performance evaluation of Carbon-Nano-Sphere for electrode double layer capacitor
Haladkar S, Alegaonkar P
507 - 513 Tailoring the functional properties of polyurethane foam with dispersions of carbon nanofiber for power generator applications
Sathiyamoorthy S, Girijakumari G, Kannan P, Venugopal K, Shanmugam ST, Veluswamy P, De Wael K, Ikeda H
514 - 520 Synthesis of highly crystalline octahedron 3D-Zn2SnO4 as an advanced high-performance anode material for lithium ion batteries
Santhoshkumar P, Prasanna K, Jo YN, Kang SH, Joe YC, Lee CW
521 - 527 Green synthesis of ZnO/carbon (ZnO/C) as an electrode material for symmetric supercapacitor devices
Sasirekha C, Arumugam S, Muralidharan G
528 - 536 Supercapacitor application of nickel phthalocyanine nanofibres and its composite with reduced graphene oxide
Madhuri KP, John NS
537 - 541 Lithium intercalation studies in cubic titanium carbide thin films
Dev V
542 - 550 Lithium-ion doped NiFe2O4/SiO2 nanocomposite aerogel for advanced energy storage devices
Balamurugan S, Devi MD, Prakash I, Devaraj S
551 - 557 Electrochemical analysis of Graphene Oxide/Polyaniline/Polyvinyl alcohol composite nanofibers for supercapacitor applications
Rose A, Prasad KG, Sakthivel T, Gunasekaran V, Maiyalagan T, Vijayakumar T
558 - 566 Graphene nanoplatelets-silver nanorods-polymer based in-situ hybrid electrode for electroanalysis of dopamine and ascorbic acid in biological samples
Sharma V, Sundaramurthy A, Tiwari A, Sundramoorthy AK
567 - 573 Hydrogen bonded niosomes for encapsulation and release of hydrophilic and hydrophobic anti-diabetic drugs: An efficient system for oral anti-diabetic formulation
Samed N, Sharma V, Sundaramurthy A
574 - 583 In vitro cytocompatibility of chitosan/PVA/methylcellulose - Nanocellulose nanocomposites scaffolds using L929 fibroblast cells
Kanimozhi K, Basha SK, Kumari VS, Kaviyarasu K, Maaza M
584 - 590 Phyto and hydrothermal synthesis of Fe3O4@ZnO core-shell nanoparticles using Azadirachta indica and its cytotoxicity studies
Madhubala V, Kalaivani T
591 - 602 Development of polyvinyl alcohol/chitosan bio-nanocomposite films reinforced with cellulose nanocrystals isolated from rice straw
Perumal AB, Sellamuthu PS, Nambiar RB, Sadiku ER
603 - 609 Metal oxide curcumin incorporated polymer patches for wound healing
Selvi RT, Prasanna APS, Niranjan R, Kaushik M, Devasena T, Kumar J, Chelliah R, Oh DH, Swaminathan S, Venkatasubbu GD
610 - 616 Studies on the structural, morphological and optical properties of HCl assisted vanadium oxide/tin oxide nanocomposites prepared by sol-gel method
Subramaniam MP, Arunachalam G, Kandasamy R
617 - 630 Investigations of visible light driven Sn and Cu doped ZnO hybrid nanoparticles for photocatalytic performance and antibacterial activity
Vignesh S, Sundar JK
631 - 637 Three-dimensional (3D) flower-like nanoarchitectures of ZnO-Au on MWCNTs for visible light photocatalytic applications
Chidambaram S, Vijay A, Kumar GM, Alagiri M, Thiruvadigal J, Rathinam M
638 - 646 Detect, Remove: A New Paradigm in Sensing and Removal of PCBs from reservoir soil via SERS-Active ZnO triggered gold nanocomposites
Jency DA, Parimaladevi R, Sathe GV, Umadevi M
647 - 653 Experimental scheme for a stable molybdenum bilayer back contacts for photovoltaic applications
Karthikeyan S, Zhang LY, Hwang S, Campbell SA
654 - 659 Annealing temperature induced phase evolution and exchange bias properties of Fe/CoO nanocomposites
Panda NR, Pati SP, Das A, Das D
660 - 668 Electrocatalytic behavior of transition metal (Ni, Fe, Cr) doped metal oxide nanocomposites for oxygen evolution reaction
Banerjee S, Debata S, Madhuri R, Sharma PK
669 - 676 A novel Hg(II) sensor based on Fe3O4@ZnO nanocomposite as peroxidase mimics
Christus AAB, Ravikumar A, Panneerselvam P, Radhakrishnan K
677 - 684 An investigation of GO-SnO2-TiO2 ternary nanocomposite for the detection of acetone in diabetes mellitus patient's breath
Kalidoss R, Umapathy S, Sivalingam Y
685 - 696 Enhanced photo catalytic activity of graphene oxide /MoO3 nanocomposites in the degradation of Victoria Blue Dye under visible light irradiation
Kamalam MBR, Inbanathan SSR, Sethuraman K
697 - 704 Nitrogen and sulphur co-doped multiwalled carbon nanotubes as an efficient electrocatalyst for improved oxygen electroreduction
Patil IM, Reddy V, Lokanathan M, Kakade B
705 - 711 Effect of annealing temperature on oxygen reduction reaction of reduced graphene oxide incorporated cobalt oxide nanocomposites for fuel cell applications
Periyasamy G, Annamalai K
712 - 718 Investigation of photocatalytic performances of sulfur based reduced graphene oxide-TiO2 nanohybrids
Raghavan N, Thangavel S, Sivalingam Y, Venugopal G
719 - 728 Synthesis and characterization of coral-like hierarchical MgO incorporated fly ash composite for the effective adsorption of azo dye from aqueous solution
Kumar THV, Sivasankar V, Fayoud N, Abou Oualid H, Sundramoorthy AK
729 - 735 Ultra-fast photocatalytic and dye-sensitized solar cell performances of mesoporous TiO2 nanospheres
Archana J, Harish S, Kavirajan S, Navaneethan M, Ponnusamy S, Shimomura M, Muthamizhchelvan C, Ikeda H, Hayakawa Y
736 - 744 Non-enzymatic sensing of kidney dysfunction biomarker using pectin - MWCNT nanocomposite
Yazhini K, Suja SK, Kalaivani GJ, Bagyalaksmi J, Pavalamalar S
745 - 754 Studies on biodegradable polyurethane-SWCNTs nanocomposite films by covalent approach: Physicochemical, electric and mechanical properties
Thangavelu SAG, Murali A, Sharanya M, Jaisankar SN, Mandal AB
755 - 763 Erbium doped TiO2 interconnected mesoporous spheres as an efficient visible light catalyst for photocatalytic applications
Singh K, Harish S, Kristy AP, Shivani V, Archana J, Navaneethan M, Shimomura M, Hayakawa Y
764 - 771 Highly active graphene-supported palladium-nickel alloy nanoparticles for catalytic reduction of 4-nitrophenol
Revathy TA, Dhanavel S, Sivaranjani T, Narayanan V, Maiyalagan T, Stephen A
772 - 779 Facile construction of ternary CuFe2O4-TiO2 nanocomposite supported reduced graphene oxide (rGO) photocatalysts for the efficient hydrogen production
Hafeez HY, Lakhera SK, Karthik P, Anpo M, Neppolian B
780 - 789 Biogenic synthesis of SnO2/activated carbon nanocomposite and its application as photocatalyst in the degradation of naproxen
Begum S, Ahmaruzzaman M
790 - 798 Enhanced photocatalytic degradation and hydrogen production activity of in situ grown TiO2 coupled NiTiO3 nanocomposites
Lakhera SK, Hafeez HY, Veluswamy P, Ganesh V, Khan A, Ikeda H, Neppolian B
799 - 804 First principle study on TMR effect in A-MgO-A (A = Fe, Co and Ni) magnetic tunnel junction
Aadhityan A, Kala CP, Thiruvadigal DJ
805 - 814 Microstructure and thermoelectric properties of Cu2Te-Sb2Te3 pseudo-binary system
Mukherjee S, Femi OE, Chetty R, Chattopadhyay K, Suwas S, Mallik RC
815 - 822 Density functional study on covalent functionalization of zigzag graphene nanoribbon through L-Phenylalanine and boron doping: Effective nanocarriers in drug delivery applications
Janani K, Thiruvadigal DJ
823 - 828 Hetero structure PNPN tunnel FET: Analysis of scaling effects on counter doping
Joseph HB, Singh SK, Hariharan RM, Priya PA, Kumar NM, Thiruvadigal DJ
829 - 837 Adsorption of essential minerals on L-glutamine functionalized zigzag graphene nanoribbon-A first principles DFT study
Janani K, Thiruvadigal DJ
838 - 845 Surfactant free controllable synthesis of 2D-1D ZnO hierarchical nanostructure and its gas sensing properties
Ganesh RS, Mani GK, Elayaraja R, Durgadevi E, Navaneethan M, Ponnusamy S, Tsuchiya K, Muthamizhchelvan C, Hayakawa Y