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1 - 2 Preface - 'NANOSMAT-Paris 2017'
De Hosson JTM, Ali N, Fierro G, Aliofkhazraei M, Chipara M
3 - 9 Tyrosinase immobilization on functionalized porous silicon surface for optical monitoring of pyrocatechol
Lasmi K, Derder H, Kermad A, Sam S, Boukhalfa-Abib H, Belhousse S, Tighilt FZ, Hamdani K, Gabouze N
10 - 17 Cobalt encapsulated N-doped defect-rich carbon nanotube as pH universal hydrogen evolution electrocatalyst
Zhang SY, Xiao XX, Lv TT, Lv XM, Liu BT, Wei W, Liu J
18 - 26 Characteristics of ZrC/Ni-UDD coatings for a tungsten carbide cutting tool
Chayeuski VV, Zhylinski VV, Rudak PV, Rusalsky DP, Visniakov N, Cernasejus O
27 - 35 On the determination of growth stress during oxidation of pure zirconium at elevated temperature
Kurpaska L, Favergeon J, Lahoche L, Moulin G
36 - 46 Effects of CeO2 nanoparticles on electrochemical properties of carbon/CeO2 composites
Phokha S, Hunpratub S, Usher B, Pimsawat A, Chanlek N, Maensiri S
47 - 58 Enhanced thermoelectric properties of N-doped ZnO and SrTiO3: A first-principles study
Sikam P, Sararat C, Moontragoon P, Kaewmaraya T, Maensiri S
59 - 65 Enhanced dielectric permittivity with retaining low loss in poly(vinylidene fluoride) by incorporating with Ag nanoparticles synthesized via hydrothermal method
Phromviyo N, Chanlek N, Thongbai P, Maensiri S
66 - 73 Green synthesis of novel zinc iron oxide (ZnFe2O4) nanocomposite via Moringa Oleifera natural extract for electrochemical applications
Matinise N, Kaviyarasu K, Mongwaketsi N, Khamlich S, Kotsedi L, Mayedwa N, Maaza M
74 - 82 Broadband light trapping in nanotextured thin film photovoltaic devices
Mennucci C, Muhammad MH, Hameed MFO, Mohamed SA, Abdelkhalik MS, Obayya SSA, de Mongeot FB
83 - 91 SERS amplification by ultra-dense plasmonic arrays on self-organized PDMS templates
Repetto D, Giordano MC, Foti A, Gucciardi PG, Mennucci C, de Mongeot FB
92 - 113 DFT calculation and experimental study on structural, optical and magnetic properties of Co-doped SrTiO3
Sikam P, Moontragoon P, Sararat C, Karaphun A, Swatsitang E, Pinitsoontorn S, Thongbai P
114 - 121 Large-area and cost-effective fabrication of Ag-coated polymeric nanopillar array for surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Kim AN, Lim H, Lee HN, Park YM, Yoo B, Kim HJ
122 - 130 Freestanding nano crystalline Tin@carbon anode electrodes for high capacity Li-ion batteries
Guler MO, Guzeler M, Nalci D, Singil M, Alkan E, Dogan M, Guler A, Akbulut H
131 - 138 High-performance aqueous rechargeable sulfate- and sodium-ion battery based on polypyrrole-MWCNT core-shell nanowires and Na0.44MnO2 nanorods
Lim H, Jung JH, Park YM, Lee HN, Kim HJ
139 - 144 Potassium gadolinium tungstate nanocrystals doped with holmium ions as candidates for optical imaging
Cieslik I, Bolek T, Wozniak MJ, Majchrowski A, Hirano S, Budzianowski A
145 - 150 Shape control VO2 nanorods prepared by soft chemistry and electrochemical method
Simo A, Sibanyoni J, Fuku X, Numan N, Omorogbe S, Maaza M
151 - 159 On the mechanism of ion-induced bending of nanostructures
Gomes DR, Turkin AA, Vainchtein DI, De Hosson JTM
160 - 167 Effect of mesopore-induced strain/stress on the thermoelectric properties of mesoporous ZnO thin films
Hong MH, Shim DI, Cho HH, Park HH
168 - 176 Combined use of FE-SEM plus EDS, ToF-SIMS, XPS, XRD and OM for the study of ancient gilded artefacts
Ingo GM, Riccucci C, Pascucci M, Messina E, Giuliani C, Biocca P, Tortora L, Fierro G, Di Carlo G
177 - 186 Effect of various electrolytes on the electrochemical properties of Ni(OH)(2) nanostructures
Sichumsaeng T, Chanlek N, Maensiri S
187 - 190 Quantum-relativistic velocities in nano-transport
Di Sia P
191 - 195 Production of plasmons in two layers of graphene with different doping densities traversed by swift electrons
Akbari K, Segui S, Gervasoni JL, Miskovic ZL, Arista NR
196 - 200 Structure transformations in thin films of CF3-CFH2 cryodeposites. Is there a glass transition and what is the value of T-g?
Drobyshev A, Aldiyarov A, Nurmukan A, Sokolov D, Shinbayeva A
201 - 208 Graphene sheets produced by carbon nanotubes unzipping and their performance as supercapacitor
Silva AA, Pinheiro RA, Rodrigues AC, Baldan MR, Trava-Airoldi VJ, Corat EJ
209 - 214 Operation by optoelectronic features of cadmium sulphide nanocrystallites embedded into the photopolymer polyvinyl alcohol matrices
Ozga K, Yanchuk OM, Tsurkova LV, Marchuk OV, Urubkov IV, Romanyuk YE, Fedorchuk O, Lakshminarayana G, Kityk IV
215 - 221 Evaluation of consolidation method on mechanical and structural properties of ODS RAF steel
Frelek-Kozak M, Kurpaska L, Wyszkowska E, Jagielski J, Jozwik I, Chmielewski M
222 - 229 Carbon-silicon composite anode electrodes modified with MWCNT for high energy battery applications
Akbulut H, Nalci D, Guler A, Duman S, Guler MO
230 - 235 One-step hydrothermal method to fabricate drag reduction superhydrophobic surface on aluminum foil
Tuo YJ, Chen WP, Zhang HF, Li PJ, Liu XW
236 - 242 High dielectric permittivity and suppressed loss tangent in PVDF polymer nanocomposites using gold nanoparticle-deposited BaTiO3 hybrid particles as fillers
Phromviyo N, Thongbai P, Maensiri S
243 - 249 Assessing the electrochemical performance of a supercapacitor electrode made of copper oxide and activated carbon using liquid phase plasma
Ki SJ, Lee H, Park YK, Kim SJ, An KH, Jung SC
250 - 257 Green synthesis of zin tin oxide (ZnSnO3) nanoparticles using Aspalathus Linearis natural extracts: Structural, morphological, optical and electrochemistry study
Mayedwa N, Mongwaketsi N, Khamlich S, Kaviyarasu K, Matinise N, Maaza M
258 - 265 Structural and magnetic properties of FeCuNi nanostructured produced by mechanical alloying
Younes A, Dilmi N, Khorcher M, Bouamer A, Bacha NE, Zergoug M
266 - 272 Green synthesis of nickel oxide, palladium and palladium oxide synthesized via Aspalathus linearis natural extracts: physical properties & mechanism of formation
Mayedwa N, Mongwaketsi N, Khamlich S, Kaviyarasu K, Matinise N, Maaza M
273 - 278 Dependence on size and curvature of sputtering yield in nanowires
Jimenez-Saez JC, Jimenez-Rodriguez JJ
279 - 286 Integrated analytical methodologies for the study of the corrosion products naturally grown on Roman Ag-based artefacts
Ingo GM, Riccucci C, Pascucci M, Messina E, Giuliani C, Fierro G, Di Carlo G
287 - 292 Magnetite (Fe3O4) nanoparticles: Synthesis, characterization and electrochemical properties
Tipsawat P, Wongpratat U, Phumying S, Chanlek N, Chokprasombat K, Maensiri S