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Applied Surface Science, Vol.439 Entire volume, number list
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1 - 10 Effects of surface topography on SERS response: Correlating nanoscopy with spectroscopy
Das SK, Ghosh M, Chowdhury J
11 - 17 Porous HKUST-1 derived CuO/Cu2O shell wrapped Cu(OH)(2) derived CuO/Cu2O core nanowire arrays for electrochemical nonenzymatic glucose sensors with ultrahigh sensitivity
Yu CP, Cui JW, Wang Y, Zheng HM, Zhang JF, Shu X, Liu JQ, Zhang Y, Wu YC
18 - 23 Nano-Ni induced surface modification relevant to the hydrogenation performances in La-Mg based alloys
Zhang HW, Fu L, Xuan WD, Li XG
24 - 32 Microstructure, mechanical and tribological characterization of CrN/DLC/Cr-DLC multilayer coating with improved adhesive wear resistance
Sui XD, Liu JY, Zhang ST, Yang J, Hao JY
33 - 44 Facile one-pot synthesis of Ni2+-doped (NH4)(2)V3O8 nanoflakes@Ni foam with visible-light-driven photovoltaic behavior for supercapacitor application
Zhou QF, Gong Y, Lin JH
45 - 59 Corrosion protection and adhesion properties of the epoxy coating applied on the steel substrate pre-treated by a sol-gel based silane coating filled with amino and isocyanate silane functionalized graphene oxide nanosheets
Parhizkar N, Ramezanzadeh B, Shahrabi T
60 - 65 Mechanical properties of nanodiamond-reinforced hydroxyapatite composite coatings deposited by suspension plasma spraying
Chen XY, Zhang BT, Gong YF, Zhou P, Li H
66 - 74 In-vitro bioactivity and electrochemical behavior of polyaniline encapsulated titania nanotube arrays for biomedical applications
Agilan P, Rajendran N
75 - 81 In-situ DRIFTS investigation on the selective catalytic reduction of NO with NH3 over the sintered ore catalyst
Chen WS, Li Z, Hu FL, Qin LB, Han J, Wu GM
82 - 87 Sb content dependent thermoelectric properties of the p-type ZnO:Sb films fabricated by oxidation method
Li GJ, Lin X, Liu SY, Jia BH, Wang Q
88 - 95 Preparation of carbon fiber unsaturated sizing agent for enhancing interfacial strength of carbon fiber/vinyl ester resin composite
Jiao WW, Cai YM, Liu WB, Yang F, Jiang L, Jiao WC, Wang RG
96 - 100 Investigate the electrical and thermal properties of the low temperature resistant silver nanowire fabricated by two-beam laser technique
He GC, Dong XZ, Liu J, Lu H, Zhao ZS
101 - 105 The Au modified Ge(110) surface
Zhang L, Kabanov NS, Bampoulis P, Saletsky AM, Zandvliet HJW, Klavsyuk AL
106 - 112 High-intensity low energy titanium ion implantation into zirconium alloy
Ryabchikov AI, Kashkarov EB, Pushilina NS, Syrtanov MS, Shevelev AE, Korneva OS, Sutygina AN, Lider AM
113 - 121 Efficient capture of CO2 over ordered micro-mesoporous hybrid carbon nanosphere
Chen CW, Yu YK, He C, Wang L, Huang H, Albilali R, Cheng J, Hao ZP
122 - 127 Surface reconstruction switching induced by tensile stress of D-B steps: From Ba/Si(001)-2 x 3 to Ba/Si(001)-4 degrees off-3 x 2
Kim H, Lkhagvasuren A, Zhang R, Seo JM
128 - 138 Ni nanoparticles decorated onto graphene oxide with SiO2 as interlayer for high performance on histidine-rich protein separation
Yang XD, Zhang M, Zheng J, Li WZ, Gan WJ, Xu JL, Hayat T, Alharbi NS, Yang F
139 - 147 Study of reverse flotation of calcite from scheelite in acidic media
Deng RD, Huang YQ, Hu Y, Ku JG, Zuo WR, Yin WZ
148 - 159 Controlled protein adsorption on PMOXA/PAA based coatings by thermally induced immobilization
Mumtaz F, Chen CS, Zhu HK, Pan C, Wang YM
160 - 167 Inclusion of aggregation effect to evaluate the performance of organic dyes in dye-sensitized solar cells
Sun KA, Zhang WY, Heng PP, Wang L, Zhang JL
168 - 175 Transfer the multiscale texture of crystalline Si onto thin-film micromorph cell by UV nanoimprint for light trapping
Liu DM, Wang QK, Wang Q
176 - 185 From nanoscale to macroscale: Engineering biomass derivatives with nitrogen doping for tailoring dielectric properties and electromagnetic absorption
Wang YN, Zhou ZL, Chen MJ, Huang YX, Wang CX, Song WL
186 - 195 Improved dielectric properties, mechanical properties, and thermal conductivity properties of polymer composites via controlling interfacial compatibility with bio-inspired method
Ruan MN, Yang D, Guo WL, Zhang LQ, Li SX, Shang YW, Wu YB, Zhang M, Wang H
196 - 201 First-principles investigation of CO adsorption on pristine, C-doped and N-vacancy defected hexagonal AlN nanosheets
Ouyang TH, Qian Z, Ahuja R, Liu XF
202 - 212 Insights into the relationship between the color and photocatalytic property of attapulgite/CdS nanocomposites
Wang XW, Mu B, An XC, Wang AQ
213 - 221 Coupling catalytic hydrolysis and oxidation on Mn/TiO2-Al2O3 for HCN removal
Wang LL, Wang XQ, Cheng JH, Ning P, Lin YL
222 - 225 Ultrahigh hardness and high electrical resistivity in nano-twinned, nanocrystalline high-entropy alloy films
Huo WY, Liu XD, Tan SY, Fang F, Xie ZH, Shang JK, Jiang JQ
226 - 231 Synthesis of the polypyrrole encapsulated copper nanowires with excellent oxidation resistance and temporal stability
Liu K, Li YH, Zhang HY, Liu YC
232 - 239 Electrochemical and passive behaviour of tin alloyed ferritic stainless steel in concrete environment
Luo H, Su HZ, Li BS, Ying GB
240 - 245 Modification of WS2 nanosheets with controllable layers via oxygen ion irradiation
Song HL, Yu XF, Chen M, Qiao M, Wang TJ, Zhang J, Liu Y, Liu P, Wang XL
246 - 253 DFT simulation on H-2 adsorption over Ni-decorated defective h-BN nanosheets
Zhou X, Chu W, Zhou YA, Sun WJ, Xue Y
254 - 262 Facile preparation of fluorescent layered double hydroxide polymeric composites through the photo-induced surface-initiated controlled living polymerization
Chen JY, Liu MY, Huang Q, Jiang RM, Huang HY, Deng FJ, Wen YQ, Tian JW, Zhang XY, Wei Y
263 - 271 Comparative study on the copper activation and xanthate adsorption on sphalerite and marmatite surfaces
Liu J, Wang Y, Luo DQ, Chen LZ, Deng JS
272 - 281 High density gold nanoparticles immobilized on surface via plasma deposited APTES film for decomposing organic compounds in microchannels
Rao X, Guyon C, Ognier S, Da Silva B, Chu CL, Tatoulian M, Abou Hassan A
282 - 284 Formation of Mg2Si at high temperatures by fast deposition of Mg on Si(111) with wedge-shaped temperature distribution
Gouralnik AS, Maslov AM, Ustinov AY, Dotsenko SA, Shevlyagin AV, Chernev IM, Il'yashenko VM, Kitan SA, Koblova EA, Galkin KN, Galkin NG, Gerasimenko AV
285 - 297 Mn-doping-induced photocatalytic activity enhancement of ZnO nanorods prepared on glass substrates
Putri NA, Fauzia V, Iwan S, Roza L, Umar AA, Budi S
298 - 304 Fabrication and characterization of morphology-tuned single-crystal monodisperse Fe3O4 nanocrystals
Yu XG, Shan Y, Chen KZ
305 - 312 Interaction between carbon fibers and polymer sizing: Influence of fiber surface chemistry and sizing reactivity
Moosburger-Will J, Bauer M, Laukmanis E, Horny R, Wetjen D, Manske T, Schmidt-Stein F, Topker J, Horn S
313 - 322 Protein valves prepared by click reaction grafting of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) to electrospun poly(vinyl chloride) fibrous membranes
Guo JW, Lin ZY, Chang CJ, Lu CH, Chen JK
323 - 328 Dual functional porous anti-reflective coatings with a photocatalytic effect based on a single layer system
Jilavi MH, Mousavi SH, Muller TS, de Oliveira PW
329 - 335 Porous boron doped diamonds as metal-free catalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction in alkaline solution
Suo N, Huang H, Wu AM, Cao GZ, Hou XD, Zhang GF
336 - 342 Multi-channel and porous SiO@N-doped C rods as anodes for high-performance lithium-ion batteries
Huang X, Li MQ
343 - 349 Improving the catalytic activity of amorphous molybdenum sulfide for hydrogen evolution reaction using polydihydroxyphenylalanine modified MWCNTs
Li MG, Yu MP, Li X
350 - 363 Adsorption of phenol and hydrazine upon pristine and X-decorated (X = Sc, Ti, Cr and Mn) MoS2 monolayer
Wang MY, Wang W, Ji M, Cheng XL
364 - 370 Fast adsorption kinetics of highly dispersed ultrafine nickel/carbon nanoparticles for organic dye removal
Kim TS, Song HJ, Dar MA, Lee HJ, Kim DW
371 - 373 Jellyfish-like few-layer graphene nanoflakes: Synthesis, oxidation, and hydrothermal N-doping
Chernyak SA, Podgornova AM, Arkhipova EA, Novotortsev RO, Egorova TB, Ivanov AS, Maslakov KI, Savilov SV, Lunin VV
374 - 379 Bandgap engineering and charge separation in two-dimensional GaS-based van der Waals heterostructures for photocatalytic water splitting
Wang B, Kuang AL, Luo XK, Wang GZ, Yuan HK, Chen H
380 - 385 Surface structuring in polypropylene using Ar+ beam sputtering: Pattern transition from ripples to dot nanostructures
Goyal M, Aggarwal S, Sharma A, Ojha S
386 - 393 Hierarchically assembled 3D nanoflowers and 0D nanoparticles of nickel sulfides on reduced graphene oxide with excellent lithium storage performances
Tronganh N, Gao Y, Jiang W, Tao HH, Wang SS, Zhao B, Jiang Y, Chen ZW, Jiao Z
394 - 404 Facile preparation of polymer microspheres and fibers with a hollow core and porous shell for oil adsorption and oil/water separation
Gao JF, Song X, Huang XW, Wang L, Li B, Xue HG
405 - 412 A combined experimental and theoretical study on ethanol conversion to propylene over Y/ZrO2 catalyst
Wang FF, Xia W, Mu XC, Chen K, Si HM, Li ZH
413 - 419 In-situ conversion of rGO/Ni2P composite from GO/Ni-MOF precursor with enhanced electrochemical property
Lv ZJ, Zhong Q, Bu YF
420 - 429 Mesoporous Cu2O-CeO2 composite nanospheres with enhanced catalytic activity for 4-nitrophenol reduction
Pang JJ, Li WT, Cao ZH, Xu JJ, Li X, Zhang XK
430 - 438 Au and Pt selectively deposited on {001}-faceted TiO2 toward SPR enhanced photocatalytic Cr(VI) reduction: The influence of excitation wavelength
Wang W, Lai M, Fang JJ, Lu CH
439 - 446 Iron carbide encapsulated by porous carbon nitride as bifunctional electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction and evolution reactions
Wei LQ, Sun HD, Yang TT, Deng SZ, Wu MB, Li ZT
447 - 455 Co3O4 nanocrystals with exposed low-surface-energy planes anchored on chemically integrated graphitic carbon nitride-modified nitrogen-doped graphene: A high-performance anode material for lithium-ion batteries
Zhang WY, Fu YS, Wang X
456 - 461 Note on the artefacts in SRIM simulation of sputtering
Shulga VI
462 - 467 Ordered array of CoPc-vacancies filled with single-molecule rotors
Xie ZB, Wang YL, Tao ML, Sun K, Tu YB, Yuan HK, Wang JZ
468 - 474 Investigation on the relationship between NbC and wear-resistance of Fe matrix composite coatings with different C contents
Zhao CC, Zhou YF, Xing XL, Liu S, Ren XJ, Yang QX
475 - 487 Synthesis of hierarchically porous perovskite-carbon aerogel composite catalysts for the rapid degradation of fuchsin basic under microwave irradiation and an insight into probable catalytic mechanism
Wang Y, Wang JY, Du BB, Wang Y, Xiong Y, Yang YQ, Zhang XD
488 - 493 Graphite fiber/copper composites prepared by spontaneous infiltration
Wang HB, Tao ZC, Li XF, Yan X, Liu ZJ, Guo QG
494 - 505 A DFT investigation on group 8B transition metal-doped silicon carbide nanotubes for hydrogen storage application
Tabtimsai C, Ruangpornvisuti V, Tontapha S, Wanno B
506 - 515 Effect of ZrO2 film thickness on the photoelectric properties of mixed-cation perovskite solar cells
Li YY, Zhao L, Wei SB, Xiao M, Wan L, Dong BH, Wang SM
516 - 524 Combined surface hardening and laser patterning approach for functionalising stainless steel surfaces
Garcia-Giron A, Romano JM, Liang Y, Dashtbozorg B, Dong H, Penchev P, Dimov SS
525 - 532 Electrically driven plasmon-exciton coupled random lasing in ZnO metal-semiconductor-metal devices
Suja M, Debnath B, Bashar SB, Su LX, Lake R, Liu JL
533 - 544 In-situ electrochemical-AFM study of localized corrosion of AlxCoCrFeNi high-entropy alloys in chloride solution
Shi YZ, Collins L, Balke N, Liaw PK, Yang B
545 - 551 The effect of energy and momentum transfer during magnetron sputter deposition of yttrium oxide thin films
Xia JJ, Liang WP, Miao Q, Depla D
552 - 559 Enhanced selective photocatalytic reduction of CO2 to CH4 over plasmonic Au modified g-C3N4 photocatalyst under UV-vis light irradiation
Li HL, Gao Y, Xiong Z, Liao C, Shih K
560 - 568 Graphene oxide (rGO)-metal oxide (TiO2/Fe3O4) based nanocomposites for the removal of methylene blue
Banerjee S, Benjwal P, Singh M, Kar KK
569 - 576 Reaction of propane with the ordered NiO/Rh(111) studied by XPS and LEISS
Zhang H, Wang WY, Chen MS, Wan HL
577 - 582 Diminish electrostatic in piezoresponse force microscopy through longer or ultra-stiff tips
Gomez A, Puig T, Obradors X
583 - 588 Atomic layer deposition and post-growth thermal annealing of ultrathin MoO3 layers on silicon substrates: Formation of surface nanostructures
Liu HF, Yang RB, Yang WF, Jin YJ, Lee CJJ
589 - 597 Robust hydrophobic polyurethane fibrous membranes with tunable porous structure for waterproof and breathable application
Gu JT, Gu HH, Cao J, Chen SJ, Li N, Xiong J
598 - 604 Facile fabrication of superhydrophobic surfaces from austenitic stainless steel (AISI 304) by chemical etching
Kim JH, Mirzaei A, Kim HW, Kim SS
605 - 611 The matrix effect in secondary ion mass spectrometry
Seah MP, Shard AG
612 - 622 Nickel-foam-supported ruthenium oxide/graphene sandwich composite constructed via one-step electrodeposition route for high-performance aqueous supercapacitors
Li M, He HW
623 - 631 An investigation into the mechanism for enhanced mechanical properties in friction stir welded AA2024-T3 joints coated with cold spraying
Li N, Li WY, Yang XW, Feng Y, Vairis A
632 - 637 Enhanced electrical properties of dual-layer channel ZnO thin film transistors prepared by atomic layer deposition
Li HJ, Han DD, Dong JC, Yu W, Liang Y, Luo Z, Zhang SD, Zhang X, Wang Y
638 - 648 Tailoring the structure of aligned carbon nanotube bundle by reactive polymer for strengthening its surface interaction with thermosets and the excellent properties of the hybrid thermosets
Guan QB, Yuan L, Zhang Y, Gu AJ, Liang GZ
649 - 659 ZIF-8 derived hexagonal-like alpha-Fe2O3/ZnO/Au nanoplates with tunable surface heterostructures for superior ethanol gas-sensing performance
Chen Y, Li H, Ma Q, Che QD, Wang JP, Wang G, Yang P
660 - 671 Absolute band structure determination on naturally occurring rutile with complex chemistry: Implications for mineral photocatalysis on both Earth and Mars
Li Y, Xu XM, Li YZ, Ding C, Wu J, Lu AH, Ding HR, Qin S, Wang CQ
672 - 680 Influence of anodizing conditions on generation of internal cracks in anodic porous tin oxide films grown in NaOH electrolyte
Zaraska L, Gawlak K, Gurgul M, Dziurka M, Nowak M, Gilek D, Sulka GD
681 - 688 ZnO synthesized in air by fs laser irradiation on metallic Zn thin films
Esqueda-Barron Y, Herrera M, Camacho-Lopez S
689 - 696 Low-temperature amorphous boron nitride on Si0.7Ge0.3(001), Cu, and HOPG from sequential exposures of N2H4 and BCl3
Wolf S, Edmonds M, Sardashti K, Clemons M, Park JH, Yoshida N, Dong L, Nemani S, Yieh E, Holmes R, Alvarez D, Kummel AC
697 - 704 Synthesis of BiOCl nanosheets with oxygen vacancies for the improved photocatalytic properties
Cai YJ, Li DY, Sun JY, Chen MD, Li YR, Zou ZW, Zhang H, Xu HM, Xia DS
705 - 711 Incorporation of the zosteric sodium salt in silica nanocapsules: synthesis and characterization of new fillers for antifouling coatings
Ruggiero L, Crociani L, Zendri E, El Habra N, Guerriero P
712 - 723 Molten salt synthesis of nitrogen and oxygen enriched hierarchically porous carbons derived from biomass via rapid microwave carbonization for high voltage supercapacitors
Cheng YF, Li BQ, Huang YJ, Wang YM, Chen JC, Wei DQ, Feng YJ, Jia DC, Zhou Y
724 - 735 Physical-chemical characterization and biological assessment of simple and lithium-doped biological-derived hydroxyapatite thin films for a new generation of metallic implants
Popescu AC, Florian PE, Stan GE, Popescu-Pelin G, Zgura I, Enculescu M, Oktar FN, Trusca R, Sima LE, Roseanu A, Duta L
749 - 759 Surface modification of polypropylene mesh devices with cyclodextrin via cold plasma for hernia repair: Characterization and antibacterial properties
Sanbhal N, Mao Y, Sun G, Xu RF, Zhang Q, Wang L
760 - 771 Adsorption of CO2 on KOH activated, N-enriched carbon derived from urea formaldehyde resin: kinetics, isotherm and thermodynamic studies
Tiwari D, Bhunia H, Bajpai PK
772 - 779 Fabrication of highly hydrophobic two-component thermosetting polyurethane surfaces with silica nanoparticles
Yang G, Song JL, Hou XH
780 - 783 Auger electron spectroscopy analysis for growth interface of cubic boron nitride single crystals synthesized under high pressure and high temperature
Lv MZ, Xu B, Cai LC, Guo XF, Yuan XD
784 - 791 High-efficiency and conveniently recyclable photo-catalysts for dye degradation based on urchin-like CuO microparticle/polymer hybrid composites
Liu X, Cheng YM, Li XF, Dong JF
792 - 800 Effect of water on methane adsorption on the kaolinite (001) surface based on molecular simulations
Zhang B, Kang JT, Kang TH
801 - 814 Cyclic voltammetry study of PEO processing of porous Ti and resulting coatings
Shbeh M, Yerokhin A, Goodall R
815 - 822 Solvothermal synthesis of P25/Bi2WO6 nanocomposite photocatalyst and photocatalytic degradation of ethylene under visible light
Song XL, Wang HD, Li YY, Ye SY, Dionysiou DD
823 - 832 Electronic excitation induced modifications in elongated iron nanoparticle encapsulated multiwalled carbon nanotubes under ion irradiation
Saikiran V, Bazylewski P, Sameera I, Bhatia R, Pathak AP, Prasad V, Chang GS
833 - 838 Covalent organic framework-derived microporous carbon nanoparticles coated with conducting polypyrrole as an electrochemical capacitor
Kim DJ, Yoon JW, Lee CS, Bae YS, Kim JH
839 - 844 Influence of crystallographic polarity on the opto-electrical properties of polycrystalline ZnO thin films deposited by magnetron sputtering
Makino H, Shimizu H
845 - 851 The adsorption and dissociation of O-2 on Pd and Pt modified TaC (100) surface: A first principles study
Meng YA, Zhang XL, Mao JJ, Xu XP, Yang ZX
852 - 858 High performance and reusable SERS substrates using Ag/ZnO heterostructure on periodic silicon nanotube substrate
Lai YC, Ho HC, Shih BW, Tsai FY, Hsueh CH
859 - 867 Improved photocatalytic degradation of chlorophenol over Pt/Bi2WO6 on addition of phosphate
Meng J, Xiong XQ, Zhang X, Xu YM
868 - 875 Improving photovoltaic performance of silicon solar cells using a combination of plasmonic and luminescent downshifting effects
Ho WJ, Feng SK, Liu JJ, Yang YC, Ho CH
876 - 882 Two-step growth mechanism of supported Co3O4-based sea-urchin like hierarchical nanostructures
Maurizio C, Edla R, Michieli N, Orlandi M, Trapananti A, Mattei G, Miotello A
883 - 890 Growth of highly mesoporous CuCo2O4@C core-shell arrays as advanced electrodes for high-performance supercapacitors
Yan HL, Yan A, Zhu KJ, Peng T, Liu XM, Liu YX, Luo YS
891 - 899 Probing of O-2 vacancy defects and correlated magnetic, electrical and photoresponse properties in indium-tin oxide nanostructures by spectroscopic techniques
Ghosh S, Dev BN
900 - 909 Effect of graphite target power density on tribological properties of graphite-like carbon films
Dong D, Jiang BL, Li HT, Du YZ, Yang C
910 - 918 First-principles surface interaction studies of aluminum-copper and aluminum-copper-magnesium secondary phases in aluminum alloys
da Silva TH, Nelson EB, Williamson I, Efaw CM, Sapper E, Hurley MF, Li L
919 - 926 Thermal-induced SPR tuning of Ag-ZnO nanocomposite thin film for plasmonic applications
Singh SK, Singhal R
927 - 933 Synthesis of Fe3O4 cluster microspheres/graphene aerogels composite as anode for high-performance lithium ion battery
Zhou S, Zhou Y, Jiang W, Guo HJ, Wang ZX, Li XH
934 - 945 A comparative DFT study on CO oxidation reaction over Si-doped BC2N nanosheet and nanotube
Nematollahi P, Neyts EC
946 - 953 Property control of graphene aerogels by in situ growth of silicone polymer
Zhou S, Zhou X, Hao GZ, Jiang W, Wang TH
954 - 962 Structural and chemical analysis of TiO2 nanotube surface for dyesensitized solar cells
Endo R, Siriwardena HD, Kondo A, Yamamoto C, Shimomura M
963 - 967 On the origin of reflectance-anisotropy oscillations during GaAs (001) homoepitaxy
Ortega-Gallegos J, Guevara-Macias LE, Ariza-Flores AD, Castro-Garcia R, Lastras-Martinez LF, Balderas-Navarro RE, Lopez-Estopier RE, Lastras-Martinez A
968 - 975 Preparation and electrical-property characterization of poly(vinyl chloride)-derived carbon nanosheet by ion beam irradiation-induced carbon clustering and carbonization
Jung CH, Sohn JY, Kim HS, Hwang IT, Lee HJ, Shin J, Choi JH
976 - 982 Probing superlubricity stability of hydrogenated diamond-like carbon film by varying sliding velocity
Liu YH, Yu BJ, Cao ZY, Shi PF, Zhou NN, Zhang B, Zhang JY, Qian LM
983 - 990 Oxygen vacancy effect on photoluminescence of KNb3O8 nanosheets
Li R, Liu LY, Ming BM, Ji YH, Wang RZ
991 - 998 Evaluation of mechanism of cold atmospheric pressure plasma assisted polymerization of acrylic acid on low density polyethylene (LDPE) film surfaces: Influence of various gaseous plasma pretreatment
Ramkumar MC, Pandiyaraj KN, Kumar AA, Padmanabhan PVA, Kumar SU, Gopinath P, Bendavid A, Cools P, De Geyter N, Morent R, Deshmukh RR
999 - 1009 Improved visible-light photocatalytic activity of TiO2 co-doped with copper and iodine
Dorraj M, Goh BT, Sairi NA, Woi PM, Basirun WJ
1010 - 1018 Effect of Ga incorporation on morphology and defect structures evolution in VLS grown 1D In2O3 nanostructures
Ramos-Ramon JA, Pal U, Cremades A, Maestre D
1019 - 1025 Mesoporous NiCo2O4 nano-needles supported by 3D interconnected carbon network on Ni foam for electrochemical energy storage
Lu CX, Liu WW, Pan H, Tay BK, Wang XL, Liang K, Wei XZ
1026 - 1033 Self-assembled 3DOM macro-/mesoporous TiO2 photoanode for dyesensitized solar cells
Li H, Xie Q, Wang R, Li JS, Xie ZZ, Tang HL
1034 - 1039 Formation of qualified BaHfO3 doped Y0.5Gd0.5Ba2Cu3O7-delta film on CeO2 buffered IBAD-MgO tape by self-seeding pulsed laser deposition
Liu LF, Wang W, Yao YJ, Wu X, Lu SD, Li YJ
1040 - 1046 Correlation between electron work functions of multiphase Cu-8Mn-8Al and de-alloying corrosion
Punburi P, Tareelap N, Srisukhumbowornchai N, Euaruksakul C, Yordsri V
1047 - 1056 Photocatalytic selective hydroxylation of phenol to dihydroxybenzene by BiOI/TiO2 p-n heterojunction photocatalysts for enhanced photocatalytic activity
Li B, Chen XW, Zhang TY, Jiang S, Zhang GH, Wu WB, Ma XY
1057 - 1064 Efficiency enhancement of silicon nanowire solar cells by using UV/Ozone treatments and micro-grid electrodes
Chen JY, Subramani T, Sun YL, Jevasuwan W, Fukata N
1065 - 1071 Efficient carbon dots/NiFe-layered double hydroxide/BiVO4 photoanodes for photoelectrochemical water splitting
Lv XW, Xiao X, Cao ML, Bu Y, Wang CQ, Wang MK, Shen Y
1072 - 1078 The influence of calcination temperatures on the acid-based properties and catalytic activity for the 1,3-butadiene synthesis from ethanol/acetaldehyde mixture
Gao MX, Jiang HX, Zhang MH
1079 - 1087 Broadband optical properties of graphene and HOPG investigated by spectroscopic Mueller matrix ellipsometry
Song BK, Gu HG, Zhu SM, Jiang H, Chen XG, Zhang CW, Liu SY
1088 - 1102 S-TiO2/S-reduced graphene oxide for enhanced photoelectrochemical water splitting
Elbakkay MH, El Rouby WMA, El-Dek SI, Farghali AA
1103 - 1110 Molecular dynamics simulation of sodium aluminosilicate glass structures and glass surface-water reactions using the reactive force field (ReaxFF)
Dongol R, Wang L, Cormack AN, Sundaram SK
1111 - 1118 A long-term ultrahigh temperature application of layered silicide coated Nb alloy in air
Sun J, Fu QG, Li T, Wang C, Huo CX, Zhou H, Yang GJ, Sun L
1119 - 1126 XPS studies of nitrogen doping niobium used for accelerator applications
Yang ZQ, Lu XY, Tan WW, Zhao JF, Yang DY, Yang YJ, He Y, Zhou K
1127 - 1132 Efficiency enhancement of blue light emitting diodes by eliminating V-defects from InGaN/GaN multiple quantum well structures through GaN capping layer control
Tsai SC, Li MJ, Fang HC, Tu CH, Liu CP
1133 - 1142 A mean-density model of ionic surfactants for the dispersion of carbon nanotubes in aqueous solutions
Joung YS
1143 - 1151 One-step fabrication of PEGylated fluorescent nanodiamonds through the thiol-ene click reaction and their potential for biological imaging
Huang HY, Liu MY, Tuo X, Chen JY, Mao LC, Wen YQ, Tian JW, Zhou NG, Zhang XY, Wei Y
1152 - 1157 Observation of structure transition as a function of temperature in depositing hydrogenated sp(2)-rich carbon films
Wang YF, Gao KX, Zhang JY
1158 - 1162 Spin polarization properties of benzene/graphene with transition metals as dopants: First principles calculations
Yuan XB, Tian YL, Zhao XW, Yue WW, Hu GC, Ren JF
1163 - 1179 New polyvinyl chloride (PVC) nanocomposite consisting of aromatic polyamide and chitosan modified ZnO nanoparticles with enhanced thermal stability, low heat release rate and improved mechanical properties
Hajibeygi M, Maleki M, Shabanian M, Ducos F, Vahabi H
1180 - 1185 The displacement effect of a fluorine atom in CaF2 on the band structure
Mir A, Zaoui A, Bensaid D