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Applied Surface Science, Vol.428 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 6 Influence of LaSiOx passivation interlayer on band alignment between PEALD-Al2O3 and 4H-SiC determined by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Wang Q, Cheng XH, Zheng L, Shen LY, Zhang DL, Gu ZY, Qian R, Cao D, Yu YH
7 - 16 Electrical conductivity and electromagnetic interference shielding of epoxy nanocomposite foams containing functionalized multi-wall carbon nanotubes
Li JT, Zhang GC, Zhang HM, Fan X, Zhou LS, Shang ZY, Shi XT
17 - 30 Laser shock peening without coating induced residual stress distribution, wettability characteristics and enhanced pitting corrosion resistance of austenitic stainless steel
Prabhakaran S, Kulkarni A, Vasanth G, Kalainathan S, Shukla P, Vasudevan VK
31 - 40 PtNi supported on binary metal oxides: Potential bifunctional electrocatalysts for low-temperature fuel cells?
Martins M, Sljukic B, Sequeira CAC, Soylu GSP, Yurtcan AB, Bozkurt G, Sener T, Santos DMF
41 - 53 Fast and facile fabrication of antifouling and hemocompatible PVDF membrane tethered with amino-acid modified PEG film
Zhang SY, Cao JJ, Ma N, You M, Wang XS, Meng JQ
54 - 60 Microwave absorption enhancement and dual-nonlinear magnetic resonance of ultra small nickel with quasi-one-dimensional nanostructure
Xu W, Pan YF, Wei W, Wang GS, Qu P
61 - 65 A boron and gallium co-doped ZnO intermediate layer for ZnO/Si heterojunction diodes
Lu YX, Huang J, Li B, Tang K, Ma YC, Cao M, Wang L, Wang LJ
66 - 72 Template-free synthesis of multifunctional carbonaceous microcone forests
Wang Q, Yang L, Dai B, Bai J, Yang ZH, Guo S, He YR, Han JC, Zhu JQ
73 - 81 Mn doped FeCO3/reduced graphene composite as anode material for high performance lithium-ion batteries
Zhang CC, Cai X, Xu DH, Chen WY, Fang YP, Yu XY
82 - 88 Electronic structure and H2S adsorption property of Pt-3 cluster decorated (8,0) SWCNT
Zhang XX, Cui H, Chen DC, Dong XC, Tang J
89 - 93 The possible magnetoelectric coupling induced by adsorption in SnTe films
Fu ZM, Liu M, Zhang N, An YP, Yang ZX
94 - 97 Micropatterning of CVD single layer graphene using KrF laser irradiation
Mortazavi S, Mollabashi M, Shah SI
98 - 109 Synthesis and characterization of sulfur functionalized graphene oxide nanosheets as efficient sorbent for removal of Pb2+, Cd2+, Ni2+ and Zn2+ ions from aqueous solution: A combined thermodynamic and kinetic studies
Pirveysian M, Ghiaci M
110 - 117 Synthesis and application of ion imprinting polymer coated magnetic multi-walled carbon nanotubes for selective adsorption of nickel ion
He JN, Shang HZ, Zhang X, Sun XR
118 - 123 Comparison of standard DFT and Hubbard-DFT methods in structural and electronic properties of TiO2 polymorphs and H-titanate ultrathin sheets for DSSC application
German E, Faccio R, Mombru AW
124 - 130 Evidence of formation of lithium compounds on FTU tiles and dust
Ghezzi F, Laguardia L, Apicella ML, Bressan C, Caniello R, Cippo EP, Conti C, De Angeli M, Maddaluno G, Mazzitelli G
131 - 139 Coating magnetic CuFe2O4 nanoparticles with OMS-2 for enhanced degradation of organic pollutants via peroxymonosulfate activation
Ye P, Wu DM, Wang MY, Wei Y, Xu AH, Li XX
140 - 147 The effect of oxygen molecule adsorption on lead iodide perovskite surface by first-principles calculation
Ma XX, Li ZS
148 - 153 Spinel FeCo2S4 nanoflower arrays grown on Ni foam as novel binder-free electrodes for long-cycle-life supercapacitors
Deng CF, Yang LS, Yang CM, Shen P, Zhao LP, Wang ZY, Wang CH, Li JH, Qian D
154 - 164 Efficient photocatalytic performance enhancement in Co-doped ZnO nanowires coupled with CuS nanoparticles
Li W, Wang GJ, Feng YM, Li ZC
165 - 170 Adsorption behavior of bisphenol A on CTAB-modified graphite
Wang LC, Ni XJ, Cao YH, Cao GQ
171 - 176 Electronic properties of prismatic modifications of single-wall carbon nanotubes
Tomilin OB, Muryumin EE, Rodionova EV, Ryskina NP
177 - 185 Femtosecond laser induced nanostructuring of graphite for the fabrication of quasi-periodic nanogratings and novel carbon nanostructures
Saikiran V, Dar MH, Rao DN
186 - 190 Multivariate analysis for scanning tunneling spectroscopy data
Yamanishi J, Iwase S, Ishida N, Fujita D
191 - 198 Enhanced electrical properties of ZnO transparent conducting films prepared by electron beam annealing
Li YL, Men Y, Kong XD, Gao ZS, Han L, Li XN
199 - 206 Effects of two-stage post-annealing process on microstructure and electrical properties of sol-gel derived non-stoichiometric NKN thin films
Lin CC, Su CW, Weng CM, Chien YC, Chu SY, Huang CY, Hong CS, Tsai CC
207 - 217 CO sensing properties and mechanism of Pd doped SnO2 thick-films
Chen YP, Qin HW, Hu JF
218 - 225 Functionalized MIL-101 with imidazolium-based ionic liquids for the cycloaddition of CO2 and epoxides under mild condition
Liu D, Li G, Liu HO
226 - 232 Effects of dopant separation on electronic states and magnetism in monolayer MoS2
Miao YP, Li Y, Fang QL, Huang YH, Sun YJ, Xu KW, Ma F, Chu PK
233 - 241 Single fiber UV detector based on hydrothermally synthesized ZnO nanorods for wearable computing devices
Eom TH, Han JI
242 - 249 Nucleation and growth of microdroplets of ionic liquids deposited by physical vapor method onto different surfaces
Costa JCS, Coelho AFSMG, Mendes A, Santos LMNBF
250 - 257 Hydrothermally formed three-dimensional hexagon-like P doped Ni(OH)(2) rod arrays for high performance all-solid-state asymmetric supercapacitors
Li KZ, Li SK, Huang FZ, Lu Y, Wang L, Chen H, Zhang H
258 - 263 Synthesis and characterization of polymer-coated manganese ferrite nanoparticles as controlled drug delivery
Wang GS, Zhao DX, Ma YY, Zhang ZX, Che HW, Mu JB, Zhang XL, Zhang Z
264 - 271 Nickel-induced transformation of diamond into graphite and carbon nanotubes and the electron field emission properties of resulting composite films
Jiang YL, Deng ZJ, Zhou B, Wei QP, Long HY, Wang YJ, Li JX, Hu NX, Ma L, Lin CT, Yu ZM, Zhou KC
272 - 279 Carbon quantum dots/layered double hydroxide hybrid for fast and efficient decontamination of Cd(II): The adsorption kinetics and isotherms
Rahmanian O, Dinari M, Abdolmaleki MK
280 - 288 Multilayer metal-oxide-metal nanopatterns via nanoimprint and strip-off for multispectral resonance
Jeon S, Sung SK, Jang EH, Jeong J, Surabhi S, Choi JH, Jeong JR
289 - 295 Impact of sodium hypochlorite cleaning on the surface properties and performance of PVDF membranes
Wang QY, Zeng H, Wu ZC, Cao J
296 - 303 Enhanced magnetic and microwave absorption properties of FeCo-SiO2 nanogranular film functionalized carbon fibers fabricated with the radio frequency magnetron method
Wei YS, Yue JL, Tang XZ, Du ZJ, Huang XZ
304 - 314 Fractal Characteristics of Pore Structures in GGBFS-based Cement Pastes
Kim J, Choi YC, Choi S
315 - 321 Oriented growth of polyaniline nanofiber arrays onto the glass and flexible substrates using a facile method
Wang Y, Xu SQ, Cheng H, Liu WF, Chen F, Liu XQ, Liu JY, Chen SY, Hu CL
322 - 327 Temporal scaling law and intrinsic characteristic of laser induced damage on the dielectric coating
Zhou L, Jiang YE, Wang C, Wei H, Zhang P, Fan W, Li XC
328 - 337 Rapid synthesis of rutile TiO2 nano-flowers by dealloying Cu60Ti30Y10 metallic glasses
Wang N, Pan Y, Wu SK, Zhang EM, Dai WJ
338 - 347 One-step fabrication of novel superhydrophobic and superoleophilic sponge with outstanding absorbency and flame-retardancy for the selective removal of oily organic solvent from water
Xiang YQ, Pang YY, Jiang XM, Huang J, Xi F, Liu JY
348 - 355 Three-dimensional N-doped graphene/polyaniline composite foam for high performance supercapacitors
Zhu J, Kong LR, Shen XP, Chen QR, Ji ZY, Wang JH, Xu KQ, Zhu GX
356 - 363 Electrical and mechanical behavior of PMN-PT/CNT based polymer composite film for energy harvesting
Das S, Biswal AK, Parida K, Choudhary RNP, Roy A
364 - 369 Enhanced water repellency of surfaces coated with multiscale carbon structures
Marchalot J, Ramos SMM, Pirat C, Journet C
370 - 376 Ripple-like NiFeCo sulfides on nickel foam derived from in-situ sulfurization of precursor oxides as efficient anodes for water oxidation
Chai YM, Shang X, Liu ZZ, Dong B, Han GQ, Gao WK, Chi JQ, Yan KL, Liu CG
377 - 384 A DFT plus U study of V, Cr and Mn doped CeO2(111)
Wang J, Gong XQ
385 - 394 Electrochemical synthesis of one-dimensional ZnO nanostructures on ZnO seed layer for DSSC applications
Marimuthu T, Anandhan N, Thangamuthu R
395 - 403 Preparation of durable flame retardant PAN fabrics based on amidoximation and phosphorylation
Zhang Y, Ren YL, Liu XH, Huo TG, Qin YW
404 - 414 Structural, mechanical and tribocorrosion behaviour in artificial seawater of CrN/AlN nano-multilayer coatings on F690 steel substrates
Ma FL, Li JL, Zeng ZX, Gao YM
415 - 421 Outstanding gas sensing performance of CuO-CNTs nanocomposite based on asymmetrical schottky junctions
Zhao YM, Ikram M, Zhang JW, Kan K, Wu HY, Song WZ, Li L, Shi KY
422 - 431 Facile one-pot transformation using structure-guided combustion waves of micro-nanostructured beta-Bi2O3 to alpha-Bi2O3@C and analysis of electrochemical capacitance
Hwang H, Shin JH, Lee KY, Choi W
432 - 438 Directional transport of droplets on wettability patterns at high temperature
Huang S, Yin SH, Chen FJ, Luo H, Tang QC, Song JL
439 - 447 Reduced graphene oxide wrapped hierarchical TiO2 nanorod composites for improved charge collection efficiency and carrier lifetime in dye sensitized solar cells
Subramaniam MR, Kumaresan D, Jothi S, McGettrick JD, Watson TM
448 - 454 One-dimensional coaxial Sb and carbon fibers with enhanced electrochemical performance for sodium-ion batteries
Zhu MN, Kong XZ, Yang HL, Zhu T, Liang SQ, Pan AQ
455 - 462 Hydrophobization of metallic surfaces by means of Al2O3-HDTMS coatings
Shaker M, Salahinejad E, Ashtari-Mahini F
463 - 468 Porous silicon-copper phthalocyanine heterostructure based photoelectrochemical cell
Betty CA, Padma N, Arora S, Survaiya P, Bhattacharya D, Choudhury S, Roy M
469 - 477 NiCo2O4 surface coating Li[Ni0.03Mn1.97]O-4 micro-/nano- spheres as cathode material for high-performance lithium ion battery
Ye P, Dong H, Xu YL, Zhao CJ, Liu D
478 - 484 Synthesis of Ce-doped In2O3 nanostructure for gas sensor applications
Liu XJ, Jiang L, Jiang XM, Tian XY, Sun X, Wang YL, He WD, Hou PY, Deng XL, Xu XJ
485 - 491 Crosslinking poly(acrylic glycidyl ether) honeycomb film by cationic photopolymerization and its converting to inorganic SiO2 film
Zheng KJ, Hu DD, Deng YF, Maitloa I, Nie J, Zhu XQ
492 - 499 Effects of rare earth doping on multi-core iron oxide nanoparticles properties
Petran A, Radu T, Borodi G, Nan A, Suciu M, Turcu R
500 - 513 Boron nitride nanotubes for delivery of 5-fluorouracil as anticancer drug: a theoretical study
Shayan K, Nowroozi A
514 - 519 Modelling the aqueous and nonaqueous interfaces for CO2 electro-reduction over Sn catalysts
Sheng T, Sun SG
520 - 525 A superhydrophobic copper mesh as an advanced platform for oil-water separation
Ren GN, Song YM, Li XM, Zhou YL, Zhang ZZ, Zhu XT
526 - 533 Ce-Sn binary oxide catalyst for the selective catalytic reduction of NOx by NH3
Liu ZM, Feng X, Zhou ZZ, Feng YJ, Li JH
534 - 540 An investigation into the effects of different existing states of aluminum isopropoxide on copper-based catalysts for direct synthesis of dimethyl ether from syngas
Sun K, Wang P, Bian ZK, Huang W
541 - 548 The role of catalysts in the decomposition of phenoxy compounds in coal: A density functional theory study
Liu JT, Wang MF, Gao ZH, Zuo ZJ, Huang W
549 - 554 Influence of laser wavelength on two-dimensional carbon nanosheet formation from laser-induced exfoliation of naphthalene
Qian M, Niu YP, Gong SQ
555 - 565 Accelerating the design of molecularly imprinted nanocomposite membranes modified by Au@polyaniline for selective enrichment and separation of ibuprofen
Wu XL, Wu YL, Dong HJ, Zhao J, Wang C, Zhou S, Lu J, Yan YS, Li H
566 - 578 Polyacrylic acid polymer brushes as substrates for the incorporation of anthraquinone derivatives. Unprecedented application of decorated polymer brushes on organocatalysis
Ruiz-Muelle AB, Contreras-Caceres R, Ona-Burgos P, Rodriguez-Dieguez A, Lopez-Romero JM, Fernandez I
579 - 585 Adsorption and reaction of CO and H2O on WC(0001) surface: A first-principles investigation
Tong YJ, Wu SY, Chen HT
586 - 592 Boosted electrochemistry properties of Cu-4[(OH)(0.29)Cl-0.71](OH)(6) hexagonal prisms by 3D-cage atomic configuration of (100) facet
Zhang A, Teng F, Zhang QQ, Zhai YF, Liu ZL, Liu Z, Gu WH, Hao WY, Abideen ZU, Teng YR
593 - 597 Study of interfacial strain at the alpha-Al2O3/monolayer MoS2 interface by first principle calculations
Yu S, Ran SJ, Zhu H, Eshun K, Shi C, Jiang K, Gu KM, Seo FJ, Li QL
598 - 608 Support structure effect on CO oxidation: A comparative study on SiO2 nanospheres and CeO2 nanorods supported CuOx catalysts
Hossain ST, Almesned Y, Zhang KF, Zell ET, Bernard DT, Balaz S, Wang RG
609 - 615 Atmospheric pressure plasma assisted calcination by the preparation of TiO2 fibers in submicron scale
Medvecka V, Kovacik D, Zahoranova A, Cernak M
616 - 622 Hierarchical MoS2 nanowires/NiCo2O4 nanosheets supported on Ni foam for high-performance asymmetric supercapacitors
Wen SY, Liu Y, Zhu FF, Shao R, Xu W
623 - 629 Fabrication of NiSe2 by direct selenylation of a nickel surface
Sun HL, Liang ZF, Shen KC, Luo M, Hu JB, Huang H, Zhu ZY, Li ZJ, Jiang Z, Song F
630 - 639 Improved tribological properties of the synthesized copper/carbon nanotube nanocomposites for rapeseed oil-based additives
Wang ZQ, Ren RR, Song HJ, Jia XH
640 - 647 Effect of annealing ambience on the formation of surface/bulk oxygen vacancies in TiO2 for photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Hou LL, Zhang M, Guan ZJ, Li QY, Yang JJ
648 - 658 Application of EDTA-functionalized bamboo activated carbon (BAC) for Pb(II) and Cu(II) removal from aqueous solutions
Lv D, Liu Y, Zhou JS, Yang KL, Lou ZM, Baig SA, Xu XH
659 - 668 Diallyl disulphide as natural organosulphur friction modifier via the in-situ tribo-chemical formation of tungsten disulphide
Ripoll MR, Totolin V, Gabler C, Bernardi J, Minami I
669 - 675 Laser-assisted surface modification of Ti-implant in air and water environment
Trtica M, Stasic J, Batani D, Benocci R, Narayanan V, Ciganovic J
676 - 683 Dewetting induced Au-Ge composite nanodot evolution in SiO2
Datta DP, Chettah A, Siva V, Kanjilal D, Sahoo PK
684 - 697 The black and white coatings on Ti-6Al-4V alloy or pure titanium by plasma electrolytic oxidation in concentrated silicate electrolyte
Han JX, Cheng YL, Tu WB, Zhan TY, Cheng YL
698 - 702 Material parameters from frequency dispersion simulation of floating gate memory with Ge nanocrystals in HfO2
Palade C, Lepadatu AM, Slav A, Lazanu S, Teodorescu VS, Stoica T, Ciurea ML
703 - 709 Selective hydrodechlorination of 1,2-dichloroethane catalyzed by trace Pd decorated Ag/Al2O3 catalysts prepared by galvanic replacement
Sun JY, Han YX, Fu HY, Wan HQ, Xu ZY, Zheng SR
710 - 717 Ti1-xSnxO2 nanofilms: Layer-by-layer deposition with extended Sn solubility and characterization
Yong ZH, Linghu JJ, Xi SB, Tan HR, Shen L, Yang P, Hui HK, Cao JQ, Leek ML, Yin XM, Feng YP, Pan JS
718 - 722 Dense proton injection into phosphate glasses using corona discharge treatment
Kinoshita T, Miyazaki A, Kawaguchi K, Sakai D, Yamaguchi T, Omata T, Ishiyama T, Fujioka M, Kaiju H, Nishii J
723 - 729 500 keV Ar2+ ion irradiation induced anatase to brookite phase transformation and ferromagnetism at room temperature in TiO2 thin films
Bharati B, Mishra NC, Kanjilal D, Rath C
730 - 738 Functionalization of polymer surfaces by medium frequency non-thermal plasma
Felix T, Trigueiro JS, Bundaleski N, Teodoro OMND, Serio S, Debacher NA
739 - 747 Synthesis of barbituric acid doped carbon nitride for efficient solar-driven photocatalytic degradation of aniline
Li L, Meng QG, Lv HQ, Shui LL, Zhang YG, Zhang Z, Chen ZH, Yuan MZ, Notzel R, Wang X, Liu JM, Zhou GF
748 - 756 Spray deposited MnFe2O4 thin films for detection of ethanol and acetone vapors
Nagarajan V, Thayumanavan A
757 - 766 Controlling the opto-electronic properties of nc-SiOx:H films by promotion of < 220 > orientation in the growth of ultra-nanocrystallites at the grain boundary
Das D, Samanta S
767 - 774 UHV AFM based colloidal probe studies of adhesive properties of VAlN hard coatings
Wiesing M, de los Arcos T, Grundmeier G
775 - 780 Chemisorption of CO on N-doped graphene on Ni(111)
Carraro G, Celasco E, Smerieri M, Savio L, Bracco G, Rocca M, Vattuone L
781 - 787 Oxidation behavior of NiCoCrAlY coatings deposited by double-Glow plasma alloying
Cui SY, Miao Q, Liang WP, Li BQ
788 - 792 Phase modification of copper phthalocyanine semiconductor by converting powder to thin film
Ai XW, Lin JX, Chang YF, Zhou LQ, Zhang XM, Qin GW
793 - 797 Selenidation of epitaxial silicene on ZrB2
Wiggers FB, Yamada-Takamura Y, Kovalgin AY, de Jong MP
798 - 808 Solvothermal synthesis of N-doped graphene supported PtCo nanodendrites with highly catalytic activity for 4-nitrophenol reduction
Zhang XF, Zhu XY, Feng JJ, Wang AJ
809 - 814 Networked Pd (core) @ polyaniline (shell) composite: Highly electro-catalytic ability and unique selectivity
Xia YY, Liu N, Sun L, Xu H, Gao H, Lu TF
815 - 818 Honeycomb BeO monolayer on the Mo(112) surface: LEED and DFT study
Afanasieva TV, Fedorus AG, Rumiantsev DV, Yakovkin IN
819 - 824 Integration of adsorption and reduction for uranium uptake based on SrTiO3/TiO2 electrospun nanofibers
Hu L, Yan XW, Zhang XJ, Shan D
825 - 834 Simulation insight into the cytochrome c adsorption on graphene and graphene oxide surfaces
Zhao DH, Li LB, Zhou J
835 - 843 Influence of composite processing on the properties of CNT grown on carbon surfaces
Guignier C, Bueno MA, Camillieri B, Durand B
844 - 850 Study of PbBiO2X (X = Cl, Br and I) square nanoplates with efficient visible photocatalytic performance
Yu YL, Huang SL, Gu Y, Yan S, Lan ZJ, Zheng WJ, Cao YA
851 - 860 The adsorptions of fixed groups -CN, -NH2, -SH, -OH and -COOH of dye molecules on stoichiometric, oxygen vacancy and Pt-doped SnO2(110) surfaces
Guo MM, Yang HM, Jian X, Li JG, Liang ZH, Han PD
861 - 869 Electrochemical properties of IrO2 active anode with TNTs interlayer for oxygen evolution
Cao HZ, Chen MJ, Wu LK, Hou GY, Tang YP, Zheng GQ
870 - 876 Tridodecylamine, an efficient charge control agent in non-polar media for electrophoretic inks application
Noel A, Mirbel D, Cloutet E, Fleury G, Schatz C, Navarro C, Hadziioannou G, CyrilBrochon
877 - 884 Gaseous material capacity of open plasma jet in plasma spray-physical vapor deposition process
Liu MJ, Zhang M, Zhang Q, Yang GJ, Li CX, Li CJ
885 - 894 Height and diameter dependence of carbon nanotube forests on the porosity and thickness of catalytic layers
Papa Z, Kecsenovity E, Fejes D, Budai J, Toth Z, Hernadi K
895 - 899 Scalable fabrication of flexible multi-level nanoimprinting molds with uniform heights via a 'top-to-bottom' level patterning sequence
Choi S, Kook Y, Kim C, Yoo S, Park KS, Lee J, Park C, Ok JG, Kang S
900 - 905 Investigation of plasmon properties of silver microsphere array demonstrated experimentally by tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Liu YQ, Zhao LJ, Li XJ, Zeng Z, Wang PJ, Zhang LS, Fang Y
906 - 911 Effective surface passivation of multi-shelled InP quantum dots through a simple complexing with titanium species
Jo JH, Kim MS, Han CY, Jang EP, Do YR, Yang H
912 - 923 Synthesis and characterization of poly (dihydroxybiphenyl borate) with high char yield for high-performance thermosetting resins
Wang SJ, Xing XL, Li J, Jing XL
924 - 932 Rational design of template-free MnOx-CeO2 hollow nanotube as de-NOx catalyst at low temperature
Li CL, Tang XL, Yi HH, Wang LF, Cui XX, Chu C, Li JY, Zhang RC, Yu QJ
933 - 940 Investigating the effects of polymer molecular weight and non-solvent content on the phase separation, surface morphology and hydrophobicity of polyvinyl chloride films
Khoryani Z, Seyfi J, Nekoei M
941 - 947 Effect of low temperature oxygen plasma treatment on microstructure and adhesion force of graphene
Zhu J, Deng HJ, Xue W, Wang Q
948 - 953 Optimized expanding of interlayer distance for molybdenum disulfide towards enhanced hydrogen evolution reaction
Chai YM, Shang X, Hu WH, Dong B, Liu ZZ, Chi JQ, Yan KL, Gao WK, Liu CG
954 - 963 DFT study on the interaction of TiO2 (001) surface with HCHO molecules
Wu GF, Zhao CH, Guo CQ, Chen JH, Zhang YB, Li YQ
964 - 971 First-principles investigation of platinum monolayer adsorption on the BiFeO3 (0001) polar surfaces
Dai JQ, Zhu JH, Xu JW
972 - 976 Comparative XPS study of interaction of model and real Pt/C catalysts with NO2
Smirnov MY, Kalinkin AV, Vovk EI, Simonov PA, Gerasimov EY, Sorokin AM, Bukhtiyarov VI
977 - 985 A facile method of preparing LiMnPO4/reduced graphene oxide aerogel as cathodic material for aqueous lithium-ion hybrid supercapacitors
Xu L, Wang SL, Zhang X, He TB, Lu FX, Li HC, Ye JH
986 - 989 Capacity improvement of the carbon-based electrochemical capacitor by zigzag-edge introduced graphene
Tamura N, Tomai T, Oka N, Honma I
990 - 999 Sandwich morphology and superior dye-removal performances for nanofiltration membranes self-assemblied via graphene oxide and carbon nanotubes
Kang H, Shi J, Liu LY, Shan MJ, Xu ZW, Li N, Li J, Lv HM, Qian XM, Zhao LH
1000 - 1005 Nanoscale characterisation of TiO2(110) annealed in air
Sasahara A, Murakami T, Tu LTU, Tomitori M
1006 - 1009 Intrinsic inhomogeneous barrier height at the n-TiO2/p-Si hole-blocking junction
Kumar M, Singh R, Som T
1010 - 1017 Experimental and computational investigation of graphene/SAMs/n-Si Schottky diodes
Aydin H, Bacaksiz C, Yagmurcukardes N, Karakaya C, Mermer O, Can M, Senger RT, Sahin H, Selamet Y
1018 - 1028 A primary study into graphene/polyether ether ketone (PEEK) nanocomposite for laser sintering
Chen BL, Berretta S, Evans K, Smith K, Ghita O
1029 - 1035 Native defects in silver orthophosphate and their effects on photocatalytic activity under visible light irradiation
Sulaeman U, Hermawan D, Andreas R, Abdullah AZ, Yin S
1036 - 1045 Synthesis of hierarchical mesoporous lithium nickel cobalt manganese oxide spheres with high rate capability for lithium-ion batteries
Tong W, Huang YD, Cai YJ, Guo Y, Wang XC, Jia DZ, Sun ZP, Pang WK, Guo ZP, Zong J
1046 - 1055 Highly efficient hydrogen evolution based on Ni3S4@MoS2 hybrids supported on N-doped reduced graphene oxide
Xu XB, Zhong W, Wu LQ, Sun Y, Wang TT, Wang YQ, Du YW
1056 - 1060 Mn-doping effects on structural and magnetic properties of Ge nanocrystals on insulator
Aouassa M, Zrir MA, Jadli I, Bandyopadhyay AK, Karaman I, Panczer G, Maaref H
1061 - 1069 Preparation of hyperbranched poly (amidoamine)-grafted graphene nanolayers as a composite and curing agent for epoxy resin
Gholipour-Mahmoudalilou M, Roghani-Mamaqani H, Azimi R, Abdollahi A
1070 - 1078 Structure and properties of polyaniline nanocomposite coatings containing gold nanoparticles formed by low-energy electron beam deposition
Wang SR, Rogachev AA, Yarmolenko MA, Rogachev AV, Jiang XH, Gaur MS, Luchnikov PA, Galtseva OV, Chizhik A
1079 - 1081 Short communication: Unexpected findings on the physicochemical characterization of the silver nanoparticle surface
Loran S, Yelon A, Sacher E
1082 - 1088 Role of projectile energy and surface work function on charge transfer of negative ions grazing scattering on dissociated H2O-covered Cu(110)
Gao L, Zhu YC, Shi YQ, Liu PY, Xiao YQ, Ren F, Chen L, Guo YL, Chen XM
1089 - 1097 Rapid fabrication of mesoporous TiO2 thin films by pulsed fibre laser for dye sensitized solar cells
Hadi A, Alhabradi M, Chen Q, Liu H, Guo W, Curioni M, Cernik R, Liu Z
1098 - 1105 White luminescence emission from silicon implanted germanium
Hernandez AG, Escobosa-Echavarria AE, Kudriavtsev Y
1106 - 1118 In-situ Raman and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopic studies on the pitting corrosion of modified 9Cr-1Mo steel in neutral chloride solution
Ramya S, Krishna DNG, Mudali UK
1119 - 1129 Nitrogen doped graphene - Silver nanowire hybrids: An excellent anode material for lithium ion batteries
Nair AK, Elizabeth I, Gopukumar S, Thomas S, Kala MS, Kalarikkal N
1130 - 1140 In situ polymerization synthesis of Z-scheme tungsten trioxide/polyimide photocatalyst with enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activity
Meng PC, Heng HM, Sun YH, Liu X
1141 - 1148 Effect of atmospheric-pressure plasma treatment on the adhesion properties of a thin adhesive layer in a selective transfer process
Yoon MA, Kim C, Hur M, Kang WS, Kim J, Kim JH, Lee HJ, Kim KS
1149 - 1158 Synthesis of nano-TiO2 photocatalysts with tunable Fe doping concentration from Ti-bearing tailings
Sui YL, Liu QX, Jiang T, Guo YF
1159 - 1165 Complex nano-patterning of structural, optical, electrical and electron emission properties of amorphous silicon thin films by scanning probe
Fait J, Cermak J, Stuchlik J, Rezek B