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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Fabrication of multicolor fluorescent polyvinyl alcohol through surface modification with conjugated polymers by oxidative polymerization
Hai TAP, Sugimoto R
11 - 17 High thermoelectric properties of (Sb, Bi)(2)Te-3 nanowire arrays by tilt-structure engineering
Tan M, Hao YM, Deng Y, Chen JY
18 - 23 Urea impedimetric biosensing using electrospun nanofibers modified with zinc oxide nanoparticles
Migliorini FL, Sanfelice RC, Mercante LA, Andre RS, Mattoso LHC, Correa DS
24 - 30 The effect of aluminium nanocoating and water pH value on the wettability behavior of an aluminium surface
Ali N, Teixeira JA, Addali A, Al-Zubi F, Shaban E, Behbehani I
31 - 38 Enhanced photoresponse characteristics of transistors using CVD-grown MoS2/WS2 heterostructures
Shan JJ, Li JH, Chu XY, Xu MZ, Jin FJ, Fang X, Wei ZP, Wang XH
39 - 47 Mechanically robust silver coatings prepared by electroless plating on thermoplastic polyurethane
Vasconcelos B, Vediappan K, Oliveira JC, Fonseca C
48 - 54 Effect of substrate bias voltage on tensile properties of single crystal silicon microstructure fully coated with plasma CVD diamond-like carbon film
Zhang WL, Hirai Y, Tsuchiya T, Tabata O
55 - 67 Influence of a novel co-doping (Zn plus F) on the physical properties of nano structured (111) oriented CdO thin films applicable for window layer of solar cell
Anitha M, Saravanakumar K, Anitha N, Amalraj L
68 - 73 Damage evaluation of proton irradiated titanium deuteride thin films to be used as neutron production targets
Anzorena MS, Bertolo AA, Gagetti L, Gaviola PA, del Grosso MF, Kreiner AJ
74 - 82 Characterization of point defects in monolayer arsenene
Liang XY, Ng SP, Ding N, Wu CML
83 - 90 Atmosphere self-cleaning under humidity conditions and influence of the snowflakes and artificial light interaction for water dissociation simulated by the means of COMSOL
Cocean A, Cocean I, Cazacu MM, Bulai G, Iacomi F, Gurlui S
91 - 96 Modification of the optoelectronic properties of two-dimensional MoS2 crystals by ultraviolet-ozone treatment
Yang HI, Park S, Choi W
97 - 102 Electrical and thermal properties of Cu-Ta films prepared by magnetron sputtering
Qin W, Fu LC, Zhu JJ, Yang WL, Sang JQ, Li DY, Zhou LP
103 - 113 Novel Co- or Ni-Mn binary oxide catalysts with hydroxyl groups for NH3-SCR of NOx at low temperature
Gao FY, Tang XL, Yi HH, Zhao SZ, Wang JE, Shi YR, Meng XM
114 - 121 Multi-shelled ZnCo2O4 yolk-shell spheres for high-performance acetone gas sensor
Xiong Y, Zhu ZY, Ding DG, Lu WB, Xue QZ
122 - 130 Deformation behaviors of Cu29Zr32Ti15Al5Ni19 high entropy bulk metallic glass during nanoindentation
Fang QH, Yi M, Li J, Liu B, Huang ZW
131 - 137 Chemical state analysis of heavily phosphorus-doped epitaxial silicon films grown on Si (100) by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Lee M, Kim S, Ko DH
138 - 144 Facile fabrication of superhydrophobic hybrid nanotip and nanopore arrays as surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy substrates
Li YX, Li J, Wang TK, Zhang ZY, Bai Y, Hao CC, Feng CC, Ma YJ, Sun RG
145 - 156 Novel nitrogen doped carbon dots for corrosion inhibition of carbon steel in 1 M HCl solution
Cui MJ, Ren SM, Zhao HC, Wang LP, Xue QJ
157 - 166 Electrochemical exfoliation of graphite to stage-III graphite bisulfate flakes in low concentration sulfuric acid solution: A novel synthesis route to completely trilayer graphene suspension
Mir A, Shukla A
167 - 175 Effects of laser polishing on surface microstructure and corrosion resistance of additive manufactured CoCr alloys
Wang WJ, Yung KC, Choy HS, Xiao TY, Cai ZX
176 - 183 Adsorption of molecular additive onto lead halide perovskite surfaces: A computational study on Lewis base thiophene additive passivation
Zhang L, Yu FX, Chen LH, Li JF
184 - 190 As-pyrolyzed sugarcane bagasse possessing exotic field emission properties
Krishnia L, Yadav BS, Palnitkar U, Satyam PV, Gupta BK, Koratkar NA, Tyagi PK
191 - 197 Intrinsically water-repellent copper oxide surfaces; An electrocrystallization approach
Akbari R, Chagas GR, Godeau G, Mohammadizadeh M, Guittard F, Darmanin T
198 - 208 Tunable gas adsorption in graphene oxide framework
Razmkhah M, Moosavi F, Mosavian MTH, Ahmadpour A
209 - 216 Cu2O-tipped ZnO nanorods with enhanced photoelectrochemical performance for CO2 photoreduction
Iqbal M, Wang YJ, Hu HF, He M, Shah AH, Lin L, Li P, Shao KJ, Woldu AR, He T
217 - 226 Pore channel surface modification for enhancing anti-fouling membrane distillation
Qiu HR, Peng YL, Ge L, Hernandez BV, Zhu ZH
227 - 235 Facet-controlled synthesis of polyhedral hematite/carbon composites with enhanced photoactivity
Hu XY, Han SC, Zhu YF
236 - 243 Effects of the glycerophosphate-polylactic copolymer formation on electrospun fibers
Shen W, Zhang GH, Li YL, Fan GD
244 - 254 Novel protocol for highly efficient gas-phase chemical derivatization of surface amine groups using trifluoroacetic anhydride
Duchoslav J, Kehrer M, Hinterreiter A, Duchoslav V, Unterweger C, Furst C, Steinberger R, Stifter D
255 - 265 Carbon fibers with a nano-hydroxyapatite coating as an excellent biofilm support for bioreactors
Liu QJ, Zhang C, Bao YL, Dai GZ
266 - 273 A bio-inspired N-doped porous carbon electrocatalyst with hierarchical superstructure for efficient oxygen reduction reaction
Miao YE, Yan JJ, Ouyang Y, Lu HY, Lai FL, Wu Y, Liu TX
274 - 279 Adsorption behavior of COF2 and CF4 gas on the MoS2 monolayer doped with Ni: A first-principles study
Li Y, Zhang XX, Chen DC, Xiao S, Tang J
280 - 290 Hydrophobic ultrathin films formed by fluorofunctional cage silsesquioxanes
Wamke A, Makowiecki J, Dopierala K, Karasiewicz J, Prochaska K
291 - 300 Tunable synthesis of nanocarbon architectures and their application in advanced symmetric supercapacitors
Wang DW, Wang YT, Xu W, Xu WH
301 - 310 Influence of thermal treatment temperature on high-performance varistors prepared by hot-dipping tin oxide thin films in Nb2O5 powder
Wang Q, Peng ZJ, Wang Y, Fu XL
311 - 320 Effects of fusion relevant transient energetic radiation, plasma and thermal load on PLANSEE double forged tungsten samples in a low-energy plasma focus device
Javadi S, Ouyang B, Zhang Z, Ghoranneviss M, Elahi AS, Rawat RS
321 - 328 Ni-doped TiO2 nanotubes photoanode for enhanced photoelectrochemical water splitting
Dong ZB, Ding DY, Li T, Ning CQ
329 - 335 Influence of Carbon interstitials to Ti1-xMexN (Me = Zr, Al, Cr) coatings by pulsed laser ablation on wear resistance
Jeon S, Hong E, Kwon SH, Lee H
336 - 344 Effect of valence state and particle size on NO oxidation in fresh and aged Pt-based diesel oxidation catalysts
Liang YL, Ding XM, Zhao M, Wang JL, Chen YQ
345 - 353 Electrochemically synthesis and optoelectronic properties of Pb- and Zn-doped nanostructured SnSe films
Jamali-Sheini F, Cheraghizade M, Yousefi R
354 - 360 Annealing induced effect on the physical properties of ion-beam sputtered 0.5 Ba(Zr0.2Ti0.8)O-3-0.5 (Ba0.7Ca0.3)TiO3-delta ferroelectric thin films
Oliveira MJS, Silva JPB, Veltruska K, Matolin V, Sekhar KC, Moreira JA, Pereira M, Gomes MJM
361 - 366 Effects of rapid thermal annealing on the contact of tungsten/p-diamond
Zhao D, Li FN, Liu ZC, Chen XD, Wang YF, Shao GQ, Zhu TF, Zhang MH, Zhang JW, Wang JJ, Wang W, Wang HX
367 - 373 Fabrication of hierarchical porous hollow carbon spheres with few-layer graphene framework and high electrochemical activity for supercapacitor
Chen J, Hong M, Chen JF, Hu TZ, Xu Q
374 - 381 Synthesis of cellulose diacetate based copolymer electrospun nanofibers for tissues scaffold
Liang WC, Hou J, Fang XC, Bai FD, Zhu TH, Gao FF, Wei C, Mo XM, Lang MD
382 - 388 Enhanced lithium storage performance of hierarchical CuO nanomaterials with surface fractal characteristics
Li A, He RY, Bian Z, Song HH, Chen XH, Zhou JS
389 - 400 Dissociation mechanisms of HFO-1336mzz(Z) on Cu(111), Cu(110) and Cu(100) surfaces: A density functional theory study
Huo EG, Liu C, Xu XX, Li QB, Dang CB
401 - 406 Synthesis of porous Co3O4/C nanoparticles as anode for Li-ion battery application
Yang Q, Feng CQ, Liu JW, Guo ZP
407 - 411 Electronic structure and fine structural features of the air-grown UNxOy on nitrogen-rich uranium nitride
Long Z, Zeng RG, Hu Y, Liu J, Wang WY, Zhao YW, Luo ZP, Bai B, Wang XF, Liu KZ
412 - 420 High performance aqueous symmetric supercapacitors based on advanced carbon electrodes and hydrophilic poly(vinylidene fluoride) porous separator
Xie QX, Huang XL, Zhang YF, Wu SH, Zhao P
421 - 428 Atomic layer deposition of sub-10 nm high-K gate dielectrics on top-gated MoS2 transistors without surface functionalization
Lin YS, Cheng PH, Huang KW, Lin HC, Chen MJ
429 - 440 An environment-friendly phosphate chemical conversion coating on novel Mg-9Li-7Al-1Sn and Mg-9Li-5Al-3Sn-1Zn alloys with remarkable corrosion protection
Maurya R, Siddiqui AR, Balani K
441 - 451 Hierarchical porous membrane via electrospinning PIM-1 for micropollutants removal
Pan Y, Zhang LJ, Li ZJ, Ma LJ, Zhang YF, Wang J, Meng JQ
452 - 457 Adsorption behavior of Zn porphyrins on a (101) face of anatase TiO2
Zajac L, Bodek L, Such B
458 - 466 Triclosan-immobilized polyamide thin film composite membranes with enhanced biofouling resistance
Park SH, Hwang SO, Kim TS, Cho A, Kwon SJ, Kim KT, Park HD, Lee JH
467 - 474 Investigations into the structure of PEO-layers for understanding of layer formation
Friedemann AER, Thiel K, Hasslinger U, Ritter M, Gesing TM, Plagemann P
475 - 483 Performance comparison of hybrid resistive switching devices based on solution-processable nanocomposites
Rajan K, Roppolo I, Bejtka K, Chiappone A, Bocchini S, Perrone D, Pirri CF, Ricciardi C, Chiolerio A
484 - 491 A novel synthesis of magnetic and photoluminescent graphene quantum dots/MFe2O4 (M = Ni, Co) nanocomposites for catalytic application
Naghshbandi Z, Arsalani N, Zakerhamidi MS, Geckeler KE
492 - 496 Templated-synthesis of hierarchical Ag-AgBr hollow cubes with enhanced visible-light-responsive photocatalytic activity
Kong CC, Ma B, Liu K, Pu FZ, Yang ZM, Yang S
497 - 505 Enhanced photocatalytic activity of BiOCl by C-70 modification and mechanism insight
Ma DM, Zhong JB, Li JZ, Wang L, Peng RF
506 - 514 Morphology, stoichiometry, and crystal structure control via post-annealing for Pt-ZnO nanograin Schottky barrier interfaces
Chan YC, Yu J, Ho D
515 - 524 DFT study on dry reforming of methane over Ni2Fe overlayer of Ni(111) surface
Xu LL, Wen H, Jin X, Bing QM, Liu JY
525 - 534 Ordered cubic nanoporous silica support MCM-48 for delivery of poorly soluble drug indomethacin
Zelenak V, Halamova D, Almasi M, Zid L, Zelenakova A, Kapusta O
535 - 543 Phosphate barrier on pore-filled cation-exchange membrane for blocking complexing ions in presence of non-complexing ions
Chavan V, Agarwal C, Shinde RN
544 - 547 Enhancement of optical transmittance and electrical resistivity of post-annealed ITO thin films RF sputtered on Si
Ali AH, Hassan Z, Shuhaimi A
548 - 557 Metal-organic framework superhydrophobic coating on Kevlar fabric with efficient drag reduction and wear resistance
Li DK, Guo ZG
558 - 566 TiO2 nanosheets decorated with B4C nanoparticles as photocatalysts for solar fuel production under visible light irradiation
Zhang XJ, Yang JP, Cai TC, Zuo GQ, Tang CQ
567 - 574 Interface chemistry and surface morphology evolution study for InAs/Al2O3 stacks upon in situ ultrahigh vacuum annealing
Wang XL, Qin XY, Wang W, Liu Y, Shi XR, Sun Y, Liu C, Zhao JL, Zhang GH, Liu H, Cho KJ, Wu R, Wang J, Zhang S, Wallace RM, Dong H
575 - 580 Effect of hydrogen coverage on hydrogenation of o-cresol on Pt(111)
Li YP, Liu ZM, Crossley SP, Jentoft FC, Wang SW
581 - 591 Electrochemical properties of TiO2-V2O5 nanocomposites as a high performance supercapacitors electrode material
Ray A, Roy A, Sadhukhan P, Chowdhury SR, Maji P, Bhattachrya SK, Das S
592 - 602 On the properties of organic heterostructures prepared with nano-patterned metallic electrode
Breazu C, Socol M, Preda N, Matei E, Rasoga O, Girtan M, Mallet R, Stanculescu F, Stanculescu A
603 - 612 Sandwich-like TiO2@ZnO-based noble metal (Ag, Au, Pt, or Pd) for better photo-oxidation performance: Synergistic effect between noble metal and metal oxide phases
Li SX, Cai JB, Wu XQ, Zheng FY
613 - 618 Parameter optimization for Ag-coated TiO2 nanotube arrays as recyclable SERS substrates
Sun YY, Yang LL, Liao F, Dang Q, Shao MW
619 - 627 Study of nitrogen ion doping of titanium dioxide films
Ramos R, Scoca D, Merlo RB, Marques FC, Alvarez F, Zagonel LF
628 - 634 Plasma functionalization of powdery nanomaterials using porous filter electrode and sample circulation
Lee DY, Choi JH, Shin JC, Jung MK, Song SK, Suh JK, Lee CY
635 - 643 Fracture toughness and sliding properties of magnetron sputtered CrBC and CrBCN coatings
Wang QZ, Zhou F, Ma Q, Callisti M, Polcar T, Yan JW
644 - 654 Density-functional theory molecular dynamics simulations of a-HfO2/a-SiO2/SiGe and a-HfO2/a-SiO2/Ge with a-SiO2 and a-SiO suboxide interfacial layers
Chagarov EA, Kavrik MS, Fang ZW, Tsai W, Kummel AC
655 - 655 Oxygen vacancy effect on photoluminescence of KNb3O8 nanosheets (vol 439, pg 983, 2018)
Li R, Liu LY, Ming BM, Ji YH, Wang RZ
656 - 656 Effect of thickness of Bi1.5Zn1.0Nb1.5O7 gate insulator on performance of ZnO based thin film transistors (Retraction Article) (Retraction of Vol 390, Pg 831, 2016)
Ye W, Deng JP, Wang XF, Cui LK
657 - 657 Low temperature method for synthesis of ZnS quantum dots and its luminescence characterization studies (Retraction Article) (Retraction of Vol 264, Pg 17, 2013)
Senthilkumar K, Kalaivani T, Kanagesan S, Balasubramanian V