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1 - 7 Digitally patterned resistive micro heater as a platform for zinc oxide nanowire based micro sensor
Kwon J, Hong S, Kim G, Suh YD, Lee H, Choo SY, Lee D, Kong H, Yeo J, Ko SH
8 - 14 Surface functionalization and CO2 uptake on carbon molecular sieves: Experimental observation and theoretical study
Cho S, Yu HR, Choi TH, Jung MJ, Lee YS
15 - 21 Studying of electrochemical discharging and kinetic properties of Ni-TiF3-CeMg12 composite materials with nanocrystalline and amorphous structure
Hu F, Li YZ, Xu JY, Zhang GF, Liu ZC, Zhang YH
22 - 30 Study of atomic arrangements and charge distribution on Si(001) surfaces with the adsorption of one Ge atom by DFTB calculations
Wu LJ, Zhang L, Shen LH
31 - 39 Investigation of polydopamine coatings by X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy as an effective tool for improving biomolecule conjugation
Rella S, Mazzotta E, Caroli A, De Luca M, Bucci C, Malitesta C
40 - 48 Adsorption and surface reaction pathway of NH3 selective catalytic oxidation over different Cu-Ce-Zr catalysts
Zhang XY, Wang H, Wang Z, Qu ZP
49 - 56 Design of superior ethanol gas sensor based on indium oxide/molybdenum disulfide nanocomposite via hydrothermal route
Liu XJ, Jiang L, Jiang XM, Tian XY, Huang Y, Hou PY, Zhang SW, Xu XJ
57 - 62 Nitrogen-doped hierarchically porous carbon derived from cherry stone as a catalyst support for purification of terephthalic acid
Li XY, Tie K, Li Z, Guo YJ, Liu ZJ, Liu XH, Liu XW, Feng HB, Zhao XS
63 - 71 The bi-direction tuning of work function by authigenic buffer layer in all polymer solar cells
Li HA, Zhang R, Qu Y, Zhang JD
72 - 77 Fabrication of underwater superoleophobic metallic fiber felts for oil-water separation
Zhu HY, Guo PY, Shang ZZ, Yu XQ, Zhang YF
78 - 86 Influence of Ar+ jet treatment and low substrate temperature on the solid-state dewetting of gold films
Bratfalean RT, Marconi D
87 - 99 Spectroscopic ellipsometer study of laser ablation wavelength dependent growth kinetics of Ag nanoislands: An insight to potential plasmonic applications
Arya M, Dewasi A, Mitra A
100 - 106 Deformation mechanism of CrN/nitriding coated steel in wear and nano-scratch experiments under heavy loading conditions
Wang YG, Chen Y, Zhao D, Lu XL, Liu WW, Qi F, Chen Y
107 - 116 Novel NiFe/NiFe-LDH composites as competitive catalysts for clean energy purposes
Sakita AMP, Valles E, Della Noce R, Benedetti AV
117 - 124 Xenon-ion irradiation of Co/Si bilayers: Magnetic and structural properties
Novakovic M, Popovic M, Zhang K, Cubrovic V, Bibic N, Rakocevic Z
125 - 134 2D/2D Z-scheme Bi2WO6/Porous-g-C3N4 with synergy of adsorption and visible-light-driven photodegradation
Guo W, Fan K, Zhang JJ, Xu CJ
135 - 151 Immobilization of ultraviolet absorbers on graphene oxide nanosheets to be utilized as a multifunctional hybrid UV-blocker: A combined density functional theory and practical application
Mahdavian M, Yari H, Ramezanzadeh B, Bahlakeh G, Hasani M
152 - 164 Surface engineering of nanoparticles with macromolecules for epoxy curing: Development of super-reactive nitrogen-rich nanosilica through surface chemistry manipulation
Jouyandeh M, Jazani OM, Navarchian AH, Shabanian M, Vahabi H, Saeb MR
165 - 172 Rational design of NiCo2S4 nanoparticles @ N-doped CNT for hybrid supercapacitor
Luan YT, Zhang HA, Yang F, Yan J, Zhu K, Ye K, Wang GL, Cheng K, Cao DX
173 - 181 Direct growth of Al-doped ZnO ultrathin nanosheets on electrode for ethanol gas sensor application
Cao FF, Li CP, Li MJ, Li HJ, Huang X, Yang BH
182 - 190 Facile enhancement of the active catalytic sites of N-doped graphene as a high performance metal-free electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction
Rahsepar M, Nobakht MR, Kim H, Pakshir M
191 - 199 3D hierarchical structures MnO2/C: A highly efficient catalyst for purification of volatile organic compounds with visible light irradiation
Zhou JL, Wu M, Zhang YJ, Zhu CG, Fang YW, Li YF, Yu L
200 - 212 Fabrication of ZnO nanostructures using Al doped ZnO (AZO) templates for application in photoelectrochemical water splitting
Kant R, Dwivedi C, Pathak S, Dutta V
213 - 221 Fabrication of Cu-doped ZnO nanoneedles on different substrate via wet chemical approach: Structural characterization and photocatalytic performance
Chang YC, Hsu CC, Wu SH, Chuang KW, Chen YF
222 - 234 Non-noble metal@carbon nanosheet derived from exfoliated MOF crystal as highly reactive and stable heterogeneous catalyst
Rong J, Qiu F, Zhang T, Zhu Y, Xu JC, Guo Q, Peng XM
235 - 243 Thiol functionalized carbon nanotubes: Synthesis by sulfur chemistry and their multi-purpose applications
Mao JX, Wang Y, Zhu J, Yu JR, Hu ZM
244 - 253 One-step fabrication of N-doped CNTs encapsulating M nanoparticles (M = Fe, Co, Ni) for efficient microwave absorption
Ning MQ, Li JB, Kuang BY, Wang CZ, Su DZ, Zhao YJ, Jin HB, Cao MS
254 - 260 DFT study of hydrogen adsorption on Ni/graphene
Amaya-Roncancio S, Blanco AAG, Linares DH, Sapag K
261 - 268 Microwave absorption performance of Ni(OH)(2) decorating biomass carbon composites from Jackfruit peel
Guan HT, Wang HY, Zhang YL, Dong CJ, Chen G, Wang YD, Xie JB
269 - 278 Potential applications of three-dimensional structure of silk fibroin/poly(ester-urethane) urea nanofibrous scaffold in heart valve tissue engineering
Du J, Zhu TH, Yu HY, Zhu JJ, Sun CB, Wang JC, Chen SH, Wang JH, Guo XR
279 - 286 Combined modification by LiAl11O17 and NaAl11O17 to enhance the electrochemical performance of Li4Ti5O12
Zhang B, Han JP, Wang LY, Lun N, Zhu HL, Yin LW, Li H, Qi YX, Bai YJ
287 - 291 Influence of oxygen partial pressure on structural and electrical properties of Mn1.56Co0.96Ni0.48O4 thin films deposited by pulsed laser deposition
Di WQ, Liu F, Lin T, Kong HF, Meng CM, Zhang WB, Chen Y, Hou Y
292 - 299 Cyclic microwave radiation synthesis, photoconductivity, and optical properties of CuInS2 hollow sub-microspheres
Chumha N, Thongtem T, Thongtem S, Kittiwachana S, Kaowphong S
300 - 306 Forming sub-45-nm high-aspect circle-symmetric spots with double bowtie aperture combined with metal-insulator-metal structure
Zheng J, Chen WD, Liu XC, Huang YR, Liu YY, Li L, Xie ZW
307 - 314 Effect of different promoter precursors in a model Ru-Cs/graphite system on the catalytic selectivity for Fischer-Tropsch reaction
Eslava JL, Iglesias-Juez A, Fernandez-Garcia M, Guerrero-Ruiz A, Rodriguez-Ramos I
315 - 324 Preparation and origin of thermally resistant biobased epoxy resin with low internal stress and good UV resistance based on SiO2 hybridized cellulose for light emitting diode encapsulation
Fan XL, Miao JT, Yuan L, Guan QB, Gu AJ, Liang GZ
325 - 330 Humidity sensing properties of the hydrothermally synthesized WS2-modified SnO2 hybrid nanocomposite
Chen YP, Pei YY, Jiang ZM, Shi ZF, Xu JM, Wu D, Xu TT, Tian YT, Wang XC, Li XJ
331 - 337 WO3 nanofibrous backbone scaffolds for enhanced optical absorbance and charge transport in metal oxide (Fe2O3, BiVO4) semiconductor photoanodes towards solar fuel generation
Choi J, Song T, Kwon J, Lee S, Han H, Roy N, Terashima C, Fujishima A, Paik U, Pitchaimuthu S
338 - 346 Progress of reduction of graphene oxide by ascorbic acid
De Silva KKH, Huang HH, Yoshimura M
347 - 354 Holes doping effect on the phase transition of VO2 film via surface adsorption of F(4)TCNQ molecules
Wang K, Zhang WH, Liu LY, Guo PP, Yao Y, Wang CH, Zou CW, Yang YW, Zhang GB, Xu FQ
355 - 362 Decoupling the effects of surface texture and chemistry on the wetting of metallic glasses
Hasan M, Warzywoda J, Kumar G
363 - 367 A novel fabrication of superhydrophobic surfaces on aluminum substrate
Zhu JY
368 - 373 In-situ friction and wear responses of WS2 films to space environment: Vacuum and atomic oxygen
Xu SS, Sun JY, Weng LJ, Hua Y, Liu WM, Neville A, Hu M, Gao XM
374 - 380 Decorative reduced graphene oxide/C3N4/Ag2O/conductive polymer as a high performance material for electrochemical capacitors
Shayeh JS, Salari H, Daliri A, Omidi M
381 - 387 Bare and polymer coated iron oxide superparamagnetic nanoparticles for effective removal of U (VI) from acidic and neutral aqueous medium
Zhu S, Leng YC, Yan MH, Tuo XG, Yang JB, Almasy L, Tian Q, Sun GA, Zou L, Li QT, Courtois J, Zhang H
388 - 392 Femtosecond laser ablation of Al-Mg alloy in vacuum and air
Dou HQ, Yao CZ, Liu H, Wan Y, Ding RJ, Yuan XD, Xu SZ
393 - 400 Preparation and characterization of APTES modified magnetic MMT capable of using as anisotropic nanoparticles
Li YJ, Chen H, Wu J, He Q, Li YT, Yang WB, Zhou YL
401 - 407 In silico, in vitro and antifungal activity of the surface layers formed on zinc during this biomaterial degradation
Alves MM, Marques LM, Nogueira I, Santos CF, Salazar SB, Eugenio S, Mira NP, Montemor MF
408 - 415 Heterogeneous nanocrystals assembled TiO2/SnO2/C composite for improved lithium storage
Tian QH, Mao YN, Zhang XZ, Yang L
416 - 422 Tailoring plasmonic response by Langmuir-Blodgett gold nanoparticle templating for the fabrication of SERS substrates
Tahghighi M, Mannelli I, Janner D, Ignes-Mullol J
423 - 429 Electrophoretic deposition of graphene oxide on magnetic ribbon: Toward high sensitive and selectable magnetoimpedance response
Jamilpanah L, Azadian S, Gharehbagh JSE, Jahromi SH, Sheykhifard Z, Hosseinzadeh S, Erfanifam S, Hajiali MR, Tehranchi MM, Mohseni SM
430 - 436 Preparation and structure of aligned PLZT nanowires and their application in energy harvesting
Jin CC, Liu XC, Liu CH, Hwang HL, Wang Q
437 - 441 Wavelength dependent atomic force microscope tip-enhanced laser ablation
Cao F, Donnarumma F, Murray KK
442 - 451 Influence of EDTA in poly(acrylic acid) binder for enhancing electrochemical performance and thermal stability of silicon anode
Lee SY, Choi Y, Hong KS, Lee JK, Kim JY, Bae JS, Jeong ED
452 - 462 A general bio-inspired, novel interface engineering strategy toward strong yet tough protein based composites
Jin SC, Li K, Li JZ
463 - 470 Fabrication of ternary Ni-TiO2-TiC composite coatings and their enhanced microhardness for metal finishing application
Kumaraguru S, Kumar GG, Raghu S, Gnanamuthu RM
471 - 478 Electrochromic behavior of WO3 thin films prepared by GLAD
Yuan JL, Wang B, Wang H, Chai YJ, Jin YX, Qi HJ, Shao JD
479 - 488 The enhanced SCR performance and SO2 resistance of Mn/TiO2 catalyst by the modification with Nb: A mechanistic study
Sun P, Huang SX, Guo RT, Li MY, Liu SM, Pan WG, Fu ZG, Liu SW, Sun X, Liu J
489 - 499 Water-based acrylate copolymer/silica hybrids for facile preparation of robust and durable superhydrophobic coatings
Li M, Li Y, Xue F, Jing XL
500 - 511 Antimicrobial and biocorrosion-resistant MoO3-SiO2 nanocomposite coating prepared by double cathode glow discharge technique
Xu J, Sun TT, Jiang SY, Munroe P, Xie ZH
512 - 517 Influence of the AlN nucleation layer on the properties of AlGaN/GaN heterostructure on Si (111) substrates
Pan L, Dong X, Li ZH, Luo WK, Ni JY
518 - 527 Chemical activation of commercial CNTs with simultaneous surface deposition of manganese oxide nano flakes for the creation of CNTs-graphene supported oxygen reduction ternary composite catalysts applied in air fuel cell
Sun L, Liu DX
528 - 534 Vectorial method used to monitor an evolving system: Titanium oxide thin films under UV illumination
Bechu S, Humbert B, Fernandez V, Fairley N, Richard-Plouet M
535 - 541 Indirect photopatterning of functionalized organic monolayers via copper-catalyzed "click chemistry"
Williams MG, Teplyakov AV
542 - 547 A novel dealloying strategy for fabricating nanoporous silver as an electrocatalyst for hydrogen peroxide detection
Zou XL, He YY, Sun P, Zhao J, Cui GF
548 - 553 The Gaussian-Lorentzian Sum, Product, and Convolution (Voigt) functions in the context of peak fitting X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) narrow scans
Jain V, Biesinger MC, Linford MR
554 - 560 MoO3 surface passivation on TiO2: An efficient approach to minimize loss in fill factor and maximum power of dye sensitized solar cell
Gopakumar G, Ashok A, Vijayaraghavan SN, Nair SV, Shanmugam M
561 - 568 The mechanism of the high resistance to sulfur poisoning of the rhenium doped nickel/yttria-stabilized zirconia
Zhang YX, Yang ZX
569 - 575 Facile synthesis of layered V2O5/ZnV2O6 heterostructures with enhanced sensing performance
Xiao BX, Huang H, Yu XT, Song J, Qu JL
576 - 581 SERS based detection of glucose with lower concentration than blood glucose level using plasmonic nanoparticle arrays
Sooraj KP, Ranjan M, Rao R, Mukherjee S
582 - 586 Influence of hydrogen intercalation on graphene/Ge(001)/Si(001) interface
Grzonka J, Pasternak I, Michalowski PP, Kolkovsky V, Strupinski W
587 - 593 Dynamic laser speckle technique as an alternative tool to determine hygroscopic capacity and specific surface area of microporous zeolites
Mojica-Sepulveda RD, Mendoza-Herrera LJ, Grumel E, Soria DB, Cabello CI, Trivi M
594 - 598 Adsorption mechanism of SF6 decomposed species on pyridine-like PtN3 embedded CNT: A DFT study
Cui H, Zhang XX, Chen DC, Tang J
599 - 609 An experimental study on soft PDMS materials for aircraft icing mitigation
Liu Y, Ma LQ, Wang W, Kota AK, Hu H
610 - 616 Electrodeposition of high-density lithium vanadate nanowires for lithium-ion battery
Hua K, Li XJ, Fang D, Yi JH, Bao R, Luo ZP
617 - 617 Proceedings ICASS 2017 Preface
Fu Q, Schaaf P
618 - 626 Electronic structure of strongly reduced ((1)over-bar11) surface of monoclinic HfO2
Cheng YX, Zhu LG, Ying YL, Zhou J, Sun ZM
627 - 635 Photocatalytic CO2 reduction over SrTiO3: Correlation between surface structure and activity
Luo C, Zhao J, Li YX, Zhao W, Zeng YB, Wang CY
636 - 647 Bi2MoxW1-xO6 solid solutions with tunable band structure and enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activities
Li WQ, Ding XG, Wu HT, Yang H
648 - 655 Unexpected trend for thermodynamic stability of Au@void@AgAu yolk-shell nanoparticles: A molecular dynamics study
Akbarzadeh H, Mehrjouei E, Shamkhali AN, Abbaspour M, Salemi S, Ramezanzadeh S
656 - 663 Preparation of superhydrophobic-oleophilic quartz sand filter and its application in oil-water separation
Liu PS, Niu LY, Tao XH, Li XH, Zhang ZJ, Yu LG
664 - 672 A green and facile approach to the efficient surface modification of alumina nanoparticles with fatty acids
Liu Z, Yao LH, Pan X, Liu Q, Huang H
673 - 676 The solid reaction of lithium hydride and lithium hydroxide in lithium hydride pellet under normal condition and the application of CO2 for long-time storage
Chu MF, Meng DQ, Li YR, Wang M, Xiao S, Luo LZ, Tang XC, Yang SL
677 - 686 Tribochemistry of contact interfaces of nanocrystalline molybdenum carbide films
Kumar DD, Kumar N, Panda K, Kirubaharan AMK, Kuppusami P
687 - 696 Optimized photoreduction of CO2 exclusively into methanol utilizing liberated reaction space in layered double hydroxides comprising zinc, copper, and gallium
Wein LA, Zhang HW, Urushidate K, Miyano M, Izumi Y
697 - 703 Selective etching of PDMS: Etching as a negative tone resist
Szilasi SZ, Juhasz L
704 - 710 Significantly improved dielectric performances of nanocomposites via loading two-dimensional core-shell structure Bi2Te3@SiO2 nanosheets
Chen JW, Wang XC, Yu XM, Fan Y, Duan ZK, Jiang YW, Yang FQ, Zhou YX
711 - 723 3D CoFe2O4 nanorod/flower-like MoS2 nanosheet heterojunctions as recyclable visible light-driven photocatalysts for the degradation of organic dyes
Ren BY, Shen W, Li L, Wu SZ, Wang W
724 - 731 Dopant controlled photoinduced hydrophilicity and photocatalytic activity of SnO2 thin films
Talinungsang, Purkayastha DD, Krishna MG
732 - 739 1D metallic MoO2-C as co-catalyst on 2D g-C3N4 semiconductor to promote photocatlaytic hydrogen production
Chen ZG, Xia KX, She XJ, Mo Z, Zhao SW, Yi JJ, Xu YG, Chen HX, Xu H, Li HM
740 - 756 In situ fabrication of the Bi2O3-V2O5 hybrid embedded with graphitic carbon nitride nanosheets: Oxygen vacancies mediated enhanced visible-light-driven photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants and hydrogen evolution
Vattikuti SVP, Police AKR, Shim J, Byon C
757 - 766 Thermal formation effect of g-C3N4 structure on the visible light driven photocatalysis of g-C3N4/NiTiO3 Z-scheme composite photocatalysts
Pham TT, Shin EW
767 - 776 Enhanced SaOS-2 cell adhesion, proliferation and differentiation on Mg-incorporated micro/nano-topographical TiO2 coatings
Huang QL, Li XZ, Liu T, Wu H, Liu XJ, Feng QL, Liu Y
777 - 782 Strain mediated asymmetric response of the cation distribution on epitaxial CoFe2O4 films
Lee D, Kim J, Cho CW, Bae JS, Won J, Lee J, Park S
783 - 794 Novel reduced graphene oxide-supported Cd0.5Zn0.5S/g-C3N4 Z-scheme heterojunction photocatalyst for enhanced hydrogen evolution
Xue WH, Hu XY, Liu EZ, Fan J
795 - 801 Hierarchically-structured Co3O4 nanowire arrays grown on carbon nanotube fibers as novel cathodes for high-performance wearable fiber-shaped asymmetric supercapacitors
Sun J, Man P, Zhang QC, He B, Zhou ZY, Li CW, Wang XN, Guo JB, Zhao JX, Xie LY, Li QW, Sun J, Hong G, Yao YG
802 - 815 ZnO-graphene quantum dots heterojunctions for natural sunlight-driven photocatalytic environmental remediation
Kumar S, Dhiman A, Sudhagar P, Krishnan V
816 - 821 Growth of single-layer graphene on Ge (100) by chemical vapor deposition
Mendoza CD, Caldas PG, Freire FL, da Costa MEHM
822 - 828 In situ loading of Ni2P on Cd0.5Zn0.5S with red phosphorus for enhanced visible light photocatalytic H-2 evolution
Peng SQ, Yang Y, Tan JN, Gan C, Li YX
829 - 836 Conformal spinel/layered heterostructures of Co3O4 shells grown on single-crystal Li-rich nanoplates for high-performance lithium-ion batteries
Xin Y, Lan XW, Chang P, Huang YQ, Wang LB, Hu XL
837 - 844 Preparation and properties of three dimensional graphene/phenolic resin composites via in-situ polymerization in graphene hydrogels
Yang GP, Wang YH, Xu HQ, Zhou SY, Jia SP, Zang JB
845 - 851 2D scaling behavior of nanotextured GaN surfaces: A case study of hillocked and terraced surfaces
Mutta GR, Carapezzi S
852 - 865 Inhibitive effect of sodium (E)-4-(4-nitrobenzylideneamino)benzoate on the corrosion of some metals in sodium chloride solution
Talebian M, Raeissi K, Atapour M, Fernandez-Perez BM, Salarvand Z, Meghdadi S, Amirnasr M, Souto RM
866 - 875 Using the light scattering properties of multi-textured AZO films on inverted hemisphere textured glass surface morphologies to improve the efficiency of silicon thin film solar cells
Hussain SQ, Le AHT, Mallem K, Park H, Ju M, Kim Y, Cho J, Park J, Kim Y, Yi J
876 - 885 Kelp-derived three-dimensional hierarchical porous N, O-doped carbon for flexible solid-state symmetrical supercapacitors with excellent performance
Zhang YF, Jiang HM, Wang QS, Zheng JQ, Meng CG
886 - 893 Toward low friction in water for Mo2N/Ag coatings by tailoring the wettability
Dai X, Wen M, Huang KK, Wang X, Yang L, Wang J, Zhang K
894 - 901 Effect of carbon nanotubes and octa-aminopropyl polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane on the surface behaviors of carbon fibers and mechanical performance of composites
Shen WQ, Ma RN, Du A, Cao XY, Hu HB, Wu ZB, Zhao X, Fan YZ, Cao XM