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Applied Surface Science, Vol.442 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 11 In situ electrodeposition of CoP nanoparticles on carbon nanomaterial doped polyphenylene sulfide flexible electrode for electrochemical hydrogen evolution
Wang TX, Jiang YM, Zhou YX, Du YL, Wang CM
12 - 19 Preparation and flash sintering of MgTiO3 nanopowders obtained by the polyacrylamide gel method
Su XH, Bai G, Zhang J, Zhou J, Jia YJ
20 - 29 Highly efficient direct Z-scheme WO3/CdS-diethylenetriamine photocatalyst and its enhanced photocatalytic H-2 evolution under visible light irradiation
Hu TP, Li PF, Zhang JF, Liang CH, Dai K
30 - 37 Design of WO3-SnO2 core-shell nanofibers and their enhanced gas sensing performance based on different work function
Li F, Gao X, Wang R, Zhang T
38 - 44 Copper azide fabricated by nanoporous copper precursor with proper density
Yu QX, Li MY, Zeng QX, Wu XY, Zhang ZC
45 - 53 Enhanced removal of natural organic matters by calcined Mg/Al layered double hydroxide nanocrystalline particles: Adsorption, reusability and mechanism studies
Fang LP, Hou JW, Xu CH, Wang YR, Li J, Xiao F, Wang DS
54 - 64 Super-hydrophobic self-cleaning bead-like SiO2@PTFE nanofiber membranes for waterproof-breathable applications
Liang YY, Ju JG, Deng NP, Zhou XH, Yan J, Kang WM, Cheng BW
65 - 70 Controllable synthesis of SnO2@carbon hollow sphere based on bi-functional metallo-organic molecule for high-performance anode in Li-ion batteries
Zhang HY, Li LQ, Li ZP, Zhong WH, Liao HY, Li ZH
71 - 77 Synthesis and characterization of UV-absorbing fluorine-silicone acrylic resin polymer
Lei HB, He DL, Guo YN, Tang YN, Huang HQ
78 - 82 Effects of oxidation potential and retention time on electrochromic stability of poly (3-hexyl thiophene) films
Kim TH, Song SH, Kim HJ, Oh SH, Han SY, Kim G, Nah YC
83 - 91 Surface-complexation synthesis of silica-supported high-loading well-dispersed reducible nano-Co3O4 catalysts using Co-III ammine hydroxo complexes
Zhang WD, Pan F, Li JJ, Wang Z, Ding W, Qin Y, Wu F
92 - 100 The role of S(II) and Pb(II) in xanthate flotation of smithsonite: Surface properties and mechanism
Jia K, Feng QM, Zhang GF, Ji WY, Zhang WK, Yang BQ
101 - 105 Core/shell structured Zn/ZnO nanoparticles synthesized by gaseous laser ablation with enhanced photocatalysis efficiency
Song L, Wang YF, Ma J, Zhang QH, Shen ZJ
106 - 113 Sub-30 nm patterning of molecular resists based on crosslinking through tip based oxidation
Lorenzoni M, Wagner D, Neuber C, Schmidt HW, Perez-Murano F
114 - 123 Design and characterization of sulfide-modified nanoscale zerovalent iron for cadmium(II) removal from aqueous solutions
Lv D, Zhou XX, Zhou JS, Liu YL, Li YZ, Yang KL, Lou ZM, Baig SA, Wu DL, Xu XH
124 - 137 Surface decoration of short-cut polyimide fibers with multi-walled carbon nanotubes and their application for reinforcement of lightweight PC/ABS composites
Zhang L, Han EL, Wu YL, Wang XD, Wu DZ
138 - 147 ZnCo2O4-reduced graphene oxide composite with balanced capacitive performance in asymmetric supercapacitors
Gao ZY, Zhang LC, Chang JL, Wang Z, Wu DP, Xu F, Guo YM, Jiang K
148 - 155 Wettability of eutectic NaLiCO3 salt on magnesium oxide substrates at 778 K
Li C, Li Q, Cao H, Leng GH, Li YL, Wang L, Zheng LF, Ding YL
156 - 163 The promoting effect of CeO2@Ce-O-P multi-core@shell structure on SO2 tolerance for selective catalytic reduction of NO with NH3 at low temperature
Yao WY, Liu Y, Wu ZB
164 - 169 The influence of Si in Ni on the interface modification and the band alignment between Ni and alumina
Yoshitake M, Nemsak S, Skala T, Tsud N, Matolin V, Prince KC
170 - 177 Through-thickness thermal conductivity enhancement of graphite film/epoxy composite via short duration acidizing modification
Wang H, Wang SK, Lu WB, Li M, Gu YZ, Zhang YY, Zhang ZG
178 - 184 Hydrothermally grown alpha-MnO2 interlocked mesoporous micro-cubes of several nanocrystals as selective and sensitive nitrogen dioxide chemoresistive gas sensors
Shinde PV, Xia QX, Ghule BG, Shinde NM, Seonghee J, Kim KH, Mane RS
185 - 188 Effect of uniaxial stress on the electrochemical properties of graphene with point defects
Szroeder P, Sagalianov IY, Radchenko TM, Tatarenko VA, Prylutskyy YI, Strupinski W
189 - 194 High-throughput controllable generation of droplet arrays with low consumption
Lin YY, Wu ZS, Gao YB, Wu JB, Wen WJ
195 - 203 Solid strong base K-Pt/NaY zeolite nano-catalytic system for completed elimination of formaldehyde at room temperature
Song SQ, Wu X, Lu CH, Wen MC, Le ZG, Jiang SJ
204 - 212 Enhanced electrochemical performance of sandwich-structured polyaniline-wrapped silicon oxide/carbon nanotubes for lithium-ion batteries
Liu H, Zou YJ, Huang LY, Yin H, Xi CQ, Chen X, Shentu HW, Li C, Zhang JJ, Lv CJ, Fan MQ
213 - 223 Hydrophobic and optical characteristics of graphene and graphene oxide films transferred onto functionalized silica particles deposited glass surface
Yilbas BS, Ibrahim A, Ali H, Khaled M, Laoui T
224 - 231 Three-dimensional hollow graphene efficiently promotes electron transfer of Ag3PO4 for photocatalytically eliminating phenol
Song SQ, Meng AY, Jiang SJ, Cheng B
232 - 238 Electro-purification of carbon nanotube networks without damaging the assembly structure and crystallinity
Yang XQ, Yang M, Zhang HC, Zhao JN, Zhang XH, Li QW
239 - 244 Low temperature RF plasma nitriding of self-organized TiO2 nanotubes for effective bandgap reduction
Bonelli TS, Pereyra I
245 - 255 Photocatalyst based on TiO2 nanotube arrays co-decorated with CdS quantum dots and reduced graphene oxide irradiated by gamma rays for effective degradation of ethylene
Zhang Q, Ye SY, Song XL, Luo SC
256 - 263 Fe3O4@NiSx/rGO composites with amounts of heterointerfaces and enhanced electrocatalytic properties for oxygen evolution
Zhu GX, Xie XL, Liu YJ, Li XY, Xu KQ, Shen XP, Yao YJ, Shah SA
264 - 274 Corrosion protective performance of amino trimethylene phosphonic acid-metal complex layers fabricated on the cold-rolled steel substrate via one-step assembly
Yan R, He W, Zhai TH, Ma HY
275 - 287 Ni-P/Zn-Ni compositionally modulated multilayer coatings - Part 1: Electrodeposition and growth mechanism, composition, morphology, roughness and structure
Bahadormanesh B, Ghorbani M
288 - 297 Using sub-micron silver-nanoparticle based films to counter biofilm formation by Gram-negative bacteria
Gillett AR, Baxter SN, Hodgson SD, Smith GC, Thomas PJ
298 - 307 Differently ordered TiO2 nanoarrays regulated by solvent polarity, and their photocatalytic performances
Hu WY, Dong FQ, Zhang J, Liu MX, He HC, Wu YD, Yang DM, Deng HQ
308 - 312 10.3%-efficient submicron-thick Cu( In,Ga)Se-2 solar cells with absorber fabricated by sputtering In2Se3, CuGaSe2 and Cu2Se targets
Xiao P, Zhao M, Zhuang DM, Sun RJ, Zhang L, Wei YW, Wu YX, Ren GA
313 - 321 Ni-P/Zn-Ni compositionally modulated multilayer coatings - Part 2: Corrosion and protection mechanisms
Bahadormanesh B, Ghorbani M
322 - 331 Preparation of novel oxidized mesoporous carbon with excellent adsorption performance for removal of malachite green and lead ion
Zhang XL, Lin QL, Luo SY, Ruan KZ, Peng KP
332 - 341 Enzymatic and non-enzymatic electrochemical glucose sensor based on carbon nano-onions
Mohapatra J, Ananthoju B, Nair V, Mitra A, Bahadur D, Medhekar NV, Aslam M
342 - 351 High catalytic activity and stability of Ni/CexZr1-xO2/MSU-H for CH4/CO2 reforming reaction
Chang XQ, Liu BS, Xia H, Amin R
352 - 360 CoP/WS2 nanoflake heterostructures as efficient electrocatalysts for significant improvement in hydrogen evolution activity
Chen YJ, Kang CH, Wang RH, Ren ZY, Fu HY, Xiao YT, Tian GH
361 - 367 Effect of sacrificial agents on the dispersion of metal cocatalysts for photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Cao SW, Shen BJ, Huang Q, Chen Z
368 - 381 Exploration of sensing of nitrogen dioxide and ozone molecules using novel TiO2/Stanene heterostructures employing DFT calculations
Abbasi A, Sardroodi JJ
382 - 389 Manufacturing process, characterization and optical investigation of amorphous 1D zinc oxide nanostructures
Matysiak W, Tanski T, Zaborowska M
390 - 397 First-principles study on the structure and electronic property of gas molecules adsorption on Ge2Li2 monolayer
Hu YW, Long LB, Mao YL, Zhong JX
398 - 402 Photocurrent generation in SnO2 thin film by surface charged chemisorption O ions
Lee PM, Liao CH, Lin CH, Liu CY
403 - 411 Toughness augmentation by fibrillation and yielding in nanostructured blends with recycled polyurethane as a modifier
Reghunadhan A, Datta J, Kalarikkal N, Haponiuk JT, Thomas S
412 - 416 Depth elemental characterization of 1D self-aligned TiO2 nanotubes using calibrated radio frequency glow discharge optical emission spectroscopy (GDOES)
Mohajernia S, Mazare A, Hwang I, Gaiaschi S, Chapon P, Hildebrand H, Schmuki P
417 - 422 Fabrication of microlens array with controllable high NA and tailored optical characteristics using confined ink-jetting
Wang L, Luo Y, Liu ZZ, Feng XM, Lu BH
423 - 436 Effect of polishing process on corrosion behavior of 308L stainless steel in high temperature water
Ma C, Han EH, Peng QJ, Ke W
437 - 445 A novel crack healing in steels by gas nitrocarburizing
Li A, Chen X, Zhang CS, Cui GD, Zhao H, Yang C
446 - 460 Localized CO2 corrosion of carbon steel with different microstructures in brine solutions with an imidazoline-based inhibitor
Zhang HH, Pang XL, Gao KW
461 - 466 Fabrication of a superhydrophobic surface with fungus-cleaning properties on brazed aluminum for industrial application in heat exchangers
Lee JW, Hwang W
467 - 475 The orientation construction of S and N dual-doped discoid-like graphene with high-rate electrode property
Song XY, Ma XL, Ning GQ, Gao DW, Yu ZQ, Xiao ZH
476 - 486 Template-free fabrication of hollow N-doped carbon sphere (h-NCS) to synthesize h-NCS@PANI positive material for MoO3//h-NCS@PANI asymmetric supercapacitor
Li XQ, Xiang XX, Liu YH, Xiao D
487 - 500 Spectral artefacts post sputter-etching and how to cope with them - A case study of XPS on nitride-based coatings using monoatomic and cluster ion beams
Lewin E, Counsell J, Patscheider J
501 - 506 Morphological changes of porphine films on graphite by perchloric and phosphoric electrolytes An electrochemical-AFM study
Yivlialin R, Penconi M, Bussetti G, Biroli AO, Finazzi M, Duo L, Bossi A
507 - 516 Enhanced carbon monoxide sensing properties of TiO2 with exposed (001) facet: A combined first-principle and experimental study
Zhang YX, Zeng W, Ye H, Li YQ
517 - 524 Properties, ageing behavior and stability of bipolar films containing nano-layers of allylamine and acrylic acid plasma polymers
Aziz G, Asadian M, Declercq H, Morent R, De Geyter N
525 - 528 Formation of size controlled Ge nanocrystals in Er-doped ZnO matrix and their enhancement effect in 1.54 mu m photoluminescence
Fan RR, Lu F, Li KK, Liu KJ
529 - 536 Morphology and structure of Ti-doped diamond films prepared by microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition
Liu XJ, Lu PF, Wang HC, Ren Y, Tan X, Sun SY, Jia HL
537 - 546 Preparation and demonstration of poly(dopamine)-triggered attapulgite-anchored polyurethane as a high-performance rod-like elastomer to reinforce soy protein-isolated composites
Zhao SJ, Wen YY, Wang Z, Kang HJ, Li JZ, Zhang SF, Ji Y
547 - 555 Visible-light induced photocatalysis of AgCl@Ag/titanate nanotubes/nitrogen-doped reduced graphite oxide composites
Pan HF, Zhao XN, Fu ZM, Tu WM, Fang PF, Zhang HN
556 - 564 Layered sulfur/PEDOT:PSS nano composite electrodes for lithium sulfur cell applications
Anilkumar KM, Jinisha B, Manoj M, Pradeep VS, Jayalekshmi S
565 - 574 Synthesis and capacitance properties of N-doped porous carbon/NiO nanosheet composites using coal-based polyaniline as carbon and nitrogen source
Wang XQ, Li QQ, Zhang Y, Yang YF, Cao Z, Xiong SX
575 - 580 Three-dimensional sulphur/nitrogen co-doped reduced graphene oxide as high-performance supercapacitor binder-free electrodes
Huo JH, Zheng P, Wang XF, Guo SW
581 - 594 Analysis of polymer/oxide interfaces under ambient conditions - An experimental perspective
Gonzalez-Orive A, Giner I, de los Arcos T, Keller A, Grundmeier G
595 - 601 Surface nano-structure of polyamide 6 film by hydrothermal treatment
Wang XS, Wang ZL, Liang SM, Jin Y, Lotz B, Yang SG
602 - 612 Surface characterization and free thyroid hormones response of chemically modified poly(ethylene terephthalate) blood collection tubes
Dil EJ, Kim SC, Saffar A, Ajji A, Zare RN, Sattayapiwat A, Esguerra V, Bowen RAR
613 - 621 Enhanced performance of CO oxidation over Pt/CuCrOx catalyst in the presence of CO2 and H2O
Deng Y, Wang T, Zhu L, Jia AP, Lu JQ, Luo MF
622 - 629 Novel "203" type of heterostructured MoS2-Fe3O4-C ternary nanohybrid: Synthesis, and enhanced microwave absorption properties
Yang EQ, Qi XS, Xie R, Bai ZC, Jiang Y, Qin SJ, Zhong W, Du YW
630 - 639 The effect of two-step surface modification for Ti-Ta-Mo-Zr alloys on bone regeneration: An evaluation using calvarial defect on rat model
Nguyen PMH, Won DH, Kim BS, Jang YS, Nguyen TDT, Lee MH, Bae TS
640 - 649 Nitric acid-treated birnessite-type MnO2: An efficient and hydrophobic material for humid ozone decomposition
Liu Y, Yang WJ, Zhang PY, Zhang JY
650 - 657 Passivation effect of Cl, F and H atoms on CuIn0.75Ga0.25Se2 (112) surface
Qi RF, Wang ZH, Tang FL, Agbonkina IC, Xue HT, Si FJ, Ma SL, Wang XK
658 - 663 Effect of the seed layer on the Y0.5Gd0.5Ba2Cu3O7-sigma film fabricated by PLD
Yao YJ, Wang W, Liu LF, Lu SD, Wu X, Zheng T, Liu SF, Li YJ
664 - 672 Modelling of the Sb and N distribution in type II GaAsSb/GaAsN superlattices for solar cell applications
Reyes DF, Braza V, Gonzalo A, Utrilla AD, Ulloa JM, Ben T, Gonzalez D
673 - 681 High reactive sulphide chemically supported on silica surface to prepare functional nanoparticle
Chen LJ, Guo XH, Jia ZX, Tang YH, Wu LH, Luo YF, Jia DM
682 - 692 Morphological transformations of BNCO nanomaterials: Role of intermediates
Wang BB, Qu XL, Zhu MK, Levchenko I, Baranov O, Zhong XX, Xu S, Ostrikov K
693 - 699 Metal-free, flexible triboelectric generator based on MWCNT mesh film and PDMS layers
Hwang H, Lee KY, Shin D, Shin J, Kim S, Choi W
700 - 710 Modification and properties characterization of heterogeneous anion-exchange membranes by electrodeposition of graphene oxide (GO)
Li YJ, Shi SY, Cao HB, Zhao ZJ, Wen H
711 - 719 Controllable synthesis of CuS hollow microflowers hierarchical structures for asymmetric supercapacitors
Liu YX, Zhou ZX, Zhang SP, Luo WH, Zhang GF
720 - 725 Multilayer graphene growth on polar dielectric substrates using chemical vapour deposition
Karamat S, Celik K, Zaman SS, Oral A
726 - 735 Microstructural characterization of Ni-based self-fluxing alloy after selective surface-engineering using diode laser
Chun EJ, Park C, Nishikawa H, Kim MS
736 - 741 Promising SiC support for Pd catalyst in selective hydrogenation of acetylene to ethylene
Guo ZL, Liu YF, Liu Y, Chu W
742 - 749 Substrate-dependent structural and CO sensing properties of LaCoO3 epitaxial films
Liu HF, Sun HJ, Xie RS, Zhang XQ, Zheng K, Peng TJ, Wu XY, Zhang YP
750 - 758 Electrochemical performance of C4O6H4KNa aqueous electrolytes
Zhang JQ, Song SY, Chen YZ, Huang SY, Li P, Luo HM
759 - 766 SPR sensors for monitoring the degradation processes of Eu(dbm)(3)(phen) and Alq(3) thin films under atmospheric and UVA exposure
Del Rosso T, Zaman Q, Cremona M, Pandoli O, Barreto ARJ
767 - 772 Construct 3D porous hollow Co3O4 micro-sphere: A potential oxidizer of nano-energetic materials with superior reactivity
Wang J, Zheng B, Qiao ZQ, Chen J, Zhang LY, Zhang L, Li ZQ, Zhang XQ, Yang GC
773 - 777 Microstructure of 800 keV Ar ion irradiated thin ZrC films
Vasile BS, Craciun D, Ionescu P, Pantelica D, Dorcioman G, Craciun V
778 - 786 NH3 molecule adsorption on spinel-type ZnFe2O4 surface: A DFT and experimental comparison study
Zou CY, Ji WC, Shen ZM, Tang QL, Fan MH
787 - 796 Pd-NiO decorated multiwalled carbon nanotubes supported on reduced graphene oxide as an efficient electrocatalyst for ethanol oxidation in alkaline medium
Rajesh D, Neel PI, Pandurangan A, Mahendiran C
797 - 797 High density gold nanoparticles immobilized on surface via plasma deposited APTES film for decomposing organic compounds in microchannels (vol 439, pg 272, 2018)
Rao X, Guyon C, Ognier S, Da Silva B, Chu CL, Tatoulian M, Abou Hassan A