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1 - 9 Monodisperse MnO2@NiCo2O4 core/shell nanospheres with highly opened structures as electrode materials for good-performance supercapacitors
Zhou Y, Ma L, Gan MY, Ye MH, Li XR, Zhai YF, Yan FB, Cao FF
10 - 14 Facile synthesis of Li2S-P2S5 glass-ceramics electrolyte with micron range particles for all-solid-state batteries via a low-temperature solution technique (LTST)
Choi S, Lee S, Park J, Nichols WT, Shin D
15 - 27 On-demand oil-water separation via low-voltage wettability switching of core-shell structures on copper substrates
Kung CH, Zahiri B, Sow PK, Merida W
28 - 35 Barrier mechanism of multilayers graphene coated copper against atomic oxygen irradiation
Zhang HJ, Ren SM, Pu JB, Xue QJ
36 - 41 State memory in solution gated epitaxial graphene
Butko AV, Butko VY, Lebedev SP, Lebedev AA, Davydov VY, Smirnov AN, Eliseyev IA, Dunaevskiy MS, Kumzerov YA
42 - 47 Sodium alginate-grafted beta-cyclodextrins as a matrix for immobilized Arthrobacter simplex for cortisone acetate biotransfromation
Shen YB, Niu LL, Yu ZQ, Wang M, Shang ZH, Yang Y
48 - 55 Local electrical properties of thermally grown oxide films formed on duplex stainless steel surfaces
Guo LQ, Yang BJ, He JY, Qiao LJ
56 - 64 Easy one pot synthesis of NiO/Nitrogen doped carbon spheres for highly sensitive enzyme free amperometric glucose sensors
Zhu JJ, Yin HY, Gong JY, Al-Furjan MSH, Nie QL
65 - 70 Effect of a PEDOT:PSS modified layer on the electrical characteristics of flexible memristive devices based on graphene oxide: polyvinylpyrrolidone nanocomposites
Kim WK, Wu C, Kim TW
71 - 74 Room-temperature growth of thin films of niobium on strontium titanate (001) single-crystal substrates for superconducting joints
Shimizu Y, Tonooka K, Yoshida Y, Furuse M, Takashima H
75 - 86 Graphite-like carbon nitride coupled with tiny Bi2S3 nanoparticles as 2D/0D heterojunction with enhanced photocatalytic activity
Zhu CZ, Gong TT, Xian QM, Xie JM
87 - 96 Effect of the morphology of adsorbed oleate on the wettability of a collophane surface
Ye JJ, Zhang Q, Li XB, Wang XC, Ke BL, Li XH, Shen ZH
97 - 104 Performance enhancement in organic photovoltaic solar cells using iridium (Ir) ultra-thin surface modifier (USM)
Pandey R, Lim JW, Kim JH, Angadi B, Choi JW, Choi WK
105 - 117 H3PO4 solution hydrothermal carbonization combined with KOH activation to prepare argy wormwood-based porous carbon for high-performance supercapacitors
Dai CC, Wan JF, Yang J, Qu SS, Jin TY, Ma FW, Shao JQ
118 - 125 Visible-light driven nitrogen-doped petal-morphological ceria nanosheets for water splitting
Qian JC, Zhang WY, Wang YP, Chen ZG, Chen F, Liu CB, Lu XW, Li P, Wang KY, Chen AL
126 - 132 Magnetron sputtering fabrication and photoelectric properties of WSe2 film solar cell device
Mao X, Zou JP, Li HC, Song ZQ, He SR
133 - 144 New understanding on separation of Mn and Fe from ferruginous manganese ores by the magnetic reduction roasting process
Liu BB, Zhang YB, Wang J, Wang J, Su ZJ, Li GH, Jiang T
145 - 153 Study on the fabrication of composite photonic crystals with high structural stability by co-sedimentation self-assembly on fabric substrates
Li YC, Zhou L, Liu GJ, Chai LQ, Fan QG, Shao JZ
154 - 160 Control of periodic surface structures on silicon by combined temporal and polarization shaping of femtosecond laser pulses
Fraggelakis F, Stratakis E, Loukakos PA
161 - 167 Modified ferrite core-shell nanoparticles magneto-structural characterization
Klekotka U, Piotrowska B, Satula D, Kalska-Szostko B
168 - 176 L-Arginine modified multi-walled carbon nanotube/sulfonated poly(ether ether ketone) nanocomposite films for biomedical applications
Kaya H, Bulut O, Kamali AR, Ege D
177 - 186 Structure of Z-scheme CdS/CQDs/BiOCl heterojunction with enhanced photocatalytic activity for environmental pollutant elimination
Pan JB, Liu JJ, Zuo SL, Khan UA, Yu YC, Li BS
187 - 196 Protein adsorption/desorption and antibody binding stoichiometry on silicon interferometric biosensors examined with TOF-SIMS
Gajos K, Budkowski A, Petrou P, Pagkali V, Awsiuk K, Rysz J, Bernasik A, Misiakos K, Raptis I, Kakabakos S
197 - 207 The effect of copper and silver on the properties of Au-ZnO catalyst and its activity in glycerol oxidation
Kaskow I, Decyk P, Sobczak I
208 - 215 Fabrication of transparent superhydrophobic polytetrafluoroethylene coating
Alawajji RA, Kannarpady GK, Biris AS
216 - 223 The improvement of SiO2 nanotubes electrochemical behavior by hydrogen atmosphere thermal treatment
Spataru N, Anastasescu C, Radu MM, Balint I, Negrila C, Spataru T, Fujishima A
224 - 234 Performance and mechanism of simultaneous removal of Cd(II) and Congo red from aqueous solution by hierarchical vaterite spherulites
Chen YY, Yu SH, Jiang HF, Yao QZ, Fu SQ, Zhou GT
235 - 242 Ce, Ti modified MCM-48 mesoporous photocatalysts: Effect of the synthesis route on support and metal ion properties
Mureseanu M, Filip M, Somacescu S, Baran A, Carja G, Parvulescu V
243 - 252 Polyethylenimine-assisted seed-mediated synthesis of gold nanoparticles for surface-enhanced Raman scattering studies
Philip A, Ankudze B, Pakkanen TT
253 - 259 Analysis of ultraviolet photo-response of ZnO nanostructures prepared by electrodeposition and atomic layer deposition
Makhlouf H, Karam C, Lamouchi A, Tingry S, Miele P, Habchi R, Chtourou R, Bechelany M
260 - 266 Size and shape tunability of self-assembled InAs/GaAs nanostructures through the capping rate
Utrilla AD, Grossi DF, Reyes DF, Gonzalo A, Braza V, Ben T, Gonzalez D, Guzman A, Hierro A, Koenraad PM, Ulloa JM
267 - 275 Anatase TiO2 single crystals with dominant {001} facets: Synthesis, shape-control mechanism and photocatalytic activity
Tong HF, Zhou YY, Chang G, Li P, Zhu RZ, He YB
276 - 286 Detailed mechanism of the NO plus CO reaction on Rh(100) and Rh(111): A first-principles study
Tan L, Huang LL, Liu YC, Wang Q
287 - 292 The surface stability and morphology of tobermorite 11 angstrom from first principles
Mutisya SM, Miranda CR
293 - 302 Composition and optical properties tunability of hydrogenated silicon carbonitride thin films deposited by reactive magnetron sputtering
Bachar A, Bousquet A, Mehdi H, Monier G, Robert-Goumet C, Thomas L, Belmahi M, Goullet A, Sauvage T, Tomasella E
303 - 311 Direct fabrication of gas diffusion cathode by pulse electrodeposition for proton exchange membrane water electrolysis
Park H, Choe S, Kim H, Kim DK, Cho G, Park Y, Jang JH, Ha DH, Ahn SH, Kim SK
312 - 319 Porous Co3O4 nanorods anchored on graphene nanosheets as an effective electrocatalysts for aprotic Li-O-2 batteries
Yuan MW, Yang Y, Nan CY, Sun GB, Li HF, Ma SL
320 - 329 Layered MoSe2/Bi2WO6 composite with P-N heterojunctions as a promising visible-light induced photocatalyst
Xie TP, Liu Y, Wang HQ, Wu ZB
330 - 335 Adsorption and decomposition of dimethyl methylphosphonate (DMMP) on expanded graphite/metal oxides
Hung WC, Wang JC, Wu KH
336 - 338 Effect of carbon coating on spontaneous C12A7 whisker formation
Zaikovskii VI, Volodin AM, Stoyanovskii VO, Cherepanova SV, Vedyagin AA
339 - 344 Electron beam induced strong organic/inorganic grafting for thermally stable lithium-ion battery separators
Choi Y, Kim JI, Moon J, Jeong J, Park JH
345 - 354 Largely improved the low temperature toughness of acrylonitrile-styrene-acrylate (ASA) resin: Fabricated a core-shell structure of two elastomers through the differences of interfacial tensions
Mao ZP, Zhang J
355 - 363 Fe-N co-doped SiO2@TiO2 yolk-shell hollow nanospheres with enhanced visible light photocatalytic degradation
Wan HC, Yao WT, Zhu WK, Tang Y, Ge HL, Shi XZ, Duan T
364 - 376 Enhancement of tribofilm formation from water lubricated PEEK composites by copper nanowires
Gao CP, Fan SG, Zhang SM, Zhang PY, Wang QH
377 - 386 The effects of phase transformation on the structure and mechanical properties of TiSiCN nanocomposite coatings deposited by PECVD method
Abedi M, Abdollah-Zadeh A, Bestetti M, Vicenzo A, Serafini A, Movassagh-Alanagh F
387 - 398 Effect of acidic aqueous solution on chemical and physical properties of polyamide NF membranes
Jun BM, Kim SH, Kwak SK, Kwon YN
399 - 406 Green synthesis of amphipathic graphene aerogel constructed by using the framework of polymer-surfactant complex for water remediation
Cao JJ, Wanga ZY, Yang XH, Tu J, Wu RL, Wang W
407 - 413 Plasmonic photocatalysts based on silver nanoparticles - layered double hydroxides for efficient removal of toxic compounds using solar light
Gilea D, Radu T, Muresanu M, Carja G
414 - 422 Few layer graphene wrapped mixed phase TiO2 nanofiber as a potential electrode material for high performance supercapacitor applications
Thirugnanam L, Sundara R
423 - 429 Transition from disordered to long-range ordered nanoparticles on Al2O3/Ni3Al(111)
Alyabyeva N, Ouvrard A, Zakaria AM, Charra F, Bourguignon B
430 - 435 Direct hydrothermal growth of GDC nanorods for low temperature solid oxide fuel cells
Hong S, Lee D, Yang H, Kim YB
436 - 441 Cu(In, Ga)Se-2 surface treatment with Na and NaF: A combined photoelectron spectroscopy and surface photovoltage study in ultra-high vacuum
Parvan V, Mizrak A, Majumdar I, Umsur B, Calvet W, Greiner D, Kaufmann CA, Dittrich T, Avancini E, Lauermann I
442 - 447 On/off ratio enhancement in single-walled carbon nanotube field-effect transistor by controlling network density via sonication
Jang HK, Choi JH, Kim DH, Kim GT
448 - 456 Facile and efficient room temperature solid state reaction enabled synthesis of antimony nanoparticles embedded within reduced graphene oxide for enhanced sodium-ion storage
Zhang XK, Wu P, Jiang L, Zhang XF, Shi HX, Zhu XS, Wei SH, Zhou YM
457 - 466 Self-organized carbon-rich stripe formation from competitive carbon and aluminium segregation at Fe0.85Al0.15(110) surfaces
Dai Z, Borghetti P, Mouchaal Y, Chenot S, David P, Jupille J, Cabailh G, Lazzari R
467 - 473 Enriching the hydrogen storage capacity of carbon nanotube doped with polylithiated molecules
Panigrahi P, Naqvi SR, Hankel M, Ahuja R, Hussain T
474 - 479 Ultrathin ZnO interfacial passivation layer for atomic layer deposited ZrO2 dielectric on the p-In0.2Ga0.8As substrate
Liu C, Lu HL, Yang T, Zhang YM, Zhang YM, Liu D, Ma ZQ, Yu WJ, Guo LX
480 - 484 Synergistic promotion of polar phase crystallization of PVDF by ionic liquid with PEG segment
Xu P, Fu WJ, Cui ZP, Ding YS
485 - 490 In situ photodeposition of cobalt on CdS nanorod for promoting photocatalytic hydrogen production under visible light irradiation
Chen W, Wanga YH, Liu M, Gao L, Mao LQ, Fan ZY, Shangguan WF
491 - 496 UV-visible light photocatalytic properties of NaYF4:(Gd, Si)/TiO2 composites
Mavengere S, Kim JS
497 - 504 Preparation and characterization of functional poly(vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF) membranes with ultraviolet-absorbing property
Dong L, Liu XD, Xiong ZR, Sheng DK, Lin CH, Zhou Y, Yang YM
505 - 510 Solid-state dewetting of Au-Ni bi-layer films mediated through individual layer thickness and stacking sequence
Herz A, Theska F, Rossberg D, Kups T, Wang D, Schaaf P
511 - 521 Two-dimensional hybrid materials: MoS2-RGO nanocomposites enhanced the barrier properties of epoxy coating
Chen CL, He Y, Xiao GQ, Xia YQ, Li HJ, He Z
522 - 529 Synthesis of graphene supported Li2SiO3 as a high performance anode material for lithium-ion batteries
Yang S, Wang QF, Miao J, Zhang JY, Zhang DF, Chen YM, Yang H
530 - 541 Texturization of diamond-wire-sawn multicrystalline silicon wafer using Cu, Ag, or Ag/Cu as a metal catalyst
Wang SD, Chen TW
542 - 551 An electrospun nanofiber matrix based on organo-clay for biosensors: PVA/PAMAM-Montmorillonite
Unal B, Yalcinkaya EE, Demirkol DO, Timur S
552 - 558 Role of Cu in engineering the optical properties of SnO2 nanostructures: Structural, morphological and spectroscopic studies
Kumar V, Singh K, Jain M, Manju, Kumar A, Sharma J, Vij A, Thakur A
559 - 568 Efficient removal of methyl orange using Cu2O as a dual function catalyst
Zhang F, Dong GH, Wang M, Zeng YB, Wang CY
569 - 577 An atomic-scale and high efficiency finishing method of zirconia ceramics by using magnetorheological finishing
Luo H, Guo MJ, Yin SH, Chen FJ, Huang S, Lu AG, Guo YF
578 - 583 Laser-induced reduction of graphene oxide powders by high pulsed ultraviolet laser irradiations
Yang CR, Tseng SF, Chen YT
584 - 589 Carbon-doped boron nitride nanosheet as a promising catalyst for N2O reduction by CO or SO2 molecule: A comparative DFT study
Esrafili MD, Saeidi N
590 - 597 Sectioning studies of biomimetic collagen-hydroxyapatite coatings on Ti-6Al-4V substrates using focused ion beam
Hu CM, Yu L, Wei M
598 - 603 Nanofilter platform based on functionalized carbon nanotubes for adsorption and elimination of Acrolein, a toxicant in cigarette smoke
Yoosefian M, Pakpour A, Etminan N
604 - 609 Drop-wise and film-wise water condensation processes occurring on metallic micro-scaled surfaces
Starostin A, Valtsifer V, Barkay Z, Legchenkova I, Danchuk V, Bormashenko E
610 - 620 Efficient photocatalytic degradation of gaseous N,N-dimethylformamide in tannery waste gas using doubly open-ended Ag/TiO2 nanotube array membranes
Zhao Y, Ma L, Chang WK, Huang ZD, Feng XG, Qi XX, Li ZH
621 - 632 Asymmetrical bonding in cold spraying of dissimilar materials
Nikbakht R, Seyedein SH, Kheirandish S, Assadi H, Jodoin B
633 - 641 Inorganic material profiling using Ar-n(+) cluster: Can we achieve high quality profiles?
Conard T, Fleischmann C, Havelund R, Franquet A, Poleunis C, Delcorte A, Vandervorst W
642 - 649 Theoretical study of ozone adsorption on the surface of Fe, Co and Ni doped boron nitride nanosheets
Farmanzadeh D, Ardehjani NA
650 - 660 K1-xMn1+x/2[Fe(CN)(6)]center dot yH(2)O Prussian blue analogues as an anode material for lithium-ion batteries
Zhou FC, Sun YH, Li JQ, Nan JM
661 - 671 N-enriched multilayered porous carbon derived from natural casings for high-performance supercapacitors
Xu ZY, Li Y, Li DD, Wang DW, Zhao J, Wang ZF, Banis MN, Hu YF, Zhang HH
672 - 690 Engineering a self-driven PVDF/PDA hybrid membranes based on membrane micro-reactor effect to achieve super-hydrophilicity, excellent antifouling properties and hemocompatibility
Li JH, Ni XX, Zhang DB, Zheng H, Wang JB, Zhang QQ
691 - 698 Facile synthesis of magnetic Fe3O4/graphene composites for enhanced U(VI) sorption
Zhao DL, Zhu HY, Wu CN, Feng SJ, Alsaedi A, Hayat T, Chen CL
699 - 709 Effects of structure of fatty acid collectors on the adsorption of fluorapatite (001) surface: A first-principles calculations
Xie J, Li XH, Mao S, Li LJ, Ke BL, Zhang Q
710 - 720 3D carbon fiber mats/nano-Fe3O4 hybrid material with high electromagnetic shielding performance
Zhan YQ, Long ZH, Wan XY, Zhang JM, He SJ, He Y
721 - 728 Thermal stability of Pt-Ti bilayer films annealing in vacuum and ambient atmosphere
Weng SZ, Qiao L, Wang P
729 - 738 Intensify dodecylamine adsorption on magnesite and dolomite surfaces by monohydric alcohols
Zhang H, Liu WG, Han C, Wei DZ
739 - 746 3D interconnected honeycomb-like and high rate performance porous carbons from petroleum asphalt for supercapacitors
Pan L, Li XX, Wang YX, Liu JL, Tian W, Ning H, Wu MB
747 - 756 Effect of acidified water glass on the flotation separation of scheelite from calcite using mixed cationic/anionic collectors
Dong LY, Jiao F, Qin WQ, Zhu HL, Jia WH
757 - 762 Steady anti-icing coatings on weathering steel fabricated by HVOF spraying
Xi NY, Liu Y, Zhang XN, Liu N, Fu H, Hang ZQ, Yang GY, Chen H, Gao W
763 - 771 Fluxing template-assisted synthesis of sponge-like Fe2O3 microspheres toward efficient catalysis for CO oxidation
Li WG, Hu YJ, Jiang H, Jiang Y, Wang Y, Huang S, Biswas P, Li CZ
772 - 779 S-graphite slit pore: A superior selective adsorbent for light hydrocarbons
Xue QZ, Li XF, Chang X, Ling CC, Zhu L, Xing W
780 - 788 Effect of nanoconfinement on the sputter yield in ultrathin polymeric films: Experiments and model
Cristaudo V, Poleunis C, Delcorte A
789 - 799 Weight ratio effects on morphology and electrocapacitive performance for the MoS2/polypyrrole electrodes
Tu CC, Peng PW, Lin LY
800 - 810 Preparation, quantitative surface analysis, intercalation characteristics and industrial implications of low temperature expandable graphite
Peng TF, Liu B, Gao XC, Luo LQ, Sun HJ
811 - 818 Enhanced photocatalytic performance of RGO/Ag nanocomposites produced via a facile microwave irradiation for the degradation of Rhodamine B in aqueous solution
Divya KS, Chandran A, Reethu VN, Mathew S
819 - 828 Temperature-dependent OSL properties of nano-phosphors LiAlO2:C and alpha-Al2O3:C
Agarwal M, Garg SK, Asokan K, Kumar P
829 - 829 Production of stable superhydrophilic surfaces on 316L steel by simultaneous laser texturing and SiO2 deposition (vol 427, pg 1135, 2018)
Rajab FH, Liu Z, Li L