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1 - 9 Atomic configurations in AP-MOVPE grown lattice-mismatched InGaAsN films unravelled by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy combined with bulk and surface characterization techniques
Lopez-Escalante MC, Sciana B, Dawidowski W, Bielak K, Gabas M
10 - 15 MnS decorated N/S codoped 3D graphene which used as cathode of the lithium-sulfur battery
Li ZT, Xu RF, Deng SZ, Su X, Wu WT, Liu SP, Wu MB
16 - 26 High-performance cobalt carbonate hydroxide nano-dot/NiCo(CO3)(OH)(2) electrode for asymmetric supercapacitors
Lee D, Xia QX, Yun JM, Kim KH
27 - 34 Influence of Nb-doped TiO2 blocking layers as a cascading band structure for enhanced photovoltaic properties
Koo BR, Oh DH, Ahn HJ
35 - 44 Lithium-ions diffusion kinetic in LiFePO4/carbon nanoparticles synthesized by microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition for lithium-ion batteries
Gao C, Zhou J, Liu GZ, Wang L
45 - 50 Preparation, characterization, and nonlinear optical properties of hybridized graphene @ gold nanorods nanocomposites
Guo J, Ning TY, Han YS, Sheng YQ, Li CH, Zhao XF, Lu ZY, Man BY, Jiao Y, Jiang SZ
51 - 59 Evolution of resistive switching mechanism through H2O2 sensing by using TaOx-based material in W/Al2O3/TaOx/TiN structure
Chakrabarti S, Panja R, Roy S, Roy A, Samanta S, Dutta M, Ginnaram S, Maikap S, Cheng HM, Tsai LN, Chang YL, Mahapatra R, Jana D, Qiu JT, Yang JR
60 - 65 Design of high-activity single-atom catalysts via n-p codoping
Wang XN, Zhou HY, Zhang XY, Jia JF, Wu HS
66 - 75 Thermally oxidized Inconel 600 and 690 nickel-based alloys characterizations by combination of global photoelectrochemistry and local near-field microscopy techniques (STM, STS, AFM, SKPFM)
Mechehoud F, Benaioun NE, Hakiki NE, Khelil A, Simon L, Bubendorff JL
76 - 87 Enhanced visible light-induced photocatalytic activity of surface-modified BiOBr with Pd nanoparticles
Meng XC, Li ZZ, Chen J, Xie HW, Zhang ZS
88 - 93 Free-standing, flexible beta-Ni(OH)(2)/electrochemically-exfoliated graphene film electrode for efficient oxygen evolution
Wang LL, Zhang J, Jiang WT, Zhao H, Liu HZ
94 - 100 Mussel inspired polymerized P(TA-TETA) for facile functionalization of carbon nanotube
Si SX, Gao TT, Wang JH, Liu QZ, Zhou GW
101 - 107 Development and assessment of photo-catalytic membranes for water purification using solar radiation
Coto M, Troughton SC, Duan J, Kumar RV, Clyne TW
108 - 115 Improved interface and electrical properties of atomic layer deposited Al2O3/4H-SiC
Suvanam SS, Usman M, Martin D, Yazdi MG, Linnarsson M, Tempez A, Gotelid M, Hallen A
116 - 124 Functionalized polyethylene fibers for the selective capture of palladium ions from aqueous solution
Pang LJ, Li R, Hu JT, Zhang LJ, Zhang MX, Yang CG, Wu GZ
125 - 132 Hydrothermal synthesis of red phosphorus @reduced graphene oxide nanohybrid with enhanced electrochemical performance as anode material of lithium-ion battery
Zhu X, Yuan ZW, Wang XB, Jiang GD, Xiong J, Yuan SD
133 - 138 Silane surface modification effects on the electromagnetic properties of phosphatized iron-based SMCs
Fan LF, Hsiang HI, Hung JJ
139 - 148 Surface modification of polyamide reverse osmosis membrane with organic-inorganic hybrid material for antifouling
Zhang Y, Wan Y, Pan GY, Yan H, Yao XR, Shi HW, Tang YJ, Wei XR, Liu YQ
149 - 154 Optical, compositional and structural properties of pulsed laser deposited nitrogen-doped Titanium-dioxide
Farkas B, Heszler P, Budai J, Oszko A, Ottosson M, Geretovszky Z
155 - 159 The effect of the host lattice on the optical properties of Bi(3+)in Ca1-xO:Bi and Ca1-x(OH)(2):Bi phosphors
Yousif A, Jafer RM, Som S, Swart HC
160 - 165 Damage and annealing recovery of boron-implanted ultra-shallow junction: The correlation between beam current and surface configuration
Chang FM, Wu ZZ, Lin YF, Kao LC, Wu CT, JangJian SK, Chen YN, Lo KY
166 - 176 Electrically responsive microstructured polypyrrole-polyurethane composites for stimulated osteogenesis
Luculescu CR, Acasandrei AM, Mustaciosu CC, Zamfirescu M, Dinescu M, Calin BS, Popescu A, Chioibasu D, Cristian D, Paun IA
177 - 180 Cd1-xZnxTe photodetectors with transparent conductive ZnO contacts
Tang K, Huang J, Lu YX, Hu Y, Shen YB, Zhang JJ, Gu QM, Wang LJ, Lu YC
181 - 187 Graphene/Si solar cells employing triethylenetetramine dopant and polymethylmethacrylate antireflection layer
Shin DH, Jang CW, Lee HS, Seo SW, Kim S, Choi SH
188 - 196 Carboxymethyl chitosan based nanocomposites containing chemically bonded quantum dots and magnetic nanoparticles
Ding YL, Yin H, Chen R, Bai R, Chen CY, Hao XJ, Shen S, Sun KN, Liu FT
197 - 205 Enhanced photo-assistant electrocatalysis of anodization TiO2 nanotubes via surrounded surface decoration with MoS2 for hydrogen evolution reaction
Tian YY, Song Y, Dou ML, Ji J, Wang F
206 - 212 Facile fabrication of CuO-Pb2O3 nanophotocatalyst for efficient degradation of Rose Bengal dye under visible light irradiation
Kamaraj E, Somasundaram S, Balasubramani K, Eswaran MP, Muthuramalingam R, Parka S
213 - 221 Investigation of the interfacial properties of polyurethane/carbon nanotube hybrid composites: A molecular dynamics study
Goclon J, Panczyk T, Winkler K
222 - 231 Microwave-assisted preparation of nitrogen-doped biochars by ammonium acetate activation for adsorption of acid red 18
Wang L, Yan W, He C, Wen H, Cai Z, Wanga ZX, Chen ZZ, Liu WF
232 - 239 Surfactant-free electrodeposition of reduced graphene oxide/copper composite coatings with enhanced wear resistance
Mai YJ, Zhou MP, Ling HJ, Chen FX, Lian WQ, Jie XH
240 - 248 Hydrothermal growth of two dimensional hierarchical MoS2 nanospheres on one dimensional CdS nanorods for high performance and stable visible photocatalytic H-2 evolution
Chava RK, Do JY, Kang M
249 - 255 Doped phosphorene for hydrogen capture: A DFT study
Zhang HP, Hu W, Du AJ, Lu X, Zhang YP, Zhou J, Lin XY, Tang YH
256 - 263 Hierarchical honeycomb-like Co3O4 pores coating on CoMoO4 nanosheets as bifunctional efficient electrocatalysts for overall water splitting
Pei ZH, Xu L, Xu W
264 - 270 One-step synthesis, wettability and foaming properties of high-performance non-ionic hydro-fluorocarbon hybrid surfactants
Peng YY, Lu F, Tong QX
271 - 278 Performance enhancement in Sb doped Cu(InGa)Se-2 thin film solar cell by e-beam evaporation
Chen JY, Shen HL, Zhai ZH, Li YF, Yi YG
279 - 284 Synthesis of PtRu/Ru heterostructure for efficient methanol electrooxidation: The role of extra Ru
Bai L
285 - 291 A comparative study on the direct deposition of mu c-Si:H and plasma-induced recrystallization of a-Si:H: Insight into Si crystallization in a high-density plasma
Zhou HP, Xu M, Xu S, Feng YY, Xu LX, Wei DY, Xiao SQ
292 - 299 Phosphonic acid functionalization of nanostructured Ni-W coatings on steel
Orrillo PA, Ribotta SB, Gassa LM, Benitez G, Salvarezza RC, Vela ME
300 - 305 Coverage evolution of the unoccupied Density of States in sulfur superstructures on Ru(0001)
Pisarra M, Bernardo-Gavito R, Navarro JJ, Black A, Diaz C, Calleja F, Granados D, Miranda R, Martin F, de Parga ALV
306 - 311 The growth of the metallic ZrNx thin films on P-GaN substrate by pulsed laser deposition
Gu CY, Sui ZP, Li YX, Chu HY, Ding SA, Zhao YF, Jiang CP
312 - 320 Efficiency and durability of a self-cleaning coating on concrete and stones under both natural and artificial ageing trials
Carmona-Quiroga PM, Martinez-Ramirez S, Viles HA
321 - 328 Influence of heating procedures on the surface structure of stabilized polyacrylonitrile fibers
Zhao RX, Sun PF, Liu RJ, Ding ZH, Li XS, Liu XY, Zhao XD, Gao ZM
329 - 335 Efficient degradation of H2S over transition metal modified TiO2 under VUV irradiation: Performance and mechanism
Liu GY, Ji J, Hu P, Lin SX, Huang HB
336 - 340 Self-propulsion of Leidenfrost droplets on micropillared hot surfaces with gradient wettability
Chen MY, Jia ZH, Zhang T, Fei YY
341 - 348 Effect of Na poisoning catalyst (V2O5-WO3/TiO2) on denitration process and SO3 formation
Xiao HP, Chen Y, Qi C, Ru Y
349 - 357 Grafting methyl acrylic onto carbon fiber via Diels-Alder reaction for excellent mechanical and tribological properties of phenolic composites
Fei J, Duan X, Luo L, Zhang C, Qi Y, Li HJ, Feng YQ, Huang JF
358 - 366 AFM characterization of patterned sapphire substrate with dense cone arrays: Image artifacts and tip-cone convolution effect
Shen J, Zhang D, Zhang FH, Gan Y
367 - 373 One-step synthesis of 3D sulfur/nitrogen dual-doped graphene supported nano silicon as anode for Li-ion batteries
Li RH, Li JL, Qi KY, Ge X, Zhang QW, Zhang BW
374 - 380 Continuous, high-flux and efficient oil/water separation assisted by an integrated system with opposite wettability
Li J, Long YF, Xu CC, Tian HF, Wu YX, Zha F
381 - 387 Colloidal GdVO4:Eu3+@SiO2 nanocrystals for highly selective and sensitive detection of Cu2+ ions
Liang YJ, Noh HM, Park SH, Choi BC, Jeong JH
388 - 397 Construction of RGO/CdIn2S4/g-C3N4 ternary hybrid with enhanced photocatalytic activity for the degradation of tetracycline hydrochloride
Xiao P, Jiang DL, Ju LX, Jing JJ, Chen M
398 - 407 Synergistic effect of TNSs-TiO(2)NPs/3DGNs catalysts on photocatalytic degradation of 4-nitrophenol under visible light
Yang YF, Ye J, Xu LD, Li H, Zhang Y, Wen JG, Wang HF
408 - 418 Oxygen termination of homoepitaxial diamond surface by ozone and chemical methods: An experimental and theoretical perspective
Navas J, Araujo D, Piner JC, Sanchez-Coronilla A, Blanco E, Villar P, Alcantara R, Montserrat J, Florentin M, Eon D, Pernot J
419 - 427 Ultrafine nano-network structured bacterial cellulose as reductant and bridging ligands to fabricate ultrathin K-birnessite type MnO2 nanosheets for supercapacitors
Zhang XJ, He MQ, He P, Li CX, Liu HH, Zhang XQ, Ma YJ
428 - 436 In-situ grown CNTs modified SiO2/C composites as anode with improved cycling stability and rate capability for lithium storage
Wang SQ, Zhao NQ, Shi CS, Liu EZ, He CN, He F, Ma LY
437 - 442 Membrane-spacer assembly for flow-electrode capacitive deionization
Lee KS, Cho Y, Choo KY, Yang S, Han MH, Kim DK
443 - 448 Hydrophilic/hydrophobic surface modification impact on colloid lithography: Schottky-like defects, dislocation, and ideal distribution
Burtsev V, Marchuk V, Kugaevskiy A, Guselnikova O, Elashnikov R, Miliutina E, Postnikov P, Svorcik V, Lyutakov O
449 - 449 Self-assembly and omniphobic property of fluorinated unit end-functionalized poly(methyl methacrylate) (vol 433, pg 449, 2017)
Junyanet L
450 - 457 Determination of the attractive force, adhesive force, adhesion energy and Hamaker constant of soot particles generated from a premixed methane/oxygen flame by AFM
Liu Y, Song CL, Lv G, Chen N, Zhou H, Jing XJ
458 - 467 Plasmonic Ag coated Zn/Ti-LDH with excellent photocatalytic activity
Zhu YP, Zhu RL, Zhu GQ, Wang MM, Chen YN, Zhu JX, Xi YF, He HP
468 - 479 X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy as a tool to investigate silane-based coatings for the protection of outdoor bronze: The role of alloying elements
Masi G, Balbo A, Esvan J, Monticelli C, Avila J, Robbiola L, Bernardi E, Bignozzi MC, Asensio MC, Martini C, Chiavari C
480 - 486 The effect of platinum precursor concentrations on chlorine sensing characteristics of platinum nanoparticles-loaded single walled carbon nanotubes
Choi SW, Byun YT
487 - 501 Adsorption of bentazon on CAT and CARBOPAL activated carbon: Experimental and computational study
Spaltro A, Simonetti S, Torrellas SA, Rodriguez JG, Ruiz D, Juan A, Allegretti P
502 - 512 In situ grown hierarchical 50%BiOCl/BiOI hollow flowerlike microspheres on reduced graphene oxide nanosheets for enhanced visible-light photocatalytic degradation of rhodamine B
Su XD, Yang JJ, Yu X, Zhu Y, Zhang YM
513 - 529 Selective hydrogenation of acetylene in the presence of ethylene on palladium nanocluster surfaces: A DFT study
Abdollahi T, Farmanzadeh D
530 - 534 Energy-band alignment of (HfO2)(x)(Al2O3)(1-x) gate dielectrics deposited by atomic layer deposition on beta-Ga2O3 (-201)
Yuan L, Zhang HP, Jia RX, Guo LX, Zhang YM, Zhang YM
535 - 539 A resistance ratio change phenomenon observed in Al doped ZnO sMark (AZO)/Cu(In1-xGax)Se-2/Mo resistive switching memory device
Guo T, Sun B, Mao SS, Zhu SH, Xia YD, Wang HY, Zhao Y, Yu Z
540 - 545 Atomistic simulation of Al-graphene thin film growth on polycrystalline Al substrate
Zhang L, Zhu YC, Li N, Rong Y, Xia HM, Ma HZ
546 - 555 Buried interfaces - A systematic study to characterize an adhesive interface at multiple scales
Haubrich J, Lobbecke M, Watermeyer P, Wilde F, Requena G, da Silva J
556 - 559 Interfacial chemical structure-modulated anomalous Hall effect in perpendicular Co/Pt multilayers
Lin Q, Jiang SL, Teng J
560 - 567 Interfacial enhancement of carbon fiber composites by growing TiO2 nanowires onto amine-based functionalized carbon fiber surface in supercritical water
Ma LC, Li N, Wu GS, Song GJ, Li XR, Han P, Wang G, Huang YD
568 - 574 In-situ space-confined catalysis for fabricating 3D mesoporous graphene and their capacitive properties
Qin J, Zhu S, Feng C, Zhao NQ, Shia CS, Liu EZ, He F, Ma LY, Li JJ, He CNA
575 - 581 High Selective Gas Detection for small molecules based on Germanium selenide monolayer
Liu L, Yang Q, Wang ZP, Ye HY, Chen XP, Fan XJ, Zhang GQ
582 - 588 XPS study of the surface chemistry of UO2 (111) single crystal film
Maslakov KI, Teterin YA, Popel AJ, Teterin AY, Ivanov KE, Kalmykov SN, Petrov VG, Springell R, Scott TB, Farnan I
589 - 595 Dehydration and dehydroxylation of C-S-H phases synthesized on silicon wafers
Giraudo N, Bergdolt S, Laye F, Krolla P, Lahann J, Thissen P
596 - 601 Applied Surface Science Local structure and X-ray magnetic circular dichroism of Au in Au-Co nanoalloys
Maurizio C, Michieli N, Kalinic B, Mattarello V, Bello V, Wilhelm F, Ollefs K, Mattei G
602 - 609 Flower-Like ZnO-Assisted One-Pot Encapsulation of Noble Metal Nanoparticles Supported Catalysts with ZIFs
Lin L, Liu HO, Zhang XF
610 - 616 Synthesis of magnetic Bi2O2CO3/ZnFe2O4 composite with improved photocatalytic activity and easy recyclability
Liu YM, Ren H, Lv H, Guang J, Cao YF
617 - 626 Deformation and fatigue resistance of Al/a-Si core-shell nanostructures subjected to cyclic nanoindentation
Steck JG, Fleming RA, Goss JA, Zou M
627 - 638 Trivalent ions modification for high-silica mordenite: A first principles study
Chen FY, Zhang LJ, Feng G, Wang XW, Zhang RB, Liu JW
639 - 646 Electron emission enhancement of long hybrid emitters prepared using ZnO nanowires decorated with Zn nanoflakes
Yang SH, Hsu NC
647 - 652 Effect of deposition temperature on morphological, magnetic and elastic properties of ultrathin Co-49 Pt-51 films
Abdallah FS, Cherif SM, Bouamama K, Roussigne Y, Hsu JH
653 - 667 Influence of sealing post-treatments on the corrosion resistance of PEO coated AZ91 magnesium alloy
Mingo B, Arrabal R, Mohedano M, Llamazares Y, Matykina E, Yerokhin A, Pardo A
668 - 673 Ordered misfit dislocations in epitaxial Gd doped CeO2 thin films deposited on (001)YSZ single crystal substrates
Petrisor T, Meledin A, Boulle A, Mos RB, Gabor MS, Ciontea L, Petrisor T
674 - 679 Pulsed laser deposited Be&ITx&ITZn1-&ITx&IT O1-&ITy&ITS&ITy&IT quaternary alloy films: structure, composition, and band gap bowing
Zhang WZ, Xu MJ, Zhang M, Cheng HL, Li MK, Zhang QF, Lu YM, Chen JW, Chen CQ, He YB
680 - 688 Investigation of KDP crystal surface based on an improved bidimensional empirical mode decomposition method
Lu L, Yan JH, Chen WQ, An S
689 - 695 Carbon-based sputtered coatings for enhanced chitosan-based films properties
Fernandes C, Calderon VS, Ballesteros LF, Cerqueira MA, Pastrana LM, Teixeira JA, Ferreira PJ, Carvalho S
696 - 704 Preparation and characterization of PANI@G/CWO nanocomposite for enhanced 2-nitrophenol sensing
Khan A, Khan AAP, Rahman MM, Asiri AM, Inamuddin, Alamry KA, Hameed SA
705 - 712 Electrosorption of a modified electrode in the vicinity of phase transition: A Monte Carlo study
Arriazu EMG, Pinto OA
713 - 722 Fabrication of porous carbon sphere@SnO2@carbon layer coating composite as high performance anode for sodium-ion batteries
Li X, Sun XH, Gao ZW, Hu XD, Guo JD, Cai S, Guo RS, Ji HM, Zheng CM, Hu WB
723 - 729 Template-free fabrication of hierarchical MoS2/MoO2 nanostructures as efficient catalysts for hydrogen production
Zhang XY, Du ZJ, Luo XN, Sun AK, Wu ZZ, Wang DZ
730 - 738 Comparative study on cubic and tetragonal CexZr1-xO2 supported MoO3-catalysts for sulfur-resistant methanation
Liu ZP, Xu Y, Cheng JM, Wang WH, Wang BW, Li ZH, Ma XB
739 - 749 Enhancement of the interface in poly(L-lactide) and poly(propylidene carbonate) blends by introducing of poly(L-lactide)-grafted graphene oxide to improve mechanical properties
Li Q, Qin SX, Tian XJ, Chen XY, Chen YL, Niu YH, Zhao LF
750 - 755 W18O49 nanowires assembled on carbon felt for application to supercapacitors
Jung J, Kim DH
756 - 764 Role of size, composition and substrate in controlling the reactivity of alpha(0001)-Al2O3 supported Ag&ITn&ITAu&ITm&IT (&ITn &IT plus &ITm&IT = 2-4) alloy clusters for CO-oxidation: A comprehensive density functional study
Singh A, Majumder C, Sen P
765 - 771 Understanding and controlling the rest potential of carbon nanotube-based supercapacitors for energy density enhancement
Yoo YE, Park J, Kim W
772 - 779 Pulsed laser ablation and incubation of nickel, iron and tungsten in liquids and air
Lasemi N, Pacher U, Zhigilei LV, Bomati-Miguela O, Lahoz R, Kautek W
780 - 789 Theoretical study of the promotional effect of ZrO2 on In2O3 catalyzed methanol synthesis from CO(2 )hydrogenation
Zhang MH, Dou MB, Yu YZ
790 - 797 Carbon dots decorated magnetic ZnFe2O4 nanoparticles with enhanced adsorption capacity for the removal of dye from aqueous solution
Shi WL, Guo F, Wang HB, Liu CG, Fu YJ, Yuan SL, Huang H, Liu Y, Kang ZH
798 - 805 On the origin of the changes in the opto-electrical properties of boron-doped zinc oxide films after plasma surface treatment for thin-film silicon solar cell applications
Le AHT, Kim Y, Lee YJ, Hussain SQ, Nguyen CPT, Lee J, Yi J
806 - 814 Constructing inorganic/polymer microsphere composite as lithium ion battery anode material
Zhou N, Dong H, Xu YL, Luo L, Zhao CJ, Wang D, Li HR, Liu D
815 - 820 Large enhancement of X-ray excited luminescence in Ga-doped ZnO nanorod arrays by hydrogen annealing
Li QL, Liu XLL, Gu M, Li FR, Zhang JN, Wu Q, Huang SM, Liu S
821 - 828 Novel transparent high-performance AgNWs/ZnO electrodes prepared on unconventional substrates with 3D structured surfaces
Lan W, Yang ZW, Zhang Y, Wei YP, Wang PX, Abas A, Tang GM, Zhang XT, Wang JY, Xie EQ
829 - 835 Matrix coatings based on anodic alumina with carbon nanostructures in the pores
Gorokh GG, Pashechko MI, Borc JT, Lozovenko AA, Kashko IA, Latos AI
836 - 839 Effect of Al doping on performance of ZnO thin film transistors
Dong JC, Han DD, Li HJ, Yu W, Zhang SD, Zhang X, Wang Y
840 - 846 Novel synthesis of core-shell Au-Pt dendritic nanoparticles supported on carbon black for enhanced methanol electro-oxidation
Cao RB, Xia TT, Zhu RZ, Liu ZH, Guo JM, Chang G, Zhang ZL, Liu X, He YB
847 - 854 One-pot preparation of conducting composite containing abundant amino groups on electrode surface for electrochemical detection of von willebrand factor
Wang W, Ma C, Li Y, Liu BH, Tan L
855 - 861 Effect of surface etching on the oxidation behavior of plasma chromizing-treated AISI440B stainless steel
Meng TX, Guo Q, Xi W, Ding WQ, Liu XZ, Lin NM, Yu SW, Liu XP
862 - 868 Heterolytic dissociative adsorption state of dihydrogen favored by interfacial defects
Song ZJ, Hu HS, Xu H, Li Y, Cheng P, Zhao B
869 - 878 Heparin free coating on PLA membranes for enhanced hemocompatibility via iCVD
Wang H, Shi X, Gao AL, Lin HB, Chen YL, Ye YM, He JD, Liu F, Deng G
879 - 886 Photoactivity of N-doped ZnO nanoparticles in oxidative and reductive reactions
Oliveira JA, Nogueira AE, Goncalves MCP, Paris EC, Ribeiro C, Poirier GY, Giraldi TR
887 - 898 A detailed study on Sn4+ doped ZnO for enhanced photocatalytic degradation
Beura R, Pachaiappan R, Thangadurai P
899 - 903 Zn nanoparticle formation in FIB irradiated single crystal ZnO
Pea M, Barucca G, Notargiacomo A, Di Gaspare L, Mussi V
904 - 913 Catalytic dehydrofluorination of 1,1,1,3,3-pentafluoropropane to 1,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene over fluorinated NiO/Cr2O3 catalysts
Luo JW, Song JD, Jia WZ, Pu ZY, Lu JQ, Luo MF
914 - 926 Enhanced photocatalytic activity and characterization of magnetic Ag/BiOI/ZnFe2O4 composites for Hg-0 removal under fluorescent light irradiation
Li CW, Zhang AC, Zhang LX, Song J, Su S, Sun ZJ, Xiang J
927 - 933 LDHs/graphene film on aluminum alloys for active protection
Zhang Y, Yu PH, Wang JP, Li YD, Chen F, Wei K, Zuo Y
934 - 944 Reduced atomic shadowing in HiPIMS: Role of the thermalized metal ions
Oliveira JC, Ferreira F, Anders A, Cavaleiro A
945 - 956 Controlling the morphology and performance of FO membrane via adjusting the atmosphere humidity during casting procedure
Zuo HR, Cao GP, Wang M, Zhang HH, Song CC, Fang X, Wang T
957 - 962 On the role of weak interface in crack blunting process in nanoscale layered composites
Li Y, Zhou Q, Zhang S, Huang P, Xu KW, Wang F, Lu TJ
963 - 974 An ingenious strategy of preparing TiO2/g-C3N4 heterojunction photocatalyst: In situ growth of TiO2 nanocrystals on g-C3N4 nanosheets via impregnation-calcination method
Zhang GH, Zhang TY, Li B, Jiang S, Zhang X, Hai L, Chen XW, Wu WB
975 - 982 Novel star-like surfactant as dispersant for multi-walled carbon nanotubes in aqueous suspensions at high concentration
Qiao M, Ran QP, Wu SS
983 - 987 Rational design and synthesis of yolk-shell ZnGa2O4@C nanostructure with enhanced lithium storage properties
Han N, Xia YG, Han YY, Jiao XL, Chen DR
988 - 993 Porous nC-Si/SiOx nanostructured layer on Si substrate with tunable photoluminescent properties fabricated by direct, precursor-free microplasma irradiation in air
Wang T, Hu MS, Yang B, Wang XL, Liu JQ
994 - 1017 A perspective on two chemometrics tools: PCA and MCR, and introduction of a new one: Pattern recognition entropy (PRE), as applied to XPS and ToF-SIMS depth profiles of organic and inorganic materials
Chatterjee S, Singh B, Diwan A, Lee ZR, Engelhard MH, Terry J, Tolley HD, Gallagher NB, Linford MR
1018 - 1024 Thermoresponsive electrospun fibers for water harvesting applications
Thakur N, Baji A, Ranganath AS
1025 - 1035 Low-temperature abatement of toluene over Mn-Ce oxides catalysts synthesized by a modified hydrothermal approach
Du JP, Qu ZP, Dong C, Song LX, Qin Y, Huang N
1036 - 1048 Interaction of Pd single atoms with different CeO2 crystal planes: A first-principles study
He BL, Wang JL, Ma DW, Tian ZX, Jiang LJ, Xu Y, Cheng SJ
1049 - 1055 Vacancy charged defects in two-dimensional GaN
Gonzalez R, Lopez-Perez W, Gonzalez-Garcia A, Moreno-Armenta MG, Gonzalez-Hernandez R
1056 - 1066 First-principles investigation on the structures, energies, electronic and defective properties of Ti2AlN surfaces
Liu P, Han XL, Sun DL, Wang Q
1067 - 1074 Synthesis and structural stability of Cr-doped Li2MnSiO4/C cathode materials by solid-state method
Cheng HM, Zhao SX, Wu X, Zhao JW, Wei L, Nan CW
1075 - 1082 Concentration-dependent multiple chirality transition in halogen-bond-driven 2D self-assembly process
Miao XR, Li JX, Zha B, Miao K, Dong MQ, Wu JT, Deng WL
1083 - 1093 First-Principles Study of MoO3/Graphene Composite as Cathode Material for High-Performance Lithium-Ion Batteries
Cui YH, Zhao Y, Chen H, Wei KY, Ni S, Cui YX, Shi SQ
1094 - 1099 Reversible superhydrophilicity and hydrophobicity switching of V2O5 thin films deposited by magnetron sputtering
Zhang CZ, Peng ZG, Cuid XY, Neil E, Li YS, Kasap S, Yang QQ
1100 - 1112 Facile synthesis of mesoporous NiFe2O4/CNTs nanocomposite cathode material for high performance asymmetric pseudocapacitors
Kumar N, Kumar A, Huang GM, Wu WW, Tseng TY
1113 - 1127 Effect of perfluorodecyltrichlorosilane on the surface properties and anti-corrosion behavior of poly(dimethylsiloxane)-ZnO coatings
Arukalam IO, Meng MJ, Xiao HG, Ma YT, Oguzie EE, Li Y
1128 - 1136 Interfacial behavior of alkaline protease at the air-water and oil-water interfaces
Zhang J, Li YY, Wang J, Zhang Y
1137 - 1147 Adsorption orientation effects of porphyrin dyes on the performance of DSSC: Comparison of benzoic acid and tropolone anchoring groups binding onto the TiO2 anatase (101) surface
Zhu HC, Zhang J, Wang YL
1148 - 1153 Effects of the carrier concentration on polarity determination in Ga-doped ZnO films by hard x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Song HP, Makino H, Kobata M, Nomoto J, Kobayashi K, Yamamoto T
1154 - 1157 Largely enhanced near band edge emission of ultrathin zinc oxide nanowire/gold nanoparticles composites by surface plasmon resonance
Li L, Wang CY, Han F, Yang SM, Jing WX, Jiang ZD
1158 - 1174 Response of boride coating on the Ti-6Al-4V alloy to corrosion and fretting corrosion behavior in Ringer's solution for bio-implant application
Bose S, Pathak LC, Singh R
1175 - 1183 Mechanistic insight into the enhanced photocatalytic activity of single-atom Pt, Pd or Au-embedded g-C3N4
Tong T, Zhu BC, Jiang CJ, Cheng B, Yu JG
1184 - 1191 Synthesis and electrochemical properties of Ti-doped DLC films by a hybrid PVD/PECVD process
Jo YJ, Zhang TF, Son MJ, Kim KH
1192 - 1196 Fabrication of a superhydrophobic and high-glossy copper coating on aluminum substrates
Yang H, He YT, Wu ZQ, Miao J, Yang F, Lu Z
1197 - 1197 Quantification of mass-specific laser energy input converted into particle properties during picosecond pulsed laser fragmentation of zinc oxide and boron carbide in liquids (vol 348, pg 22, 2015)
Lau M, Barcikowski S