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Applied Surface Science, Vol.434 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Evaluation of nanoindentation load-depth curve of MEMS bridge structures by calculating the critical elastic-plastic bending deflections
Ma ZC, Zhao HW, Du XJ, Zhou MX, Ma XX, Liu CY, Ren LQ
11 - 15 Strong efficiency improvement in dye-sensitized solar cells by novel multi-dimensional TiO2 photoelectrode
Zhao FY, Ma R, Jiang YJ
16 - 20 Novel ultrathin Bi2O3 nanowires for supercapacitor electrode materials with high performance
Qiu YF, Fan HB, Chang XY, Dang HF, Luo Q, Cheng ZY
21 - 27 Friction-induced nano-structural evolution of graphene as a lubrication additive
Zhao J, Mao JY, Li YR, He YY, Luo JB
28 - 39 Insight into the effect of promoter Co on C-2 oxygenate formation from syngas on CoCu(100) and Cu(100): A comparative DFT study
Sun XY, Yu YZ, Zhang MH
40 - 48 Atomic-scale finishing of carbon face of single crystal SiC by combination of thermal oxidation pretreatment and slurry polishing
Deng H, Liu N, Endo K, Yamamura K
49 - 56 Porous worm-like NiMoO4 coaxially decorated electrospun carbon nanofiber as binder-free electrodes for high performance supercapacitors and lithium-ion batteries
Tian XD, Li X, Yang T, Wang K, Wang HB, Song Y, Liu ZJ, Guo QG
57 - 62 A facile method to prepare dual-functional membrane for efficient oil removal and in situ reversible mercury ions adsorption from wastewater
Zhang QD, Liu N, Cao YZ, Zhang WF, Wei Y, Feng L, Jiang L
63 - 72 Electrochemical corrosion characteristics and biocompatibility of nanostructured titanium for implants
Lu JW, Zhang Y, Huo WT, Zhang W, Zhao YQ, Zhang YS
73 - 81 Inherent wettability of different rock surfaces at nanoscale: a theoretical study
Chang X, Xue QZ, Li XF, Zhang JQ, Zhu L, He DL, Zheng HX, Lu SF, Liu ZL
82 - 90 The performance of manganese-based catalysts with Ce0.65Zr0.35O2 as support for catalytic oxidation of toluene
Hou ZY, Feng J, Lin T, Zhang HL, Zhou XY, Chen YQ
91 - 101 Surface quality and topographic inspection of variable compliance part after precise turning
Nieslony P, Krolczyk GM, Wojciechowski S, Chudy R, Zak K, Marud RW
102 - 111 Advanced interface modelling of n-Si/HNO3 doped graphene solar cells to identify pathways to high efficiency
Zhao J, Ma FJ, Ding K, Zhang H, Jie JS, Ho-Baillie A, Bremner SP
112 - 119 Facile synthesis of NiS anchored carbon nanofibers for high-performance supercapacitors
Xu JL, Zhang L, Xu GC, Sun ZP, Zhang C, Ma X, Qi CL, Zhang L, Jia DZ
120 - 125 Nanosecond laser ablated copper superhydrophobic surface with tunable ultrahigh adhesion and its renewability with low temperature annealing
He A, Liu WW, Xue W, Yang H, Cao Y
126 - 133 Sensing performance of reduced graphene oxide-Fe doped WO3 hybrids to NO2 and humidity at room temperature
Piloto C, Shafiei M, Khan H, Gupta B, Tesfamichael T, Motta N
134 - 141 A high efficient nanostructured filter based on functionalized carbon nanotube to reduce the tobacco-specific nitrosamines, NNK
Yoosefian M
142 - 147 Functionalization of 2D macroporous silicon under the high-pressure oxidation
Karachevtseva L, Kartel M, Kladko V, Gudymenko O, Bo W, Bratus V, Lytvynenko O, Onyshchenko V, Stronska O
148 - 154 Investigation of anodic TiO2 nanotube composition with high spatial resolution AES and ToF SIMS
Dronov A, Gavrilin I, Kirilenko E, Dronova D, Gavrilov S
155 - 162 Graphene quantum dots modified with adenine for efficient two-photon bioimaging and white light-activated antibacteria
Luo ZM, Yang DL, Yang C, Wu XY, Hu YL, Zhang Y, Yuwen LH, Yeow EKL, Weng LX, Huang W, Wang LH
163 - 175 Novel proton exchange membranes based on structure-optimized poly(ether ether ketone ketone)s and nanocrystalline cellulose
Ni CJ, Wei YC, Zhao Q, Liu BJ, Sun ZY, Gu Y, Zhang MY, Hu W
176 - 187 Adsorption of DNA/RNA nucleobases onto single-layer MoS2 and Li-Doped MoS2: A dispersion-corrected DFT study
Sadeghi M, Jahanshahi M, Ghorbanzadeh M, Najafpour G
188 - 197 Surface modification of chitin and chitosan with poly(3-hexylthiophene) via oxidative polymerization
Hai TAP, Sugimoto R
198 - 203 Surface processing and ageing behavior of silk fabrics treated with atmospheric-pressure plasma for pigment-based ink-jet printing
Zhang CM, Wang LB, Yu M, Qu LJ, Men YJ, Zhang XW
204 - 210 A facile FeBr3 based photoATRP for surface modification of mesoporous silica nanoparticles for controlled delivery cisplatin
Huang L, Liu MY, Mao LC, Huang Q, Huang HY, Zeng GJ, Tian JW, Wen YQ, Zhang XY, Wei Y
211 - 214 Atomic structure and potential energy of beta-Si3N4/diamond interface in the process of detachment: A first-principles study
Chen NC, Chen YC, Ai J, Li C, He P, Ren JX, Zhu QJ
215 - 227 The role of the intrinsic Se and In vacancies in the interaction of O-2 and H2O molecules with the InSe monolayer
Ma DW, Li TX, Yuan D, He CZ, Lu ZW, Lu ZS, Yang ZX, Wang YX
228 - 233 Synthesis and characterization of Ni-doped TiN thin films deposited by jet electrodeposition
Xia FF, Jia WC, Ma CY, Yang R, Wang Y, Potts M
234 - 242 Effects of ordered mesoporous structure and La-doping on the microwave absorbing properties of CoFe2O4
Shang T, Lu QS, Chao LM, Qin YL, Yun YH, Yun GH
243 - 250 Reduced-graphene-oxide supported tantalum-based electrocatalysts: Controlled nitrogen doping and oxygen reduction reaction
Yang XY, Mo QJ, Guo YL, Chen NN, Gao QS
251 - 259 Reduced graphene oxide modified NiFe-calcinated layered double hydroxides for enhanced photocatalytic removal of methylene blue
Zhao GQ, Li CF, Wu X, Yu JG, Jiang XY, Hu WJH, Jiao FP
260 - 264 Highly dispersible diamond nanoparticles for pretreatment of diamond films on Si substrate
Zhao SJ, Huang J, Zhou XY, Ren B, Tang K, Xi YF, Wang L, Wang LJ, Lu YC
265 - 272 Self-catalytic stabilized Ag-Cu nanoparticles with tailored SERS response for plasmonic photocatalysis
He LL, Liu CQ, Tang J, Zhou YC, Yang H, Liu RY, Hu JG
273 - 282 Investigation of tribological properties of graphene oxide reinforced ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene under artificial seawater lubricating condition
Pang WC, Ni ZF, Wu JL, Zhao YW
283 - 293 Hybridizing polypyrrole chains with laminated and two-dimensional Ti(3)C(2)Tx toward high-performance electromagnetic wave absorption
Tong Y, He M, Zhou YM, Zhong X, Fan LD, Huang TY, Liao Q, Wang YJ
294 - 306 NO-sensing performance of vacancy defective monolayer MoS2 predicted by density function theory
Li FF, Shi CM
307 - 317 Electrodeposition of nickel-iridium alloy films from aqueous solutions
Wu WP, Jiang JJ, Jiang P, Wang ZZ, Yuan NY, Ding JN
318 - 325 Electromagnetic interference shielding effectiveness of microcellular polyimide/in situ thermally reduced graphene oxide/carbon nanotubes nanocomposites
Yang HL, Yu Z, Wu P, Zou HW, Liu PB
326 - 335 Evolution processes of the corrosion behavior and structural characteristics of plasma electrolytic oxidation coatings on AZ31 magnesium alloy
Chen D, Wang RQ, Huang ZQ, Wu YK, Zhang Y, Wu GR, Li DL, Guo CH, Jiang GR, Yu SX, Shen DJ, Nash P
336 - 350 Synthesis and characterization of titanate nanotube/single-walled carbon nanotube (TNT/SWCNT) porous nanocomposite and its photocatalytic activity on 4-chlorophenol degradation under UV and solar irradiation
Payan A, Fattahi M, Jorfi S, Roozbehani B, Payan S
351 - 364 Lanthanum and cerium co-modified Ni/SiO2 catalyst for CO methanation from syngas
Gong DD, Li SS, Guo SX, Tang HG, Wang H, Liu Y
365 - 374 DFT investigation on two-dimensional GeS/WS2 van der Waals heterostructure for direct Z-scheme photocatalytic overall water splitting
Ju L, Dai Y, Wei W, Li MM, Huang BB
375 - 381 Transparent and flexible photodetectors based on CH3NH3PbI3 perovskite nanoparticles
Jeon YP, Woo SJ, Kim TW
382 - 388 Promoting mechanism of N-doped single-walled carbon nanotubes for O-2 dissociation and SO2 oxidation
Chen YQ, Yin S, Chen Y, Cen WL, Li JJ, Yin HQ
389 - 399 Adsorption of water, sulfates and chloride on arsenopyrite surface
Silva JCM, dos Santos EC, de Oliveira A, Heine T, De Abreu HA, Duarte HA
400 - 411 Highly biological active antibiofilm, anticancer and osteoblast adhesion efficacy from MWCNT/PPy/Pd nanocomposite
Balaji M, Jegatheeswaran S, Selvam S, Sangili A, Sundrarajan M
412 - 422 Fabrication of reduced graphene oxide/macrocyclic cobalt complex nanocomposites as counter electrodes for Pt-free dye-sensitized solar cells
Tsai CH, Shih CJ, Wang WS, Chi WF, Huang WC, Hu YC, Yu YH
423 - 432 Direct evidence and enhancement of surface plasmon resonance effect on Ag-loaded TiO2 nanotube arrays for photocatalytic CO2 reduction
Low JX, Qiu SQ, Xu DF, Jiang CJ, Cheng B
433 - 439 Temperature-dependent interface characteristic of silicon wafer bonding based on an amorphous germanium layer deposited by DC-magnetron sputtering
Ke SY, Lin SM, Ye YJ, Mao DF, Huang W, Xu JF, Li C, Chen SY
440 - 444 Band alignment of SiO2/(AlxGa1-x)(2)O-3 (0 <= x <= 0.49) determined by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Feng ZQ, Feng Q, Zhang JC, Li X, Li FG, Huang L, Chen HY, Lu HL, Hao Y
445 - 451 CeO2-CuO/Cu2O/Cu monolithic catalysts with three-kind morphologies Cu2O layers for preferential CO oxidation
Jing GJ, Zhang XJ, Zhang AA, Li M, Zeng SH, Xu CJ, Su HQ
452 - 455 Study on how the content of selenium in the precursors influences the properties of CuInSe2 thin films
Peng X, Zhao M, Zhuang DM, Sun RJ, Zhang L, Wei YW, Lv XY, Wu YX, Ren GA
456 - 463 A self-assembled 2D/2D-type protonated carbon nitride-modified graphene oxide nanocomposite with improved photocatalytic activity
Xie LF, Ni J, Tang B, He GY, Chen HQ
464 - 472 CO adsorption, dissociation and coupling formation mechanisms on Fe2C(001) surface
Yu XH, Zhang XM, Meng Y, Zhao YP, Li Y, Xu W, Liu Z
473 - 480 Highly improved Uv resistance and composite interfacial properties of aramid fiber via iron (III) coordination
Cheng Z, Hong DW, Dai Y, Jiang C, Meng CB, Luo LB, Liu XY
481 - 491 Hierarchical CeO2/Bi2MoO6 heterostructured nanocomposites for photoreduction of CO2 into hydrocarbons under visible light irradiation
Dai WL, Hu X, Wang TY, Xiong WW, Luo XB, Zou JP
492 - 503 Assessment of the adsorption mechanism of Flutamide anticancer drug on the functionalized single-walled carbon nanotube surface as a drug delivery vehicle: An alternative theoretical approach based on DFT and MD
Kamel M, Raissi H, Morsali A, Shahabi M
504 - 513 Interaction Between New Anti-cancer Drug Syndros and CNT(6,6-6) Nanotube for Medical Applications: Geometry Optimization, Molecular Structure, Spectroscopic (NMR, UV/Vis, Excited state), FMO, MEP and HOMO-LUMO Investigation
Sheikhi M, Shahab S, Khaleghian M, Kumar R
514 - 521 Simple synthesis of nitrogen-rich polymer network and its further amination with PEI for CO2 adsorption
Yin FQ, Zhuang LZ, Luo XY, Chen SX
522 - 533 Enhanced catalytic activity of Ag nanoparticles supported on polyacrylamide/polypyrrole/graphene oxide nanosheets for the reduction of 4-nitrophenol
Mao H, Ji CG, Liu MH, Cao ZQ, Sun DY, Xing ZQ, Chen X, Zhang Y, Song XM
534 - 539 Enhanced activity of Pt/CNTs anode catalyst for direct methanol fuel cells using Ni2P as co-catalyst
Li X, Luo LP, Peng F, Wang HJ, Yu H
540 - 548 Nanospectroscopy of thiacyanine dye molecules adsorbed on silver nanoparticle clusters
Ralevic U, Isic G, Anicijevic DV, Laban B, Bogdanovic U, Lazovic VM, Vodnik V, Gajic R
549 - 560 Dissociative adsorption of environment-friendly insulating medium C3F7CN on Cu(111) and Al(111) surface: A theoretical evaluation
Zhang XX, Li Y, Chen DC, Xiao S, Tian SS, Tang J, Wang DB
561 - 572 Deciphering the role and nature of phosphate species at the surface of stainless steel immersed in phosphoric acid solutions
Liascukiene I, Ben Salah M, Sabot R, Refait P, Dhouibi L, Methivier C, Landoulsi J, Jeannin M
573 - 581 High flux nanofiltration membranes based on layer-by-layer assembly modified electrospun nanofibrous substrate
Xu GR, Liu XY, Xu JM, Li L, Su HC, Zhao HL, Feng HJ
582 - 587 Selective generation of laser-induced periodic surface structures on Al2O3-ZrO2-Nb composites
Kunz C, Bartolome JF, Gnecco E, Muller FA, Graf S
588 - 595 Surface microstructure and chemistry of polyimide by single pulse ablation of picosecond laser
Du QF, Chen T, Liu JG, Zeng XY
596 - 603 Understanding the anchoring effect of Graphene, BN, C2N and C3N4 monolayers for lithium-polysulfides in Li-S batteries
Zheng YP, Li HH, Yuan HY, Fan HH, Li WL, Zhang JP
604 - 612 Adsorption modes of molecular iodine on defected boron nitrides: A DFT study
Arabieh M, Azar YT
613 - 619 The electronic structures and work functions of (100) surface of typical binary and doped REB6 single crystals
Liu HL, Zhang X, Xiao YX, Zhang JX
620 - 625 Noble metal-free RGO/TiO2 composite nanofiber with enhanced photocatalytic H-2-production performance
Xu DF, Li LL, He RA, Qi LF, Zhang LY, Cheng B
626 - 632 From coffee ring to spherulites ring of poly(ethylene oxide) film from drying droplet
Hu YC, Zhang XR, Qiu MB, Wei Y, Zhou Q, Huang D
633 - 642 Fibroblast responses and antibacterial activity of Cu and Zn co-doped TiO2 for percutaneous implants
Zhang L, Guo JQ, Yan T, Han Y
643 - 668 Surface spintronics enhanced photo-catalytic hydrogen evolution: Mechanisms, strategies, challenges and future
Zhang WY, Gao W, Zhang XQ, Li Z, Lu GX
669 - 673 Surface modifications of crystal-ion-sliced LiNbO3 thin films by low energy ion irradiations
Bai XY, Shuai Y, Gong CG, Wu CG, Luo WB, Bottger R, Zhou SQ, Zhang WL
674 - 680 Enhanced red photoluminescence of quartz by silicon nanocrystals thin film deposition
Momeni A, Pourgolestani M, Taheri M, Mansour N
681 - 686 CO2 electroreduction characteristics of Pt-Ru/C powder and Pt-Ru sputtered electrodes under acidic condition
Furukawa H, Matsuda S, Tanaka S, Shironita S, Umeda M
687 - 692 High resistance ratio of bipolar resistive switching in a multiferroic/high-K Bi(Fe0.95Cr0.(05))O-3/ZrO2/Pt heterostructure
Dong BW, Miao J, Han JZ, Shao F, Yuan J, Meng KK, Wu Y, Xu XG, Jiang Y
693 - 700 Rapid localized deactivation of self-assembled monolayers by propagation-controlled laser-induced plasma and its application to self-patterning of electronics and biosensors
Kim J, Kwon SG, Back S, Kang B
701 - 710 Cu assisted synthesis of self-supported PdCu alloy nanowires with enhanced performances toward ethylene glycol electrooxidation
Yan B, Xu H, Zhang K, Li SJ, Wang J, Shi YT, Du YK
711 - 716 Enhancing the photoresponse and photocatalytic properties of TiO2 by controllably tuning defects across {101} facets
Wan PP, Hood ZD, Adhikari SP, Xu YF, Yang SZ, Wu SJ
717 - 724 Modification of Ag nanoparticles on the surface of SrTiO3 particles and resultant influence on photoreduction of CO2
Shao KJ, Wang YJ, Iqbal M, Lin L, Wang K, Zhang XH, He M, He T
725 - 734 A facile photoassisted route to synthesis N, F-codoped oxygen-deficient TiO2 with enhanced photocatalytic performance under visible light irradiation
Kang XL, Han Y, Song XZ, Tan ZQ
735 - 743 Theoretical insights into acetylene adsorption on nanoporous gold surfaces: Role of residual silver
Luo YF, Chen ZZ, Xu ZG, Yang DL, Zhang J, Tang DY
744 - 755 Microwave-assisted synthesis of C-doped TiO2 and ZnO hybrid nanostructured materials as quantum-dots sensitized solar cells
Rangel-Mendez JR, Matos J, Chazaro-Ruiz LF, Gonzalez-Castillo AC, Barrios-Yanez G
756 - 762 Room temperature Zinc-metallation of cationic porphyrin at graphene surface and enhanced photoelectrocatalytic activity
Zeng RJ, Chen GL, Xiong CG, Li GX, Zheng YZ, Chen J, Long YF, Chen S
763 - 770 Achieving the broader frequency electromagnetic absorber by development of magnetic core-shell composite with tunable shell/core sizes
Cheng Y, Guo YH, Zhang ZY, Dong ST, Liu SW, Wang HY
771 - 780 Strain transfer through film-substrate interface and surface curvature evolution during a tensile test
He W, Han MD, Goudeau P, Le Bourhis E, Renault PO, Wang SB, Li LA
781 - 786 Impact of zeolite-Y framework on the geometry and reactivity of Ru (III) benzimidazole complexes - A DFT study
Selvaraj T, Rajalingam R, Balasubramanian V
787 - 795 Corrosion resistance and adhesion strength of a spin-assisted layer-by-layer assembled coating on AZ31 magnesium alloy
Zhao YB, Liu HP, Li CY, Chen Y, Li SQ, Zeng RC, Wang ZL
796 - 805 In-situ fabrication of diketopyrrolopyrrole-carbazole-based conjugated polymer/TiO2 heterojunction for enhanced visible light photocatalysis
Yang L, Yu YY, Zhang JL, Chen F, Meng X, Qiu Y, Dan Y, Jiang L
806 - 815 Enhanced antifouling and antibacterial properties of poly (ether sulfone) membrane modified through blending with sulfonated poly (aryl ether sulfone) and copper nanoparticles
Zhang JJ, Xu YN, Chen SW, Li JS, Han WQ, Sun XY, Wu DH, Hu ZX, Wang LJ
816 - 821 Electrosorption of As(III) in aqueous solutions with activated carbon as the electrode
Dai M, Xia L, Song SX, Peng CS, Rangel-Mendez JR, Cruz-Gaona R
822 - 830 Influence of oxygen vacancies in ALD HfO2-x thin films on non-volatile resistive switching phenomena with a Ti/HfO2-x/Pt structure
Sokolov AS, Jeon YR, Kim S, Ku B, Lim D, Han H, Chae MG, Lee J, Ha BG, Choi C
831 - 842 Investigations on femtosecond laser modified micro-textured surface with anti-friction property on bearing steel GCr15
Yang LJ, Ding Y, Cheng B, He JT, Wang GW, Wang Y
843 - 849 Hydrogen storage capacity on Ti-decorated porous graphene: First-principles investigation
Yuan LH, Kang L, Chen YH, Wang DB, Gong JJ, Wang CN, Zhang ML, Wu XJ
850 - 860 Hydrophobicity of hemp shiv treated with sol-gel coatings
Hussain A, Calabria-Holley J, Schorr D, Jiang YH, Lawrence M, Blanchet P
861 - 870 Two-step hydrothermal synthesis of NiCo2S4/Co9S8 nanorods on nickel foam for high energy density asymmetric supercapacitors
Xu R, Lin JM, Wu JH, Huang ML, Fan LQ, Chen HW, He X, Wang YT, Xu ZD
871 - 878 Free-standing ternary NiWP film for efficient water oxidation reaction
Yang YP, Zhou K, Ma LL, Liang YQ, Yang XJ, Cui ZD, Zhu SL, Li ZY
879 - 890 Structural and optical characterization of p-type highly Fe-doped SnO2 thin films and tunneling transport on SnO2:Fe/p-Si heterojunction
Othmen WB, Ben Hamed Z, Sieber B, Addad A, Elhouichet H, Boukherroub R
891 - 897 Ultrasensitive ppb-level NO2 gas sensor based on WO3 hollow nanosphers doped with Fe
Zhang ZY, Haq M, Wen Z, Ye ZZ, Zhu LP
898 - 904 Optimizing the concentration of colloidal suspensions in convective assembly of centimeter-sized uniform monolayer colloidal crystals
Bayat F, Chaghamirzaei P, Nikniazi A, Ahmadi-Kandjani S, Rashidi MR, Tajalli H
905 - 912 Electrochemically reduced graphene-oxide supported bimetallic nanoparticles highly efficient for oxygen reduction reaction with excellent methanol tolerance
Yasmin S, Cho S, Jeon S
913 - 917 Imaging initial formation processes of nanobubbles at the graphite-water interface through high-speed atomic force microscopy
Liao HS, Yang CW, Ko HC, Hwu ET, Hwang IS
918 - 921 Simultaneous electropolishing and electrodeposition of aluminum in ionic liquid under ambient conditions
Hou YY, Li RQ, Liang J
922 - 931 Low-temperature and highly enhanced NO2 sensing performance of Au-functionalized WO3 microspheres with a hierarchical nanostructure
Shen YB, Bi HS, Li TT, Zhong XX, Chen XX, Fan AF, Wei DZ
932 - 939 Enhanced photocatalytic performance of KNbO3(100)/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites investigated using first-principles calculations: RGO reductivity effect
Zhang P, Shen YQ, Wu WJ, Li J, Zhou ZX
940 - 949 Creating gradient wetting surfaces via electroless displacement of zinc-coated carbon steel by nickel ions
Xu C, Liu HC, Liang WT, Zhu LQ, Li WP, Chen HN
950 - 956 Early stages of Cs adsorption mechanism for GaAs nanowire surface
Diao Y, Liu L, Xia SH, Feng S
957 - 966 Performance of surface on ultrafine grained Ti-0.2Pd in simulated body fluid
Wang XL, Zhou Q, Yang K, Zou CH, Wang L
967 - 974 Co3O4/CoP composite hollow polyhedron: A superior catalyst with dramatic efficiency and stability for the room temperature reduction of 4-nitrophenol
Liu X, Li XQ, Qin LX, Mu J, Kang SZ
975 - 981 Simulation of foulant bioparticle topography based on Gaussian process and its implications for interface behavior research
Zhao LH, Qu XL, Lin HJ, Yu GY, Liao BQ
982 - 994 Multi-component quantitation of meso/nanostructural surfaces and its application to local chemical compositions of copper meso/nanostructures self-organized on silica
Huang CY, Chang HW, Chang CC
995 - 1000 Surface tailoring of newly developed amorphous Zn-Si-O thin films as electron injection/transport layer by plasma treatment: Application to inverted OLEDs and hybrid solar cells
Yang HS, Kim J, Yamamoto K, Xing X, Hosono H
1001 - 1006 Facile method for the synthesis of gold nanoparticles using an ion coater
Lee SH, Jung HK, Kim TC, Kim CH, Shin CH, Yoon TS, Hong AR, Jang HS, Kim DH
1007 - 1014 Seed-mediated photodeposition route to Ag-decorated SiO2@TiO2 microspheres with ideal core-shell structure and enhanced photocatalytic activity
Ma JQ, Guo XH, Ge HG, Tian GH, Zhang Q
1015 - 1020 Fabrication of a novel superhydrophobic and superoleophilic surface by one-step electrodeposition method for continuous oil/water separation
Xiang MS, Jiang MHZ, Zhang YZ, Liu Y, Shen F, Yang G, He Y, Wang LL, Zhang XH, Deng SH
1021 - 1029 Preparation of yolk-shell MoS2 nanospheres covered with carbon shell for excellent lithium-ion battery anodes
Guo BJ, Feng Y, Chen XF, Li B, Yu K
1030 - 1039 3D ZnIn2S4 nanosheet/TiO2 nanowire arrays and their efficient photocathodic protection for 304 stainless steel
Sun WX, Wei N, Cui HZ, Lin Y, Wang XZ, Tian J, Li J, Wen J
1040 - 1047 Meletin sustained-release gliadin nanoparticles prepared via solvent surface modification on blending electrospraying
Yang YY, Zhang M, Liu ZP, Wang K, Yu DG
1048 - 1054 Fast response of carbon monoxide gas sensors using a highly porous network of ZnO nanoparticles decorated on 3D reduced graphene oxide
Ha NH, Thinh DD, Huong NT, Phuong NH, Thach PD, Hong HS
1055 - 1063 Pyrrole-regulated precipitation of titania nanorods on polymer fabrics for photocatalytic degradation of trace toluene in air
Gu YJ, Wen W, Xu Y, Wu JM
1064 - 1073 Engineering plasmonic nanostructured surfaces by pulsed laser deposition
Ghidelli M, Mascaretti L, Bricchi BR, Zapelli A, Russo V, Casari CS, Li Bassi A
1074 - 1078 Low-power, high-uniform, and forming-free resistive memory based on Mg-deficient amorphous MgO film with rough surface
Guo JJ, Ren SX, Wu LQ, Kang X, Chen W, Zhao X
1079 - 1085 Nitrogen-doped carbon quantum dots from biomass via simple one-pot method and exploration of their application
Yang QM, Duan JL, Yang W, Li XM, Mo JH, Yang PZ, Tang QW
1086 - 1100 Mussel byssus-inspired engineering of synergistic nanointerfacial interactions as sacrificial bonds into carbon nanotube-reinforced soy protein/nanofibrillated cellulose nanocomposites:Versatile mechanical enhancement
Wang Z, Zhao SJ, Kang HJ, Zhang W, Zhang SF, Li JZ
1101 - 1111 A combined coating strategy based on atomic layer deposition for enhancement of corrosion resistance of AZ31 magnesium alloy
Liu XM, Yang QY, Li ZY, Yuan W, Zheng YF, Cui ZD, Yang XJ, Yeung KWK, Wu SL
1112 - 1121 Bioinspired catalytic generation of high-valent cobalt-oxo species by the axially coordinated CoPc on pyridine-functionalized MWCNTs for the elimination of organic contaminants
Li N, Wang Y, Wu CR, Lu WY, Pei KM, Chen WX
1122 - 1128 Cracks and nanodroplets produced on tungsten surface samples by dense plasma jets
Ticos CM, Galatanu M, Galatanu A, Luculescu C, Scurtu A, Udrea N, Ticos D, Dumitru M
1129 - 1136 A novel self-catalyzed photoATRP strategy for preparation of fluorescent hydroxyapatite nanoparticles and their biological imaging
Jiang RM, Liu MY, Huang HY, Huang L, Huang Q, Wen YQ, Cao QY, Tian JW, Zhang XY, Wei Y
1137 - 1143 In situ generation of highly dispersed metal nanoparticles on two-dimensional layered SiO2 by topotactic structure conversion and their superior catalytic activity
Chen Z, Jia DS, Zhou Y, Hao J, Liang Y, Cui ZM, Song WG
1144 - 1152 High efficiency ZnO-based dye-sensitized solar cells with a 1H, 1H, 2H, 2H-perfluorodecyltriethoxysilane chain barrier for cutting on interfacial recombination
Xie YH, Zhou XF, Mi HY, Ma JH, Yang JY, Cheng J
1153 - 1160 Pulse electrodeposition of CoFe thin films covered with layered double hydroxides as a fast route to prepare enhanced catalysts for oxygen evolution reaction
Sakita AMP, Della Noce R, Valles E, Benedetti AV
1161 - 1174 On the S-phase formation and the balanced plasma nitriding of austenitic-ferritic super duplex stainless steel
de Oliveira WR, Kurelo BCES, Ditzel DG, Serbena FC, Foerster CE, de Souza GB
1175 - 1182 On the importance of controlling film architecture in detecting prostate specific antigen
Graca JS, Miyazaki CM, Shimizu FM, Volpati D, Mejia-Salazar JR, Oliveira ON, Ferreira M
1183 - 1192 UV-blocking properties of Zn/ZnO coatings on wood deposited by cold plasma spraying at atmospheric pressure
Wallenhorst L, Gurau L, Gellerich A, Militz H, Ohms G, Viol W
1193 - 1199 Surface modification of a natural zeolite by treatment with cold oxygen plasma: Characterization and application in water treatment
De Velasco-Maldonado PS, Hernandez-Montoya V, Montes-Moran MA, Vazquez NAR, Perez-Cruz MA
1200 - 1209 Preparation of MoO2/g-C3N4 composites with a high surface area and its application in deep desulfurization from model oil
Hou LP, Zhao RX, Li XP, Gao XH
1210 - 1216 Structural changes of Ti3SiC2 induced by helium irradiation with different doses
Zhang HL, Su RR, Shi LQ, O'Connor DJ, Wen HM
1217 - 1223 One-pot synthesis of Fe3O4@Chitosan-pSDCalix hybrid nanomaterial for the detection and removal of Hg2+ ion from aqueous media
Bhatti AA, Oguz M, Yilmaz M
1224 - 1231 An in situ mediator-free route to fabricate Cu2O/g-C3N4 type-II heterojunctions for enhanced visible-light photocatalytic H-2 generation
Ji C, Yin SN, Sun SS, Yang SY
1232 - 1238 Properties of natural and synthetic hydroxyapatite and their surface free energy determined by the thin-layer wicking method
Szczes A, Yan YD, Chibowski E, Holysz L, Banach M
1239 - 1247 Catalytic role of transition metals supported on niobium oxide in O-2 activation
Omidvar A
1248 - 1256 Effect of milling time on microstructure and properties of Nano-titanium polymer by high-energy ball milling
Wang B, Wei SC, Wang YJ, Liang Y, Guo L, Xue JF, Pan FS, Tang AT, Chen XH, Xu BS
1257 - 1265 Enhanced photocatalytic activity of hydrogenated and vanadium doped TiO2 nanotube arrays grown by anodization of sputtered Ti layers
Motola M, Satrapinskyy L, Caplovicova M, Roch T, Gregor M, Grancic B, Gregus J, Caplovic L, Plesch G
1266 - 1273 MIL-100-Fe derived N-doped Fe/Fe3C@C electrocatalysts for efficient oxygen reduction reaction
Guo DK, Han SC, Wang JC, Zhu YF
1274 - 1284 An in vitro cytotoxicity assessment of graphene nanosheets on alveolar cells
Dervin S, Murphy J, Aviles R, Pillai SC, Garvey M
1285 - 1292 Reverse microemulsion synthesis of nickel-cobalt hexacyanoferrate/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites for high-performance supercapacitors and sodium ion batteries
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