Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.436 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Effect of copper coating on fibers made of aluminum alloy, titanium, and FeCrAl alloy on surface morphology and activity in CO oxidation
Lukiyanchuk IV, Rudnev VS, Serov MM, Krit BL, Lukiyanchuk GD, Nedozorov PM
11 - 21 Fabrication of biomimetic resorption lacunae-like structure on titanium surface and its osteoblast responses
Huo FJ, Guo WH, Wu H, Wang YT, He G, Xie L, Tian WD
22 - 26 Tunable anomalous hall effect induced by interfacial catalyst in perpendicular multilayers
Zhang JY, Peng WL, Sun QY, Liu YW, Dong BW, Zheng XQ, Yu GH, Wang C, Zhao YC, Wang SG
27 - 41 Investigation of the adsorption of ozone molecules on TiO2/WSe2 nanocomposites by DFT computations: Applications to gas sensor devices
Abbasi A, Sardroodi JJ
42 - 49 Temperature dependence of Ni3S2 nanostructures with high electrochemical performance
Wang YL, Wei XQ, Li MB, Hou PY, Xu XJ
50 - 57 Adsorption properties of AlN on Si(111) surface: A density functional study
Yuan YM, Zuo R, Mao KK, Tang BL, Zhang Z, Liu J, Zhong TT
58 - 65 DFT study of the adsorption of 3-chloro-2-hydroxypropyl trimethylammonium chloride on montmorillonite surfaces in solution
Yang ZY, Liu WL, Zhang H, Jiang XL, Min FF
66 - 72 Densifying carbon nanotubes on assembly surface by the self-contraction of silk fibroin
Jiang CY, Yang XQ, Zhao JN, Li QS, Zhang KQ, Zhang XH, Li QW
73 - 79 Simultaneously and separately immobilizing incompatible dual-enzymes on polymer substrate via visible light induced graft polymerization
Zhu X, He B, Zhao CW, Ma YH, Yang WT
80 - 89 Insight into the product film formed on Ni-advanced weathering steel in a tropical marine atmosphere
Wu W, Cheng XQ, Hou HX, Liu B, Li XG
90 - 101 One-pot, facile fabrication of a Ag3PO4-based ternary Z-scheme photocatalyst with excellent visible-light photoactivity and anti-photocorrosion performance
Xie MY, Zhang TL
102 - 110 Reference binding energies of transition metal carbides by core-level x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy free from Ar+ etching artefacts
Greczynski G, Primetzhofer D, Hultman L
111 - 116 Low-cost and large-scale flexible SERS-cotton fabric as a wipe substrate for surface trace analysis
Chen YM, Ge FY, Guang SY, Cai ZS
117 - 124 Preparing high-adhesion silver coating on APTMS modified polyethylene with excellent anti-bacterial performance
Li WF, Chen YX, Wu S, Zhang J, Wang H, Zeng DW, Xie CS
125 - 133 Facile fabrication of Si-doped TiO2 nanotubes photoanode for enhanced photoelectrochemical hydrogen generation
Dong ZB, Ding DY, Li T, Ning CQ
134 - 140 Surface modification effects of fluorine-doped tin dioxide by oxygen plasma ion implantation
Tang P, Liu C, Zhang JQ, Wu LL, Li W, Feng LH, Zeng GG, Wang WW
141 - 151 Use of micrometric latex beads to improve the porosity of hydroxyapatite obtained by chemical coprecipitation method
Webler GD, Rodrigues WC, Silva AES, Silva AOS, Fonsecae EJS, Degenhardt MFS, Oliveira CLP, Otubo L, Barros DA
152 - 161 Robust and underwater superoleophobic coating with excellent corrosion and biofouling resistance in harsh environments
Su MJ, Liu Y, Zhang YH, Wang ZG, Li YL, He PX
162 - 171 Fabrication of flower-like direct Z-scheme beta-Bi2O3/g-C3N4 photocatalyst with enhanced visible light photoactivity for Rhodamine B degradation
Zhang LP, Wang GH, Xiong ZZ, Tang H, Jiang CJ
172 - 182 A lattice Boltzmann simulation of coalescence-induced droplet jumping on superhydrophobic surfaces with randomly distributed structures
Zhang LZ, Yuan WZ
183 - 188 Layout designs of surface barrier coatings for boosting the capability of oxygen/vapor obstruction utilized in flexible electronics
Lee CC, Huang PC, He JY
189 - 197 A hydrogel-mediated scalable strategy toward core-shell polyaniline/poly(acrylic acid)-modified carbon nanotube hybrids as efficient electrodes for supercapacitor applications
Liu QQ, Bai ZY, Fan JB, Sun ZP, Mi HY, Zhang Q, Qiu JS
198 - 206 The oxygen-rich pentaerythritol modified multi-walled carbon nanotube as an efficient adsorbent for aqueous removal of alizarin yellow R and alizarin red S
Yang JY, Jiang XY, Jiao FP, Yu JG
207 - 216 Antifouling coatings via plasma polymerization and atom transfer radical polymerization on thin film composite membranes for reverse osmosis
Hirsch U, Ruehl M, Teuscher N, Heilmann A
217 - 223 The catalytic decomposition of thiosulfate by pyrite
Nie YH, Wang Q, Zi FT, Hu XZ, Chen YL, Guo LX, Yu H
224 - 233 Fabrication of hierarchical polymer surfaces with superhydrophobicity by injection molding from nature and function-oriented design
Weng C, Wang F, Zhou MY, Yang DJ, Jiang BY
234 - 241 Design of water-repellant coating using dual scale size of hybrid silica nanoparticles on polymer surface
Conti J, De Coninck J, Ghazzal MN
242 - 251 NiCo2O4 particles with diamond-shaped hexahedron structure for high-performance supercapacitors
Li YF, Hou XJ, Zhang ZX, Hai ZY, Xu HY, Cui DF, Zhuiykov S, Xue CY
252 - 262 Magnetic porous Fe3O4/carbon octahedra derived from iron-based metal-organic framework as heterogeneous Fenton-like catalyst
Li WH, Wu XF, Li SD, Tang W, Chen YF
263 - 267 Anti-biofouling superhydrophobic surface fabricated by picosecond laser texturing of stainless steel
Sun K, Yang H, Xue W, He A, Zhu DH, Liu WW, Adeyemi K, Cao Y
268 - 276 A comparative DFT study on the dehydrogenation of methanol on Rh(100) and Rh(110)
Zhang MH, Wu XY, Yuan YZ
277 - 282 Chlorinated paraffins wrapping of carbon nanotubes: A theoretical investigation
Ding QY, Ding N, Chen XF, Wu CML
283 - 292 Durable superamphiphobic nano-silica/epoxy composite coating via coaxial electrospraying method
Li XY, Li H, Huang K, Zou H, Yu DG, Li Y, Qiu BW, Wang X
293 - 301 Crystallized InBiS3 thin films with enhanced optoelectronic properties
Ali N, Hussain A, Ahmed R, Bin Omar MF, Sultan M, Fu YQ
302 - 318 In-depth understanding of core-shell nanoarchitecture evolution of g-C3N4@C, N co-doped anatase/rutile: Efficient charge separation and enhanced visible-light photocatalytic performance
Mohamed MA, Jaafar J, Zain MFM, Minggu LJ, Kassim MB, Rosmi MS, Alias NH, Nor NAM, Salleh WNW, Othman MHD
319 - 326 Hydrothermal synthesis of BiVO4/TiO2 composites and their application for degradation of gaseous benzene under visible light irradiation
Hu Y, Chen W, Fu JP, Ba MW, Sun FQ, Zhang P, Zou JY
327 - 336 Three-dimensional porous activated carbon derived from loofah sponge biomass for supercapacitor applications
Su XL, Chen JR, Zheng GP, Yang JH, Guan XX, Liu P, Zheng XC
337 - 344 Enhanced photoelectrochemical performance of TiO2 nanotube arrays with coexisted Pt nanoparticles and Co-Pi cocatalysts
Li YF, Cao C, Xie XX, Zhang L, Lin SW
345 - 353 Sponge-like reduced graphene oxide/silicon/carbon nanotube composites for lithium ion batteries
Fang ML, Wang Z, Chen XJ, Guan SY
354 - 361 Effect of morphology evolution on the thermoelectric properties of oxidized ZnO thin films
Liu SY, Li GJ, Xiao L, Jia BH, Gao Y, Wang Q
362 - 366 Using a cover layer to improve the damage resistance of gold-coated gratings induced by a picosecond pulsed laser
Xia ZL, Wu YH, Kong FY, Jin YX
367 - 372 Synergistic effects of semiconductor substrate and noble metal nano-particles on SERS effect both theoretical and experimental aspects
Yang C, Liang P, Tang LS, Zhou YF, Cao YT, Wu YX, Zhang D, Dong QM, Huang J, He P
373 - 381 Core-shell SrTiO3/graphene structure by chemical vapor deposition for enhanced photocatalytic performance
He CY, Bu XM, Yang SW, He P, Ding GQ, Xie XM
382 - 390 Structure and hemocompatibility of nanocrystalline titanium nitride produced under glow-discharge conditions
Sowinska A, Czarnowska E, Tarnowski M, Witkowska J, Wierzchon T
391 - 397 High-performance flexible surface-enhanced Raman scattering substrates fabricated by depositing Ag nanoislands on the dragonfly wing
Wang YH, Wang ML, Shen L, Sun X, Shi GC, Ma WL, Yan XY
398 - 404 Stable silicon/3D porous N-doped graphene composite for lithium-ion battery anodes with self-assembly
Tang XF, Wen GW, Song Y
405 - 410 A superhydrophobic EP/PDMS nanocomposite coating with high gamma radiation stability
Zhang Y, Ren FL, Liu YJ
411 - 418 Duty cycle dependent chemical structure and wettability of RF pulsed plasma copolymers of acrylic acid and octafluorocyclobutane
Muzammil I, Li YP, Li XY, Lei MK
419 - 423 First-principles study of adsorption-induced magnetic properties of InSe monolayers
Fu ZM, Yang BW, Zhang N, Ma DW, Yang ZX
424 - 432 Facile synthesis of porous graphene-like carbon nitride nanosheets with high surface area and enhanced photocatalytic activity via one-step catalyst-free solution self-polymerization
Wu SK, Wen SW, Xu XM, Huang GZ, Cui YF, Li JY, Qu AL
433 - 440 Atomic adsorption on pristine graphene along the Periodic Table of Elements - From PBE to non-local functionals
Pasti IA, Jovanovic A, Dobrota AS, Mentus SV, Johansson B, Skorodumova NV
441 - 450 Investigation of molybdenum-crosslinker interfaces for affinity based electrochemical biosensing applications
Kamakoti V, Shanmugam NR, Tanak AS, Jagannath B, Prasad S
451 - 459 MOF-derived Cu-Pd/nanoporous carbon composite as an efficient catalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction: A comparison between hydrothermal and electrochemical synthesis
Mandegarzad S, Raoof JB, Hosseini SR, Ojani R
460 - 466 Oxidization of Al0.5Ga0.5As(001) surface: The electronic properties
Liu XM, Wei ZP, Liu JL, Tan W, Fang X, Fang D, Wang XH, Wang DK, Tang JL, Fan XF
467 - 476 Surface damage mitigation of TC4 alloy via micro arc oxidation for oil and gas exploitation application: Characterizations of microstructure and evaluations on surface performance
Xie RZ, Lin NM, Zhou P, Zou JJ, Han PJ, Wang ZH, Tang B
477 - 485 Origin of high carrier mobility and low residual stress in RF superimposed DC sputtered Al doped ZnO thin film for next generation flexible devices
Kumar N, Dubey A, Bahrami B, Venkatesan S, Qiao QQ, Kumar M
486 - 494 Converting biomass waste into microporous carbon with simultaneously high surface area and carbon purity as advanced electrochemical energy storage materials
Sun F, Wang LJ, Peng YT, Gao JH, Pi XX, Qu ZB, Zhao GB, Qin YK
495 - 504 In-situ determination of amine/epoxy and carboxylic/epoxy exothermic heat of reaction on surface of modified carbon nanotubes and structural verification of covalent bond formation
Neves JC, de Castro VG, Assis ALS, Veiga AG, Rocco MLM, Silva GG
505 - 510 Confined Li ion migration in the silicon-graphene complex system: An ab initio investigation
Wang GQ, Xu B, Shi J, Lei XL, Ouyang CY
511 - 518 A new direct growth method of graphene on Si-face of 6H-SiC by synergy of the inner and external carbon sources
Yang ZY, Xu SC, Zhao LL, Zhang J, Wang ZP, Chen XF, Cheng XF, Yu FP, Zhao X
519 - 526 Two dimensional Z-scheme AgCl/Ag/CaTiO3 nano-heterojunctions for photocatalytic hydrogen production enhancement
Jiang ZY, Pan JQ, Wang BB, Li CR
527 - 535 Constructing superhydrophobic WO3@TiO2 nanoflake surface beyond amorphous alloy against electrochemical corrosion on iron steel
Yu SQ, Ling YH, Wang RG, Zhang J, Qin F, Zhang ZJ
536 - 547 Ag/Bi2MoO6-x with enhanced visible-light-responsive photocatalytic activities via the synergistic effect of surface oxygen vacancies and surface plasmon
Wang DJ, Shen HD, Guo L, Wang C, Fu F, Liang YC
548 - 555 Surface engineering of zirconium particles by molecular layer deposition: Significantly enhanced electrostatic safety at minimum loss of the energy density
Qin LJ, Yan N, Hao HX, An T, Zhao FQ, Feng H
556 - 561 Investigation of the growth and in situ heating transmission electron microscopy analysis of Ag2S-catalyzed ZnS nanowires
Kim JH, Kim JG, Song J, Bae TS, Kim KH, Lee YS, Pang Y, Oh KH, Chung HS
562 - 569 Fabrication of a temperature-responsive and recyclable MoS2 nanocatalyst through composting with poly (N-isopropylacrylamide)
Liu Y, Chen PP, Nie WY, Zhou YF
570 - 578 Vertically-oriented graphenes supported Mn3O4 as advanced catalysts in post plasma-catalysis for toluene decomposition
Bo Z, Hao H, Yang SL, Zhu JH, Yan JH, Cen KF
579 - 584 Electrochemical properties of Ti3+ doped Ag-Ti nanotube arrays coated with hydroxyapatite
Zhang HZ, Shi XG, Tian A, Wang L, Liu CW
585 - 595 Support effects in single atom iron catalysts on adsorption characteristics of toxic gases (NO2, NH3, SO3 and H2S)
Gao ZY, Yang WJ, Ding XL, Lv G, Yan WP
596 - 602 Enhanced performance of perovskite solar cells by ultraviolet-ozone treatment of mesoporous TiO2
Wang ZZ, Fang J, Mi Y, Zhu XY, Ren H, Liu XF, Yan Y
603 - 612 Hydrogenated amorphous silicon coatings may modulate gingival cell response
Mussano F, Genova T, Laurenti M, Munaron L, Pirri CF, Rivolo P, Carossa S, Mandracci P
613 - 623 Constructing 1D hierarchical heterostructures of MoS2/In2S3 nanosheets on CdS nanorod arrays for enhanced photoelectrocatalytic H-2 evolution
Sheng WH, Song Y, Dou ML, Ji J, Wang F
624 - 630 Antibacterial graphene oxide coatings on polymer substrate
Liu YM, Wen J, Gao Y, Li TY, Wang HF, Yan H, Niu BL, Guo RJ
631 - 638 Formic acid decomposition on Pt-1/Cu (111) single platinum atom catalyst: Insights from DFT calculations and energetic span model analysis
Wang YF, Li K, Wang GC
639 - 645 Enhanced electrochemical performances with a copper/xylose-based carbon composite electrode
Sirisomboonchai S, Kongparakul S, Nueangnoraj K, Zhang HB, Wei L, Reubroycharoen P, Guan GQ, Samart C
646 - 652 Time dependence of the natural passivation process on AISI 304 in an alkaline medium: Atomic force microscopy and scanning Kelvin probe force microscopy as additional tools to electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
Benaioun NE, Maafa I, Florentin A, Denys E, Hakiki NE, Moulayat N, Bubendorff JL
653 - 661 Layered titanates with fibrous nanotopographic features as reservoir for bioactive ions to enhance osteogenesis
Song XX, Tang W, Gregurec D, Yate L, Moya SE, Wang GC
662 - 669 Milligram-per-second femtosecond laser production of Se nanoparticle inks and ink-jet printing of nanophotonic 2D-patterns
Ionin A, Ivanova A, Khmel'nitskii R, Klevkov Y, Kudryashov S, Mel'nik N, Nastulyavichus A, Rudenko A, Saraeva I, Smirnov N, Zayarny D, Baranov A, Kirilenko D, Brunkov P, Shakhmin A
670 - 681 Development of robust fluorinated TiO2/PVDF composite hollow fiber membrane for CO2 capture in gas-liquid membrane contactor
Lin YQ, Xu YL, Loh CH, Wang R
682 - 689 Femtosecond laser-induced ripple patterns for homogenous nanostructuring of pyrolytic carbon heart valve implant
Stepak B, Dzienny P, Franke V, Kunicki P, Gotszalk T, Antonczak A
690 - 696 Atmospheric-pressure plasma jet processed Pt/ZnO composites and its application as counter-electrodes for dye-sensitized solar cells
Lee CC, Wan TH, Hsu CC, Cheng IC, Chen JZ
697 - 707 Electronic structure, charge transfer, and intrinsic luminescence of gadolinium oxide nanoparticles: Experiment and theory
Zatsepin DA, Boukhvalov DW, Zatsepin AF, Kuznetsova YA, Mashkovtsev MA, Rychkov VN, Shur VY, Esin AA, Kurmaev EZ
708 - 719 Influence of silver nanoparticles on titanium oxide and nitrogen doped titanium oxide thin films for sun light photocatalysis
Madhavi V, Kondaiah P, Rao GM
720 - 731 X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy on 1-peso and 2-pesos of the Argentine Republic
Gard FS, Duffo G, Bergamasco P, Forlerer E
732 - 738 Sol-gel preparation of Ag-silica nanocomposite with high electrical conductivity
Ma ZJ, Jiang YW, Xiao HS, Jiang BF, Zhang H, Peng MY, Dong GP, Yu X, Yang J
739 - 746 Flexible graphene composites for removal of methylene blue dye-contaminant from water
Oliva J, Martinez AI, Oliva AI, Garcia CR, Martinez-Luevanos A, Garcia-Lobato M, Ochoa-Valiente R, Berlanga A
747 - 755 Carefully designed oxygen-containing functional groups and defects of porous carbon spheres with UV-O-3 treatment and their enhanced catalytic performance
Han WL, Huang XS, Lu GX, Tang ZC
756 - 767 Epoxy composites coating with Fe3O4 decorated graphene oxide: Modified bio-inspired surface chemistry, synergistic effect and improved anti-corrosion performance
Zhan YQ, Zhang JM, Wan XY, Long ZH, He SJ, He Y
768 - 778 Influence of interfacial reaction on reactive wettability of molten Ag-Cu-X wt.%Ti filler metal on SiC ceramic substrate and mechanism analysis
Yang J, Huang JH, Ye Z, Chen SH, Ji R, Zhao Y
779 - 784 Optical gradients in a-Si:H thin films detected using real-time spectroscopic ellipsometry with virtual interface analysis
Junda MM, Gautam LK, Collins RW, Podraza NJ
785 - 790 Large-scale synthesis of lead telluride (PbTe) nanotube-based nanocomposites with tunable morphology, crystallinity and thermoelectric properties
Park KR, Cho HB, Song Y, Kim S, Kwon YT, Ryu SH, Lim JH, Lee WJ, Choa YH
791 - 802 Hydrophobic and hydrophilic nanosheet catalysts with high catalytic activity and recycling stability through control of the outermost ligand
Ko Y, Kim D, Kwon CH, Cho J
803 - 813 Remarkable activity of nitrogen-doped hollow carbon spheres encapsulated Cu on synthesis of dimethyl carbonate: Role of effective nitrogen
Li HX, Zhao JX, Shi RN, Hao PP, Liu SS, Li Z, Ren J
814 - 822 The enhanced resistance to K deactivation of Ce/TiO2 catalyst for NH3-SCR reaction by the modification with P
Li MY, Guo RT, Hu CX, Sun P, Pan WG, Liu SM, Sun X, Liu SW, Liu J
823 - 831 Surface modification of malachite with ethanediamine and its effect on sulfidization flotation
Feng QC, Zhao WJ, Wen SM
832 - 838 Thermal treatment to improve the hydrophobicity of ground CaCO3 particles modified with sodium stearate
Liang Y, Yu KY, Zheng QZ, Xie JR, Wang TJ
839 - 845 Formation of controllable polymer micropatterns through liquid film electro-dewetting
Zhou SR, Zheng H, Li GL, Liu J, Liu S
846 - 853 Growth and microstructural evolution of WS2 nanostructures with tunable field and light modulated electrical transport
Kumar P, Balakrishnan V
854 - 864 Bi2WO6 nanoflowers: An efficient visible light photocatalytic activity for ceftriaxone sodium degradation
Zhao YY, Wang YB, Liu EZ, Fan J, Hu XY
865 - 872 Superhydrophobic coatings on wood substrate for self-cleaning and EMI shielding
Xing YJ, Xue YP, Song JL, Sun YK, Huang L, Liu X, Sun J
873 - 881 Unique bar-like sulfur-doped C3N4/TiO2 nanocomposite: Excellent visible light driven photocatalytic activity and mechanism study
Zhao Y, Xu SP, Sun X, Xu X, Gao BY
882 - 886 Modulations of anisotropic optical transmission on alumina-doped zinc oxide surface by femtosecond laser induced ripples
Lu YH, Jiang L, Sun JY, Cao Q, Wang QS, Han WN, Lu YF
887 - 892 Real-time spectro-ellipsometric approach to distinguish between two-dimensional Ge layer growth and Ge dot formation on SiO2 substrates
Akazawa H
893 - 899 Exploring the low friction of diamond-like carbon films in carbon dioxide atmosphere by experiments and first-principles calculations
Huo L, Wang SH, Pu JB, Sun JH, Lu ZB, Ju PF, Wang LP
900 - 906 Microstructure and microwave dielectric properties of Na1/2Sm1/2TiO3 filled PTFE, an environmental friendly composites
Luo FC, Tang B, Yuan Y, Fang ZX, Zhang SR
907 - 911 Determining the thickness of aliphatic alcohol monolayers covalently attached to silicon oxide surfaces using angle-resolved X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Lee AWH, Kim D, Gates BD
912 - 918 Enhanced cyclic stability of SnS microplates with conformal carbon coating derived from ethanol vapor deposition for sodium-ion batteries
Li X, Liu JW, Ouyang LZ, Yuan B, Yang LC, Zhu M
919 - 926 Design lateral heterostructure of monolayer ZrS2 and HfS2 from first principles calculations
Yuan JH, Yu NN, Wang JF, Xue KH, Miao XS
927 - 933 Photovoltaic performance of textured silicon solar cells with MAPbBr(3) perovskite nanophosphors to induce luminescent down-shifting
Ho WJ, Li GY, Liu JJ, Lin ZX, You BJ, Ho CH
934 - 940 Microwave assisted synthesis of camellia oleifera shell-derived porous carbon with rich oxygen functionalities and superior supercapacitor performance
Liang JY, Qu TT, Kun X, Zhang Y, Chen SY, Cao YC, Xie MJ, Guo XF
941 - 949 Studying Pulsed Laser Deposition conditions for Ni/C-based multi-layers
Bollmann TRJ
950 - 956 Chemical grafting of the superhydrophobic surface on copper with hierarchical microstructure and its formation mechanism
Cai JY, Wang SH, Zhang JH, Liu Y, Hang T, Ling HQ, Li M
957 - 966 Layer-by-layer composite film of nickel phthalocyanine and montmorillonite clay for synergistic effect on electrochemical detection of dopamine
de Lucena NC, Miyazaki CM, Shimizu FM, Constantino CJL, Ferreira M
967 - 973 Fabrication and electrochemistry characteristics of nickel-doped diamond-like carbon film toward applications in non-enzymatic glucose detection
Liu CW, Chen WE, Sun YTA, Lin CR
974 - 980 RGO modified Ni doped FeOOH for enhanced electrochemical and photoelectrochemical water oxidation
Zhang XF, Zhang BY, Liu SS, Kang HW, Kong WQ, Zhang SR, Shen Y, Yang BC
981 - 988 Enhanced activity and stability of copper oxide/gamma-alumina catalyst in catalytic wet-air oxidation: Critical roles of cerium incorporation
Zhang YL, Zhou YB, Peng C, Shi JJ, Wang QY, He LF, Shi L
989 - 994 First-principles atomistic Wulff constructions for an equilibrium rutile TiO2 shape modeling
Jiang FZ, Yang L, Zhou DL, He G, Zhou JB, Wang FH, Chen ZG
995 - 1002 High ink absorption performance of inkjet printing based on SiO2@Al-13 core-shell composites
Chen YF, Jiang B, Liu L, Du YZ, Zhang T, Zhao LW, Huang YD
1003 - 1017 A DFT approach for methanol synthesis via hydrogenation of CO on gallia, ceria and ZnO surfaces
Reimers W, Zubieta C, Baltanas MA, Branda MM
1018 - 1021 Chemical sensors are hybrid-input memristors
Sysoev VI, Arkhipov VE, Okotrub AV, Pershin YV
1022 - 1029 The enhancement of CuO modified V2O5-WO3/TiO2 based SCR catalyst for Hg-o oxidation in simulated flue gas
Chen CM, Jia WB, Liu ST, Cao Y
1030 - 1037 Electrocatalytic activity of cobalt phosphide-modified graphite felt toward VO2+/VO2+ redox reaction
Ge ZJ, Wang L, He ZX, Li YH, Jiang YQ, Meng W, Dai L
1038 - 1049 Wear-triggered self-healing behavior on the surface of nanocrystalline nickel aluminum bronze/Ti3SiC2 composites
Zhai WZ, Lu WL, Zhang P, Wang J, Liu XJ, Zhou LP
1050 - 1060 ERGO grown on Ni-Cu foam frameworks by constant potential method as high performance electrodes for supercapacitors
Mirzaee M, Dehghanian C, Bokati KS
1061 - 1066 Preparation and enhanced infrared response properties of ordered W-doped VO2 nanowire array
Xie BH, Fu WB, Fei GT, Xu SH, Gao XD, Zhang LD
1067 - 1074 Epitaxial integration of CoFe2O4 thin films on Si (001) surfaces using TiN buffer layers
Prieto F, Marco JF, Prieto JE, Ruiz-Gomez S, Perez L, del Real RP, Vazquez M, de la Figuera J
1075 - 1082 Wettability modification of porous PET by atmospheric femtosecond PLD
Assaf Y, Forstmann G, Kietzig AM
1083 - 1092 Poly(2-aminothiazole)-silica nanocomposite particles: Synthesis and morphology control
Zou H, Wu D, Sun H, Chen SW, Wang X
1093 - 1103 UV-light assisted patterned metallization of textile fabrics
Bahners T, Gebert B, Prager A, Hartmann N, Hagemann U, Gutmann JS
1104 - 1112 Synthesis and characterization of novel fluoroalkyl-terminated hyperbranched polyurethane latex
Xu W, Zhao WJ, Hao LF, Wang S, Pei MM, Wang XC
1113 - 1122 Isolation and surface modification of cellulose nanocrystals from sugarcane bagasse waste: From a micro- to a nano-scale view
Ferreira FV, Mariano M, Rabelo SC, Gouveia RF, Lona LMF
1123 - 1133 Noncovalent functionalization of pristine CVD single-walled carbon nanotubes with 3d metal(II) phthalocyanines by adsorption from the gas phase
Basiuk VA, Flores-Sanchez LJ, Meza-Laguna V, Flores-Flores JO, Bucio-Galindo L, Puente-Lee I, Basiuk EV
1134 - 1146 Facile fabrication of uniform hierarchical structured (UHS) nanocomposite surface with high water repellency and self-cleaning properties
Bagheri H, Aliofkhazraei M, Forooshani HM, Rouhaghdam AS
1147 - 1156 Role of SiC substrate surface on local tarnishing of deposited silver mirror stacks
Limam E, Maurice V, Seyeux A, Zanna S, Klein LH, Chauveau G, Grezes-Besset C, De Larclause IS, Marcus P
1157 - 1162 A comparative study on NbOx films reactively sputtered from sintered and cold gas sprayed targets
Lorenz R, O'Sullivan M, Fian A, Sprenger D, Lang B, Mitterer C
1163 - 1172 Single-step fabrication of homoepitaxial silicon nanocones by molecular beam epitaxy
Colnita A, Marconi D, Bratfalean RT, Turcu L
1173 - 1180 Emulating porphyrins with a rippled multivacancy graphene system
Mombru D, Faccio R, Mombru AW
1181 - 1192 The effects of surface-charged submicron polystyrene particles on the structure and performance of PSF forward osmosis membrane
Zuo HR, Fu JB, Cao GP, Hu NA, Lu H, Liu HQ, Chen PP, Yu J
1193 - 1199 Laser induced periodic surface structures formation by nanosecond laser irradiation of poly (ethylene terephthalate) reinforced with Expanded Graphite
Rodriguez-Beltran RI, Hernandez M, Paszkiewicz S, Szymczyk A, Roslaniec Z, Ezquerra TA, Castillejo M, Moreno P, Rebollar E
1200 - 1212 Corrosion and magnetic properties of encapsulated carbonyl iron particles in aqueous suspension by inorganic thin films for magnetorheological finishing application
Esmaeilzare A, Rezaei SM, Ramezanzadeh B