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Applied Surface Science, Vol.435 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 6 Splitting of the ultraviolet plasmon resonance from controlling FePt nanoparticles morphology
Yu J, Xiao TT, Wang XM, Zhao Y, Li XJ, Xu XB, Xiong ZW, Wang XM, Peng LP, Wang J, Yin HB, Chen J, Meng G, Li YF, Wu WD
7 - 15 Electromagnetic shielding effectiveness of a thin silver layer deposited onto PET film via atmospheric pressure plasma reduction
Oh HJ, Dao VD, Choi HS
16 - 22 Self-assembled metal nano-multilayered film prepared by co-sputtering method
Xie TL, Fu LC, Qin W, Zhu JJ, Yang WL, Li DY, Zhou LP
23 - 30 XPS/NEXAFS spectroscopic and conductance studies of glycine on AlGaN/GaN transistor devices
Myers M, Khir FLM, Home MA, Mennell C, Gillbanks J, Tadich A, Baker MV, Nener BD, Parish G
31 - 38 CoPt/TiN films nanopatterned by RF plasma etching towards dot-patterned magnetic media
Szivos J, Pothorszky S, Soltys J, Serenyi M, An HY, Gao TH, Deak A, Shi J, Safran G
39 - 47 Band-gap engineering and comparative investigation of Ti2Nb10O29 photocatalysts obtained by Various synthetic routes
Xie ML, Zhu HK, Fang MH, Huang ZH, Liu YG, Wu XW
48 - 54 Structure and tribological behavior of Pb-Ti/MoS2 nanoscaled multilayer films deposited by magnetron sputtering method
Li H, Xie ML, Zhang GG, Fan XQ, Li X, Zhu MH, Wang LP
55 - 64 The important role of polyvinylpyrrolidone and Cu on enhancing dechlorination of 2,4-dichlorophenol by Cu/Fe nanoparticles: Performance and mechanism study
Fang LP, Xu CH, Zhang WB, Huang LZ
65 - 71 Molecular dynamics simulations with electronic stopping can reproduce experimental sputtering yields of metals impacted by large cluster ions
Tian JT, Zhou W, Feng QJ, Zheng J
72 - 78 Enhanced catalyst activity by decorating of Au on Ag@Cu2O nanoshell
Chen L, Liu MM, Zhao Y, Kou QW, Wang YX, Liu Y, Zhang YJ, Yang JH, Jung YM
79 - 90 Synthesis of hydrophilic carbon nanotubes by grafting poly(methyl methacrylate) via click reaction and its effect on poly(vinylidene fluoride)-carbon nanotube composite membrane properties
Ma WZ, Zhao YC, Li YX, Zhang P, Cao Z, Yang HC, Liu CL, Tao GL, Gong FH, Matsuyama H
91 - 101 Insight into capacitive performance of polyaniline/graphene oxide composites with ecofriendly binder
Bilal S, Fahim M, Firdous I, Shah AUA
102 - 107 First row transition metal atoms embedded in multivacancies in a rippled graphene system
Mombru D, Faccio R, Mombru AW
108 - 116 Facile preparation of branched hierarchical ZnO nanowire arrays with enhanced photocatalytic activity: A photodegradation kinetic model
Ebrahimi M, Yousefzadeh S, Samadi M, Dong CY, Zhang JL, Moshfegh AZ
117 - 121 Improved resistive switching characteristics of a Pt/HfO2/Pt resistor by controlling anode interface with forming and switching polarity
Jung YC, Seong S, Lee T, Kim SY, Park IS, Ahn J
122 - 129 Electrocatalytic behavior of a nanocomposite of Ni/Pd supported by carbonized PVA nanofibers towards formic acid, ethanol and urea oxidation: A physicochemical and electro-analysis study
Mohamed IMA, Yasin AS, Barakat NAM, Song SA, Lee HE, Kim SS
130 - 140 Investigation of the heating behavior of carbide-bonded graphene coated silicon wafer used for hot embossing
Yang G, Li LH, Lee WB, Ng MC, Chan CY
141 - 148 Fe(II)-substituted cobalt ferrite nanoparticles against multidrug resistant microorganisms
Zalneravicius R, Paskevicius A, Mazeika K, Jagminas A
149 - 155 Facile synthesis of Ag@ZIF-8 core-shell heterostructure nanowires for improved antibacterial activities
Guo YF, Fang WJ, Fu JR, Wu Y, Zheng J, Gao GQ, Chen C, Yan RW, Huang SG, Wang CC
156 - 162 Vertically aligned TiO2 nanorods-woven carbon fiber for reinforcement of both mechanical and anti-wear properties in resin composite
Fei J, Zhang C, Luo D, Cui YL, Li HJ, Lu ZQ, Huang JF
163 - 169 Growth of high-quality AlN epitaxial film by optimizing the Si substrate surface
Huang LG, Li Y, Wang WL, Li XC, Zheng YL, Wang HY, Zhang ZC, Li GQ
170 - 177 Combinatorial study of low-refractive Mg-F-Si-O nano-composites deposited by magnetron co-sputtering from compound targets
Mertin S, Lanzlinger T, Sandu CS, Scartezzini JL, Muralt P
178 - 186 Magnetic, core-shell structured and surface molecularly imprinted polymers for the rapid and selective recognition of salicylic acid from aqueous solutions
Zhang ZL, Niu DC, Li YS, Shi JL
187 - 194 Controllable synthesis of hierarchical nickel cobalt sulfide with enhanced electrochemical activity
Tie JJ, Han JX, Diao GQ, Liu JW, Xie ZP, Cheng G, Sun M, Yu L
195 - 202 Preparation of epoxy-acrylate copolymer/nano-silica via Pickering emulsion polymerization and its application as printing binder
Gao DG, Chang R, Lyu B, Ma JZ, Duan XY
203 - 209 Rod-like hierarchical Sn/SnOx@C nanostructures with enhanced lithium storage properties
Yang J, Chen SM, Tang JJ, Tian HY, Bai T, Zhou XY
210 - 215 Non-uniformly functionalized titanium carbide-based MXenes as an anchoring material for Li-S batteries: A first-principles calculation
Sim ES, Chung YC
216 - 224 Novel synthesis and characterization of Ag@TiO2 core shell nanostructure for non-enzymatic glucose sensor
Dayakar T, Rao KV, Vinodkumar M, Bikshalu K, Chakradhar B, Rao KR
225 - 228 Growth dynamics controllable deposition of homoepitaxial MgO films on the IBAD-MgO substrates
Wang W, Liu LF, Yao YJ, Lu SD, Wu X, Zheng T, Liu SF, Li YJ
229 - 236 Antioxidation performance of poly(vinyl alcohol) modified poly(vinylidene fluoride) membranes
Wang DH, Li XF, Li Q, Liu Z, Li NN, Huang QL, Zhang YF, Xiao CF
237 - 246 Carbon-encapsulated nickel-cobalt alloys nanoparticles fabricated via new post-treatment strategy for hydrogen evolution in alkaline media
Guo HL, Youliwasi N, Zhao L, Chai YM, Liu CG
247 - 255 Microwave-assisted RAFT polymerization of well-constructed magnetic surface molecularly imprinted polymers for specific recognition of benzimidazole residues
Chen FF, Wang JY, Chen HR, Lu RC, Xie XY
256 - 264 Unsupported platinum nanoparticles as effective sensors of neurotransmitters and possible drug curriers
Tata A, Gralec B, Proniewicz E
265 - 270 Diodes of nanocrystalline SiC on n(-)/n(+)-type epitaxial crystalline 6H-SiC
Zheng JD, Wei WS, Zhang CX, He MC, Li C
271 - 280 Laser shock peening studies on SS316LN plate with various sacrificial layers
Yella P, Venkateswarlu P, Buddu RK, Vidyasagar DV, Rao KBS, Kiran PP, Rajulapati KV
281 - 289 Fabrication of N, P-codoped reduced graphene oxide and its application for organic dye removal
Wu Y, Yang F, Liu XX, Tan GQ, Xiao D
290 - 296 Surface enhanced Raman scattering activity of dual-functional Fe3O4/Au composites
Wang LP, Huang YB, Lai YH
297 - 304 Behavior and impact of sulfur incorporation in Zinc Oxysulfide alloy grown by metal organic chemical vapor deposition
Ma JR, Tang K, Mao HY, Ye JD, Zhu SM, Xu ZH, Yao ZR, Gu SL, Zheng YD
305 - 311 Pulsed-laser-deposited, single-crystalline Cu2O films with low resistivity achieved through manipulating the oxygen pressure
Liu XH, Xu M, Zhang XJ, Wang WG, Feng XJ, Song AM
312 - 319 Characterization and corrosion behavior of F6NM stainless steel treated in high temperature water
Li ZY, Cai ZB, Yang WJ, Shen XY, Xue GH, Zhu MH
320 - 328 Enhanced performance of magnesium alloy for drug-eluting vascular scaffold application
Dong HZ, Li DK, Mao DY, Bai NN, Chen YS, Li Q
329 - 337 Adsorption of ion pairs onto graphene flakes and impacts of counterions during the adsorption processes
Zhu C, Yun JN, Wang Q, Yang G
338 - 345 Alkali (Li, K and Na) and alkali-earth (Be, Ca and Mg) adatoms on SiC single layer
Baierle RJ, Rupp CJ, Anversa J
346 - 351 Surface hydrophobic modification of polyurethanes by diaryl carbene chemistry: Synthesis and characterization
Yang PF, Wang YQ, Lu L, Yu X, Liu L
352 - 366 Influence of heat input in electron beam process on microstructure and properties of duplex stainless steel welded interface
Zhang ZQ, Jing HY, Xu LY, Han YD, Zhao L, Lv XQ, Zhang JY
367 - 376 Comparing XPS on bare and capped ZrN films grown by plasma enhanced ALD: Effect of ambient oxidation
Muneshwar T, Cadien K
377 - 383 Effect of annealing temperature on surface morphology and ultralow ferromagnetic resonance linewidth of yttrium iron garnet thin film grown by rf sputtering
Van PC, Surabhi S, Dongquoc V, Kuchi R, Yoon SG, Jeong JR
384 - 392 Synthesis of Co3O4/TiO2 composite by pyrolyzing ZIF-67 for detection of xylene
Bai SL, Tian K, Tian Y, Guo J, Feng YJ, Luo RX, Li DQ, Chen AF, Liu CC
393 - 397 Characterization of surface roughness of laser deposited titanium alloy and copper using AFM
Erinosho MF, Akinlabi ET, Johnson OT
398 - 405 Ant-cave structured MnCO3/Mn3O4 microcubes by biopolymer-assisted facile synthesis for high-performance pseudocapacitors
Sekhar SC, Nagaraju G, Yu JS
406 - 414 SnO2 promoted by alkali metal oxides for soot combustion: The effects of surface oxygen mobility and abundance on the activity
Rao C, Shen JT, Wang FM, Peng HG, Xu XL, Zhan HP, Fang XZ, Liu JJ, Liu WM, Wang X
415 - 423 High-performance polyamide thin-film composite nanofiltration membrane: Role of thermal treatment
Liu BC, Wang S, Zhao PJ, Liang H, Zhang W, Crittenden J
424 - 431 Fabrication of hierarchical porous N-doping carbon membrane by using "confined nanospace deposition" method for supercapacitor
Wang GX, Liu M, Du J, Liu L, Yu YF, Sha JT, Chen AB
432 - 437 Enhanced c-axis orientation of aluminum nitride thin films by plasma-based pre-conditioning of sapphire substrates for SAW applications
Gillinger M, Shaposhnikov K, Knobloch T, Stoger-Pollach M, Artner W, Hradil K, Schneider M, Kaltenbacher M, Schmid U
438 - 443 Higher order reconstructions of the Ge(001) surface induced by a Ba layer
Koczorowski W, Grzela T, Puchalska A, Radny MW, Jurczyszyn L, Schofield SR, Czajka R, Curson NJ
444 - 451 Elucidating doping driven microstructure evolution and optical properties of lead sulfide thin films grown from a chemical bath
Mohanty BC, Bector K, Laha R
452 - 461 Corrosion behaviour of laser-cleaned AA7024 aluminium alloy
Zhang FD, Liu H, Suebka C, Liu YX, Liu Z, Guo W, Cheng YM, Zhang SL, Li L
462 - 467 One-step facile hydrothermal synthesis of Fe2O3@LiCoO2 composite as excellent supercapacitor electrode materials
Gopi CVVM, Somasekha A, Reddy AE, Kim SK, Kim HJ
468 - 475 Controllable synthesis of mesoporous multi-shelled ZnO microspheres as efficient photocatalysts for NO oxidation
Chen XL, Zhang HQ, Zhang DQ, Miao YC, Li GS
476 - 482 Elastic, electronic and optical properties of the two-dimensional PtX2 (X = S, Se, and Te) monolayer
Du J, Song P, Fang LZ, Wang TX, Wei ZM, Li JB, Xia CX
483 - 493 Surface interaction between cubic phase NaNbO3 nanoflowers and Ru nanoparticles for enhancing visible-light driven photosensitized photocatalysis
Chen W, Hu Y, Ba MW
494 - 502 Heteroatom-doped nanoporous carbon derived from MOF-5 for CO2 capture
Ma XC, Li LQ, Chen RF, Wang CH, Li HL, Wang SB
503 - 511 A facile method of hydrophobic surface modification for acrylonitrile-styrene-acrylate terpolymer based on the out-migration property of metallic soaps
Qi YL, Chen TT, Zhang J
512 - 520 Formation of periodic size-segregated stripe pattern via directed self-assembly of binary colloids and its mechanism
Das S, Duraia ESM, Velev OD, Amiri MD, Beall GW
521 - 528 Adsorption of acetylene on ordered NixAg1-x/Ni (111) and effect of Ag-dopant: A DFT study
Zhou YN, Sun WJ, Chu W, Zheng J, Gao XP, Zhou X, Xue Y
529 - 534 Influence of pulse frequency on synthesis of nano and submicrometer spherical particles by pulsed laser melting in liquid
Sakaki S, Ikenoue H, Tsuji T, Ishikawa Y, Koshizaki N
535 - 542 Enhancement of the catalytic activity of Pt nanoparticles toward methanol electro-oxidation using doped-SnO2 supporting materials
Merati Z, Parsa JB
543 - 551 Salt melt synthesis of curved nitrogen-doped carbon nanostructures: ORR kinetics boost
Rybarczyk MK, Gontarek E, Lieder M, Titirici MM
552 - 562 Synthesis of bimetallic Au-Ag alloyed mesocomposites and their catalytic activity for the reduction of nitroaromatics
Sareen S, Mutreja V, Pal B, Singh S
563 - 567 CVD growth of large-area and high-quality HfS2 nanoforest on diverse substrates
Zheng BJ, Wang ZG, Qi F, Wang XQ, Yu B, Zhang WL, Chen YF
568 - 573 The role of Ga in the acetylene adsorption on PdGa intermetallic
Sandoval M, Bechthold P, Orazi V, Gonzalez EA, Juan A, Jasen PV
574 - 584 Facile and green preparation of novel adsorption materials by combining sol-gel with ion imprinting technology for selective removal of Cu(II) ions from aqueous solution
Ren ZQ, Zhu XY, Du J, Kong DL, Wang N, Wang Z, Wang Q, Liu W, Li QS, Zhou ZY
585 - 591 Effects of morphology parameters on anti-icing performance in superhydrophobic surfaces
Nguyen TB, Park S, Lim H
592 - 598 Hydrothermal growth and luminescent properties of nonpolar a-plane (11-20) ZnCdO films for light-emitting diodes
Baik KH, Kim J, Jang S
599 - 608 Effective reduction of p-nitrophenol by silver nanoparticle loaded on magnetic Fe3O4/ATO nano-composite
Karki HP, Ojha DP, Joshi MK, Kim HJ
609 - 616 Cellulose acetate-based SiO2/TiO2 hybrid microsphere composite aerogel films for water-in-oil emulsion separation
Yang X, Ma JJ, Ling J, Li N, Wang D, Yue F, Xu SM
617 - 625 Preparation of graphene-enhanced nickel-phosphorus composite films by ultrasonic-assisted electroless plating
Yu Q, Zhou TF, Jiang YG, Yan X, An ZL, Wang XB, Zhang DY, Ono T
626 - 634 Enhanced photocatalytic activity of Bi2WO6/TiO2 composite coated polyester fabric under visible light irradiation
Du ZF, Cheng C, Tan L, Lan JW, Jiang SX, Zhao LD, Guo RH
635 - 640 Ultrastable alpha phase nickel hydroxide as energy storage materials for alkaline secondary batteries
Huang HL, Guo YJ, Cheng YH
641 - 648 Three-dimensional TiO2 nanowire@NiMoO4 ultrathin nanosheet core-shell arrays for lithium ion batteries
Cao ML, Bu Y, Lv XW, Jiang XX, Wang LC, Dai SR, Wang MK, Shen Y
649 - 655 Selective hydrogenation of phenol to cyclohexanone over Pd@CN (N-doped porous carbon): Role of catalyst reduction method
Hu S, Yang GX, Jiang H, Liu YF, Chen RZ
656 - 665 Multi-functional carbon microspheres with double shell layers for flame retardant poly (ethylene terephthalate)
Xue BX, Niu M, Yang YZ, Bai J, Song YH, Peng Y, Liu XG
666 - 675 Achieving copper sulfide leaf like nanostructure electrode for high performance supercapacitor and quantum-dot sensitized solar cells
Durga IK, Rao SS, Reddy AE, Gopi CVVM, Kim HJ
676 - 679 Evidence of magnesium impact on arsenic acceptor state: Study of ZnMgO:As molecular beam epitaxy layers
Przezdziecka E, Lisowski W, Reszka A, Kozanecki A
680 - 686 Design of UV-absorbing PVDF membrane via surface-initiated AGET ATRP
Dong L, Liu XD, Xiong ZR, Sheng DK, Zhou Y, Lin CH, Yang YM
687 - 698 Accumulation and interparticle connections of triangular Ag-coated Au nanoprisms by oil-coating method for surface-enhanced Raman scattering applications
Noda Y, Asaka T, Fudouzi H, Hayakawa T
699 - 707 Flexible graphene/carbon nanotube hybrid papers chemical-reduction-tailored by gallic acid for high-performance electrochemical capacitive energy storages
Yao L, Zhou C, Hu NT, Hu J, Hong M, Zhang LY, Zhang YF
708 - 717 Facile fabrication of mesoporous Fe-Ti-SBA15 silica with enhanced visible-light-driven simultaneous photocatalytic degradation and reduction reactions
Chang F, Jiao MZ, Xu Q, Deng BQ, Hu XF
718 - 732 Catalyst-free fabrication of novel ZnO/CuO core-Shell nanowires heterojunction: Controlled growth, structural and optoelectronic properties
Khan MA, Wahab Y, Muhammad R, Tahir M, Sakrani S
733 - 742 Theoretical study of the structural and electronic properties of novel stanene-based buckled nanotubes and their adsorption behaviors
Abbasi A, Sardroodi JJ, Ebrahimzadeh AR, Yaghoobi M
743 - 751 Primary particle diameter differentiation and bimodality identification by five analytical methods using gold nanoparticle size distributions synthesized by pulsed laser ablation in liquids
Letzel A, Gokce B, Menzel A, Plech A, Barcikowski S
752 - 758 Selective adsorption of benzhydroxamic acid on fluorite rendering selective separation of fluorite/calcite
Jiang W, Gao ZY, Khoso SA, Gao JD, Sun W, Pu W, Hu YH
759 - 768 van der Waals epitaxy of SnS film on single crystal graphene buffer layer on amorphous SiO2/Si
Xiang Y, Yang YB, Guo FW, Sun X, Lu ZH, Mohanty D, Bhat I, Washington M, Lu TM, Wang GC
769 - 775 Below room temperature: How the photocatalytic activity of dense and mesoporous TiO2 coatings is affected
Cedillo-Gonzalez EI, Ricco R, Costacurta S, Siligardi C, Falcaro P
776 - 785 Methane combustion reactivity during the metal -> metallic oxide transformation of Pd-Pt catalysts: Effect of oxygen pressure
Qi WJ, Ran JY, Zhang ZE, Niu JT, Zhang P, Fu LJ, Hu B, Li QL
786 - 798 Electrolyte induced rheological modulation of graphene oxide suspensions and its applications in adsorption
Ojha A, Thareja P
799 - 808 Up-conversion nanoparticles sensitized inverse opal photonic crystals enable efficient water purification under NIR irradiation
Zhang YY, Wang LL, Ma XM, Ren JF, Sun QX, Shi YS, Li L, Shi JS
809 - 814 Large-area self-assembled reduced graphene oxide/electrochemically exfoliated graphene hybrid films for transparent electrothermal heaters
Sun HY, Chen D, Ye C, Li XM, Dai D, Yuan QL, Chee KWA, Zhao P, Jiang N, Lin CT
815 - 821 Effect of sputtering power on structural, cationic distribution and optical properties of Mn2Zn0.25Ni0.75O4 thin films
Zhang XB, Ren W, Kong WW, Zhou Q, Wang L, Bian L, Xu JB, Chang AM, Jiang CQ
822 - 831 One-pot synthesis of MoS2/In2S3 ultrathin nanoflakes with mesh-shaped structure on indium tin oxide as photocathode for enhanced photo-and electrochemical hydrogen evolution reaction
Sun BL, Shan F, Jiang XX, Ji J, Wang F
832 - 840 Preparation and characterization of antibacterial electrospun chitosan/poly (vinyl alcohol)/graphene oxide composite nanofibrous membrane
Yang S, Lei P, Shan YJ, Zhang DW
841 - 847 Local structure and morphological evolution of ZnTPP molecules grown on Fe(001)-p(1 x 1)O studied by STM and NEXAFS
Picone A, Giannotti D, Brambilla A, Bussetti G, Calloni A, Yivlialin R, Finazzi M, Duo L, Ciccacci F, Goldoni A, Verdini A, Floreano L
848 - 854 A first-principles study on adsorption behaviors of pristine and Li-decorated graphene sheets toward hydrazine molecules
Zeng HD, Cheng XL, Wang W
855 - 862 Role of organic interfacial modifiers in inverted polymers solar cells: An in-depth analysis of perylene vs fullerene organic modifiers
Kumar S, Panigrahi D, Dhar A
863 - 869 First-principles investigation of Sn9Zn (0001)/alpha-Al2O3 (0001) interfacial adhesion
Ma L, Lu Y, Li SY, Zuo W, Ji ZQ, Ding M
870 - 879 An in situ XPS study of L-cysteine co-adsorbed with water on polycrystalline copper and gold
Jurgensen A, Raschke H, Esser N, Hergenroder R
880 - 885 Oxygen partial pressure effects on the RF sputtered p-type NiO hydrogen gas sensors
Turgut E, Coban O, Saritas S, Tuzemen S, Yildirim M, Gur E
886 - 893 The effect of defect emissions on enhancement photocatalytic performance of ZnSe QDs and ZnSe/rGO nanocomposites
Yousefi R, Azimi HR, Mahmoudian MR, Basirun WJ
894 - 902 Thermal desorption and stability of cobalt phthalocyanine on Ag(100)
Sabik A, Golek F, Antczak G
903 - 913 A sturdy self-cleaning and anti-corrosion superhydrophobic coating assembled by amino silicon oil modifying potassium titanate whisker-silica particles
Lv CJ, Wang HY, Liu ZJ, Zhang WB, Wang CJ, Tao RF, Li ML, Zhu YJ
914 - 919 Structure reactivity relationships during N2O hydrogenation over Au-Ag alloys: A study by field emission techniques
Jacobs L, Barroo C, Gilis N, Lambeets SV, Genty E, de Bocarme TV
920 - 927 Highly selective and efficient removal of fluoride from ground water by layered Al-Zr-La Tri-metal hydroxide
Zhou J, Zhu WK, Yu J, Zhang HP, Zhang YD, Lin XY, Luo XG
928 - 936 Selectivity shifting behavior of Pd nanoparticles loaded zinc stannate/zinc oxide (Zn2SnO4/ZnO) nanowires sensors
Arafat MM, Ong JY, Haseeb ASMA
937 - 944 Gram-scale production of B, N co-doped graphene-like carbon for high performance supercapacitor electrodes
Chen Z, Hou LQ, Cao Y, Tang YS, Li Y
945 - 952 Enhanced catalytic performance for light-olefins production from chloromethane over hierarchical porous ZSM-5 zeolite synthesized by a growth-inhibition strategy
Liu Q, Wen DF, Yang YR, Fei ZY, Zhang ZX, Chen X, Tang JH, Cui MF, Qiao X
953 - 962 Synthesis of hierarchical ZnV2O6 nanosheets with enhanced activity and stability for visible light driven CO2 reduction to solar fuels
Bafaqeer A, Tahir M, Amin NAS
963 - 973 Microstructure and high-temperature tribological properties of Si-doped hydrogenated diamond-like carbon films
Zhang TF, Wan ZX, Ding JC, Zhang SH, Wang QM, Kim KH
974 - 982 Control of laser-ablated aluminum surface wettability to superhydrophobic or superhydrophilic through simple heat treatment or water boiling post-processing
Ngo CV, Chun DM
983 - 992 Atomistic scale nanoscratching behavior of monocrystalline Cu influenced by water film in CMP process
Shi JQ, Chen J, Fang L, Sun K, Sun JP, Han J
993 - 1001 Self-template synthesis of double shelled ZnS-NiS1.97 hollow spheres for electrochemical energy storage
Wei CZ, Ru QL, Kang XT, Hou HY, Cheng C, Zhang DJ
1002 - 1010 Fabrication of hierarchical porous ZnO/NiO hollow microspheres for adsorptive removal of Congo red
Lei CS, Pi M, Cheng B, Jiang CJ, Qin JQ
1011 - 1019 Sulfidation behavior and mechanism of zinc silicate roasted with pyrite
Ke Y, Peng N, Xue K, Min XB, Chai LY, Pan QL, Liang YJ, Xiao RY, Wang YY, Tang CJ, Liu H
1020 - 1028 Facile synthesis high nitrogen-doped porous carbon nanosheet from pomelo peel and as catalyst support for nitrobenzene hydrogenation
Zuo PP, Duan JQ, Fan HL, Qu SJ, Shen WZ
1029 - 1036 Binder-induced surface structure evolution effects on Li-ion battery performance
Rezvani SJ, Pasqualini M, Witkowska A, Gunnella R, Birrozzi A, Minicucci M, Rajantie H, Copley M, Nobili F, Di Cicco A
1037 - 1045 In situ DRIFTS investigation of NH3-SCR reaction over CeO2/zirconium phosphate catalyst
Zhang QL, Fan J, Ning P, Song ZX, Liu X, Wang LY, Wang J, Wang HM, Long KX
1046 - 1056 The effect of surface modification of glass fiber on the performance of poly(lactic acid) composites: Graphene oxide vs. silane coupling agents
Jing MF, Che JJ, Xu SM, Liu ZW, Fu Q
1057 - 1064 Large area ultraviolet photodetector on surface modified Si:GaN layers
Anitha R, Ramesh R, Loganathan R, Vavilapalli DS, Baskar K, Singh S
1065 - 1071 Tailoring the thermostability and hydrogen storage capacity of Li decorated carbon materials by heteroatom doping
Long J, Li JY, Nan F, Yin S, Li JJ, Cen WL
1072 - 1079 Non-woven PET fabric reinforced and enhanced the performance of ultrafiltration membranes composed of PVDF blended with PVDF-g-PEGMA for industrial applications
Wang S, Li T, Chen C, Chen S, Liu BC, Crittenden J
1080 - 1086 Succinic acid functionalized silver nanoparticles (Suc-Ag NPs) for colorimetric sensing of melamine
Rajar K, Sirajuddin, Balouch A, Bhanger MI, Shah MT, Shaikh T, Siddiqui S
1087 - 1095 Photo-thermal and cytotoxic properties of inkjet-printed copper sulfide films on biocompatible latex coated substrates
Sarfraz J, Borzenkov M, Niemela E, Weinberger C, Torngren B, Rosqvist E, Collini M, Pallavicini P, Eriksson J, Peltonen J, Ihalainen P, Chirico G
1096 - 1104 In-situ growth of ZnO nanowire arrays on the sensing electrode via a facile hydrothermal route for high-performance NO2 sensor
Chen XX, Shen YB, Zhang W, Zhang J, Wei DZ, Lu R, Zhu LJ, Li HS, Shen YS
1105 - 1113 Tribological properties of self-lubricating Ta-Cu films
Qin W, Fu LC, Zhu JJ, Yang WL, Li DY, Zhou LP
1114 - 1119 Experimental and computational study of the effect of 1 atm background gas on nanoparticle generation in femtosecond laser ablation of metals
Wu H, Wu CP, Zhang N, Zhu XN, Ma XQ, Zhigilei LV
1120 - 1124 On femtosecond laser shock peening of stainless steel AISI 316
Hoppius JS, Kukreja LM, Knyazeva M, Pohl F, Walther F, Ostendorf A, Gurevich EL
1125 - 1135 Annealing and thickness effects on magnetic properties of Co2FeAl alloy films
Wang K, Xu Z, Ling FJ, Wang YH, Dong S
1136 - 1142 Adsorptive removal of an anionic dye Congo red by flower-like hierarchical magnesium oxide (MgO)-graphene oxide composite microspheres
Xu J, Xu DF, Zhu BC, Cheng B, Jiang CJ
1143 - 1149 Surface-enhanced Raman scattering active gold nanoparticle/nanohole arrays fabricated through electron beam lithography
Wu TH, Lin YW
1150 - 1158 Suppression on allotropic transformation of Sn planar anode with enhanced electrochemical performance
Wang P, Hu JH, Cao GQ, Zhang SL, Zhang P, Liang CH, Wang Z, Shao GS
1159 - 1167 Co- and defect-rich carbon nanofiber films as a highly efficient electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction
Kim IT, Song MJ, Shin S, Shin MW
1168 - 1173 Water dissociation and CO oxidation over Au/anatase catalyst. A DFT-D2 study
Saqlain MA, Hussain A, Siddiq M, Leitao AA
1174 - 1186 Studies on novel BiyXz-TiO2/SrTiO3 composites: Surface properties and visible light-driven photoactivity
Marchelek M, Grabowska E, Klimczuk T, Lisowski W, Giamello E, Zaleska-Medynska A
1187 - 1198 Al-TiC in situ composite coating fabricated by low power pulsed laser cladding on AZ91D magnesium alloy
Yang LQ, Li ZY, Zhang YQ, Wei SZ, Liu FQ
1199 - 1212 A first-principles study on the interaction of biogas with noble metal (Rh, Pt, Pd) decorated nitrogen doped graphene as a gas sensor: A DFT study
Zhao CJ, Wu HR
1213 - 1219 Degradation of the chemotherapy drug 5-fluorouracil on medical-grade silver surfaces
Risinggard HK, Cooil S, Mazzola F, Hu D, Kjaervik M, Ostli ER, Patil N, Preobrajenski A, Evans DA, Breiby DW, Trinh TT, Wells JW
1220 - 1227 Grafting of carboxyl groups using CO2/C2H4/Ar pulsed plasma: Theoretical modeling and XPS derivatization
Manakhov A, Kiryukhantsev-Korneev P, Michlicek M, Permyakova E, Dvorakova E, Polcak J, Popov Z, Visotin M, Shtansky DV
1228 - 1236 All-solid-state flexible microsupercapacitors based on reduced graphene oxide/multi-walled carbon nanotube composite electrodes
Mao XL, Xu JH, He X, Yang WY, Yang YJ, Xu L, Zhao YT, Zhou YJ
1237 - 1245 Femtosecond laser microstructured Alumina toughened Zirconia: A new strategy to improve osteogenic differentiation of hMSCs
Carvalho A, Cangueiro L, Oliveira V, Vilar R, Fernandes MH, Monteiro FJ
1246 - 1248 Electrochemical synthesis of a surface-porous Mg70.5Al29.5 eutectic alloy in a neutral aqueous NaCl solution
Yang F, Li YG, Wei YH, Wei H, Yan ZY, Hou LF
1249 - 1256 Effect of pH and sulfur precursor concentration on electrochemically deposited CZTS thin films using glycine as the complexing agent
Paraye A, Sani R, Ramachandran M, Selvam NV
1257 - 1264 Investigation on surface layer characteristics of shot peened graphene reinforced Al composite by X-ray diffraction method
Zhan K, Wu YH, Li JL, Zhao B, Yan Y, Xie LC, Wang LB, Ji V
1265 - 1272 Incorporation of MoS2 nanosheets in CoSb3 matrix as an efficient novel strategy to enhance its thermoelectric performance
Yadav S, Chaudhary S, Pandya DK
1273 - 1284 Spectroscopic study of nitrogen distribution in N-doped carbon nanotubes and nanofibers synthesized by catalytic ethylene-ammonia decomposition
Svintsitskiy DA, Kibis LS, Smirnov DA, Suboch AN, Stonkus OA, Podyacheva OY, Boronin AI, Ismagilov ZR
1285 - 1295 Facile and fast synthesis of SnS2 nanoparticles by pulsed laser ablation in liquid
Johny J, Sepulveda-Guzman S, Krishnan B, Avellaneda D, Shaji S
1296 - 1306 CoMoS2/rGO/C3N4 ternary heterojunctions catalysts with high photocatalytic activity and stability for hydrogen evolution under visible light irradiation
Xu XJ, Si ZC, Liu LP, Wang ZH, Chen Z, Ran R, He YH, Weng D
1307 - 1313 The effect of passivation film in preparation 3D structural carbon paper/tin oxide@carbon as freestanding anode for lithium-ion batteries
Deng CF, Liu Y, Lu ZP, Ma C, Ge T, Li WL, Yang G
1314 - 1321 Synthesis of FeCoB amorphous nanoparticles and application in ferrofluids
Zhao SC, Bian XF, Yang CC, Yu MC, Wang TQ
1322 - 1328 Optimal condition for fabricating superhydrophobic Aluminum surfaces with controlled anodizing processes
Saffari H, Sohrabi B, Noori MR, Bahrami HRT
1329 - 1336 A hydrothermally synthesized LiFePO4/C composite with superior low-temperature performance and cycle life
Wu G, Liu N, Gao XG, Tian XH, Zhu YB, Zhou YK, Zhu QY
1337 - 1343 Durable flame retardant and antibacterial finishing on cotton fabrics with cyclotriphosphazene/polydopamine/silver nanoparticles hybrid coatings
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1344 - 1350 Biolithography: Slime mould patterning of polyaniline
Berzina T, Dimonte A, Adamatzky A, Erokhin V, Iannotta S
1351 - 1360 Hybrid density functional study on the mechanism for the enhanced photocatalytic properties of the ultrathin hybrid layered nanocomposite g-C3N4/BiOCl
Yao WZ, Zhang JH, Wang YX, Ren FZ