Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.429 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 1 MCARE 2017 Preface
Kim DH, Yong K, Im Y, Kim W, Lee DC
2 - 8 Selectivity of photoelectrochemical CO2 reduction modulated with electron transfer from size-tunable quantized energy states of CdSe nanocrystals
Cho H, Kim WD, Lee K, Lee S, Kang GS, Joh HL, Lee DC
9 - 15 The effect of strontium and barium doping on perovskite-structured energy materials for photovoltaic applications
Wu MC, Chen WC, Chan SH, Su WF
16 - 22 Characteristics of gradient-interface-structured ZnCdSSe quantum dots with modified interface and its application to quantum-dot-sensitized solar cells
Jeong DW, Kim JY, Seo HW, Lim KM, Ko MJ, Seong TY, Kim BS
23 - 28 Enhancement of power conversion efficiency with TiO2 nanoparticles/nanotubes-silver nanoparticles composites in dye-sensitized solar cells
Rho WY, Kim HS, Chung WJ, Suh JS, Jun BH, Hahn YB
29 - 36 Photoelectrochemical enhancement of ZnO/BiVO4/ZnFe2O4/rare earth oxide hetero-nanostructures
She XF, Zhang Z, Baek M, Yong K
37 - 41 Efficiency enhancement using voltage biasing for ferroelectric polarization in dye-sensitized solar cells
Kim S, Song MG, Bark CW
42 - 47 Synthesis and photo-electrochemical properties of spinel-ferrite-coated hematite for solar water splitting
Selvaraj S, Moon H, Kim DH
48 - 54 Understanding charge transfer dynamics in QDs-TiO2 nanorod array photoanodes for solar fuel generation
Li JT, McClure JP, Fu R, Jiang RZ, Chu D
55 - 61 Effects of the preparation method on the crystallinity and catalytic activity of LaAlO3 perovskites for oxidative coupling of methane
Lee G, Kim I, Yang I, Ha JM, Na HB, Jung JC
62 - 71 Development of a cost-effective CO2 adsorbent from petroleum coke via KOH activation
Jang E, Choi SW, Hong SM, Shin S, Lee KB
72 - 80 Lattice Boltzmann simulations for wall-flow dynamics in porous ceramic diesel particulate filters
Lee DY, Lee GW, Yoon K, Chun B, Jung HW
81 - 86 Catalytic activity and stability of nanometic Rh overlayers prepared by pulsed arc-plasma deposition and r.f. magnetron-sputtering
Misumi S, Matsumoto A, Yoshida H, Sato T, Machida M
87 - 94 Density functional theory study for the enhanced sulfur tolerance of Ni catalysts by surface alloying
Hwang B, Kwon H, Ko J, Kim BK, Han JW
95 - 101 Catalytic copyrolysis of cork oak and bio-oil distillation residue
Lee Y, Oh D, Kim YM, Jae J, Jung SC, Jeon JK, Kim SC, Park YK
102 - 107 Improvement of sulfur resistance of Pd/Ce-Zr-Al-O catalysts for CO oxidation
Shin H, Baek M, Ro Y, Song C, Lee KY, Song IK
108 - 114 Highly efficient catalytic systems based on Pd-coated microbeads
Lim JH, Cho A, Lee SH, Park B, Kang DW, Koo CM, Yu T, Park BJ
115 - 120 Thickness dependence of the electrical and thermoelectric properties of co-evaporated Sb2Te3 films
Shen H, Lee S, Kang JG, Eom TY, Lee H, Han S
121 - 127 Conductivity enhancement of surface-polymerized polyaniline films via control of processing conditions
Park CH, Jang SK, Kim FS
128 - 133 Recyclable thermosetting thermal pad using silicone-based polyurethane crosslinked by Diels-Alder adduct
Kim JW, Lee DH, Jeon HJ, Jang SI, Cho HM, Kim Y
134 - 137 Control of the electrical resistivity of Ni-Cr wires using low pressure chemical vapor deposition of tin
Kim JH, Bak JG, Lee K, Kim CK
138 - 143 Design and fabrication of spectrally selective emitter for thermophotovoltaic system by using nano-imprint lithography
Kim JM, Park KH, Kim DS, Hwang BY, Kim SK, Chae HM, Ju BK, Kim YS
144 - 150 Extremely flexible, transparent, and strain-sensitive electroluminescent device based on ZnS:Cu-polyvinyl butyral composite and silver nanowires
Jun S, Kim Y, Ju BK, Kim JW
151 - 157 Recyclable patterning of silver nanowire percolated network for fabrication of flexible transparent electrode
Yoo B, Kim Y, Han CJ, Oh MS, Kim JW
158 - 163 Composition- and crystallinity-dependent thermoelectric properties of ternary BixSb2-xTey films
Kim J, Lim JH, Myung NV
164 - 170 Enhanced output performance of a lead-free nanocomposite generator using BaTiO3 nanoparticles and nanowires filler
Baek C, Yun JH, Wang HS, Wang JE, Park H, Park KI, Kim DK
171 - 179 Characteristics of Sr0.92Y0.08Ti1-yNiyO3-delta anode and Ni-infiltrated Sr0.92Y0.08TiO3-delta anode using CH4 fuel in solid oxide fuel cells
Park EK, Lee S, Yun JW
180 - 186 A hybrid biocatalyst consisting of silver nanoparticle and naphthalenethiol self-assembled monolayer prepared for anchoring glucose oxidase and its use for an enzymatic biofuel cell
Christwardana M, Kim DH, Chung Y, Kwon Y
187 - 195 Mesoporous tungsten oxynitride as electrocatalyst for promoting redox reactions of vanadium redox couple and performance of vanadium redox flow battery
Lee W, Jo C, Youk S, Shin HY, Lee J, Chung Y, Kwon Y
196 - 202 Facile synthesis of 3D MnNi-layered double hydroxides (LDH)/graphene composites from directly graphites for pseudocapacitor and their electrochemical analysis
Lee I, Jeong GH, An S, Kim SW, Yoon S
203 - 209 Ultrarapid sonochemical synthesis of enzyme-incorporated copper nanoflowers and their application to mediatorless glucose biofuel cell
Chung M, Nguyen TL, Tran TQN, Yoon HH, Kim IT, Kim MI
210 - 217 Facile preparation of a zinc-based alloy composite as a novel anode material for rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
Hung NT, Bae J, Kim JH, Son HB, Kim IT, Hur J
218 - 224 Cu-SnO2 nanostructures obtained via galvanic replacement control as high performance anodes for lithium-ion storage
Nguyen TL, Park D, Hur J, Son HB, Park MS, Lee SG, Kim JH, Kim IT
225 - 230 Structural and optical properties of ZnSe:Eu/ZnS quantum dots depending on interfacial residual europium
Park JY, Lee CG, Seo HW, Jeong DW, Kim MY, Kim WB, Kim BS
231 - 236 Enhancements of the memory margin and the stability of an organic bistable device due to a graphene oxide:mica nanocomposite sandwiched between two polymer (9-vinylcarbazole) buffer layers
Kim WK, Wu C, Lee DU, Kim HW, Kim TW
237 - 243 Round-patterned ZnO nanostructure coated with siloxane-based polymer for nerve agent detection
Choi HJ, Lee JW, Jeong DC, Ha S, Song C, Boo JH
244 - 252 Superhydrophilic nanopillar-structured quartz surfaces for the prevention of biofilm formation in optical devices
Han S, Ji S, Abdullah A, Kim D, Lim H, Lee D
253 - 257 Enhanced reactive H2S adsorption using carbon nanofibers supported with Cu/CuxO nanoparticles
Bajaj B, Joh HI, Jo SM, Park JH, Yi KB, Lee S
258 - 263 Incorporation of hydrogel as a sensing medium for recycle of sensing material in chemical sensors
Hwang Y, Park JY, Kwon OS, Joo S, Lee CS, Bae J
264 - 271 Effect of semiconductor polymer backbone structures and side-chain parameters on the facile separation of semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes from as-synthesized mixtures
Lee DT, Chung JW, Park G, Kim YT, Lee CY, Cho Y, Yoo PJ, Han JH, Shin HJ, Kim WJ
272 - 277 Surface treatment to form a dispersed Y2O3 layer on Zircaloy-4 tubes
Jung YI, Kim HG, Guim HU, Lim YS, Park JH, Park DJ, Yang JH
278 - 283 Large-scale separation of single-walled carbon nanotubes by electronic type using click chemistry
Um JE, Song SG, Yoo PJ, Song C, Kim WJ