Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.432 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 1 Preface
Bailly A, Djurado E, Felici R, Galtayries A, Renault O
2 - 6 Graphene-mediated interaction between FePc and intercalated cobalt layers
Avvisati G, Mondelli P, Gargiani P, Betti MG
7 - 14 Chemical tailoring of Single Molecule Magnet behavior in films of Dy(III) dimers
Cimatti I, Yi X, Sessoli R, Puget M, Le Guennic B, Jung J, Guizouarn T, Magnani A, Bernot K, Mannini M
15 - 21 Impact of hydrophilic and hydrophobic functionalization of flat TiO2/Ti surfaces on proteins adsorption
Fabre H, Mercier D, Galtayries A, Portet D, Delorme N, Bardeau JF
22 - 26 Co film stretching induced by lattice mismatch and annealing: The role of Graphene
Carlomagno I, Drnec J, Vlaic S, Vinogadrov N, Carlaa F, Isern H, Meneghini C, Felici R
27 - 33 Triggering surface ferroelectric order in Pb(Zr, Ti)O-3(001) by deposition of platinum
Bucur IC, Tanasea LC, Abramiuc LE, Lungu GA, Chirila C, Trupina L, Apostol NG, Costescu RM, Negrea RF, Pintilie L, Teodorescu CM
34 - 40 Forming mechanism of Te-based conductive-bridge memories
Mendes MK, Martinez E, Marty A, Veillerot M, Yamashita Y, Gassilloud R, Bernard M, Renault O, Barrett N
41 - 45 Observation of a two-dimensional electron gas at CaTiO3 film surfaces
Muff S, Fanciulli M, Weber AP, Pilet N, Ristic Z, Wang ZM, Plumb NC, Radovic M, Dil JH
46 - 52 In situ study of redox processes on the surface of SrTiO3 single crystals
Wrana D, Rodenbucher C, Belza W, Szot K, Krok F
53 - 59 Operando SXRD of E-ALD deposited sulphides ultra-thin films: Crystallite strain and size
Giaccherini A, Russo F, Carlaa F, Guerri A, Picca RA, Cioffi N, Cinotti S, Montegrossi G, Passaponti M, Di Benedetto F, Felici R, Innocenti M
60 - 70 Determination of the input parameters for inelastic background analysis combined with HAXPES using a reference sample
Zborowski C, Renault O, Torres A, Yamashita Y, Grenet G, Tougaard S
71 - 71 Preface
Park Y, Mun SB
72 - 77 Quantitative analysis of Si1-xGex alloy films by SIMS and XPS depth profiling using a reference material
Oh WJ, Jang JS, Lee YS, Kim A, Kim KJ
78 - 84 Surface behavior of magnetic phase transitions: A Monte Carlo study
Masrour R, Jabar A
85 - 89 Hydrogen calibration of GD-spectrometer using Zr-1Nb alloy
Mikhaylov AA, Priamushko TS, Babikhina MN, Kudiiarov VN, Heller R, Laptev RS, Lider AM
90 - 96 Methodological development of topographic correction in 2D/3D ToF-SIMS images using AFM images
Jung S, Lee N, Choi M, Lee J, Cho E, Joo M
97 - 109 Thermodynamic performance of multi-stage gradational lead screw vacuum pump
Zhao F, Zhang SW, Sun K, Zhang ZJ
110 - 114 Networks of non-planar molecules with halogen bonds studied using scanning tunneling microscopy on Au (111)
Chang MH, Jang WJ, Lee MW, Jeon US, Han S, Kahng SJ
115 - 120 Temperature-induced structural evolution of Sm nanoparticles on Al2O3 thin film: An in-situ investigation using SRPES, XPS and STM
Xu Q, Hu SW, Wang WJ, Wang Y, Ju HX, Zhu JF
121 - 126 Selective hydrophobic derivatization on the surface of helical silica nanotubes
Jin SM, Sung JY, Sim EK, Jo NJ, Kim JW, Lee S, Jin JS
127 - 131 Surface reaction of silicon chlorides during atomic layer deposition of silicon nitride
Yusup LL, Park JM, Mayangsari TR, Kwon YK, Lee WJ
132 - 139 Surface and local electronic structure modification of MgO film using Zn and Fe ion implantation
Singh JP, Lim WC, Lee J, Song J, Lee IJ, Chae KH
140 - 146 Electron transport in Bi2Se3 ultra thin films
Bauer S, Bernhart AM, Bobisch CA
147 - 151 Evidence for a gold trimer on the Si(111)-root 21 x root 21-(Ag + Au) surface
Takahashi T, Yamaguchi Y, Shirasawa T, Voegeli W, Tajiri H
152 - 155 Growth of Bi2Se3 topological insulator thin film on Ge(111) substrate
Kim S, Lee S, Woo J, Lee G
156 - 162 Plasma-assisted reduction of silver ions impregnated into a natural zeolite framework
Osonio AP, Vasquez MR
163 - 169 A study on selective surface nitridation of TiO2 nanocrystals in the afterglows of N-2 and N-2-O-2 microwave plasmas
Jeon B, Kim A, Ricard A, Sarrette JP, Yu XM, Kim YK
170 - 175 Anisotropic growth mechanism of tungsten diselenide domains using chemical vapor deposition method
Lee Y, Jeong H, Park YS, Han S, Noh J, Lee JS
176 - 182 Effect of high pressure hydrogen on the mechanical characteristics of single carbon fiber
Jeon SK, Kwon OH, Jang HS, Ryu KS, Nahm SH
183 - 189 Amorphous MoS2 nanosheets grown on copper@nickel-phosphorous dendritic structures for hydrogen evolution reaction
Ahn BW, Kim TY, Kim SH, Song YI, Suh SJ
190 - 195 Macroscale tribological properties of fluorinated graphene
Matsumura K, Chiashi S, Maruyama S, Choi J
196 - 201 Zinc oxide-based current spreading layer behavior on the performance of P-side-up thin-film red light emitting diodes
Tseng MC, Wuu DS, Chen CL, Lee HY, Horng RH
202 - 206 Annealing effect on properties of BaWO4:Eu3+ phosphor thin films grown on glass substrates by radio-frequency magnetron sputtering
Cho S
207 - 213 Hydrogenation behavior of Ti-implanted Zr-1Nb alloy with TiN films deposited using filtered vacuum arc and magnetron sputtering
Kashkarov EB, Nikitenkov NN, Sutygina AN, Bezmaternykh AO, Kudiiarov VN, Syrtanov MS, Pryamushko TS
214 - 223 A stability study of plasma polymerized acrylic acid films
Cools P, Declercq H, De Geyter N, Morent R
224 - 227 InGaP/InGaAs field-effect transistor typed hydrogen sensor
Tsai JH, Liou SH, Lin PS, Chen YC
228 - 232 Electrical bistabilities and memory mechanisms of nonvolatile organic bistable devices based on exfoliated muscovite-type mica nanoparticle/poly(methylmethacrylate) nanocomposites
Lim WG, Lee DU, Na HG, Kim HW, Kim TW
233 - 240 Ohmic contact mechanism for RF superimposed DC sputtered-ITO transparent p-electrodes with a variety of Sn2O3 content for GaN-based light-emitting diodes
Kim TK, Yoon YJ, Oh SK, Lee YL, Cha YJ, Kwak JS
241 - 249 Cr2O3 nanoparticle-functionalized WO3 nanorods for ethanol gas sensors
Choi S, Bonyani M, Sun GJ, Lee JK, Hyun SK, Lee C
250 - 254 Chemical bath deposited ZnS buffer layer for Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 thin film solar cell
Hong J, Lim D, Eo YJ, Choi C
255 - 261 Enhanced interfacial contact between PbS and TiO2 layers in quantum dot solar cells using 2D-arrayed TiO2 hemisphere nanostructures
Lee W, Ryu I, Lee H, Yim S
262 - 265 Towards maximizing the haze effect of electrodes for high efficiency hybrid tandem solar cell
Vincent P, Song DS, Kwon HB, Kim DK, Jung JH, Kwon JH, Choe E, Kim YR, Kim H, Bae JH
266 - 271 Surface plasmon resonance effect of silver nanoparticles on a TiO2 electrode for dye-sensitized solar cells
Jung HY, Yeo IS, Kim TU, Ki HC, Gu HB
272 - 277 Electrochemical properties of composite cathodes using Sm doped layered perovskite for intermediate temperature-operating solid oxide fuel cell
Baek SW, Azad AK, Irvine JTS, Choi WS, Kang H, Kim JH
278 - 284 Mn-coatings on the micro-pore formed Ti-29Nb-xHf alloys by RF-magnetron sputtering for dental applications
Park SY, Choe HC
285 - 293 Ultra-fine structures of Pd-Ag-HAp nanoparticle deposition on protruded TiO2 barrier layer for dental implant
Jang JM, Kim SD, Park TE, Choe HC
294 - 299 Mg-containing hydroxyapatite coatings on Ti-6Al-4V alloy for dental materials
Yu JM, Choe HC
300 - 307 Poly(lactide-co-glycolide) nanofibrous scaffolds chemically coated with gold-nanoparticles as osteoinductive agents for osteogenesis
Lee D, Heo DN, Lee SJ, Heo M, Kim J, Choi S, Park HK, Park YG, Lim HN, Kwon IK
308 - 316 Multilayered co-electrospun scaffold containing silver sulfadiazine as a prophylactic against osteomyelitis: Characterization and biological in vitro evaluations
Heo M, Lee SJ, Heo DN, Lee D, Lim HN, Moon JH, Kwon IK
317 - 323 Preparation and characterization of antibacterial orthodontic resin containing silver nanoparticles
Lee SJ, Heo M, Lee D, Han S, Moon JH, Lim HN, Kwon IK
324 - 331 Hemocompatibility and cytocompatibility of pristine and plasma-treated silver-zeolite-chitosan composites
Taaca KLM, Vasquez MR
332 - 336 Two-dimensional networks of brominated Y-shaped molecules on Au(111)
Jeona S, Chang MH, Jang WJ, Lee SH, Han S, Kahng J
337 - 346 Hydroxyapatite coatings containing Zn and Si on Ti-6Al-4Valloy by plasma electrolytic oxidation
Hwang IJ, Choe HC
347 - 355 Beam scrubbing of beam pipes during the first commissioning of SuperKEKB
Suetsugu Y, Shibata K, Ishibashi T, Kanazawa K, Shirai M, Terui S, Hisamatsu H