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Applied Surface Science, Vol.440 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Growth (AlCrNbSiTiV)N thin films on the interrupted turning and properties using DCMS and HIPIMS system
Chang KS, Chen KT, Hsu CY, Hong PD
8 - 15 Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)/reduced graphene oxide composites as counter electrodes for high efficiency dye-sensitized solar cells
Ma JF, Yuan SH, Yang SL, Lu H, Li YT
16 - 19 Inter-molecule interaction for magnetic property of vanadyl tetrakis (thiadiazole) porphyrazine film on Au(111)
Hou J, Wang Y, Eguchi K, Nanjo C, Takaoka T, Sainoo Y, Awaga K, Komeda T
20 - 28 Nanocrystalline CeO2-delta coated beta-MnO2 nanorods with enhanced oxygen transfer property
Huang XB, Zhao GX, Chang YQ, Wang G, Irvine JTS
29 - 34 Effect of surface Fe-S hybrid structure on the activity of the perfect and reduced alpha-Fe2O3(001) for chemical looping combustion
Xiao XB, Qin W, Wang JY, Li JH, Dong CQ
35 - 41 Probing interfacial electronic properties of graphene/CH3NH3PbI3 heterojunctions: A theoretical study
Hu JS, Ji GP, Ma XG, He H, Huang CY
42 - 46 Tunable Schottky barrier and electronic properties in borophene/g-C2N van der Waals heterostructures
Jiang JW, Wang XC, Song Y, Mi WB
47 - 54 Broccoli-like porous carbon nitride from ZIF-8 and melamine for high performance supercapacitors
Cai CL, Zou YJ, Xiang CL, Chu HL, Qiu SJ, Sui QL, Xu F, Sun LX, Shah A
55 - 60 Direct dry transfer of CVD graphene to an optical substrate by in situ photo-polymerization
Kessler F, Munoz PAR, Phelan C, Romani EC, Larrude DRG, Freire FL, de Souza EAT, de Matos CJS, Fechine GJM
61 - 72 Influence of Cu substitution on the structural ordering, photocatalytic activity and photoluminescence emission of Ag3-2xCuxPO4 powders
Pereira WD, Sczancoski JC, Calderon YNC, Mastelaro VR, Botelho G, Machado TR, Leite ER, Longo E
73 - 83 Molecular dynamics study of lubricant depletion by pulsed laser heating
Seo YW, Rosenkranz A, Talke FE
84 - 90 A numerical insight into elastomer normally closed micro valve actuation with cohesive interfacial cracking modelling
Wang DY, Ba DC, Hao M, Duan QH, Liu K, Mei Q
91 - 98 1D Cu(OH)(2) nanorod/2D SnO2 nanosheets core/shell structured array: Covering with graphene layer leads to excellent performances on lithium-ion battery
Xia HC, Zhang JN, Chen ZM, Xu Q
99 - 106 Enhanced photocatalytic performances and magnetic recovery capacity of visible-light-driven Z-scheme ZnFe2O4/AgBr/Ag photocatalyst
He J, Cheng YH, Wang TZ, Feng DQ, Zheng LC, Shao DW, Wang WC, Wang WH, Lu F, Dong H, Zheng RK, Liu H
107 - 112 Improved switching reliability achieved in HfOx based RRAM with mountain-like surface-graphited carbon layer
Tao Y, Ding WT, Wang ZQ, Xu HY, Zhao XN, Li XH, Liu WZ, Ma JG, Liu YC
113 - 124 Constructing dual-defense mechanisms on membrane surfaces by synergy of PFSA and SiO2 nanoparticles for persistent antifouling performance
Zhou LJ, Gao K, Jiao ZW, Wu MY, He MR, Su YL, Jiang ZY
125 - 132 Revelation of rutile phase by Raman scattering for enhanced photoelectrochemical performance of hydrothermally-grown anatase TiO2 film
Cho HW, Liao KL, Yang JS, Wu JJ
133 - 143 Monomer functionalized silica coated with Ag nanoparticles for enhanced SERS hotspots
Newmai MB, Verma M, Kumar PS
144 - 152 Production of Au clusters by plasma gas condensation and their incorporation in oxide matrixes by sputtering
Figueiredo NM, Serra R, Manninen NK, Cavaleiro A
153 - 161 Novel microwave-assisted synthesis of porous g-C3N4/SnO2 nanocomposite for solar water-splitting
Seza A, Soleimani F, Naseri N, Soltaninejad M, Montazeri SM, Sadrnezhaad SK, Mohammadi MR, Moghadam HA, Forouzandeh M, Amin MH
162 - 169 Triangular laser-induced submicron textures for functionalising stainless steel surfaces
Romano JM, Garcia-Giron A, Penchev P, Dimov S
170 - 176 Ultrathin g-C3N4 films supported on Attapulgite nanofibers with enhanced photocatalytic performance
Xu YS, Zhang LL, Yin MH, Xie DY, Chen JQ, Yin JZ, Fu YS, Zhao PS, Zhong H, Zhao YJ, Wang X
177 - 185 Natural printed silk substrate circuit fabricated via surface modification using one step thermal transfer and reduction graphene oxide
Cao JL, Huang Z, Wang CX
186 - 192 Preparation and characterization of PVDF separators for lithium ion cells using hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene grafted methoxyl polyethylene glycol (HTPB-g-MPEG) as additive
Li H, Niu DH, Zhou H, Chao CY, Wu LJ, Han PL
193 - 201 Non-carbon titanium cobalt nitride nanotubes supported platinum catalyst with high activity and durability for methanol oxidation reaction
Chen XX, Li WY, Pan ZC, Xu YB, Liu G, Hu GH, Wu SK, Li JH, Chen C, Lin YS
202 - 208 The development of estimated methodology for interfacial adhesion of semiconductor coatings having an enormous mismatch extent
Lee CC, Huang PC
209 - 216 Activation of amino-based monolayers for electroless metallization of high-aspect-ratio through-silicon vias by using a simple ultrasonic-assisted plating solution
Chen ST, Cheng YS, Chang YH, Yang TM, Lee JT, Chen GS
217 - 223 Design and construction of hierarchical TiO2 nanorod arrays by combining layer-by-layer and hydrothermal crystallization techniques for electrochromic application
Chen YB, Li XM, Bi ZJ, He XL, Li GJ, Xu XK, Gao XD
224 - 228 The impact of surface composition on Tafel kinetics leading to enhanced electrochemical insertion of hydrogen in palladium
Dmitriyeva O, Hamm SC, Knies DL, Cantwell R, McConnell M
229 - 236 Interface engineered construction of porous g-C3N4/TiO2 heterostructure for enhanced photocatalysis of organic pollutants
Li YN, Chen ZY, Wang MQ, Zhang LZ, Bao SJ
237 - 244 A Facile synthesis of superparamagnetic Fe3O4 nanofibers with superior peroxidase-like catalytic activity for sensitive colorimetric detection of L-cysteine
Chen SH, Chi MQ, Zhu Y, Gao M, Wang C, Lu XF
245 - 257 Surface monitoring for pitting evolution into uniform corrosion on Cu-Ni-Zn ternary alloy in alkaline chloride solution: ex-situ LCM and in-situ SECM
Kong DC, Dong CF, Zheng ZR, Mao FX, Xu AN, Ni XQ, Man C, Yao JZ, Xiao K, Li XG
258 - 265 One-pot synthesis of K-doped g-C3N4 nanosheets with enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen production under visible-light irradiation
Wang YY, Zhao S, Zhang YW, Fang JS, Zhou YM, Yuan SH, Zhang C, Chen WX
266 - 274 Visible-Light Upconversion Carbon Quantum Dots Decorated TiO2 for the Photodegradation of Flowing Gaseous Acetaldehyde
Hu YD, Xie XF, Wang X, Wang Y, Zeng Y, Pui DYH, Sun J
275 - 281 Diffusion induced atomic islands on the surface of Ni/Cu nanolayers
Takats V, Csik A, Hakl J, Vad K
282 - 287 Controlled p-doping of black phosphorus by integration of MoS2 nanoparticles
Jeon S, Kim M, Jia J, Park JH, Lee S, Song YJ
288 - 293 Enhanced thermomechanical stability on laser-induced damage by functionally graded layers in quasi-rugate filters
Pu YT, Ma P, Lv L, Zhang MX, Lu ZW, Qiao Z, Qiu FM
294 - 299 Enhanced photovoltaic performance of Sb2S3-sensitized solar cells through surface treatments
Ye Q, Xu YF, Chen WY, Yang SF, Zhu J, Weng J
300 - 307 Functionalizing aluminum substrata by quaternary ammonium for antifouling performances
He XY, Suo XK, Bai XQ, Yuan CQ, Li H
308 - 319 Decoration of mesoporous Co3O4 nanospheres assembled by monocrystal nanodots on g-C3N4 to construct Z-scheme system for improving photocatalytic performance
Wu HJ, Li CM, Che HN, Hu H, Hu W, Liu CB, Ai JZ, Dong HJ
320 - 330 Preparation and characterization of Pt loaded WO3 films suitable for gas sensing applications
Bose RJ, Illyasukutty N, Tan KS, Rawat RS, Matham MV, Kohler H, Pillai VPM
331 - 340 Microscopic mechanism of amino silicone oil modification and modification effect with different amino group contents based on molecular dynamics simulation
He LP, Li WJ, Chen DC, Yuan JM, Lu G, Zhou DW
341 - 350 Effect of microstructure and surface features on wetting angle of a Fe-3.2 wt%CE cast iron with water
Riahi S, Niroumand B, Moghadam AD, Rohatgi PK
351 - 358 New functionalized IRMOF-10 with strong affinity for methanol: A simulation study
Liu ZW, Zhang K, Wu Y, Xi HX
359 - 368 Superhydrophobic hybrid membranes by grafting arc-like macromolecular bridges on graphene sheets: Synthesis, characterization and properties
Mo ZH, Luo Z, Huang Q, Deng JP, Wu YX
369 - 377 The roles of phosphate and tungstate species in surface acidities of TiO2-ZrO2 binary oxides - A comparison study
Chaudhary M, Shen PF, Chang SM
378 - 385 Fabrication of hexagonal star-shaped and ring-shaped patterns arrays by Mie resonance sphere-lens-lithography
Liu XC, Wang J, Li L, Gou J, Zheng J, Huang ZH, Pan R
386 - 395 Detecting Fermi-level shifts by Auger electron spectroscopy in Si and GaAs
Debehets J, Homm P, Menghini M, Chambers SA, Marchiori C, Heyns M, Locquet JP, Seo JW
396 - 402 The study on the electrical resistivity of Cu/V multilayer films subjected to helium (He) ion irradiation
Wang PP, Xu C, Fu EG, Du JL, Gao Y, Wang XJ, Qiu YH
403 - 408 Tailoring optical properties of TiO2-Cr co-sputtered films using swift heavy ions
Gupta R, Sen S, Phase DM, Avasthi DK, Gupta A
409 - 414 Dipole-modified graphene with ultrahigh gas sensibility
Jia RK, Xie P, Feng YC, Chen Z, Umar A, Wang Y
415 - 420 Near-zero IR transmission of VO2 thin films deposited on Si substrate
Zhang CZ, Koughia C, Li YS, Cui XY, Ye F, Shiri S, Sanayei M, Wen SJ, Yang QQ, Kasap S
421 - 431 Ni-0 encapsulated in N-doped carbon nanotubes for catalytic reduction of highly toxic hexavalent chromium
Yao YJ, Zhang J, Chen H, Yu MJ, Gao MX, Hu Y, Wang SB
432 - 439 An oxygen-vacancy-rich Z-scheme g-C3N4/Pd/TiO2 heterostructure for enhanced visible light photocatalytic performance
Guo YR, Xiao LM, Zhang M, Li QY, Yang JJ
440 - 447 Effect of heat treatment on surface hydrophilicity-retaining ability of titanium dioxide nanotubes
Sun Y, Sun SP, Liao XM, Wen J, Yin GF, Pu XM, Yao YD, Huang ZB
448 - 457 Preparation of mesoporous carbon nitride structure by the dealloying of Ni/a-CN nanocomposite films
Zhou H, Shen YQ, Huang J, Liao B, Wu XY, Zhang X
458 - 466 Tribological properties of TiC/a-C:H nanocomposite coatings prepared via HiPIMS
Sanchez-Lopez JC, Dominguez-Meister S, Rojas TC, Colasuonno M, Bazzan M, Patelli A
467 - 476 Laser versus scalpel cleaning of crustose lichens on granite
Rivas T, Pozo-Antonio JS, de Silanes MEL, Ramil A, Lopez AJ
477 - 483 Fabrication of graphene-fullerene hybrid by self-assembly and its application as support material for methanol electrocatalytic oxidation reaction
Zhang X, Zhang JW, Xiang PH, Qiao JL
484 - 490 Ni doping dependent dielectric, leakage, ferroelectric and magnetic properties in Bi7Fe3-xNixTi3O21 thin films
Yang BB, Song DP, Wei RH, Tang XW, Hu L, Yang J, Song WH, Dai JM, Zhu XB, Sun YP
491 - 505 Active corrosion protection performance of an epoxy coating applied on the mild steel modified with an eco-friendly sol-gel film impregnated with green corrosion inhibitor loaded nanocontainers
Izadi M, Shahrabi T, Ramezanzadeh B
506 - 513 Mirror-finished superhydrophobic aluminum surfaces modified by anodic alumina nanofibers and self-assembled monolayers
Nakajima D, Kikuchi T, Natsui S, Suzuki RO
514 - 523 Bioactive glass-chitosan composite coatings on PEEK: Effects of surface wettability and roughness on the interfacial fracture resistance and in vitro cell response
Hong W, Guo FW, Chen JW, Wang X, Zhao XF, Xiao P
524 - 534 Corrosion of low alloy steel containing 0.5% chromium in supercritical CO2-saturated brine and water-saturated supercritical CO2 environments
Wei L, Gao KW, Li Q
535 - 546 Robust superhydrophobic surface by nature-inspired polyphenol chemistry for effective oil-water separation
Bu YM, Huang JJ, Zhang SY, Wang YH, Gu SJ, Cao GY, Yang HJ, Ye DZ, Zhou YS, Xu WL
547 - 552 Changes of electronic properties of p-GaN(0001) surface after low-energy N+-ion bombardment
Grodzicki M, Mazur P, Ciszewski A
553 - 559 One-pot size-controlled growth of graphene-encapsulated germanium nanocrystals
Lee JH, Lee EK, Kang SG, Jung SH, Son SK, Nam WH, Kim TH, Choi BL, Whang D
560 - 569 One-step assembly of Fe(III)-CMC chelate hydrogel onto nanoneedle-like CuO@Cu membrane with superhydrophilicity for oil-water separation
Dai JD, Chang ZS, Xie AT, Zhang RL, Tian SJ, Ge WN, Yan YS, Li CX, Xu W, Shao R
570 - 579 Double matrix effect in Low Energy Ion Scattering from La surfaces
Zameshin AA, Yakshin AE, Sturm JM, Brongerma HH, Bijkerk F
580 - 585 Probing reaction pathways for oxidation of CO by O-2 molecule over P-doped divacancy graphene: A DFT study
Esrafili MD, Mousavian P
586 - 594 The adsorption of Ru-n (n=1-4) on gamma-Al2O3 Surface: A DFT study
Liu Z, Guo YF, Chen Y, Shen R
595 - 605 Low dielectric constant and moisture-resistant polyimide aerogels containing trifluoromethyl pendent groups
Wu TT, Dong J, Gan F, Fang YT, Zhao X, Zhang QH
606 - 613 Fabricating hierarchically porous carbon with well-defined open pores via polymer dehalogenation for high-performance supercapacitor
Guo M, Li Y, Du KW, Qiu CC, Dou G, Zhang GX
614 - 626 Large scale Full QM-MD investigation of small peptides and insulin adsorption on ideal and defective TiO2 (100) surfaces. Influence of peptide size on interfacial bonds
Dubot P, Boisseau N, Cenedese P
627 - 636 Synergistic interaction and controllable active sites of nitrogen and sulfur co-doping into mesoporous carbon sphere for high performance oxygen reduction electrocatalysts
Oh T, Kim M, Park D, Kim J
637 - 642 Angular dependent XPS study of surface band bending on Ga-polar n-GaN
Huang R, Liu T, Zhao YF, Zhu YF, Huang ZL, Li FS, Liu JP, Zhang LQ, Zhang SM, An DS, Yang H
643 - 650 Fabrication of micro-patterned aluminum surfaces for low ice adhesion strength
Jeon J, Jang H, Chang J, Lee KS, Kim DR
651 - 659 Tailoring properties of reduced graphene oxide by oxygen plasma treatment
Kondratowicz I, Nadolska M, Sahin S, Lapinski M, Przesniak-Welenc M, Sawczak M, Yu EH, Sadowski W, Zelechowska K
660 - 668 Improved microstructure and properties of 12Cr2Ni4A alloy steel by vacuum carburization and Ti plus N co-implantation
Dong ML, Cui XF, Jin G, Wang HD, Cai ZB, Song SQ
669 - 679 Fabrication of a bionic microstructure on a C/SiC brake lining surface: Positive applications of surface defects for surface wetting control
Wu ML, Ren CZ, Xu HZ, Zhou CL
680 - 687 Surface science approach to Pt/carbon model catalysts: XPS, STM and microreactor studies
Motin AM, Haunold T, Bukhtiyarov AV, Bera A, Rameshan C, Rupprechter G
688 - 699 Enhanced solar photoelectrochemical conversion efficiency of the hydrothermally-deposited TiO2 nanorod arrays: Effects of the light trapping and optimum charge transfer
An GW, Mahadik MA, Chae WS, Kim HG, Cho M, Jang JS
700 - 711 Rational design and fabrication of highly transparent, flexible, and thermally stable superhydrophobic coatings from raspberry-like hollow silica nanoparticles
Zou XS, Tao CY, Yang K, Yang F, Lv HB, Yan LH, Yan HW, Li Y, Xie YY, Yuan XD, Zhang L
712 - 724 In vitro behavior of human mesenchymal stem cells on poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) based biointerfaces obtained by matrix assisted pulsed laser evaporation
Icriverzi M, Rusen L, Sima LE, Moldovan A, Brajnicov S, Bonciu A, Mihailescu N, Dinescu M, Cimpean A, Roseanu A, Dinca V
725 - 729 Growth of tungsten oxide nanostructures by chemical solution deposition
Jin LH, Bai Y, Li CS, Wang Y, Feng JQ, Lei L, Zhao GY, Zhang PX
730 - 740 Amphiphilic ligand exchange reaction-induced supercapacitor electrodes with high volumetric and scalable areal capacitances
Nam D, Heo Y, Cheong S, Ko Y, Cho J
741 - 747 MoS2/Ni3S4 composite nanosheets on interconnected carbon shells as an excellent supercapacitor electrode architecture for long term cycling at high current densities
Qin SC, Yao TH, Guo X, Chen Q, Liu DQ, Liu QM, Li YL, Li JS, He DY
748 - 754 Improvement on high rate performance of LiFePO4 cathodes using graphene as a conductive agent
Wei XF, Guan YB, Zheng XH, Zhu QZ, Shen JR, Qiao N, Zhou SQ, Xu B
755 - 762 Erosion-corrosion resistance properties of 316L austenitic stainless steels after low-temperature liquid nitriding
Zhang XF, Wang J, Fan HY, Pan Dz
763 - 769 Preparation and surface characteristics of Re3W matrix scandate cathode: An experimental and theoretical study
Lai C, Wang JS, Zhou F, Liu W, Hu P, Wang CH, Wang RZ, Miao NH
770 - 777 A 3D conductive carbon interlayer with ultrahigh adsorption capability for lithium-sulfur batteries
Zhao Q, Zhu QZ, An YB, Chen RJ, Sun N, Wu F, Xu B
778 - 789 Computational studies at the density functional theory (DFT) level about the surface functionalization of hexagonal monolayers by chitosan monomer
Ebrahimi J, Ahangari MG, Jahanshahi M
790 - 803 Influence of surface roughness on the oxidation behavior of a Ni-4.0Cr-5.7Al single crystal superalloy
Pei HQ, Wen ZX, Li ZW, Zhang YM, Yue ZF
804 - 813 Synthesis of Nb doped TiO2 nanotube/reduced graphene oxide heterostructure photocatalyst with high visible light photocatalytic activity
Niu XY, Yan WJ, Zhao HL, Yang JK
814 - 820 Degradation mechanisms of optoelectric properties of GaN via highly-charged Bi-209(33+) ions irradiation
Zhang LQ, Zhang CH, Xian YQ, Liu J, Ding ZN, Yan TX, Chen YG, Su CH, Li JY, Liu HP
821 - 829 Oxidized template-synthesized mesoporous carbon with pH-dependent adsorption activity: A promising adsorbent for removal of hydrophilic ionic liquid
Zhang L, Cao WG, Alvarez PJJ, Qu XL, Fu HY, Zheng SR, Xu ZY, Zhu DQ
830 - 840 Tuning the nanotribological behaviors of single silver nanowire through various manipulations
Zeng XZ, Peng YT, Lang HJ, Cao XA
841 - 845 Self-assembly of core-shell structure PtO2@Pt nanodots and their formation evolution
Yang WJ, Liu JJ, Liu MQ, Zhao ZC, Song YP, Tang XF, Luo JY, Zeng QG, He X
846 - 852 The sensing mechanism of N-doped SWCNTs toward SF6 decomposition products: A first-principle study
Gui YG, Tang C, Zhou Q, Xu LN, Zhao ZY, Zhang XX
853 - 860 Surface modification of graphene oxide nanosheets by protamine sulfate/sodium alginate for anti-cancer drug delivery application
Xie M, Zhang F, Liu LJ, Zhang YA, Li YP, Li HM, Xie JM
861 - 872 Effects of sulfate and nitrate anions on aluminum corrosion in slightly alkaline solution
Li SY, Church BC
873 - 879 Carbon aerogels by pyrolysis of TEMPO-oxidized cellulose
Zhang SZ, Feng J, Feng JZ, Jiang YG, Ding F
880 - 888 Monitoring underlying epoxy-coated St-37 corrosion via 8-hydroxyquinoline as a fluorescent indicator
Roshan S, Dariani AAS, Mokhtari J
889 - 896 SiC2 siligraphene as a promising anchoring material for lithium-sulfur batteries: a computational study
Zhao YM, Zhao JX, Cai QH
897 - 906 Specific anion effects on copper surface through electrochemical treatment: Enhanced photoelectrochemical CO2 reduction activity of derived nanostructures induced by chaotropic anions
Navaee A, Salimi A
907 - 915 First principles study of the Ag nanoclusters adsorption effect on the photocatalytic properties of AgBr(110) surface
Chi YH, Zhao LM, Li X, Zhu HY, Guo WY
916 - 925 Parameters optimization for synthesis of Al-doped ZnO nanoparticles by laser ablation in water
Krstulovic N, Salamon K, Budimlija O, Kovac J, Dasovic J, Umek P, Capan I
926 - 931 Shielding effects and re-deposition of material during processing of metals with bursts of ultra-short laser pulses
Forster DJ, Faas S, Groninger S, Bauer F, Michalowski A, Weber R, Graf T
932 - 938 Microstructure and thermal stability of Cu/Zr0.3Al0.7N/Zr(0.)2Al(0.8)N/Al34O60N6 cermet-based solar selective absorbing coatings
Meng JP, Guo RR, Li H, Zhao LM, Liu XP, Li Z
939 - 945 Growth and characterization of InSb on (100) Si for mid-infrared application
Jia BW, Tan KH, Loke WK, Wicaksono S, Yoon SF
946 - 954 Influences of layer thickness on the compatibility and physical properties of polycarbonate/polystyrene multilayered film via nanolayer coextrusion
Cheng JF, Chen ZR, Zhou JQ, Cao Z, Wu D, Liu CL, Pu H
955 - 962 Selective depression of titanaugite in the ilmenite flotation with carboxymethyl starch
Meng QY, Yuan ZT, Yu L, Xu YK, Du YS, Zhang C
963 - 973 The preparation of TiO2@rGO nanocomposite efficiently activated with UVA/LED and H2O2 for high rate oxidation of acetaminophen: Catalyst characterization and acetaminophen degradation and mineralization
Khavar AHC, Moussavi G, Mahjoub AR
974 - 991 Hydrogen assisted cracking and CO2 corrosion behaviors of low-alloy steel with high strength used for armor layer of flexible pipe
Liu ZG, Gao XH, Du LX, Li JP, Zhou XW, Wang XN, Wang YX, Liu C, Xu GX, Misra RDK
992 - 1000 Enhanced performance of flexible dye-sensitized solar cells using flexible Ag@ZrO2/C nanofiber film as low-cost counter electrode
Yin X, Xie XY, Song LX, Zhai JF, Dua PF, Xiong J
1001 - 1010 Structural, morphological, and optical characterizations of Mo, CrN and Mo:CrN sputtered coatings for potential solar selective applications
Ibrahim K, Rahman MM, Taha H, Mohammadpour E, Zhou ZF, Yin CY, Nikoloski A, Jiang ZT
1011 - 1021 Electrodeposition of Ni(OH)(2) reinforced polyaniline coating for corrosion protection of 304 stainless steel
Jiang L, Syed JA, Gao YZ, Lu HB, Meng XK
1022 - 1026 H3PO4 treated surface modified CuS counter electrodes with high electrocatalytic activity for enhancing photovoltaic performance of quantum dot-sensitized solar cells
Muthalif MPA, Sunesh CD, Choe Y
1027 - 1036 Enhancing pseudocapacitive kinetics of nanostructured MnO2 through anchoring onto biomass-derived porous carbon
Chen QY, Chen JZ, Zhou YY, Song C, Tian QH, Xu JL, Wong CP
1037 - 1046 Hollow ZSM-5 encapsulated Pt nanoparticles for selective catalytic reduction of NO by hydrogen
Hong Z, Wang Z, Chen D, Sun Q, Li XB
1047 - 1062 Structural and surface changes of cobalt modified manganese oxide during activation and ethanol steam reforming reaction
Gac W, Greluk M, Slowik G, Turczyniak-Surdacka S
1063 - 1072 Enhanced the performance of graphene oxide/polyimide hybrid membrane for CO2 separation by surface modification of graphene oxide using polyethylene glycol
Wu LG, Yang CH, Wang T, Zhang XY
1073 - 1082 Structural, optical and electrical properties of CeO2 thin films simultaneously prepared by anodic and cathodic electrodeposition
Yang YM, Du XQ, Yi CX, Liu J, Zhu BF, Zhang Z
1083 - 1090 Effects and mechanism on Kapton film under ozone exposure in a ground near space simulator
Wei Q, Yang GM, Liu G, Jiang HF, Zhang TT
1091 - 1100 Improvement of antifouling performances for modified PVDF ultrafiltration membrane with hydrophilic cellulose nanocrystal
Lv JL, Zhang GQ, Zhang HM, Zhao CQ, Yang FL
1101 - 1106 Flake-like NiO/WO3 p-n heterojunction photocathode for photoelectrochemical water splitting
Wu PD, Liu ZF, Chen D, Zhou M, Wei JD
1107 - 1115 Distribution and avoidance of debris on epoxy resin during UV ns-laser scanning processes
Veltrup M, Lukasczyk T, Ihde J, Mayer B
1116 - 1122 Enhancement of photovoltaic performance of flexible perovskite solar cells by means of ionic liquid interface modification in a low temperature all solution process
Chu WJ, Yang JY, Jiang QH, Li X, Xin JW
1123 - 1129 Uniform distribution of ZnO nanoparticles on the surface of grpahene and its enhanced photocatalytic performance
Xue B, Zou YQ
1130 - 1142 Kinetic and catalytic analysis of mesoporous metal oxides on the oxidation of Rhodamine B
Xaba MS, Noh JH, Mokgadi K, Meijboom R
1143 - 1149 Enhanced thermal and mechanical properties of PLA/MoS2 nanocomposites synthesized via the in-situ ring-opening polymerization
Chen PP, Liang X, Xu Y, Zhou YF, Nie WY
1150 - 1158 Enhancing breakdown strength and energy storage performance of PVDF-based nanocomposites by adding exfoliated boron nitride
Xie YC, Wang J, Yu YY, Jiang WR, Zhang ZC
1159 - 1165 Mussel-inspired immobilization of BN nanosheets onto poly(p-phenylene benzobisoxazole) fibers: Multifunctional interface for photothermal self-healing
Shao Q, Hu Z, Xu XR, Yu L, Zhang DY, Huang YD
1166 - 1171 In-volume structuring of a bilayered polymer foil using direct laser interference patterning
Rossler F, Gunther K, Lasagni AF
1172 - 1180 Pr3+ doped biphasic TiO2 (rutile-brookite) nanorod arrays grown on activated carbon fibers: Hydrothermal synthesis and photocatalytic properties
Li M, Zhang XM, Liu Y, Yang Y
1181 - 1195 Substrate dependent hierarchical structures of RF sputtered ZnS films
Chalana SR, Pillai VPM
1196 - 1203 Immobilization of PMIDA on Fe3O4 magnetic nanoparticles surface: Mechanism of bonding
Demin AM, Mekhaev AV, Esin AA, Kuznetsov DK, Zelenovskiy PS, Shur VY, Krasnov VP
1204 - 1210 Slurry erosion induced surface nanocrystallization of bulk metallic glass
Ji XL, Wu JL, Pi JH, Cheng JB, Shan YP, Zhang YT
1211 - 1218 The effects of film thickness on the electrical, optical, and structural properties of cylindrical, rotating, magnetron-sputtered ITO films
Kim JH, Seong TY, Ahn KJ, Chung KB, Seok HJ, Seo HJ, Kim HK
1219 - 1226 Rapid and selective adsorption of cationic dyes by a unique metal-organic framework with decorated pore surface
Zhang J, Li F, Sun Q
1227 - 1234 Ultrasonic chemical synthesis of CdS-reduced graphene xide nanocomposites with an enhanced visible light photoactivity
Lin YC, Tsai DC, Chang ZC, Shieu FS
1235 - 1243 Gold nanoparticles as markers for fluorinated surfaces containing embedded amide groups
Ballarin B, Barreca D, Bertola M, Cassani MC, Carraro G, Maccato C, Mignani A, Nanni D, Parise C, Ranieri S
1244 - 1251 Correlation between excited d-orbital electron lifetime in polaron dynamics and coloration of WO3 upon ultraviolet exposure
Lee YA, Han SI, Rhee H, Seo H
1252 - 1260 CVD graphene sheets electrochemically decorated with "core-shell" Co/CoO nanoparticles
Bayev VG, Fedotova JA, Kasiuk JV, Vorobyova SA, Sohor AA, Komissarov IV, Kovalchuk NG, Prischepa SL, Kargin NI, Andrulevicius M, Przewoznik J, Kapusta C, Ivashkevich OA, Tyutyunnikov SI, Kolobylina NN, Guryeva PV
1261 - 1268 Rapid and simple preparation of rhodamine 6G loaded HY zeolite for highly selective nitrite detection
Viboonratanasri D, Pabchanda S, Prompinit P
1269 - 1276 Synthesis of nitrosobenzene via photocatalytic oxidation of aniline over MgO/TiO2 under visible light irradiation
Chen JS, Xiong JH, Song YJ, Yu Y, Wu L
1277 - 1285 Polyethylenimine functionalized Fe3O4/steam-exploded rice straw composite as an efficient adsorbent for Cr(VI) removal
Zhang SL, Wang ZK, Chen HY, Kai CC, Jiang M, Wang Q, Zhou ZW
1286 - 1297 Enhancement of anticorrosion property of 304 stainless steel using silane coatings
Akhtar S, Matin A, Kumar AM, Ibrahim A, Laoui T
1298 - 1298 Surface modification of polypropylene mesh devices with cyclodextrin via cold plasma for hernia repair: Characterization and antibacterial properties (vol 439, pg 749, 2018)
Sanbhal N, Mao Y, Sun G, Xu RF, Zhang Q, Li Y, Wang L
1299 - 1299 Influence of silver nanoparticles on titanium oxide and nitrogen doped titanium oxide thin films for sun light photocatalysis (vol 436, pg 708, 2018)
Madhavi V, Kondaiah P, Raman KHT, Shaik H, Rao GM