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Applied Surface Science, Vol.441 Entire volume, number list
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1 - 11 Quantum dot sensitized solar cells fabricated by means of a novel inorganic spinel nanoparticle
Jalali-Moghadam E, Shariatinia Z
12 - 22 Self-assembled hierarchical direct Z-scheme g-C3N4/ZnO microspheres with enhanced photocatalytic CO2 reduction performance
Nie N, Zhang LY, Fu JW, Cheng B, Yu JG
23 - 28 DFT study on bimetallic Pt/Cu(111) as efficient catalyst for H-2 dissociation
Liu J, Fan XF, Sun CQ, Zhu WG
29 - 39 Solvothermal fabrication of TiO2/sepiolite composite gel with exposed {001) and {101) facets and its enhanced photocatalytic activity
Liu RR, Ji ZJ, Wang J, Zhang JJ
40 - 48 Fabrication of p-n heterostructure ZnO/Si moth-eye structures: Antireflection, enhanced charge separation and photocatalytic properties
Zeng Y, Chen XF, Yi Z, Yi YG, Xu XB
49 - 54 Low-temperature growth and electronic structures of ambipolar Yb-doped zinc tin oxide transparent thin films
Oh SH, Ferblantier G, Park YS, Schmerber G, Dinia A, Slaoui A, Jo W
55 - 60 Surface amplification of pencil graphite electrode with polypyrrole and reduced graphene oxide for fabrication of a guanine/adenine DNA based electrochemical biosensors for determination of didanosine anticancer drug
Karimi-Maleh H, Bananezhad A, Ganjali MR, Norouzi P, Sadrnia A
61 - 68 Z-schematic water splitting by the synergistic effect of a type-II heterostructure and a highly efficient oxygen evolution catalyst
Li XY, Hu HH, Xu LB, Cui C, Qian DG, Li S, Zhu WZ, Wang P, Lin P, Pan JQ, Li CR
69 - 76 Coupling Mo2C@C core-shell nanocrystals on 3D graphene hybrid aerogel for high-performance lithium ion battery
Xin HL, Hai Y, Li DZ, Qin ZZ, Lin YM, Yang B, Fan HS, Zhu CZ
77 - 84 Structural complexity and wide application of two-dimensional S/O type antimonene
Li TT, He C, Zhang WX
85 - 98 Protonated graphitic carbon nitride coated metal-organic frameworks with enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activity for contaminants degradation
Huang J, Zhang XB, Song HY, Chen CX, Han FQ, Wen CC
99 - 104 Plasmonic direct writing lithography with a macroscopical contact probe
Huang YR, Liu L, Wang CT, Chen WD, Liu YY, Li L
105 - 112 Sunlight-charged electrochromic battery based on hybrid film of tungsten oxide and polyaniline
Chang XT, Hu RR, Sun SB, Liu JR, Lei YH, Liu T, Dong LH, Yin YS
113 - 119 U-Zr alloy: XPS and TEM study of surface passivation
Paukov M, Tkach I, Huber F, Gouder T, Cieslar M, Drozdenko D, Minarik P, Havela L
120 - 129 Nanocomposite of polystyrene foil grafted with metallaboranes for antimicrobial activity
Benkocka M, Kolarova K, Matousek J, Semeradtova A, Sicha V, Kolska Z
130 - 137 A directional entrapment modification on the polyethylene surface by the amphiphilic modifier of stearyl-alcohol poly(ethylene oxide) ether
Lu Q, Chen Y, Huang JX, Huang J, Wang XL, Yao JY
138 - 149 Chitosan-58S bioactive glass nanocomposite coatings on TiO2 nanotube: Structural and biological properties
Mokhtari H, Ghasemi Z, Kharaziha M, Karimzadeh F, Alihosseini F
150 - 155 Bulk oxygen vacancies enriched TiO2 and its enhanced visible photocatalytic performance
Xu LM, Ma XJ, Sun N, Chen F
156 - 164 Annealing temperature dependent reversible wettability switching of micro/nano structured ZnO superhydrophobic surfaces
Velayi E, Norouzbeigi R
165 - 173 Core-shell structured ceramic nonwoven separators by atomic layer deposition for safe lithium-ion batteries
Shen X, Li C, Shi C, Yang CC, Deng L, Zhang W, Peng LQ, Dai JH, Wu DZ, Zhang P, Zhao JB
174 - 186 First stages of oxide growth on Al(110) and core-level shifts from density functional theory calculations
Lousada CM, Korzhavyi PA
187 - 193 Electrostatic powder coatings of pristine graphene: A new approach for coating of granular and fibril substrates
Nine MJ, Kabiri S, Tung TT, Tran DNH, Losic D
194 - 203 Hierarchical Co3O4/PANI hollow nanocages: Synthesis and application for electrode materials of supercapacitors
Ren XH, Fan HQ, Ma JW, Wang C, Zhang MC, Zhao N
204 - 209 Temperature and hydrostatic pressure effects on single dopant states in hollow cylindrical core-shell quantum dot
El-Yadri M, Aghoutane N, El Aouami A, Feddi E, Dujardin F, Duque CA
210 - 217 Layered surface structure of gas-atomized high Nb-containing TiAl powder and its impact on laser energy absorption for selective laser melting
Zhou YH, Lin SF, Hou YH, Wang DW, Zhou P, Han PL, Li YL, Yan M
218 - 222 Suppression of self-organized surface nanopatterning on GaSb/InAs multilayers induced by low energy oxygen ion bombardment by using simultaneously sample rotation and oxygen flooding
Beainy G, Cerba T, Bassani F, Martin M, Baron T, Barnes JP
223 - 231 Development of SiO2@TiO2 core-shell nanospheres for catalytic applications
Kitsou I, Panagopoulos P, Maggos T, Arkas M, Tsetsekou A
232 - 238 Synergetic interface between NiO/Ni3S2 nanosheets and carbon nanofiber as binder-free anode for highly reversible lithium storage
Jiang JL, Ma C, Yang YB, Ding JJ, Ji HM, Shi SJ, Yang G
239 - 250 One-dimensional magnetic nanocomposites with attapulgites as templates: Growth, formation mechanism and magnetic alignment
Fu M, Li XM, Jiang R, Zhang ZP
251 - 257 Pseudocapacitive performance of electrodeposited porous Co3O4 film on electrophoretically modified graphite electrodes with carbon nanotubes
Kazazi M, Sedighi AR, Mokhtari MA
258 - 264 Sol-gel-processed yttrium-doped NiO as hole transport layer in inverted perovskite solar cells for enhanced performance
Hu ZJ, Chen D, Yang P, Yang LJ, Qin LS, Huang YX, Zhao XC
265 - 271 Modulation of solid electrolyte interphase of lithium-ion batteries by LiDFOB and LiBOB electrolyte additives
Huang SQ, Wang SW, Hu GH, Cheong LZ, Shen C
272 - 276 Enhancement of porous silicon photoluminescence property by lithium chloride treatment
Azaiez K, Zaghouani RB, Khamlich S, Meddeb H, Dimassi W
277 - 284 P-type sub-tungsten-oxide based urchin-like nanostructure for superior room temperature alcohol sensor
Yao Y, Yin ML, Yan JQ, Liu SZ
285 - 294 Constructing three-dimensional porous graphene-carbon quantum dots/g-C3N4 nanosheet aerogel metal-free photocatalyst with enhanced photocatalytic activity
He HJ, Huang LH, Zhong ZJ, Tan SZ
295 - 302 Inkjet-printed p-type nickel oxide thin-film transistor
Hu HL, Zhu JG, Chen MS, Guo TL, Li FS
303 - 316 Cobalt doped CuMnOx catalysts for the preferential oxidation of carbon monoxide
Dey S, Dhal GC, Mohan D, Prasad R, Gupta RN
317 - 323 UV-light -assisted ethanol sensing characteristics of g-C3N4/ZnO composites at room temperature
Zhai JL, Wang T, Wang C, Liu DC
324 - 330 The role of surface oxides on hydrogen sorption kinetics in titanium thin films
Hadjixenophontos E, Michalek L, Roussel M, Hirscher M, Schmitz G
331 - 340 Study of sputtered ZnO modified by Direct Laser Interference Patterning: Structural characterization and temperature simulation
Parellada-Monreal L, Castro-Hurtado I, Martinez-Calderon M, Rodriguez A, Olaizola SM, Gamarra D, Lozano J, Mandayo GG
341 - 346 Rabi like angular splitting in Surface Plasmon Polariton - Exciton interaction in ATR configuration
Hassan H, Abdallah T, Negm S, Talaat H
347 - 355 Biocompatible Au@Carbynoid/Pluronic-F127 nanocomposites synthesized by pulsed laser ablation assisted CO2 recycling
Del Rosso T, Louro SRW, Deepak FL, Romani EC, Zaman Q, Tahir, Pandoli O, Cremona M, Freire FL, De Beule PAA, De St Pierre T, Aucelio RQ, Mariotto G, Gemini-Piperni S, Ribeiro AR, Landi SM, Magalhaes A
356 - 363 How to boost the sluggish lithium-ion hopping dynamic in borophene?
Liu J, Chen XF, Deng XY, Zhang WT, Li JF, Xiao BB, Pu M
364 - 371 Conductive scanning probe microscopy of the semicontinuous gold film and its SERS enhancement toward two-step photo-induced charge transfer and effect of the supportive layer
Sinthiptharakoon K, Sapcharoenkun C, Nuntawong N, Duong B, Wutikhun T, Treetong A, Meemuk B, Kasamechonchung P, Klamchuen A
372 - 380 Femtosecond laser irradiation on Nd:YAG crystal: Surface ablation and high-spatial-frequency nanograting
Ren YY, Zhang LM, Romero C, de Aldana JRV, Chen F
381 - 387 Enhanced mechanical properties of self-polymerized polydopamine-coated recycled PLA filament used in 3D printing
Zhao XG, Hwang KJ, Lee D, Kim T, Kim N
388 - 393 A facile fluorescent sensor based on silicon nanowires for dithionite
Cao XX, Mu LX, Chen M, She GW
394 - 400 Stability and charge separation of different CH3NH3SnI3/TiO2 interface: A first-principles study
Yang ZZ, Wang YX, Liu YY
401 - 407 GaAs monolayer: Excellent SHG responses and semi metallic to metallic transition modulated by vacancy effect
Rozahun I, Bahti T, He GJ, Ghupur Y, Ablat A, Mamat M
408 - 414 A strain-controlled C2N monolayer membrane for gas separation in PEMFC application
Deng SW, Hu H, Zhuang GL, Zhong X, Wang JG
415 - 419 Magnetic and plasmonic properties in noncompensated Fe-Sn codoped In2O3 nanodot arrays
Wang YN, Jiang FX, Yan LJ, Xu XH
420 - 428 Construction of AgBr nano-cakes decorated Ti3+ self-doped TiO2 nanorods/nanosheets photoelectrode and its enhanced visible light driven photocatalytic and photoelectrochemical properties
Deng XY, Zhang HX, Guo RN, Cheng XW, Cheng QF
429 - 437 Ultrathin Bi2WO6 nanosheet decorated with Pt nanoparticles for efficient formaldehyde removal at room temperature
Sun D, Le Y, Jiang CJ, Cheng B
438 - 447 Dicationic ionic liquid mediated fabrication of Au@Pt nanoparticles supported on reduced graphene oxide with highly catalytic activity for oxygen reduction and hydrogen evolution
Shi YC, Chen SS, Feng JJ, Lin XX, Wang WP, Wang AJ
448 - 457 Plasma surface tantalum alloying on titanium and its corrosion behavior in sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid
Wei DB, Chen XH, Zhang PZ, Ding F, Li FK, Yao ZJ
458 - 465 Au@TiO2 yolk-shell nanostructures for enhanced performance in both photoelectric and photocatalytic solar conversion
He QR, Sun H, Shang YX, Tang YN, She P, Zeng S, Xu KL, Lu GL, Liang S, Yin SY, Liu ZN
466 - 473 VO2 nanoparticles on edge oriented graphene foam for high rate lithium ion batteries and supercapacitors
Ren GF, Zhang RB, Fan ZY
474 - 481 The influence of desilication on high-silica MFI and its catalytic performance for N2O decomposition
Shen Q, Wu MF, Wang H, Sun NN, He C, Wei W
482 - 490 Effect of zirconia morphology on sulfur-resistant methanation performance of MoO3/ZrO2 catalyst
Liu C, Wang WH, Xu Y, Li ZH, Wang BW, Ma XB
491 - 499 How does substrate roughness affect the service life of a superhydrophobic coating?
Zhang X, Mo JL, Si YF, Guo ZG
500 - 507 Facile way in fabricating a cotton fabric membrane for switchable oil/water separation and water purification
Li YB, Feng ZL, He Y, Fan Y, Ma J, Yin XY
508 - 514 Adhesion characteristics of VO2 ink film sintered by intense pulsed light for smart window
Youn JW, Lee SJ, Kim KS, Kim DU
515 - 529 The effects of ultrasonic nanocrystal surface modification temperature on the mechanical properties and fretting wear resistance of Inconel 690 alloy
Amanov A, Umarov R
530 - 537 Bio-active synthesis of tin oxide nanoparticles using eggshell membrane for energy storage application
Selvakumari JC, Nishanthi ST, Dhanalakshmi J, Ahila M, Padiyan DP
538 - 545 Interfacial enhancement of carbon fiber/nylon 12 composites by grafting nylon 6 to the surface of carbon fiber
Chen H, Cai QY, Wu J, Xia XH, Liu HB, Luo ZJ
546 - 553 Effect of location and ionic interaction on photocatalytic activity of silver nanoparticles stabilized with polyDOPA
Cheon JY, Park WH
554 - 563 Fabrication of superhydrophobic cotton fabrics using crosslinking polymerization method
Jiang B, Chen ZX, Sun YL, Yang HW, Zhang HJ, Dou HZ, Zhang LH
564 - 574 Impact of plasma treatment under atmospheric pressure on surface chemistry and surface morphology of extruded and injection-molded wood-polymer composites (WPC)
Hunnekens B, Avramidis G, Ohms G, Krause A, Viol W, Militz H
575 - 587 Enhancement of visible-light photoactivity by polypropylene coated plasmonic Au/TiO2 for dye degradation in water solution
D'Amato CA, Giovannetti R, Zannotti M, Rommozzi E, Ferraro S, Seghetti C, Minicucci M, Gunnella R, Di Cicco A
588 - 598 Sensing properties of pristine boron nitride nanostructures towards alkaloids: A first principles dispersion corrected study
Roondhe B, Dabhi SD, Jha PK
599 - 606 Fabrication of ZnAl mixed metal-oxides/RGO nanohybrid composites with enhanced photocatalytic activity under visible light
Ni J, Xue JJ, Shen J, He GY, Chen HQ
607 - 612 Hydrogen storage in N- and B-doped graphene decorated by small platinum clusters: A computational study
Chen IN, Wu SY, Chen HT
613 - 620 Fabrication of Ag nanostructures with remarkable narrow plasmonic resonances by glancing angle deposition
Abbasian S, Moshaii A, Vayghan NS, Nikkhah M
621 - 630 Post-activation of in situ B-F codoped g-C3N4 for enhanced photocatalytic H-2 evolution
Cui YJ, Wang H, Yang CF, Li M, Zhao YM, Chen FY
631 - 638 Mechanistic insights into porous graphene membranes for helium separation and hydrogen purification
Wei SX, Zhou SN, Wu ZH, Wang MH, Wang ZJ, Guo WY, Lu XQ
639 - 646 Layer-controllable graphene by plasma thinning and post-annealing
Zhang LF, Feng SP, Xiao SQ, Shen G, Zhang XM, Nan HY, Gu XF, Ostrikov K
647 - 653 First-principles studies on 3d transition metal atom adsorbed twin graphene
Li LL, Zhang H, Cheng XL, Miyamoto Y
654 - 662 Preparation of lysine-decorated polymer-brush-grafted magnetic nanocomposite for the efficient and selective adsorption of organic dye
Jing SY, Wang X, Tan YB
663 - 669 Oxygen reduction reaction (orr) on bimetallic AuPt and AuPd(100)-electrodes: Effects of the heteroatomic junction on the reaction paths
Schulte E, Belletti G, Arce M, Quaino P
670 - 677 Tribological behavior of polytetrafluoroethylene coating reinforced with black phosphorus nanoparticles
Peng SG, Guo Y, Xie GX, Luo JB
678 - 687 Hierarchical assembly of AgCl@Sn-TiO2 microspheres with enhanced visible light photocatalytic performance
Ganeshraja AS, Zhu KX, Nomura K, Wang JH
688 - 693 Effects of the state of Co species in Co/Al2O3 catalysts on the catalytic performance of propane dehydrogenation
Li XY, Wang PZ, Wang HR, Li CY
694 - 707 Bimetallic-organic framework derived porous Co3O4/Fe3O4/C-loaded g-C3N4 nanocomposites as non-enzymic electrocatalysis oxidization toward ascorbic acid, dopamine acid, and uric acid
Hu B, Liu YK, Wang ZW, Song YP, Wang MH, Zhang ZH, Liu CS
708 - 717 Influence of surface morphology on adsorption of potassium stearate molecules on diamond-like carbon substrate: A molecular dynamics study
Guo SS, Cao YZ, Sun T, Zhang JJ, Gu L, Zhang CW, Xu ZQ
718 - 723 Evaluation of atomic layer deposited alumina as a protective layer for domestic silver articles: Anti-corrosion test in artificial sweat
Park SW, Han GD, Choi HJ, Prinz FB, Shim JH
724 - 733 Effect of surface properties of NiFe2O4 nanoparticles synthesized by dc thermal plasma route on antimicrobial activity
Bhosale SV, Ekambe PS, Bhoraskar SV, Mathe VL
734 - 743 Alcohol molecules adsorption on graphane nanosheets - A first-principles investigation
Nagarajan V, Chandiramouli R
744 - 753 Ultra-high sensitive substrates for surface enhanced Raman scattering, made of 3 nm gold nanoparticles embedded on SiO2 nanospheres
Phatangare AB, Dhole SD, Dahiwale SS, Bhoraskar VN
754 - 763 Change of Cu+ species and synergistic effect of copper and cerium during reduction-oxidation treatment for preferential CO oxidation
Zhang H, Zhao XZ, Wang S, Zeng SH, Su HQ
764 - 772 Effects of V2O3 buffer layers on sputtered VO2 smart windows: Improved thermochromic properties, tunable width of hysteresis loops and enhanced durability
Long SW, Cao X, Sun GY, Li N, Chang TC, Shao ZW, Jin P
773 - 779 Novel pathways for elimination of chlorine atoms from growing Si(100) surfaces in CVD reactors
Kunioshi N, Hagino S, Fuwa A, Yamaguchi K
780 - 790 Core@shell@shell structured carbon-based magnetic ternary nanohybrids: Synthesis and their enhanced microwave absorption properties
Yang EQ, Qi XS, Xie R, Bai ZC, Jiang Y, Qin SJ, Zhong W, Du YW
791 - 797 Profile of capillary bridges between two vertically stacked cylindrical fibers under gravitational effect
Sun XH, Lee HJ, Michielsen S, Wilusz E
798 - 806 Enhanced interfacial interaction and antioxidative behavior of novel halloysite nanotubes/silica hybrid supported antioxidant in styrene-butadiene rubber
Lin J, Luo YF, Zhong BC, Hu DC, Jia ZX, Jia DM
807 - 815 Nitrogen and sulfur dual-doped chitin-derived carbon/graphene composites as effective metal-free electrocatalysts for dye sensitized solar cells
Di Y, Xiao ZH, Yan XS, Ru GY, Chen B, Feng JW
816 - 823 Effect of the nanostructure and the surface composition of bimetallic Ni-Ru nanoparticles on the performance of CO methanation
Wang J, Yuan CK, Yao N, Li XN
824 - 831 High dielectric constant and energy density induced by the tunable TiO2 interfacial buffer layer in PVDF nanocomposite contained with core-shell structured TiO2@BaTiO3 nanoparticles
Hu PH, Jia ZY, Shen ZH, Wang P, Liu XR
832 - 840 Facile synthesis of bismuth oxyhalide nanosheet films with distinct conduction type and photo-induced charge carrier behavior
Jia HM, He WW, Zhang BB, Yao L, Yang XK, Zheng Z
841 - 852 Reversible switching of wetting properties and erasable patterning of polymer surfaces using plasma oxidation and thermal treatment
Rashid Z, Atay I, Soydan S, Yagci MB, Jonas A, Yilgor E, Kiraz A, Yilgor I
853 - 861 Quick and enhanced degradation of bisphenol A by activation of potassium peroxymonosulfate to SO4 center dot- with Mn-doped BiFeO3 nanoparticles as a heterogeneous Fenton-like catalyst
Soltani T, Tayyebi A, Lee BK
862 - 870 In-situ formation of Ni4Ti3 precipitate and its effect on pseudoelasticity in selective laser melting additive manufactured NiTi-based composites
Gu DD, Ma CL
871 - 883 New bio-active, antimicrobial and adherent coatings of nanostructured carbon double-reinforced with silver and silicon by Matrix-Assisted Pulsed Laser Evaporation for medical applications
Duta L, Ristoscu C, Stan GE, Husanu MA, Besleaga C, Chifiriuc MC, Lazar V, Bleotu C, Miculescu F, Mihailescu N, Axente E, Badiceanu M, Bociaga D, Mihailescu IN
884 - 894 A comparative study of tribological characteristics of hydrogenated DLC film sliding against ceramic mating materials for helium applications
Wu DH, Ren SM, Pu JB, Lu ZB, Zhang GA, Wang LP
895 - 913 The effect of functionalized polycarboxylate structures as corrosion inhibitors in a simulated concrete pore solution
Fazayel AS, Khorasani M, Sarabi AA
914 - 922 Carbon felt interlayer derived from rice paper and its synergistic encapsulation of polysulfides for lithium-sulfur batteries
Yang K, Zhong L, Guan RT, Xiao M, Han DM, Wang SJ, Meng YZ
923 - 935 Highly-efficient forward osmosis membrane tailored by magnetically responsive graphene oxide/Fe3O4 nanohybrid
Rastgar M, Shakeri A, Bozorg A, Salehi H, Saadattalab V
936 - 944 Enhanced photocatalytic performance of ZnO nanostructures by electrochemical hybridization with graphene oxide
Pruna A, Wu Z, Zapien JA, Li YY, Ruotolo A
945 - 954 Preparation and dielectric properties of novel composites based on oxidized styrene-butadienestyrene copolymer and polyaniline modified exfoliated graphite nanoplates
Lv QC, Li Y, Zhong ZK, Wu HJ, He FA, Lam KH
955 - 964 In situ synthesis and catalytic application of reduced graphene oxide supported cobalt nanowires
Xu ZQ, Long Q, Deng Y, Liao L
965 - 977 Melt impregnation as a post processing treatment for performance enhancement in high capacity 3D microporous tin-copper-nickel intermetallic anode for Li-ion battery supported by electrodeposited nickel scaffold: A structural study
Sengupta S, Patra A, Mitra A, Jena S, Das K, Majumder SB, Das S
978 - 983 Stability of boron-doped graphene/copper interface: DFT, XPS and OSEE studies
Boukhvalov DW, Zhidkov IS, Kukharenko AI, Slesarev AI, Zatsepin AF, Cholakh SO, Kurmaev EZ
984 - 992 Fabricating and strengthening the carbon nanotube/copper composite fibers with high strength and high electrical conductivity
Han BS, Guo EY, Xue X, Zhao ZY, Li TJ, Xu YJ, Luo LS, Hou HL
993 - 1011 Mono- and bimetallic nanoparticles decorated KTaO3 photocatalysts with improved Vis and UV-Vis light activity
Krukowska A, Trykowski G, Winiarski MJ, Klimczuk T, Lisowski W, Mikolajczyk A, Pinto HP, Zaleska-Medynska A
1012 - 1023 Effects of calcining temperature on formation of hierarchical TiO2/g-C3N4 hybrids as an effective Z-scheme heterojunction photocatalyst
Lu LY, Wang GH, Zou M, Wang J, Li J
1024 - 1033 3D structured Mo-doped Ni3S2 nanosheets as efficient dual-electrocatalyst for overall water splitting
Wu CR, Liu BT, Wang J, Su YY, Yan HQ, Ng CT, Li C, Wei JM
1034 - 1042 Characterization and evaluation of femtosecond laser-induced sub-micron periodic structures generated on titanium to improve osseointegration of implants
Lee BEJ, Exir H, Weck A, Grandfield K
1043 - 1047 Effects of vacuum and ageing on Zr4/Cr3 based conversion coatings on aluminium alloys
Thirupathi K, Barczy P, Vad K, Csik A, Somosvari BM
1048 - 1056 Quantitative analysis of Ni2+/Ni3+ in Li[NixMnyCoz]O-2 cathode materials: Non-linear least-squares fitting of XPS spectra
Fu ZW, Hu JT, Hu WL, Yang SY, Luo YF
1057 - 1071 Lanthanum doped titania decorated with silver plasmonic nanoparticles with enhanced photocatalytic activity under UV-visible light
Dal'Toe ATO, Colpani GL, Padoin N, Fiori MA, Soares C
1072 - 1078 In-situ growth of AuNPs on WS2@U-bent optical fiber for evanescent wave absorption sensor
Zhang SZ, Zhao YF, Zhang C, Jiang SZ, Yang C, Xiu XW, Li CH, Li Z, Zhao XF, Man BY
1079 - 1085 Theoretical prediction of high carrier mobility in single-walled black phosphorus nanotubes
Li QF, Wang HF, Yang CH, Li QQ, Rao WF
1086 - 1086 Sn-doped ZnO nanopetal networks for efficient photocatalytic degradation of dye and gas sensing applications (vol 407, pg 495, 2017)
Bhatia S, Verma N, Bedi RK
1087 - 1087 Interfacial symmetry of Co-Alq(3)-Co hybrid structures for effective spin filtering (vol 354, pg 90, 2015)
Lam TN, Lai YL, Chen CH, Chen PH, Wei DH, Lin HJ, Chen CT, Sheu JT, Hsu YJ
1088 - 1088 Comparative analysis of physico-chemical and gas sensing characteristics of two different forms of SnO2 films (Retraction of Vol 401, Pg 27, 2014)
Kwoka M, Ottaviano L, Szuber J
1089 - 1089 Preparation of CN-dots/F-NiO nanocomposite for enhanced photocatalytic degradation of selected organic pollutants (Retraction Article) (Retraction of pg 13, 2015)
ReddyPrasad P, Ofomaja AE, Naidoo EB