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Applied Surface Science, Vol.445 Entire volume, number list
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1 - 7 Laser-induced dewetting of silver-doped chalcogenide glasses
Douaud A, Messaddeq SH, Boily O, Messaddeq Y
8 - 15 Surface immobilization of heparin on functional polyisobutylene-based thermoplastic elastomer as a potential artificial vascular graft
Wu YB, Li K, Xiang D, Zhang M, Yang D, Zhang JH, Mao J, Wang H, Guo WL
16 - 23 Modified pulse laser deposition of Ag nanostructure as intermediate for low temperature Cu-Cu bonding
Liu ZY, Cai J, Wang Q, Liu L, Zou GS
24 - 29 Effects of anti-solvent (iodobenzene) volume on the formation of CH3NH3PbI3 thin films and their application in photovoltaic cells
Chang SH, Huang WC, Chen CC, Chen SH, Wu CG
30 - 38 Controlled synthesis of flexible graphene aerogels macroscopic monolith as versatile agents for wastewater treatment
Dong SY, Xia LJ, Guo T, Zhang FY, Cui LF, Su XF, Wang D, Guo W, Sun JH
39 - 49 Fabrication of multiple hierarchical heterojunction Ag@AgBr/BiPO4/r-GO with enhanced visible-light-driven photocatalytic activities towards dye degradation
Ding K, Yu D, Wang W, Gao P, Liu BJ
50 - 55 Highly-enhanced triboelectric nanogenerators based on zinc-oxide nanoripples acting as a triboelectric layer
Jeon YP, Park JH, Kim TW
56 - 64 Iron doped LiCoPO4 thin films for lithium-ion microbatteries obtained by ns pulsed laser deposition
Smaldone A, Brutti S, De Bonis A, Ciarfaglia N, Santagata A, Teghil R
65 - 70 Red-ultraviolet photoluminescence tuning by Ni nanocrystals in epitaxial SrTiO3 matrix
Xiong ZW, Cao LH
71 - 76 Fabrication of Ba1-xZnO2 nanowires using solvothermal synthesis: Piezotronic and piezophototronic performance characterization
Chiang YC, Chang KS
77 - 80 Confined selective lateral epitaxial growth of 16-nm thick Ge nanostructures on SOI substrates: Advantages and challenges
Khazaka R, Bogumilowicz Y, Rouchon D, Boutry H, Chalupa Z, Lapras V, Previtali B, Chevalier N, Papon AM, David S, Maitrejean S
81 - 81 Preface-2017EMRS-Fall-symposium W: Stress, structure and stoichiometry effects on the properties of nanomaterials IV
Sanchez F, Craciun V
82 - 88 Facile synthesis of Fe3O4/C composites for broadband microwave absorption properties
Liu X, Ma YT, Zhang QF, Zheng ZM, Wang LS, Peng DL
89 - 96 The performance of inkjet-printed copper acetate based hydrogen sulfide gas sensor on a flexible plastic substrate - varying ink composition and print density
Sarfraz J, Fogde A, Ihalainen P, Peltonen J
97 - 106 Superhydrophobic polymeric films with hierarchical structures produced by nanoimprint (NIL) and plasma roughening
Durret J, Szkutnik PD, Frolet N, Labau S, Gourgon C
107 - 112 Green electroluminescence using n-In2O3 nanorods formed on plasma surface treated p-GaN structure
Shin DS, Kim TG, Kim D, Kim K, Park J
113 - 122 High temperature wear performance of laser-cladded FeNiCoAlCu high-entropy alloy coating
Jin G, Cai ZB, Guan YJ, Cui XF, Liu Z, Li Y, Dong ML, Zhang D
123 - 132 A novel electrochemical sensor based on Cu3P@NH2-MIL-125(Ti) nanocomposite for efficient electrocatalytic oxidation and sensitive detection of hydrazine
Wang MH, Yang LY, Hu B, Liu YK, Song YP, He LH, Zhang ZH, Fang SM
133 - 144 Interfacial phenomena and evolution of modified aluminide bondcoatings in Thermal Barrier Coatings
Swadzba R
145 - 153 Enhancing performance of Co/CeO2 catalyst by Sr doping for catalytic combustion of toluene
Feng XY, Guo JX, Wen XR, Xu MY, Chu YH, Yuan SD
154 - 160 DFT study of Sb and Pb layers on the Bi(111) surface
Yakovkin IN, Petrova NV
161 - 166 First-principles studies on the superconductivity of aluminene
Yeoh KH, Yoon TL, Rusi, Ong DS, Lim TL
167 - 174 Carbon-coated CoP3 nanocomposites as anode materials for high-performance sodium-ion batteries
Zhao WX, Ma XQ, Wang GZ, Long XJ, Li YD, Zhang WL, Zhang P
175 - 185 Tripodal penta(p-phenylene) for the biofunctionalization of alkynyl-modified silicon surfaces
Sanchez-Molina M, Diaz A, Valpuesta M, Contreras-Caceres R, Lopez-Romero JM, Lopez-Ramirez MR
186 - 196 Effects of drying temperature on tomato-based thin film as self-powered UV photodetector
Thu MM, Mastuda A, Cheong KY
197 - 203 Simultaneous nanopatterning and reduction of graphene oxide by femtosecond laser pulses
Kasischke M, Maragkaki S, Volz S, Ostendorf A, Gurevich EL
204 - 210 Fast synthesis of high-quality large-area graphene by laser CVD
Tu R, Liang Y, Zhang CF, Li J, Zhang S, Yang MJ, Li QZ, Goto T, Zhang LM, Shi J, Li HW, Ohmori H, Kosinova M, Basu B
211 - 216 Laser surface modification of Mg-Gd-Ca alloy for corrosion resistance and biocompatibility enhancement
Ma CP, Peng G, Nie L, Liu HF, Guan YC
217 - 228 Adsorption and diffusion of H and O on an Ni(111) surface containing different amounts of Cr
Das NK, Shoji T
229 - 241 Inclusion of Ti and Zr species on clay surfaces and their effect on the interaction with organic molecules
Rangel-Rivera P, Bachiller-Baeza MB, Galindo-Esquivel I, Rangel-Porras G
242 - 254 Novel indirect Z-scheme photocatalyst of Ag nanoparticles and polymer polypyrrole co-modified BiOBr for photocatalytic decomposition of organic pollutants
Liu XQ, Cai L
255 - 261 Surface nanoporosity has a greater influence on osteogenic and bacterial cell adhesion than crystallinity and wettability
Rodriguez-Contreras A, Bello DG, Nanci A
262 - 271 Novel superamphiphobic surfaces based on micro-nano hierarchical fluorinated Ag/SiO2 structures
Kim JH, Mirzaei A, Kim HW, Kim SS
272 - 280 Engineering hierarchical ultrathin CuCo2O4 nanosheets array on Ni foam by rapid electrodeposition method toward high-performance binder-free supercapacitors
Abbasi L, Arvand M
281 - 286 In-situ grown nanoporous Zn-Cu catalysts on brass foils for enhanced electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide
Hu HJ, Tang Y, Hu Q, Wan PY, Dai LM, Yang XJ
287 - 297 Effects of rapid thermal annealing on the local environment, electronic structure and magnetic properties of Mn doped TiO2 thin films
Aljawfi RN, Vij A, Chae KH, Dalela S, Alvi PA, AL-Maghrabi MA, Kumar S
298 - 307 Electrodeposition and properties of binary and ternary cobalt alloys with molybdenum and tungsten
Yar-Mukhamedova G, Ved M, Sakhnenko N, Nenastina T
308 - 319 Effects of fluoride source on the characteristics of titanium dioxide nanotubes
Aguirre OR, Echeverria EF
320 - 334 In-vitro biocompatibility and corrosion resistance of electrochemically assembled PPy/TNTA hybrid material for biomedical applications
Simi VS, Satish A, Korrapati PS, Rajendran N
335 - 341 Comparison of the morphology, chemical composition and microstructure of cryptocrystalline graphite and carbon black
Quan Y, Liu QF, Zhang SL, Zhang S
342 - 349 Quasi-hexagonal Cu1.5Mn1.5O4 nanoplates decorated on hollow CuO by Kirkendall effect for enhancing lithium storage performance
Liu P, Xia XF, Lei W, Jiao XY, Lu L, Ouyang Y, Hao QL
350 - 358 Carbon and nitrogen co-doped bowl-like Au/TiO2 nanostructures with tunable size for enhanced visible-light-driven photocatalysis
Li YY, Cao SB, Zhang A, Zhang C, Qu T, Zhao YB, Chen AH
359 - 367 Alumina-coated and manganese monoxide embedded 3D carbon derived from avocado as high-performance anode for lithium-ion batteries
Rehman WU, Xu YL, Du XF, Sun XF, Ullah I, Zhang Y, Jin YL, Zhang BF, Li XF
368 - 375 Facile one-step construction of covalently networked, self-healable, and transparent superhydrophobic composite films
Lee Y, You EA, Ha YG
376 - 382 The influence of Al doping on the photocatalytic activity of nanostructured ZnO: The role of adsorbed water
Ajala F, Hamrouni A, Houas A, Lachheb H, Megna B, Palmisano L, Parrino F
383 - 390 Enhanced microwave absorption properties of Co-doped SiC at elevated temperature
Kuang BY, Dou YK, Wang ZH, Ning MQ, Jin HB, Guo DY, Cao MS, Fang XY, Zhao YJ, Li JB
391 - 397 Inkjet printing bendable circuits based on an oil-water interface reaction
Sun JZ, Guo YZ, Cui B, Chu FQ, Li HZ, Li Y, He M, Ding D, Liu RP, Li LH, Song YL
398 - 403 The promotion effects of graphitic and pyridinic N combinational doping on graphene for ORR
Yan P, Liu J, Yuan SD, Liu YJ, Cen WL, Chen YQ
404 - 414 Integration of graphene onto silicon through electrochemical reduction of graphene oxide layers in non-aqueous medium
Marrani AG, Coico AC, Giacco D, Zanoni R, Scaramuzzo FA, Schrebler R, Dini D, Bonomo M, Dalchiele EA
415 - 423 The roles of Ag layers in regulating strengthening-toughening behavior and tribochemistry of the Ag/TaC nano-multilayer films
Ren P, Zhang K, Wen M, Du SX, Chen JH, Zheng WT
424 - 436 Selective dye adsorption by highly water stable metal-organic framework: Long term stability analysis in aqueous media
Molavi H, Hakimian A, Shojaei A, Raeiszadeh M
437 - 444 One-step synthesis of bifunctional PEGDA/TiO2 composite film by photopolymerization for the removal of Congo red
Wei YY, Sun XT, Xu ZR
445 - 453 Heterostructured binary Ni-W sulfides nanosheets as pH-universal electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution
Lu SS, Shang X, Zhang LM, Dong B, Gao WK, Dai FN, Liu B, Chai YM, Liu CG
454 - 461 Sol-gel one-pot synthesis of efficient and environmentally friendly iron-based catalysts for NH3-SCR
Zhao K, Meng JP, Lu JY, He Y, Huang HZ, Tang ZC, Zhen XP
462 - 470 N-doped porous carbon-encapsulated Fe nanoparticles as efficient electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction
Zhang L, Qi CL, Zhao AH, Xu GC, Xu JL, Zhang L, Zhang C, Jia DZ
471 - 477 Polyethylenimine and dithiocarbamate decorated melamine sponges for fast copper (II) ions removal from aqueous solution
Huang J, Xu YB, Zhang XY, Lei ZW, Chen C, Deng YH, Wang CY
478 - 487 Antibacterial properties of chitosan-based coatings are affected by spacer-length and molecular weight
Vaz JM, Taketa TB, Hernandez-Montelongo J, Chevallier P, Cotta MA, Mantovani D, Beppu MM
488 - 495 Micro-cracks on crosslinked Poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS) surface treated by nanosecond laser irradiation
Deng Y, Hong WS, He JF, Guo ZN, Chen Y, Huang ZG
496 - 504 Composition-controlled active-passive transition and corrosion behavior of Fe-Cr(Mo)-Zr-B bulk amorphous steels
Si JJ, Wu YD, Wang T, Liu YH, Hui XD
505 - 511 Gradient filling of copper in porous silicon using a non-contact electrochemical method
Zhao MR, Shadman FH, Keswani M
512 - 518 Tailoring the cap's morphology of electrodeposited gold micro-mushrooms
Cerquido M, Proenca MP, Dias C, Leitao DC, Cardoso S, Freitas PP, Aguiar P, Ventura J
519 - 526 Coal-derived nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur co-doped graphene quantum dots: A promising ion fluorescent probe
Xu Y, Wang SN, Hou XY, Sun Z, Jiang Y, Dong ZB, Tao QB, Man J, Cao Y
527 - 534 Non-noble metal Cu as a cocatalyst on TiO2 nanorod for highly efficient photocatalytic hydrogen production
Chen W, Wang YH, Liu S, Gao L, Mao LQ, Fan ZY, Shangguan WF, Jiang Z
535 - 541 Enhanced catalytic reduction of 4-nitrophenol over titania nanotube supported gold nanoparticles by weak ultraviolet light irradiation: Role of gold surface charge
Ning X, Wei FX, Fu HY, Qu XL, Xu ZY, Zheng SR
542 - 547 Tailoring of defect luminescence in CVD grown monolayer MoS2 film
Deb S, Chakrabarti P, Mohapatra PK, Barick BK, Dhar S
548 - 554 In-situ IR spectroscopy as a probe of oxidation/reduction of Ce in nanostructured CeO2
Wu WQ, Savereide LM, Notestein J, Weitz E
555 - 562 In situ phase transformation synthesis of unique Janus Ag2O/Ag2CO3 heterojunction photocatalyst with improved photocatalytic properties
Jo WK, Kumar S, Yadav P, Tonda S
563 - 567 Layer thickness effect on fracture behavior of Al/Si3N4 multilayer on Si substrate under three-point bending
Wang M, Wang D, Schaaf P
568 - 574 The role of electric field in enhancing separation of gas molecules (H2S, CO2, H2O) on VIB modified g-C3N4 (001)
Wang F, Li PH, Wei SQ, Guo JX, Dan M, Zhou Y
575 - 585 Fluorine-carbon doping of WS-based coatings deposited by reactive magnetron sputtering for low friction purposes
Rodrigues SP, Evaristo M, Carvalho S, Cavaleiro A
586 - 595 Smaller-lateral-size graphene oxide hydrosols sealed in dialysis bags for enhanced trace Pb(II) removal from water without re-pollution
Guo LY, Liu LY, Zhuo MP, Fu SL, Xu YP, Zhou WW, Shi C, Ye B, Li YX, Chen WF
596 - 600 Antibacterial effect of zinc oxide/hydroxyapatite coatings prepared by chemical solution deposition
Ohtsu N, Kakuchi Y, Ohtsuki T